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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  September 6, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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recognition for her biology research while living at her family's homeless shelter, she gives me hope. [cheers] [applause] the auto worker who won the lottery after his plant almost closed by tech coming to work every single day. he bought flags for his whole town. one of the cars that he built to surprise his wife went, he gives me hope. the family business in minnesota that didn't lay off a single one of the 4000 employees when the recession hit. even when their competitors shut down dozens of plants and even when it meant that the owner gave up on perks and some pay. because they understood that their biggest asset was the community and the workers who had helped build that business. they give me hope.
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i keep thinking about the young sailor that i met at walter reed hospital, recovering from a grenade attack, which caused him to have his leg indicated above the knee. six months ago, we watched him walk into a white house dinner honoring those who served in tall and 20 pounds heavier. dashing in his uniform. with a big grin on his face. sturdy on his new leg. and i remember how a few months after that i would watch them on a bicycle. racing with his fellow wounded warriors on a sparkling spring day. inspiring other heroes who had just begun a hard hat he had traveled. he gives me hope. [cheers] [applause]
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i don't know what party these men and women long too. i don't know if they will vote for me. i know that their spirit defines us. if you share that faith with me and you share that hope with me, i ask you tonight are your vote. [cheers] [applause] your voice must be heard in this election. [cheers] [applause] if you reject the notion that our government is forever beholden to the highest bidder, you need to stand up in the selection of. [cheers] [applause] if you believe that new plants and factories conduct landscape and new energy to power the future and new schools can
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provide ladders of opportunity to this nation of dreamers and if you believe in a country where everyone gets a fair shot and everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same rules, then i need you to vote this november. america, i never said this journey would be easy and i will not promise that now. yes, our path is harder, but it leads to a better place. yes, road is longer, but we travel together. we don't turn back. we leave no one behind. we pull each other up journey will be easy. i will not promise that now. the path is harder but it leads to a better place. the road is longer. we will travel it together, and not turn back and not leave anybody behind. bleach other up, we win for more victories to learn from our mistakes but we keep our eyes on the distant horizon. [cheers and applause] as we can all be citizens of
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the greatest country, the indicted states of america. god bless you. [cheers and applause] ♪ neil: barack obama makes his case for another four years in the oval office. this was to be at bankamerica stadium but was canceled because of the threat to of rain. it to was raining hard today. the administration said they could have easily point* 74,000 people in there. with this was probably a better than you. more into meant for the
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20,000 i had douglas brinkley with me right now. he had a tough job go. he knowledge to the poll numbers are not great. he talked about popularity, i am paraphrasing but how do you think he did? >> he did in excellent job. it is hard to follow bill clinton. is his stump speech with some glitter on it. it reminds me of fdr 1936 and at the end started to sound like march and a 13 but all i want is a fair shot and that is the theme he built the fairness i was a little surprised he went
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after oil company's goal warming, a pollution, wall street did give red meat to the democrats in charlotte. neil: i noticed that as well. i expect any president to be a certain way i did not hear him acknowledge any mistakes on his part wide the poll numbers are the way they are. because not to own up to the problems. that is to be expected. i know you follow this more closely, but it gets the lead role. i wonder for americans
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beyond the room who want their president to a knowledge the problems around them. what do you think? >> he did mention abraham lincoln he went to the humble route. that was the clever way to do that. neil: i love you dearly but immediately put yourself just like abraham lincoln? >> i picked up on that. it just like open change and he said you were the change. he did name places like toledo, colorado and teach right and he needs to sway the voters.
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i'm surprised he did not go more ronald reagan talking about walter reed hospital. reporters will try to find out who those individuals were talking about for ronald reagan would have used the person's name in the script. neil: you know, the environments to get president reelected. it is rare that it is not but it could have been. jimmy carter, george bush senior, lyndon johnson did not entertain the idea. if he is reelected with the numbers worse off than when he took office like the unemployment rate, do you think he moved to the needle
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tonight? >> i don't think it will go up in the polls. in has been interesting but it will be a dead heat. we have to wait for the jobs report tomorrow. what the democrats did is run a good show in charlotte whether michelle obama, john kerry was strong. joe biden. they did their job. so now these connections to raise money going into the debate season which i think will be way more important and tampa or charlotte. neil: you're reminded me people would entertain change change the president if the other one is the acceptable alternative.
