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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  September 5, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> mcdowell's fries. vegetarian. >> absolutely. melissa: see you guys at mcdonald's. that's all the "money" we have for you today. be sure to tune in tomorrow and friday for more of our special series. we will hear from an oil baron of why we are paying to protect the strait of hormuz. all right. we will see you back here at the same time tomorrow. "the willis report" is up next. ♪ gerri: tonight, the last president to preside over a sustained economic growth tells us why this president deserves a second chance. will bill clinton help or hurt obama? and consumers having to shell out more grain for more of obama's failed green programs. welcome to a "the willis report." ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. tin number two of the democratic
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national convention. bill clinton takes center states tonight in charlotte, north carolina. live coverage from the floor of the convention. meanwhile, u.s. national debt continues to spiral out of control having hit the 16 trillion marks yesterday. republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan using it on the campaign trail in iowa today. >> we had $16 trillion of debt announced yesterday. that is a country in decline. we have a clear choice. are we going to stay on the path that president obama has placed us on, or we going to turn this thing around, when the selection and get the kutcher back on the right track? that's or going to do it. gerri: john and me now by phone, former -- senator alan simpson of wyoming. i'm very good. i hope we are the same. >> a beautiful day. high blue sky.
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other than that it is -- gerri: i sure it is not as did john notice that the national debt is now over $16 trillion. what do you make of it? >> i think it's tragic that a country just sits and the congress just sits and laborers and gives, you know, the mountain labor and "2 cents more" up the mouse. it is unbelievable. they won't do a thing. they want to lick. every book we spend we borrow $0.41. every day we borrow $3,600,000,000. who is getting too. and this country, as he said, it's in decline. you can't labor under that. you can't do it in your home. gerri: do you agree with that? are we in nation in decline because of this debt? >> we have a trajectory of that deficit and interest with a match any one of the big countries, portugal, ireland, spain. it would match italy, but, of course, we are much bigger and the economy is much bigger. the trajectory of debt, deficit,
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interest is the same as those countries in peril and your. gerri: we delaware today and found out that when you wrote your treatise on how to get rid of this debt our national federal debt was that something like almost 14 trillion, 13 unchanged. north at 16. in know, the president says that he wants to do something about it, but it seems that everything he suggests runs in the opposite direction, running up debt, not getting rid of it. >> you can't spend your way out of this whole. you can't tax your way out of this whole. you don't have to raise taxes so that grover norquist will go insane and quit wondering the country and his white robes. you don't have to do that. you just go into the tax cut as start ripping out 1,100,000,000,000 in tax expenditures which are nothing more than your marks and
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spending by another name. we were stunned when the commission got into that. that is where you start. gerri: okay. you put some of this at the feet of our friend from washington, but what about bill clinton tonight. he's going to say that the gop bill to national debt. to you agree with that? >> when he left office might co-chair of the commission was his chief of staff. that was the last balanced budget, but clinton, i mean, to see what he is doing with obama, clinton would have wrapped his arm around the package of represented without question. clinton would have a tip that and said, wait, in executive order and the command. five democrats, five republicans, one republican, i would wrap his arms around it. of course the political season. they have to look like they're about of the hip. of course there will. gerri: the wall street journal today reference to on an op-ed article pointing out that nothing teeseven corporation in
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the article, nothing would appeal more to independence and swing voters more than of the president or to embarrass the findings of the 2010 simpson bowles deficit reduction committee commissioned. what is your take on that? >> well, we go all over the country. we will speak to any group. give us an hour and we just say, pull up a chair. we don't to be as or mush and who will tell you where your country is. you give us that our and we would get a standing ovation. people are thirsting for somebody, everybody to get some guts and do something about this, but there won't do a lick between now and november 6. nobody will. gerri: if you can avoid the bsn must, your way ahead of me sir. thank you for coming out. >> always a treat. gerri: thank you. >> you bet. gerri: well, who has their hands on the 16 trillion in debt? the country that holds the most of that debt. number five, tie one. in the past two years to what has surpassed russia,
