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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  September 2, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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report." the national debt will be about $16 trillion when we return from the labor day weekend. your shareis nearly $51,000. the beat goes on, people. don't forget to record the show if you can't catch us live. have a great night and we will see you back here on >> the convention is over and mitt romney said we can begin our futures together. but what does that mean if we believe in liberty, free-market and free people? what about our audience? claptrap that is our show. to night.
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, clap they have wrapped up in tampa. what about us and individuals? kennedy despite working on mtv cares about the free-market. she is it then on the floor all week. >> what made me sick is it is a police state. i have never seen so much law-enforcement it is so difficult summit branches of law safe reservists common share from a local police and went to frisky and take away your hair spray and the
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stick to move our great sign >> i heard it is confiscated at the airport. fizz it a lot of the aurora unnecessary but that. >> and more of a government philadelphia's today a but we visited with a key d'oeuvres if the fda with steffi a thermometer and every piece of steak and san 1/3 diyala a regardless of what you hear it is of the. >> what did you like a? >> a once inside i felt like i was part of the 1%. i like they trumpet small business because that is the backbone but freedom was a casualty hypocrisies served
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on both sides. republicans and protesters. john: be will hear about that later also an interview at the convention with ron paul. we are joy and by mark who founded the largest tea party group and nick gillespie from reason tv. they taught me about liberty. were you inspired? >> was that since the stood for could stay of later than i could i think he gave a good speech but i did not hear the specifics i would
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have liked to hurt. john: then why is it a good speech? >> he proved he was a good human being. he had a lot of fashion and vigor. the optics matter. he is lowering the bar. my behalf like to have heard that. john: he said nothing like that. >> i don't like the idea the implication of obama does a poor job so romney bryan and
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will fix the economy. and two per cent behind the wheel one-two here people exchanging voluntary with each other. john: he made fun of the obama line we will stop the rise of the ocean but i will fix your family? i assume he meant he would get out of the way? he implied government would solve it. >> that was the void of the speech he didn't say anything about government getting out of the way. the punchline. government is not the solution but government is the problem. the speech and the american people were waiting.
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john: why not? reagan said it and sort of clinton. >> i don't know. it seems like it is backtracking. >> in the 21st century we had a massive swollen government. spending is up since 2000 doing more than it ever has. we cannot go to the airport. it is a weird century. we need a choice between big government and small government. not big and slightly bigger. he will take care kids, retirements, the sick people, jobs, there is not a lot of the shrinking.
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that is where the real entrepreneurial spirit and growth and dynamism comes from. budget mitt romney was funny at times and touching but it was the same old song. john: i never used to watch these conventions. but it is fluff. [laughter] my dad gave mom arose, unconditional love, true partners. kinship. and unrealistic to expect a plan? >> no. the american people are grown-ups. they can take the truth but men of the politicians are delivering the truth. >> i noticed in 2008 to what
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made obama popular was hope and change and unity. i heard it over and over it was generally positive tonight. >> think romney is not running on a positive program. he needs to showcase how that obama has been. he inherited a bad situation and made everything worse. [applause] >> don't ask don't tell. >> actually that is not bad. but he made it worse. but romney says we cannot be worse than him. i have had successes kph
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fifth if this is, a governor , this theme is we can do better just sell not as bad. john: i liked when he said we bet on ourselves and on our advice and listed companies like staples, sports authority. >> it is a fundamental contrast. the chief executive who has never created anything. especially the private sector. people are looking for somebody who understands the economy now. john: talking about small business. is something wrong with big business?
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>> we no big business has a fetish. another is the family farm. you don't hear about the family dry cleaner. small-business is not the backbone most firms started out that way. all business should be treated equally. as long as they give customers something they want. john: if they don't, they go away. >> there is a real problem with the sba that they get certain subsidies than the big people by others of cities. small purses big business compounds the problem.
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we needed government that does not compete with each other. to give small business more unconditional love. john: what do wish you heard tonight? >> i come back the american people are drivers of the economy. he said we will help you. i think he means him and paul ryan. if that means by a deregulation, reducing my tax burden or reduce the tax code but do not help with a handout. government does not need help any more. john: many audience members liked the speech and were inspired and last the --
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walesa nicole them us. mark? >> wish to take power away from washington d.c. back to the people. i heard the a centralizing decision-making at changing needs to be from the sell as. john: i believe they are small government and guys her fell but you can barely hear it. without specifics should i believe it? >> and last night paul ryan's speech had very good rhetoric but then if you look at the substance of his record for mitt romney, it is not about cutting government regulations but
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boating for things like the t.a.r.p bill, no child left behind, . john: the patriot act. he has changed and grown. john: i want to believe that. my romney says i can create 12 million jobs. how does he? >> i don't want government creating any more jobs. [applause] there are a lot of people who do good work as government employees but at the end of the day, every government job takes three or four taxpayers to support.
