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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  September 7, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> time for your comments. thank you for having author davis on yesterday. he should have a great future in the republican party. albert on facebook pout bill clinton's speech. he's a good lawyer trying to defend a guilty climate. that's all forlou is back on mo. have a good weekend. good night. neil: back from chai lot, and i feel like i just got back from the moon. on all of this out of the world spending. the theme of the democratic convention, loud, and very clear. >> i will use the money no longer spent on war to pay down debt and put people back to work rebuilding roads and bridges. >> we have no intention of downsizing the american dream. neil: the treasury made this official, and it does seem
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ironic on this number nerdy show that we have according to the united states treasury, clips the 16 trillion dollar debt level. >> everyone knew this number would come. neil: congressman, you're among those who say we shouldn't hide from the spending, but embrace it? >> well, depends what you talk about spending money on. >> long term investments, and sometimes when you build a house, a road, you do have to borrow to make investments. neil: are you disaappointmented we have not seen more bang for the buck? >> today, we eclipsed $16 trillion of debt under this president. >> after $5 trillion of new debt, our economy is struggling. neil: the wrap against the president is he has no problem spending. >> that's not the issue. look, austerity never got a country out of recession. >> do we love our country enough we'll invest at the same levels in education -- neil: we don't have money to
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inest; right? >> that's because, neil -- neil: this president is spending billions more, and it's your money, and it has not yielded results. >> here's what i say to that. if, in fact, you're creating jobs here, that's good. if you are spending money oversea, and you're the country, that's bad. >> we had a debt clock last week, i don't see that this week. >> if paul ryan was honest, he would have pointed to the debt clock and said, "we built that." neil: it is amazing referring to the debt clock how few of your colleagues speaking down there do like it doesn't exist. >> i beg to differ on that. in addition to myself and others, president clinton talked about the deficit and the debt issue. >> we got to deal with this big long term debt problem, or it will deal with us. >> everyone's talking about how
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to move the country forward to get rid of the deficit. neil: never said that. >> oh, i think we've talked about it quite a bit. neil: no, they haven't. i was here. i might have missed it, sir. >> yes, i think i heard people talk about debt and deficits. neil: could have been while i was eating. it's a bipartisan problem, but don't you think it should be addressed? >> i think it is being addressed. it is being addressed. neil: do you have another convention? >> no, actually -- [laughter] neil: if we fight this month just trimming the growth of the debt, will we get together on cutting it? >> the american people put a lot of pressure on the next congress -- neil: you ignore it. republicans too, everyone ignores it like it's the 16 trillion thing, oh, what the heck. >> that's going to end. reduce the debt and deficit, cut spending. neil: you're the first guy i had here to say to volunteer. >> there is nothing that is going to create more jobs and economic activity than is
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overred by either of the presidential candidate than a real debt reduction deal. >> you know, we're going to have to make this bipartisan, or it's not going to work. neil: you're right, governor. >> our country is on a road towards insolvency. >> because after two wars that cost us thousands of lives and over a trillion dollars, it's time to do the nation building right here at home. [cheers and applause] neil: interrupting that with this just observation. we're broke! okay. got that off my chest. glad to be back in new york. loved tampa. i loved charlotte. glad to be back here. man, oh, man. man, oh, man. there you have it. more or less government. clear as a bell. the democrats happily approved, even happier, well, ringing all the bells. craig smith.