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switzerland, and hong kong. as of the start of this year that is more than $184 billion. brazil. this emerging economy as one and $2,307,000,000,000 in debt. number three, our friends across the pond, the u.k., investment in u.s. debt is at an all-time high of 429 billion. japan. this country on as a whopping $1 trillion in u.s. debt. you know the number one holder of our debt, don't you? it's china. not by much. after referred to as our number one holder, but as of june the difference is only 40 billion. the real kicker, foreign investors hold only a fraction of u.s. debt. as much as we are china and japan, we have social security nearly $5 trillion. no wonder the program is set to go bust. meanwhile, the cold shoulder at the democratic national convention, got in jerusalem, those two words are welcomed back into the fall tonight. democrats restoring references
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to god and jerusalem to the platform after receiving criticism, both republicans and democrats over their mission. for more, editor of the weekly standard. political commentator at the dmz. welcome to you both. i'm going to ask you about what happened tonight. first i want our viewers to hear the sound of the floor as the vote was taken. >> all those in favor say aye. all those opposed say no. and the opinion of the chair, two-thirds have voted in the at permanent. the motion is adopted, and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. thank you very much. gerri: that is what we call democracy in action? i mean, that is hilarious. >> the democratic delegates did not want to put it dodgers were back into the platform. the truth is, president obama's
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policy has not been touched recognize jerusalem. the original democratic platform, they caved under political pressure. gerri: and getting rid of god, i heard the minister he got up and spoke on behalf of putting the word got back into the platform. what was your reaction? >> to the republic for which stands one nation under god indivisible. how the world can these people even think about that. i have to tell you, i'm shocked that happened. the backlash, unbelievable. the wrath of god. i have to tell you, that is a bad sign. you know, you take that out. north carolina is gone. this is a state in the bible belt. that is important to all americans. [indiscernible] gerri: all americans except possibly a majority on the floor of the democratic national convention.
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i want to talk a little bit about bill clinton tonight because i think it's going to be a critical speech. we have done some excerpts from the speech just made available to us. do we have a full screen that? all right. we'll get right to it. clinton will obviously be speaking about his own economic performance and comparing it to what has gone on recently and what obama could do in a second term. here's an excerpt from his speech. in tampa the republican argument against the president's reelection was pretty simple. we left a total mess. he has not finished in the end up. fire him and put us back again. i like the argument for president obama's reelection a lot better. >> i think bill clinton will spend a lot more time criticizing republicans and blaming the republicans and praising president obama. one thing you know as you once and say all these nice things, he would not trade his own record for president obama's for a second. he is proud of his record. he did very little to rub the debt. at think it was about a trillion
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dollars in his whole eight years. president obama has run up the debt by 5,000,000,000,003 and a half. and so he will sell a lot of nice things, but we all know and it's worth making their head of time that pau clinton knows that barack obama is not a bill clinton in terms of his management of the economy and running of the debt. gerri: these two guys that don't necessarily belong together, but do they need each other? >> barack obama needs a lot of help. that strategy, what happens after that. how do you follow someone like that? i don't think it's going to get. you know, i don't think it's a good strategy. bill clinton is a rock star. he had a good term, and republicans and democrats alike, and get president that was able to reach across the aisle. all it does highlight how bad barack obama is. it's not going to be helpful. barack obama's speech is going
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to be a dead next to the clintons. gerri: i guess you will have to wait and see, but i think there's something this delta gnomic coming into view, and there will be every riding of economic history tonight. some people like and some people not. do you think that bill clinton is going to try to a push obama to the center? should he padded as clinton did? >> i think he will tell a story where obama is more of a centrist party is in her he will be more of a centrist in his second term. i don't think we should kid ourselves. this could be a very effective speech tonight. i think they have messed up the next few hours but the jerusalem and got fiasco. but when clinton stands up to speed that will be the big story in they could end up with a pretty strong convention politically. michele obama was effective last night. bill clinton could be affected tonight. president obama is a good speaker. they will push this narrative.
