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tv   Tomorrow Today  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2020 6:30am-7:01am CEST

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beethoven is for. over is for. beethoven 202250th anniversary year. in car accidents women are far more likely to suffer serious injuries than men that's according to a study it turns out that safety designs are made based on the male fantasy. world population is female that's nearly 4000000000 people yet our models and references are based on the average men not the average human. for instance medications are often only tested on men. and women are also underrepresented in most fields of science. why is that.
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this time we look at the gender gap welcome to tomorrow today your science show on d w. science aspires to be universal but there are many ways in which social and cultural bias can creep in and. pulled well over 100 researchers in science and technology just 28 of the male and the numbers declined among the korea that. our report set out to find out more about gender inequality in science. have you ever wondered what this is or this. since i've been pregnant i've come across a lot of weird stuff. this barbie scientist doll for example it's
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supposed to help girls explore science and engineering. by constructing a spinning clothes rack and a pink washing machine. is it really necessary to pink or 5 science to get girls interested in stem why do women still make up less than 30 percent of scientists globally. i want to understand where the gender gap in science comes from there appear to be many reasons c. you know the old what do you think it means you can see. what it was really can you really do that. talking to christina a common cliché crops up girls are just not naturally into science and tech. but a recent study showed that
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a lot of girls actually do love science at least at 1st but then their interest wanes. why is that. kristina things that has to do with how science is presented in society as a subject that is really hard and basically suited to man. so when you grew up. when you grew up with such knowledge you would eventually not want to pursue science subjects because you were already of the mind that very hard what christina describes is known as a stereotype threat for example if someone makes you believe you're bad at math you actually will be. here you are trying to reach your dreams and then somebody else comes in and questions it just because of your gender so now use that thinking so was it a mistake to be born a woman or what am i supposed to do now that i'm already a woman should they to stick it to the degree i mean should
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a tissue to another major should a remains that so it kind of gives you a lot of questions in your mind and you even actually think if you actually write. in this way the narrative that men are just better at science than women becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. does this effect all stem subjects what about ita for example deanna texel runs a research project called fix it fixing ita for women her question why are more men drawn to i t and how can we change that. with enough in my opinion inspiring girls to study computer science cannot happen by starting the 85000 girl front and saying we'll do a project and will inspire the girls by taking a pink robot also i think for india india for life was on and on but i knew in my opinion it's about asking the question what happens in computer science that so few girls arrive and so few women. count on life.
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for deana what keeps girls and women out of i.t. is not a lack of interest but in an welcoming environment. for her change will only come if the culture within is addressed. it's a culture that subconsciously depicts men as the norm and women as a deviation from that norm a female scientist. a little old male and why should you call me a female it kind of feels like i've lost it was the b.s. that is in the 1st place so if you wish to just be called science it's. creating. products just for girls won't at dance women in stem because building pink household products teaches me that real science is not for me confirming the very stereotype it's set out to dispel instead we need to address girls' negative
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perception by showing them that women belong in science just like men in part 2 we'll look at some real life rome models. some countries have seen more progress in much of latin america as well as russia and eastern europe about half of all stem research has all women. western europe the us and many other parts of the world way behind. even though more women are entering the sciences and advancing in their profession when it comes to oil stock image of a scientist with still stuck in the past. be honest when you hear the word scientist what kind of person comes to mind someone like this maybe. or this or this.