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is it steady as she goes? >> negative centrist because barack obama has a lot of composure. you almost feel the unflappable self-confidence but people are starting to warm up to him but can they go past the ring of fire one-on-one winning two out of three debates? there is pressure with mitt romney but the democrats have the strong week they had problems with jerusalem and there was rain and also god but also a very successful week. neil: thank you. cardinal boland giving the of benediction. >> revealed to us so
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powerfully in your son jesus christ of the we think you for sharing your blessings upon the nation. bless all present and all across the great land to work hard. today when a greater portion of your justice and a more ample measure of your report and suffering may prevail in the united states. that a society's greatness is founded above all showing the weakest and neediest among us. we beseech you touche shed your grace on this noble experiment of liberty that began with a confident assertion of unalienable rights bestowed on us bayou. life liberty in the pursuit of happiness. grant us the courage to defend the life of which no
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other rights are secure that those waiting to be born may be welcome dam protected. strengthen our elders waiting to see your face to be accompanied by a true compassion with dignity to those to our fragile we braze and thank you for the gift of liberty. made this never lack of those brave enough to defend our freedoms. renewable a profound respect for religious liberty, the most cherished freedom at our founding. may liberty be with truth and good this and justice. help us live our freedom and faith. and for those who over two centuries have given their lives over freedoms defense
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defense, we give your care to those eternal souls with your mighty arm now overlooking those in uniform. we praise and thank you granting us life and liberty to which we can pursue happiness. show us happiness is found only in respecting the laws of nature and nature's god. empower us with your grace so we may resist the temptation to replace the moral law with titles of our own making. or to make those institutions you have given us to nurture life and community. we will welcome those who want to 33 and look for freedom and also for those whose families have lived here for centuries. we praise and thank you for the american genius of the government a of the people by the people and for the
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people god of justice and might we ask your guidance. president barack obama, vice president biden, congress, the supreme court, and all of those including governor mitt romney and congressman paul ryan seeking greater good by seeking public office. help them to serve our country and the only just government serves citizens rather than itself. with your grace may all americans choose wisely as we consider the course of future policy and all of us who depart here this evening and every man who yearn to conduct their lives with freedom and justice. we pledge to remember those who are not free, those who suffered, up four, and of
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four, sick, alone, persecuted for their religious convictions. and ravaged by war and most of all the thank you for our beloved country we are indeed one nation under god and if god we trust, so dear god bless america. you who live and train for ever and ever. amen. neil: cared knoll:who gave the benediction at the republican convention. there was some talk he would not be able to come here after he accepted the invitation after the republican party he had been very critical of this president on contraception and on birth control coverage including catholic charities. very critical of this president.
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bygones are bygones and the cargo was welcomed to give the benediction. cardinals can elect the pope. he could be a future pro. maybe wishful thinking. americans never get to be. whenever with the proverbial needle that you hear senator seven by as indian a senator tried to move the ball forward. but to be pragmatic good thoughts. >> thank you for that eulogy.
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>> this will be played between the 40-yard line. and the democratic base is not as enthusiastic as four years ago. but my guess is how it played outside of the reno. that 54 6% could go either way. it may have moved slightly in the president's direction. neil: but in the end we can go back to where we were. but in your state of indiana looking at other swing states that are very tight, what about now? >> the president did carry it to four years ago but that was the first time in
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50 years. it is a little uphill but the of their states that will decide the outcome, the economy tends to be better as a whole. the president has added vantage. hearing the autumn industry industry, and the autoworkers, think ohio. middle-class families. virginia, colorado, iowa, and also a high hispanic population. this race will be very close and economic numbers come out tomorrow. it could have a real impact. the debates will be important to have the two side-by-side without a filter. but tonight i think the
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president has a slight advantage to seven if he wins in the face of the recovery that is bumpy at best it would defy conventional wisdom many people might degree don't go back to the party that got you into the mess. but it is that a mandate? i get the sense is just not a lot of optimism six out of 10 americans debuts, a 52% talk about things getting worse. that is a damning environment. >> whoever wins probably will not have much of a mandate.
