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even today many of them don't know who their real parents were. they've lived with this trauma for decades. and the kidnapping campaign of nazi germany starts april 28th monkey tell you. well come to tomorrow today the science show on d w coming up. real meat grown in the lab could cultic bergen as do away with the need for mass livestock farming. the secret life of stone what makes these celestial bodies showing. a gas with unique abilities how class one helps wounds heal and could fight cancer to.
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the global population is growing and with it the demand for meat. but large scale livestock farming is an ecologically sound. that not only requires a lot of land it also emits huge amounts of greenhouse gases. as a result vegetarianism is also on the increase worldwide lab grown meat has long been in development and could offer a climate friendly alternative. introducing the future of meat on the menu steak cake origami salami and the children special straight out of the tube. no animals were harmed in the making of these carnivorous treats. because this meat was grown in a lab. these futuristic creations are only dummies they're on display at
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a museum in munich germany the focus is on food of the future. in vitro tissue is widely used in medicine scientists have cultured skin elopes and even heart valves in so-called bio reactors. so why not go a step further and grow steak n schnitzel to it's actually pretty simple you extract a muscle stem cell from a living animal it's then cultured in a nutrient rich solution where it multiplies. the stem cells develop into muscle cells. which grow together to form muscle fibers. the process takes a few weeks 20000 of them make up one burger. dutch pharmacologist
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mark post presented the 1st ever lab grown burger back in 2013 that burger cost around 250000 euros to develop testers consumed it at a public event their verdict was that it tasted like meat but it was a little on the dry side. 6 years later mark post continues to cultivate meat in his lab it must reach to university he's added fat cells to the recipe intended to make the lab grown meat tastes juicy or we haven't tasted it with the fat yet so we don't quite know what we imagine that the taste will improve and also the picture will improve being more juicy than before the calculations show that it will end up with something like 1011 euro for a hamburger. but that price would only be possible if the lab grown meat is mass produced. so far the scientists output has been limited to what they can grow in
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the lab but in theory the implications could be huge a single muscle stem cell could be the source of enough meat to feed millions of people and all that without a single animal being harmed. this is a view of others among the team of experts the german government has commissioned to conduct a mentor analysis of lab studies proponents of in vitro mead say the technique has the potential to make factory farming redundant thereby saving resources and protecting the environment but what does the research say is kind of depends on the type of meat in vitro growth would reduce the number of animals that need to be found in the case of beef far less land would be needed. it would be less to the advantage it's far bigger for beef it's on doughty to fall to same applies to harmful emissions. with beef methane is
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a major problem that could be avoided. if cultured meat production really does take off this is how factories might look in the future. but 1st there is a problem that needs to be solved the nutrient solution in which the meat grows. up to now scientists have been using fetal bovines. it's extracted from pregnant cows at slaughterhouses. the substance comes from the blood of the foetus and distracted from its still beating heart it provides rich conditions for growth but there are ethical questions surrounding its use. we are using it as a reference. but we have replaced serum with plant based substitutes we know what those proteins are in serum that rick that are necessary for proliferation of the cells so we make the proteins ourselves some progress on
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the ethical front then but on the technological level there are still some major hurdles to be overcome so far the quantity of meat that can be grown is fairly limited. without blood vessels and connective tissue there's only so big you can get. so when it comes to lab grown meat we may have to trade the hardy steaks we know for this so when will the lab grown meat be market ready. about 2 and a half years in survival so what you always hear is 2 to 5 years people always say it'll be on the market in 2 to 5 years that's the number you hear today but it's also what they were saying 5 years ago in the technological obstacles associated with mass producing in vitro me even though a lot of research has gone into it as still many. in 2 to 5 years or
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maybe a bit longer but someday the lab grown meat probably will end up on our dinner plate. now over to you we all see you on facebook what you think will be eating in the future. donna think scientists will come up with pills that contain enough this woman's a nutrients for the human body then just a pill. designed not hopes one day will have great the taste of for life. the frantic is less optimistic he thinks we won't be able to tell what's real and what's fake because of all the biotech and all food he says that will result in even more we have health problems and a shorter life span. river predicts that our field will in future come from 3 d.
