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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  September 9, 2012 1:30am-2:00am EDT

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and financials 25%. >> brenda: toby what do you think. >> i'm bearish because the look on your face, looks like you didn't believe what you were saying. >> brenda: and toby, what do you believe in. >> hey, that kindle is killing it, but short of memory so i like san disc probably up 20, 30%. >> brenda: jonas, what do you think about that. >> and focus on the stock for a little-- (laughter). >> all right, ka vut cavuto is from the conventions and fired up. the show is next. >> here is the good news on both the completed democratic national convention and the republican national convention the week before not that they're done, but we now know clearly who they are, and each comfortable in their own skins and republicans happy to embrace business and democrats happy on government. i say good for them. now, who, who is good for you? hi, everyone, i'm neil cavuto. size apparently does matter.
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and democrats want more government and republicans-- both making passionate cases of their position. >> it's time for democrats to grow a backbone and stand up for what we believe. >> neil: that backbone company got a positive response. what were you trying to say there? >> i'm trying to say that we have be to be about our values which are central american values, central to the american character and stand up and we win. >> you did make that happen. you did that build that, america. >> engaged in more taxes, more regulation and more big government solutions, neil, and that's just not going to work, and so that's why the left policies don't work, they don't create jobs. >> neil: this president is spending billions more and it's your money, has it resulted in-- >> what does rich trumka say. >> we invest in roads, bridges, and infrastructure and every chamber of commerce
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i've met throughout our country believes we need to do more. >> here is what i need. i need a partner. what i've done here, cut taxes, streamline government. reduce regulation, if i did that with this, think how many jobs we're going to create. >> all right. now, you've got to sense where each side is coming from. to ben stein, sandra smith, charlie gasperino what, do you think. >> i'm biased, i believe in business, i believe in pro growth policies and that's what it is. business versus-- big business versus big welfare, i've seen them both up close and personal and i tell you big welfare is destructive and stops innovation and that's what big government is, by the way. >> neil: so you're for obama. (laughter) >> that blew me away i worked hard for it, but we spend it. that's ridiculous, that's crazy. and i just don't get it. by the way, i thought the democratic convention was so
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mean-spirited, so anti-american, that it's hard for me to believe this country is tilting in that direction. >> i was-- i'm fascinated by the political strategy here, just without taking a side, the democrats are out there saying, we want -- you know, we love the free market system, we just want to create this safety net just in case you have another 2008. the republicans saying, kind of the flip side of that. now, we're free market, but we are -- we are making these cuts so we can, you know, just in case anything happens, you do have a safety net. and they're both coming out with a sort interesting variations on the same theme. >> neil: you know, ben stein. you have to look at it. one thing i did notice is that both are very comfortable like i said, their own respective skin. and republicans are a funny time with, you know, mitt romney early on and embracing bain capital and an intra party fight over that and they seem to have, you know, gotten around that, and moved on with that, and democrats of course,
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not running away from it, actually embracing it. so, it's a clear choice, right? >> it's a clear choice, but the republicans would have spend about what reagan would spend about 18% of grosse pointe woods, very, very roughly and we're up to about 25, 26% under president obama and that's an amount that's just unsustainable. and the especially if they want it to grow. it's definitely unsustainable. and i think in the obama's speech last night, mr. obama's speech last night was basically quite a conservative speech, but if you strip it down to its essentials, says we're going to give you people who vote for us, lots and lots of perks, paid for by box on rich people and give you something for nothing and something for nothing is going to be paid for by rich people. i think it's a bad idea as charles payne so aptally said, it saps and destroys personal initiative. >> by the way, ben, i love you dearly, but that was a conservative speech, i'm jack lalanne. >> think about the audience talking to and-- >> in that audience you say just not ripping up the flag would make a conservative, but
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that's okay. (laughter) >> sandra, the picking apart all we can do here. and the size of government we want, either it's virtues or vices and people have to decide. the business world i cover closely in chicago and the markets, they just want green. ne just want to see who will make them rich. where do they stand in this whole thing. >> yeah, and it absolutely is not siding with president obama right now. and they've got to be really careful because you know, small business owners potential entrepreneurs that are graduating from college right now, if they're listening to the speech from president obama last night, particularly elizabeth warren earlier in the week, demonizing business in this country. and you know, people are going to take their ball and go home. i mean, when they're talking about overregulating, passing them more, taking what they've made. who is going to actually want to start and own a business in this country? they're making it impossible
