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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  September 24, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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about the slight pull back. it may be $700 a share is a decent price for apple. you have someone on the show in this hour saying not so fast. >> that's right. his target is $600 concerns. talked about a bar raised too high for apple. seems like they knocked it out of the park the less than a week it's been on the market. >> you don't know that from the stalk. i'm melissa francis. >> i'm lori. it's not when the company is apple and the product is the new iphone. the stock took a huge hit today. in moments, talking with someone with the $600 price target and gives his take. >> what's worrying middle east investors? tensions in the region or the financial cliff here in america? our financial analyst returned
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from the area and will let us know. >> mitt romney's tax rate was 14% and gave $4 million to charity to boot. did he pay his fair share? tax returns hurting the run for the presidency? the senior economic writer steven moore joins us this hour. >> time for stocks as we do every 15 minutes. nicole is standing by. nicole, stocks going to the downside here. >> that's right. last week, by the end of the week, felt like we went nowhere fast, but today is a clear picture. in the red all dang long. dow is one quarter of 1%. the nasdaq down three quarters of 1%. there is pressure here coming along with a stronger dollar. we had a weaker euroowe. the german business confidence numbers weaker again. that does not bode well. as far as the european picture, but at the same time, we have
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the business activity index in that rose. i know you'll delve into this, but we're talking about apple's iphone5 selling 5 million units this weekend. that blows it out of the park compared to the prior iphone4 release setting its own record by what we saw this weekend, but there were analysts expecting 8 million sales and 5 million is not 8 million. that could be one of the reasons why the stock is on the downside. the other is they have to close a china plant because of some issues there with the workers. that's been closed and that could factor in as well. back to you. >> nicole, thank you so much. oil extending last week's decline, crude now below $92 a barrel. phil is in the pits of the cme. we spent last week in oil country in houston. it was a lot of fun. it's all about oil. they were not worried about this decline. they feel this was probably an area that makes sense for oil. what are traders there saying?
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>> the same thing. in fact, if you look at the hedge funds last week, they increased the bullish positions despite the fact that the market got slawght -- slaughtered last week. the bulls die hard on this one. it's the hardest shoulder season now. demand should be week. gulf coast prices are coming down a little bit, but that's part of the season, but if you look at the big picture, the oil bulls are not giving up easy, but continuing to stay long despite the fact a lot of people jump out of commodities. the hedge funds, jumping out of beans and everything. the things they are not jumping out of is oil, gold, silver, heating oil, and gasoline. they will hang on to ride the dip out. >> without question. i'm when you look at the long term, there's not another alternative necessarily any time soon to oil, and, you know, a lot of traders say, well there may be, you know, there's a lid on things because of where the economy is, but at the same time, if we keep devaluing the dollar, that just keep helping
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oil. >> it does. i think the trade herbs are also tired of being burned by the european central bank. we get in a fight with merkel, oil drops off, two weeks later, there's a deal, and prices surge. the market is betting eventually they'll see some of the stimulus kick in. china's going to jump on board. they're going to come to another band aid for europe, and i think that's why the bull traders hang in on the long side. >> we missed you in houston. we need you down there. >> i know. i can speak houston. i need to go down there. >> i'm sure. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> business economists shows a big majority that the recent health care law will not slow the cost of providing care to americans and higher costs will keep hitting the economy. elizabeth has been crunching the numbers, and she has more on the bottom line. >> you know, this is interesting because the media missed a headline. the headlines they see, focus on the one findings out of the
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economists, two of the six economists working at wells fargo or dupont. 45% said cut spending cuts and raise taxes, but look at the other findings, guys, and what the economist say about health reform saying -- 75% saying health costs continue to rise. you also are going to see a finding that's 60% saying that fewer employers will actually provide coverage and 40% are for repealing the health care law. >> what did economists say about taxes in the economy? higher taxes? lower taxes? cut the loopholes? what was the take away? >> here's what they said. again, the media biffed on this one big time. this is interesting. you'll see the majority of the economist surveyed, 61%, are for extending the current income tax rate and making them permanent. that's the key take away,
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permanent. 59% are for extending dividend tax rate, making that permanent too is what they want. 57% are for extending capital gains tax rate making levels permanent. back to you guys. >> always a pleasure. >> our next guest say expectations for apple sales are so high the company can want break records, but has to smash them, which is didn't. joining us with the take on the sales and stock price reactions is analyst at bgc partners. colin, welcome to you. >> great to be here. >> is it possible for apple to lower the bar on expectations? app 8, thus far, spoiled investors with its products. >> absolutely. if the bar were to be lowered, you'll see a bigger pullback in the stock. today, you're hearing a lot saying, hey, the phone's in the mail. it may not have been sold yet, but it's in the mail; right? everything's going to be fine, but there are some very large numbers that people were expecting. there were talk about 10 million
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units over the opening unit. we got 5 million sold. compare that to the i4s launch, that's 4 million. that's better than most. apple can't beat them, but has to smash them. >> although, your price target is low. they look at the stock today and say maybe this is an opportunity. you don't think so? >> you know, i have a cautious view on apple than the peers out there. i think the law of large numbers are kicking in. a couple things to recall. the smart phone market itself is starting to slow down; right? people in developed countries like the united states are already past the 50% penetration market. you got the smart phone. the incremental advantage of a new one, you know, is much less than the advantage for the future phone to a smart phone. >> people always trade up. you don't have total saturation. if you have one, you expect to get the new model, you drop it, you break it, it's note like you're not going to get another one. the expectations, the growth is exploding. 50 million iphones sold in the
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december quarter; right? that's the base bar. you know, that's the expectation. apple needs to beat that hurdle to keep forward momentum. when you only sold 150 million total units in the june quarter alone, worldwide among all the vendors, a third of the marketplace, is it poll? of course it is, but can they make them fast enough? that's the issue. >> is there backlash setting in for apple? i was watching tv in the samsung galaxy commercial makes fun of the people waiting in line for the iphone5. everywhere you go, you see the galaxy posters, point your phone up, and you get five free songs. there's fierce competition. >> of course. it's one of the most lucrative markets out there. you have to be mildly concerned for app 8 because they have the highest price out there. phones going for $650, and competition has one lever which is price, and they want to use that price, you know, to get market share and willing to take less margins. apple's margins unbelieve l, 50
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cents on every dollar of revenue they have. you know, if there's any traction, you know, on price, then that's another point of concern. >> there's the competition from within apple. you know, you'd think the iphone sales eat into ipad if they come out with an ipad mini, is that the next possibility? that could hurt iphones r -- or no? >> it's going to hurt ipad itself, cannibalistic to ipads. they said the sales were weak because of consumer expectations of a new prubl, the iphone5. think of ipad. everyone's talking about the mi mini,. who doesn't know about that? how are ipad sales going to be in the current quarter? it's parole not strong enough to come up with short falls on the iphone. >> quick comment on what you anticipate from the iphone5 in the holiday season. do they make it up?
