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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2020 7:00am-7:31am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin hundreds of americans are flown home from japan after being quarantined on a cruise ship because of the corona virus china meanwhile is reporting a new in trade increase in a number of cases also coming up on the show. why is a top u.n. official calling the arms embargo on libya a joke quote we report on a special meeting is of unity security conference focused on why efforts to restore peace in that country are failing. and in the bundesliga bind
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crush cologne and go back to the top of the table they're back in the groove and it's looking ominous for the rest of the german topflight. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us on the show today the number of people infected with a coded 1000 corona virus has now surged past the 70000 mark here's the latest figures from the chinese government is reporting just over 2000 new cases today a slight increase after 3 days of lower numbers there have been 105 new deaths from the disease bringing the total number of dead to almost 1900 since the outbreak began 2 months ago. william yang reports now from seattle gun city and province on tight new restrictions there residents are not being permitted to leave their homes
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or use private vehicles. while the u.s. has evacuated hundreds of americans from a cruise ship in the japanese port of yokohama that ship has been in quarantine for nearly 2 weeks after a man who disembarked in hong kong tested positive for the virus. the diamond princess fenced off at the dockside in yokohama but for some at least a way out after more than a week of uncertainty poses pull up next to the ship ready to pick up some 300 americans who have chosen to squat quarantine here for quarantine back home. harry this is it about to step into the big wide world so i have my mask on and. can't go on. cheryl mull skint a husband paula from syracuse in new york state after being cooped up on the ship
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for 12 days they've agreed to be flown back to the u.s. where they'll spend another 14 days in isolation the shot this cell phone video of their own evacuation in this case at least a good natured event. thank you. and then. i'm down there on the road leaving behind them at least 40 americans who have contracted the virus those patients who remain in japan for treatment. and the last leg of the evacuation government chartered jumbo jets ready to fly to california and texas. and eventful holiday is drawing to a close. there were just here. in the pouring rain and that's if you can't be pretty miserable worries me. to think that he had to go to the bathroom on the bus this is going to be
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a 5 hour wait to get off of this. one evacuation completed canada hong kong initially say they also plan to evacuate their citizens from the cruise ship. is a correspondent with germany's public broadcaster in tokyo joins us now for more good days here klaus can you tell us what's the situation on the quarantine cruise ship the diamond presents. well after the 300 americans left this morning and another 400 people from the original passengers list in hospitals. on and on land in tokyo and others there are nearly 3000 people still left on the ship and their care on time period ends after 2 weeks this wednesday so are they all going to be tested until then we don't yet
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exactly know will they leave on wednesday or maybe thursday there are some questions still open that might be the reason and some might see the american decision to take their people out as as if they have lost patience in the handling of. the issues by the japanese officials and also putting pressure on other governments be there were canadians on the ship who said well you know government you americans they they take care of you mine. just doesn't care so now we have confirmation that hong kong and canada will take also people out beach makes up to another 500 and also australia italy and taiwan one would about the crew have been complaints also by crew members who said we are not on the person care on time we have to work under quite risky conditions we feel like.
