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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  September 26, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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that was a bearish sign with two earlier days of losses for the dow. now we cross the unchanged line with the dow down two points at this moment and got home sales figures which showed prices for home sales actually pretty good at five year highs. i know you will delve into that some more and dow component where the president and ceo at the title of chairman as well. seeing part of an elite group, the president and ceo. and radio shack another name and this is the changing of the guard. chief financial officer stepping up things to act as ceo until a successor is named. chief financial officer, as the ceo steps down.
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the dollar is higher. melissa: violent protests heating up, to ask for a bailout. resist asking the aid of italy and france to find rubber bullets as thousands of protesters formed a human chain around the building injuring 54 people. today they will prevent more reforms and 2013 budget filled with cuts despite growing anti austerity protests throughout the country. austerity measures sparking protests in greece with riot in athens as 24 hour nationwide strike begins. 50,000 people marched into parliament chanting. protesters hurled petrol bombs and the police who responded with teargas. the biggest strike in months and the first the prime minister
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will face. sorry about that. more on european tension hitting home with oil dipping below the $90 mark even as inventory declined. joining me from the pits of the cme, phil flynn of price futures group and pretty surprising move in oil. no support. we dipped below 90. >> we shouldn't be surprised because of what we're seeing on those tapes you just showed. every time we see these riots break out in europe we calling to question about the stability of the euro zone and spain always very bearish and after that bullish inventory report where we had a drawdown looking to build 2.44 million barrels we use the popped up to take profits but it is the jewish holiday and the markets are lighter so you are having a lot harder time to get traders stepping in front of this in
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light volume. we have seen more slippage than normal on some of the sell-offs and that suggests volume pretty light as well so that is not helping the. melissa: what about our bob? moving hire. >> there was a report that came out that the biggest refinery in canada had an explosion. traders bought first and ask questions later. when that had lain came with tom buck the trend and put in a big rally. we are getting reports the explosion was relatively minor. the markets did come down. emphasized something else we saw in that report, gasoline supplies are at the lowest level since 2008. if you get one refinery glitch even though prices are under pressure they can pop real quick. melissa: always the best. thank you. the proposed romney/derian tax plan could call to an end to long for a standing tax codes
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items. rich edson joins me now with who wins and who loses with the proposed plan. rich: democrats claim this will hit the middle class and cut taxes for wealthy americans. a fox business exclusive republican candidate paul ryan says wealthy americans like mitt romney will pay more. >> here's how it works. higher income people can use lots of tax shelters to shelter their income from taxation. close those tax shelters and more income is subject to taxation which allow us to lower tax rates for everybody. rich: some families and businesses will pay more because there will be fewer deductions. others will pay less with lower rates and in theory it balances out. for who is paying more or less we don't have those details from the romney campaign. they refuse to say how much the deductions they have to curb or even many to accomplish their goal. a senate source tells us the
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supercommittee discussed a rate cut and preliminary assumption show the cost of $1 trillion over ten years. congress has not officially run those numbers. as for what congress may consider eliminating the most popular individual deductions are exemptions for the cost of workers' health plans. interest on home mortgages, retirement plans and state and local taxes and giving money to charity. more deductions taxpayer has the more at risk they are paying more under any of these tax reform proposals. any democrat or republican plan. back to you. melissa: thank you so much. the unemployment rate in texas was 7.4% below the national average and according to a report released at the conference of mayors this week dallas is on track to be one of the fastest-growing areas for jobs in this country. the city is projecting to add 380,000 jobs over the next five years. how is dallas bucking the
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unemployment trend and spurring job creation? joining me is mike rollins with the weekly answer. according to stats on your state or your city, very impressive for july. your unemployment rate was 7.4% and well below the national average. a lot of people think is the oil and gas industry but when i look at stocks that is not it. >> we are very diversified. we are one of the last to go into the recession and first to come out. first of all we are geographically located in a great place so we have a lot of corporate headquarters here. investing in the future, we don't just freeze up but put more public infrastructure and any time in our city's history in the middle of the recession, we are a city of opportunity. people come to make it and make
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it now. don't want to get caught up in a lot of political stuff or non partisan city and all about business, making it happen and that spirit of growth is alive and well. melissa: yourself are non-partisan. you have backed candidates for both sides for president in the past and when i look at the employer's you have attracted to your city with 10,000 employees, walmart tops the list and texas health resources and the bank of america and baylor health care system. that is a diverse group of companies with a diverse group of needs. what is it you offer? an easy regulatory environment? educated workforce? low tax rate? what is your main draw? >> to be successful you have to do it all and we are focusing on all those things. we built on technology. texas instruments was one of the founding fathers and when you build a city on technology that
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happens. when we have the f.w. airport when you get any place in the nation very quickly the third busiest airport in the world, it helps a lot and city hall we make sure we get things in and out and make decisions and don't get caught up in a lot of bureaucracy. try to minimize that as much as we can. melissa: some things to highlight. you have a budget surplus of $2.3 million and that has to do with property tax base because home values did not go down -- go up or down as much. they have been stable. over the next five years you see 12.8% job growth ranking number 4 nationally. the biggest category you are going to add 127,000 professional and business service jobs. who should come to dallas looking to find a job? >> at at&t, move from san
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antonio and attracting business service sector for instance so if you are finance year, if you are an individual who has got a new way of optimizing business, it is a great place. education will continue to grow. healthcare will continue to grow as well. all those factors are important. we have our challenges like the rest of the united states but having a sense of urgency and making it happen now is what is in our culture and makes this a city of success. melissa: you know what makes business take because you were the ceo of pizza hut and you are running the city well. the second city in texas we have highlighted in the past week that is adding jobs and doing something right. all about texas. good news. stocks go down. bad news stocks go up. charles payne tries to make sense of all of it for us but take a look at the metals and how metals are driving trading.
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use promo code: notme. order now and get this document shredder to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands-- a $29 value, free. call the number on your screen. [♪...] melissa: time to make some money with charles payne. he has something little different. charles: the oldest axiom on wall street is buy low so high.
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maybe the second oldest is buy the rumor sell the news. when no one is out there and things are rumbling and nobody wants them and things look great, this week is a perfect example. think about yesterday. you get consumer sentiment number that is way above the estimate. market over time and collapses and then we get news on home builders and housing market and the housing market home builders under pressure and x h p which is the index is down 5% today so there are a couple things. it is counterintuitive for the average person who wants to get into the market because some things to consider. you probably should be buying when no one else wants to and have this patience to understand a lot of things are cyclical and come around and secondly they made big moves. the home builder index up 50% coming in to the week.
