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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  October 11, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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canvas. she looks less child like. david: we're interested in the number one thing to watch tomorrow is jpmorgan earnings ahead of the bell. analysts expect jpmorgan to give upbeat third quarter earnings report with estimates of earnings per share and revenue of 124.5 billion. we'll see if it rocks the market one way or the other. liz:. liz: morn any with melissa francis is up next. liz: here is what is mon tonight plus a real he is state magnet sets off a firestorm promising to pink slip his employees if president obama is reelected? how serious is his threat? we'll hear straight from the source. westgate resorts ceo david sig gel joins me.
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all of the behalf or all for show. the interior green lights a massive new wind farm and new oil refinery in three decades. is president obama's energy push for real or a election day ploy? even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: first let's take a look at the day's market headlines. stocks gave up early session gains despite better than expected u.s. jobless claims data. the s&p 500 posted its fourth straight session loss. the blue-chips fell 18 points. shares of sprint-nextel leaping 14%. the japanese mobile phone company softbank is in talks to buy 70% of sprint. the deal would be valued at $4.8 billion. a comeback for ipos. four public companies made public debuts today led by
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real estate giant realogy. they posted gains of 20%. that is the first time had happened in 12 years according to dealogic. to our top story. vice president joe biden and representative paul ryan will face off in the spotlight tonight. they're debating all the money issues that matter. with me live on the ground is fox news's very own big cheese, the man in charge. neil cavuto. neil, welcome to the show. i was watching that other program you do on that other channel, i think it is fox news channel, maybe, you were talking about there is a table involved this time? >> i'm sorry? melissa: a table. they will sit around a table? >> yes. i'm sorry. very hard to hear here. yeah, this is really, last time this was done when dick cheney was vice president. he prefers a table. they think it leads and often times it does, i don't know psychological for less heated argument, a more corporate type structure. many argue that favors joe
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biden over paul ryan. i don't know about these things. i just know it does change the dynamics somewhat. many argue in joe biden's case it could add to his professorial image. i don't know about such things. i do think it takes the heat out of the room in there. you and i have seen debates where people get very heated at a table and sometimes flippant. melissa: that's right. could be like the real housewives. they flip the thing over and that would be great for ratings. it would be very exciting. in general though we all know a table sort of takes the energy down a couple notches. >> it does. melissa: i don't know. that is not what, you're already a little nervous. i would say on the paul ryan side, you don't want him to get wonky and, all about the numbers, but i don't know if a table is good for him. what do you think? >> well, you know it is interesting and you can only read the tea leaves and gossip about how each are practicing. melissa: i love gossip. >> they have both been practicing a lot. we hear paul ryan had at
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least six different, you know, 90-minute drills on this. he has been told, because he is a wonk, to cut it down to a minute and a half, two minutes. keep it simple. keep it clear of the as many times you cover him having seen a lot of his congressional debates, he's very good at that. he gets sort of undersold on that. i do remember when the president had that health care forum, when, then congressman ryan got in the president's face about your numbers don't add up, very respectful and all that but got to be a bit of a tension convention. but i do think as far as moving the needle it won't be vice-presidential candidates that do it as much as presidential ones. i should point out maybe because of sarah palin four years ago that was the highest rated of all the debates that year. because there is so much interest in paul ryan in general, and curiosity about joe biden around whether he might say something flippant, there is great deal of interest there.