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for the worst thing you can do is go back to the battle days. romney is just bush except he is even less sensitive to the middle class and more out of touch. thomas for the republicans did as much as they could to block than enough time. gerri: one quick question before we wrap this segment. you have probably seen these numbers, favorable impression among women voters. the president's numbers are not as high as they work. 49 percent. mitt romney 37%. what do you make of that? do you think the narrative that money is anti woman is working? i understand it was an anti -- pro abortion rally. sparsely attended down there. and try to figure out what it all means. >> i tell you what, i think this goes back to tampa because the democrats have been trying to make mitt romney into this terrible person, bad. this rich guy who does not care about women. you know what, that is not the
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case. web barack obama, the master campaign base. so i think tampa helped mitt romney a lot. that's right comes from. there has been a lot of protesting, very negative, very dreary. michele obama had a good speech, but that is the highlights. bill clinton will prole have the best speech of the convention. gerri: have fun down there. the parties are awesome. thank you for coming. >> here in new york. sorry not to be down there, democratic friends. pains me to be appear in new york living a civilized life. gerri: and getting sleep. >> exactly. gerri: thanks a bunch. be sure to watch bill clinton and alternates speaker's right here on fox business. the night kicks off a p.m. eastern time with our very own neil cavuto. stay tuned for that. >> coming up on "the willis report," one of the most important issues of this year's election and the presidential
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candidates are barely mentioning it. she dives into the nation's foreclosure nightmare next. obama's said this about his new film mandate. >> because of these new standards for cars and trucks we are going to all be able to go further and use less fuel every year. >> but he failed to mention what is really at stake next time you purchase a new vehicle. here the real truth. ♪ >> it could take months, but what is american airlines and u.s. airways merger really mean for millions of fliers and your wallet? weigh explain. we are on the case next on "the willis report."
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ally bank. why they're always there to talk. i love you, james. don't you love me? i'm a robot. i know. i know you're a robot! but there's more in you than just circuits and wires! uhhh. (cries) a machine can't give you what a person can. that's why ally has knowledgeable people there for you, night and day. ally bank. your money needs an ally. ♪ gerri: well, yesterday we talked about how most of us are not better off than we were four years ago. whether you're looking at an overall national debt as $16 trillion or maybe just the
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pocketbook of regular americans. median incomes are down $4,000 to the president took office. i think you have to agree, things could be better. one corner of the economy is really showing some life out there, and it is housing. just today the national association of realtors said this, the amount of time new listing stay on the market is getting shorter, now 69 days a year ago it was 98. that's something. what's more, asking prices are up, but still higher. the right direction. vacation the report issued just last week, as reported, u.s. some prices rising in june and the second quarter with the first positive annual growth rate since the summer of 2010. good news. now, for some time, the housing will recover. back in may of 2011i had this to say. clearly confidence in the housing market is at an all-time low. housing values have plummeted. the housing is just the latest
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in a series of economic bubbles that have popped. like tech stocks more than a decade ago. i don't know if you noticed, but tech stocks are back, and in that way housing will come back to. gerri: now even housing permits bears like robert schiller are having to concede that the housing market is looking stronger. it remains at least one large dark cloud on the horizon, and that is the inventory held by banks, which is to say homes that are in foreclosure but unsold and not even on the market. according take a big expert on this topic about 1 million homes or 3 percent of all homes with a mortgage or in the national foreclosure inventory as of july, slightly down from one year ago when it was one-and-a-half million or three and half percent. that's going to keep prices from going up fast anytime soon. remember, the market fell 30%, prices more in some markets. we have a long way to go back to 2006 pricing levels.