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april 24th, '42 to 52 one not go up indefinitely. at some point of a pullback so this is what people need to consider. how to get ready for the scenario where good news is out and the market continues to pull back. i think you have to start raising cash. you have a stock in a portfolio you bought a year-and-a-half ago and today it is 25. it is not moving there's a problem. problem to assess and the hardest things for people to take the loss but the next cycle and the market goes up you want to be holding stock -- [talking over each other] melissa: my conclusion is you do the opposite of what is logical. [talking over each other] melissa: the opposite of what logical. [talking over each other] melissa: charles payne. i don't want to burst your bubble. i would leave it to the end. as we do every 15 minutes we are having fun let's check the
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markets. nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange watching hewlett-packard. nicole: not much fun there. if you look at dow component hewlett-packard you will see the down arrows and the fact the stock is around the 2003 levels and eight year lows. it turned into the green and as an up arrow but has been under pressure and one of the reasons the fares are jumping in ahead of next week's analysts meeting hewlett-packard under significant pressure and changing the guard and you have meg whitman leading the way for the company but what will come of this analyst meeting is a question whether or not they can legitimately turn this company around and that is why they were getting in on this. you can see honestly it has an up arrow and turned around and of the market has come out of its earlier low. melissa: thanks so much. up next charlie gasparino is back and breaking news. what is the story? stick around and find out as we head to break.
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let's look at how the dollar is fairing and you see it is stronger against the euro and the pound. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] the markets keep moving. make sure the news keeps coming with thinkorswim by td ameritrade. use the news links breaking stories with possible breakout stocks, options with potential opportunity, futures and forex with in-depth analysis. it's an all-you-can-eat buffet for all things trading. thinkorswim by td ameritrade. it doesn't just deliver news. it's making news. trade commission free for 60 days, plus get up to $600 when you open an account.
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>> 20 minutes past the hour. lockdown in the nfl close to a deal that there are discussions about union reps returning sunday according to espn. it is source tells the network the two sides are close to an agreement in principle low no deal has been reached at this point. thousands protesting outside the united nations in new york city as iran's president addressed the united nations. mahmoud ahmadinejad says his country is under threat of military action from, quote, uncivilized zionists saying such threats are designed to force nations into submission. early voting in the presidential election begins in ohio in the week where both campaigns are today. for president obama it is his thirteenth trip this year. he is stopping at two university's. mitt romney making three stops. he has been to ohio ten times since many. now back to melissa frances.
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rich: thank you so much. lovely and talented. president obama will easily win reelection in november. in trade prediction numbers showing him trouncing mitt romney 75% to 25%. wall street is buzzing about who will be president obama's next treasury secretary and charlie gasparino has the latest from the executive. charlie: i hate to say mitt romney is a loser now six weeks out. there's a lot of campaigning government of the oddball fbn -- melissa: sounds like four people abetting. charlie: the lot of people betting and it is usually right but it moves around a lot and it is usually right. in any event we are not announcing that romney is dead and the campaign is over. we are saying what they're saying and wall street and it is not just the traders that use it
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but used by traders and also inside the executive suites they don't see a chance for mitt romney winning and right now what they are looking for and wall street generally forward predictors' who will be breaking their chops the most and has most influence over what they do and that usually is a combination that the head of the federal reserve and ben bernanke and the new york fed and the treasury secretary so this is my statistically insignificant survey of wall street executives and who is in running for this job. jack lew is inside the white house and white house chief of staff pretty high marks. they think he is the most likely guy to be treasury secretary according to the people i talk to. major wall street ceos and the executive suite players i deal with. to comes after where it gets interesting the names that are bounced around erskine bowles
1:24 pm
from north carolina considered a moderate to conservative democrat bonn the president's deficit reduction committee with alan simpson and pretty good and we should point out he is there too but the president ignored a lot of his -- [talking over each other] >> he is seen as a guy who can bring democrats and republicans like him. the other guy out there whose name is bounced around and bounced around for four years is the ceo of black rock. i consider him a friend. the upside to larry is clearly there is no smarter guy on wall street that i know. he saw between trading and an entrepreneur. and associated -- the obama
1:25 pm
administration -- there's a european financial crisis, he understands financial instruments, and erskine bowles is a different dynamic. really going to do that. you want to make a deal with republicans and he is the guy to do it but larry as different depending on how you approach it. the wall street firms are going around. with larry taking the job, and natural successor at black rock. i just -- maybe he does. melissa: such a massive pay cut. [talking over each other] charlie: erskine bowles is no stranger to wall street. melissa: the president wouldn't be running for reelection again so he doesn't care, a best buddy
1:26 pm
at wall street. [talking over each other] melissa: such a great knowledge of the industry. charlie: you could also make the point that the last thing he needs is a base going nuts and boycotting midterms. he gets the same thing anyway. melissa: the risk that he is good and worth it and gets political backlash. charlie: you think tim geithner is good? the fact that you don't answer that says a lot and i tell you the fresen -- not necessarily this president but one of the problems with this president and here is the reason larry might not take the job. when he sits down in his office and thinks big thoughts this president has downgraded the treasury secretary to a large extent. tim geithner is one of the
1:27 pm
players but guess who is a major player in economic policy? a woman named valerie jarrett who is a special advisor. she called a lot of shops when it comes to economics. bill bailey i know for a fact, chief of staff and wanted to be treasury secretary, where -- [talking over each other] charlie: that is the dynamic. charlie: time for the government to empty of the strategic petroleum reserve and sell it off. this could be a good thing for most of us. as we head to break take a look at the winners and losers on the s&p 500. we will be right back. 4g lte has the fastest speeds.