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both guys are very good debaters. before the debate they sell each other short. before the ddbate they try to sell them as mensa candidates. bottom rhine they're very -- line they're very good what they do so i expect they both will be strong. melissa: we don't expect to hear about a fiscal cliff that is hot topic for all of us. >> it worries, me, melissa. that is a big issue. i find it interesting ahead of going to washington live to talk about this issue and remind people about this issue you have trillions of dollars at stake here. all the bush tax rates that expire. all the sequestration cuts that automatically kick in, at the same stroke of midnight that is automatic. that is going to happen unless it is a lame-duck session or commitment on part of reelected president or newly elected one to fashion a plan that would deal with this. i hope it comes up tonight. i think it should because it is a far more pressing and immediate concern. you and i know, following the markets if it looks like they're punting or not
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serious about this, in fact inviting a fiscal cliff, pushing themselves and us off it, they're could be hell to pay in the markets to say nothing of our dollar and on and on. melissa: neil, thank you so much. big cheese, big kahuna. i will be watching as you host fox business. >> melissa, i read a prompter. i read a prompter. melissa: come on, no you don't. you don't even have a prompter. people don't know that. you make it all up as you go along every single night. >> there you go. that says volumes. thank you, melissa. melissa: we'll be watching. you will be joined by sarah palin and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. it starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. i dare you to watch any other channel. no, i don't. please don't watch any other channel. as the vice-presidential nominees get red -- ready to square off we look at issues. we know what is happening
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with your tax dollars. we want to keep an eye on it and candidates differing budget plans and vision for medicare will be big topics tonight. so we'll start with that. we have a democratic strategist chris hahn. gentlemen, thanks to both of you for coming on. what do you think will be the dominant issue? chris, i will start with you. what do you think?. >> we'll have to talk about the ryan budget and ryan will have to talk about the president's budget. i wonder if he will talk about the $617 billion they have been talking about president taking out of medicare when he takes the same money out of his plan. instead of giving it back to people who use medicare he gives it back to the insurance companies which don't really understand. melissa: paul, sound like chris is ready for the debate and get in the ring himself. i wonder though, both these guys are already tweeting about the budget for example. does that put the audience to sleep if they get too technical, too much in the numbers no matter how valuable that may be? i think numbers and math is very valuable but a lot of
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people out there their eyes sort of glaze over? >> first thing you ought to do by chris a ticket to head down to the kentucky to fight insurance companies. people actually focus on the des tails on this thing. i think what is fundamentally important both candidates look straightforward especially to the next generation who will pay the cost for this stuff and get into some of the details like neil talked about. cost of these programs, entitlement programs and fiscal cliff have profound issues for the next generation. when we look specifically at medicare, arguments will go back and forth. there are some central principles in terms of patient choice, the relationship with doctors and other things like that are fundamentally different in the president's plan and what governor is proposing. those will be talked about as much as the numbers. melissa: paul, you're a former labor department guy. what do you think about the labor numbers that came out in the past couple days and all the noise and debate around it? do you think it becomes part of the debate tonight?
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>> i think absolutely. whether or not the noise in the debate, always a good thing when people ask questions. but at the end of the day hear is the point, 7.8% unemployment for all americans. when you look at next generation, 11.8% unemployment for those 18 to 29. additional 1.7 million young adults no longer counted. if you fold them in, nonseasonally adjusted number for young americans is 16.6%. so the question on the table for young americans is, what do you do when 17% of us are -- >> considering where we were heading --. melissa: chris, go ahead. >> considering where we were heading when the president took office i think these numbers are very promising. i think we should be talking about the fact we're 7.8% unemployment. romney loved that number 8%. they're not using it anymore because they can't. the number is.8%. vice-presidential debates are kind of like the halftime show at super bowl. every once in a while you get a wardrobe malfunction and they're fun to watch.