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if you win by knocking out your opponent is not give you the aground sole support -- ground swell support. neil: of the senate goes republican? even in that environment do we move the ball for work? >> unfortunate the the most likely a outcome is divided government. we had major fiscal problems, and the economy is not good enough. neither side will have unwillingness to work together. but it passed a happen. if they don't get their act together the markets will force it. think back to the debt ceiling when the markets tanked because congress could not get its act
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together. finally they did the right thing but unfortunately he will see more. neil: they cobble together an agreement that is falling apart right now. taking a 25% by eight out of the problem. and then to be put off by the super committee but december 31st is a hard deadline. neil: do they extend with a new administration and? >> if mitt romney is elected give him a chance of the president is reelected he may get a minor extension but a firm line in the sand. he does not want his final four years to be consumed fiscally so he can do other
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things. neil: thank you very much senator. the democrat for the state of california, you've heard the president tonight but what bothers me is when someone does not own a single mistake. remember george bush any mistakes and he cannot think of one at that time? the president said my problem may be my story. how i told it. i am paraphrasing. that bothers me. if you don't admit to something and blamed on the other guy i am worried. >> i did not hear that all. he did understand there were mistakes and and it could be done better. he said that clearly but he did not enumerate them.
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but he would have done things differently but. neil: maybe i missed it but i will defer to you. it is loud in here. i did not hear him say iran of bad budget deal down the republicans throats. i am shocked they did not accept it. they are not to be lily white but americans want to see mr. president, we have allows a recovery. are you at fault for anything? >> he did say there were mistakes and what he would do differently. i don't think we would expect it to be done in this speech but what we did was
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very specific programs to take on over the next four years. american manufacturing, and security issues. those are fundamental issues. and direction he wants us to go. neil: i tell you all the great issues and strategy i felt like doing the fox news alert in the middle of it. we are broke. $16 trillion in debt and spending money like we are not. i don't have those options. >> but he did say. >> we are strategic with
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squawked. >> he laid out how to bring the deficit down and when the war is over he will invest the $80 billion on america by building an america. neil: that is factored in the budgets. listen to what your saying. let's budget like we will buy a new car every year when in fact, we don't. is every three or four years of we are lucky. he budgets that savings that he can spend. it is not. it is not there. >> he did not say all of it would be spent. but over $100 billion is in iraq right now. we have to bring the troops home. look at how the budget is written going forward there is the assumption it is over
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$50 billion to be spent in afghanistan. that is real savings. there is serious savings in the defense program. not sweep -- sequestration but other savings and at add up. neil: and hope springs eternal. think you. >> let me say q for providing equal coverage for both. that is very, very appreciated by me and others who watch. neil: we value you coming on. back to douglas brinkley. i rudely interrupted but that will not hurt his book sales. number one on the best-seller list. from this president i say
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surely will it knowledge more than your acknowledging been to constantly blames the republican but i remember the first two years he did have the run of the table. but to test aspersions it gets old. >> this speech could have been delivered 2008. that has a flavor to ed to. >> more than any venue since. >> and some golden oldies talk about climate change in a real way so it has the same. to talk about rally the american people they need the spirits uplifted.
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but the two applause lines is gm being alive whenever a democrat says that come of the crowd goes wild. that is the trophy use the administration wants to present as the accomplishment. neil: joe biden/paul ryan debate? pmi that will be one interesting debate. joe biden is known for gaffes paul ryan is young and smart but has the facts down. i think it will be as interesting if not the mitt romney / obama's square off. neil: i did agree with that position. always a pleasure.
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thank you very much. they are wrapping things up in charlotte north carolina. the to do list is done. both sides get the word out. republicans did a good job into but to make sure everyone was happy. democrats picked up on the theme and far from running away, embraced it and endorsed it. you have republicans rally around capitalism and democrats happily rallied around the notion of government. fox business would be serious about this but you see my eight ugly mug. unfortunately you don't see more retracted if people. those who are much better
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looking him make it possible for me to be here. mike crew which is the best of any environment, a take negative shot. my staff has had no sleep. we do this for you because we love you and i promised them drinks. i did not. so they put that in the teleprompter. thank you. good night. >> the convention is finally over. the president asked us to rally around a set of goals. he has a plan to lead to new jobs, rebuild the economy. do you buy it? what does that mean for us to look at -- believe in free markets and what about our audience? that is our show.
