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tv   E News  ENT  May 27, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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' king a break or did she orm f th sta? whathe p stais tling ly " new" caht ksingn caes. which ar dppedhe b buc onlingor h gir >> we're trying to sleep at different times. >> q.b. tonyomo areshe joilof fherhd. and ookievea sh'havi a y. >> iardlget ck aall. is e dippoied? >> rht bore idolcrow itnewe sta acend diana steal the spotlit. >> we have the hrt-warming sry. ve thekeptringg usack tother odoorfor te-buiing ercis. >>hat's beliablejaso >> julianne hough on the moment
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she thght seacre wasopping thqueson. >> 'yourookuto llywd, ts is e! ns." >> btneylasther ters afr waing f th "x ctor i'm inedy jan keed new york city and i'm giuliana ranc. foowinb. sars' sden >>ou kw wt? foreou c divmovethe w jue isetti theecor straight about her first day on the job. her arrival was hugely mes bu is e pop star really ready to bring her a-gameh@ h@h@deheh@h@ ntndh@mas h@h@ nt, h@h@t lkh@ckh@h@
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raised eyebrows, with dien memrs sutin her'brity?" ny owonding theew e ab to ke iin jue wi her w gi >> ty're syounand ying to ffillheirream >> w theuddeturnrom vivacious to vanished? out she needed a break. turns the rl tk towitt to expln. a soce tls ehe w simy ngryand on cell ld h she'd finwitht hefor returned and stayed for the while. ll three-hour shoot. she even smed havloosed up, one ointtandg upnd dancg wi felw jue de to. low t >>t's gog toe souch n anso dfere froanytng ' evedone sheellse!ews," i am having the most incredible time and love being able to sit next at e juing ble. sim the lentastrendo."h@h@h@h@h@h@ngheh@ pce o nico schzing.
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former judge, paula, has words of wisdom for the girls, telling "enews-- "u ha to withhe fw, sak yr mi, anjustememr miionsf pele a wating. asritn ld s, "gd vicey'all! >> vy, vy thrilling. yolookt thturnt. i'an iredie ca. maj holwoodlaye asmblen caes f a gat use. ant rai mon for those opleut there that don't have the access to dici thereal nee mison aomplhed. thiseek ar-sddedinem a rord-eaki $11 rais milln. te ev the for e fit evenfeated aunwashow where beauties, including kate and care lien no occur could va model bla dresses desied bralplaur and robeo calli. >> 'wearg larentcott >> as janet jackson flashed some skin milalamm up a furisc gown die krger th h boyiend
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oner lood ch in anel d ke st dun had blu uis itto >> o of e thgs ias aut imy pgnan surise wathe contllab amots gas getng era cdid a exusivinteiew th " ws,"iscuing e his an gassy lows of her recent egnay. >> fellike was a wking oopecushn. woulhaveikedo ha kno thatefori we outo dier withy frnds i cld he rnedhem. >> tt's onof several topics knee has in her new book, which ignefor ns abarn & e noe in.a. idaywither son, cre alo fhe f. >> h guy than so ch f comg ou i srtedriti thi boo athreeonth it's really nice to kind go back and relive those moments. >>ia rurnso thstyl netwk ne mon wither in sist, whis pgnanrigh w, o"tiand tama." >> 'a rely, allyood seon. myisteand i are crazy. >> but she's leaving behind another big role, melanie baett vis b.e.'s "t >>hat ises theuestn wi
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wh's gog toappeto menie's aracr. ter ch tughtt waa tualecision for me to leave the show, and i'd like to leave out on top. >>ll rht. o ta bamnos. me ndaccrawrd itellg us at ts lile cboy goi group tbe aootbl ar. t fit, rista isere d e hasnoo talng a abo sex, is that right? >> all about sex. e jeey gl ispillg egnay ecre, inudinthe gend of r fure bdle joy. >> iidn't allyet sk at i heard when you're very sick 's a girl, i think. or is it a boy? it's ing be st-pping t-srt-wring ttleoy f snoi. whil"theerseshor stais stok to havg a on, e proudly shows off her six-month bump and also revealed that she d he fiae arnow cidi betwn twname lorzo o ani e jr hiup " new on itte so far she's gained 15 pounds and surisiny s'not avinpickls. shtoldhe magine,our x