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so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. zon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what'sretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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melissa: time for stocks now as we do every 15 minutes. let's head to the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole petallides is standing by watching verizon and at&t. >> that's right, two telecom companies on the dow jones industrial average that we're following very closely. we follow them very closely every day but today with up arrows. at&t is up more than half a percent. verizon up nearly one half of a percent this as both of their price targets were lifted over at oppenheimer and company. verizon's new share price, the target, $5, at&t, $45. iphone subsidies did drive the calls. it is seasonally strong period and if there is republican victory that could boost the company's stock prices on lower taxes and dividends. melissa: nicole, thanks so much. so could closing the spr drive oil prices lower? it may seem counterintuitive
1:32 pm
my next guest says selling it is the best thing for the country and your wallet. we have a former director of the office of energy policy at the u.s. treasury and he joins me now on the phone. phillip, when i first heard this i thought it sounded really strange and i thought about it is is brilliant. one of the reasons you say because when policy makers talk about releasing oil from the spr, it makes people nervous, it makes traders nervous and actually gives the price support, right? >> exactly right. earlier in the hour you had phil flynn talking about gasoline and he was saying inventories are low. one of the major reasons that inventories are low is that the inventories are no longer held by exxon and so on. they're held like companies like global partne in new england and they cut their purchases for inventories whenever they fear prices going. everybody understands that you don't want to go buy now
1:33 pm
if you think prices are going to be lower. melissa: yep. >> so there just has been a litany over the, since march of, maybe we'll release the strategic reserves and maybe we won't and so invariably what everybody does is cut back. melissa: right. absolutely. then another reason as way was thinking about it we always complain the spr doesn't really have that much oil anyway. the oil in it i think is 30 or 35 day supply depending how you look at it. i think we have that statistic. it is not refine fuel. it is not gasoline. >> it is not gasoline. it is crude oil. it would have to be refined. if you look around the world, crude oil inventories are pretty high just the psychological effect. the other impact is, the futures market performs a very useful function for keeping prices down because people, a lot of investors buy futures thinking prices will go up. that allows companies to acquire inventories and sell futures and hedge. we've been doing this for 200 years.
1:34 pm
once you get the word, oh, maybe they will sell the spr, the investors that might buy futures won't buy futures. interest goes down and companies have to sell inventories. the banks provide the cash for holding the inventories and the banks don't provide unlimited cash. so these companies really squeeze inventories. that's why prices have been so high. that is why --. melissa: i was also thinking that another thing it would do, if you just eliminated the spr, it would send the signal that the government's not worried at all. we have plenty of oil. we don't even need this thing anymore. let's get rid of it, right? >> back in the carter administration i was there when we started filling it. a few years ago we need ad billion barrels. now we do not need so much because of energy independence. by 2020, we won't need any. we could collects $70 billion selling oil on regular basis. saying every month we'll sell this much oil. that would make a small contribution to reducing the trillion dollar budget
1:35 pm
deficit you were talking about with charlie a just a minute ago. it would bring prices down because you wouldn't have this fear. we don't need it. and it would also help close the budget deficit. melissa: that is genius. has anyone talked about seriously doing this you think? >> people are gradually getting. i live in colorado but i spent some time in washington and i've been needling people about this for a year saying as we talk about the budget deficit after the election this, is one of the contributions. given all the increase in production from the bakken, from eagle shale and so on, we don't need so much. we need all the sources. also the u.s. government for 40 years or so, maybe 60 has been selling off strategic stocks it doesn't need. sold off the tin strategic stock. sold off helium strategic stock. this serve as purpose after the --. melissa: phil, love it. it is a interesting and provocative idea. you have to come back on and tell me if you hear it
1:36 pm
getting any traction. >> i will keep in touch. it is a lot of fun, thank you. melissa: thank you so much of. >> bye. melissa: all right, iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad speaking at the u.n. today. his words and timing are causing controversy. lou dobbs weighs in on that next. and take a look at the ten year and 30-year treasury here as we head out to break. you see the yield there dipping a bit on the 10-year. it is at 1.63. we'll show you the 30 too. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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>> here's your fox business brief. irving oil reportedly saying its refinery in st. john, new brunswick, canada, resumed normal operations following an explosion. the blast came when scheduled work was being done at a hydrogen plant. confidence among the ceo's here in the u.s. tumbled to a 3-year low according to the business roundtable. its ceo economic outlook index fell to 66% in the third quarter, from 89% in the second quarter. and shares of american greetings are surging today after the company received a go private offer from a group led by its ceo and the group is offering $580 million for the company. american greetings says it will form a special committee of independent directors to consider the proposal. that's the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper.
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melissa: iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad took center stage today at the u.n. and not just his words stirring up controversy of the so is the tiling of his speech. today is of course the holiest day on the jewish calendar, yom kippur, the day of atonement. lou dobbs is here to weigh in on that one. quite a coincidence. >> i don't know if it is a insidious plot. yom kippur belongs to the jews and their religion. he has quite a different religion and the rest of the world is divided up amongst many other religions. i think probably the thing that bothers me most about ahmadinejad he continues to call for the obliteration of the state of israel. that i find offensive. the days on which he chooses to do so, he is no more or
1:41 pm
less vile and condemnable making such utterances. frankly i'm embarrassed this administration sat in their seats as a delegation of the united states of america and listened to such viciousness, such madness from this pathetic leader of what was once a great nation. melissa: yeah, there are some things going on with the u.n. this week that are so frustrating. you have the president yesterday once again talking about this movie -- >> this is reached a level of, that demands great explanation by this administration as to how this president could spend almost, well, two weeks to the day, talking about a movie as the insipient root of the terrorist attack against our consulate and the murder of our ambassador and the president before the general assembly calls the death of ambassador christopher stevens, calls
1:42 pm
it a killing, not a murder, not a assassination, not a terrorist attack. that also requires great explanation from this administration. they are speaking a language and observing standards that are unknown to the rest of this country. it is beyond comprehension. certainly beyond the understanding of everyone i know. melissa: when you sit in this city and have first-hand look how it is turned upside down when the u.n. comes and see great cost everyone says is it worth it? we maintain our position around the world hosting the u.n.. gives this the opportunity and to do this, that and other thing and when i see the opportunity squandered with the speech made yesterday. letting ahmadinejad stand up and say these things. and we're not getting our point across. >> to the point free speech which the president addressed, i thought this was the most positive thing of what he did have to say, he is entitled to say what he wants when he is in this
1:43 pm
country. the degree to which we pay attention, we broadcast it, we honor it with our presence, i think quite another matter and something this administration should be held responsible for. i think he should also be held responsible for being frankly simple minded in that speech to the point of obfuscation. he did not as he attacked bashar assad as he has repeatedly, he did not mention the fact that china. melissa: right. >> supports syria. that russia, supports syria. that iran, certainly as he said does support but this is a far more complicated and messier world that we live in. this president seemed to have the guts to take on iran but not china, not russia and for that, he is diminished. melissa: that's a great point. thank you, lou. >> thanks. great to be with you. melissa: we see you every day at this time and i'm looking forward to watching your program at 7:00 and 10:00. >> thank you so much.