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notice what they all have in common. why are there twice as many men as women in science worldwide. as part of my mission to understand the reasons for the gender gap in science i've come to 5 in the southwest of germany. my former university town has always presented itself as an international and progressive location for science. but after talking to scientists here one thing soon became clear. we're happy or being a going to the starting back stairs and. them but their retention always has been so when you come up for example for there had been a case in process where your professor said we'll go down from 50 percent to the north atlantic per cent. so the further you go up the career ladder the fewer women
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you'll find. this widening gender gap has been dubbed the leaky pipeline why is it that more women than men drop out of stem studies. i talked to scientists from different disciplines and countries to find out what made them stay what they all had in common was an especially strong will to succeed and a person in their lives who supported them. if you look at orlando's and if you think your barks what you see are that that reflects on you when maybe a number of women don't believe you can go there because there aren't that many of them already there so i think i'm a woman who would be yes and your positions the more young you know the younger generation would sink ok i've seen i've seen them now and there so i can do a. study supports sophie's very. girls are almost twice as likely to show an interest in stem fields if they have role models there. it's odd but even when i
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try to think of female role models in stem i have trouble picturing anyone other than marie curie. and yet throughout history there have been countless female scientists whose stories have gone on told by some accounts only 5 percent of recorded history dating back 3500 years is devoted to women that doesn't add up haven't women always made up 50 percent of the population why are so few of them represented in science. this is top of me not by science it's never neutral because science is always interlinked. society and which science is happening and. science doesn't happen in a vacuum and that's why science is always influenced by what values and norms prevail in a society what things are conceivable unsayable at all. and. if
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we travel further back in time a different picture emerges around 90 percent of all the figurines made between around 40005000 b.c. . in archaeological records women are well represented. in the transition from prehistory to the historical period women's voices and perspectives tended to fade what happened. one theory is that with the expansion of civilization the power balance in society has shifted. in favor of men. they became the ones who wrote the history books meaning women were literally written out. to this day academia and the media largely position men
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as the experts. a study in the united states found that almost 63 percent of stem representatives in the media were male and only 37 percent female. all male panels seminars and events are so frequent that anything else often feel strange. if i could think and i would i was recently in a review panel and in this panel of different disciplines and different subject areas we were 50 percent women on the ask we all sat down at the round table at 1st the men felt an almost under represented class and they almost started counting whether they really representative 2 percent that's fine if it was a completely odd situation because none of us ever felt we were on a committee with such a high percentage of women who are on. this anecdote made me realize something important to close the gender gap in science we need to promote gender balance at
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all levels of society and for this to happen female figures need to find their way back into the spotlight. that applies to science the media and especially the history books. because if we miss out on the stories of women in the past we risk neglecting them in the future. we asked you on facebook about your experiences with the gender gap in the sciences . or what he knew from indonesia's says what matters is the results whether they're from a man or a woman. drove from mexico says that ironically inequality is the result of personal choice while men choose careers in the sciences women freely decide in favor of other fields.
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for modern tina sees things differently she writes i have a 7 year old daughter t.v. shows intended for. girls are all about fashion and baking t.v. shows for boys are about mechanics were bought eggs and science it's very difficult for girls to maintain an interest in science when society keeps pushing them down the pink. the same thing happens to boys in some fields. thanks for your comments. even machines have picked up on gender bias for example a recruitment tool under development by a major tech company gave top ratings almost exclusively to white men the algorithm had learned that male candidates were more likely to be hired and so it discarded the women's resumes so much for machine objectivity. and in other fields such as
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mattson data crunching can also disadvantage women. for years suffered from sudden episodes of chest tightness but felt a lot like a heart attack. i had to i was suddenly find myself short of breath it was so bad i felt like i was about to suffocate it felt like i was wearing a corset that was far too tight so that i couldn't breathe the kind of. sometimes i'd find myself opening the window in a panic sticking my head out of the window and gasping for breath like this. and it didn't get any better based on over the years i went to a doctor and the emergency room for help the cardiologists tested her for coronary artery conservation a marker of heart disease that's common in men as it turned out she had a form of heart disease that's far more frequent in women but her doctors didn't test for it then even today cardiology tends to have