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every time though you get madonna and weird guy on a tightrope. republicans really think joe biden is a fool but joe biden is no fool. he has been in government a very, very long time. he is very experienced debarrett. i expect him to perform very well tonight. i will not downplay what he will do tonight. melissa: oh, yeah. >> he will take it to paul ryan. paul ryan has another problem working against him. paul ryan looks very young. judge people --. melissa: that is terrible problem. i would hate to have that problem. that is awful. paul ryan -- >> have to look the part. melissa: what a nightmare. >> mitt romney looked the part last week. that is what he did so well. what will paul ryan look standing next to joe biden. melissa: young and handsome? i don't know, i can't believe that came out. take that right back. go ahead, save me. >> if you like hair i guess. i don't know. >> he is watching you, compliment is on the way. think that important point that, joe biden has been in
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washington for 30 years. i think it will actually beg the question because very much so, you have a contrast, right on the visual. one person who is very close to one of the most important demographics in the president's base, which he has lost substantially which is young americans. 66% in 2008 right now in the "new york times" poll he is sitting at 53%. so i think when paul ryan stands there he is speaking to the next generation of leadership. joe biden, not only has the past three years to answer for but past 30 years. >> let's be clear the next generation of leadership is not watching debate tonight. the next generation, people need to get out the vote. >> you're flat-out wrong. melissa: they're watching fox business. everyone is watching fox business tonight. i will leave it right there. because we're out of time. gentlemen, appreciate your time. if president obama is reelected prepare for a pink slip. that's what real estate mogul david siegel is warning his employees. he is next to explain his controversial threat. plus the obama
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administration's all-of-the-above strategy gets supercharged. a massive wind farm and the first u.s. oil refinery in 30 years gets the go ahead. is it all just to look good right before the election? more "money" coming up. ♪ . ♪
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♪ . melissa: david siegel founder and ceo of westgate resorts and he made headlines this week sending an e-mail to his employees, basically saying if president obama gets reelected he will have to fire them. if any new taxes are levied on me or my company as our current president plans, i will have no choice but to reduce the size of this company. this means fewer jobs less benefits and certainly less opportunity for everyone. david joins me now. it is great to have you on the show. you have gotten a lot of attention for this. do you regret sending the e-mail now, given all the attention it has gotten. >> i regret people saying i'm threadening anybody because i'm not threatening
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anyone. melissa: okay. >> i'm educating my employees. i'm educating them. i am telling them what will probably happen if the wrong person gets reelected. melissa: are you trying to influence their vote? >> yes. because i'm trying to influence their vote because my employees are family to me. i'm like the mother who says eat your spinach, that is good for you. i think i know what is good for their future and i'm trying to get them to do the right thing. melissa: what specifically do you think would happen if president obama were reelected to another term and what specifically would it mean for your business? i mean are you worried about the credit environment? are you worried about the tax environment? >> i'm worried about the entire environment, all of the above. you know, i can be a monday morning quarterback. i've lived through four years of the obama administration. four years ago we were doing a billion dollars a year in sales. we had 12,000 employees.
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today as a result of the last four years we had to cut down to 7,000 employees, and only doing half of the business that we currently were doing. we were growing 20% a year. today we're not growing. and that was before obamacare. that was before higher taxes. that money has to come from somewhere. melissa: that could be function of the recession though. a lot of businesses have contracted overtime. it is not necessarily the president's fault. why do you peg it on him? >> he had four years to turn things around and he hasn't done it. so will we wait another four years and say, well, now it is eight years but we'll blame it on the bush administration? i think, in four years was plenty of time to turn things around. melissa: what do you think that mitt romney would do different that would help your business grow more? >> well, he would be like a shot of adrenaline in all small business and, we would
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be excited again. we would start growing again. he has got the experience to turn this around. and obama did not. for example, one of the biggest mistakes obama made was giving the tarp money to the banks and not telling them to lend it out. and so small businesses has been starving for loans and the banks held the money and bought back their own stock and, bought back their bond and made their balance sheet stronger. melissa: they would argue that leverage is how which got into this mess in the first place and they don't want to make loans they don't think will be repaid because that's exactly how we got here. by forcing them to lend it out, giving them this money, it takes us back to the cycle where we started, no? >> small business needs, needs financing in order to grow and expand and employ more people. without that financing, they, they have to pull in their
5:20 pm
horns and just stay flat. that's where we are today. melissa: have you tried to expand and not be able to do it? >> for four years we tried to get financing and were unable to do it. now we have gotten lean and mean but we have 7,000 less employees we would have had. so financing is very important to small businesses. especially my business. melissa: you know, you're known otherwise for this enormous mansion that you're building in orlando. do you worry that by coming out and saying thing like this, and we have a pick pure of your beautiful home here a lot of people think mitt romney is on the side of the wealthy guy? by virtue of you coming out saying this to your employees, you sort of bolster the case for democrats, mitt romney will give guys like this a tax break, that's why we don't want him? do you worry about that defeating your own purpose? go ahead. >> i'm not looking for a tax break. i'm looking for improved economy. i'm looking for improved
5:21 pm
financial conditions where we can hire more people. where we can get back to our 20% growth like we were enjoying four years ago. i don't need a tax break. i just don't need an additional tax burden. i don't need the burden of obamacare that is going to further hurt us. melissa: okay. >> i predict that another four years under the same administration, i will have to downsize my company again. and that's what i was warning my employees about. melissa: okay. >> if we have to downsize again, it is their future that is at stake. i'll be fine. it is their future that is at stake. melissa: fair enough. david siegel, thank you so much for your time. i'm sorry we have to go. i hope you come back soon. >> okay. thank you. melissa: here's our question of the day, how would you react if you got a letter like siegel's from your boss? we want to hear what you think. like us on or follow me on twitter at melissaafrancis.