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craig, it was like an alternate universe. i'm not here to disparage democrats. they are nice, lovely people, as am i, by the way, but what -- is there a debt issue, neil? something going on? amazing. >> apparently not, neil. everything's fine. listen to the soaring rhetoric. i mean, neil, i love it when you asked people, but, congressman, we don't have the money, and the answer was? that's not the -- that's not the issue. okay. the issue is, blah, blah, blah. the president is going to save or he's going to take the $800 billion he's not going to spend on war to pay down the debt? he agents like it's in the bank to apply it to the national debt. nemo, it's just i can't imagine what you went through for two weeks where they are posturing for a vote, but nobody wants to deal with the math. this -- mr. obama is correct,
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this is basic math. if he wants to chide mr. romney about it, sit down with a pencil and a piece of paper. his math doesn't work, neil. neil: don't get me going with the math thing because bill clinton is a great orator and that, but when he mentioned the math thing, immediately the nerd i was, i said, well, you pick and choose your numbers carefully, mr. president, particularly when you started counting these jobs, the obama recovery began in february 2010, and so the year before, they don't count those job losses or counting the recent week numbers. leaving that aside and the craziness of that, what i witnessed, you know, in charlotte was akin -- i was too young for woodstock, but where everything goes, you can say and do anything, and it was dangerous. this is a political convention that was an incumbent party
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controlling two branches of the government oblivious to the realities around us. >> no, you're right, neil. look, it's not a partisan thing. i'm not opposed to democrats or for republicans. there was an ignorance to it, ignoring the facts, neil, and there was an ignorance to it. i love the metaphor of woodstock. we needed a rainstorm in the open stadium, last night, and there would have been a woodstock on our hands. neil: it was close. >> really. here's the reality, neil. we know what needs to be done. you, at fox business, knows what needs to be done. your anchors talk about it every day. if you are not getting fox business, demand it. neil: cutting a chack to you right now. go ahead. >> i know we're friends, but, neil, you have the best business coverage. no doubt about it because if you watch, and i won't say the other network, but the bottom line is they cheerlead. everything's fine, everything's
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going to be okay. they ignore the debt as well. when the president today spoke in new hampshire saying he's reducing the deficit, and mitt romney wants to give millionaires $5 billion worth of taxes, you can't balance the budget that way, nor by spending $5.3 trillion. neil: that's a point here, and i want to remind people, republican or democrat, when you talk about investing money that we don't have, and you call the wealthy to pay their fair share and ignore the 50% of americans who pay no income tax and that's fair, you send a signal to folks at home that they are idiots, gull l, and stupid. more people, of all persuasions, can be persuaded to arguments that are not so slanted. >> amen. i don't know how to answer that. you're absolutely right. i truly, believe, neil, some
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politicians, and some on both sides, really believe the american people are stupid, and they are too busy watching things going on in their average life to sit down and do math on these things. look, paul ryan's got a budget. i've read the budget. not all of it, but you know the cliff notes of it. it's a painful budget. we have to go through pain. neil: when they say the republicans talk about doing this and got to do this, they have 5 plan. they have a budget. you might not like the plan or budget, but to assume in broad generalities, and it's not on paper, of course; the ryan plan is something you can love it, hate it, make a hat from it, but there's something there. to disparage the republicans for being against the democrats saying they have no alternative, they do. again, i stress to people, that's not your cup of tea, fine, but don't assume there's something that's not there. there is. >> absolutely right. and think about this, neil.
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we have not had a budget in three years. i know you heard that over and over again, but i want the viewers to think about this. okay, that means they spend whatever they want, and at the end of the year, the comptroller says, well, we spent $1.5 trillion more than we should have. well, this year, we spent $1.3 trillion more and we think we're in good shape. mr. obama's budgets voted down by his party, unanimously. imagine if e budgets went through? worse off than $5.3 trillion. here's the bottom line. somebody has to tell the truth. now, how do you do that in this day in age when everyone takes ad word, malters what the word "is" is. we watched the artisanship of words used tuesday and wednesday night. you're right. bill clinton, i sat there going this guy's incredible. then i started thinking about the numbers and thinking about what he was saying, and, neil, it's just not true. we either deal with the facts. we deal with the math. we put this nation back on track.