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li is rdlyhere i ju fee oo iy angros" we'releepg atiffent time butt's fuand rt o the process. we enjoy it. >> quarterback and candace crawfordre ling fe wh thr 7 -wk-ol on. do hava sur bo cha theakin ink ' goi to hopefully get him through kindergarten first. >> t new dad is working hard ringis ff-sson,oingn camign r stter hlet ar, ailae atal-mt. >> f me 's imrtanto dersnd wre youame om. owinup iburlgt, wisconsin, i wasn't able to get the rdan goi thrgh eht shir a mth. momidn't nt tspen $50 on ahirt soe we goi to end out $ 569 >> t 32-ar-o enjed himsf athe cmercl sht, evenivinout rowi tip >> let everythingo to the left. theryou . fulexteion ming t. >> 'readfor e seon t stt rit no but 've sll g morworko >>he cboysad aough asonast ar, t to is predicting a transformation come august. woing eir tts f. thdrafwentell. i ink 're gng tadd me keguyshat ll hp ushis
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ye andur tm isoing t lo qui a b difrentoing to t sean. comg upthe maleebow loloonesevea theurdl stang airgiand why she's still single at all. >> i tend to run ovepeop in latiship ho de "xim'top 0. theeas ew w to se we in d. >> fst - >> i'm winning real big. >> will smith's secret exposed. w heookshe se 15 ears afr thfirs"menn blk."7 h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@
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' ack stawho ve an rfulboutis bgest 3-d hobi >> from the list crowd -- >> i'm winning
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real big! >> -to t lovy laes. >>'m weing ll bss. >> a hanome arttobs. >>ne decti. >> t n.y. priere of en in bck 3sizzd lirall >> iot mwifei gonico. >> 43-year-old will smith brought the funny at his own expee. wh giv, wi? wha'the cretdude >> ias vy conrnedbout how ese ingsere ing lo in d, y kno but loo all right. you don't get that thing with the ears coming through knocking yo poprn o. >> tnk y canook e ext me wn y' reay hay. kee you i thk haines >> injoyhe gt th i he. athe e of e dai'm li a duderom phiy whdid'go to college that gets to travel oundhe slingovie 'blesd ani d'got h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@
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her th tt bipropal. >> isele gom staing the etic 0 shesgrey why ily didn't want to7 c16 c1
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>>ellopeop. areack th me "enews wellg, wn a uplependa ronticprinnighon t enchivie, ju abo ipossle. ythi ev a sden gant. >>o tr, jan. josh jackson just put some major bling on his girlfriend, diankruer, a whavehe last dailsn r retionip a morceleity ronce om theeditrane shor it's image canighin monaco, -- magical night in moco. thnextevel thcoup ttend thfirs er nhts mono dier i nte r lo and he bnde autyalkeawarwitherio hardware. former psident bilclinn and hersaisemorehan f chaty. 50,0 t itas t act's bifor ne lasfor 45,0 tha arkethe zz. it w 11
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karats of diamond and he was reportey overheard yinge walookg or a gagent gt. ese o doook fullhapp in eh otr's ar, bu the mano heang wdingells justet. josh's reinsis he ever saidnythg abt an engagement list. turns t they're not the only cans ouplundethe crospe. may lop th h girrien baldn's plad pls totay eure ancoulbe tng t knotith s beauty soon ter the festival closes. rep r bawin ys ' decling mmenon t spulatn. ropattson s noby tst tin tewa's si on e re carp, butheyere inparae at par. cue the kiss. >> it's a rare sight to s k. stewnd r loclipsut romae isn their. caes cplesere erywre. they were headed to see the film "cool summer." kim s ha-in-nd wh he man thewo ped f phos aneven sred is fectnateomen whe kan gely bshesim's ir fm r fa. buthe w cole sed tir passnate.dfor ter
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the night when we caught them in this super sexy mont. >>e acallyreal tru ha no de. aft sev yea andix ki, br pitmay ve p a ng oit. >> sethi thamakesensto . weddg antimeoon. it's ce tbe wh yo best friend and have a laugh in the middle oit all. >>ngela anbradre bt weing n't gog do thi summ. it's ablute rum. >>e's loing ol a arred so at e caes fm ftiva r hinew vie,killg th softly." t thr brs coeren too cent sta andher'stil onthinstanng ithe upl'way. uali in e stes . >> wt ty of ddy you thk h' be? >> 'a ve calpers very peaceful person, so i really re on m foso mh. >>essi simon a eri joson e nothe oud pares ofaughr mwell buhavehey nallnail wn aate say"i do"? their nuptials were to take placon 2-120sts othesour addthe lan toet mriedhis ar i eir hedus wi wilallo . at's at ty'd li to o, t w' seef th havtime
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>> it's nice to do show wiout fh@anfries, h@ causit's he a h@ seco oi ke tdo mh@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@folo looking for?loing.h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@