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not treated very properly ok what about japan close how's that country dealing with the outbreak of the true virus. there are another. 50 more cases in the country south japan even in tokyo ranges from taxi drivers to even hospital doctors who have been infected and confirmed there was one casualty one person an 80 year old woman from southern japan who died last week which is as a total number not much but we have a quote by the health ministry which you can see maybe not like everything is under control they say our core that we can't deny that the virus might further spread like any other infectious disease now we all know that this country is hosting the olympics they are just around the corner of the summer and the government is
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apparently trying everything to avoid the impression that there is something at risk up tonight it looks like they are right we don't know how it continues maybe end of the week we know a bit more class thanks so much for bringing us up to date clothes from from there from a r d tokyo or here in germany a group of people evacuated from province have been released after 2 weeks in quarantine 120 people had been held in a german army barracks since the return none of them tested positive for the covert 1000 virus we spoke to red cross worker who looked after the evacuees. tired but happy olivia tucker from the german red cross listens into the final press briefing at the barracks she's one of the red cross workers who volunteered to go into quarantine with evacuees from china now after 2 weeks of living with the
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threat of infection it's time for him to go home. everyone needed to be a little scared about everybody else and you had to make sure you follow the rules . you do it again. of course and i think i can say all the colleagues who are in there would say the same. on the road back home. of a tough beginning after the evacuees arrived back from china 2 weeks ago the stress of the journey the uncertainty in the waiting and that after the difficult situation and move on. some of them were waiting for weeks to get out and. they were scared that's why they all fled. you could see that they were relieved to be here and that relief crew after every examination which went well. at 1st the evacuees were divided into small groups to reduce the risk of cross infection but
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the barracks were too small and soon they were all together. so the evacuees and the volunteers ended up as a close knit community despite the face masks and plastic. says he's fairly positive about what the experience showed. the hygiene conditions here and the medical conditions are a lot different than in africa all the countries around china. not worried here but if everyone went to the doctor when they had symptoms that would be a big help. the crisis is over for now for all of it. but the international crisis is nowhere close to being finished. let's get your brief now some of the other stories making the news today the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace has praised pakistan for hosting
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a millions of afghan refugees is on a 4 day visit to islam a bomb to address a conference on refugees and peacekeeping this week marks 40 years since afghan refugees 1st settled in pakistan. syrian state media say government troops have made advances against rebel hold on clive's in the province of aleppo the region has been held by opposition forces since 2012 the latest successes are threatening the fragile cooperation between turkey and russia which back opposing sides in the conflict. a german court has ordered u.s. electric vehicle maker tesla to stop clearing forested lands near berlin to build its 1st european factory the ruling comes after the state environmental office gave the green light to clear $92.00 reactors of forest for the gigantic plant. full of top u.n. official says the arms embargo on libya is quote
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a joke stephanie williams made that comment at a meeting on the sidelines of the munich security conference to discuss efforts to stem the violence in libya that country has been in complete turmoil since dictator moammar gadhafi was overthrown thrown in 2011 rebel forces are trying to seize the capital tripoli from the internationally recognized government there libya is still a wash with arms and fighting still raging despite the ceasefire agreed in germany last month. a top u.n. official at the munich security conference said the truce had been violated $150.00 times since then and she said efforts to cut the flow of weapons have been equally unsuccessful the arms embargo has become a joke and so it you know we are presently to step up here and. it is complicated because there are violations that are you know happening on land sea and air and that all needs to be monitored in libya fighters loyal to the
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internationally recognized government control only a small area around the capital tripoli most of the rest of the country is in the hands of the rebels a month after germany hosted the libya conference in berlin its participants gathered around the table again this weekend in munich 30 nations including the united states russia and turkey germany's foreign minister condemned the fact that some of these states as well as others not present continue to supply weapons to the north african country. it is important that we create transparency and ensure that those who intend to continue breaking this weapons and bargo must expect to be identified. but europe's leaders are not speaking with one voice different e.u. governments even back opposing sides in the conflict that lack of common purpose
