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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  March 22, 2020 3:02am-3:15am CET

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this week on world stories. germany exceptional circumstances in berlin. usa life under quarantine. but we start in greece in the morea refugee camp unless the silent refugees are living in cramped spaces in very poor hygiene the conditions now they also fear the coronavirus. the maria camp was originally planned for 3000 people but now it's housing some 20000 asylum seekers. they live in homemade tents outside the official camp in what's been nicknamed the jungle. more than a 1000 people share a single water outlet which frequently malfunctions when we are out here obviously he has not water we must. again. it's our
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daily lives. sadar an afghan doctor lives with his wife and 4 children in a small tent they fled the war in their country and now rely on i. this means waiting in long crowded lines for hours to get food avoiding close contact is almost impossible in morea aid organizations say the camp is an ideal breeding ground for the coronavirus. we are extremely concerned about these very cramped conditions there's no soap it's impossible for people to take even the most basic hygiene precautions and that's what's worrying because it means they cannot do anything to stop the spread of the virus if it were to arrive in the capital the aid organization doctors without borders runs a hospital here on the outskirts of the camp there are hardly any coronavirus testing kits and this is shortage of doctors many patients already have respiratory
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illnesses and weakened immune ety which makes it much easier to contract the virus . we have a lot of people who are very vulnerable anyway we have a lot of very sick children also suffering from chronic diseases diabetes is very severe mental health issues and obviously we have other holds true have been traumatized so it's difficult to predict but in principle all these people i just really vulnerable to yet another health threat. the greek government says it's prepared for this scenario that there ease a chronic crisis plan but the camp's aid organization says they get to see it. that's why they're taking matters into their own hands. and team humanity is small n.g.o.s refugees so surgical masks they can make up to $300.00 day. their volunteers are amazing this women are sitting there from 7 o'clock in the morning until 9 in the evening and just want to do it would tell them to go break
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they don't want to take a break they just want to work they want to help they know how dangerous this is everybody knows this is because of this threat there's really only one solution which is that the european union must now do everything possible to evacuate these people as quickly as possible let's pause morea camp is not a place where you can handle a potential coronas threat and the action needs to come now. but as european countries continue to seal off their borders many refugees are afraid they'll be forgotten in the coronavirus crisis. in berlin public life has largely been shut down residents in the capital are trying to adjust to these exceptional circumstances.
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life in the german capital is coming to a halt but historic sites are usually teeming with tourists are emptying out museums well one of public life sacrifices and the battle against covert 19 travel and border restrictions have put the brakes on tourism in what should be the start of a peak season these bus talk i. i can do little more than stand around that's difficult time for us. dr because we got to the information that we did use our. process from tomorrow i hope that i will get enough money to somewhere. it's not just tourists disappearing social distancing and efforts to limit time in public i mean that. a stay in close to home community is especially steering clear of public transport despite it keeping
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a regular schedule taxis to ferry little better this is. good these measures have been implemented. but on the other hand it's affecting quality of life. at work there's not a lot to do many people can't go out and older people are scared. and that's a little sad of course this is because of the culture of all tastes has been hit hard here at the door weeks of ballet and opera have been cancelled with dettori i'm 70 this time to do some upkeep that would normally wait till summer. struggling club scene also faces a new 5 many of the capital's cases were traced back to clubs but some businesses are trying to adapt to the new reality stay open this cafe has implemented a seating rule of 1.5 meters that's the minimum distance health experts say can
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reduce the chance of passing on the virus. students however have been sent home the closures apply to all levels of education from university to preschool leaving many working parents struggling to find alternative childcare. i can't carry my child but for working woman months now everybody's working from home but for the kids it's going to be really boring this 5 weeks. because they need. that may be a challenge in coming weeks for children and adults alike. people in the u.s. capital washington are also suffering the consequences of the kobe 19 epidemic especially those who are corn teamed at home.
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locked down hits home it's an experience liz burns and her family could have never imagined but since they're all p.r. was hospitalized with a high fever the burns are quarantined inside their house the only way we can conduct an interview is by phone through the window. initially they know and weren't too worried about it and then home and she did it all while he's run. over the next 24 hours because there are more cats and realize she was negative for everything else and no. 9 1 here her. were very unsuccessful the public health authorities said that she didn't meet. liz burns blames the u.s. government for not responding to the coronavirus threat quickly enough big could have done a lot more at the beginning. i think we should have learned from the pandemic that had happened and asia and. other countries more on that very quickly and
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forcefully. on the streets of washington d.c. life has slowed down dramatically the usually busy streets remain empty restaurants are open only for takeouts. universities and schools and many states remain closed putting additional strain on students and families. at the albert einstein high school in the state of maryland stuff pans out bag lunches offering some relief for parents the pandemic is putting low income families at particular risk some working parents have been laid off and now find themselves in a desperate situation but i think i'm and they're not the most there are no jobs for us they canceled everything we don't know how to pay our rent in place apartment there and. as a government employee was burned says her job is not at stake she is well aware that many americans are not as lucky. as.
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the corona virus was 1st identified in the chinese city ruhani in the meantime it has become a threat to all of humanity. an epidemic that's threatening the globe cool's for a global response. the new coronavirus 1st emerged in the city of hahn but the efforts to combat the virus goes far beyond china. researches all over the globe are racing to contain it. and children of chinese scientists published the genetic code of the virus in early january enabling scientists around the world to start working on it. at home university pathologists of grain the new coronavirus and human tissue to find out more about its properties one of the basic
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. things which people. and to know about this farce is the firstly what is the case and worse for the facts or in the human body in which the process replication and the 2nd is what sort of damage is it causing to the body and then also to see how the body reacts to this virus damage. the ultimate goal in the fight against any virus is to find a vaccine multiple teams around the world already searching for the magic bullet that can be used to immunize people one of them is based in belgium at the university of life and vaccine development takes 1015 years before a new vaccine may come so no the entire scientific community is trying to get foster their 2 through. help in this emergency. the belgian team's research is partly conducted in a robotic lab that separates researches from hazardous pathogens they hope that
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within a few weeks there will be able to test the 1st vaccine on mice between mice and using this in humans is still a long long bought because you need to do all kinds of tests safety tests and and animals and then you need to test it for safety and human volunteers. in germany's capital berlin physicist but man and his colleagues have been working on a global risk assessment model analyzing flight data they calculate the risk of the spread of the disease for different countries in the human and in fact i'm writing on my experiences that in this area of research all the teams around the world are very tightly knit we exchange all our data and information it wasn't like that during your bullet crisis or the h one n one pandemic this is really new and neuer. the fines against the new corona virus is a race against time and while the response to the virus has been one of the quickest
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in recent history the west wing outbreaks in iran south korea and italy could be an indication of just how close that race will be. closely. to see carefully. don't move to soon be sure. to get. to discover the world.
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