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however, positive signs are there. the market is bottoming in beginning its inevitable trend higher. even so, some people tell me, it is time to become a nation of renters. here's what i say. it i have covered the housing market for years. frankly, i have never heard as much negativity about the housing market as i do today. i get it, but the reality is this. some day will recover. it coming up next, despite democrats' plans to the contrary, many are predicting friday's jobs numbers will show we are stuck in neutral, preview coming up. ♪
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gerri: one number you will hear from the democrats, the unemployment rate, a preview of what to look for in friday's jobs report in 60 seconds.
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gerri: the democratic national convention will be book ended this week with two numbers that had to find the obama administration today, the 16 chilean dollar debt and the persistently high unemployment rate. over 8 percent for every month of the obama presidency, except one. that was the month he was sworn into office. join me now for a preview of friday's jobs numbers, the american enterprise institute. welcome to the show. i want to start with the wall street's consensus on this report because, you know, we always steady the experts. i'm wondering if you agree. first of all, they believe the employer will stick. they believe that jobs will grow by 125,000, well below what happened in july when total jobs comment on foreign judge a marker by 1,603,000. do you agree with those numbers to back.
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>> i think that's definitely the ballpark. it's difficult to nail down a specific number. somewhere between 125 and 150. those numbers, however, are not good numbers. gerri: no, they're not. 163 or 125, adding that number of jobs each month does not make for a strong and robust economy, and it does not lead to a rebound in manufacturing. what would we need? or will it take to get back to a really help the economy? >> we need numbers that are roughly double that at least. so if we were adding over 200,000, 250,000, 250,000 jobs a month we would be in a robust labor market recovery. we have not had a month like that since i can remember when. the truth of the matter is the unemployment rate, as you noted, over 8 percent for coming on for years now. and there is no reason to think that number is going to budge. friday's number could take down, it could take up, but will be north of 8% for the foreseeable
6:26 pm
future. gerri: that is the norm, we have to expect as americans to make percent unemployment? >> it is not, and i don't think it is persist forever. but for example, the congressional budget office, the scorekeepers here in washington, they predict the imponderable be not of a percent for 2013 and 2014 before it really starts to come down and we see improvement in the labour market. gerri: i want to share something with you that the fed chairman had to say and get your reaction . this was the august 301st. he said, the stagnation of the labour market in particular is a grave concern because persistently high levels of unemployment will reach structural damage on our economy that could last for many years. what do you make of that? are we headed for some kind of structural problem in our jobs market? >> i think their is a serious problem with our labour market at present, and it is not actually best reflected by the overall unemployment rate. you have to dig down a little deeper into the numbers to see
6:27 pm
how severe the situation is. what i looked at is the long-term unemployment, how many people have been unemployed for six months or more. that number is over 5 million people last month. double what it was when president obama into the white house. that level of long-term unemployment, the average duration of unemployment is nearly nine months. it makes it very, very difficult for those workers to ever get back to work. the longer that we have that sort of dynamic in our labour force we don't to suffer economic consequences as those people struggle to get back to work. there are more significant social problems, depression on set, family start to break apart, all sorts of difficult problems. gerri: what we do? >> i don't think that there is a single solution. i don't think that any particular single policy is going to write our labor markets or our economy overall. i think we need a wholesale re-examination of a set of
6:28 pm
policies. many to have a better education policy in the state's, more often driven, but a tax system that encourages labour participation, capital accumulation, more open markets to encourage trade and particularly promote escorts. all of those pieces, if they can together betaken constitute what the solution for putting the u.s. economy back on track. gerri: comebacks and. a pleasure speaking with you. >> thanks for having me. gerri: coming up, the nfl returns tonight at the most popular and most expensive sport in america. that may have better numbers than bill clinton. a preview coming up. rednecks the white house raising fuel efficiency standards. will it also raised prices for consumers coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ gerri: no summer blues for car dealerships. consumers' driving up august of those sales 20% higher from one
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year ago. but will the white house new fuel efficiency standards but the auto industry's progress in to reverse? with more assisted fellow for the national legal and policy center. welcome back to the show. rick to see you. i want to show folks these efficiency standards. they are sort of shocking. right now 29 miles per gallon is what is required. two years from now 35, by 2025, 54 and a half. what do you make of that? >> well, it is quite a job, and it's going to cost consumers. estimates are that this will raise the prices of cars between $3,004,800 per vehicle. gerri: we can't afford that. >> no, no we can't. gerri: let's talk about how many customers might actually leave the market if this happens. >> well, yeah. people are not going to be a will to a for the cars, so you're hurting the manufacturers as well as consumers.