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a male bias. that was told that her symptoms were psychosomatic. and. i was finally told quite directly that my problem was in my mind i've been to see a doctor so many times and they didn't find anything so it had to be so. that was the diagnosis and i wasn't given any help dealing with art that was all for. doctor. has been battling gender bias in health care for years she says women are more likely to be misdiagnosed or have their diagnoses delayed. it's an ethical question too it's not just a question of equality in health care it's a question of quality as well of course women in germany and europe and around the world have the right to quality health care that's one of the goals of gender medicine. gender bias is already a factor during medical training research on sex based differences in health have
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been slow to find their way into the medical curriculum. that's true when it comes to medication to. most older drugs were only tested on men even today you were women are enrolled in clinical studies one reason that cited is that women could become pregnant and the drug could harm the developing fetus even most of the mice used in clinical studies a male it's claimed that female mice are subject to hormonal fluctuations that kind of effect our drug works so wouldn't it be better to incorporate both sexes equally in clinical studies. says that's where policymakers need to step in. the end the national institutes of health in the us provide a great deal of research funding says that all funded research must include both sexes we're still a long long way off from here in germany and found that the university of all of
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our vets is studying how differences between men and women can affect drug activity his team is one of the few that studied the impact of the sex of the cell lines used in pharmaceutical research. or research in. shown that many processes particular those that relate to implementation on immune function or regulation differently in men and women that's why it's really very important to determine which response is the key one in women which is key and men need to make sure the pharmaceutical substances take those differences into account. most men have an x. y. sex chromosomes most women have x. x. hormonal differences also have an impact women are on average smaller and lighter have more body fat and less muscle mass them a tab alyssum can also operate differently that's why it can take longer for women to metabolize some pharmaceutical substances that's led many to suspect that recommended dosage is often too high for women it's known that women are twice as
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likely to suffer from side effects as men. that's why researchers say dosage recommendations for drugs should take both sexes into account. after years of unexplained symptoms pariset ended up seeing the bacca a cardiologist at a hospital near us and he quickly realized what was going on he routinely carries out a diagnostic test that can identify spasms in the coronary arteries it's a form of angina that's more common in women and it often goes on diagnosed because doctors are conditioned to search for the forms of heart disease that are most common in men. even though the necessary test isn't difficult only a few hospitals in germany offer it as part of a routine cardiac work up that's one reason why baca found it a center for women's heart health a move that raised eyebrows among some of his colleagues i feel caught up yonder
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send up of on hats and when we founded the women's heart center year and a half ago many of my colleagues were amused. highly respected senior cardiologist even said that focusing on women's hearts was frivolous. shows that there's still not enough awareness of these issues. that's despite the fact it's long been known that men and women are different when it comes to heart disease. about 80 percent of men who suffered a heart attack experience typical symptoms such as acute chest pain that's true with only 60 percent of women. they're more likely to have a stomach ache noisier vomiting and extreme fatigue women are more likely to suffer from heart conditions that are not easy to identify using standard diagnostic procedures such as an e.c.g. or cardiac catheterization. and when they have a heart attack women are about 20 percent more likely to die than men.
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prescribed medication for and it worked she no longer experiences the angina episodes as a time and if it was a huge relief 1st of all because professor baca was able to tell me this is your diagnosis we can help you and you can live a long and healthy life with this because i finally knew i wasn't crazy all these years i wasn't simply imagining it it was real. i was fortunate but proper medical treatment for women shouldn't just be a matter of luck. in many studies the reference model is actually a reference man he's white around 30 years old and weighs around 70 that's the default used to set many standards thermostats in offices and trains are said to men's preferences leaving women out in the cold all cost safety based on male crash
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test dummies women drivers are nearly 20 percent more likely to die in an accident thus in some fields at least change is on the way. for police officers the proper protective gear can spell life or death this bavarian riot police unit needs a lot of protective equipment like bullet proof or ballistic vests before they commit to buying they spend months testing them today it's christina marina's turn as appears on i thought maybe 3 of us last time we're trying out some new vests today will test several different suppliers for functionality and fit. i and so would have done it more as we had our measurements taken and the vests were tailored for us individually. we're testing them today to see if they really do fit perfectly for the possible help affect us. personally tailored vests like these aren't available in every police force but if the protective garments don't fit