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ueh@h@e.h@ front of me?rl h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@
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h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@ctl - 's a ry butif parof e moe buits xy a hot so y'reofike,h, i
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kindf li thi butno, plse, u c'do tt. and en tardshe vy en u sethe itch oh, justave awa >> wl, wjust won't show that is that exclusive? >> th's ex >> t 80's ck micalittih@h@ te jun15 bstsh@ aho's h@ whof hlywo. >>re y nerush@ oseof crse. 'll just literally coh@l'h@hih@ 'soush@ ♪ wted dd ve♪ g >> tl mebouthe fst te u me tomruis >> he really looks you in the eye. di'looke in the e, he okedhrou my ce, oked rougmy sl. e heer w, "'in le withom cise. and hesaidn thmost platonic way, of course. >> sounds like ry guy doesn't ed tswm uise t hbe wriedbout dio? the lm. doeseacrt kn abo thi >> scresknow he 'h@h@ertaleed glh@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@
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h@h@h@ h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@
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he esn't t asuch blicy ason hm bucoul holwoodtar her soone owrite hlanorseas t sto. >>'m diing he smer it. >> tnk y, i'm sammon. >> much better than wearing trou rig? e hapreciousalenand tte f allhing surpsing ntag w s'taki us a shopng see tprov it. >> hlo, eethrt. wh's thmatt? >> she's still here and i hate r. idayorni. it friy moing. actg is bigart my life it's en aawese exrien. >>he's n drer's ecocus dauger o"maden." i g a lot of people saying
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that i resemble their chihood jon mm a jayergun an richumme th' alws domoes. playg thinwe c seeallyrape thiin aouplof yrs. ohwow. see, i can add this to my wardrobe. ki of ver es o of yle. a l of mes en y're shpinginta, ofn thtag wille ried o, bu o'llind piec somemes ke ts anyou'llee tt thisieces auallemel pucci. this store is all vintage le th. hakercefs. at's is? wow,ust ite oves lo at at, at's amang. is idefitelyne oa ind no touy ts fome. >> she's got
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a great body. >> you're telling me. 'a luy ma >> 'goin strg wi his gifrie actss/dcer shnee nson >>e aution forstepp idn't t the role, but i was smitten by her. she's got this personalityhat st snes,nd tee yrs lar, bped to h and stard haing t, blt a frndsh andere e ar >>ere a swroofor bott d ma. helso eatedill geoe anjustin imberlake's line. >>t reils r 89 thisetai for 99. >> o shome t gs stf. >> lovhoods ani lo ermals, so i wanted to inteate thermainto he odie t's goo thburnts. 'wearg onrighnow. >> h moded t cloes i is cpaigwithspor lustted"wimst ise ver rl ke uon. you're like i'm going to try to so lake out with a really hot onde it's tou lif sti ahe -- e cry ne y toose ightn be thethe zzli sta who de "xim' op 1.7 c c1613
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'ng the hottest woman of the year. first, david jns u witthe storof aomanho's ing burng uthe cetrk at th sumr's olyics,olo jos. s'amazg. e sty isenna >> antaic. exacy 60ays om sday ll be t opening ceronies, which should be spectacular. and speaking of spectacular, the am u.a. rdle loljone has o trble eari obaclein h dayob. buin h pernal fe s's faci a mh grter allee --ryinnot havsex. wah th. >> my job is to literally run as fa as ian a runver
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thgs. pele i ratiohips >> mt laie lo jos, t olpianho eceny ma headlines by announcing to her legions of twitter fans that, yes, i'm virn. nes ve aeveang te on r stggle trema celate. i wt toait til' marrd toave x. t plse nderand is joury habeenard. i'm not -- there's virgins out there, i'm going to let you know, it's the hardest thing i'vever ne imy le. rderhan aini forhe ympi. r she oftruges. ile theead the 100-ter rdleat t being olymcs fr yes agshe stumbled, landing her in seventh males. us ekly i ud dos torope me f the ups >> 'havi badtougdays i to e trk ani pod it ouwithach sp. i'm ke, oble? ok, take that. >> though some fans have hooup wh ggesd sh feow vgin ts' qrterck tim bow,olo ld uthat ndina cebritboyfend onhurd sheas y to mp. >>an y tel me o yogu caget conct wh? becae i'm riou you're laughing, b i'm serious. i'm looking for a date.
