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the airplane . we're all set. to go beyond beyond. that. we're all about the stories that matter to. us. whatever it takes. the running next to change little nugget d.w.
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it's made for minds. my name is daniel lomborg i'm a filmmaker and is is being my most challenging personal film really thinks that it doesn't scare me is that after both ways not just as best off base jumping in again possibly even south asia. the story of ordinary people fighting a global industry that's been getting away with mass murder an industry protected by powerful politicians and it all starts in my small village invention. i had a wonderful childhood disagreeing paradise. just opposite my home there's
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a big company. at dick's at an it. thousands of people who work there. my father worked there too as a union man. i worked in the factory during the holidays so i could buy my 1st camera. it takes it and it paid for houses food and my studies it brought a lot of prosperity to families in the region this was the unquestioned reality of my you'd. one day more than 50 years later an indian lawyer comes to my village. parents live at exhibitor neat as a dark and hidden history buried in india. you run a factory in another country and you don't tell these people that it's unsafe you don't provide any proper safety equipment you dump asbestos like this and then you
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leave. as a huge rise in the use of asbestos in india and around 198-0008 increases a lot shockley and that's because between 1980 and around 2004 i think as fast as the cave and then. in europe. it takes it and it is a company that made us bestest brother us as best as is a mineral that can be mined like coal and you don't asbestos is made of fiber he says with one fiber of his best it's actually contains millions of small fibers which cannot be seen with a naked eye not even through an ordinary microscope. only cost about. in the early fifty's as best as fiber mixed with cement was considered a miracle product that was meant to last for a. turnitin. level in the whole show we are fortunate in our industry and that it's
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best us and cement constitute what i call a perfect match for. this miracle brother was used in the house schools public buildings. even the european commission building brussels was a bag full of as best as products it became a booming business making the owners of it the exception it the absence family one of the richest in belgium. in 1964 scientific research by american dr selek of proved that as best as was legal. as a union man my father knew about his scientific proof he did his best to warn the workers but many of his colleagues became sick. in healing as best as fibers can cause us bestows his lung cancer and measure tell you oh my. breathing in these
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fibers for even short periods of time can cause cancer the symptoms of this cancer can take many years to develop 15 years sometimes 30 to 40 years and there is no known cure. why didn't my father warn me about the dangers. why did he allow me to work in these deadly dust. just before he died even told me to leave the matter all on for him as best us was a thing of the past. i decided to ignore his last wish and proof that the company he worked for is part of a worldwide industry that's causing death and destruction to this day. according to the world health organization officially more entry on their 1000
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citizens are expected to die from as a tell you oh my by 2030 in the e.u. . eric is an activist who founded a big an organization for victims of us best us. by my dad was a technical engineer he started working at hatter net in 1953 he developed mesothelioma which was diagnosed in brussels and he died 6 months later in 1970 i mean it sort of was. so i had drug bust him whoa. one of my sons told me that damn near the doctor had told him that morning that evening he told me mom you have the same illness has done. and i mean my god you could. but i couldn't believe it it was incredible. to have
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quite a few weeks after disc interview prince of os boss the way. she left behind 5 sons eric is the eldest. mary can his family lived in the shadow of the factory town so why isn't the 5 brothers go there exposed because of as best as in the environment. for them it was your house far from the company. you know just across the road the factory entrance was 50 meters away. you're back to the boats that loaded came in 100 meters away or we would take the kids to watch a nice little. not only their experience but 2 of his brothers died of us best. so the shock for the moment each time we were just getting over our latest loss and bam more bad news hit us again so christmas is no longer the family gathering that it used to be. the for me good although very. unfortunate died
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i was refused compensation. a great just the start of the lawsuit against a texas internet. vulgarly youngcare a family claims afternoon knew that his festus is dangerous and harmful to health but the company's lawyer says it and it did not know and was not at fault. if they did with the knowledge they had at that time a term that acted as could be expected from any normal industrial company in similar circumstances so they are not at fault. i think that in its policy has always been to minimize the dangers of us best us no want to give you our lungs were created by god to breathe in fresh air from the are dead from the sea side but they weren't created to prevent dust being black i mean else you know when you've got
