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biala gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by from part. this is g.w. news live from berlin and europe can withstand the shock of the coronavirus commission president was a life on the line outlines measures that she hopes will soften the blow to the blocks economy she says brussels will do whatever it takes. as europe becomes a new epicenter of the disease people face the stark reality of shutdowns travel bans and calls to limit social contact to slow the spread. also coming out of 12
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months after the massacres at 2 mosques new zealand's prime minister says the country has become a different place. here on our very new zealand and its people here fundamentally change i can't see how you could have intervened like this and not. be so much ground it's good to have you with us you commission president it was a laugh underline says europe can withstand the shock of the coronavirus for the line was detailing steps and keeping the blocks industry afloat as a virus spreads and shutdowns come into effect she said she believed the destruction would be temporary but that all states should coordinate efforts to ensure that it is as limited as possible and she also spoke out against a tightening border along. side these overarching macro economic measures the
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commission has also adopted today proposals to provide liquidity into our economy. we're setting up a 37000000000 euros carona response investment initiative. to grant support to the healthcare sector to the labor market to support as enemies from all affected sectors commission president was enough on the line speaking a short while ago there in brussels we have our correspondents covering the story for us our political correspondent brian tear in our studio and our correspondent brussels band record standing by for us there and take us through a what was announced there in brussels. underline president at the latest on self the commission to this evolving crisis and she said this is only the beginning it will drag on for weeks even months and she spoke as belgium itself is preparing for
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a lockdown so brussels because he sees busy closed shops from tomorrow and closed bars and was also also left on the line with hunkered down in the commission building in the commission itself but also cut short its work but it's still in crisis mode mode and those left on the line announced that's of stability pact the european union that prevents countries to from making too much public debt and to taking out too many loans would be very flexible she's opening the floodgates for more lending by the countries especially eataly needs money and business have more popular debt to avoid the impact of the code of ours on its economy and she also announced that there will be a 37000000000 special fund to reimburse companies that suffer a lot of suffering from the impact of corona and she also said that member states should avoid. only thinking about their own purposes they should coordinate more
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she said and bought a closure has not the right means in the eyes of the commission austria slovenia and the czech republic close the borders to italian residents and also to other residents coming from other countries this is not the right answer said goes off on the line the virus is already here in europe that doesn't make sense maybe has controls on the ball does feasibility but nothing more and she also said or implied that we need more coordinated approach from the member states through this crisis we see a lockdown in italy a locked on improve variation here in belgium. other countries like for example finland all poland doing the same and also in germany which is also impacted by their growing of ours has a mix through this crisis so far all right so we're hearing a multi-pronged approach there in europe pons especially on the economic front how
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will this help but i think at the moment what both is enough underlying and the german authorities are hoping that it is that it will calm down markets a little bit so that we will not have the scales all of those panic selling that has characterized the trading on the stock exchange in the last few days so that we can get some foremost stability some form of calm so that these measures can actually take effect how strong would it be we will have to wait and see i suppose but in both cases both in the european union and here in germany they have been saying whatever it takes in other words that they have been saying these measures can be increased if their god is not being sufficient they're going to be very flexible they tend to their intended to be quick they're intended to give it immediately help to those countries and companies and people that are effective than that are in need so the hope is that this will have a very immediate and very significant effect in a very short time well as you said doing whatever it takes a message we've shared heard here in germany as well the economy minister in the
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finance minister just announced an aggressive aid package a short while ago here in berlin let's listen to what the economy minister of maya had to say. yes and we said that the economy should not fail due to lack of money and political will size that means no healthy company and no secure job should face difficulties or disappear permanently because this country like many other countries is affected by the corona pandemic and the me it's ok hands as we said the economy minister the finance minister are billing this as a huge effort a huge aid package i mean what are these measures and how significant are they. well that's saying in fact that is unprecedented something like this has never been done in germany and possibly in the whole world. it's very significant i think it's really just opened the floodgates has made as much money available as is necessary for those companies that are in need and they're saying this ranges from
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a taxi driver who does not have enough passengers anymore to a company that has 2000000000 euros in. business that also is getting into trouble so it's a very very wide range it's meant to be very quick and they're saying these are in fact tested instruments these are instruments that are being used at the moment by the in a very limited way and what they've done is increased the possibility of various companies to get access to these instruments i think what is also important is that they have said germany wants to support europe as well germany is saying that these measures are also meant in some sense to provide supposed ability beyond the borders of europe that other european countries within the european union can depend on how assistance support from germany so all in all i think again the idea is to try and bring stability to us was that you asian it is extremely fluid at the moment all right dan coming back to you germany essentially opening the floodgates how does that line up with what we've heard taking place in europe on