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for anybody. these policies are proving to fail on a daily basis that nobody wants to hire in this environment. >> neil: adam? >> i almost completely disagree, we're talking politics here and talking about speeches and so, when i listen to president obama's speech thursday night, i heard him say things like we believe in capitalism, we believe in business. >> yeah, i believe in capitalism and i'll believe in eating vegetables, do you think i do? >> yes, i do. >> neil: okay. >> your children, i know you've made a persuasive case, they don't want to eat their vegetables. but here is the point that i'm driving toward. that where i think sandra is missing the political point is that there is this sense in the country, including with the small business people that the big businesses are out to get them. i'm not advocating that position, i think that's an effective political point for the democrats, and that's what the president was trying to accomplish politically. >> listen, neither side is looking for major cuts in the
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welfare state. obviously, obama wants to grow it exponentially. i thought what was fascinating about the speech, how little new he offered. did you notice that. it was just so devoid of anything that-- >> adam, adam. charlie, neither party did. and you know, paul ryan has a plan. there's no doubt. barack obama has four more years and really, nothing new, give me one policy initiative that's different, i mean, what does he want to do? >> well, i'll give you one. i'll give you one, again, we're talking about speeches. but the president alluded to wanting to do tax reform, that was interesting because we haven't-- tax reform means rising taxes on the-- on people who make $200,000 a year. and that's not only that and-- >> not only that. >> neil: ben stein. >> adam, with great respect. mr. obama talked about that in '08, too. >> with you know what, this week i wrote a piece about the guy who invented the safety razor, and he wrote a book
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about social utopia, and he wrote this before he invented the razor. and the irony he became one of the richest men in the world and he wrote at that there would be chaos and rising in the streets. this is in 1903. >> are you saying they're trying to destroy the capitalist system. >> no, we've heard that capitalism is going to destroy america and ten years of this. the argument is well over 100 years old and it does not hold water. >> that's not quite what they said. it was an interesting-- no, no, let's talk about shared prosperity and shared profits did you shared prosperity. >> i thought it was an interesting strategy to say we're all capitalists like you are, but we have to maintain the social safety net because of 2008, essentially, and that-- >> that's exactly the point. >> neil: sandra? >> that is what he said. >> one thing that i-- >> i do want to bring sandra in, go ahead. >> adam, maybe you can respond
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to this, but the whole general motors thing, vice-president joe biden spent a lot of the speechouting the general motors victory in fact he said quote, president obama did that. president obama saved gm. well, hey, wait a second. he told the small business owners in this that they didn't do that. and guess what, the taxpayers did that. >> sandra, politically that was a powerful message and he's up in michigan because of that. >> it's a complete lie and if-- >> we paid for that. >> and ben stein, final point. >> it's a complete lie. president bush started to initiative to save the auto companies, not all the republicans were on board. but mitt romney is not campaigning on that. >> we'd like to decide the mess that millard fillmore left. up next-- >> president obama's energy program is the real deal. it moves us forward, not backward. forward to rule efficient
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cars. a healthy auto industry. >> well, clearly the interior secretary, ken salazar has not seen the car that's really going to save the auto industry. i don't know if you've got this. the cavuto-mobile. big, big rage at the convention. the gas guzzler that administration wants off the road and guess what, drivers are telling a different story, not just because my picture it on it. >> (laughter)
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of course. i'm jamie colby, keep it here on fox, the most powerful name in news. >> 2020 north america will be energy independent by taking full advantage of our oil, our gold, our cash-- >> unlike my opponent, i won't let it endanger our coast line or collect 4 billion dollar in corporate welfare from our taxpayers. >> neil: you have a pretty good idea where we stand. and mitt romney never mentioned the oil companies during the speech and the president did, gas prices up nearly $2 since this president took office and the keystone pipeline locked out and america is proving they love their gas guzzlers, and truck sales booming. ben stein, what do you make of
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it. >> the president said it's great stuff and importing less oil, a lot more natural gas being produced. and that says the oil companies and natural gas companies and encourages them and damns them at every opportunity he can. and i'm stunned to the oil companies, obviously plays well with his flag burning, contribution tearing up base, but does not play well with reality. the oil companies deserve thanks and praise, not this endless cursing of them. and by the way, who does mr. obama own the oil companies? owned by the pension funds of workers, and pension funds of his municipal employees unions that love him so much. i mean, he is just so far out on a limb there, i guess it plays to his very radical base. >> neil: sandra, oil companies are always a convenient villain. what was interesting, the one year anniversary of solyndra, solyndra folding, but that didn't come up, just like the debt rarely came up. but, obviously, that message, sandra, if you think about it,