6:33 pm
but most importantly, you are not really helping with the problem because the way these standards i judged, it doesn't matter how many of these cars with high mileage sell as long as the manufacturers make them, so manufacturers can be selling cars that get 30 miles per gallon and then build a couple rated at 90 miles per gallon to offset it, but the consumers aren't going to buy the cars, and the manufacturers can still meet the standards, but they're just wasting money building cars that just aren't selling. gerri: it sounds like ridiculous federal regulations that help nobody but gives the politicians something to brag about. speaking of politicians, the president has weighed in on this regulation which he has touted. here is what the president said. >> of a dozen city money at the pump. it moves us closer to energy independence and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by as much as all the cars in the world. it's a smart thing to do, the right thing to do.
6:34 pm
gerri: this smart, right thing to do. do you agree? >> i don't think it is very smart, we could look at the policies up until now. look. we have had the chevy volt, other ploy against. higher now than they have ever been. the cars are not selling, so you are not doing anything to reduce oil consumption. there is 250 million passenger cars registered in america. having a few thousand of these things on the road is doing nothing. the chevy volt is well-known. ford has applied in focus electric. it's a the she has the mitsubishi i electric. both of those cars sold less than 50 in august. the cars are not selling. they're not spending hundreds of millions of dollars producing and hyping the car that general motors it, but the vault is the one that is actually selling more, and that car still sold one-tenth of what they're best selling chevy crew sold.
6:35 pm
so these cards will be built because -- gerri: people don't want to pay. they cost too much. >> exactly. >> thank you for bringing a story to us. appreciate it. bureaucrats in washington. a down note the talking about. the united states dropped two notches to seventh place in this year's global competitiveness survey. is an annual report released by the world economic forum. the reason for the drop to "the report, low public trust in u.s. politicians and the perceived lack of government efficiency. here to weigh and, scott martin, chief market strategist at united advisers. you mean nancy pelosi and harry reid of making us uncompetitive? this is ridiculous. >> you know, it's funny. tell us something we don't know already about washington, and maybe that will be a steady it. listen. i think the funniest thing about this report, let's look back in history. when was the united states last
6:36 pm
number one, 2008. what to begin after that, and absolutely maddening financial crisis and a total business slowdown. i'm not sure of being number one is the best thing out there. byu as is now seven not get either. gerri: countries that are ahead of the spirit of money to weigh in. switzerland, singapore, finland, sweden, the netherlands, and germany. come on. we have to do better than that. taught you think? >> better than a few of them. they're very interesting. with the cornucopia. you have such a land on one hand, very big tax savings that companies like to be in because of some of the benefits that they have, on the other hand sweden is a very non tax from the country. two countries kind of up there in the rankings that are not very good with regard to business and taxes. so they even get ahead of the u.s., and that is a little bit insulting. gerri: and suppressing. we have lots of problems in this country that we need to solve. competitiveness is heavily one of them. we have a report of want to ask you about from fedex. first earnings decline since
6:37 pm
2009. you call it a canary in a coal mine. this is a little worrying. >> very much so. the fedex news of but next as much as appointing as what happened to end the product today half-hour ago at the u.s. opening. gerri: more important than that. >> it is, but i like him. here is the deal. 30% international. an all-time high for the company. guess who is a big part of that international market. europe. slowdown in china, so you have of a problem internationally for fedex and certainly the you as being weak on growth. one to one-and-a-half percent gdp is not good either. gerri: friday's unemployment report. what are you expecting to make a surprise on the downside are upset? >> i think there is potential for a surprise on the upside. i think we have seen the worst of the employment numbers, not to said they're going to get good, but i'm guessing plus 125. gerri: okay. that is about consensus. thank you for coming on. appreciate your time.