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printers. and isabel writes because of all the environmental damage the traditional sources of animal protein will no longer be feasible maybe we'll eat more insects instead. thanks for your comments. at least most of us and fast food is as popular. but it has one big disadvantage typically. obesity is on the rise in many parts of the world it $24.00 countries over 30 percent of the population is now obese it's a problem that increases the risk of heart attacks and diabetes how about going on a diet. forgo those nasty calories for a few weeks and lose weight before you know it. but that's not all that happens when you go on a diet temptation is all around how does your psyche react. but that's what
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american researchers wanted to find out. first they determine the level of the hormone cortisol in more than 100 test subjects half the group was put on a diet the other half made a control group after 3 weeks there cortisol levels were measured again the level since control groups were almost the same but in the diet group cortisol levels have risen markedly by about 17 percent cortisol causes heart rate and blood pressure to rise it's the bodies primary stress hormone. but stress is not the only effect that dieting has on the psyche. in a supermarket hungry people reach for high calorie foods more often in order to satisfy their cravings our actions are driven by desire and gratification these impulses are controlled by the ventral tegmental area the v t
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a which is part of the brain's reward system british scientists used m.r.i. scans to examine how hunger influences this area of the brain some of their test subjects were allowed to have breakfast others weren't then the scientists showed them various photos they wanted to see how the bta responded. the subjects brains hardly reacted to neutral pictures but they did respond to pictures of food in particular the brains of the hungry subjects reacted more strongly than those of the others. and they responded most strongly to images of fattening food. the biggest problem is that people trying to stick to their diets must constantly battle against their own hunger or appetite and that causes confusion. as was shown by studies in sweden 850 children and adolescents were questioned about their eating behavior and body awareness. adolescents who dieted
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frequently were less positive about their bodies. since. they were also significantly less able to recognize when their bodies were telling them that they were hungry or they'd eaten enough it's still not clear exactly how diets influence our body awareness but it's possible that the more often we diet the more likely we are to actually gain weight. the problem is read right rather than you. do you have a science question that you've always wanted oncet we happy to help out you send it to us as a video text ovoid smell if we answer it on the show we'll send you a little surprise as a thank you catalog and just ask. you'll find us online at d.f.w. dot com slash science old get in touch on twitter or facebook. coal
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fired power plants generate electricity is the same amount that guaranteed steady supply but they also pollute the environment. the power of being generated here is much less of a burden on the environment but the sun and wind don't always shine and blow in the energy is needed. good good planning solve that problem. the way the danish baltic sea island of added by 2025 it aims to be completely common you carol. right now we have an over production in green energy from our winter. but we also fully aware that our need for electricity in the near future will be completely different than it is today so we need to prepare for this future very near future. 6 wind turbines currently
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generate more electricity than the island 6000 inhabitants need. one in 10 islanders has a financial share in the wind power system but they're not planning to build more in this beautiful setting but to upgrade them to make the most powerful. has been using solar power since the 1990 s. the energy collected is stored. it's heat well insulated water basins when winter comes around they reheated with subsidized wood chips but it's not so easy to control elektra's the production with renewables of course we have a lot of production when we have a lot of wind even though we have a lot of wind sometimes the wind turbines are stopped because there is. a lack of capacity in the transmission grid so we stop wind turbines. and we maybe we could
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use this instead of stopping the wind turbines maybe you could use the electricity . better. in its bid to go carbon neutral faces the classic problem of renewables sometimes there's too much wind and solar energy and sometimes too little. possible answers to the problem include a lab or storage systems like the water tanks on there do all the expansion of the grid with pylons crisscrossing europe. at the university of southern denmark professor in his interdisciplinary team of misusing another strategy for their aim is to achieve decentralized energy management with smart solutions doesn't. the goal of the project is to show that it can be done. i like to cite a nice example from the medieval times that people used to eat potatoes produced by local farmers. nowadays locally produced energy should also