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you get a permit. interior secretary ken salazar, acting more like oprah, you get a permit, you get a permit. giving a slew of approvals to new energy projects. is it just a pre-election ploy? is mahmoud ahmadinejad the sacrificial lamb for iran's economic crisis? iran's mullahs may be ready to hang him out to dry. we have details coming up next. do you ever have too much money? ♪ .
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[ thunder crashes ] [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. ♪ . melissa: so the obama administration is doing everything they can to play up their all-of-the-above energy policy. just this week interior secretary ken salazar was on a nationwide tour and approved two huge new projects. a wind farm on federal land in southern wyoming and a new refinery in north dakota
5:27 pm
that women be use to process shale oil taken from the bakken formation. certainly perfect timing right, just a few weeks before the election. but are these new projects going to give the president an edge he needs in the polls next month? joining us is kentucky congressman ed whitfield. thanks so much for joining us. are you suspicious of the timing on this one? >> well i am. i mean i think it is political because it is very close to the election and, even though the obama administration talks a lot about being for all of the above, i think this is the first time that they have done anything really to help on fossil fuels. i am delighted to hear about the permit for the refinery in the bakken field. melissa: yeah. i was surprised about that. i mean that is a step forward no matter how you slice it. it is on, is it on a reservation? did i read that? >> i think that's correct. i believe that's correct. melissa: i mean that makes it sort of unusual. is that the way we get these refineries done now? they're like casinos, have
5:28 pm
to put them on a native-american reservation? >> well, you know, i've, i don't agree with many of the decisions of secretary salazar and the department of interior, particularly on their permitting aspect. it has been extremely difficult to obtain permits on federal land. they talk a lot about federal land. i think that is why they're pushing these two projects right now because as you and i know, production of oil has increased about 370,000 barrels a day on nonfederal land and on federal lands it has decreased about 260,000 barrels a day. melissa: yeah. i was less excited to read about this giant, you know, wind turbine farm. we have $1.3 billion in renewable energy production tax credits for wind. you know, set of up to go out in 2012 and, you know, normally supports of any kind of energy i guess but at a time we're absolutely going broke in this country,
5:29 pm
i wonder about spending this money on wind when it accounts for less than 4% of the electricity that is generated in this country and you know, obviously not the most economically efficient. what did you think about that piece? >> well i was disappointed in the permit for the wind farm, the wind tower corporation out of wyoming. they're talking about 276,000 acres of land and, i'm sure that fill lynn anschutz, the 7th wealthiest person in that america, controls that company, i would doubt he would proceed if this project if the production tax credit for wind power expires at the end of this year because wind power, simply can not compete without that tax advantage. melissa: yeah. and, i mean, how far do you think this project gets and what do you think happens if the president doesn't get reelected? do you see something like this still continuing? >> well, i honestly don't
5:30 pm
think this project will get very far. melissa: really? >> when you're talking about that many windmills, you have an aesthetic issue as well. most important of all, no one knows what will happen to the production tax credit. the philosophy is in government right now, particularly with mitt romney and the republican members of congress, we want these energy projects to compete on their own without getting advantages from the government and the government picking the winners and losers. melissa: do you think that we're talking enough about energy in this election? i mean we're looking at the price of gas at the pumps for, you know, anyone going out there to vote would notice that it is up 100% than when the president came in office. you can't blame that on him of course. the economy was really beaten down. that is one of the reason gas prices were cheap when he came into office. still we're paying a lot of money for energy in this country. should we be talking about it more? >> well i for one would like for them to talk a lot more
5:31 pm
about it because, when you talk about energy, you're talking about electricity, you're also talking about transportation. and you talked about how the increasing costs for transportation. and you know this administration, if they, finalize their green house gas regulation, you will not be able to build a new coal power the plant in america, which is still providing about 49% of all the electricity produced in this country. melissa: yeah. congressman, thank you very much for joining us. >> well, thank you very much. i appreciate it. melissa: time now for today's energy report. the biggest headlines affecting the industry and their impacts on the economy. first up, the irs filing an official objection to solyndra's bankruptcy plan. according to new court documents the irs says the proposal louse solyndra to emerge from bankruptcy with no worries or assets but would give $350 million in tax breaks to its original investors. the u.s. imposing billions of dollars of