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>> 47 million units, a little bit lower than what the street looks for at 50. we're not the people saying there's upsides to the numbers. great company. be cautious here. >> the $600 per share, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> charles payne is up next, money making stock pick to dial up profits. that was a hint, by the way. >> always is with charles, he has the best puns; right? gold is taking a breather here. gold is off 12 bucks. five week rally for gold. gold's down. silver's down, and similar story with copper, off 1.5%. that's a significant move. more with markets today after this. i'm freaking out man.
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>> it's time to make money with charles payne. this hour, the stocks from the telecom service industry for portfolio. >> it's a name everybody knows, but few think of it as an investment, magic jack. >> i didn't even know they were publicly traded. >> people say, i see them in infommercials, and maybe that's a turnoff. the company is rocking. it's really, really rocking. it's executing on all cylinders. look at that chart. phenomenal chart breaking out actually broke out. here's the thing to say, listen, land lines themselves, no matter what you think, it's a dying industry. you know, there's a lot of truth
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to that, obviously, but they installed nine million magic jacks. a couple years ago, it was 141 million landlines. they will not die that quick. at&t's annual report dooes not mention landline. they give this stuff away. it's there for the taking. i think the company has huge upside potential. >> do they have any other ideas? i'm nervous about a company that is like a one-trick pony, whether it's good or not, there's either, you know, is there be big enough barrier for entry, or if this, god forbid, closes down -- >> vocal tech, voice protocol, and you remember voip would change things, but i think on that side, they're okay there. there's a point. they have to figure out a way to get this on cell phone to own the world. in the meantime, the growth, you know, they support -- third
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quarter, revenues up 60% year over year. few businesses boast that. in the meantime, you know, it's a stock that has people prejudice against it, for good reasons, but i think all the bad news for it is probably four or five years down the road. they have a huge amount of potential. listen, i like a trade here, 3 $31 dollars, 15% trade. great trade. magic jack, who knew. >> right. >> i was waiting for them to pull back, and they didn't, and i said i have to go with it today. >> charles, thanks so much. a markets check like every 15 minutes, nicole on the floor, and there's pharmaceutical companies getting hammered today. >> that's right. stocks under prrk here. the two companies, and in particular, why we are seeing moves we are seeing. the first is the shares plunging, and we -- right now, it's down 77% right now. that's almost all value right there; right?
1:17 pm
three quarters of the value just saying recent trial data found, well, investors shouldn't rely on that data because they found major discrepancies with some of the results so that doesn't bode well. also, qus core, we talked about them. don't forget, the stock fell 40 #% in the last three sessions after the heightened reimbursement criteria, and today, warning the government is investigating promoesal practices. they are working with the government, cooperating, but that's not boding well. 34% lower. back to you. >> doesn't do it, that's for sure. thank you so much. >> a well-known wall street executive could make a comeback. charlie tells us who and what he might do now. interesting. >> indeed. let's check the dollar, how its fairing today. oh, not much. 1.29 against the euro. there's not a lot of action
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>> at 21 minutes past the hour, i'm lauren greene with your fox news minute. iran's president dismissing threats of military action against his country's nuclear program. ahmadinejad says the enrichment project is for peaceful purposes and the country is not worried about israel. ahmadinejad is on the first day of a visit to new york for the annual meeting of the u.n. general assembly. activists say at least five people died after a serian war planes bombed two buildings in the northern city, and people were digging through piles of rubble searching for survivors, forces have been fighting for control for months. national officials say the six day old panda cub who died had discolor ration in the river,
1:23 pm
but they don't know what caused the death. zoo keepers realized something was wrong when they heard the disstress call from its mother. they expect to know more when they learn more in two weeks. those are the headlines. back to you. >> thanks so much. so comebacks are hard to come by on wall street, particularly if you decorate the office with $87,000 rugs and spend $35,000 of shareholder money on something called commode on legs, but wall street today is buzzing that john saint, who else are we talking about, is ploiting the next move, nothing to do with the infamous office redecorating. charlie has -- was it a commode? i remember when you broke the story. >> when you are old like me, you know who he is, the ceo, but back then, when he spent money on something that sounded like a toilet for $87,000, a commode on legs at $5,000.
1:24 pm
>> i thought we were going to have a picture of it. that's disappointing. >> testifies the ceo of merle-lynch and minute later was fired. he's now at cit group, a small lending company, a mid market company, came out of bankruptcy in late 2009, hired in 2010, and they have been itching to grow the business, having a problem growing it. here's what we say. sources close to the matter tell the fox business network that he's shopping cit looking to be acquired by a bigger bank. interesting move. if it does get acquired, guess what? thain is itching to run a bigger form putting him in the cat's bird's seat, an experienced ceo, but people have questions about some of the things he's done over the years like the office redo. we'll get into the other stuff. that puts him in position to be what he wants to be. a ceo of a major bank. today, interestingly, the con
1:25 pm
fluns of things going on. they said wells fargo would be a likely acquirer of cit. that caused a lot of the buzzing, but aside from that, we know that thain -- >> do you believe that, by the way? >> thain is shopping for something like wells fargo, but i don't think wells will do that. they want the asset manager. i don't know what they get by buying a sort of a bank, that's what cit is, a lending facility, for mid market companies. they probably already have that. he's shopping. i don't know whether he can sell it. i will tell you this. shares up 12% this year. there's obviously some blood out there about him trying to sell it. he's had a very hard time trying to grow it. he trieded to buy ing direct's bank, and that fell through.
1:26 pm
when that fell through in march, sold to cap one, and really, then his growth strategy to grow sort of organically fell apart, and from what i understand, he's shopping it right now. is it a good fit? i don't think so. >> i had a feeling you would say that and who might be if not? >> you know, i don't know. >> yeah. >> banking is a really tough business right now. >> right. >> enhanced capital rules. why buy cit? well, i think you buy it for relationships; right? maybe wells would be a good fit, but the management has said they want to buy an asset manager. they don't want a mid market lender. you know, maybe you should ask dimon. can you imagine him working with thain? this is interesting thing about thain. there's a taint on this guy, and he doesn't like me because i covered him in the on the financial crisis 6789. a guy that gave indecision and
1:27 pm
poor direction to the markets, gave it new meaning. he said that lynch did not need new capital four times before they went out and raised more capital. controversial guy. in the end, as you know, they had to be sold in the financial crisis. he initially was against that sale. that was a guy named greg fleming, now the number two guy at morgan stanley, that push and prodded them. when he was there, he kept touting he was going to be the air parent to ted louis, then the ceo, got louis mad, timely, it was disclosed that they lost in the fourth quarter, and this got louis in trouble, $15 billion, not disclosed before they approved the deal. thain did not leave until i got another shot. i wrote about the office, the $85,000 rug, spending $1.2 million on his office.