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be used locally. to relieve the strain on the big grid. the island is an ideal place for his project copy d.m. the microcosmic systems develop the could be rolled out in mainland municipalities with closed loop energy production according to blame the aim is not just to improve the organization of energy production but also its consumption and its much given for if for example i had wind forecast then they would also be integrated then you wouldn't charge up the vehicle at 6 pm when everyone else was doing it. you would create some kind of timetable. these forecasts are pretty challenging but we believe that we're on the right path. and one advantage in denmark and an editor in particular is that many people are environmentally aware
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the ferry brings plenty of people to be island who are traveling by car go by not just by car local businesses are doing mabbitt whiskey to still a mission and wants to ensure that his distillery and future microbrewery make the best use of the island's an energy supplies. our heating plants are programmed so that they operate during the night at 4 am when the electricity is available all energy consumption has to be scheduled to take place where no one else needs and the energy or. a combination of expertise planning and technology should help to harness the island's energy as efficiently as possible in the future. alice sun is not only a source of sustainable power it also warms the end of a prerequisite for life. but if we look at the entire milky way we find the sun isn't actually that special it's just one stone among many.
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that isn't ilian from the philippines sent us a question. what is a star. we can see up to 6000 stars with our naked eye they only appears that all dots since they're incredibly far away. in reality stars are gigantic celestial bodies made of hot balls of ionized gas in the interior of the star there is such high pressure and temperature that lightweight nuclei like hydrogen fused together to form head. dear ones like helium . this nuclear fusion process generates light starlight one star isn't cosmic terms right on our doorstep the sun it's the only star that we've been able to study in great detail. compared to the earth the sun may be
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gigantic but among stars it's classified as a dwarf. astronomers classify stars based on the spectral characteristics of the light they emit on a plot of their luminosity versus their color most stars appear in a continuous band known as the main sequence in the midst of it is our sun a fairly average star. the smallest stars are called red dwarfs. they use up their hydrogen so slowly that they're likely to continue burning for trillions of years our sun by contrast is expected to shine for just 12000000000 years. this nebula contains the heaviest star identified by astronomers to date researchers are mystified by how it could accumulate so much mass this
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colossal star is 265 times as massive as the sun and 10000000 times brighter. once it's exhausted its nuclear fuel it may explode in a supernova while its core collapses to form a dense neutron star or even a black hole all the chemical elements of the jets during this process are the building blocks for everything all the planets and even life everything we're made of including the iron in our blood is the stuff of stars without the sun's light and heat the earth would be a dead planet it's our life giving star and it only looks like a tranquil celestial object satellite images reveal a seething boiling sun that hurls clouds of electrically charged particles into space. these solar flares also reach the earth at their most harmless they cause spectacular polar lights but solar storms can also pose
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a danger to sensitive technology and to organisms astronomers use giant telescopes to study the magnetic fields of faraway stars by analyzing the like the image the data help to answer questions about the conditions around the stars and to term and whether they may be orbited by habitable planets just like the earth. still. comprised primarily of extremely hot plasma. is often called the 4th state of matter because it's neither solid liquid nor a normal gas. but plasma isn't only found in space it can also be produced and used here on earth to catch sheets of metal for example or to make this light shine and plasma can do
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a whole lot more. is the term for a hot electrically charged gas with very unusual characteristics it occurs naturally in the sun lightning normally it's extremely hot but scientists have managed to generate what they call cold room temperature which are proving very useful in medicine. this is real life science fiction we're using plasma to treat patients with moons that haven't healed for months or even years and it really works. in order to generate plasma all the physicists need is a bottle of are gong wires and electrodes electricity and a container when the voltage is applied the neutral particles of the gas are ionized in the electric field created in the container and there you have plasma but what is exactly the same gas and it's a gas that conducts electricity thanks to charge carriers and i create these charge