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a special dose of that you get dust forming and that is definitely not a good thing because of however the research we. pat down at the university of nevada proves that even at the moment of sawing hardly any as best as is released into the air and therefore the danger is almost 0. manager from the test died of an as best as related to z's. in 1976 on the wrist became the president of the a i a. and lobbied hard to promote as best us. as best as in the environment is classified as an extremely low risk just like taking one beer per day. at the exit and it flourished and soon became a multinational company with factories in the netherlands friends boehm italy all over europe. many internationalists best us corporations went bankrupt because of us best us victims lawsuits at exeter need to quote our factories from troubled
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competitors and so they became a dominant world player. in 1981 in a meeting at 6 internet had a new opportunity to benefit from. fiber the amount in developing countries is expected to continue to rise over the long term. i think the internet soon acquired as best as factories in developing countries in africa south america and asia india it takes internet at 5 factories. one of these factories in kind more is well known to india a lawyer to group mukherjee. the factories have been opened up yet to take advantage of lax laws so while the why of why are you here so we're trying to bring a case here in belgium we've been trying to give you options but you know ortiz of
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course a system against it's an order of court a court case against. e-text the parent company saying that you knew very well when you were operating these factories that such best os was a cost made gentle yet you operate at these factories negligent well our court case we were able to prove done since $963.00 days so no way they can say when they were doing that in the ninety's until 2002 and they cannot say that now they have no look at it it's everywhere. what's happened is nothing less than corporate homicide . if you made a decision that has cost the lives of people then you should be held accountable for it in a criminal court. i wanted to see time more of myself but i was hesitating.
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i've been exposed to his business my whole life like most of my villagers my lungs are affected. and i think my father would have warned me. not to go to india. and. welcome to everything his face plants with with their home all yes and they check the security now it's owned by its indian forces. the factory was built in the thirty's by an english company ethics entered bought the company in 89 and named it everest. when his business was banned in belgium in 98 at they said their need kept as best as production going until 2002.
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then they sold their business to an indian family. the current indian owners did not want us to film in the factory. so we can see better from the top. but local people took me into blue today rooftop. this is the mother blog. the fed does all the fuss about the cyclone and india. just brings also back memories you know it's very similar even the roof of the factory is very similar. so many people work in the factory now and all it is a. 250 people. and it runs 24 hours here 3 every day shifts night $3887.00 of 7. clearly see the sheets over there being piled up then they'll be taken and so this factory is for the north so should be sold
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anywhere in the north. asbestos seeks roll back the famous men cheat. which are the ones to use in india. he sells everything from soaked through toothpaste and sweets so he selling asbestosis eats with sweets. so what we know is that the 5 of cement sheets off the sometimes top of the grain we can even see it's already in these new sheets yeah at the edge of it it's already started degrading and and then the fibers will come out from not. if you go anywhere in india you'll see 5 this memory thing advertised as being a kind of strong building material that lasts for a long time that will protect you from the sun and it'll take you from the rain to . go to mumbai you go to any indian city you see hundreds and hundreds of
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tons of asbestos. seems 997 when companies closed in the west the consumption of us vesta's products quadrupled in india. you will see it on the bird flu. which struck while i was walking and the effect of it didn't get us times are off are not bad dougal bulger's rewards. i have done the. last billiard from this bag is one thing about this vegas from what i saw this work is from santa cruz which. my father said sometimes they made with water snowballs and yeah if you do that this is because the boards in your friends . or your thinking honey are inside they are not the band those are the cards and then you went home scratching their heads you know that. this is my wife. i don't
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look never met. in my life and as soon as you know you had me direct that is called if i left ok beaman his mother lived in the shadow of the factory. the houses built by the factory for the workers are entirely constructed from us the best the sheets. the area they live on is known as the as best as compound. how you feel love about living in this house i'm become heavy taping yourself i. want to have this but just a wired up the little bit there you have to pretend. that i lived to tell you i was very happy. i used to do you need to smile to then and then they come gone i used to enjoy and they're done here in the classroom and on the other side of the fence there is waste weren't you worried about them this quarter of own is
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a separate and every side then they don't know the guy as whom is quite separate from them. well as oak which anita i know nothing of because i never knew of on the home of does their status that does not mean seeing and the children didn't know either nanda no one even the rich even the front glass even on when i did mine they would have not level you would it. the 1st. her i'm ready. i think. obviously was 1st i was christ a tile in the soil goats crawling crispus toes. this is the everest industry school over there got 400 students with a get a quick tween. 8 and 14 to school with his best his roof next to it there i go.