1:28 pm
the decorator decorated the white house. >> the obama's brought him inned too the white house. >> yes, whatever the guy was; a $1400 parchment paper waste waste wastebasket. >> oh, charlie. >> that's where we are now. he's shopping. they have not called me back. >> that's shocking. your eye is healed. >> he did not take a shot at me. >> okay. >> that was just the guy on the street. congratulations. charlie, thanks so much. all right. let's talk politics. mitt romney's 2011 tax returns are public. is he paying the fair share? help or hurt the campaign? up next the economic writer, steven moore, on romney's battle for the white house. >> first, a look at winners and losers on the s&p500 as we head to break. international paper topping the list at about 3.5%.
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melissa: time for stocks now as they do every 15 minutes. our own nicole petallides is standing by. nicole: let's take a look at tivo. it is on the upside. tivo and verizon have finally come to an agreement. there was a lawsuit pending, a patent lawsuit. they have agreed to pay at least
1:33 pm
250 $.4 million. verizon agreed to pay that amount. verizon is happy with the deal. they will continue to work together in order to get video out. they have a working relationship. 250 loss billion dollars. then on the other side, facebook. you are looking at it today selling off dramatically. down over 9%. it was worth $15 over the weekend, that is what some of the analysts were saying. it is the steepest drop since july 27. back to you. lori: thank you, nicole. forty-three days to go until the election. a new ad blasting governor romney on taxes.
1:34 pm
what does this mean for the final weeks of the campaign? joining me now stephen moore. great to have you. >> hi, lori. lori: the president launched the attack. what is the message voters are getting on tax policy? >> you know it has been a bad week for mitt romney to break the news cycle he has to release his tax data. he paid about $2 million in taxes that year. he gives an extremely, he and his wife are extremely generous. they give millions of dollars to charities and the church each year. one other point i want to emphasize, when you take into account the fact that he is an investor in these companies, when you take into effect the
1:35 pm
taxes those companies are making, it is not 14%, it is closer to 30%-35%. lori: because of his business investment not resonating with voters. >> it is simply true. the way to think of a corporate income tax is thinking of it as a withholding tax. by the way, as you know very well, lori, it is not just wealthy people who own stocks. it is companies. we also pay the corporate income tax. romney has not done a very good job of explaining this. i pay tax at the corporate level. then i pay 14% on top of that. lori: you point out his charitable giving. significant. yes, absolutely. [ talking over each other ] >> sorry to interrupt you.
1:36 pm
he didn't even declare a lot of his tradable money. i just think it is a little bit of a stretch for the obama people to make that charge. lori: we have the debates coming up. what does romney need to do to reconnect with voters? >> he has to get his game face on. he has to be a lot tougher. he has to attack obama. what has he done so poorly? the obama people have given the news cycle. the 47%, caught his tax data, if you do the things i am talking about, that will create the jobs.
1:37 pm
no one could have done any better than this because we had such a lousy financial crisis. that is the attack line romney has to take up if he will turn things around. forty-five days is a lifetime in politics. this is still a coin flip as to who will win. lori: stephen moore, i enjoyed your writing. we are so happy you made the time for us this afternoon. >> take care. lori: looped -- good. lou dobbs joins us next. lori: the third year bond is also seeing the yield pushed down. 2.90%. christine lagarde warned that the u.s. fiscal cliff is headed for global economic growth.
1:38 pm
back with more after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar, on december 21st polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space. which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd, and you still need to retire. td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k).
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♪ melissa: the national association for business just released numbers. current tax rates for dividends and capital gains and for most or all taxpayers through 2013.
1:42 pm
when it comes to making cuts permanent, the group is more split. will congress act? lou dobbs has his take. lou: do they still styled them as such? the fact is i do not want to hear a lot of policy out of the economist. i want to hear it out of legislature, senate and the president. these economist talking about putting the brakes on right now are simply doing what president obama and governor romney are saying. the real issue is how do we return this economy to growth? how do we create jobs? how do we restore prosperity? again, and all deference, these are the questions that we need to address. this is silliness. we know we have a problem for god's sake.
1:43 pm
we have 43 months of unemployment above 8%. we know that. we have 23 american out of work or under employed. we know that. we have a massive amount of debt. lori: maybe they don't know how to solve that problem. lou: if they don't, then they need to retire, if you will, from that field. they may or may not work. put forward ideas about what would happen. how we will address this issue. how we will restore confidence. how we will rebuild the middle class. everyone is about the middle class. has not talked one sentence about wealth creation in his entire four years. melissa: lou, give them a sentence. what would you like either
1:44 pm
candidate to come out and say about the middle class or building businesses. what is the formula for success? >> i would put forward a few issues. talk about short-term education. talk about what we are going to do right now to restore discipline in the classroom. you have to be honest. one of the reason our kids are not succeeding is because we cannot instill discipline in the classroom. that drives good teachers, prospectively great teachers out of the classroom. if we were reporting the teachers, putting discipline first in the classroom and, yes, i said discipline first. without discipline you cannot educate and the poor kids cannot learn. this nonsense about these urban centers. i just listened to almost two hours of tapes from 1998.
1:45 pm
they were talking about nonsense. the gibberish was overwhelming. from that flows the elect agenda. i must tell you, it is a direct line from that nonsense to this president's agenda. now, the question that no one is asking, why didn't we know about that tape in 2008? and this is brought forth by a man, charles johnson, 23 years old. he is just outworked everyone in the national media. there should be a great shame and embarrassment. kudos to johnson. lori: happy birthday, lou dobbs. all fired up today. lou: thank you. melissa: we always been too we see you back here every single day at this time.
1:46 pm
i was thinking about it the whole time i was in houston. tonight -- lou: we call those he how moments for our friends and texas. melissa: you are having one of my favorite middle east experts. lou: how about judith miller? how about ambassador john bolton. melissa: is he coming on? lou: yes. melissa: that is why she was not available for my show. lori: lou, thank you as always. it is time to update you on the markets. homebuilders, kind of pulling back today. nicole: when luke is walking out of the studio, yelled to him and tell him i wish him a happy birthday as well. the prophet really was stellar.