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the european level. of the year period of european commission did not go so far as many open as he did because the u. commission has not the same finance power as a big economy like germany has but in italy of course people listen to what's said in germany very carefully because also italy is depending on aid from brussels and italy is putting together a huge investment pick which also but italy has not a strong economy as germany has and it needs money on the markets and needs to increase its public that it's now hoping that it will get reimbursed by the european level so the german announcement is very welcome also maybe in other member states which are scrambling public finances like spy you know political all right our correspondents going to go to impress on his friend here in the studio thank you both. well one measure that's about to have
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a drastic impact on the markets is the european travel ban imposed by u.s. president donald trump which is due to take effect in just a few hours travelers from $26.00 european countries will be barred from entering the u.s. let's look now at how many americans in europe are scrambling to return home before the ban and likely flight cancellations come into force. a rude awakening for many americans in europe departure halls were packed as travelers scramble to get home after hearing that the u.s. is restricting travel from the european union starting at midnight eastern standard time on friday it was pretty crazy could be found at like 2 am we were on a. train to the airport 3 better flights were running on a flight by like 9 am yeah i thought a little bit more heads up would have been nice because we freaked out and then we found out so i guess communication wasn't great. trump has restricted travel for foreigners to the u.s. from e.u.
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countries in an attempt to get a handle on the coded 900 outbreak but some say his decision will do little to stop the virus from spreading he is facing a lot of criticism because of this trouble that not only in the you were at but but also here in the u.s. with many experts saying that it's too late that the virus is already here across the atlantic in italy more than 12000 people have been infected and around 1000 have died this picture of an exhausted nurse taken earlier this week has become a symbol of the strain medical staff are under doctors are having to make tough decisions there aren't enough mechanical ventilators in hospitals to treat seriously ill patients the e.u. has expressed solidarity and promised the crisis stricken country billions of euros in aid. well here in germany officials say most to schools across the country will close starting next week in an effort to stem the spread of the virus the measure
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includes kindergartens as well in many cases schools are likely to stay shut until april when the 2 week long easter vacation begins schools in the capital berlin will also close. all right let's talk about all the measures here in germany we have did have you science reporter derek williams with us he is a self isolating right now at home here in berlin derrick it's good to see you we've heard there that 3 german states including berlin are now closing schools and kindergartens and we're expecting other states to follow suit does this step make sense. well interestingly the experts there kind of really go back and forth on this question a lot the truth of the matter is that we don't really know we're in pretty much on charted territory here in this kind of fast moving epidemic every everyone is to some extent sort of making it up as they go along the general opinion amongst most of the experts here and certainly up until very recently was that closing schools
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and pre-schools would actually be counterproductive and that would also force parents of school age children to stay home with them now that would also have a serious knock on effect in the health care sector because the frontline staff better actually be treating people because you can have nurses and caregivers and doctors staying at home with their kids when they need to be in the hospitals helping people who are effected so more and more actually but more importantly the experts seem to be moving away from this sort of conviction and they're starting to say that that after all maybe it is a good point at this point in germany to shut schools for a while to slow down the spread of the virus this flattening of a curve that we we've been hearing over and over so some german states have done that already and i actually fully expect the rest of the german states to follow in close order probably by next week what about the issues we've seen from the us derek and president trump shutting borders to europeans is that a scientifically sound decision. from
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a logical viewpoint it really doesn't make actually much sense at all i mean while it's true that in europe and in italy in particular there have been they're struggling the numbers of and we're starting with numbers and factions it doesn't really mean that people are better off in the us i mean most experts say that this lower infection rate is actually down to the fact that very few tests of being conducted in the us at all and that's down to the fact that actually less than 10000 up and just for comparison in south korea a major hotspot they've been conducting 20000 tests a day and 10000 tests in the entire american population is not really enough to say whether or not there's a large number of large great number of people who simply haven't been tested and but have contract of infection so shutting off europe doesn't really make any kind of sense logically you are scientifically it kind of only makes sense if you think about it as a as a political move does seem like there's a lot we still don't know and a lot of people are wondering about infection and mortality rates do we have any
