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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 17, 2020 6:00am-6:16am CET

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this is the dublin news live from berlin and donald trump changes his tone on coronavirus the u.s. president announces sweeping new guidelines to control the spread of the disease he warns a recession may be on the way also coming up we are at war 2 words of french president across as he announces drastic new measures to contain the coronavirus. a closure of france's borders and a nationwide lockdown beginning at midday. and germany toughened its tactics to slow the virus spread chancellor merkel and now says the closure of its borders
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with 5 neighboring countries and all non-essential stores will stay closed local is uprising germans to stay home. i'm told me a lot of well welcome to the program world leaders a taking sweeping measures in response to the coronavirus in the us president donald trump says he expects the worst of the pandemic could be over in july or august he's urging americans to avoid travel if they can to engage in schooling from home and to not visit bars or restaurants he says people should not gather in groups larger than 10 people let's listen to what trump had to say. therefore my administration is recommending that all americans including the young and healthy work to engage in schooling from home when possible avoid gathering in groups of
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more than 10 people avoid discretionary travel and avoid eating or drinking bars restaurants and public food courts if everyone makes this. change or these critical changes and sacrifices now we will rally together as one nation. let's go now to correspondent stephens humans in washington stephan talk us through these guidelines that trumps analysis what else is he asking americans not to do. well let me 1st say that this is a different donald trump from what we had yesterday yesterday you'll remember the president said the coronavirus is under total control nowadays absolute think it will change of what we had before from the president and heard before from the president so those guidelines recommendations not orders and that is to avoid and national a federal lockdown so to speak or you know
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a measure like this that's why the recommendations is do not mingle in larger groups than 10 people stay at home work from home shelter in place if you like and well there's only one other piece of federal action needed now and this is more testing kids and more tests we said that $100.00 times because it's the problem still not enough testing that's what the governors and the states wait for from the government from the federal government and trump didn't dismiss the chance of a recession either. no you did not that is also the. well basically a roller coaster right with mr trump with the president before today everything was manageable the market will be fine you know the fed put $800000000000.00 in bond buyback programs lowered the rate to 0 percent and the president was happy about this now well you have to admit this coronavirus crisis may take till july or
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august maybe even longer and that is what the markets of course don't like so yes a recession very likely he is a little bit behind the news because there is the u.s. c.l.a. anderson management school and they have a poll out they have a study out this say we are already in recession they don't expect the u.s. economy to grow at least until september so recession very likely markets down briefly deafened that's from the fragile federal level what about the states how are they responding the states are actually doing a very good job under the circumstances and that's why they had a conference call today with the president a video conference call where they try to coordinate even more what they're doing so there is where the brands are basically the states the communities the counties they are at the forefront of battling this virus with lockdowns with shelter in
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place orders 'd and so on and there is where the money has to go remember $50000000000.00 federal funds now available as emergency funding for those states to be able to fight the coronavirus even more ok we'll leave it there if announced deafens inman's in washington thank you. french president. announced a nationwide lockdown telling all residents to stay home the new restrictions begin midday and she's day and remain in effect for at least 15 days in a televised address mccraw said people should not go out except for essentials anyone breaking these rules he added will be punished. we're out of war and we're in a public health war and we're not fighting against an army or another nation but the enemy is here invisible elusive and advancing enemy and that requires
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a general mobilization. correspondent lisa lewis followed that address for us and here's her summary in several measures for 1st of all obviously the 15 day lockdown people should not go out otherwise they would face sanctions he also said that the 2nd round of voting in local elections 1st took place on sunday and the 2nd round it would be pushed back would not happen next sunday as planned parliamentary work will be suspended and the government will govern by executive orders but you know the underlying tone is really reflected in that sentence we are at war which he repeated not once but several times and he openly appear to the sense of responsibility of every french person and said you know you can't go on meeting your friends and hanging out in parks when it's sunny such went on sunday like like on sunday actually it was sunny and you saw people in parks and crowded together here in paris as well and he said you really need to understand how serious the
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situation is you need to stop actually meeting and seeing people getting close to other people in order to stop this why the virus from spreading now here in germany the government is also ratcheting up its response to the corona virus outbreak more than $7000.00 germans have been diagnosed with the illness 17 of them have died chancellor angela merkel addressed the nation on monday a message normal travel stay at home keep your distance and that was a message apparent during her announcement. the chairs had been especially arranged to keep people well apart. but that wasn't the only thing out of the ordinary had this press conference. after high level talks at the chancellery medical stepped out to announce the most drastic response to a health crisis in living memory retailers of essential supplies such as