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carries in a gas by applying a voltage. tests have shown that plasma is lethal to bacteria viruses and fungus killing them with impressive speed but it does not appear to harm human tissue or tall in fact plasma helps to speed up the healing process in other ways too. to stimulate soul growth so on the one hand i'm boosting cell growth while on the other reducing the bacterial infection so it kills off the bad and stimulates the good. could. fall university hospital doctors and physicists are working together to study the different ways that patients can benefit from this therapy they've been treating wounds both with and without plasma so they can compare the results they're also developing various plasters through which the plasma can flow to treat different
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sized wounds the teamwork is crucial if. we need the physicists because the equipment still has much more potential that can be utilized that's because the instruments don't yet have the right shape we're still discussing distances and surfaces. then you have the important aspect of whether it's working biologically in the direction that the doctors want for take particular condition if not do we need to make adjustments or do we need to change the composition of the plasma. the scientists are continuing to work on instruments for applying the plasma they're also testing various gas compositions one of their goals is to develop a plasma and a scope for use inside the body as well. when treating fresh wounds they use a cold plasma pen device on a daily basis. there is some curse of the anti microbial effect allows us to kill off bacteria and viruses for chronically infected wounds that's vital
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and we can also stimulate the micro circulation increasing blood supply to the smallest blood vessels. every 3 days they conduct a test they want to know to what extent the wound is still infected so far there have been no side effects observed from the treatment the test results show treating a wound with plasma every day for one minute reduces the presence of bacteria by 99 percent. killing off the bacteria allows the wound to heal but that alone doesn't account for the considerable success of the treatment the scientists have discovered the plasma has 3 main effects firstly it kills but tyria. secondly it stimulates cell growth and thirdly it increases the supply of oxygen to the tissue. the scientists are now also researching whether plasma could be used to
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treat cancer initial findings suggest it could kill off kinds of cells while at the same time to simulating the growth of healthy cells the scientists made the discovery by accident. it was while we were treating larger wounds from a number of patients underneath the wounds there were tumour cells then we suddenly realised the tumour cells were disappearing too. but research into potential cancer treatment is only in the early stages in dentistry meanwhile plasma is already widely used to sterilize the mouth for example before implants are fitted or to treat gum disease by using plasma and oxygen to reduce bacteria in the mouth. the medical applications of plasma are already being taught in universities with research ongoing it's likely that many more people will benefit in the future from the healing properties of plasma. that's all for today
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next time we're off to mozambique and the garden goes the national park where it will join a young scientist who's studying some of the park's tiniest presidents. join us for that on tomorrow today.
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more. like gold for america on. the faster mr a go slow. it is up for a trendsetter at. the roaring twenties of pre-loading. is fashion 2020 style march 21. coming up. on. castle from the middle ages.
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no it's being built from the ground up with our modern technology. dozens of employees and hundreds of volunteers all booking on gated all castle in france the biggest medieval reconstruction project in europe. why find out on. 30 minutes on d. w. . bush says he ruins morale with a symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim and the christian population . in play as fighters occupied the city center in 2000.
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president to tears was told. by the general it will never again will hold. the reconquest turned into tragedy. it is not the kind of freedom that leon. how did no coverage become a gateway to islamize terror i think this story got a lot more severe as the result of an exclusive report from a destroyed city in. the philippines in the sun. starts in may 25th long t.w. . hey listen up. that's what video game music sounded like 30 years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level punk a sense to him compose a logo a monster. featured in many games his music is better known to.
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his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. oh genre that's so much more than just background music. video game music on t.w. . this is a deadly news and the top stories. u.s. president donald trump says he was being sarcastic when he suggested injecting disinfectant into paper to stop the coronavirus medical experts warned against the idea after trump proposed that on thursday the u.s. death toll from the corona virus is now past 50000 as. u.n. secretary general antonio good tennis has joy.


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