1:47 pm
stock hit a 52 week high today. many of these names up 100% year to date. for today, they are pulling back. back to you. lori: thank you, nicole. melissa: jeffries chief economist just got back from a trip to the middle east. what is the biggest economic concerns in that area? he will be here to tell us what companies there are thinking after the break. lori: also rich had sent on the bus with vice presidential candidate. let's take a look at some of the more, winners and losers. you have google and dollar tree stores. we'll be right back.
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♪ melissa: jeffries economist just got back from the middle east. it is not the violence in the region that is keeping the leaders awake at night. it is worth here in america. washington, d.c. to be exact. i was surprised to hear this because i to was in the middle east recently. a lot of companies they are bringing back local workers because they are worried about, you know, safety concerns.
1:52 pm
you think they are more focused on the fiscal cliff? >> it depends on who you talk to. the people i talked to were institutional investors who are predominantly denominated in dollars. their primary concern is where can they find some returns. what will the dollar due. they are very concerned about the fiscal, the fiscal and political dysfunction in the u.s. melissa: i was going to say, i mean, let's break those problems apart. they feel like the threat of a downgrade is real. not a but the people out there who think we have already gone over. >> we have come close enough to the cliff that it has had an adverse effect on the economy. you can see it in investment spending and, of course, you can see it in the payroll numbers as well.
1:53 pm
businesses do not want to be irresponsible. melissa: i understand the concern about the dollar, although, at the same time when i raise that question everyone is devaluing their currency or during their own version of qe3. they are not buying that argument it sounds like. >> well, not everyone can devalue at the same time. you are absolutely right. a lot of the major economic players would love for their currencies to be weaker. the concern about the dollar comes from the central banks being the gorilla. that means they will be putting more dollars in the market than the other central banks. as a consequence, it could be reflected in a weaker dollar. the u.s., while claiming, we
1:54 pm
have had the dollar weakened over the last 30 years. this is really nothing new. melissa: what do they see as the biggest opportunity then? >> well, i think they recognize qe3 for what it is and that is an effort to increase the value of risk assets so they think they have to raise their risk profile. you know, venture into more risky assets. in addition to the lower credit ratings and the credit markets, also looking at equity markets and real estate. melissa: thanks for coming on. >> thank you. lori: federal agents investigating the sale of fake gold bars. melissa: you got caught. [laughter] lori: they are safe and sound. the new york post says as many as ten counterfeit hours were sold to dealers. it is not known yet if any of
1:55 pm
them were purchased by the public. sandra: what we know right now, according to reports, the gold bars were sold to dealers. i brought in john brady. your reaction to this story. it is just developing that these ten gold bars that were made of tungsten in new york were sold to dealers. does the market react to this 3 it is not reacting to it. it will come along to the territory. this whole idea of counterfeit gold will probably increase. in terms of today, over the weekend, very well talked about. sandra: what is moving these markets right now? the trade was a lower u.s. dollar a weaker economy. >> that is true.
1:56 pm
we have seen and trade higher over the last five or six sessions. with that said, what has taken place is the sober thought incredible selling last night. over 43 contracts were sold right on the opening. there is talk out there that the move above $35 last week, perhaps some nervousness. moving $36 would bring a short covering. the talk is perhaps on the opening of asian trading, there was a big seller that cancer that pushed silver back below $34-ounce. sandra: that is the inside story from john brady. back to you guys. lori: the fed's recent moves could be sparking currency wars around the world. ashley webster and tracy byrnes will tell you all about this. keep it here on fox business. ♪ i'm one of more than 3 million disabled veterans
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and remember the dav. ashley: good afternoon, i'm ashley webster. tracy: i'm tracy byrnes. the hype about the iphone5, fell short of targets which is bananas. shares tumbling 2% as a result. ashley: federal reserve's money printing caused troubles in the rest of the world? some so believe. james says yes telling you how it could hurt the u.s. economy in the end. tracy: startling study on the health care law and impact on the economy. details ahead, too. time for stocks now as we do every 15 minutes, going down to nicole on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole, you are talking tech giants, aren't you? >> that's right. google, all-time high today for google. back in 2007, it was flying high, sold off in a big way, and
2:01 pm
it's back at $747 today making new all-time highs for google. one of the reasons, citi group had a note this morning before it hit the all-time high saying it should happen in 12 months, but it was within the next 24 hours. that would have been right on it. they are streamlining the motorola business, selling off the motorola home segment. good news for google. as far as apple is concerned, apple is under pressure. it's not challenging its all-time high at $705 and some change. today, on the contrary, it's under pressure because it sold 5 million iphone5's, an all new word; however, 5 million is not 8 million, and that's what the analysts were looking for. apple's working hard, they are making new ones, trying to get them out, people are waiting for them, ect., ect.. back to you. tracy: yeah, ect., ect., see you in 15 minutes.
2:02 pm
ashley: fox con, the company who makes the iphone says suspended production after a clash of chinese workers erupted last night near the factory in a northern city. now, the violation was brought under control by some 5,000 police officers in about four hours. forty people taken to the hospital for treatment, and people were detained by the police. the e violation was not work related, it's nots the first controversial incident for the company facing scrutiny with hours and works and mass employee suicides. tracy: 1.2 million workers employed by them. that's a lot of people; right? stocks start this week in the red, but what, if anything, can change their direction? next guest says consumer confidence, real gdp, and initial jobless claims, and, of
2:03 pm
course, the chicago pmi could have markets in the green by the end of the weeks with a little wishful thinking. mark, senior wealth strategist for premier financial advisers, first allied securities joining us now. you know, friday's the last day of trading, last day of the quarter. we'll see window dressing regardless of what the numbers say, aren't we? >> i agree. this is a great opportunity for the hedge funds who have not participated in the rally year-to-date, they are up, but not as high as the major indexies. the market today and last week, a whole pause and profit taking, but i believe that the market picks up between now and friday. tracy: if there's a pickup between now and friday, managers potentially sell out closing up shop the rest of the year? >> there has been discussion. you'll see that among portfolio managers. they had a great year in the first quarter through march, and then there was a dip in the
2:04 pm
second quarter, but you could see that. there will be volatility as we get into or lead up into the presidential election. tracy: all right. talk about the data. jobless claims up, consumer confidence goes either way on how the wind blows. what do you expect? >> consumer confidence to be higher month over month, and i see that trend continuing. if you look at automotive sales, if you look at consumer discretionary, everything is trending higher. i really fully expect that this will help the market with consumer sentiment. i see that improving, especially in the housing sector. i see a nice uptick in the trends in the housing sector when new home sales and existing home sales. tracy: domestically, we are feeling a little bit better, but why is that europe is off the table for investors? >> well, simply because it looks as if germany is providing a backstop and overall, we don't have to worry about greece right now. ultimately, we may have to.
