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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 27, 2020 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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for mines. this is v.w. news in chile set a grim record in its struggle against the corona virus almost 1000 people have died there in the past 24 hours who were diagnosed with an infection that's the highest daily death toll since the outbreak was detected in italy in february we'll go live to rome for the latest on the program. in spain hazmat suits are needed to bury the dead as the number of victims rights is higher the country is struggling to cope as fatality surge again in the nation's health care workers are paying a heavy price as they work to save lives. and the british prime minister bars
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johnson tests positive for corona virus johnson says he's suffering mild symptoms and will continue to lead the nation's fight against the pandemic important. i'm public fairly yes welcome to the program italy has set another grim record for the most deaths from corona virus in a single day almost 1000 people have died in the last 24 hours bringing the death toll to over 9000 that's the highest number of any country and health officials say the worst may be yet to come possible hospital wards are still foldover doctors say the number of patients is now steady contagion rates appear to be slowing giving hope that strict social controls may be working. but the lockdown is hitting the
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italian economy hard homeless people are among the most affected churches and charities are overloaded with people looking for basic supplies. now for more let's bring in journalist seaman who is following the developments from rome so more and more bad news for italy how are authors he's explaining this new record figure of almost 1000 deaths in just one day yes you're absolutely right i mean that in men's. really did since this emergency began. shocking figures really but earlier on friday you have representatives from italy's national health institute essentially saying that the cautiously optimistic despite these the men speak is because they say the curve of contagion is flattening any has been just ever so slightly since march
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20th and so you even had the governor of the d.v.d. jen saying that the region needs start to see a decline in new directions in the next few days no longer before recall is the hardest hit region in the north of italy so we're nowhere near the peak in terms of number actions and we're not in a declining phase i data here in italy but there is a sign that days are diminishing in terms of the number of infections and still containment they're saying it's even more important now for everyone to steer toward and stick to those not down measures now a new video conference on thursday italy's prime ministers have a concert urged the european commission to come up with new ideas for a joint effort to tackle the pandemic what kind of help is it lee hoping for. well countries like italy and spain in particular that have been hard at it they want to
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see a more europe wide response they wanted joint debt issuance measure to be put into place a so-called corona bonds if you like but countries up north particularly germany they're against such a measure and they believe that the european union in europe as as a whole should really rely on the rescue fund that was put in place back in 2012 and that should be used instead to help the people most at need but even had this evening president said to matabele the italian president speaking saying europe needs to intervene now before things get worse all gets to live so there's a feeling here in italy that perhaps europe is abandoning it in its time of greatest need they want to see a united europe and a europe that helps italy as it's dealing with this immense emergency well
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who's following the developments from rome thank you as the global death toll climbs the world health organization has announced trials for a new drug aimed at treating those who already suffer from corona virus a large number of countries are said to be involved in the study which will compare the safety and effectiveness of various drugs and combinations of drugs this is a historic trial which will dramatically cut the time needed to generate robust evidence about what drugs work more than 45 countries are contributing to the trial and. more have expressed interest the more countries rejoin the throne the faster we will have the result. we have one humanity we's one common enemy no country can fight alone
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we can only fight together. all the w.h.o. says norway and spain will be the 1st countries to start testing drugs in what's being dubbed the solidarity trial spain is the 2nd worst hit country in the world after italy and today spain is saw its highest one day rise in virus fatalities with 769 people dying in 24 hours. of burial in hazmat suits. one of thousands of victims of the corona virus outbreak in spain . hospital staff in madrid don't need to see the statistics to know spain does not yet have a handle on the epidemic. it has been a deadly week for the country 2nd and daily fatalities only to italy. the shortage of equipment and medical staff has left doctors and nurses overwhelmed amnesty international reports that over 9000 spanish health service workers have become