1:44 pm
melissa: oh, you have art laffer on tonight that is always fantastic. >> we have good folks. melissa: you have the all-star panel. >> we do day in, day out. melissa: 41 days to the election, you have got a lot to talk about. >> indeed we all do and a lot to pray over. melissa: lou dobbs, thank you so much. it is quarter to and as we do every 15 minutes let's check the markets. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. after two years of talks between dollar-thrifty and hertz they seem to be closing in on a deal? >> this is one to look at. this is go shop period. in other words a company makes an offer but the company being offered tons of money i want to shop around to see what i could get. turns out that dollar-thrifty find no other buyers other than hertz. so hertz is finally feeling pretty good here. their buyout offer of 87.50 a share is scheduled to expire october 5th. we'll see what happened.
1:45 pm
dollar-thrifty's board recommended stockholders accept the offer because they're not getting too many offers. hertz announced it would agree to a $2.3 billion deal for dollar-thrifty a month ago. we'll continue to watch it. you see obviously what is going on here. as october gets closer and closer they have to make some decisions fast. back to you. melissa: nicole, thank you so much. interesting. so will your holiday cards and gifts get where they need to be in december? the post office is in dire straits and congress still has done absolutely nothing about it. here comes the holidays. up next, a look how you and some big industries could be impacted if it isn't fixed soon. but first, take a look at some of today's winners and losers as we head out to break. research in motion having another good day. it is up about 6%. we'll be right back.
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melissa: we have some breaking news right now. banks continue to have problems with their web sites, this according to reuters. pnc financial services customers are having accessing their banks website. this is apparently the result of a cyberattack. wells fargo facing lingering problems with its site. the bank is working with law enforcement officials to address the issue. remember on friday we were hering similar reports about bank of america and j.p. morgan. now we're adding more names to that list. gasoline prices rallying back above $3 a gallon after report of an explosion at a refinery in new brunswick, canada. sandra smith has the story from the pits of the cme in today's trade. take it away. >> we want to update that story about the refinery based out of new brunswick, canada. they have resumed normal
1:50 pm
operations. we reported that was causing a dramatic spike in gasoline prices. this does 300,000 barrels a day. they returned to normal operations after experiencing a explosion. they were doing work on the reasonfiry. they returned to normal operations. gasoline prices hanging on to big gains from earlier in the session after we got a inventory report that was bullish for the marketplace. also a quick update on oil prices right now. we're still below $90 a barrel, guys. if we do indeed close below $90, this would be the first time dating all the way back to august 2nd. that was the last time we saw 89 and change. so, melissa that is a key level to watch here as we head into the last hour, last couple hours of oil trade, the pit trading that is. this is a big day today. the close will be a beg one. melissa: that contract looking really weak. sandra smith, thanks so much. typically that people flood the post office, tax
1:51 pm
day and the holidays. the mail-heavy holiday season is well on its way. everyone is gearing up except for for the post office that is. the u.s. postal service is set to completely run out of cash in october, don't forget. that is right before the influx of holiday cards and packages. we have the head of printing industry midwest and he is urging lawmakers to take action in order to prevent disasterous consequences not only for the usps but the printing industry. i understand you're the head of the printing industry association out in the midwest. so you know what these folks are thinking. are they worried? >> melissa, thanks for inviting me here today to talk about postal issues. and yes, the answer would be our customers and our clients are wondering what is going to happen. melissa: and what do you think is going to happen? we've had the postmaster general on. he has said that the only way to save the post office is to close, you know, a lot of different offices around the country and really
1:52 pm
streamline costs. you know, congress has not agreed with him. what do you think the right resolution is? >> well, actually congress has to act. the house of representatives has a bill. they have got to move it forward. if they don't in a lame-duck session the senate will pass a bill and connect it on to anything that is moving in the house. i can't imagine, doesn't want to have a say in this whole process. we're looking at a six or 7% of the gross national product that is tied to mailing. we're looking at eight million jobs. this is a critical issue that we've got to move it forward. melissa: what do you think realistically will happen to the people in your association? it is not like, if they run out of money they will not shut down. they will borrow it from somewhere. they're not, i mean direct impact do you see it having on your customers? >> well the post office is funded by postage, by postage. so 90% of the mail stream is produced by commercial printers. so if there is less going
1:53 pm
into the mail streams, there will be less employment in the print industry. that is a critical factor in how this whole economy shapes up. going you there the holidays they will -- okay, do you have a question there? melissa: i did because i don't understand. it is not like they're going to stop delivering mail if they run out of money. they're not just fund out postage. they have a giant debt to the treasury, a huge line of credit. they're defaulting on debt they have now. they continue to get loans. they run out of cash not like they will shut the door on your customers and your customers will have to lay off all their workers, right? >> part of the problem they have to make this $5.5 billion payment for the prefunding of health care. they have got to make another payment here shortly in september for the retirement funds. another $5 billion. they're just not going to make those payments. they will not have enough cash going through the system to make this payment at this time. what they're going to do is they will move things around, close facilities faster than
1:54 pm
they had allegedly told us they were going to do it. so it disrupts the whole distribution system of the mailing process. melissa: okay. david, thanks so much for coming on. we're out of time. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. melissa: in new jersey cats and dogs may need to buckle up too. that's right, new jersey assembly woman grace stewart of newark required pets to be in crates or safety restraints while they ride in cars. violators face a $20 fine. seals to be support. according to a new poll out of fair lee dickinson. that is what your car looks like when you take a drive. i think that's what people do. 45% of registered voters favor the law. 40% oppose it. a safety belt system for a dog really exist. they start out at 15 bucks that is just under the price of one ticket. crates are substantially more expensive though. pretty funny. got to buckle up the cat.
1:55 pm
if you're in new jersey, driving around, don't let it drive. put it in the seat and bucket it up. coming up tonight on "money", stuart holiday from the u.n. security council. he will join me on a day when iran's president the stage at the u.n. general assembly. despite sanctions against selling and buying iranian oil, the world large i've group is violating them and what is the point of these sanctions if this is possible if this company is buying and selling all the oil. that will be on 5:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. coming up ashley webster takes a look at the coal industry which is already taking a hit thanks to government regulators and why things could get even worse if president obama is reelected. here is ashley. he is jogging in.
1:56 pm
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1:59 pm
ashley: good afternoon, everybody, i'm ashley webster. oil prices tumbling to below $90 a barrel less than two weeks after trading in the triple digits. you can see oil down to 89. new clashes in greece and spain reminding the world, guess what? the european crisis is far from over. regulation nation. american coal producers fighting to save their future. one energy expert will tell us why even more regulations could be ahead. all right, time now for stocks as we do every 15 minutes. let's head down to floor of the nyse with nicole petallides. the dow is drifting lower just like yesterday, nicole. >> ashley, there is a lot to talk about. economic news. what we're seeing over in europe right now. the dow is down again as you noted. we were down over 100 points yesterday. here we are today down 26 points down for the dow jones industrials. we're seeing nasdaq and s&p lower. new home sales fell slightly in the month of august.