2:05 pm
spain may reject the austerity measures, but it seem like we've had transparency. the markets like transparency, and, therefore, europe's off the table now. the attention turns closely now to corporate earnings, third quarter earnings, which many analyst expect to be lower and provide forward guidance to that effect. tracy: right. talking europe in a bit, but earnings now, bar set lower on purpose to yet, again, jump over it? >> not necessarily. this started last year. this is continuing. analysts are expecting two to three year over year earnings to be lower. the market's affordable. pe ratio, trailing pe ratio of 16 for the s&p500 makes it affordable. it's the wilted card, and that's the presidential election. we'll see what happens after we get through the presidential election as we go through the year. tracy: which is why we could have closing house friday; right, mark?
2:06 pm
>> anything is possible to protect the gains and provide their investors, i know, myself, with my clients, i want to vie them with solid results opposed profits back to the market. tracy: premier financial advisers, first allied. thank you. >> thank you. ashley: the monetary fund says the looming fiscal life in the u.s. is the biggest threat to global growth. peter barnes joining us with more on the warning today, peter? >> that's right, ashley. they are pushing politicians here and in europe to follow through on their policy promises to get uncertainty that she says is slowing global economic growth saying global growth will be weaker than the imf had anticipated in july as recently as july, and she says the uncertainty is, quote, "having very real effects increasing divergence of fortunes in the eurozone and a tepid recovery in the united states" she urges
2:07 pm
lerdz to complete work on their plan for unified bank supervision and fiscal union. in the u.s., she says current uncertainty of the fiscal cliff presents a serious threat from the united states. we hope that political clarity emerges soon, and with it, actions to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> was situation is a little like a jigsaw puzzle. the pieces that fall into places, but the whole jigsaw puzzle is not yet assembled. we sort of know what the country picture should be, but the whole piece has not come together. >> in the meantime, she says the international community must support eurozone countries including financing and that bailout programs for these troweled economies should be flexible. ashley? ashley: peter barnes on the latest from the warnings. things need to get down in europe and other places.
2:08 pm
tracy: not going away, europe, i don't know why we forget about it sometimes. on deck, making money with charles payne. he has a hot stock jumping more than 2% today. ashley: exclusive interview with paul ryan and what he's saying about the economy, taxes, and a lot more. that's coming up in the next hour here on fox business, but first, as we do now every day, let's see how oil is trading. losing ground again, down 1.5% at a buck fifty at $91.47. ♪
2:09 pm
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tracy: that time of day, time to make money with charles e payne. he's got a waste management stock for the portfolio. >> i was nervous because waste management people, people from jersey are offended when you -- ashley: call it waste management? tracy: everyone assumes it's mafia related. that's all i'm saying. ashley: hey, you said it, not us. >> it's a stock i like a lot, the stock came down, and june quarter they missed by a mile, looking for 56, and so the stock is down a lot, but you won't be able to say -- now, this is not one of the sexy, wild, high beta name i save for the two o'clock hit, but this is as non-sexy as you can getting and they just missed, okay, double bottom, i like that.
2:13 pm
looking good today. i think a firm upgraded it. i don't know that it was a big firm, but they upgraded. it's over sold in my mind. they are in chemical, pharmaceutical, refinery, and management is what i bet on. i like management a lot. i like the stock long term. you know, but short term -- ashley: this price? >> i do, i do. it's not a trade. won't pick up steam until it's working up over a period of time. tracy: it was upgraded to neutral, but why not waste management? a big solid, tried, and true company. >> just evaluation. it's an overreaction to this, and i like the areas they are in. you know, energy, oil, gas, you know, i don't know if they do anything with respect to cleaning up fracking sites, but, you know, this is where it's at longer term. we know cleaning up the environment and industrial stuff as mandated by just government alone, it's going to be a big business. this is one for people to look at for the 401(k).
2:14 pm
tracy: it's not a risky flipper's bet. >> it's not. tracy: that's not like you. >> i know, i know. i used a lot of that flipper stuff earlier. see you guys later. ashley: thank you. tracy: bringing in the trash. ashley: from waste management to pizza. great transzigs. dominoes wants to take a slice of pizza hut's business. they started selling pan pees sai in 5,000 stores today. it was most exclusively found at pizza hut. >> sicilian? i don't want to jump in, but is that sicilian? i don't want to offend anybody. tracy: then don't say that. >> okay. ashley: pizza makes up 20% of the sales, $6.4 billion, that's a lot of pizza. dominoes tried to tap into the market and failed, but this is another attempt after its wildly
2:15 pm
successful revamped pizza recipe two years ago. a share of dominoes, and any way you slice it, not bad. tracy: oh, oh! ashley: pathetic. i don't think italian pizzas are different than the pizzas in the u.s.. tracy: we like the artery clogging pizza here. >> artery clogger everything in america. tracy: it's for the late night college kids. >> exactly. tracy: that's what i say. 15 minutes after the hour, checking the markets as we do every 15 minutes. nicole's on the floor at the new york stock exchange. girl, you eat dominoes? >> guilty! ashley: oh, come on, i don't buy it, no way. >> i love pizza. today, right now, i could have a slice. the pan pizza, i believe, is the deep dish. i'm going for pizza to facebook. that's any job, facebook right now. let's look. shares dropping on facebook. you know, a lot of folks saying
2:16 pm
oh, double down when it was low. mark said it himself, called it a buy. started to sell off and jumped up, well, it's selling off. right now, down nine and a quarter percent, that's a steep drop here for facebook. one of the reasons is that barons over the weekend talk about the fact that it's fairly valued at $15. nearly $21 down to $15. it's moved to the downside obviously if that is, in fact, the case. back to you. tracy: nicole, thank you. is that like when you're on the cover of "sports illustrated," it's the kiss of death. like barons? is there a correlation. ashley: raising question about whether the year crisis is improving or not. tracy: first, how the dollar's moving against foreign currencies. euro down against the dollar.