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tonight cocotte. [applause] both conventions are over both seemed similar they said government has the answer elect me. we will make your life better what about people who care about dignity of the individual think? our new special correspondent kennedy is there. anything that you like? >> a couple of things. how or you? number one. the veterans video republicans could have
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capitalized on berkeley mush day she bushel and poignant and also tom hanks that was more effective than and clint eastwood. i like michelle obama's dress and her speech and it was emotional bertrand gabby give kurds to come on stage it was silent, incredible and people were amazed when she could do with rehabilitation. john: on the negative side? >> how long do we have? on bond could entitlements, more big government, that it would solve all of your problems, choice is a dirty word to both parties. the uses selectively. i find that offensive. john: we will come back to that theme we welcome back
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later with the interview she did with the libertarian presidential candidates. think about what we have heard we will talk to mark mcclure who founded the biggest tea party group now run citizens for self governance. and nick gillespie from reason tv. mark? three whence fired? >> not inspired. he is a good speech giver. john: he is better than romney. >> he is excellent. john: some people love it and crying in the audience. >> there was some substance. he said we should drill for more natural gas. that is the most abundant
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resources i am glad he brought that up and hopefully will follow through. john: a 100 years apply? i thought he resisted that? >> generally he has been unfavorable with domestic production by promoting its overseas. >> i am not hopeful. >> i like he mentioned the debt to two paydown and is eager to work with a bipartisan debt commission so we know that he knows it is there. we did not hear that talked about earlier. so now he acknowledges that. so far we have not seen him do anything in that direction. and. >> but that is not enough. >> i'd like he called how
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the g.o.p. with their plans for the next four years. he could do that talking to a mirror. [laughter] i like the etfs he attacked the romney for his privilege where he said if you need money for college ask your parents. this is the petty narcissism. they're not that different if they cannot be substantive, leaded be entertaining. john: not that different because they're all from privilege. >> right. or in a place of privilege. the race is millionaire verses multimillionaire. i feel unspoken four. john: implication of magical thinking they will make it happen. we can build big factories
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and double exports. and if we create 1 million new manufacturing jobs. and with the small this white knight 2 million jobs? if we are just playing numbers out of thin air. [laughter] john: i assume if they get out of the way exports would increase the can only go through subsidized industries to micromanage the economy. >> they both talk about what government will do. we their talks about government getting out of the way. john: they both said we will pick? >> mitt romney says he will create 12 million jobs. government does not create jobs. private industry does.
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[applause] john: mitt romney is ahead creating 12 million. [laughter] and they will raise the platform. free stuff for everybody. >> the president would like it if the economy would improve but he did not spell out what wanted to hear how the next four years are different. he says he is a changed man but does not talk about what approach. >> but one of the things i found distressing was not about substance how the president sees himself to like in himself to abraham lincoln i am down on my knees and humble all the
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time. he is not. we're not facing civil war. it would be nice to know he is not maniacal. he has put himself in old presidential biographies likening himself from washington and if you take the credit you take the blame. but in this speech were distressing psychological perspective. [laughter] john: but i think it is a speech americans will like. blooded america privilege profit at the expense of everyone else. >> you don't realize the system is racing against them. the painful part is they are right. >> we believe we're in this together is a far better
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philosophy fayyad on your own. john: that idea we're in this together, libertarians say you are on in your own and private charities but people say that is cruel. >> we have a culture of being in it together if we choose. we are the most charitable culture we give more money. >> used to be thousands of mutual aid societies. >> we don't government to force us and take our money to give it to other people caught. john: they say all together. >> and is a fundamentally false choice. this is not your show we
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will decide because we are in it together. [laughter] or you are on your own. write it come a produce it, but, it is a false choice. at the dnc is the system is rigged and broke and that appeals to people. we're all angry about something. republican say elizabeth warren cheated using affirmative-action zero or barack obama got into columbia because it is rigged against me but that is powerful. both parties use it to. john: but they should fix it to rather than say we voluntarily came. >> exactly. it sells because regardless of where you fall, people
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get the feeling the little guy is getting cheated. he does not have the opportunity is a previous decades. fax sells but the solution to empower big government and practice cronyism is the opposite but makes the problem worse. >> going back to minimum-wage. if you want to ruin poor people the best way is raise the minimum wage and price is the not of the market. it is horrible. john: it sells another thing is osama bin login is dead dead, gm is alive the audience snickers. [laughter]
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but they think the auto industry was eight we would not have cars otherwise a. >> not american cars. oldsmobile is dead. saturn is dead, hold parts of general motors is dead and the carcass will be back in bankruptcy. obama's at is a good speech giver but to what a good -- stupid idea loathsome a bin laden is dead? gm is a live. for now. it has cost billions of dollars and we're still on the hook. the market continues to decline. john: we don't know where the money might have gone. >> was crony capitalism at
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its worst run by the government where thousands of dealers were shut down based on political decisions they laid people off. >> and they ignored the differences. violated bankruptcy-law and a screw the bondholders. >> obama did acknowledge there is something the government can do but he did not say what it should err should not do. >> but then they will do them. is clear that is not what he believes are his philosophy. john: coming up america's biggest problem is we're
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going broke. politicians steal from my kids so what will the democrats do? anything? you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank.