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was another of the conference's focal points but after it was over the conference chairman told d.w. that europe was slowly making progress what i thought was new and important here this year. is that the european union is beginning to debate. how and and how europe can really learn the language of power e.u. foreign ministers will be meeting in brussels to discuss efforts to improve the policing of the libya arms embargo. ok let's focus more now on libya would you have you chief political editor michelle or who's been meeting for the conference today to show up let's talk about libya why has it emerged as a major topic at the security conference well basically because all the actors with the beauty of the munich security conference 2 weeks ago we saw a major conference here on the in but then something kicks off in something called
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the bug process and that for the 1st time for what all the interested actors on the ground in the bia around one table the big fear is that there's a an all out proxy war the major actors involved just france italy to name the european ones the united arab emirates egypt you name it and the problem is that everybody is pouring weapons into the region and general have to who was portrayed that as having control of most of the country from now he's taking the weapons from who ever he can get them from ok no no we had a senior u.n. official stephanie williams are characterizing the arms embargo you mentioned they're pouring in from everywhere the weapons as a as a joke what's behind that statement considering as you mention that all the players are there right his i was at a press conference and she was very outspoken about this this there's been a resolution basically implementing a weapons of months that means it's international fact even after all the
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interested parties sat down and agreed that they would stick to this weapons of bargain nothing has really changed on the ground that's the big problem and the naming and shaming hasn't worked so faso now everybody seems to be prepared to go a step further to at least find out which weapons are coming from where and where they are going to make the naming and shaming more effective was still quite a step away from actual action being taken to stop these weapons from coming in and that's where we are now and that's where the. europeans today when foreign ministers meet will hopefully decide on what action that willing to take right what are they going to be discussing we have the foreign ministers meeting on libya and brussels story what's on the agenda for yes well clearly on the agenda is in what ways the europeans can at least get some transparency into the whole region bought in as a big but particularly all strains are against using ships now we just heard that
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the weapons coming in and on sea and by air and that raises a lot of questions about how practical this is the big fear is particularly amongst the austrians that that could be a back tool to reviving operations the fia which in the end was rescuing migrants from the mediterranean so you see these are all issues that are interconnected snow headway being done but it would be very embarrassing thier pinson at least have a small plan at the end of the day maybe they will at the end of the day michele thanks very much for that one most powerful long tropical storms on record has slammed into britain storm dennis is battering the u.k. with trental rains hurricane force winds landslides have been reported in some areas and the government has deployed troops to help a number of local communities the storm has also been dropped disrupting travel across to you gary. a close call for passengers touching down in haiti through
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our night as he got it is going to go he's going to go around. hundreds of flights have been cancelled due to the strong winds with widespread travel disruptions felt across the u.k. . the persistent rain has left this town in wales unrecognizable after its river burst its banks. a strong current slapped it harms and swallowed the countryside and communities had little time to prepare. or try to keep a level had steak a professor came back you know you can only do what you can do at the end of the day night so it will just stay what it's going to do so there's not more she can to just talk it's. the flooding was expected to be worse this time around following storm sierra with rain falling on already saturated ground. conditions are expected
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to ease in the coming days as communities begin to assess the damage. well of honestly guess mâché 20 two's in the history books now to find out more i'm joined by mark meadows from the derby's forte's good morning mark the bonus league title race is looking tight and now we have perennial champions byron munich putting out a real show in class yes they did they came out of the blocks very quickly after watching the star in this film because the girls can fit in fast like sagan actually won on saturday to put the pressure on by and by going back to the top of the table temporarily but by and return to the summer in style for cologne wearing special shirts because it's carnival time in cologne but by and made the party go pretty flat quite quickly let's have a look at the highlights. cologne followed their 51 capitulation to dortmund with a 4 nil thrashing of freiburg win or lose they guarantee goals and that was the
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case again against biron. unfortunately the ball went the way of the visitors in the 1st half robot live a double speak of the scoring with his 23rd of the season one mill to be champions after just 3 minutes. 2 minutes later it was 2 no 3 kingsley commom. i speak with the turn to must move over to lay off the smart finish things were getting embarrassing for cologne and more ways than one. there were just 12 minutes on the cook went by and put themselves out of sight. i cannot be 3 no i it was more of the same after the break as cannot break up his 2nd 60 minutes because of the days when people just national paid for. i. see how the dortmund colognes my. how did