2:17 pm
canadian dollar, and everything, quite frankly, other than the yen, against the dollar. ♪ [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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for all your letters and packages. it gives you the exact amount of postage you need the instant you need it. can you print only stamps? no. first class. priority mail. certified. international. and the mailman picks it up. i don't leave the shop anymore. [ male announcer ] get a 4-week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. >> at 20 minutes past the hour, i'm lauren green with your fox news minute.
2:21 pm
iran's president, ahmadinejad, slammed western powers on the u.n. security counsel over the growing nuclear somehow done with the country. speaking this morning, he said the u.s., u.k., and france violate basic right and freedoms of nations. he comment his country does not take israeli's aggressive attack seriously, but is prepared to defend itself. helicopters are searching for six climbers believed lost in an avalanche killing nine others yesterday morning as the climbers slept. many were french, german, and italian, and ten others survived. evacuations in effect in southern california where crews finding two wildfires that burned at least 20 homes and more than 2,000 acres. one blaze in riverside county is reduced to embers, and the other in rural san diego county is 10% contained. those are news headlines on the fox business network. now back to ashley and tracy. guys, take it away. tracy: thank you very much. ashley: thank you, lauren.
2:22 pm
tensions in europe continue to weigh on the markets here at home. what's new there? according to the next guest, the europe row itself continues to decline while the regions, i mean, slowly puts together a better banking infrastructure. joining me is joseph, u.s. trust chief market strategist. boy, when we say "slowly," joseph, every day for the last three years, it's a critical moment. as this drags on is it going to continue to be a drag on the u.s. market? >> the u.s. global capital markets. europe's in recession. we get good news, the next day, it's taken back. right now, it's about spain accepting the bailout package, and greece needs more time and money to work problems out. ashley: we heard that before. are you in the camp they drop out of the euro zone or everything done to be kept in? >> everything will be done to keep them in. so much time, effort, and money
2:23 pm
has been spent already. it's less costly to keep them in at this point opposed to seeing them leave. that requires patience, capital, and more time. ashley: you know, look, as it goes on, we have become numb a little bit to everything that's coming out of this year row zone. as far as exposure to the eurozone, as it continues to struggle, i would have thought by now that exposure has been obviously significantly scaled back so why are we worried about it? >> among spain, it's been scaled back. we can move money quickly out of europe. but if you are ford or ge, there's money on the ground, workers, producing for demand. you're going to see another hit in qe-4 when it comes to earnings, but the worst is over. everyone knows europe's a problem. the trade deficit is $100 billion. we already know that. i'm surprised the euro is not weeker -- weaker than where it is today.
2:24 pm
ashley: with the money printing, that's a whole other issue, but moving away from the eurozone, china, the slow down, how significant is that? >> bigger issue than europe almost. europe we know. we know the problems. it's playing out. china, to me, there's some growth, but i think the economy's weaker. there's a transition coming in october with new leadership. they have to step on it with when it comes to replating stimulus. they are behind the curve. ashley: what's it do to the global economy over the course of the next year? continue to struggle? >> fedex and transportation companies sagging. i hope we're at the bottom. the ecb's doing their thing. the fed, of course, printing money. bank of japan antid up, and china kicks it in. i hope we're at the bottom, but we're not there yet. there's the fiscal cliff and the election. this is a bottom in the economy and hopefully markets see that and we get a better tone in q4. ashley: biggest issue globally is lack of actual policy?
2:25 pm
doing something? >> that's right. that's right. that's the big issue. everybody's waiting. corporate's waiting, consumers are waiting for policymakers to put in place a prospect to deal with the debt issues. ashley: thank you for being here. >> appreciate it. ashley: thank you. tracy: this is near and dear to my heart. gas prices. lowered overnight, but the national average is $3.81. okay, sure, it's down from last week, but it's still up 29 cents from a year ago. that's a lot, 29 crepts. gas prices still averaging $4 a gallon or more in seven states, alaska, california, connecticut, hawaii, illinois, new york, and washington. you have to pump your gas in all of those states too which is a killer. ashley: you do. normally the driving season is ending, but that's not happening. apple is selling 5 million iphones in the first weekend,
2:26 pm
but that was well short of estimates. that story's next. tracy: first, today's winners and losers as we head to break. dough's down 16 appointment, international paper, health care all having a nice day. ♪
2:27 pm
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2:30 pm
shedding more than 6% last week. light sweet crude is down just about 89 cents right now at $92 a ball, and gop vice presidential candidate paul ryan launching a bus tour in ohio today. coming up, he talks exclusively with our very own rich edson. you do not want to miss that. ashley: on the bus, rolling along. people playing guitar in the background. tracy: furry seats. ashley: all right, let's get a check on the markets as we do, of course, every 15 minutes. nicole petallides on the floor of the nyse with a guest. >> reporter: that's right. john, today when you're seeing not too much movement on the major averages, the dow's down two points as we speak, what is the big picture of the market right now going forward? because we're not going to talk about the levels that we're seeing. >> no, i think when you're looking at this week, there are a couple things to look at. no economic data today, so the
2:31 pm
market should react the way it is. we're not going to get anything out of europe or washington. as the week progresses, more economic data's going to come, and at the end of the week, it's end of the month, end of the quarter. we usually see a lot of activity as we get to that, towards the end of the week. >> reporter: right. so it's going to be, as you noted, end of the month, end of the quarter, and volume, what might we see? what would be some examples of that? >> i think we're going to just see some portfolio repositioning as we get to the end of the quarter. you can see the way the market has traded up over the last quarter, i think there are some mutual funds and hedge funds that have to play a little catch up, so i think we are going to see the market continue to move higher this week with some volume that does support that rally. >> reporter: the fund managers try and buy up sol of the stocks that did well. you had that one in your fund, sure, there it is. back to you. ashley: aha. nicole, thank you very much. we'll be back in 15 minutes.