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which 70% of american people say it on the wrong track. we can continue this soaring rhetoric, the feel-good speeches, and four years from now, we'll be another $6 trillion, that's what cbo says, another $6 trillion in the hole. neil: that's right. craig, thank you very much. craig smith. >> great seeing you. neil: calls the numbers as he sees them. not red, blue, or green. i want to point out a couple things i noticed at the convention before we go to this. when you have no money to invest, you can't face the american people and say i'm going to do this or that for you. i want to give both parties this challenge. look the american people in the eye and say i have no bacon for you, nothing i can give you. i can't do squat for you unless the debt is under control, and unless i address the money going out, not so much coming in, but unless i get o control on this, there's squat for you teachers,
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firemen, squat for the college kids who want guaranteed low interest rates the rest of their lives. if i don't handle this, this country goiz away. people are smart enough to appreciate that. we have in us the dna for the greatest generation that dealt with that. that seems far flung from us. last i checked, my mom and dad's blood courses through me. still fighting. you know what? it's in us. we're big enough. we're adults. we can say, all right, we're up for this. don't hue -- humor us or insult us. okay. all right. so four whole years later, a lot of democrats are still giving president bush a lot of flak. former bush chief of staff andy card on why that party might want to play a new card. >> we have 100% for patients because we represent. >> you might intimidate him, but
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neil: do you think the american people are in the mood to hear oh, mid god, here we go again. >> it's reasonable to point out when elected, we lost 800,000 jobs a month. >> george bush, and the republican policies, romney, ryan, the crowd hit us into an iceberg. >> people, we went from virtually no publicly held debt at the end of the clinton administration to nearly $10 trillion of debt at the end of the bush administration. >> remember how bad it was when they took office. neil: you mentioned bush. i think i'll shoot myself. [laughter] neil: if you take a look at any picture of president bush, you see 666? incredible. 60 dais until the election, but instead of looking ahead, democrats are still looking back. i don't care if you want to blame the former president or not, but i don't know what the
11:17 pm
statute of limitations on blame is, but that president, former chief of staff here now. andy, it gets old. i think even for those who are critics of the former president is getting old for them. >> it does. it gets old. the obama administration is quick to claim credit, seldom share credit, but quick to claim credit. they are slow to accept responsibility, and they almost never take the blame, and so president obama's been there long enough that his policies had enough to work, but they don't work. is not about a replay button in the obama presidency, but no llatcies in placand that >> this election isn't about hitting a replay lection in the obama presidency, it's about putting a new policy in play. if you don't like the direction the president obama is taking us,. the four-year thing -- that might not work out well.ok at which i think is a very true
11:18 pm
strategy. let's take a look at the 29 -- r 30 months in a row and ignore what happened in the first yearh year and two or three months. thama the obama recovery actually starts around february or march. a lot of the people were telling me that. that was the measuring pointe they are using. a neil: are there nuances to this? >> their the other statistic that people don't talk about -- a lot of 'v people have left the work force. they have given up and walkedho unemployment numbers are are not actually worse than they appear because people who no longer arf looking for work or not counting on the numbers. we also have a phenomenal member of people who are underemployedn today. so he that is all a function of thehe policies of president obama and what he has put into place. p he has not offered solutions to real he problems. he did inherit a mess.
11:19 pm
president bush, when he tookn office, president clinton inherited a problem. he solved it by having tax cuts for everybody. he got bipartisan support, he then moved forward to put in place the policies that allow us to grow out of that so we didn't get any deeper.ership that' but he hasn't provided the leadership that is necessary leadership as of anything else. neil: i just think that we should remember our presidents are not kings, and, i mean, outside of the initial start of the term, president bush was dealing with the democratic congress. it's either they were op to that, or they were just, you know, out of it, but bottom line is they were part of it. leaving that -- >> they were. neil: i'm wondering what the president's message is going forward? we know what he dealt with coming on. i think i heard bill clinton talk about no president had to deal with what he dealt with. i don't know, abraham lincoln
11:20 pm
came to mind. that was rough there. why is it that there's not more criticism or fact checking on the hundreds of thousands of jobs reportedly adding to manufacturing, maybe since the bailout, and losingsighted of -- losing sight of the fact we are down in the administration. why aren't they calling on it if >> i think there's selective analysis taking place on both sides. look, this is a campaign season, and there's going to be hyperbole from both camps. accepting responsibility and accepting some of the blame of the policies that failed is very important for president obama to do, and he has not done that. he has not accepted responsibility. he has not described his responsibilities, and he's certainly not taken any blame, and he deserves blame for the dull drums in our economy right now. neil: i could be naive. i don't think there's wrong with the american people saying i goofed on this. i goofed. i learned. i moved on.