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infected with the virus more than any other country. even healthy staff face isolation once they return home careful not to spread the disease to their families. who are having a hard time you feel very lonely and then you go home and you're alone again you remember all the images you saw during the day and you keep thinking and thinking and you can't rest on the message that you go home with the images in your head of everything you see here it's very difficult to disconnect it's impossible because you also feel helpless and sad. these days but their work is not in vain thousands have recovered because of their efforts. at this field hospital in the dritte 34 year old grass yellow lawn so is going home. one of the locally i have a home with 19 and i was in this hospital for the last 4 days. i have to say that
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in the beginning i had a really bad time because i had that feeling of not being able to breathe. thanks to all the support i received here all the measures that they've taken it wasn't so hard. no medicine that will do it all for a long so the ordeal is over but for spain the path to recovery is still uncertain . of the other stories making news around the world the u.s. congress has. a 2 trillion dollar stimulus bill and of helping workers and businesses affected by the coronavirus the bill was passed in the senate earlier this week it's the largest economic relief bill in u.s. history and president trump is expected to sign it into a little short. the head of the international monetary fund says the coronavirus outbreak has already plunged the global economy into recession crystal georgiev
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says emerging at my emerging market countries will need at least $2.00 trillion dollars in financial support to get them through the crisis she's warned that nations are under immense pressure because of lost business and reduced exports. oil prices are ending the week at new lows brant crude plunged 7 percent on friday to its lowest value since 2003 the corona virus outbreak has paralyzed global demand and the feud between russia and saudi arabia has seen the saudis threaten to flood the market with discounted oil. well british prime minister bars johnson has tested positive for the corona virus he's the highest profile political leader confirmed to have contracted the infection so far as the u.k. saw its biggest daily jump in covert 19 deaths 181 people have died in the last 24 hours johnson says he will coordinate the pandemic response from home quarantine
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the critics say he didn't take the virus threat seriously enough when the outbreak began. boris johnson clapping in front of downing street on thursday night a symbolic thank you to health workers engaged in the fight against the coronavirus funding known at the time the british prime minister was already experiencing symptoms of the disease on friday he revealed he had tested positive for 19 are working from home i'm so far isolated and that's entirely the right thing to do. bot be in a dot that i can continue thanks to the with technology to communicate with all my top team to lead the national fight back against corona bars the prime minister was long criticised for playing down the threat of the virus this was his opinion. and of social distancing just 3 weeks ago i'm shaking hands can decide that i was the other night i think there are a few the rush if you credit ours patients like you can deliver
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a body you'll be pleased to know that i continue to shake hands and. that is case numbers rose he found to pressure the streets of london have been virtually empty since monday when the british government ordered no one to leave the house except for essential reasons the government set about procuring more ventilators and work got underway to turn an exhibition space into a temporary hospital which is expected to provide thousands of beds. boris johnson also began taking more precautions the prime minister's daily press briefing took place without journalists present their questions delivered via video. johnson's weekly meeting with queen elizabeth took place via telephone the royal family is already affected on wednesday it was announced that prince charles the heir to the throne had a contract with the coronavirus. but johnson continued to meet with senior figure is only on wednesday young said questions in parliament sharing
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a bench with top cabinet members health secretary much hancock has now also tested positive key to itself isolating and says his symptoms on my old the question now is how many other members of the british government may have been infected. spanish football club barcelona is to cut the wages of players and staff to save money during the coronavirus crisis in spain it's not clear how big the courts will be but parts of players did reject a suggestive card of 270 percent earlier this week or their leaving leading spanish clubs are expected to follow suit meanwhile barcelona has offered its facilities to the regional government's health department to help deal with the crisis. the sporting world has come to a standstill amid the coronavirus crisis but many of its biggest names have used the free time to help out in the battle against the pandemic serbian tennis superstar novak djokovic is the latest to step up with
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a 7 figure donation. novak djokovic is a man more used to picking up 7 figure checks them to during the moat but the 17 tight major winners pledge of 1000000 euros to buy medical equipment in his native serbia sees him join a growing line of sporting stars and institutions who are using their financial muscle to help battle the coronavirus pandemic in football by immunex prolific pole robert levin said goodbye to a few of his gold bonuses as he pledged a 1000000 euros to germany's fighting fund. a separate initiative called we kick corona by live in dog 60 minutes leona gorecki and yoshua commish raised more than 2500000 euros in its 1st few days in france paris and german raised over 200000 euros for local medical staff battling the coronavirus by selling out a new special edition strip. bearing the words to sue need for united. reigning