6:38 pm
>> take care. gerri: all right. in tonight's tech connect, facebook stock, the saga continues. shares actually higher today, believe it or not to after hitting a new low yesterday. comes after the ceo announced he will not, not sell his stock in the company for at least one year. he owes more than 500 million shares and options. concern if the floods the market with its additional shares prices will go down further. he will be eligible to do so by october 209th instead of a later date of november 14th. but promising to hold on to them. all right. our airlines are becoming too big to fail. what it means for you and your money. still to come. next, the smooth talking former presidents in the other, the super bowl champ. yes. he will win in the ratings shut up tonight? the preview after the break. ♪
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gerri: tonight begins around two for the dnc, and they're breaking out the big guns.
6:43 pm
the nfl will likely reach havoc on their parade kicking off their 2012 season with the dallas cowboys facing off against the super bowl champion new york giants tonight. what are you going to watch? joining me now, host of serious ex-im mad dog radio which does make me laugh. who is going to win in the ratings? that is tough. it seems to me if i was planning a convention i would not planted for the first night. >> right. well, this is what is interesting. the nfl initially planned their first-ever thursday night. they moved because of the convention. there were afraid of the president, but not the former president. i think if you combine the networks, the convention is going to win, but if you just go based on one network at the nfl is going to win. huge ratings. people love it. the defending super bowl champs against america's team in the dallas cowboys. gerri: i did not realize this. nbc is ditching bill clinton altogether. we are not even going to cover this. >> they are saying that the two big quarterbacks are more
6:44 pm
important than bill clinton. gerri: wow. probably going to be a lot of people who agree. so here is what last time around the packers and the saints got 27 million people who attended last summer round. you mentioned that the dallas cowboys franchise is wealthy. really rich. let's take a look at that. dallas cowboys franchise, the new england patriots. washington redskins. the list goes on. >> big business. a big brand. even if you can in a player on the team, you still know about the dallas cowboys, that big star, jerry jones. gerri: has not been to the super bowl in 16 years. >> a long time. what they have is $80 million according to forbes and revenue strictly from advertising. they do something that a lot of other teams and not able to do, and that is keep all of their merchandise sales.
6:45 pm
they have separated in many ways from the nfl in that regard where they get all of it. if you're a team like the cowboys of the yankees are manchester united in soccer, you can do things like that. a regular everyday kind of team, the north since, with all due respect, they can't do that. the cowboys went off the field with sometimes if you on that team may be better than many on the field. gerri: so they have all kinds of advantages, including the fact that they are -- their stadium has been financed by taxpayer dollars. this is common. cities all over the country do this to keep these teams in their towns, whether it's football or baseball or whenever sport. >> it's interesting. i look and say, if i'm in honor of a team but i want is taxpayers to fund my stadium. the other point, me to pay for it? of course i want them to pay for it. gerri: you're so smart. >> let's be real. if someone else to pay for a short. i understand it. now, do my thing taxpayer dollars and the sports cars should go to sports?
6:46 pm
i don't think so. i don't think that everybody in the community is over the top into it at all times. if they aren't, it's not fair to everybody else. gerri: the real reason we invited you. he's going to win? >> i think that science. defending super bowl champs, and i have them back. the patriots win this time. gerri: okay. you can come back. >> thank you. i can come back. >> thank you for coming on. gerri: now we want to know what you think. here is our question. you will you be watching bill clinton of football? la god de, vote on the right hand side of the screen and all share the results of the end of tonight's show. still to come, my "2 cents more" on chris christie, one of my favorites, and u.s. airways on track to merge with american airlines. what will this mean the next time you fly? ♪
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i know the name of eight princesses. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. massmutual. we'll help you get there.
