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this is the good news live from berlin as the world braces for the full impact of the coronavirus ireland's prime minister says we are in this together. to everyone who has lost a loved one to this virus we are with you to all those living in the shadow of what is to call we are with you. live in many parts of the world regular life has already been turned upside down will bring you the latest developments also coming up dealing with the shock of the pandemic along with self isolating and social
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distancing we take a look at how we can care for our mental health in the weeks and months ahead. plus the coronavirus is shutting down germany's a critical auto industry forcing giants like b.m.w. and folks back and to stop production. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us travel into europe the current epicenter of the coronavirus and make is being severely restricted european union leaders have agreed on a 30 day ban on travelers entering the bloc that decision will affect most non-citizens and non residents of the european union with some exceptions it will be up to each member state to implement the new regulations german chancellor angela merkel said the e.u. would do what's necessary to protect the public's health and the economy. all across europe movement is growing to get to
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a halt. in berlin chancellor merkel announced that even travel into the e.u. will now cease in the eyes enough. traveling to europe from countries that are not part of the european union under no great britain is prohibited with very few exceptions and. this ban has to be implemented by the member states. i'm going to apply 5th 30 days starting with that film and also if it finds its target and travel within the union has also become increasingly difficult germany in the center of europe has been hemmed in by border closures. and even within countries quarantines are keeping people at home on wednesday belgium will be the latest country to implement a complete lockdown lissie torrijos alternated millions are obliged to say is home in order to avoid as much contact as possible outside their close family except to
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go to work except for essential journeys to go to the doctor to the grocery store to the post office to the bank to the pharmacy to get petrol. or to help people in need and all of those one. in ireland streets were empty because st patrick's day celebrations were called off and the prime minister delivered a somber address to the nation tonight on a national holiday i want to send a message around the world we are in this together to the people of china spain and italy who suffered to untold heartbreak and loss we are with you to everyone who has lost a loved one to this virus we are with you. to all those living in the shadow of what is to come we are with you are pubs in schools are closed and large gatherings for britain in ireland and the rest of europe social distancing is the price to pay
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to slow the spread of the coronavirus. ok we can go now to band play gets you standing by on brussels for us that is one of europe's busiest squares i bet and as we heard there belgium is going into a full lockdown that's in about an hour's time is every when they're ready for this it's not busy anymore there are only a few people here to go and plus some even some tourists to take the last selfie on this historic day when the buses would go into a lockdown but it is not a complete lockdown and you guessed it allowed to go to a shop to do groceries or set out to go to a pharmacy and even the little shacks with fast food the famous french fries and burger and stay open and the government says it will only be enforced friendly so it's not a complete hold of public life but it's a pretty much hampering everything you want to do and also the businesses and the
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economy and belgium is of course the impacted by this and the european union the quarter over all the institutions are would basically shut down and why did the belgium decide to take the step to issue essentially a nationwide lockdown. well there was some advice and place to stay home and not to together in public places but as you can imagine people did not follow that completely and so the government decided to of hours ago that the lock down all of this is feasible now to keep people inside to stop the public life to prevent the virus from spreading even more here. but we have to see if the budgets will follow these rules because they they still have to go to work and public transport will run and other things will also be available can you bring us up to date then on the state of the outbreak in belgium
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. belgium is not so much affected we have $1200.00 cases as of now out of a population of $11000010.00 people died of the corona virus but remark to be more the age group between 40 and 50 is impacted here it's not so much the other lead it's more the middle ages that get coronavirus and belgium. banned reek of reporting there for us in brussels a country there belgium about to go into lockdown thank you band. while schools all over europe are gradually being ordered to close their doors to slow down the spread of the barest but that doesn't mean that lessons are on hold for students or their teachers we visit a school in rome to find out how they're dealing with the new regime of virtual learning the german school in rome deserted ju to the coronavirus
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crisis well almost deserted the school's principal thomas hound is still around at least good morning this is how we greet each other these days welcome. with some $830.00 enroll students and ideate teaches on a regular day around a 1000 people come and go here. now because of the danger of infection there are protective measures in place everywhere. you don't touch door handles anymore no of course we can't the virus can survive a couple of days on the surface. anxiety levels are high the speed with which the corona virus spread to surprise to everyone here. now the principal has an enormous task ahead of him organizing an online syllabus for all students from kindergarten age to those in their final year in his office thomas hardy is having an online conference with some of his teaches to help them get more familiar with the digital