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and mitt romney will not do it unless he starts a company. >> the loathsome death to that. the biggest issue is we are the biggest issue is we are on the road to questions. when you're caring for a loved one with alzheimer's, not a day goes by that you
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don't have them. questions about treatment where to go for extra help, how to live better with the disease. so many questions, where do you start? the answers start here.
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[applause] john: at the convention what politicians almost always avoided. >> explosion of debt is unconscionable and unsustainable. >> government continues to borrow money to mortgage the future is fam aig even when we cannot afford it, does this sound like a passion? >> to fundamentally reduce the size of government.
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>> politicians promise cuts but then spend more severe that five year it was the same from the romney speech. >> he said we will cut the deficit to put america on track. and the the paul ryan budget with everything goes the right way it will be balanced 24 beeper go we can wait that long. john: we just have to slow the growth now will spend
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4.8 this year and 4.9 in 10 years. we cannot cut them slack. it is out of control. john: under $2 trillion under clinton. these are people talk about topping off a giant spending binge. to say we spent 3.8 this year and 3.7 with next year. we blew it on hookers and cocaine. john: romney says 20% of the economy but it was lower under clinton's. >> he had it that 18 percent hispanic he once 20 percent of spending of gdp he once
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to increase the fed spending in medicare spending and security stays the same. so as long as that is a place because of deficit. >> this over the sequestration and cut. showing the automatic cuts and is not a catastrophe. >> brings it down at 2007 and mogul's but. >> everyone is behold in.
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making sure they don't want to cut defense. >> they are prostitutes? [laughter] >> they are just bought off? fifth fifth of their fifth of common-sense perspective is 59 diss davis half of all weekend increase that drove you're constantly being told we will take a long weekend it was alive. he was the one politician
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and to think defense is not necessary. the democrats are big spenders. the czar cold war presidents. >> the and you want to cut this? favor no love worths swiss mac we can safely say bring the boys home from germany. [laughter] world war ii is over. [applause] john: we go back to the convention with kennedy and hurt interview with ron paul hurt interview with ron paul [applause]♪
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john: for the past week kennedy has been our correspondent. i asked her to cover with the mainstream media does not and check out the protesters about corporate role. >> in the complaints about wall street kennedy saw hypocrisy. >> they all fly united they pompous their cars full of guest. >> i am worried about the environment. >> what type of computer. >> i have an apple. >> that is the corporation. have used the ninth corporate computer.
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>> did they make sense? >> to themselves. you think they will be the freedom lovers. they one to their own sets of laws. it is a little hypocritical. john: people call themselves an hour guest and call for more relation? >> corporation, yes. their own form of government smothering even though they where the pretty mask. it is hypocrisy across the board. john: there were not that many. moving on and you also covered ron paul and republicans talking about freedom and opportunity. >> unless you are gay.
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>> at the end of the day we have the right message and team to win. john: the ron paul delegates tried to nominate a candidate to they pledged to represent. >> but they said they needed delicate signatures from five states. nevada, minn., made an alaska but the party changed the rules that you need it from eight states. >> changing the goal post in the middle of the game. >> he made a brief appearance but kennedy caught up with him. >> dr. paul congratulations on your campaign and ignite a negative share. they have clung so hard to their belief. what did you say? >> social the encouragement. thank you. i love your enthusiasm. do your best.
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>> they are fighting for the soul of the party. how do they keep that alive? >> whenever they are best. by running or supporting a candidate. they study and read economics. i am amazed what they do. >> they have another bid passionate rally with thousands of people. few politicians had anywhere near this crowd. >> i cannot claim anything special but our determination and conviction this spirit of liberty and directed nine is my shortcomings. but i am convinced if we advance the cause of liberty
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we don't have to go back to the dark ages. >> list gas john said list six aside sec dues support if? fifty is the default and list if it great job. they should make up their own mind. john: he would not to endorse gary johnson. he is on the libertarian party ticket. ron paul has run as a libertarian. >> he stopped shy of the endorsement but those who feel disenfranchised by the republican establishment will take good good hard look at gary johnson.
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the tea party movement and movement like rick santorum would be squashed with the rule changes. they are not happy. john: i am okay with santorum being squashed. i did not like it with ron paul. was it acceptance and maybe his son will carry on? were people upset? >> they had worked so hard. they were upset and trying to get him to speak on stage. it did not work. they were turned away. time will tell. in is what ron paul wanted to get across to the
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supporters. >> of they played a tape and after words and many walked out. did they notice? >> a did notice. there is discord. they make it seem like it is the united but it is not. the fissures have been exposed this week and it will have to reinvent itself. john: you can walk and talk with balloons is impressive. [laughter] talk about the republican anwr on women next. john is 42. mortgage. married. two great kids. he wants to protect his family with a $500,000 term life insurance policy.