2:00 pm
prices though actually are holding. let's talk about google right now because google really stealing the show. yesterday it hit a new all-time high. now is the fifth most valuable company in the u.s. so this is obviously a big deal as you continue to follow some companies and what are some of the most valuable? we gave you a little glimpse, right? apple is number one. we watched that. of apple and exxon go neck-and-neck. apple easily surpassing exxon. you have microsoft in there. that is number three and market value of 257 billion. and then, you also have wal-mart and then google. those are some of the most valuable stocks as market caps that is. let's look at apple quickly. as you take a look not at all-time highs. iphone 5 sales set records though some are disappointed how they're faring. 666. back to you. ashley: evil number apparently. you're certainly not evil. nicole, thank you very much. spanish prime minister
2:01 pm
is set to present more economic reforms in a 2013 budget filled with cuts. he will ask for aid if necessary but so far resisted advice from italy and france to request a bailout. this as anti-austerity riots heating up throughout the country. the resume for -- rumor of success spread in catalonia. they tried to have a chain around the parliament building that in a clash that hurt 64 people. in the greece capital, anti-austerity protesters clashed with police as nationwide strike began. 50,000 people chachbting e.u., imf out. demonstrators fired flares and police fired tear gas and rubber bullets in return. this is the first crisis the greek prime minister has faced and it is the largest since may of 2011. a lot of unrest in europe.
2:02 pm
aside from unforeseen obstacles, my next guest says the markets will hold up well for the rest of the year thanks to what she calls the quantitative easing safety net. joining me with more on her outlook for the fourth quarter prudential chief market strategist quincy krosby. thanks very much for joining us. do you really see qe as a safety net and why? >> just in terms of the market. i mean, the value judgment regarding qe is something different. we just look at the markets. what fourth quarter typically is a good quarter for the markets. you have seasonality, for example, in technology. you have seasonality, believe it or not even in the steel sector. so when you go into the fourth quarter, you may see some pullbacks. you will see buying. then the other thing you see in the fourth quarter, typically every single year is catching up window-dressing. doesn't mean that the year is blasted and the markets come down. you will still see window addressing because portfolio
2:03 pm
managers, hedge fund magers, want to best their competitors. that helps in the fourth quarter. ashley: we, we've also had quite a lot of profit and earnings warnings from some pretty prominent companies fedex and caterpillar. doesn't that worry you? >> it certainly does but the more those worries come into the market before we actually get deep into the earnings season the fact you set yourself up for positive surprises. and you even see today, look at markets trying to get back into positive territory all day today, going into positive territory, despite some of those rallies and demonstrations in europe. the market feels like it wants to go higher. is it qe? is it the fact that they note the chinese will come in with more stimulus? is it the fact that you know the europeans will probably cut a deal with greece and with spain and delay and delay the payments. that is what the market is seeing right now, stimulus, monetary policy, from all
2:04 pm
over the world. ashley: quincy, quickly, with that in mind, what sectors in particular to do you like? >> well you know technology should bet a nice bid going into the next couple months once we finish the quarter. also i think that once you get in and start seeing a pullback as we are today in these homebuilder stocks, in some of the derivatives of homebuilders, including financials i think you should see that also get a bid. remember, the fed is not done. they want to see the housing market even at the margin do better and that should help some of the banks that work with homebuilders and work with mortgages. ashley: all right. very good. quincy krosby, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. ashley: breaking news for you. the nfl has fined new england patriots coach bill belichick 50,000 bucks and washington redskins assistant, kyle shanahan for
2:05 pm
the their conduct against replacement officials. belichick grabbed a official's arm after the game-winning field goal by the ravens. shanahan was fined for actions against the bengals. the league and referee union continue talks to end the lockout. we'll have more about the lockout and talk of a possible agreement later this hour. the packers would like to see the real refs back. 96 days and counting that is how long the u.s. has before we careen off the fiscal cliff unless congress takes action but small companies and franchise owners are warning lawmakers it is affecting their business and yes, their hiring plans. mike emanuel joins us with that story. mike? >> hi, ashley. the so-called fiscal cliff the economy is facing translates into some 600 billion in tax hikes and government spending cuts to take effect in the new year. franchise business entrepreneurs and small business groups say that threat is hurting growth. >> it is a dramatic impact.
2:06 pm
again it is all about risk and reward and you're not going to risk money if you have no idea what the government's going to do to you. >> i want to grow. i want to invest back into the community. and i'm just, i'm holding things back because of the uncertainty. >> big business ceo's are also growing more anxious about congress and the president being able to work out a deal. the business roundtable's new ceo, economic outlook survey shows only 29% of ceo's expect to add employees in the next six months while 34% expect to drop a in up number of workers. only 0% predict increases in capital spending that is down 13 from last quarter. fewer company leaders expect an increase in sales and growth over the next six months. before congress on a the president left town for the campaign trail, hear is the senate majority leader on the fiscal cliff. >> i'm confident we'll reach some kind of an arrangement. i think we can avoid a cuttoff
2:07 pm
for the help that 98% of americans deserve. >> that is just referencing the bush tax cuts for families earning up to $250,000 per year. he didn't mention the automatic spending cuts, other tax measures such as payroll tax holiday, all coming up at the end of the year. it is nervous time in washington, ashley. ashley: yeah, certainly is, mike. very quickly is this really going right down to the last minute or last second as so many other things do? >> ashley, i talked to a very, very good, plugged in republican source who said the democrats do not want to talk about any of this until the election is over. so, it could come down to the wire. ashley: i think it could indeed. fox's mike emanuel. thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up making money with charles payne. charles shares his take on some of today's biggest stock winners. reports of progress between the national football league and the locked out referees.
2:08 pm
that story ahead. as we do every day at this time, oil is down in trading. 89.65. we'll talk to phil flynn soon about the latest on the oil market. we'll be right back. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 this morning, i'm going to trade in hong kong.