11:21 pm
anyway, that's why i'm reading a prompter for a reading. andy card, great seeing you. >> thawrchg, neil, good -- thank you, neil, good to see you too. neil: the chip is really about the hit the fan. do you feel weird coming back to these things? here you were a quarter searching -- century ago. >> no, i don't feel weird. sorry i didn't win as i say to the fellow democrats. the fellow democrats. we wouldn't be in this mess. these fellas used capital one venture miles
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>> they are so substantial, they need to be addressed quickly, and some of those things require hard decisions, and i think that in the context of doing that, people will get uncomfortable. neil: what did he know then? makes you wonder; right? things are uncomfortable. we were worried at the republican convention, and company lowering sales forecast for this quarter, maybe the rest of the year. the chip maker saying economy is slowing down, and it's not picking up. the economy is beaten down. that worries me. >> did he blame george bush for the slow down? neil: he's not a phil moore fan, no. incredible. when someone like that says i see something dicey out here. >> not good, without question. intel lowering guidance for the future, below the range before, lowering margins saying people are not there buying pcs saying a lot aboutth consumer, the business community, not buying
11:26 pm
computers, and at the same time, people are buying tablets of the that's one of the republicans we are not selling as many pcs because of apple and amazon. neil: they are not big in that market. >> right, right. butt that in there as well. it's a sign of what's going on in the economy like the jobs picture. neil: a lot of people in both conventions said on our off air, we see a sputtering, struggling, not necessarily getting worse, but what we've got for awhile economy. how would that go down? >> without question. have you talked too a single person who says this going to take off, i see bright things in the future. no, absolutely no one is saying that. neil: maybe 2%? >> yeah, this is not the country we know. this is not going to get people to work. if you look at, you know, in order to get the unemployment rate back up, we got to have 100,000 or 200,000 jobs every month without question to get people back too work. we're nowhere near that at all. businesses don't want to hire. they don't feel good about
11:27 pm
things. they don't see the demand. consumers are barely buying, just replacing things they absolutely need to. neil: you're in a war zone. >> yeah. neil: you didn't start a war. >> i thought about it. neil: how was that? that was pretty scary, wasn't it? >> it was very interesting. we were on the u.s. enterprise out in the strait of hormuz, out there in the arabian sea patrolling it, on the tour of duty, going through the strait, a 13-mile stretch, passed through it eight times. when they go flu -- thraw the strait in the coast of iron, iranis come out and check out the ship. it's important water. neil: can the iranis make that their own and shut it down? >> you know, not for any length of time, i don't think. i asked everyone the question. they all had different answers on and off the record. i think it's possible for a
11:28 pm
short period of time, they can go out there and do something, but we have a lot of military might in the area that would open it up. it would cause such a conflict. oil prices, would, without question, spike. you know, and everybody's watching iran in the region to see if they'll have a nuclear weapon and what that means for all of their neighbors. there is a lot of tension in the area. you definitely feel it on the ground. when you're on the u.s. enterprise, you know, they are immune to it, out there doing their jobs. they are proud and strong men as women, and we are lucky to have them receiverring without question. neil: i was happy you didn't start a war. >> it's always a danger. i say that in the makeup room. that's where i cause problems. when i'm there, i try to be serious. neil: you're the best, melissa francis. democrats all-in on a bailout. next, how celebrating the tough calls could mean trouble for all of us. >> he organizedded the rescue.