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well the officers are less likely to wear the. female officers in particular often struggle with poorly fitting vests. we've got the outer vests on and we'll just take a walk to see how they fit look. ill fitting ballistic tests are dangerous in many ways their design has long overlooked the anatomical differences between men and women but that can be a major safety issue. even minute because if you have a larger post you could find the spot where the vest is not protecting you when you move. in sheet if the vest isn't properly fitted to the chest it can shift and potentially create a gap under the arms this gap between the front and back sections of the leaves part of the upper body unprotected. to see if the shoulders and
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everything's working well so far from to. the women's they're specially shaped to accommodate their figures. as you believe stick in my plates designed to 50 each woman's cops were seen so there's no pressure you know exactly to give the chest a bit more space. you shouldn't wear an underwire bra right. as a joke i have one on now and i don't have any problems with it but it's not my kind of but when it turns out that wearing an underwire bra could be dangerous for police officers the impact of a bullet could break the wire and cause it to pierce the skin some police forces now advise their female officers not to wear underwire bras all ballistic vest suppliers are also required to offer trauma plates they absorb the impact of any projectiles which helps protect sensitive areas including breasts but these trauma plates aren't always supplied. and folks and if work doesn't provide them then
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people don't usually buy one for themselves i think i was meant to start a quit especially because we have the level for all my fair lady dicey situations. one such dicey situation is about to be simulated ok blog is here's the drill gunshots have been reports of the entry school for the reports of mention casualties you're the 1st responders no no sir can stop under strain the assailant ok ok. this is a simulation of a terrorist attack so the officers put on a 2nd heavier passed on top of the vest that they're testing today. christine and lorraine and now have to vests on one on top of the other and everything still needs to fit correctly police officers wear them lighter best during their normal duty either above their uniform or underneath if they're going under cover they protect against stabbings and gunshots.
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the heavy outer is to protect them against shots from higher caliber weapons you know i. wouldn't. and this one here a life threatening incident could happen at any time without warning so it's better if you've rehearsed it that includes testing the vest in case this is the one we pay. as much as it should be for any. to be tested in advance and going up and down stairs is a good method to increase it so he did really well you just notice the weight on top from the level 4 vast. christina and the rainbow will keep the ballistic nast's for the next few weeks then they'll be put to the final test in the line of duty. that's all for this edition of tomorrow today thanks for watching join us again next week for more science stories good bye and see you soon.
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they were sworn enemies for most of their lives in the end they fought for control of iran. hamann raise a bottle of it because our cerium down one of the worst. datona ruhollah khomeini her. the world is still dealing with the consequences of their conflict. the shah and the ayatollah. cysteine minutes on t.w. .
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are they friends said wanted to be with you mention the skies here or would you wish it was living a full of fun among the fringes noonish or are they enemies who live in the midst of the militias or he's still in good shape you wish you would go with me but he says you should do what he's going to go to give me shit i never work for roger donald trump and flooding your i were to part john to mentoring analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the us and between their presidents how does their rivalry and their dangerous mutual admiration affect the rest of the world to some bullies driven putin starts august 3rd on d w. i know nothing can happen again well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and went to heaven when the german thinks deep into jam
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a culture of looking at the stereotypes a question that any of think is leave the country that i know not the time. yet needed to be paid for this gramma day out thus it's all that they knew by my job to join me from the gem from d w. post. every day counts for us and for our. business we're going to bring you more concerned with. how do we make super screen time how can we protect how to know what to do with the baltimore sun. we can make a difference by trusting small solutions one for steam said you know what worries me. good morning to you it's the 1st series of legal terms and you don't.
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blame. the daily news live from berlin to india for its record for corona virus infections while gradually easing lockdown restrictions workers allowed to return to their villages in west bengal find hard to break their homes destroyed by cycling and hardly any help from the government also coming up. she's a rare woman and japanese politics and now she is close to real action as tokyo's governor so what's the secret to your weak success. and rejoin the soccer fans now so.


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