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clap. john: every convention and speaker talks about how somebody grew up four. >> my mom said we need to hang on to our house. >> it was not easy. we were on through stamps. >> by grandmother spent her whole life working as a maid, a cook and babysitters. >> raised by a single mom struggling to pay the bills. john: is sounds good for opportunity. people move up. >> but it is false the obama's live a a privileged life with preps school getting a ride to i believe
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not the average american and story. bowles sides tried to pitch that if it is not true. >> i don't know if it should matter but the policy ideas milton friedman said how many view refused to see a doctor? it is the expertise that matters. [applause] >> when republicans say it ameritech is a place you can do it but democrats say there are some many victims. >> there empathizing we have programs, food stamps, welfare. john: and people learn republicans want to hurt people and lots of ways.
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>> then there is medicare. pesetas safeguarding they want to take with a promise that makes medicare and medicare and turn it into a voucher program. >> is just plain wrong. >> and they say that will win the election? >> no. your medicare is not going anywhere the romney/ryan plan does not kick 10 over 10 years. medicare is driving the bankruptcy of the country. it needs to be blown up. old this not mean collor. we're systematically robbing poor workers for them to
11:51 pm
base their entire life and retirement to give it to old people regardless if they needed not. this is where the parties are closest. john: at least paul ryan has a plan. the democrats say we will protect it. >> mitt romney is the top of the ticket saying he will preserve medicare and attacked every other republican who dared to question. but beyond that to he has the wrong answer. trying do guarantee current levels of benefit. we need to get rid of the idea just because you turn 65 you deserve a big fat check.
11:52 pm
john: i am a baby-boomers. i am robbing you. i am getting back three times what i paid. >> you have two different directions. neither party wants to scrap it but we do have the paul ryan brand which is very different with the independent payment advisory board. >> but to create about sure to go up in value. >> what is the better choice? or something of paul ryan? that is our choice. >> it is very similar but to we need to reconfigure medicare so security we need
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to rethink the social contract and then but nancy pelosi is medicare and social security. john: we are out of time. our special correspondent talks to my favorite candidate.
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john: for the past week kennedy has been our special correspondent at the democratic convention. i asked her to cover what the mainstream media doesn't politicians are obsess about recycling? >> they stock the garbage. there are recycling ambassadors posted at every
11:58 pm
garbage can. three sets within 50 feet with a person at every single set to. john: with the recycling police new-found the rules are so complex even the delegates cannot follow? >> these people have put stuff in the landfill pile that those of the recycle bin. it is an outrage. look at this. somebody recycled the landfill sign. there is irony. >> you say i am your ambassador. >> did you have to have trading brat? >> i recycle at home.
11:59 pm
john: i heard it goes to the basement where it is don't together then goes to a company it is separated again. but you talk about choice. i am pro-choice but it is about abortion? there are other choices. >> what about the choice to own a guide? >> not really. although we own guns. >> i think we should restrict fatty foods we intake. >> we? who do need? >> the government. >> the government should the not tell me what i can do with the pregnancy but when i put in my mouth? >> that is correct. john: he sees no hypocrisy? >> not all.


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