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a consolation strike for the whole state to read off the scoring after 7 minutes. or was finished another high scoring thriller featuring cologne coach mark is probably wouldn't mind a boring mill mill sometime soon. byron go back on top with 16 goals in 5 games since the winter break there once again in almost 4 years the title running. mark when i look at that ominous form there it looks like biron of shaking off the problems from earlier in the season oh yeah they're definitely bang in-form i mean they've never actually scored 3 goals in the 1st 1012 minutes of in a way they could game before so that shows how good they are at the moment i mean robert levin dusky is in great form that was his 23rd goal of the season he's actually on course for breaking do most record of 40 goals in a build as they can see is an absolutely insane everyone's in form thomas muller is
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in great form they've just really really settled down and i mean i think no one's going to stop me come on explain you never know you never know you're never going to be an outside chance or maybe your or something like that you know what it sounds like from what i just heard there that that barnes gamble on making hansie fleck the head coach is paying off yeah totally i mean if we rewind to november when nico kovacs was sacked things weren't right but hands if they could really steadied everything down he had a really bad cold yesterday you couldn't actually do the post match press comments but he clearly got his message across to the players ahead of the game i mean if you have a look at the table we can actually see how tight it is because it's not done yet we have to say that i mean they're only a point ahead of leipzig and then you've got dortmund and glad back 3 points further back by have got to go to dortmund in april they can drop points there and the key thing is glad back i've actually got a game in hand so it's very rare that it's that tight in the top 4 in the bundesliga so some interesting games coming up certainly ok so there's
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a fairly easy run of games coming up well by. next up i've got part of on friday with the bottom team so that should be a simple one but then they've got chelsea in the champions league the week after and that's a completely different mindset ok we'll see if that mindset does what it does and how it plays out mark thanks so much for coming in today. well rio's world famous carnival festivities are only a week away now with preparations for the spectacular samba parade wallander way each year scores of rio's down schools compete for the title of carnival champion but this year the preparations are being overshadowed by disputes partly religious and partly about identity. it's dress rehearsal for deborra. flag bearer of the monkey era somebody school. one week before she and her troupe by for the title at the rio carnival. is brazil's most famous somebody school and the defending champion but
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a bitter clash over monk era's theme this year is overshadowing preparations for the world famous parade. it centers around jesus christ a deliberate provocation by monk arrows members. it's a very emotional topic because we're going to show different versions of jesus as why simple acts as a man and a woman an indigenous. this is the neighborhood of monk a gang infested slum on a hill in rio at its foot the renowned somebody school. how might the story of jesus have gone had he grown up here perhaps as a black woman or someone else that's the explosive question the monk arrow school will put on display during carnival while the dance troupe prepares in this complex out on the beach evangelical christians gather for a religious ceremony. many feel outraged by the somebody schools plan for them
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jesus is white and untouchable. jesus saves me he saved my life he means everything to me. conservative pastors have launched a petition against my garrus plan they want to prevent the sight of a black jesus in the parade. we could out of the holy bible does not say that jesus grew up in a slum like man guera these people are degrading our bible anyway the carnival is the ruin of many people exposing them to drugs sex and murder cream. in december a brazilian t.v. comedy portraying jesus as a gay men sparked a violent backlash by suspected religious fundamentalists through mala tough cocktails into the producer's offices to bore a maid and her monkey a colleague's call the criticism absurd. it's all
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nonsense the critics haven't even read our program. just ahead of their big performance the monkey arrows are undaunted. this is deja vu news these are our top stories chinese officials a number of people infected with the covert 1000 corona virus has now passed the 70000 mark most of those are in the city who haunt and central china's problems some 800 people have died of the illness since the outbreak. storm dennis is battering the u.k. with hurricane force winds french will rains and flooding the storm has been blamed for at least 3 deaths and has disrupted travel across the country. the top u.n. official has told leaders at the munich security conference that an arms embargo on war torn libya is not being enforced
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a cease fire agreement struck last month here in berlin has been repeatedly violated. a german court has ordered u.s. electric vehicle maker tesla to stop caring forest lands near berlin to build its 1st european factory ruling comes after the state environmental office gave the green light to clear $92.00 hector's a force for the plant. this is the news from berlin for more you can always go to our twitter feed or to our website w dot com. and don't forget you can always get to the news on the go download our app from google player from the app store and i can see access to all the latest news from worlds was push notifications or breaking news you can also use it to send us stories and information that we might be interested in. we have more news coming up the top of the hour i'm brian thomas for me in the entire team thanks so much for being here.
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