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platform the soon going to have to use. for the students it's difficult to structure the day so that's why we have produced special instructions for the parents of promise school children but also oldest students so they can plan what they have to do each day. meeting with the student at home to discuss what the new school day looks like it's almost impossible many families are afraid of being infected and are staying within their own 4 walls we made with teacher an alum parent she teaches children of all ages. she says it's a massive challenge to replace the traditional class lessons with virtual ones. i heard of to get something special you have to take all the technological aspects into consideration to that age to see which video for match today use how can students open it sometimes you have to read instructions for that system if the
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students didn't completely understand something in the construct. she has put together her new syllabus using material she found online she also makes her own videos for learning latin so good morning good morning class 8 and a b. and c. we're going to continue on with the infinitive forms she also has talked time with individual students this isn't as it is to see how disciplined are you do you really work from morning to evening and so much as an alum part is trying to improve workflows because online learning is new territory for all. when you have so much free time and you're expected to manage your own time effectively and it's very easy to do very little or even nothing. if the school structures your day it would be a huge help. and everyone is struggling with the current living conditions down on the street because of the new rules of the supermarket the queue to get in looks quite different than normal. 15 years that i know you stand
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a metre apart because only 10 to 15 people are allowed in at once i was there yesterday and had to wait for an hour to go in. during the corona crisis many of feeling a little trapped perhaps the best distraction is a bit of hard work that applies to teachers as well as students and we can speak now to correspondent sima got that she's standing by in rome i seem a bit to see you italy has been on nationwide lockdown for over a week now what is you notice what stands out in what has changed in daily life. well just to give you an idea people when they're out in the street they make a conscious effort we keep that social distancing montra you know i think that distance from each other you look at that person coming down the street you frost the road to go the other side of people and you don't want that number of people
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now boss on if they don't have a mosque they use a staff they do something to cover the bases out we saw in that package about 9 outside the supermarkets outside the song the seas that's very much in base everybody trying to keep their distance that said however the authorities and the t.v. ministry has noted for example 8000 sanctions or violations of that measures that have been put in place in terms of movement of people in just one day the authorities are making it very clear to the public this crucial week that's coming up it's very important that people stay at home and they are planning to increase the penalties what they're looking into that if people don't listen even the south declaration form that one has to fill up in order to move around for essential activity or for work or for health issues has been changed you have to declare also if you are under warranty if you tested positive and if anybody but he violates
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that you can face a charge of causing damage and so therefore authorities are taking this very seriously they want people to stay indoors simi said the week ahead is crucial and we heard the governor of the northern region on monday say that there are 1st signs of a possible slowdown in the rate of infection in that region which is you know one of the most with the worst affected really in this crisis how long do authorities think it will take until the peach is reached. well that's what everyone is waiting to hear some have suggested maybe the peak will come in that around the 25th of march but honestly even this slight reduced rates of infection that we have seen anybody saying let's take this cautiously some semblance of hope but we cannot afford to go out guard and this is to a should up north is very dire particularly in the province of the way hearing dramatic stories of funeral workers getting instict it because they're having to
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deal with an overwhelming number of deaths and a ways to handle funerals people are not allowed to attend the funerals of the and last ones in the area a bit more as well 2 postal workers are said to have died and the postal workers union say are upset about this if they want to close the offices altogether so definitely more months of tension particularly up north while the rest of the country is trying to grease to sell additional sections all right see most of the reporting there from rome thank you for that update on the number of covered 1000 cases is rising rapidly german a center for disease control is now stressed that millions of people could be infected if they do not follow the measures imposed by the federal and state governments on restricting daily life. stuart let me make this perfectly clear enviousness if we do not implement the program we have created the
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measures we recommend for you and which the german government has also adopted for reading on if we do not manage to reduce contact between people for a few weeks then it is possible that in 2 to 3 months we will have up to 10000000 infected people in germany. this will be a considerable burden on our health system which will last through the reasons. let's talk now about the impact that the corona virus is having on our lives we can speak to isabella or color she's the director of the clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy at europe's biggest hospital the sherry take here in berlin isabella thank you for joining us in the news about the virus is making a lot of people very anxious i mean what do you suggest to keep people from panicking here. well people shouldn't really panic. but of course it's a it's a it's a really unusual and. frightening situation for