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pharmacies will remain open supermarkets will even be open for an extra day on sundays but from playgrounds to hotels leisure activities have been severely curtailed. and they go along and. tell accommodation can only be a ranty is for an interest purposes since they can to be had and couldn't. does that also mean that there will be no holiday travel within germany end of road. it's all slow and even. bundestag president bush met with party leaders to discuss how to keep parliamentary business running during the pandemic. later in the day merkel held a telephone conference with state ministers over the new measures restrictions such as the closure of playgrounds are to be implemented uniformly across the entire country in germany hospitals a well stocked and the government is keen to allay fears over the fallout from the
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disease. well for. 23 months we are setting aside 10000000000 euros to meet the costs are arising from additional medical expenditure and the economic consequences of a virus we are leaving no one behind. a crisis committee set up by the health and the interior ministries is meeting on tuesday to help put in place the raft of restrictions the question now is if the measures will succeed in slowing the spread of the coronavirus. earlier we spoke to his political correspondent hans broad here in berlin and asked him his chancellor merkel takes a more international approach to the crisis than other world leaders what i'm trying to do here is some sort of damage control i guess you could call it because what's been happening in recent weeks is that so many countries have been moving on their own countries here in europe within the european union have been imposing
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their own measures closing their own borders without really coordinating this with other members of the european union and obviously we know that for instance the united states imposed a travel ban on europe people coming from europe without even talking to the european union so by talking to the g. 7 within the g. 7 format which includes the united states and by talking within the european union chancellor merkel is trying to reestablish some sort of international coordination some sort of international effort so that these measures that are taken in various countries do not in fact work against each other. one of the measures germany has introduced is border closures but one has introduced stricter controls on the land borders with so it's a land austria denmark luxembourg and france. gridlock on the french german border these cars have been waiting for at least 30 minutes to end to germany. we're sending back any vehicle which is not going rancid special
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status to enter germany has a valid reasons across going to. it's just one of many makeshift border controls set up on monday in a bid to stem the corona virus outbreak german citizens and residents may continue through as can delivery drivers and those commuting to work anyone displaying coronavirus symptoms will be handed over to health authorities. true i did normal actually they need to protect us somehow from everything that's been happening it's really bad at the moment there is no set time frame for these travel restrictions and the government says it might extend them to borders with other neighboring countries. too weak to lock down is already in place in spain and may be extended the government has also imposed controls of the country's land borders for the 47000000 people inside spain the advise and order from the government is stay indoors. spending an entire day at home together is something we're keith or family
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haven't done for a long time before trying to make the best of a difficult situation amid madrid's coronavirus lockdown indigo is employed as a bank and can therefore work from home while his daughter is able to access her schoolwork via the internet but it is parents in bilbao that worry him no more you've not been going outside i hope here in madrid police drones with loudspeakers are telling us to stay home. and. tell you to stay inside that's what you have to do you can't go around spreading the virus. your 14 year old paula is working studiously through her school exercises but it isn't always easy without the teacher. them and though they may send you on the exercises that sometimes you don't understand them you can ask your parents but they might not remember learning this stuff so they're not much help either. madrid a city known for its bustling streets and vibrant atmosphere has fallen eerily
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quiet never in the history of spanish democracy have such drastic measures been taken according to the government. only those shopping for essential heading to work or visiting a doctor or pharmacy are allowed out on the streets some rule breakers are treated leniently by police others are threatened with fines. for the orchy thoughts family the curfew brings its own difficulties but they're determined to comply as much as possible jaco is their biggest worry from the labrador puppies aren't exactly ideal companions during a global health crisis but it wasn't that he's always looking for attention from strangers and he loves getting cuddles from home till and beginning to see everybody as a potential source of interactions. you begin to go a little crazy in isolation laura tells us but then nothing here is as it should be at the moment those in madrid simply need to hold out in the hope that things will turn to normal soon. of the world of sports has also suffered under the weight of
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the pandemic with many countries banning all sporting events in the near future germany's bundesliga clubs have confirmed that football matches will be suspended until early april for the postponement are expected to be announced after another meeting in 2 weeks' time the german football league convened a meeting with all $36.00 clubs from the country's top 2 divisions chief executive christian ciphered said the health and financial security of all 56000 football employees was the highest priority choose day europe's governing body will meet to discuss the future of the european championships. and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you u.s. president donald trump has a now sweeping new guidelines to control the spread of the new coronavirus he warns against large gatherings and urges older americans to stay home this as his administration faces mounting criticism for its coronavirus for swan's.
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