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european champions liverpool meanwhile had a simple message of support designed to give medical workers a much needed lift. thank you to all the incredible people who work services so a lot of the hope workers who could want i'll go there. some believe what you are going. on behalf of all of us from elop see i would like to say thank you. i always hear you in germany. a typical show of solidarity from the club whose motto is being echoed across the sporting world you'll never walk alone. well don't forget you can always get d.w. news on the go just download our app from google player from the app store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of a news story you can also use the v.w. app to send us photos and videos of what's happening. on
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business news don't forget you can get all the latest news and information as i've said around the clock on our web site that's d.w.b. up dot com and follow for us in berlin take care and by. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. our daily corona updates. covert 19 special next on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we parent. and. you just 3 of the topics covered and
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a weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any more information on the corona virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you go your podcast can also find us and. quarantined isolation and distancing human beings are social creatures making life in the time of a pandemic a challenging and lonely it's just not how we're built but we are in it together and are people who learn to live in isolation long before the corona virus outbreak how did they prepare and what can we learn from. hi.
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and in today's 1000 special we'll be talking about how to get through collective isolation and we've got some professional insights from some who know what it's like to be far away from everyone and everything but 1st to someone else and isolation at home our science correspondent derek williams we've been receiving all your questions for him. today we've picked the one we've all been asking ourselves have a listen. can life continue normally off to quarantine and would not risk other outbreaks . this is indeed the great danger and it's also the key question even if strict social distancing helps us to flatten the epidemiological curve by by suppressing the numbers of new infections won't the number of people getting it just skyrocket again once we answer those measures are we just kicking the can down the road a lot of eyes are turning to china now as it cautiously begins to lift some of the
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direct hooting restrictions that have been in place there for the last couple of months everyone is sort of waiting with bated breath to see whether the number of new cases there begins to rise again but there are an awful lot of experts now saying that until we come up with an effective vaccine the new coronavirus is here to stay at least in the near future to keep it from overwhelming health systems we'll all have to get used to social distancing as the new norm along with the isolation that that brings. now there is being stuck at home but arguably there are tougher places to be alone astronaut mathias mauer has been training for years for his future flight into space and isolation. ok this is my theory of the missions i'm 1st and this is my log from mission day to. cut off from the outside world with little equipment and even fewer comforts mathias knowledge spent 6 days in the
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darkness of this kid in italy to help him prepare for the regulars of space he learned how to explore unknown surroundings and how to conduct scientific experiments underground. and joins us now mathias welcome you're also having to stay home these days how is your astronaut training helped at all. yes offered up quite prepared for the isolation i mean i lived in a cave for several days i lived also on the water for 16 days in a very tiny confined environment with other people and because pretty well along each other well what would you say the hardest part was that and that was it communication was it the cabin fever or in your case the cave fever or something else completely well it's living together with other people like in a confined environment for an extended period of time and for ash knowledge it's even a little bit more complicated because once in space we were lifted up for 6 months
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we all come from different countries speak different languages have a cultural background which is different and so communication is the key and we learned before the flight of space how to how to like if that's our way how to interact with other so we talk very openly on the problems that we need to like ok you have this in this which i don't really like kenya change this man a little bit and then once you talk openly then you feel well prepared and i think that the mission it's very easy. well what would you say to help do you psychologically speaking while you were disconnected from everything. or it's very important to have a regular. schedule during the day so i plan my diary and i plan approach eric i plan also positive parts that i have that you're into that i don't and then we also
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plan to have time to get up together with my crew together with my team it's lunch time it's even in dinner time it's very important to spend this time together we also included a little bit of physical exercise despite being in a very confined environment but just stick and do some exercises and this combination of having a schedule of having having friends together with you that if you're that chair you are i think that was also very important and we have a successful mission there you have it structure is key as narrow as he's an astronaut from the european space agency thank you so much for sharing your insights my question. now as we heard there not everyone is distancing alone there are those who have to do it in groups being with the same set of people all the time can obviously the hard perhaps even impossible without a bit of fun but don't take our word for it the crew on the international space