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gerri: attention fliers to my potential airline merger in the worst that could cost you big time. what this means for you and your wallet in two minutes.
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♪ gerri: in focus tonight, a potential merger in the works that could affect you and your travel plans. u.s. airways is considering meeting of the bankrupt american airlines and our next guest says this move could cost you big time. joining me now, ceo of fare compare. thank you for joining us by phone. and now you have a bad storm, so we can have you on camera.
6:51 pm
how likely is it that this merger will take place? >> you know, i think if you ask most airline analysts that probably say it's about a 75% yield. living in the dallas area, knowing the pride of their home base, i think it's more of a coin flip that this actually happens. gerri: what would it mean for the competition? what would it make the industry apply? >> what you would basically have is for many airlines. united, delta, american, and basically the new southwest air tran. and you know with those for basically you are down from eight over the last four years. this is not good for consumers. gerri: us talk about what it would mean. i have to think the price is going to rise, these are going to rise to all the bad things that consumers don't want to see. gerri: if you look back at past mergers, what happens, they'll start to cut back either of routes or frequencies at airports, and that means you have fewer flights, your talking about almost 90% factor which is 90 percent of all plans which
6:52 pm
basically means they are completely full. with that there is no reason to discount. so basically we are going to see higher fares and probably less flights in the morning. gerri: he said it is not at all certain that this merger will occur. that is really all we have seen in the industrial the last few years. do you expect more consolidation? >> yes. at the -- well, it's hard to say. several airlines, some of them have done well. the figure data new business model. if you're going to ask an airline executive they could make money to my you know, for five years ago that would have said no. they invented the airlines feel that we all are also fond of today. they have totally reinvented themselves, but the one problem that i have with that is, are they getting too big to fail? emmy, if we have another recession are we going to have to bailout airlines? gerri: that is a frightening thought. what will be the price tag on something like that? >> it would not be cheap, but it would be a little cheaper than
6:53 pm
the auto industry. gerri: thank you for bringing that up. appreciate your time. i hope the storm is over soon. thank you. >> thanks. gerri: real be right back with the answer to our question of the day. what will you be watching tonight, bill clinton or football? plus, my "2 cents more" on an impromptu karaoke performance by new jersey governor chris christie. you will want to see this. don't go away. [ male announcer ] at scottrade, we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's anothereason more investors are saying...
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6:57 pm
there was a letter sent in tennessee demanding $1 million to stop the release of the records. it said they were stolen last month at of water -- watergate type of break and but according to them nothing was stolen. we will keep you updated. former president clinton headlines tonight and the reigning super bowl champion kicks off the nfl season. what will you watch? probably neither but i am curious what clinton and they are made not say about obama's. >> i would rather watch paint to peel. >> we also last on mine. 93% said football.
6:58 pm
log on add to jury will >> this has to be the sorriest presidential race. it is sickening and makes me want to throw up when they see obama or romney talking about each other. they're more focused to cut each other down. the economy is in the toilet >> jon corzine will not be charged because he cheated average americans corzine should be imprisoned as long as madoff. >> and a big fan of yours it is refreshing to see people tell like it is. we love to hear from you. send us your e-mail. brushoff his performance
6:59 pm
governor crist christie stopped by jimmy fallen last night and bonded over the number one icahn. he had been to more than 30 springsteen concerts and then he said prove it. ♪ ♪ looking deep into his eyes? [laughter] if he was not say being a jersey i would say maybe a future as a rock star. tomorrow as the nation gets ready to hero, accept the nomination for the pren


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