11:29 pm
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neil: so, the auto rescue, big theme here. >> anyone in the auto industry will tell you we were right on the edge of the abyss. obama came in, stuck to it, got it done. >> the auto industry restructuring worked. >> general motors and chrysler were literally on the verge of liquidation. >> all across america, autos are back! manufacturing! [cheers and applause] why? you know what i'm saying. neil: halftime, can i call a
11:33 pm
timeout? yon, for taxpayers? a lot of celebrating over the auto bailout. remember taxpayers 1234 the folks paying for everything? oh, i don't know, us? who was arguing for taxpayers' interest? the little girl whose health care she can now provide thanks to the health care law whose costs are climbing. women singing the praises of contraceptive coverage. the college kid, the president, had keep those federally mandated low interest college loans coming. the union workers, the scores of underwater homeowners grateful to democrats to keeping them in the house, and i hear fine folks, very fine stories, and nearly norman rockwell tales of hardship, and how democrats rescued them, and i think to myself, self, democrats department rescue them, taxpayers rescued them. we did. no one asked us to sign the
11:34 pm
check. they signed it for us, took the money from us whether we were for or against this stuff, to take care of constituents they cobbled together, constituents forever loyal to the president thanks to his spending, our dime. look, i know this sounds callous, and i don't mean to, but if democrats were keen to show the real faces of america, could they stop for a moment and honor the taxpayers footing the bill for that america? could they have $16 trillion debt, and the tab they leave the taxpayers is idea to throw a few sob stories at them and hope they say, well, i guess that's money well spent. now, i love those soapy coke commercials like the next guy, but i have a choice. we have no choice buying the carefully marketed image because this is not any new coke. just, afraid to say the same old joke on us just like the tears
11:35 pm
brought on by speaker after speaker of constituent group awarded with our money with images that leave opponents looking like scoundrels because they actually fear we are wasting the money. that's what i want to throttle. democrats using victims to justify their spending. a sad story to cover the sadder spending history. i kept looking across the vast room at 20,000-plus union workers and beneficiaries of every conceivable benefit government officers, the teachers, students, policemen, firemen, health care workers, retirees, leaving those of us paying the bills wondering no one lobbied for them, pushed for their rights or accountantedded -- accountanted for their money. don't get me wrong. some of the stories touched my heart. not before i realized, gee, where's my wallet? where's my wallet? more after hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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>> we're not entitled to success. we have to earn it. we honor the strivers, the dreamers, the risk takers, entrepreneurs, the driving force behind our free enterprise system, the growth and prosperity that the world's ever known. neil: i think he said you did build that. the president sounding pro-business owner, but they say he's giving them nothing but problems in their business. patty, of course, famous for taking on the president of the united states on this very issue. i always admire this lady's guts for doing that. here, and, patty, you had a chance, i don't know if you watch all of the democratic convention, but to the president's point that by dialing back on attacking business or trying to say nice things about entrepreneurs, people like yourself, your colleagues here today, that this is a different president with a
11:40 pm
different message. what do you think of that? >> yeah, i think there was a lot of rhetoric. i didn't hear the details. it was interesting to me that, you know, the message of hope and change has gone away, and now he says, you know, just hope, hope that i can get it right in this second term. so, yeah, i don't -- i think they just told us what we wanted to hear and wavedded the flag and nothing's going to change. neil: you are shaking your head, butch. >> it's about hope. we hope we get it right. i heard four years ago, if it's not done in first three years, i will not run again. here we are again. neil: what did you want to hear? >> now will rehelp the unemployed? give grant money, trained them not to be unemployed, do a different career, banks to give money to small businesses, like what's helping my business and others like me? grant money? do things for us? not just, you know, we're going
11:41 pm