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going to the oil companies because when they make money, they make a ridiculous amount of it and democrats can't get their arms around that, and how about-- >> and when, neil, they're making the ridiculous amounts of money, guess what? they're also paying taxes on that income and it's going directly to washington and they're paying more taxes than any other corporations in the ideas. so, the majority of their money is going to washington. and they can continue to demonize the energy companies and ben stein is right. the reason we have an abundant amount of oil in the company right now. the expiration of the oil companies that had to fight over the regulations that president obama has put into place while's been in office and if there's any sense of the failed energy policy in this country right now, it's the fact that we've been over $90 a barrel for the past several months and oil prices are not going down any time soon. >> adam, why is it that the president talks about steve jobs and a few perhaps after talking about jobs being shipped overseas and apple makes a lot of stuff overseas,
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who are we to talk about hipocracy, i'm just saying, why are oil companies singled out as monsters and not the more convenient friends of the party? >> well, i can't explain to you why. oh, i can. i mean, people don't like the oil companies because they're dirty, because they gush profits and so on. and-- >> and apple-- >> and mexico and you know, and apple, it doesn't look dirty, i mean, i'm not advocating one or the other, and let's just-- let's just be clear on one thing, we are having an energy boom in north america. the oil companies have been successful and they will continue to be successful, despite president obama's quote, unquote, demonizing of them. when he says that we're going to have safety regulations, we're not-- we're going to try to eliminate the tax loopholes, he's not saying that we don't want them to do business and they will continue to do business. >> and i promise you, neil, the most duplicitous part of the policy and speech the other night, there's something
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coming,s there' something, a rainbow coming and all of this green energy nonsense is actually going to happen soon. it hasn't happened even marginally yet. and why should we expect anything to happen anytime in the future and by the way, you and president obama should be relying on john maynard cains, we're all going to die. and this is not going to happen not in our lifetimes, not even in sandra's lifetime. >> and i agree what sandra schmid. take the marcellus shale, in pennsylvania, hundreds of thousands of jobs and it's really amazing now, you know, environmentalists have a lot of sway with this administration, the atheists have a lot of sway with the administration and some of the signs you were talking about, the war on fracking, if you think that gasoline is expensive now. if there's a second term, be ready for 6, 7, 8, and that's
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the european way-- >> so we're totally fracked. >> and paying for pre-school with a sales tax, someone from the fors gang, not involving an incomplete. you know, here is an f. the top of the hour, and think that the democrats are through playing the blame game? think again. they're stepping up their blaming of president bush for
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>> no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. >> four years ago, a battered nation turned away from the failed policies of the past. show us how your economic policies differ from president bush. >> neil: does it get old, do you think, governor, we know bush and we know evil and all that. >> i'm so tired this have recession, the amount of damage that was done by the policies of the bush administration. >> once president obama takes to that podium on thursday night and tells the litany of the-- >> congresswoman if he does the blaming bush thing, i mean, it gets old. >> neil: well, he's kind of like the political gift that keep giving. and four years, the democrats are still giving george bush the full monty now and the economy now. >> it's i am bearing, i notice
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when president bush took office, the stock was crashing and terrorism going unchecked and completely unprepared for 9/11, he did not blame his predecessor president clinton and he stood up and did the job. and i'm embarrassed that they're blaming president bush. yes, president bush did a lot wrong and let's be grownup and get on with the job. >> neil: by the way, democrats were in charge of congress, but it is what it is. sandra what do you make of it. >> the role of the president of the united states could be easily compared to the chief executive officer, ceo after company and hired to turn it over and four years later still blaming your predecessor and you would be fired. >> i don't agree that the president is ceo, he has to work more with congress, but-- >> a bit over done for you. >> yes, and still saying this in eight years.
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>> and obama acts like he was drafting for the job, chilling out his apartment and ringing the bell and-- >> adam comment. >> the politics of blaming bush, fine. but the state of what the economy was and it was bad. >> not even abraham lincoln could say that. my thanks to charlie and sandra. up next, no matter who is getting the blame for the struggling econom
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>> no blame here. stocks set to win no matter
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who is win nothing dc. >> i love caterpillar . bottom line one of the best run companies in the world. this stock is going to take off. >> adam what do you make television? >> i love it, too. it is a good pick as any. if there is a global economic slow down cat has to suffer, too. >> it is a big risk. and especially with china, not just in one new's cycle. >> adam what are you buying. >> van guard health, neal. this is a great mutual fun and changed managers to the current manager's deputy who has been there since 1991. and it is a good trend. >> ben, what do you make of that. >> i don't like stock picking but the health care is a good fish bowl to fish in. >> and i like the spiders as


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