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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  September 8, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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>> time for your comments. thank you for having author davis on yesterday. he should have a great future in the republican party. albert on facebook pout bill clinton's speech. he's a good lawyer trying to defend a guilty climate. that's all for >> and the convention is finally over. the president asks us to rally around a set of goals. he has an achievable plan. more jobs, more opportunity, rebuild the economy. do you buy it? what does it mean for us who believe been free markets? and what about the audience?
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that is our show. tonight. [applause] john: the convention is over. we heardto sales pitches. both say government has the answer. elect me. we make your life better. really? what about those who believe in the individual proposed? our special correspondent kennedy is at the convention. anything that you liked? >> yes. number one.
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the veterans video. republicans could have capitalized it was emotional , and had the subtitle -- a plea from tom hanks which is better than clint eastwood and the chair. and gabby deferreds came on stage was silent and people were amazed what she could do. they were very moved. john: on the negative side? >> how long? the unfunded title mense and the promise of more big government. and assuming government will solve your problems. choice is a dirty word. both parties use it selectively. i found that offensive.
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john: we welcome back to that. also with an interview she did with the libertarian presidential candidates. what do others think about what we heard? we are with mark meckler uno run the citizens for self governance, hadley, and net gillespie. u.s. inspired? >> we know he is the good speech giver. john: better than romney? >> at the podium he is a plus. but he said we should drill for more natural gas. that is the most abundant resource.
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hopefully he will follow through. john: to develop a 100 year supply of natural gas price by thought he resisted that? >> he was then favorable energy production but favoring overseas. i am not hopeful. >> i like he mentioned that. and he is a eager to work with the bipartisan debt commission. we know that he knows there is $60 million in debt. that was not talk about earlier. in is acknowledged. i am curious of his plan. he has not done anything so far. john: he will tax the rich people. >> if you do the arithmetic
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it is not enough. >> i like he called out the g.o.p. to be paid with their plans. he could practice talking to a mirror. [laughter] but unlike media he attacked balmy for privilege if you need money for college ask your parents. and also paul ryan. this is petty differences. if they cannot be substantive, let it be entertaining. john: they're all from privilege. >> are all in a place of privilege. mrs. is a race of millionaire vs. multimillionaire. i feel one spoken for. john: and magical thinking that they make this happen. we can help them double exports.
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if we choose this path with millions of manufacturing jobs. >> one thing that is straight game is it is magic. why not 2 million jobs? as long as we pull stuff out of thin air then go hog wire [laughter] john: i assume if they get out of the way exports would increase. or subsidize special industries then micromanage the economy. >> they will pick winners and losers. neither of them talks about government getting out of the way. >> both parties say hot they will pick winners? >> romney said 12 million jobs. private industry creates
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jobs. not government. [cheers and applause] john: romney is ahead creating 12 million. >> bay will raise the platform and indexed at inflation. >> obviously right now but did not spell out what i wanted to hear how the next four years are different. he is a changed man but what approach he would change. he mentioned mistakes but did not elaborate. >> also one thing fact is distrusting it was about how the president sees himself. just like abraham lincoln i am on my knees. but he is not.
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we're not facing this award would be nice to know the president is not maniacal. he put himself on the old presidential biographies on the website likening himself with george washington. if you take the credit you take the blame. but there were many moments that word distressing from a psychological perspective. [laughter] [applause] john: one theme is the privilege profit at the expense of everyone else. >> the system is rigged against them. and the painful part? they are right. >> we believe we are in this together is a far better
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philosophy than on your own. >> b.a.t we're in this together. the precarious day you're on your own. private charities will help. >> we have a culture to be together. we are the most charitable culture in the world. >> there used to the thousands of mutual aid societies. >> we don't want government to tell us how to give money to other people. john: politician say we aren't in it together. >> it is a false choice. this is not your show any
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more let's get the audience or you are on your own. right to it, produce it, solid, but the dnc had the jt's the system is a raid or broken. because we're all angry about something. elizabeth warren it she did you saying affirmative-action world, got into columbia or price first of. that is a powerful dimension. is interesting to see both parties using that. john: big government should fix it rather than voluntarily. >> it sells because regardless people get the
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feeling the little guy is getting cheated. he does not have the opportunities today prior decades but the solution is with the big businesses? that is the opposite. >> if you want to ruin poor people then raise the minimum wage. >> prices people out of the market. >> more middle-class get jobs and it is horrible. john: it sounds like helping the poor osama bin login is dead, gm is alive. >> it audience snickered. [laughter] they think the american auto
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industry was saved, we would not have cars of the bias. >> not american cars. oldsmobile and saturn and chevrolet aveo is dead. it will be in bankruptcy again. obama is a good speech giver but what the idiotic statement. hallelujah. osama bin laden is dead. gm is alive for now. it has cost billions of dollars the stock continues to decline. john: now we don't know where the money might have gone.