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to see the fibers like these new styles breaking down. not even any of the bad things you know people are coming and going oh warnings the looking and it's just open like this you know. when did this start 9298. $9298.00 so that's ethics ethics start yeah. but the chase indulgence i got in touch with the canadian scientists they did their survey they found that they were really thinks that it doesn't surprise me as a. leftist us waste since terry there are 600000 i was. like just asbestos spacetime going in the end possibly even south asia. 600000 square meters is the equivalent of one on there $1020.00 football fields.
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people for the right and one to start the berlioz as the 400 and up to. wrong 3000 people living on the streets. i was told one of them in the way you can see this and i were the other there's the strange i can't i just to get some to go on the meaning of you then we go off to take a look again although you know you mean the middle of the mean there's a boat on the island of your money or your heart you are going to live at a special this is quite common in the north american response and now of course the art of nearly like the going to happen even if you get nothing on one of them are going to do you know the quality i still did it was just visiting the why are you unwilling to make your only causes you to think of these are all true of people
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yeah i think if they've got this land then you know they're not telling about the waste and as a consequence of building are not come out they are out of this before making this building they're not aware of this fact. but as an international activist eric has gone to crime or to a to go with his legal case against it takes internet to be. ok.
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i need to see how bad it has been reproduced your goal to duplicate it looks like they did such a good job. went out and that both these subsidiary things at the factory more than any time all in calcutta and in climates a lot on the korean modern shutdown and they opened another one in nasik in 9595. you are telling me that even though they knew that some as business was lingers in there were going to stop you know forced to stop in belgium in 983 years before that deadline they opened up a new one the one i got they believe that they have a thick skin they thought that they could continue manufacturing asbestos knowing what they knew about the circumstances especially when it could diseases in europe
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this was what make me mad and what makes me travel the world with the stuff. you have hospice stores use a mini percent isn't going to let a monday and i know i'm suffering more when it is all right you know actually destroying dupont and because i can refill party. when i walk i go from here to up to temp and. i become reduced. i know that. well i.
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did know that over time. he should have a good point a.b. that's 2 liters point it should be should be here to go to 1.69 vs doing these tactics i would given him a disability off the 30 percent 30 men and fifty's sixty's when he did these basics you seem to. be also read his hands in raw as business and pointed up and put in machine the situation of working with a rod as best as change when it gets paid or was it's the same. thing whatever they provided us with helmets to protect our heads when the. only ok to do this is the arctic the herds do not protect their market loves to protect their lungs they could give habits. in a document of ethics at turn it over 81 be concrete it was important that the
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relevant homebase standards should be applied to subsidiaries. yet we discover that the standards were never applied and the reason why they were never applied is also to be found in the same document is best as an health issue in most developing countries is not yet acute. but the one that the body. inspired by his father who organize similar makeshift medical centers to blue started working in india as a volunteer but looking at the length of time that they're exposed to asbestos they're only exposed to asbestos without but it's close but no magic. we need to find out when they are married to see when they were exposed. to help the people of crime or in the surrounding area with their medical documents and yes.
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from i was sorry it's strange to see this logo here in india but if you leave off the everest you know it's as if i'm back home to the us. to. talk about south africa but. next. time i'm here. i'm a surgeon i mean i was an associate professor i was a lecturer in a department i don't need money for them occupation medicine you can only earn money if you work for the company but if you work for the company you cannot diagnose occupational business so the only way you can do it if you do all in 3 work. i want to be who i'm suffering but i don't speak up in these otherwise i'll lose my job i think you know i have young daughters and
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a son who is studying if i don't work of maine how will we survive trying to gaza. they're going to know what i'm going in on the source of employment the even if they don't work every day and there was never that i mean it's like i lived their lives like them or i'm in their work in their work and they don't know what they were like media because they don't know money. so you have got to get disability 1st and they don't 60 percent 60. s. in their voice loss of weight loss of every day in order to eat going to green probably has got to let it go and send it as business lives on the bubble of the moment there and he needs some proper treatment by standing actually for a medical doctor not to be able to leave him completely. in the earlier.