2:32 pm
tracy: all right, apple's new iphone 5 sales topped five million in its first weekend, but believe it or not, fell short of analyst expectations. this is bananas. as i said earlier. lauren simonetti has more on i have the 4s in my hand, and it feels like, it feels like a deadweight compared to -- >> it's a brick compared to what i have, and you don't have. [laughter] it's actually not mine, i stole it from betsy, there's her mom and her nephew. ashley: ah. tracy: and it's a little bit longer. >> reporter: yes. anyway, apple sold five million of those things in the first three days on store shelves, less than ten million that some bullish analysts were looking for. but there are some huge gaps here as isi group's brian marshall points out. online orders weren't factored in and only will be when they are delivered and customers actually sign for them. iphone 5 hits 22 more
2:33 pm
countries on friday, most of which will start selling it during our trading day here. as of now, iphone 5 is in four countries, iphone 4s is in seven. between iphone 3g and iphone 4, there was a 70% rise in weekend sales. 15% rise in sale between the 4 and the 4s, and between your phone and my phone, or betsy's phone, just a 25% increase. that's happening when the iphone 5 is in more countries, so is that shrinkage, maybe? apple shares are really struggling to even come close to the $700 level. they're off more than $11 right now. so that's the story. of course, you know, we still have the holidays. ashley: and we should point out that betsy on friday night walked straight into the store -- tracy: right, did not wait. that was actually in other stores, too, you could walk right in. i don't care what they say, this thing is hot. people are going to buy it. betsy, you can have it back,
2:34 pm
begrudgingly. >> people are annoyed with the online orders because they have to wait until october when you could have, like you said, walked into the store. tracy: lauren simonetti, go get your phones. ashley: a new survey showing the majority of economists believe the new health care law won't bring down costs, in fact, they think high costs will take a bite out of the economy. elizabeth macdonald with more. >> reporter: yeah, this is a headline flying under the radar screens. this survey of 236 economists at businesses across the country, these are the guys who are at places like wells fargo and dupont. it's what they said about health reform. more than seven out of ten said health costs will continue to rise, six out of ten said fewer employers are going to provide health insurance coverage meaning they're going to drop benefits, and our out of ten said, you know what? repeal the law altogether. the headlines were mostly focused on cutting the deficit, that 45% said, you know, we need
2:35 pm
tax hikes and spending cuts, but they missed this headline too. look at this. the economists are saying about tax cuts, please, keep 61% said extend current income tax rates. not only that, make them permanent. merely six out of ten said keep the dividend tax rate. nearly six out of ten said keep the capital gains tax rate permanent. you know, we have other really interesting findings out of this. and nearly eight out of ten, about nine out of ten said you know what's holding up the u.s. economic recovery? fiscal policy out of d.c. so that's interesting stuff. ashley: i could have told them that for free. didn't have to take a survey. tracy: interesting that the economists want their tax rates held. >> reporter: yeah. that they are so vocal about fiscal policy, we haven't seen that before with this survey as being the reason why the economy's being, you know, stalling out and being hung up. ashley: thank you, e. mac, appreciate it. >> reporter: sure. tracy: breaking news now, oil closing down 96 cents at $91.93
2:36 pm
a barrel, that's a lot. 1% on top of oil's 6% loss last week. $91.93. ashley: you see it at the pumps, ashley: you see it at the pumps, is that the big
2:37 pm
ally bank. ashley: you see it at the pumps, is that the big why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
2:38 pm
>> i'm adam shapiro with your fox business brief. stocks are struggling to go positive in afternoon trading, the dow right now is down, is down, actually, it's up, we're up one point. shares of per grin pharmaceuticals are plunging after announcing it found discrepancies in the study of its lung cancer drug, it will conduct a few of the discrepancies between some patient sample test results and code treatment assignments, and dave and buster's initial public offering is falling short of initial expectations. shares at 12-14 each with the possibility of additional shares to be available to underwriters,
2:39 pm
but even if all shares are sold at the top end of the price range, it still falls below the $150 million they were hoping to raise in early filings. that's the latest from the fox business network.
2:40 pm
ashley: brazil is firing a warning shot in what my next guest says is an impending currency war. reaction to the latest fed's decision to print more money. joining me now, managing director at tangent capital, also the author of "currency wars: the making of the next global crisis." james, welcome. >> thank you. ashley: how close are we to a currency war, or are we in the middle of one? >> we're in the middle of one. there was another warning shot is the other day, but the currency war began in january
2:41 pm
responded by doing the same thing so that also takes away the impact. >> can that's right. i was in a meeting in washington, and someone said who's winning the currency wars, and i said, you know, everyone loses. it's like a ping-pong match, it goes back and forth. but at the end of day, what you end up is with is contraction of world trade or inflation. it could go either way. ashley: i was going to ask you,
2:42 pm
so far inflation is under control, but it could take off quickly. >> correct. although when we say inflation's under control, technically, you're right. but there are deflationary forces from the depression, inflationary forces from policy. so it's like standing on the fault lines and saying it's not shaking, but it's all good. i expect inflation. ashley: okay. so switzerland, china, brazil all pushing back, how do they do that? by devaluing their own currency? >> there are a variety of ways. yes, devaluing your own current si is the goal, then the question is, how do you do it? some of these countries are at the zero bound. brazil and switzerland -- sorry, switzerland's been buying up the euro, shorting their own currency. if you put money into brazil, you can't get it out right away. australia's embracing the strong currency and doing things such as issuing infrastructure bonds that can serve capital inflows, and the other thing, you should
2:43 pm
buy gold. it's a great opportunity. when you have the strong currency, buy gold. ashley: isn't it ironic that the u.s. has been accusing the chinese of devaluing the yuan for years now, but they're doing the same thing. >> all countries manipulate their currencies, it's just a policy tool like interest rates. ashley: sure. >> the u.s. is the greatest manipulator and the best at it. [laughter] ashley: and you're bullish on the euro? >> yes. mainly because a lot of chinese capital is waiting to come into europe. they wanted europe to get their act together, which they now have. so that capital will come in and bolster the euro. remember, people say you ought to devalue the euro, well, you can't have a cheap dollar ask and a cheap euro. ashley: that's right. thank you so much for being here, very interesting stuff. currency wars, it's going on the right now. tracy: and we are the king of the currency manipulators. quite a title. well, amid growing pressure for facebook to prove the value of its advertising, the social americaing site's actually using new ways to track data, but are these methods violating your
2:44 pm
privacy? dennis kneale's covering the story now. hey, dennis. >> hey, tracy. well, horrors, it looks like those rascals at facebook are hell bent on violating our digital privacy as they try to placate the doubters about its ads and do they really work. so the financial times reporting facebook now working with data logic, a firm that tracks detailed purchases of 70 million consumers who use frequent shopper cards, loyalty cards at a thousand retailers. now, some of them are facebook users, and now data lodge as quick as will match its consumer database against facebook e-mail addresses to know whether they bought something after an ad popped up on their facebook page. so far they've measured 45 ad campaigns and found that 70% of the time a dollar spent on facebook ad sparked $3 in purchases. now, metrics like that are critical for facebook which is down today, you see another 8.5%. it's still trying to live up to that original valuation of $100
2:45 pm
billion and $38 a share when it went public back in may. privacy protecters, now, are crying foul. they say facebook may be violating a settlement they did with the federal trade commission last november. facebook says, look, individual user identities are never revealed, just numbers and percentages, and you've got to wonder, here's the thing, is there any presumption of privacy on facebook, the most exhingistic web site in the world? plus, the 70 million people in the survey, they agreed to let their products be tracked in exchange for discounts and special offers. are they going to be upset facebook knows that information too? you've got to wonder, tracy. tracy: i think not, but what do i know? dennis kneale, thank you very much. you signed up. ashley: exactly. it is a quarter til, let's head back down to nicole pelt lee tease, the dow just turning positive. >> reporter: that's right. take a peek, take a look. the dow now in the green, we haven't seen that all day look.