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2:12 pm
charles. >> the don't bury me yet, the september 26th version. look at today's winners! netflix is up. research in motion. u.s. steel. facebook. ashley: oh my word. netflix. >> all been unmitigated disasters this year. let's go down the list. competition and mismanagement is hurting netflix and research in motion. maybe they get their act together, maybe they won't. i wouldn't touch either one of those stocks just yet. u.s. steel is more of a reflection of the global economy, domestic economy. one thing i do like it create ad lot of support at 19. i'm worried about the catalyst. if someone is in it i think it is too late to sell but i'm still not ready to jump on that particular stock. ashley: why is it moving higher? can't figure out why any is -- >> ceo of netflix is barking. making a stand. amazon can't tough us. listen, that is what a ceo is supposed to do. facebook, speaking of ceos and what they're supposed to do, it generated now a cult
2:13 pm
of traders has facebook. under 20 you buy it. over 23 you sell it. if someone wants to play the game more power to them. as far as long-term buy and hold --. ashley: not a good thing. >> they have to see they can make money particularly with mobile. that leaves us with deckers. this is winter play. you know they make uhgs, right? they wear them in the winter time. i don't want to be there when they take them off, that is number one. this is winter stock. we haven't had a real winter. ashley: not last year. >> this is one thinking looks to me compelling as an investment at this particular point. i think they have great management. i think the stock is cheap. i think a large part of their business --. ashley: still popular. >> execution has been poor. you hear people blame it on the weather. in this particular case --. ashley: it is true. >> you can actually blame it on the weather. here we have it. don't bury me yet, september 26th edition. of all names looking better the one that entices me is deckers.
2:14 pm
>> the uggs. don't bury me in my uggs. >> okay. ashley: i don't know if you believe this story or not. a new study finds people with more power an responsibility actually have also stress. stanford ard harvard researchers measured arngs sight levels and stress fighting hormones cortisol in military and government leaders. they found higher the rank, lower the stress. it backs up research that baboons have less stress higher they are in the pecking order. it could simply be people with less stress end up in positions of power. that may be the key. talk about delegation. higher you get, less you have to do. other people do it for you but ultimately the buck stops with you. >> ultimately the buck stops with you. the old thing i think about is giggy malls, mo money, mo problems. ashley: never are truer words. >> i don't dispute this particular research paper but, you know what?
2:15 pm
certainly in the military, with all these people you're responsible for, all these lives you're responsible for. ashley: surprising. >> the baboon thing is more akin to, if you're the king and you can't be deposed, can't be voted out of office. ashley: not feeling as much stress. >> what the heck, let them eat cake. when there is accountability. where you're in control of people's lives on day-to-day basis whether government, military or in the private sector i kind of, i don't think this one real --. ashley: really jells, does it. >> this one, who did this harvard? ashley: harvard researchers. should know what they're doing any way. let the baboons eat cake. that is the best line of the day. their, charles. as we do every 15 minutes, let's check the markets nicole petallides. never gets stressed whatever the market is doing. she joins us now. no stress at all. nicole, take it away. >> keep eye on the flash crash days. bad finger. no stress on the stock exchange. let's talk about movers on
2:16 pm
wall street. let's look at radioshack and another one we'll look at is alpha natural. the radioshack, the ceo is stepping down. they have hired a executive search firm to replace the ceo. cfo will be named the acting ceo. consumer electronics is a very stressful business. a lot of competition and radioshack is working very hard to turn it around. the stock you can see right now is up 3/4 of 1%. we'll look at alpha natural. alpha natural will be actually moved out of the s&p 500 index when kraft has their spin-off and kraft will go into the s&p 500 under a new ticker by the way, not the old kraft ticker. alpha natural will be moved to the s&p 400. back to you. ashley: very good. stress-free report. well-done nicole. we'll check back in 15 minutes. alpha natural resources just one of many american coal producers beaten down by government regulation. up next one energy analyst says the industry's future could be shaped by the presidential election. but first let's check out
2:17 pm
how the dollar is moving right now with the dow just drifting slightly lower. take a look at these currencies. we're all down against the dollar. that also was putting pressure on oil. we'll be right back. [ engine revving ]
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>> 21 minutes past the hour i'm juliet huddy with your fox news minute. locked out refs and nfl are close enough to a deal that the union refs might return on sunday. that is according to espn. the source tells the network that the two side are close to an agreement in principle although know deal has been reached. thousands protested outside the united nations here in new york city as iran's president addressed the u.n. mahmoud ahmadinejad says his country is under threat from quote, uncivilized zionists refering to israel. sad news in the singing world, andy williams has died at the age of 84 from bladder cancer. he died last night in branson, missouri in his home there. his version of moon river made him famous. we all know that. that is your fox news minute. back to ashley. ashley: juliet huddy at fox. thank you so much.
2:22 pm
let's talk about coal. the american coal industry is battered by regulation and cheap natural gas. for more i'm joined by kevin book, managing director at clear view energy partners. kevin, what impact have we seen on the coal industry under the obama administration? >> ashley the biggest impact is in the eastern coal-producing areas especially west virginia. what happened there are regulations that limit ways that you can dispose of waste when you mine the coal there which is very thin and expensive to mine in the first place. that made it higher cost of production for all of the coal, not just the high quality coal that sells overseas but also coal that competes with natural gas for power plants in the east. that is one of the big impacts that affected a lot of market share for coal producers throughout the falling period of natural gas prices we've had. ashley: obviously if the president obama is reelected, how do you see the coal industry faring then?
2:23 pm
>> on most of the energy policy issues the candidates differ more in terms of degree than direction. in this case it really could make a difference almost immediately. the obama administration used something called guidance, a very informal regulatory protocol to establish rules for disposal of mining waste. that guidance could be changed on day one. similarly the epa taken a new interventionist stance on coal mining permits and that interventionist stance could also be changed by the fiat of the president without any sort of latency or delay. two big thanks would change the regulatory overhang almost immediately. ashley: biggest demand if i'm not wrong is from power plants to burn the coal. is that demand falling and will it continue to fall if the president is reelected? >> differences between the candidates at the smokestack are less dramatic than they are at mine mouth. if you look what waits for power plants there are regulations already threatening to shut down 26 and 40 gigawatts of roughly
2:24 pm
310 that are generating power today. that impact will be more or less baked in. we don't expect a big inca there. what could change degree of enforcement and urgency that brings those shutdowns. a romney administration could be more lenient and exercise its prerogatives to slow down the rate of shutdowns. that would be less dramatic in terms of negative impact on coal demand. ashley: i guess it all boils down, kevin, can we have a prosperous coal industry while protecting the environment at the same time? >> i think absolutely we can. a lot of the arguments against coal have stemmed from the pollution that is emitted from combustion. if we look where coal is going right now, it is mostly going to asia. so the big question of the next administration whoever wins will have to wrest sell it, what will you do about gating exports that represent the incremental demand for u.s. producers? their futures lies on traversing open seas to market that wants coal. production costs won't be such a big problem if the market is open. ashley: a lot happening in the balance for the coal industry. thank you so much, kevin
2:25 pm
book of clear view energy partners. thank you. ashley: trick or dog street, maybe that is what people say this halloween. more pets will be in costs this year. i'm sure they're thrilled that means big bucks for retailers. according to the national retail federation, costumes for the furry friends will hit $320 million last year. that is up 20% from last year. biggest seller costumes for dogs. spending doesn't stop there overall americans are expected to spend a total of $8 billion on halloween with the average consumer spending just under $80. i don't know, is that dog a abuse? huh. pumpkins are particular favorite. devil horns. you can see lots of those running around on all fours come halloween. coming up the nfl and locked out referees reportedly moving closer to a deal. but will they be back on the field this sunday?