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run it was made clear to me or my wife you know something. is not here. i want to live with the father or. are doing this you have to face it. everybody has to die. i mean basically not only did. i do the philosophy of life everyone has this is what i would look like this is why i like. father joseph you have been here for all of this you already did if you burials players or even this only one boy you just know that the 9 years on the phone not
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knowing that the man. just died ya know go see our big game problem. the fact is that that was i think use thing but they did not provide a problem medical facility even for a daily check up any person who isn't a vet is how dense it is to do is that only option left to me is that. and again there are no official scientific statistics in india. conservative estimates are that under 1000 people are affected by asbestos related diseases in indiana yeah every mayor every year but go in and record it it's already globally the largest. occupational diseases best aussies globally and this is going to be replicated in this country it's going to be going to be there not some nonsense say in public and that is not said. by the play
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whatever but it has only upset. 600 people who visited the makeshift medical center. the number of people diagnosed with just distortions this 125. for his lawsuit against antics entered it to write saddam all of their testimonies . put on most papers i can see in me it didn't say my 6 man for that period. there's no conversation right for that period there's no there's no compensation. there there. we would like to thank you for welcoming us your way of open your doors so we could
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talk with your we could meet new faces my mother she was 66 years old. these bleak and she was mad. we trusted means they say didn't do us no danger of us but we realize that they lied. we hold polluters we'll be taken to justice and we'll pay for the cleanup there is nothing we can do for the people who passed away but we must be thinking about the future generation it starts down the road is a compensation for that naturalness has got to pay yes it's. not going to turn out i don't. have it in may he said you know i'm going to thank you. don't take it means that d.s. on my hands you see yeah and believe me you know unless.
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i win i lose all greg you know on my a.t.v. i mean i do need to be really know mondesire lead me on among. them and you would know i didn't i mean all great god made up if we're doing normal and ahmed best to suggest we. read. after 16 long years in the case of france was a young kid versus at 6 at mit the family's lawyer is finally handed to no official verdict which hopefully if it gets difficult would look at the court recognizes and turn its responsibility and states. that ethernet as a multinational and world player knew or should have known that exposure to asbestos can cause mesothelioma and that they should have known this since the mid sixty's since we did on the honor system these beaches off it's like david against
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goliath we have this meeting goliath it takes more time when the means are unequal groups. think. they're both. were guilty today france was young carer has won her battle for me i'm 30 m. singh's family and you have written one of the darkest pages in belgium industrial history we get it for you manufacture roofs but you prefer to stay in the shadow and we were able to prove to the court that they knew they knew. already. also us from suarez who passed away confident rest in peace next to pierre para paulo and stuff. is the fun we don't view we miss you.
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it's true that i mustn't remain silent. and will cry out to him and i must bear up until this is all. this is a live satisfying. time is short. eric's victory has opened the doors for other claimants all over the world. i joined to go in london to discuss whether he saw an opportunity for the numerous victims of crime or to brew had some unsettling news he asked me what my precise connection was to british filmmaker probably more. after a while he started emailing and phoning and giving numbers of other people at a certain point he came to my village he's a very nice guy. i was wrong to reveal that rob moore was
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a corporate sponsor. rockmore now claims to have been a double agent but the fact remains that he infiltrated numerous anti as best as movements throughout the world is spying gathered information of activists from india thailand indonesia and vietnam. information that could be used to in their day work and their claims against the as best as industry activists can now be tracked and killed. one of the things that makes me angry is it has the names and identities and photographs and voice recordings of all of these people without their permission. there are photographs in these files of him sitting with people are dying from his opium and vietnam so he is sitting with these are 3 m. of victims and using them as a cover. to spy for the rest of his trees that really is
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something that makes me angry. as business is still being mined in brazil china and in russia and it's on gold is best. if you still exported to countries like india it's a $1000000000.00 business. turns out to grow more spying was funded by the biggest as best as mining company in kazakhstan it proves how far they are willing to go to stop the banning of us best us slim up. no muss there are in their hands who have been saying i met a lady i will eat me yeah i'm here to find you. for the 1st time in our life never traveled by plane it's
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a big day she's invited to speak in geneva in front of the united nations at the business and human rights forum. here milosevic on behalf of the victims in india to give us but in a way it is all the victims of asbestos who will speak out today you know to another mother you know from their keep other mothers speaking out a mother who sees her children losing their health. to despair do you hope to meet someone from a taxi or to see so. she can see clearly my help the management or the c.e.o. will be here but i don't think they're going to come from both bottom measurable spike or but i bet they'll send someone who's got a big ear because only. it takes ethernet declined to participate in our film because not all conditions are sufficiently yet in order to respond both divil to your request.