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station can tell you more she knows what it feels like to be up there alone u.s. astronaut christina cook repairing the outside of the international space station last year she set a record by spending 328 days in space in the i.s.a.'s you literally couldn't get any further from the coronavirus but the astronauts on board have a lot in common with the millions in isolation 400 kilometers away back on us constantly packed in together yet separated from any other life unable to visit family and friends for months that's why crew are trained to deal with the psychological impact of living in space keeping busy is the key whether working getting a haircut or of course having a restful night's sleep. the only s.s. crew like christina know all too well how to stay healthy and happy in isolation jax to star is an isolation researcher and
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a cultural anthropologist specializing in the measurement and enhancement of human performance and extreme environments well it's not for their you've done a lot of work with astronaut's you've been advising nasa for several decades what sort of advice have you given to astronaut's giving up a way of life on earth to go to space seeing as that can be helpful now. well most astronauts. determined before their mission that getting along with their crew mates will be their highest objective. and they work toward that goal. ways to foster the group solidarity that necessary when things become a problem or 2 or to a schedule as matthias had just said. but it is ok to sleep in not on the international space station but when you're can try and. in your
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homes sleep is good just make sure that you have a schedule and that you. make a list of objectives and i think the key to surviving i mean our 12th day of isolation no but the key is to view this as an opportunity rather than an obstacle an opportunity to. to finish projects that you had. let slide around the house or the opportunity to read a book that you'd always wanted to read an opportunity to call friends and family and talk for as long as you would like them to check in on their physical and behavioral help. so i guess in some way it is a matter of re framing but there is that knowing you'd be isolated for a limited time like on a space mission versus now where nobody knows how long they'll have to stay home for how does one deal with the open ended ness perhaps of this isolation if that is
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that if the difficult part this is imposed on us we didn't volunteer for this space mission but we are indeed passengers on a spacecraft passing through space and time together and some of the ways that we can make this work is to consciously attempt to be polite and respectful with those with whom we're confined. to avoid derisive humor the kind of humor that a stablish is wedges between people who are a spy and it is an excellent coping mechanism but avoid that the side of the rights of humor that is so common especially among men. consider the possible consequences before you say or do anything consciously attempt to be cheerful and supportive of your housemates. or your crew mates and.
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eat at least one meal together each day. the importance of kindness of their again and the importance of avoiding derisive humor but speak of social skills that we all have to assume that the outbreak will one day be under control and we'll all be reconnecting based on what you know about astronaut's coming back how do you think we will have changed as a people after all of this. well astronauts spend a lot of time in the coop watching the beautiful earth pass beneath them and almost all of them report when they return that they have changed it that that experience has changed their perspective of life on earth there are no borders really visible from space and during the early days of the space of the ice i assess a station. there would be an american fighter pilot teamed with a so
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a former soviet fighter pilot they had trained their entire careers to kill each other and yet they got along famously they lived in perfect harmony and working toward the same goals and i think that that's the kind of thing that we can derive from this experience we're all working towards the same goals a reminder from jax to surface he's an isolation researcher and longtime adviser to nasa thank you very much. and that was id w. call the dine 100 special from our do check out our social media channels imes and now the milan will leave you now with music from opera singers singing together from greece but alone in their own homes thank you for watching and stay healthy everyone.
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oh. you want to quo. small acts can inspire big change some people make you. go out for a cup untasted right. join them as they set out to save the environment learn from one another to work together for a better future. many times to your putting your code for the. next on d. w. . orld.
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for the ages british. made up. beethoven's 9th. the more it starts anything on t.w. . the. howdo on a warm welcome to this new edition of eco africa the environment magazine that brings to topic some all over africa and europe i am now excitement coming to you from lagos nigeria and joining me from uganda is my colleague sandra. yes today's show takes us on another jungly a close up of the aren't new.


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