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>>crony capitalism at its worst. they reorganize the company, laid people off and ignored the differences. the administration violated bankruptcy law, screwed the bondholders and a lost money for the taxpayer at the same time. >> kaltbaum acknowledged there are some things that government can do. but he did not say what they should your should not do. john: then they will do that. >> is clear that is not what he believes or his philosophy. john: america's biggest problem is we're going broke.
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[applause] john: at the convention and every speaker talks about how somebody grew up four. >> my mom worked so we could hang on to our house. >> it was not easy. we were on food stamps the. >> my grandmother's spent her life working as a maid, cut, and babysitters. >> barack was raised by a single lomb struggling to pay the bills. john: it sounds good for opportunity. democrats acknowledge a mobile society. >> but it is false.
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the obama's have their privileged life with high end preps schools, a full ride to i believe it is frustrating both sides tried to pitch that. >> i don't know that it should matters how many group for but it should be the policy ideas but the milton friedman said how many of you refused to see a doctor it is the expertise that matters. [applause] john: the republicans say you could do that the democrats say there are so many big dams government passed to the big to halt. >> they are empathizing to say we have the programs, food stamps, welfare so it is a safety net to. john: thank god for the
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safety net. john: reheard republicans want to hurt people. >> then there is medicare. instead of safeguarding the scene years romney/ryan want to take away the promise of medicare turning into a voucher program. >> is just plain wrong. john: the chattering political class say that will not win the election. >> the republicans say the same thing. medicare is not going anywhere. the romney rights plan will not kick in. not for another 10 years. medicare's dry been the bankruptcy. it needs to be blown up. we need to recognize old this not mean pour we are systematically robbing young workers of this seed capital
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goal to base their life in retirement to give it to old people regardless if they need it. and this is where their closest but they are still arguing. john: at least paul ryan has a plan. the democrat say we will keep it strong for seniors. >> mitt romney is the top and have said he will preserve medicare and attacked every other republican who dared to question it. but paul ryan has the wrong answer because he tries to guaranteed current will ovals of benefits. that is unsustainable. we need to get rid of the idea just because you turn 65 you get a big check.
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john: i am baby-boomers. we don't think of it as a big check. i am getting back three times what i paid. >> we have two different directions. maybe it is not extreme but we do have paul ryan's plan that is different from the democrats. the independent payment advisory board is from the democrats. >> but paul ryan will magically do it with a voucher to go up in value. >> what is the better choice? what we have were moving to paul ryan? >> they are too bad choices. we need to reconfigure medicare, social security created for people coming
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out of the great depression. we are a different world now. we need to rethink the social contract. not that nancy pelosi gets medicare and social security john: we're out of time. we go back to the convention where kennedy talks to my favorite presidential favorite presidential candidate. [ male announcer ] how do you trade? with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor,
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john: for the past week kennedy has been our special correspondent master what to cover the mainstream doesn't but they are upset about recycling? >> they stock it. there are recycling ambassadors three sets of
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three garbage cans within 50 feet of me with a person stake at every single set to >> even their recycling police there so complex even delegates cannot follow them? >> a lot of people put stuff in a landfill pile this is an outrage. someone recycled the landfill sign. >> we tried to stop the people that you say i am your ambassador. >> did you have to have training? >> i recycle all. >> i heard it goes to the
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basement it separated again. >> but you talk about choice but to them that means abortion? >> there are other choices in life. >> what about the choice to own a gun? >> no. although we own some guns. >> we should restrict the fatty foods we intake. kennedy: we? the government should not tell me what i should do with the pregnancy but what i put in my mouth? >> that is correct. [laughter] john: they see no hypocrisy?