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some especially poor the elderly or those people who are. you know who are really. suffering from the social distancing that they have to do i mean it's very very important that the social just seeing now is really being implemented and that everybody in tears to that but especially all the people people who are living alone people who are. who are sick people who have other you know grave illnesses or so they they usually want so should look this is a social contact they want. they want to be able to to to see people to speak to people to do something with people and that is now not being that cannot be done right now so so for for especially the elderly population this is
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probably going to be a real emotional hardship i mean there are there's also many studies in the last 5 to 10 years that would have come which had been published about a loneliness is being a real stressor or that rightness even shorten your life span and that loneliness is something that you have to avoid that we as humans are social animals if you will also want to be in contact with some sort so this is going to be hard but it's a it's a it's a. i don't usually situation and it's about logistics in general and their effect if i could just have been there for loneliness as an issue i mean what are the best ways now for people who are whole were possibly lonely what should they do to keep themselves in good spirits. well they should for example with others they say they
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should that's what they should do so be should not. they should actually try to have social contact by escaping by having telephone poles also by you know. talking to other people and. as i said by and by telephone so and so that is actually what you should do and and the younger people should call their grandparents and try to. have a real conversation there you can even do what readings on line orders or i'm skype or something all right so the message there is there is somehow stay in contact i will have to leave it there isabella. collyer from the sheriff here in berlin thank you so much for joining us my pleasure. let's take
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a look now at how the spread of the virus is having an effect elsewhere in the world german chancellor angela merkel says she will not rule out a joint european debt issuance to help soften the blow of the outbreak fallout that's a shift in tone for berlin the german government has previously resisted attempts to further pool you member state finances. spanish prime minister heads of sanchez has announced a $200000000000.00 euro coronavirus aid package it includes loans credit guarantees and direct aid and represents about 20 percent of the country's gross domestic product the government is providing 117000000000 euros with the rest coming from private companies the measures include 100000000000 euros in state backed president guarantees and unlimited liquidity help for companies. france has announced $45000000000.00 euros worth of crisis measures to help companies reeling from the coronavirus french finance minister brown in a mass said that a large part of that sum comes from the deferral of all tax payments and payroll
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charges that companies are due to pay this month. all right let's bring you an update now on the latest that we know one the corona virus of the total number of confirmed cases has a nearly hit 200000 worldwide almost 8000 people have now died from the disease the drastic measures taken worldwide to try and contain the spread of the virus could be extended in last months and we are starting to understand more about the virus a new study has confirmed previous estimates that the median into beijing period for the virus is about 5 days. and let's bring in our cyrus science correspondent derek williams now for more on that hi derek a new study now out from australia is providing some new insights into covert 1000 and the progress of that in patients what does the study say. well the study which was published in the highly respected science journal nature medicine it closely examined the patient to contract that code in 1008 and subsequently fell ill in
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australia now her case was described as mild to moderate and although she was hospitalized she didn't receive any drugs and she could not be put on a ventilator so she had a less severe form of the disease despite that hospitalization and a group of scientists there who was able to study her immune response to the virus in detail for example through blood samples they closely tracked when she was when she began to develop antibodies and when they continue to be present after the infection have gone its course it also told them at least in this otherwise healthy patient which kind of the new cells appear and when they were able to describe the woman's entire immune response in a great great detail how does that information help us fight that disease. won't knowing how immune responses work and when certain things activate and the healthy person's body during an infection is important for several different
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reasons 1st because having that information is going to allow us to potentially develop tests that will let us track the progress of the disease in patients more or less in real time or at least that's the hope that information can be fine when terms of making decisions about when to do what in the course of infection it could also in the long term help with vaccine development but last and last but not least it could provide some clues as to how and why some people react to the virus more seriously than others i mean it could help us understand exactly why the immune response is is weaker in some patients it's the kind of research that really lays the foundations for a wide range of other war involving treatments and therapies and it's really the kind of research that in the long run is going to save lives and they're just quickly what else have we learned about the virus as this outbreak has progressed.