to cut this and we're going to add on, you know, exporting stuff. you know, it's all over the place, but it's not specific. i want to hear specifics. neil: you know, i was looking at the crowd there, and i don't know how it resinated back home, but there were a lot of beneficiaries of that government there, the union reps and various teacher unions and what else. very good folks, doafnt -- don't get me wrong, but the folks paying the bills for those folks, that was a vital con stitch weapon sigh -- constituency missed. what did you think? >> i i heard more teachers, not more small business. it's the backbone of america. i hear rhetoric. i don't hear there's going to be an energy poll -- policy or how to put money in your pocket. you heard me say numerous times until the consumer has money,
11:42 pm
the economy will not recover. i heard nothing about what's going to drop energy prices. i heard about alternative energy. nothing lowering the cost. i heard about manufacturing coming back. you tell me how manufacturing's going to come back when energy prices go up, and we have the highest tax rates in the world. it's not going to happen. neil: what i noticed, someone as who is an economic nerd here and follows the numbers. the incredible naive statement, i wish i had it verbatim, but i don't. the president said you pay a higher wage to the workers, they will be able to buy your cars, and as a result, they'll be able to make you richer too. well, that would be all well and good, but it loses sight of the fact that business is all about, you know, controlling costs, and to make money off of the investments that are built into your base. it would be lovely to pay sky high salaries, and you compete with folks who are getting their labor abroad at the fraction of
11:43 pm
the price. what part of just basic economics do democrats not get this week? >> well, you know, what's really interesting is he was extolling the virtues of steve jobs who, don't get me wrong, is brilliant, but didn't make mention of the fact that the ipad and iphone is made overseas. that's not helping our countries. neil: details, patty. >> think about it. neil: you're right. >> i'm smalling myself saying he does not get it. of course, we're going to pay higher wages. i'd love to pay higher wages. unfortunately, we can't do that because as soon as the health care reform kicks in in 2014, i'm going to have to be paying a lot more in health care. it's just -- there's a big huge disconnect in this administration. i don't get it. neil: we know, guys, is why 24-s the disperty. republicans faulted for not
11:44 pm
offering specific maps. you might know like it, but it's a clear blueprint, democrats don't like it, pick and choose what you like, but now the question becomes how government can help you. you told me last time by not helping you; right? by getting out of the way. >> get out of the way. i can understand how you regulate how food is served and like that, but if you put up a tent as a regulation, drive down the wrong street, there's a regulation for everything. walking out your door there's a regulation. it gets worse and worse and worse. neil: not so much the tax situation, but washington, get off my back with all of this -- these rules that if i don't know i'm stile -- i'm still cull -- culpable; right? >> big brother is watching everything. it's tough for small business to succeed. neil: david, if that's the case, and if you could have a moment
11:45 pm
before the president's speech last night to say, here's what you need to say, big guy, what would you have said? >> well, just -- neil: that you can repeat. >> i'm telling you, you know, it's just get off my back. it's that -- you got to wake up and realize you cannot keep passing the rules, ragelations. neil, it's this way. unemployment, sounds great we extend unploy. do you know why those costs are up? the state borrows the money. you are penalized every time you do a feel-good moment. you are peoplizing those of us who are just hanging on my a thread that are keeping people employeded. your feel good moments are killing us, mr. president. >> patty? >> amen, sister. i agree. >> yeah. >> if i had a chance to talk to him, i would beg him if they are going to enact regulationings,
11:46 pm
they should be mandated to have the people who regulate and who come up with the regulations, go to a small business, and they should have to permly prepare whatever it is they make us do. neil: patty, you will never get another chance to talk to him again. >> i know. neil: they have a zone of silence around you. guys -- >> a restraining order. neil: thank you, you offer common sense perspectives on this stuff. >> thank you. neil: it's just sinking in, the convention, speeches, election night, a the network covering them all, everyone noticing, and i mean, everyone.
