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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2020 12:00am-12:16am CET

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we're not totally you say these. players. play. this is deja news live from the lead russia and turkey agreed to stop the fighting in syria is province it came after talks in moscow between president vladimir putin and turkish president present time good one the leaders back opposing sides in serious conflict and are trying to reduce tensions after turkish troops were reportedly killed by syrian forces last week also coming up. a standoff is growing
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up migrants and refugees at the border between turkey and greece turkey is deploying a 1000 special troops to prevent greek border guards are pushing back people trying to enter europe. and in the u.s. formal front runner and progressive champion elizabeth warren entsch had come tame for the democratic presidential nomination. i will not be running for president in 2020 but i guarantee i will stay in the fight for the hard working folks across this country who have gotten short end of the stick over now but that's been the fight of my life and it will continue to be so endorsing ivo buddy santos or joe biden could be crucial in the race for the white house but she says she's not ready to give her support to anyone yet.
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i'm told me a lot of both welcome to the program of possible and to the fighting in northwestern syria president of type 2 and russian president vladimir putin have agreed to a ceasefire for the country's lib region and came into force at midnight the deal will also create a security corridor along the key highway in northern syria was announced after some 6 hours of talks between the 2 leaders in moscow. earlier we heard from our russia correspondent emily show in about their meeting but these talks seem to have been rather tense they went on for over 6 hours 1st there was a tete a tete meeting between putin and then ministers from both sides from both countries joined those talks they've agreed on a ceasefire to come in to force at midnight they've also agreed to create some sort of a security corridor or live and they've also agreed to start carrying out to joint patrols between russian and turkish forces in the province they are the 2 leaders
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also emphasize the importance again of fighting terrorists in syria fighting terrorists in that in that province and as well of the territorial sovereignty of syria now of course as one expert who i spoke to ahead of these talks said there have been cease fires in it live before the question is really whether this one will actually last. now the crisis on the border between greece and turkey is worsening turkey is sending a 1000 riot police to the border and their job is to block any return of refugees who've been pushed back by greek authorities after trying to cross into the european union migrants and refugees headed to the border a week ago after turkey said it would no longer stop them from trying to enter europe. faces of despair. thousands of refugees have gathered on the border the focus on the turkish town of
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a day and many are forced to camp out in the open some of these people have been displaced by the long running conflict in syria. in europe you can work their jobs you get a decent salary the kids can go to school you can lead a normal human life that's all i want. or that if i made it to the great side then i took my phone my money took my clothes off i beat me and sent me back to turkey this is just wrong and money. we want to be able to breathe freely when i was 12 years old i had to leave school my parents were killed in the war. others have come from afghanistan and pakistan they find shelter where they can dozens crammed into this abandoned bus station turkey's president has carried out his threat to open the border to europe if nature did not back his military
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operation in northern syria. the red crescent and red cross are helping out where they can on the ground handing out food and water and providing basic shelter. we are ready to do what they need to restore the committee. missing in this moment if you can do. it. again we are ready to do whatever is necessary to provide dignity to the. stuff. that ankara for its part is determined that those who do make it across to greece will not be sent back into turkish territory. $40000.00 special forces officers are being deployed to the river on the border fully equipped to prevent people being pushed back. greece is equally determined to prevent a flood of new arrivals the authorities say some 35000 migrants have tried to cross
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illegally into a great tide of change in the past week athens insists those who reach its soil will be deported to the united states now where senator warren has announced she will drop out of the race for the white house had decision comes after a poor performance in the latest round of democratic party primaries elections were in surged at the top of the field last summer with a progressive agenda but she failed to win primaries in any states not even in her home state of massachusetts signaling the end of the road come paid. speaking outside her home in cambridge massachusetts warren said she had misjudged her place in the democratic field. i was told at the beginning of this whole wonderful go up there are too long a progressive 1. 100 percent of the income the core or moderate. income but for now there is no room for anyone else or more and i thought it was possible
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that that wasn't the case there was more room and more room to run another kind of campaign but evidently that was. not cross over to washington d. correspondent stephan simmons is there to give us more on what this means for the democratic presidential nomination stephanie elizabeth warren had no choice but to quit right. yeah she had no choice she got squeezed politically and in terms of numbers in terms of delegates in terms of office support in the primaries as you pointed out she started out hopeful and as a top runner last year and this all went away. starting in iowa are she may 3rd place there then in new hampshire and nevada 4th place there then came south carolina 5th and now super tuesday she didn't carry her own state message juices so that was over bernie sanders capitalized on the more progress is younger 30 and