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reliable numbers on that yet. well calculating mortality rates actually during the disease epidemic it's a it's a really a very tricky business because it's just it's not enough to take the number of reported deaths and divide it by the number of confirmed defections because as as we all know there are going to be a large number of people who are mild symptoms or who are possibly asymptomatic and those people like might never be tested or we might only be a blood test of in the coming months and years for antibodies to see if they might actually have the disease at one point so it's a very very squishy number to talk about the mortality rate what we really need what we do know about it at this point is that it appears to be around one percent to maybe 2 percent depending also very much on changing from nation to nation and over nation like like like italy it's going to be higher because the population is
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higher the population is older one in 4 italians is over $65.00 places like south korea where they're testing testing testing it's actually proving to be lower it's going to be what we know at this point is it's more deadly than the flu and it's less deadly than sars and coming to a really firm conclusion about mortality rates other than that it's going to be big for the for the coming months and years all right derek williams from did have you science with us thank you very much and let's look now at more of the latest coronavirus developments u.s. treasury secretary steven menuhin says he expects the u.s. an economic hit from the corona virus outbreak to be short term france is simply promising to compensate fairish related salary losses for 99 percent of workers as travel bans school closures and other measures are taking a heavy toll on the economy the government of romania including all ministers as well as the leadership of the ruling national liberty party have been asked to self
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isolate and naipaul is closed all off its himalaya peaks including mount everest this climbing season. environmental activist gratitude burgas called on campaigners to avoid mass protests as a corona virus spreads but she says her pride is for future movement will organize online strikes instead the coronavirus meanwhile is having an impact on pollution in china where the disease originated there it has led to a decrease in carbon emissions as economic activity slow but many believe the effect will be temporary. surgical mask a popular home remedy against airborne threats until a few months ago smog and car fumes were the greatest concerns to urban dwellers such as those in vietnam but now the corona virus has taken over as the biggest worry for many as air pollution has dissipated the virus has emptied the streets of china's mega cities and manufacturing has slowed. drastic quarantine measures
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implemented by chinese authorities have resulted in significantly cleaner air as this graphic from the world meteorological organization shows china is now emitting 25 percent less greenhouse gas a small victory against global warming. we've seen with the drastic measures that china has taken with regard to corona that the missions have gone down seriously so people are working from home and manufacturing a slowdown so these are the kinds of drastic measures that we will have to take for climate change and it's better to do is kind of sooner rather than later because of the more painful the longer we wait. scientists have long been sounding the alarm on climate change. 29 team was the 2nd top to see it on record with the boss that gets the hottest in human history. between the house gases concentrations at the highest level in city 1000000 years but while countries have been slow to act in the face of global warming many have now implemented drastic
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measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus. the climate crisis is somehow much more abstract than the virus and that's why i can't say how many people will die because of climate change but the virus you can calculate it that's why it's a bit closer. to my arm well hey if humanity dies off from the corona virus what does the climate model. i hope that we have a vaccination against the virus in a year and a half but the climate crisis is the most important task of the millennium i think without exaggeration we're going to what. many people in china have already recovered when the coronavirus crisis passes experts say manufacturing will catch up on what it had not been able to produce that means the corona effect on the climate is probably just temporary. for all the latest on the corona virus including information about what to do if you think you might be infected go to our
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website. now for a brief look of other stories around the world wiki leaks source shall see manning has been released from a u.s. prison manning had been in contention since last may for refusing to testify to a grand jury investigating wiki leaks manning's lawyers say the release comes after she attempted suicide. and officials in egypt say heavy rain and floods have killed at least 14 people across the country and inundated roads in the capital cairo further south the driver was killed when his car was blown into a canal and several people were injured when floods demolished their homes. new zealand is marking one year since the christ church massacre $51.00 people were killed and dozens were injured in the white supremacist attack on the city's muslim community survivors of the shooting and other residents attended community prayers at an indoor stadium to pay tribute to the victims leaders of the $2.00 mosques led
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the joint service and worshippers her testimony from survivors prime minister to send to art and attended the event before the service she said new zealand needs to continue challenging racism but a year on i believe new zealand and its people have fundamentally changed i can't see how you could have an event like this and not but the challenge for us will be ensuring that in now every day actions and every opportunity we see bullying harassment rices i'm discrimination calling it out as a nation there is one will show that we each individually have a role to play and making sure new zealand has fundamentally changed for the pisa while the suspected mosque attacker who is an australian is due to go on trial in june he is facing terrorism charges plus $51.00 counts of murder and 40 of attempted murder here's a look back now at the tragic events that took place in christ church one year ago . the mass shooting was something new for new zealand the country had been