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
11:49 pm
neil: told you we'd follow your money, and we followed everyone spending it. this week was big. take a look. this is fox business
11:50 pm
coverage of the election 20 # 12 #, the democratic national convention. here's neil cavuto. neil: news today that the national debt eclipsed $16 trillion. >> we are better off. neil: not using that as a bumper sticker, are you? >> i got a bumper sticker for you. bin laden is dead, and gm is alive. neil: where we would be without the bailout? >> i think about the restructuring. president obama doesn't get enough credit for it. neil: this party is embracing big government, and not at all ashamed of it. >> for us democrats, obama care is a badge of honor. neil: early on, health care is seen as a virtue, not a vice. >> are we better off because president obama fought for health care reforms? you bet we are. >> if we don't end up reducing the costs, it will bankrupt america. >> he takes away our individual
11:51 pm
rights, tagses -- taxes people. >> cut spending. neil: you're the first guy who volunteered to reduce the debt and deficit. the democrats at the convention are not retreating from their initiative, their spending. >> if we want to win elections in november and keep the country moving forward, if we want to earn the privilege to leave, my message is this, it's time for democrats to grow a backbone and stand up for what we believe. [cheers and applause] neil: the backbone comment got a positive response. what were you trying to say this had they're? >> trying to say we have to be about the values, essential to the american values, the character, stand up for that, and we win. >> romney's performance was a disaster. neil: did he lie about the debt going down? >> it's not the truth. >> this president delivered for the middle class. neil: he brought the house down speaking not too long ago, and
11:52 pm
you think democrats should be embracing that? >> democrats should be embracing the fact we have a president who led us out of a crisis. we have to keep moving forward. >> president obama is moving america forward, not backward. neil: would you run for president? >> i have not spent time thinking about it or doing anything other than working for president obama's re-election. everyone tweets my mom. >> america needs four more years of president obama. >> what are you going to do different if legislated the next four years? how are you going to be be accountable for it. >> corporations are not people. people have hearts. neil: this president is spending billions more, and it's your money. >> if, in fact, you're creating jobs here, that's good. corporations do what's in their best interest even if it's in the worst interest of the country. that's dangerous and bad for every american. >> now what we saw since the
11:53 pm
recession was that a slamming, first, at the private sector, and now at the public sector. neil: do you worry that businesses is not represented here? >> when business and labor define common ground. >> it is our hope that we latch on. [cheers and applause] neil: i was outside when the congressman delivered those remarks. you know, people were stomping in their tracks. >> the people in the hall who will go home are going to go home more convinced we have to win more than when they arrived. neil: the cliff at the end of the year, nothing is getting done. >> the is nothing that is going to create more jobs and economic activity than a real debt reduction deal. >> with the opportunity we build today for a shared prosperity tomorrow, america will prevail. neil: what is your message going
11:54 pm
to be at the convention? >> well, that i think that president obama has made things better in the last four years. >> business needs the president who covered the backs of businesses. >> i love that we can trust barack to say what he's going to do, even when it's hard, especially when it's hard. >> today, president obama is making smart investments. neil: what part of "broke" don't you understand? >> i want to rebuild america. spending money on infrastructure? yes. making sure that america creates jobs? yes. spending money on tax cuts for people on the top? no >>. >> you can make that happen. >> the last four years, great speeches, great rhetoric. has not worked, neil. >> let me thank you for providing equal coverage for both, and that's very, very appreciated by me and others who watch. neil: all right. you know, i would -- our guest
11:55 pm
here, guys, we can agree or disagree. i hope it's never disagreeable. i had a number of democratic guests and republican guests, and quite a few of you e-mailed very nice and commenting on this ratings news that enhanced households of a certain other business network, clobbering 2-to-1. that's all well and good, but i'll tell you something. we just want to foster this today. we want to foster this issue about money. i think you can do it without hammering people over the head, challenging them in an engaging friendly member. we tried to do that with countless others on the right and left. when people know that, we mean what we say. we know we're in this to look at your green, we're not red or blue. i say that until i'm blue in the face, but we're honest with you, direct with you. you know where i'm coming from. that's why we address the candidates and those speakers at both conventions who, you know, they say to people, oh, yeah,
11:56 pm
we'll get back to you after it comes to mind. massachusetts, right, we'll get back to you. the reason why we desended the convention to talk to him because he ignored us. people ignored us. we want to talk to them, not ambush them. when it's issues of your money and a party advocating spending your money and developing a backbone, as if that's a cause to spend more money, it deserves to be explained, and we wanted it explained. we'll chase them and find them. picture me as john candy on a bender following you, and you don't want to talk to me, that's it, it's going to be a long campaign season. think about it. we're thinking about you and your money. we mean it. thank you very much for watching. ♪ the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more [ russian accent ] rubles. eh, eheh, eh, eh. [ brooklyn accent ] 50% more simoleons. [ western accent ] 50% more sawbucks.
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