2:46 pm
it's been red and weighed down, and we've had a stronger dollar which didn't help things, and here's a look at the dow now, a whopping seven points to the upside. it's telling, and it shows we can come off our lows, and we're seeing some of the names such as pfizer, jpmorgan, 3m, helping to move the dow into the green. i wanted to take a look at verizon as part of my next story, verizon and tivo e coming to an agreement. this was a patent lawsuit, and now they finally have a settlement where verizon has agreed to pay at least $250.4 million over to tivo to settle this patent litigation. now, they continue to work together in other internet and service projects, video projects and such, but just the fact that this is done is good news. back to you. ashley: good stuff, nicole. tracy: coming up, the fiscal cliff and the presidential election will greatly impact your tax bill. how you can start preparing for i.
2:47 pm
ashley: all right. but, first, let's take a look at some of today's winners and losers. check out google, up 2%.
2:48 pm
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2:50 pm
ashley: well, stocks and commodities in the red today, the dow now just getting into
2:51 pm
the positive side. of course, we had a downside last week, so how should you prepare for the week ahead and all this volatility? sandra smith has the details in today's trade. saab da? -- sandra? >> reporter: hey, ashley. goldman sachs is saying buy the dips because they're still very bullish according to their report. take a look at the commodity movers today, we're looking at the silver market. silver's been leading the way lower, it has been the worst performing commodity in today's session. copper prices have also been down. natural gas prices, crude prices taking a hit. actually, crude down for the fifth day off the the last six trading sessions, around bob gasoline also getting hit. food prices getting hit, soybean, corn, wheat prices, heating oil and gold, pretty much down across the board as we get a little bit of strength in the u.s. dollar, but the reason i say goldman says buy these dips is because jeff curry just put out a note over at goldman saying over the next 12 months
2:52 pm
commodity prices are going to outperform the stock market, they're calling for an 18.2% gain across the board in the market. the most bullish on energy, that's including crude oil, heating oil, natural gas. all the energy complex they expect to rise 27%, guys, over the next year. they're very bullish, they said, basically, anytime that we get any indication that we are starting to pick up in this recovery, they are going to be the first to benefit. so, guys, we are down significantly today, but some view that as a buying opportunity. back to you guys. ashley: buy on the dip. all right, sandra, thank you so much. tracy: congress has skipped town and left behind a pile of unfinished business including what the heck you should do with your tax return and the tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year, but our next guest says do not wait for the lame duck session in november. tax preparation time is now. britney saks, pricewaterhousecooperss.
2:53 pm
britney, thanks for being with us again. >> thank you. tracy: there's so much on the table, though, the extenders, the tax rates in the general. how do you plan for this? >> i know. you know, tracy, this year more -- an election year more than any other in recent past, actually, americans are looking for some clarity, and there is so much uncertainty out there that the main thing people really need to focus on is to pay attention to tax policy developments, educate themselves and really get a good understanding of their financial situation, their tax situation so they can plan for the changes ahead. tracy: but that's the thing, i mean, we're talking about being under the gun, you almost have to prepare your tax return twice; once presuming everything's extended, once presuming, you know, everything goes to hell in a handbag. i think one of the things people are most worried about, though s the alternative minimum tax because right now the cut off for a couple, married filing joint, is only $45,000, and you are right now looking at paying the alternative minimum tax.
2:54 pm
>> yeah. and alternative minimum tax or the amt is always the cause of a lot of concern and confusion for taxpayers. it's, essentially, a parallel tax system, and they need to know so much more. in order to plan around it, first, you need to see if whether or not you may be subject to it. but truly, we do hear almost every year about something called the marx t patch -- amt patch, and that is where the exemption for the amt is basically tried to be increased to keep pace with inflation. tracy: right. >> are so we need -- the first thing people need to do is see, one, are you subjected to it and, two, how can you plan around it? and there's a number of things you can think about. tracy: there certainly are. a lot of people from new york, new jersey and connecticut because our state and local taxes are so high, and they are disallowed under the alternative minimum tax plan, under the policies there, but what about other things like estate tax and things like that? you know, that's all going up, and there's just -- we're talking about, basically, three
2:55 pm
months to prepare for all this. >> well, it's true. i mean, there's -- barring, you know, congressional or other legislative action, tax rates are going up on the income tax side and the estate and gift side, and i think people aren't as familiar with the estate and gift side very often. right now every american has $5 million estate and gift tax exemption, but that's scheduled to be decreased down to $1 million as of january 1st. so it is very, very important to think about, one, how does that change effect you and, two, is there planning to be done or gifting to be done and considered between now and the end of the year to take advantage of the tax rates and the tax laws that currently stand? tracy: most certainly, because the overall estate tax will potentially go up to 55% as well. britney sax, thanks for taking the time to be with us, and i think everyone should write to their congressional leaders and complain about this because there's absolutely no way to plan -- ashley: how can you? as you say, you have to prepare too. tracy: worst case, and everything's punted.
2:56 pm
ashley: there you go. isn't that washington period? all right, liz claman ready to take us through the last hour of trading, and she will be joined by rich edson live on the campaign trail, actually, on the bus with representative paul ryan. find out what the presidential candidate has to say about fixing our economy. "countdown to the closing bell" is next. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe there's never been a better time to share your passions... because the results... are you having fun doing this? yeah. that's a very nice cake! [ male announcer ] well, you can't beat them. [ giggles ] ohh! you got something huh? whoa... [ male announcer ] humana understands the value of spending time together that's a lot of work getting that one in! let's go see the birdies. [ male announcer ] one on one, sharing what you know. let's do it grandpa. that's why humana agents will sit down with you, to listen and understand what's important to you.
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♪ liz: hi, everybody. i'm liz claman. it's the last hour of trading, bulls are running reversing the negative treen. it's count down to the closing bill beginning now on the fourth monday what is known as the worst month for stocks. the dow jones industrials again moving higher so we are bucking the trend seen for decades and decades where september goes down


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