5:32 pm
penalties on imported chinese solar products today. they allege chinese solar companies are dumping products into the u.s. for well below market prices. natural gas prices soar, hitting highs for the year. weekly inventories rose less than expected. that is according to the energy information administration. exxonmobil which lose development access to one of iraq's largest oil fields. the company is in hot water with the government after signing a deal with the semiautonomous deal with kyrgyzstan. they may place exxon with russia's two largest oil companies. what do ahmadinejad and a bust have in common? iran and its mullahs may have just thrown him under one. plus, this year's pumpkin crops having a smashing season despite one of the worst droughts in half a century. one farmer cashing in on a
5:33 pm
banner year is here to explain. "piles of money" coming up. ♪ . >> let's get to the markets bob...
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♪ . melissa: the mass iranian protests we've been telling you about on "money" doing more than rocking through the streets of tehran. word is they might be rocking president ahmadinejad out of his job. more and more of his political opponents blaming him for the economic crisis. problem is the success sore could be worse for the u.s. walid phares, advisor for the romney campaign and fox news middle east terrorism expert and wrote the book, the coming revolution. welcome back to the show. we appreciate your time as always. >> thank you. melissa: what do you think is going on here? do you think there is real
5:38 pm
tension going on between ahmadinejad and the rest of the regime or is this sort of a sideshow? >> it is both at the same time because the regime in iran is concerned about a repeat, repetition of demonstrations that took place in 2009 which were about to crumble that regime, you know, short of international support. you have two corners of the regime. you have the ayatollah, the clerics on the one hand. then you have the probably forthcoming next president of iran who is sitting as speaker of the parliament. in the middle, ahmadinejad has a few months to be the current president. melissa: right. >> they're trying to blame him for the economic crisis. melissa: and of course he is, you know, not eligible for re-election. this is the end no matter what. you say that you have some insight who you think is going to replace him. who is that and what does he mean for the u.s.? >> look, inside the regime basically they know who the next person is. they're not going to declare it obviously because it will be an election but their strong man is today the
5:39 pm
speaker of the parliament. let me just say, this man in 2009 was the one who encouraged the regime to crush the revolution and to kill many of these demonstrators. so yes he is not just as hard. he is maybe harder than ahmadinejad against their own people. melissa: so what does that mean for us? and for their nuclear aspirations? >> oh, that is very clear signal that with time, despite the current regime of sanctions the iranian regime is getting harder and harder because they are not feeling strategically the sanctions. the people are. but not the regime. so they're going to get another president who for many other years will continue with the project of the nukes and expansion in iraq and saudi arabia and elsewhere. melissa: but you say they're not feeling the sanctions but they're totally dependent on their oil revenue to fund the government and they have seen exports drop in half. i mean you don't think that's had an impact? >> well not on the actual elite. it has an impact on the middle class economy, on labor, on other sectors of
5:40 pm
the economy but as long as the regime, we've seen it with many other dictatorships, as long as dictatorship survivors there is the economy of the regime and economy of the country. the country is sufficient iring but not the regime. melissa: but if the country is suffering you don't think they are going to rise up which obviously what the sanctions are all about? we have seen pictures and video of unrest all over iran. you don't believe that's real? >> no, melissa. the current sanctions in my analysis proposed by the obama administration, have one goal to bring the regime to negotiations. not to push the people to overthrow the regime because there is no doctrine in washington at least under this administration to bring down the regime. otherwise you see a lot of support going to ngos, the opposition. there is none. we're not doinggenough for opposition in iraq. melissa: sounds like it is impossible to use sanctions to bring the iranian leaders to the table. sound like there is no scenario which you believe would work. what else should we be