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below crowd she could match that and joe biden came from the moderate angle 'd combining all support of the african-american democratic vote on him there was no space for. elizabeth warren anyone and she did not offer an endorsement to bernie sanders or joe biden can we read much into that. well i think i think she's doing the right thing there is a lot of soul searching now going on with elizabeth warren and she has to do this because that is critical to. the future of this presidential race this democratic presidential race if she puts her. boots on the ground her network her date are her her knowledge about who followers she had in her campaign all into the sender's camp that's one thing does she put it to biden. both of those campaigns
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are eager to have or have her knowledge slash her boots on the ground turf staff and her data data data or data in their campaign but it's all about want and that's what she has to decide who in her mind will be the best option or the best contender against the man who is still occupying the house behind me and who should be or at least that's what the democrats want of course replaced by democrats having that come in november get very briefly when we're in emerge as a front runner last summer it was a wide range of candidates more than 20 of them very diverse now you've got 2 white men in this seventy's even older than donald trump what does the say about the democratic party and its importance. yeah that says that the democratic party is a mirror of the american society at the moment deeply polarized into maybe 3 camps
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or crowds if you will and this is you know the democratic party is a part of this is the progressive more radical parts section of the party and there's the moderates way of the middle part and they have to they fight it out there doesn't seem to be any room at the moment for the extravaganzas or for the diverse candidate right correspondent stephens inman's in washington thank you. and now to the corona virus which continues its disruptive spread across the globe here in europe italy is the hardest hit country with over $3000.00 cases and more than $100.00 deaths fears over the virus have forced the thailand government to close all schools and universities until mid march. schools out in italy but the students aren't on holiday or universities and schools have been shut across the country until at least march the 15th part of the emergency
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measures to try to slow the spread of the corona virus infections have been soaring by around 500 per day making italy europe's worst hit state there for some students in rome the coronavirus isn't the most pressing concern. i'm a little worried about my school grades about the lessons we will lose this year i had a class assignment today so i'm a little happy but i'm also a little worried about how school will progress and the fact that we will have to work harder so that we can be ready for next year. but oh if i get the coronavirus o.b.'s i'm young and i can handle the closure of university worries me a bit because i'll be behind in my exams and pieces they overlap but unfortunately i can't do anything about. it until. italians and tourists alike have been adapting to the new reality the usually heaving streets now sparse. metro
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stations empty. its lease prime minister just up a country address the nation to explain the government's drastic measures and called on everyone to do their part. so we're facing the challenge of the coronavirus it's a challenge with no political color it affects the entire nation it's a challenge that must be won with the help of everybody citizens institutions scientists doctors healthcare professionals civil protection and police forces the whole of italy is called on to play its part. with many of the countries gyms also closed people have had to change their lifestyles with some opting to work out in the fresh air instead. and while many italians have been obeying authorities advice to keep at least one meter distance between each other it's not a guideline being strictly observed by everyone. thank you.
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presidents kate and william and their historic 1st tour of ireland with a sporting flourish the duke and duchess of cambridge were in the western city of goal way where they try their hand at some gaelic football and hurling past times long associated with irish nationalism but both royals and locals seemed keen to get along. kate and william looked relaxed on the playing fields of salt told not the courage the club the british establishment seemingly at ease in avastin of irish nationalism. until ireland hosted france and then england in rugby union 6 nations of the termit croke park in 20 was 7 the atlantic association had long banned what it deemed a british sport from being played on its premises no british royalty stood hardly in hand a symbols of rapprochement go there could be few more potent that's not to say the irish game came easily to the british pair. but it didn't stop them
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trying. their young horse were clearly taken with the royal celebrities in their midst. one later more unlikely scenes in goal the city center william and kate the duchess clad in emerald green to can one of the traditional irish music sessions for which goalies pubs are famed. before emerging to a warm reception. union jacks flying alongside irish tricolors to greet the couple. the convivial atmosphere belied the high security laid on for the royal visit with police shot shooters deployed on soaring rooftops but kate and william didn't seem concerned as they enjoyed a warm sendoff. you're watching the news from berlin up next it's d.w.
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