2:26 pm
details next. first let's take a look at some of today's winners and losers. alpha natural resources up 4%. dean foods up nearly 4%. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] let's say you need to take care of legal matters.
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minutes past the hour. let's check the markets. nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange with a guest. nicole: i am thankful ben willis isn't here. he has a lot to say. you talk about europe or china or home numbers.
2:30 pm
what do you think? >> spain is the key item throughout the week. and the credit defaults what markets, spain in serious trouble. the favorite topic is china. china is going to tamper, their version of quantitative easing not as shiny as we hoped. nicole: china is obviously now all that every body of 4. any time these countries -- it is not over. >> the fat lady at the opera won't sing the. we want greece, it is important in the scheme of the financial world but is an example. let's see what happened because it is starting to happen to spain. spain is what you have to keep an eye on and that is the concern. it is not over because one spain is done you have to worry about
2:31 pm
italy or all the other nations that go with it. that is the concern. so far it has not healed itself. nicole: it is the global story. ashley: surprise she hasn't lost her voice by now. we will be back with nicole in 15 minutes. oil dipping below the $90 markdown 2% on those european -- inventory decline not enough to boost prices. joining me with more from the pits of the cme is phil flynn of price futures group. it is unusual to see stockpile's dropping but oil dropping along with it. very unusual. >> unusual and a sign how concerned we are about shifting risk in the global marketplace. the market is looking at those videotapes out of spain and greece with the rioting and stuff. and confident about the outcome
2:32 pm
and that all changed. oil is back above $90. the little refinery glitch in canada and gasoline going up. more confidence because referee strike might be settled. maybe they read the inventory report. and gasoline. ashley: gold has dropped $12 right now and pushing lower. >> it is the concern about shifting and the concerns about spain. that is where the money was going. it starting to reverse a little. looking at the sell-off, really looking at a key supporting area near that low we see some come back but with the rest of a
2:33 pm
market stabilizing somewhat, they are coming back in and being let up by silver which made a nice turnaround updates cents on the day. ashley: phil flynn of price futures, thank you so much. turning to football's labor battle, word of progress between the nfl and locked out referees. peter barnes following the story. >> the nfl is declining to comment from espn, the owners are close to an agreement in principle and they have discussed union reps returning to the field this sunday but the afl-cio is commenting on all of this -- scott walker of wisconsin, tweeted a bad call by the replacement risks that cause them a when against the seattle seahawks. walker tweeting, quote, give me a break it is time to get the
2:34 pm
real thing. the afl-cio running with this and it shows republican support for union workers from an ironic quarter. the afl-cio saying in a statement yesterday, quote, union members bring huge value to our community and lives every day. scott walker and others would do well to remember that next time they treat union members, firefighters and teachers differently than union referees who are cut from the same cloth. the chicago teachers strike one of the issues is the dispute in the dispute pay for performance and job security. the nfl wants to add 20 more referees to the current roster of 121 referees so it needs underperforming like blowing the game. referee association has opposed this as they get paid by the game and like unionized teachers want permanent employment.
2:35 pm reporting the two sides have agreed to a compromise on this issue to create a development program for new nonunion backup to get training and would be considered for union membership. ashley: in the real world you do that job consistently you get fired but not everywhere. peter barnes. latest on the nfl referee lockout. the gop presidential ticket promising tax cuts across the board but how exactly do they plan to pay for them? details on that next. let's take a look at the 10 and 30 year treasuries with the dow drifting slightly lower. the yield on the ten year down five basis take -- points at 1.2%.
2:36 pm
2:37 pm
rkcke sili acthe o arnitealothey á
2:38 pm
u.s. bancorp facing issues similar how analysts at the firm said the precious metals rally is likely to get their sprint over the long term. last week bank of america raised the target to $2,400 and that is the latest from the fox business network. a little bit more vanilla? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe there's never been a better time to share your passions... because the results... are you having fun doing this? yeah. that's a very nice cake! [ male announcer ] well, you can't beat them. [ giggles ] ohh! you got something huh? whoa... [ male announcer ] humana understands the value of spending time together that's a lot of work getting that one in! let's go see the birdies. [ male announcer ] one on one, sharing what you know. let's do it grandpa. that's why humana agents will sit down with you, to listen and understand what's important to you. it's how we help you choose
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2:40 pm
personal home and say you bought some medication on line. you know that is illegal and inappropriate. we need to know a lot of information and they get personal information from you whether you use a credit card or credit card numbers and sometimes they say if you don't pay this fine we will deport you or report you to other authorities and this is a federal crime. it is unfortunate. i like to tell people the fda doesn't even call doctors. if anybody called you at home claiming to be with any agency regarding especially any kind of medical service of medication the thing you have to remember is a federal law that protects the consumer. personal information when it comes to medicine or treatment.
2:41 pm
it is almost impossible for any agency to call you up and say by the way this is the facts of your case and we want you to give us more information. always hang up the phone and never follow through. same thing happening on line. you will get these e-mails where they say we notice you had a transaction on volume, certain drugs on the internet. we are from the fda and want more information and fill out this form. it is inappropriate and it is never a legitimate way that any legitimate agency would work. ashley: another issue tied to this, how do you know a website is trustworthy about medication? >> when it comes to medication i go on the record. if the web site belongs to a well-known pharmacy chain like walgreen's or those national
2:42 pm
chains that is a reputable sites targeting pharmacy services. all of those but if you are google mr. j medication which most people do, you will see the engine will show you 20 sites and they look like legitimate. that is not reliable. because aside from the fact your personal information is being confiscated you find the quality of medications are not legal. these skills like the real stuff but many times they have a little bit of medications that could sort of melissa: and help you but in reality the junk they are filled with is cement and powder. that cannot be good for you so don't ever rely on these online medicine medications from sites like that because that is not an appropriate way of going online.