5:41 pm
doing? >> we've been doing this for many years. as long as we don't have full circle earned the regime. that region game is not enkillered tightly. we need to tighten the sanctions but more importantly working with the iranian public and iranian opposition to hurt the regime. june 2009, two million people on the streets. that should have been the iranian spring. we failed in doing it. melissa: walid phares, thanks for coming on. >> thank you for having me, melissa. melissa: drought, what drought? the pumpkin industry carving up a possible record-setting year. one farmer seeing sweet profits ahead. he is here to explain this coming up next. at the end of the day it is all about money in. ♪ . ♪
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♪ . melissa: despite the drought that devastated crops this summer there is one crop doing surprisingly well wand just in time for halloween, pumpkins. they are having a smashing season so far, get it, get it. joining me from the pumpkin capital of the world in
5:46 pm
illinois for those that didn't know, here is ackerman farms owner john ackerman wearing pumpkin orange obviously. thanks for coming on. how is it possible when a lot of crops were completely ruined that pumpkins are having a great season? >> thank you for having me. pumpkins are the shining star of the year this kbrir. despite the drought, vining crops like pumpkins do extremely well in extreme dry conditions. this was the year of pumpkins. melissa: other than wearing a pumpkin shirt. you brought a couple along with you. we've been talking to people about, whoa, that is a weird, what is the deal with that pumpkin? that is the strangest pumpkin i've ever seen. >> well you know what we learned sometimes the stranger the better. that is not just reflection of us. that is the pumpkins we grow. we hear people say that ugliest thing i have ever seen and follow with give me three of them. we're constantly looking for new variety. melissa: is that a freak of
5:47 pm
nature, you did that on purpose and what would you charge for that beauty? >> at our farm this one is $5 or three for 12 but the breeders decided that they realize what people want and one of the things they want is unusual. melissa: unusual, yeah, absolutely. we covered a lot of the devastation that has gone along with this drought so we're trying to show a positive story or you know, a silver lining somewhere along the way. a lot of people really struggled as a result. you also raise corn and a lot of the crops that have been damaged as well, right? >> absolutely. we raise corn, soybeans, wheat, even apples. melissa: how is the rest of your crop been? pumpkins are obviously the shining star. how is the rest of it done? how are you doing overall for the year? >> well, got to be honest this year was a struggle. the probably the worst, only drought i have seen as bad as this was almost a quarter century ago. the corn did a little better than i thought it would. the beans are a little below average. the apple crop was a
5:48 pm
complete wipeout. wheat did fairly well. one of the years where you focus on your blessings and try to get blast the trials. melissa: pumpkins are one of your blessings this year. are you able to charge more for your pumpkins because they're so spectacular or what is the market like? >> well the market is steady but we try to maintain the same prices that we've had. we have got a good crop. a lot of growers have a good crop. it has been a good selling year. it felt like fall through september. so people are really coming out and buying. melissa: do you sell a lot of pumpkins except for halloween? seems like one of those trend right now. i go into starbucks and they say they have the pumpkin spice latte. i don't know if they use real pumpkins if that actually helps you. is there more of a season to pumpkinning than just halloween? >> yeah, there are really seems to be. there seems to be, starting in even late august, there is a fall decorating season. then that morphs into the halloween season.
5:49 pm
so it is a bit of a split season and extend for a couple months easily. melissa: what is the best thing you can do with a pumpkin our audience might not know about? pumpkin butter? what would you say to sort of encourage people to try something new? >> well a lot of the varieties we raise, we raise over 160 different kind out here are old heirloom varieties growing centuries for eating pumpkins. some look like they're unusual or different but they really can be wonderful for cooking. melissa: okay. >> so i would say try a little cooking when you can. melissa: that's the beauty you have there. i wish we lived nearby. i would come by and buy it. john, thanks for coming on the program. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much for having me. melissa: oh, florida, is there anything you wouldn't do to get on tv? we told but the kids swimming with the alligators at the pool parties. now they do it with tiger cubs. we have detail. my gosh, look how cute the tiger cub is. that is a birthday party waiting to happen. you can never have too much
5:50 pm
money or too many dangerous animals at your child's birthday party. ♪ . new pink lemonade 5-hour energy?