9:30 pm
>> they thought the logic was bought on. john: they oppose school choice but it is all about abortion. >> yes. they oppose free-market or any sort of free trade. that is an offensive term. john: you have the fox sign on your microphone. kennedy: this is the first time we could use the fox business microphone. we were told explicitly talking to protesters because people would chant obscenities or take the microphone zero or take our stuff and maybe hurt us. that is not cool. [laughter] john: some protesters some made accurate points?
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>> of falls on the shoulders of republicans and democrats >> amen. >> a one-party government masquerading as two parties. kennedy: we should not have bailed the banks out. >> i don't either. >> or the auto industry it buydown neither. >> we should not pass obamacare. >> i think i like to. >> hi five. john: many have libertarian views? >> they did not know it but it was a great moment for me. john: they oppose the drug raids and the drones and against deficit spending? >> they are against the stock and chris colossus when told of their libertarians they were
9:32 pm
strangely appalled. >> the one who agrees this rum gary johnson. >> our things going? >> i cannot complain. >> some people wanted to% are libertarian. they want a balanced budget. are you having a hard time convincing people there libertarians? >> obama's says the right themes but specifically said reading marijuana medical facilities. what about the perpetual war? will be continue the unsustainable that? vote libertarian just this one time. [laughter]
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kennedy: i don't know if the libertarian party likes that [laughter] john: thank you for being there. so i don't have to do it. john: next week we will do show on third parties and learn more about what president gary johnson would do. but what about the war on women? we asked over 3,000 doctors to review 5-hour energy and what they said is amazing. over 73 percent who reviewed 5-hour energy said they would recommend a low calorie energy supplement to their healthy patients who use energy supplements. seventy-three percent. 5-hour energy has four calories and it's used over nine million times a week. is 5-hour energy right for you? ask your doctor. we already asked 3,000.
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[cheers and applause] john: welcome back to oppose democratic convention in coverage. what about the free-market spot? we have our all-star panel.
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mark meckler, nick gillespie and hadley. kennedy talked to the delegates about being pro-choice. why is that just about abortion? are there other choice is? >> valhi care about. i cannot see the economy is crumbling, an employee arrayed to. john: stick to choice. >> they use the word that we heard euphemism for women's rate to decide their own choices. they obviously mean abortion because any other health care choice i make is dictated as it takes over the health care system.
9:39 pm
obamacare is a huge threat to our decisions. john: david those opened my mind. choice for having a gun? what about the unpaid intern ? and no. it is so the go. you choose what to pay, where to invest your social security fund, what to food to eat, recreational drugs, a woman's right to send her child to a different school. >> some would benefit to win in more. owning a gun is a great thing to defend herself. i am disappointed to see the democratic party negative about choices. john: and women are about 50 50's split on the legality. i am very confused. >> just agree and it will be okay.