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you are here to fight for the rights of the people of how nervous oh i love her we don't know it's many people from all over the world come to listen to you. meet me in a row. by row our already. high fans i made my laugh and come from india in my age. i have seen school anything good. living a plane full live going to the laws of the debt. whatever it is when happy but not when you need a bold dumb generation this will not suffice for in this. war then
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i'm a big government hoping they headed so i had to teach talks. i was told was that good as boosters this this should be to you did you do so you are going to turn that has got to pay the 2nd thing some compensation should be given to the victims and the 3rd thing now that this is should be banged good. and i write. brandishing in this group. see i think we have become birds here. where. i don't have to move rather literally. do not learn through all of their money. these food. mark we need only.
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this is odd everybody was you know was today gone or you one thing is left. you know. that's simply illegal as is not the will to. do to know everything again. and i am. crisis time as best as is still not on the list of banned products. during the assembly of the rotterdam convention countries take decisions on which hazardous chemicals will be banned. convention meets the consensus of all the member states major producing countries have blocked it since 2006 kyrgyzstan. russia zimbabwe and india. we have committed over 7 for
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a boarding house put on the back is flooding a couple of more years you building by 2 would long with this chemical and it english is created man made has ill effects the only difference is the quantity and exquisite isn't it you sound like a real specialist i hope one day your country will many told so too bad as best as cooks and. it looks like it's going to take you some time but in the end time events let me tell you that you too died to snitch world that. i wasn't under the impression that this pestis would die a natural death. and meanwhile more and more people died. during the convention i tried to talk to representatives of the russian as best as industry. no sir you speak english and know the answer you only see the russian. can i talk to you about this situation in kazakhstan in russia no we're not. we're here for
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open discussions or more of the libyan. man or yes there's a great deal of like you we understand that the prohibition of its use will lead to the loss of 100000 jobs which country here is willing to lose that many jobs which nestle strong 186 percent of lung cancer his advice don't back book various kind of its users there is no status because of out of will any of our international are going to go does it want to live under the guise of presentation on a lot of press or thailand was just a logger i am still glitchy in your present eula b.s. that we consider that the adding of chrysotile us bestest in attendance 3 would have serious net. of consequences for the economy and all our citizens economic you fail of it add to that. the required consensus is not reached i propose that we simply evolve to the issue to the next call to the consideration for the
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next call the decision to ban as best as it is once again during my postponed. reading. under a new rule by the environmental protection agency as best as is now legally allowed back in us manufacturing. russian mining company puts drums face on it as best as products to many people have died continue dying and will die because of as best as one can only admire the courage and determination of ordinary people take action and make a difference. but it looks like the fight for justice will continue well into the 21st century. my father and i had our differences.
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but i think he would agree that if we allow companies to keep putting profit over people. is fish a circle of great to continue for eternity. i ot robotics and l. keep learning merged reality wait a 2nd we want the whole picture out facts instead of make ideas shift to deliver us . from a magic reality to cryptocurrency your top picks for live in an ever changing digital
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world let's start to devise a short shift. in 15 minutes on t.w. . what keeps us in shape what makes us sick and how do we stay healthy. my name is dr carson the i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and they discuss what you can do to improve your health. stay tuned and let's all try to stay in good shape. the 30 minutes w. . happiness fears for everyone schuman penises are very different from primates you know we have a totally ridiculous romanticized view of nature david and this is climate change
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brags that sex how tina's in 3 books you get smarter for free you know we books are neutral. play. play play play. play. play this is d w news line from berlin the culprit 19 just beginning to spread across the african continent and it's heading south africa 1st the military is out to force a long down but people are finding it hard to stay in especially those who are close embrace. france's extending its social isolation measures the government now says town restrictions will remain in place for these 3 additional weeks plus how
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to control the pandemic in one of the world's most densely populated territories authorities in singapore.


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