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post republican convention coverage. what do people think of what we've heard? we have our all-star piano again. it was dodged tonight with the war on women. >> he did say some things about i am not sure he responded the best way possible. >> guy ito's day fifth 5/6 fifth fifth method 1/5 if that it then that somehow
12:40 am
means it is outcomes based but he has the argument on the terrain the left has designed based on outcomes instead of opportunities. >> we see tie line and the attempt to equalize men and with wages richard roth of. at the end of the day in is so large results of choices not broad discrimination. john: you work for the independent women's forms because for a while they were big government groups. what is your response?
12:41 am
they want to restrict abortion? >> faire may gain huge mistakes. working on the assumption all women are the same that date are a voting bloc. they're very diverse. single, mary, urban, young, old. ben arrow the term women's rights to the one issue of abortion. but we interested in so much more. we don't surround thinking abortion abortion abortion. john: government has toots provide birth control. >> if that is the argument that i am waiting for the government to give me a free car. when i can get back to my job and that argument does
12:42 am
not stand. it is insulting. did you seize said julia campaign? from the above a campaign every stage of my life 1/2 to say thank you because i am mobile men i need uncle sam to step in. that is anti-feminist and insulting to me as a woman. >> this is the theme running for years republican nor conservatives have a war on handicap, a children also aren't old people. it is of simple fear tactic methane to do with real honest to god problems.
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>> one of the reasons it was in there, representative akin. the republican party does not do well with women. unless they're totally fooled there is the perception the republicans want to regulate their rights but let people figure out how they want to live but to you hear republican say get rid of abortion but that is the sanctity of life argument. john: our audience watched and what do they think? and what do they think? what do you think? this man is about to be the millionth customer.
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[applause] john: audience participation we're here with our panel.
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but first from my facebook page john: argues supposed to have arguments? >> it is meant to the pitch. john: $18 million taxpayer money that we have to pay. >> it is outrageous. we should not do that. >> i hear a lot of rhetoric of the immigration and parents were given an opportunity so why don't they open the borders for this generation? >> it is a great point*. republicans rhetoric is
12:49 am
sharp but the reality is terrible. obama's worst immigration president in history he almost deported as many as bush did in eight years. the amnesty program of fax very few but it was a symbolic gesture when he realized he was losing the hispanic vote to mitt romney will lose the vote to somebody in hoot deports mexicans like a conquistadores. they did not understand rhetoric they should open the border you are an american were ever you are living. >>
12:50 am
people have decided they will vote for. 40% will vote for the left and right but the 20% in the middle everybody is who watches the list conventions? bay to danforth the debate but it is preaching to acquire. >> is a dish shock? individual solve problems. we saw that in bill the dow up not like scott walker te we'd need more of them doing what they say. >> with free trade aren't
12:51 am
they contradictory goals? >> [laughter] we are interconnected we did not want to be energy independent. we had interconnect did economy worldwide that lowers prices with the standard of living. >> and to give you energy independence. we need to tap resources borough that is the real deal pop clap. >>
12:52 am
>> will lesser of two evils? she says may be our party is nominated next time. [laughter] as a libertarian i get heat from my a friend's that say how could you not vote who is supposed to win? i am not the problem relates that what they could cite. cut spending, cut military, stop telling me how to live my life they need to get at of the board room and the bedroom but come to us. they have alienated the swing vote. people want to be left alone with a stable framework. john: you say more americans say i am not a republic 10
12:53 am
or a democrat. >> 10 million -- about 3 million have disassociated their definitely not democrats and republicans because they have seen the petty differences and decide they need something new. that is the future. thank you. i will give you mi
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john: and tonight's convention scene was believed some of. it sounds nice. it is platitude. we will honor the ideals to build it to assist the future. and infomercial. nothing much is decided there was not even an open debate. but since we help pay for it let's expand on the platitude. had there been an actual
12:58 am
open debate may have heard emigrants can work legally. putting on a sustainable course and barely mentioned that but it is true with a bankrupt futures. >> the debt is out of control. >> we're going broke. >> stop spending money we don't have. >> that means we need an to slow the growth for medicare , military, we cannot afford it all. it means individuals can decide but also their lives. what family means to them.
12:59 am
drugs should be in the goal is of the soda and a marriage. anything that is peaceful. do they believe that freedom? doesn't that also mean they should be free to use their bodies and believe in america when they say government solves problems. know they can't. individual succeed but people are used to spending more on compassionate conservatism. it means leaving the free people alone so the market can work magic.


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