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proud that it hadn't had such massacres and its response was novel in many ways the gunman had live streamed his massacre of worshippers of the christ church mosque online he wanted to become a global figure. the prime minister just into odd took an unusual step and refused to give him the notoriety he was looking for he is a terrorist he's a criminal he's an extremist but he will when i speak. she also quickly showed solidarity with the muslim community and donned a headscarf to lead a nation in defiant morning. many of those who will bring to recreate afflicted by the shooting might be migrants to new zealand they may even be very few genes here they have chosen to make new ceiling their home and it is the harm that i
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r s. new zealand also stood out by following warm words with concrete action. within weeks the government launched a gun buyback scheme a month later it banned semi automatic rifles now to another tragic anniversary it's been one year since cyclonic die struck southern africa the storm killed more than $1300.00 people in zimbabwe madagascar malawi and mozambique the cyclon made landfall near the port city of barrow on march 14th 2019 bringing widespread destruction and displacement of people the cyclons torrential rains caused 2 major rivers the boozy in the pool to burst their banks submerging villages leaving bodies floating in the water or buildings wrecked according to the u.n. $602.00 mozambicans were killed the infrastructure one year later in many of the affected areas remains critical. and we're joined now from the capital my puter by
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mark hughes the national director of mozambique for the aid organization care mark thank you for joining us on what is being done to provide survivors of the cycling with the kind of closure that they need. yes as you heard before the situation remains critical on the ground because the recovery phase is still ongoing and people who have suffered direct impact of the diet still living this day to day a lot of the room in tearing plans were put in place remain on the front it. was in the region over $100.00 songs and people are still living in makeshift shelters so the dying the impact of a diary is this present to them on a daily basis so for us to helping people to establish the beauty lives on bringing children back into school for example establishing life the roads are remains one of the top priorities mike has had
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a lot of people are still living in shelters i mean a year later how many people are still dependent upon aid and how many people are still unaccounted for. that is as mentioned about. people remain missing or unaccounted for and that will require closure from from officials. on on the dependency we have been working especially during the past week now for all seasons to provide life you know its assistance in terms of seeds so the repeated can rebuild but unfortunately always seen with the current climate crisis is that we see repeated shocks within the region zimbabwe was indeed are involved in a massive droughts in the scene flooding in some of the areas and they are out in the in the last few weeks that have destroyed some of the recovery efforts so that the situation remains really much present in people's they did not. mark looking at
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the situation today a year later would you say that the country is any better prepared now for this kind of catastrophic event in the future. i honestly and i said just a year ago i think it's difficult for income should be geared for this type of scale and i are of the disaster. i think we have learned a lot of lessons you comes of that just sticks and how to bring and support people but if there would be another sign on to they would be. really more struggling especially since infrastructures still remain damaged in some of the areas on the read by side when he died all right mark from the aid organization care joining us from. thank you so much for sharing your insights with us today. returning natura coverage of the coronavirus pandemic germany's football league has proposed a suspending play in the bundesliga and the 2nd division after this weekend's slate of games that suspension would go into effect next tuesday and lasts until april
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2nd that means this weekend's matches will still take place behind closed doors and that was also the case on wednesday night when i mentioned hosted cologne without the presence of any fans of the stadium a final decision is expected on monday the german league is still hoping to end the season by the summer. while the pendant makers having a huge impact on many sports events around the world here are some recent developments the premier league has called off all matches until next month you a thought also confirmed that all champions league and europa league games will not take place next week france's suspended its top 2 football leagues until for further notice and formula one motor racing has cancelled the australian grand prix that was scheduled for sunday and. coming up next on news asia hong kong's domestic workers worry for their rights as employers tell them to stay at home to contain the coronavirus and.
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that's coming up with the responder g m d w news asia i'll leave you now with a heartwarming moment from quarantined italy people in the city of c.n.n. are confined to their homes because of the lockdown but they're filling the empty streets by singing one of their city's traditional and. thank you for watching.
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you go. from the slums of mumbai out into the world and e-commerce start up launched an online platform local merchants can use it to offer their products on
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bigger markets and expand beyond their own local clientele. give the money to live well again access to full the world banking. 16. you're going to unofficial estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. returned to. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know when i lived there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made for mines is the human race destroying itself. we are moving the basic elements of our existence. using too much water and cooling.
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water just like. we may think our water supplies will last forever. but. when the rain storm. starts march 20th on t.w. . this is date of the news asia coming up captive to a coronavirus ongoings domestic workers face pressure to remain in their employers homes even on that all day as it's a virus contained of measure but doesn't buy that block those rights plus from disinfecting mosques to stockpiling food companies across the roll up their sleeves to combat the spread of the coronal by the us. and me and my father's motorbike
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medics we need to enjoy what goes bridging the health care gap into a more concrete.


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