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you'reskina qution let's rk ts ou >> wteve aor iwatcng th, ifou'reingland u arhot, am sgle wel hime uaftethe ym. "mam"'s nnual 100 list is here and bar realy was ned t st butif wom. >> feegreaand feel rely cfortle. >> s tweed so hpy a hored be mberne o axi'top 00." she stedhis c oferse wi a shirtless photograph f ad pt. >>'ve ner bn tourksnd ecau i d't ha a icos son med stiniebeto p for . the rou outhe t fiv beatg ouothehot 0 beauties, like megan fox, kris continue stert, selena gomez and hers butherere aew rpris. ppa ddlen ma theut t heroyasist, ka, di no pilates enthusiast miley cyrus beat out sexy sofia vergara. sthen lberland at mber 69. tevecolbt maintains his girlish figure with the workout we're about to show you.
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yes, ladies, believe it orot yocan w sl dowand ne up whoutver ttinout bed. l rit, w's upor a icki quiie wkoutin b are sicay fothe ery ic. i's r thpers was zo time. of the gutter of the it's not your picaquice ined, t u'll bak aweatust he me wh the bac mos. theirstxerce is marcng pnks. >>et io our aditnal planposion a sta marcng. >> make sure your shoulders are over your wrists. >> next, she shows uan evat sine-si legift. yo' goi to ift ur bott linup. 's aming r thlegsfor yournnerhigh forhe oer thhs. y' alsengang yr ab it's a total body exercise. is irevee cl. sicay y' juspresng back >> y'll fl th in ur bt d hatrin. u cado ts whe y' on e phe. e la exeise rom ure' quice chs cht sht book, out tomorrow -- >>ardimeanyou ve tmove ur hrt ot nessaly yr legs viouarmsnd sulde. ur a andegs nefi t,. >> t gre thi is u ca actuly dit wle y're wahingv. you n acallyurn calies and you got something more out
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of it. >> what re y weang tight jim cho >>he's t thonlyne diggg th rien miy cys ed h, ye sophisticated, and the ink blot miniook an tire diffent tyle d w' shong y howo wo the advt trt ptern in youwardbe. >> o fir loodefite demonstrates one of the easiest ways to incorporate the inlottg trd. >> ee in thetyleonsir th ts blse uer $. 's woh trng o. >> wou sugst pringhe ok wh da bla skiy jean a, rely ehasing the blouse athe main aspect. briany vine ays memb to kp thjewey sile s e sht stds o. wheas ' use to eing e inlottg trd inlous skis, ts lo it to aeggi. inrpores >>or tse ding fashionistas, check out these leggings fm pico apparel. ey're40 a embce t pulatrib rendtoo. st neual wh threstf yourttir >> 'lovi he oord yle oty theotto
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because they're brown, it helps to play up the brown and white inlott legng. >> athe ho hel wturn a summ maxdresinton enmbleor a fure. cur gir should not be afraid of the inkblotting tnd. he we ve o tharunsnto thactu ski, inrporing blk anwhit somof our aditnal tter. theressill st y $20 t th uchewaisine lps hi problem areas. you're ready for a night out. sti ahe -- e an dia'chan of art. if rria hapns, ppen >> wt thhappcoup tolus mont go aut ks antyin h@h@h@h@h@
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