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5:54 pm
with dolls. >> this is paul right over here. another pr stunt from the elections. these little guys are going up for auction on ebay to raise money for rock the vote. do you recognize them? i'm not sure you would recognize this guy. these are the cabbage patch versions of your presidential and vice-presidential candidates and plus michelle obama obviously. fund-raiser back in 2008, the obama doll went for $8400, seriously? the sarah palin brought in, get this, $19,000. which doll do you, who do you think that is? which doll brings in the most? who do you think that is. >> with gray sideburns has to be romney. this is cabbage patch doll. i thought it was interesting sarah palin got more than obama. she was part of the celebrity culture. i don't think ryan and romney are more celebrity type people. >> palin got four times what biden's doll right here got. the obama doll comes with a birth certificate. >> there it is. we've been looking for that!
5:55 pm
holy cow! open it up. >> open it up. he. >> see what it says. >> wait a minute. indonesia? what is this says indonesia. i'm kidding. melissa: would i pull up his plants? >> whoa, look at low risers. melissa: look at sporty underwear mitt romney has under there. let's not look at that. >> auction or briefs? >> this is auction to raise money for marines or soldiers? melissa: i'm just floored by the whole situation. >> i love the flag. melissa: it is rock the vote. raising money for rock the vote. what do you think? who would you bid on here? do you like any of these? >> i would like this. i like michelle obama. >> president obama is the only celebrity left. sarah palin was celebrity. rush calls him the kardashian president. that is only one that will maintain value. i think that is the only one that will maintain value. >> did joe biden say anything
5:56 pm
embarrassing? liz: and waving. dave: do we get to take him home? >> very expensive. liz: he is going to join me -- this is embarrassing. florida governor rick scott is raising awareness of spreading meningitis outbreak. at a press conference, giving out the numbers to the state health hot line. he gave floridian the number. listen. >> hello, boys. thank you for calling me on my anniversary. this special anniversary price is just $10 for 10 minutes and it is just one dollar for each additional minute and there is no connection fee. gerri: the government gave out the number and was corrected 30 minutes later. what do you think of this? liz::a public radio station alerted -- just finding out the errors. dave: i wonder where the sex number came from.
5:57 pm
was it just one did it up? i don't think so. gerri: was a on speed dial? dave: the opposition has somebody trying to make the guy look bad. gerri: what a conspiracy theorist you are. maybe our cabbage patch dolls know the answer. liz: the president can debate it tonight. gerri: who knows. next up, first his birthday party with alligators in florida and our a private zoo selling a 30 minute swim with tiger cub. they're really cute and small and 40 pounds because there is actually a state mandate prohibiting interaction between people and large cats over 40 pounds. there is -- is this something you want your kids to do? dave: no! they still have teeth and claws. a tiger cub can do a lot of damage. liz: isn't this like swimming
5:58 pm
with a congressman? [talking over each other] dave: i don't think i would let a toddler in there. dave: you think peter will get involved? they are protesting. it is funny. no one is protesting kids getting in but bp activists are protesting. gerri: i have relatives in the tampa area. dave: we had a white tiger come in and i did an interview with the trainers and somebody got really ripped up by it. [talking over each other] dave: at the fox news channel. >> have you heard of generation i? 40% of tunes have an iphone. the number of teens getting them is growing quickly. last fall only 23% said they had one. our teams gettinggtoo is foiled?
5:59 pm
liz: they also have their parents's credit cards to pay for them. [talking over each other] dave: tom bowman is a producer for don imus. he interviewed some recently graduated college grads about whether they wanted to work there and you have to -- is there any way to come in white? no! you can't! and phone number of parents. [talking over each other] liz: if they give credit cards to the kid then kids should give them back to the parents. a positioning satellite system -- dave: give and i phone and make them pay monthly charges. [talking over each other] and teens


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