2:43 pm
ashley: thank you so much. appreciate it. republican presidential ticket proposing big reforms from the current tax system doing away with longstanding taxes while keeping the others. trying to keep up with this rich edson joining us from d.c. to break down what would be cut and what stays in the romney/ryan tax plan. >> the campaign kept enough details outstanding they are to congress to figure out so some analysts and think tanks claim the romney plan would be a significant tax increase for the middle-class. others say that is not the case. republican vp nominee says under their plan will the americans like mitt romney would pay more. >> here's how it works. higher income people can use lots of tax shelters to shelter some of their taxation and more of their income is subject to taxation. that allows us to our -- lower tax rates for everybody. >> some families and businesses would pay more in taxes because
2:44 pm
there would be fewer deductions. others would pay less with lower tax rates. in this end is supposed to even out. you can say which deductions they will target. the most popular and costly deductions are those for employee health plans and interest on home mortgages and giving to charity and state and will bonds and annuity or life insurance plans. the campaign refuses to say how much in deductions they have to curb under this plan. a senate source tells as a supercommittee discussed a rate cut and preliminary assumption showed a cost of $1 trillion over ten years. congress has not officially run the numbers and the romney campaign has provided an outline allowing congress to fill in the blanks. ashley: great stuff, rich edson breaking down. it is a quarter till the hour. time for stocks as we do every 15 minutes. let's head to the floor of the nyse with nicole petallides keeping an eye on two major
2:45 pm
movers. nicole: major movers. look at stable circuit coming out with their numbers. look how stock is fairing and their profits dipped because of higher costs thinking stock is down 9.5% as we speak. revenues did rise to $4.34 billion from $3.2 billion a year earlier but it is coming under pressure and that is why you have seen the tech heavy nasdaq down over half -- 1/2%. that is why shares decline. another name, look at american greetings. american greeting cards. they say they received a go offer from a group led by their own chief executive. the stock is up 16.5% and offers of free% premium. ashley: very good. thank you so much. a record jump in median home
2:46 pm
prices raising hopes for the housing industry. one investor will tell us the biggest issues facing the housing market right now. don't miss that. let's look at today's winners and losers. research in motion is up. we will be right back.
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ashley: oil closing down $1.39 to $89.98 a barrel just under the key $90 a barrel mark amid renewed worries that europe's debt troubles and slower growth will reduce demand for crude. sandra smith taking the close of look at oil's reaction and joins us for today's trade. sandra: a lot of them calling this a pivot point for the market. deutsche bank came out a few weeks ago and said prices go to $75 a barrel based on weakness in the economy. we will tell you what was moving oil. clashes in greece erecting. gdp falling at a significant rate according to the ecb. inventory report that showed an unexpected drop yet they are still up 7% from year ago
2:51 pm
levels. that is very bearish and tomorrow we have jobless claims numbers and speculation that those won't be that great. that would indicate less demand and lower oil prices. the oil for $89.98. this is the first close below ninety dollars a barrel going all the way back to august 2nd. pretty monumental oil prices down 9%. also a strong u.s. dollar pressuring commodity prices across the board. euro falling 2 two week low against the greenback. that pressure lot of commodities down here. grain prices down big today. copper and gold taking a hit along with energy prices. softening declines across the board but crude-oil capturing the attention closing below $90 a barrel. ashley: thanks so much. sales of new homes fell slightly
2:52 pm
in august but home prices rising to a five year high. my next guest says recent housing data shows overall positive trends but there are pockets of the country still struggling. joining me is the president of team investments. we are seeing more encouraging data but you say there are still some hurdles. >> absolutely. we are not even half of a healthy market so economists say healthy market is 700,000 homes per year and came out at $3.73. puts it in perspective. ashley: who is buying these homes? investors like yourself come in and buy at these cheap homes and hope to profit down a road? >> this is the investors perfect storm so investors are coming in and buying tons of homes and creating cash flow and holding
2:53 pm
these for ten years and every investor's strategy is different so some investors mailed three years and some for five or ten. it is not a situation where every investor will dump their products on the market and we will see it that again. is going to be gradual with their investment strategy. i don't see a problem with investors raising the market because we don't know what their plan is and the cash flow is the best plan out there. ashley: there is a big inventory of foreclosures. we eating our way through the foreclosures? slowly. >> 1.2 million of the shadow inventory is gone and the staff thought was interesting. 335,000 were short sales. four 20,000 were modest vacations which is interesting and 470 were bank funds. of that 1.2 we have taken off of that six million which was projected. it is a good thing and that
2:54 pm
means over four hundred million. ashley: we had record low mortgage rates 3 years and years which is wonderful but take advantage of rates that have already done so. credit standards still pretty high for those people looking to get into the market? >> credit standards are extremely high and one thing they have to fix is one in five borrowers receives conflicting credit reports. that means there are all different with the middle. you might be taking a higher rate that you don't need to take because there is a derogatory mark on your credit that one reporter or another doesn't have. looking to your credit. ashley: a good place to begin. thank you for being here and appreciate it. coming up cheryl casone will have more on the housing industry and why we are in the early stages of a recovery leaving plenty of time for you
2:55 pm
to make money. count down to the closing bell is next. looking for a better place to put your cash? here's one you may not have thought of -- fidelity. now you don't have to go to a bank to get the things
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is 5-hour energy right for you? ask your doctor. we already asked 3,000. cheryl: i am cheryl casone in for liz claman. count down to the closing bell begins right now. crude oil below $90 today. first time since august third we have seen these prices. renewed worries of europe's debt troubles and slower economic growth will reduce demand. in greece and spain protesters filling streets a angry about spending cuts and tax hikes designed to help countries control their debt. in the united states consumer stocks laying the s&p 500 -- this hour we have fund manager
2:59 pm
brian. with consumer names he says are a buy right now. new home sales dipping slightly in the month of august but they are up 27%. home builders are falling on that news. taking shares of ethan allen with them and falling today. chairman and ceo is at the stock exchange. we're going to talk to him in a first on fox business interview during the hour. but right now it is time for our floor show. traders are standing by at the stock exchange and the nymex. one of those days when the market seems to be lacking direction. volume is low. what is on your radar? >> not so much direction. we are down on the s&p and trying to test the level that it has to do to make sure there is real


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