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well there there was another interesting study that was published recently here in germany press providing more precise date on exactly when patients are most contagious it showed track viral activity and said that in actually when they're most contagious it is is in the run up is when before they begin to show symptoms and in the 1st week after they begin to show symptoms another interesting point from that study was that it shows that there are the patients have huge loads of this virus many many up to a 1000 times more than they do with related viruses like sars so that might be one of the reasons why it's so infectious and and finally. there are there they found out that it's not actually that although for and also in this in this study that although the virus is injected and stool for example that that it's no longer that it's no longer infectious at that point so that has a huge impact on on caregivers and and medical workers as we move forward with this
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disease and acquire a clearer picture of of what this pathogen does how and how it does. science thank you. now b.m.w. is joining other auto companies and shutting down their factories due to the coronavirus the german luxury carmaker announced that all car production in europe and south africa has stopped until at least the end of april the m.-w. representatives say the health of their employees was of utmost concern they have stressed that they were using a wide range of tools to prevent the spread of the virus among its staff at the spread of the virus has caused chaos in germany's critical auto industry forcing giants like folks back into closer factories until further notice. an errant children from v.w. business is with us for more on the story hi erin saying they're shutting down car production just a little bit earlier this month they seem pretty confident about things going
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forward definitely did but i mean the coronavirus epidemic is really kind of changing the math every hour it does seem to be as we're moving forward and it wasn't necessarily surprising move the announcement we heard today if you remember dime or opel v.w. also announced they're closing their factories in europe and really at the in the day it's about protecting the health of their employees it's kind of like you know do you want to rip off a band-aid faster you want to do it nice and slowly and if they actually run the risk of letting their stock get infected it could be looking to add a massive shutdown that could last months i mean turning to b.w.i. they've confirmed that they have had some cases of the illness in their global staff and also at least 3 cases here and the production facilities in germany so really it was just a matter of time that there should that b.m.w. actually took this step are german carmakers really prepared for production stops in the long term that is really kind of the 1000000 dollar the 1000000000 dollar question right now i mean car makers are coming off of a good year and 2019 but 2020 was always going to be an expensive year because german car companies are really trying to pivot right now they're investing
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billions in new technology that they really need to make them competitive moving forward you know we're talking electric cars we're talking self driving cars new batteries that they will actually need to power the technology i mean you know if they were going to be investing 30000000000 this year v.w. also 60000000000 so these production stops are really going to be hurting their bottom line at a time when they can't really afford it all right our correspondent erin tilton from business thank you very much like you. this is news and these are our top stories european union leaders have agreed on a 30 day ban on foreign travelers entering the bloc german chancellor angela merkel has announced the restrictions after a series of video conferences with other european leaders. former vice president joe biden has swept tuesday's democratic presidential primaries in the u.s. the voting went ahead in arizona florida in illinois despite fears about the spreading coronavirus the state of ohio postponed its scheduled primary due to the
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pandemic. german carmaker b.m.w. has announced it is stopping production at its auto plants in jorak and south africa until april 19th it is the latest european car maker to stop its assembly lines due to the virus. european football's governing body away fast confirm the postponement of the euro 2020 tournaments until next year and hopes the move will minimize the pandemics financial impact on football clubs. this is debut news from berlin for more you can follow us on twitter or visit our website w dot com and you're watching t.w. from berlin up next our show eco india that's our environment show we'll have more at the top of the hour thanks for watching.
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facts the truth. of the market. the momentum of the morning world. this magazine made in germany. in 60 minutes on t w. e coal india. from the slums of mumbai out
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