9:40 pm
john: then i move on. [laughter] the platform is impressed he has created government agencies. the coordinated health care office, through obamacare, center for innovation, primary-care extension program, patients centered outcomes institute institute, a 30 agencies. >> they will be coordinated by the bureau of wtf. [laughter] [laughter] in this pretty clear there were ancient cave men to get away from making a decision. >> democrats have to find other things to talk about a
9:41 pm
heard about us statewide exchanges but it is still so on popular they have to talk abroad the center for innovation in. >> what to agency and they getting rid of? that is what i am waiting for. >> they will not run office saying this. even the education department to run a break and talked about that. >> people want to get rid of the agency's wobble sides. >> not just tea party groups i also speak to progressive groups there is agreement government is too big. >> but the elite leadership
9:42 pm
wanted the big your government. they are fighting over who controls the bigger government. >> obama's said you have a choice. we could cut it are out educate. >> aig will go with the second one. [laughter] their the false choice that they tried to enforce. yes orono? it is b.s. john: and putting it is not on the table. they have triple spending. >> george w. bush massively increased federal involvement with no job of behind. >> said decentralization of power to the individuals are
9:43 pm
most invested with the outcome. obama's as we pile more stuff on the top. incidence a week tried to give more money and let's give it to the parents. john: then the schools would compete. >> it should be a choice and get rid of the department of education. [applause] john: just cut the bureaucracy. >> it is a local responsibility. >> >> the longest war will be over but yet to the have taken out the soldiers but 60,000 people in an embassy still? 68,000 troops. >> he said we would be out
9:44 pm
2014. just like iraq levying on a plan for adduced under george to be booed at -- under bush and leon panetta was asking to stay there passed the 2011 deadline. this president has not earned his nobel peace prize [applause] john: my audience watched ♪ the one and only, cheerios the capital one cash rewards card
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[applause] john: audience participation in. we're here with mark meckler who founded the biggest tea party group and nick gillespie from reason tv. from facebook, . >> i think it is the vote for a legitimate politician
9:49 pm
who has a great idea to let people live their lives. if mitt romney loses this election it is because republicans think and have not earned my vote. john: hadley has said different position. >> is a two horserace either mitt romney will be president or obama has four more years. we have the opportunity to affect the outcome. when reproach we are impacting we only have one vote to give. libertarians should evaluate which option is more liberty for a delay? >> obamacare has been sold us the answer to all health
9:50 pm
care issues. then why were so many unions and political allies given waivers and exemptions? john:. >> obamacare has a lot of flaws. and it is crony capitalism. they were were promised millions of new customers. it is big government health care to seven politicians say kiss my brain are will give you a special break with retail politics. >> of republicans and democrats care about the middle class why do they have to subsidize their
9:51 pm
convention and? john: you paid for these conventions. it is the infomercial. >> 1/2 to force us. we would not do it willingly >> $80 million. >> but it is true takes place in a heavily is subsidized stadium. it is bad news all the way down. nobody wants to pay for their own party. john: we should stop. [applause] >> senator kobren said get rid of it and congress ignored him. >> obama's said he would regulate the auto industry to have twice as is efficient vehicles. current bottom maker is incentivize on their own? >> no. we're too stupid. >> that is what the
9:52 pm
government believes. the fuel standards are much more erred dangerous requirements to build lighter cars and thousands are dying. in this field efficiency over human lives. >> we will need the cars to go twice as far because gas will be twice as expensive which is okay s. obama's said it will be twice as expensive. from facebook coelho. john: but people like that. we are in it together. and is not left versus right or democrat versus republican and. it is the ruling elite verses the regular people.
9:53 pm
[applause] john: kennedy said what do you mean by weak? not if they give us orders. >> they mean people who think alike some describe two different velocities but that diversity of thought makes our country great. john: and think you. coming up i will tell you
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john: the obama administration and announced the campaign theme for were. in makes me wonder for work? bankruptcy? serfdom? obama's campaigned yes we can and enthusiast said yes we did. what did they do that makes them proud? yes we did increased military spending. of spending. a lot. another $4 trillion in debt. we continue our pointless
9:58 pm
war on drugs. we took over american health care without reading the bill. hear this. is we did pass more regulation. not as many rules as president bush but obama cost more. we now have thousands of pages of rules for you to obey. you don't understand? it will bankrupt you? don't worry. you will get an exception. that gives them power. obama's made it okay for openly gay people to serve in the military or let immigrants stay here legally. that is it. here is what i wish he said. i was wrong to expand government.
9:59 pm
i overreach. it put this on the unsustainable course. i meant government can. but now realize because of the book written by john stossel led government fails individual succeed. i will restore limited government to restore the peace but leave people alone. john: they never say about. mr. president use a high of the lead in the liberal social order by jefferson sought a free society unimpeded by politicians. mr. president, you have the distortion where it means government rth


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