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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 15, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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awareness ograms so we're paying to paint everything pink. why not ask fans to give $3? the nfl should be more upfront about where the money is going. that is my two cents more. that is it for tonight'' "the willis report." have a great night, we will see you right back here tomorrow. lou: good evening, everybody, we are now three wes from the presidential election in five weeks since the terrorist attacks in benghazi claiming the ves of our ambassador and ree other americans. the ama administration has moved from planningn anti-muslim internet video to blame the u.s. intelligence community an had been trying to blame republicans for cutting security funding for the state department. all of this has quickly become a very difficult defense indeed for the obama white house.
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there'll ice revealing the state department has no shge of money to bolster security whenet chose to do so. the congressman says the state department has in fact $2.2 billion in fund allocated to upgrade security at embassies and consulates around the world. he claims the state department funds haven'tbeen spent for political reasons. >> 2.2 billion in discretionary reprogrammable money that wasn't used. the fact is they are making the decision not to put security in because they d't want the presencef security. diplomatic place because they wanted to be iisible. lou: despitethe fact congssman issa made his comments yesterday on "face the nation," when asked to comment on his assertion earlier today,
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the state department wasn't prepared. a spokperson would not answer. telling fox news "i will take this question, i will take it andome b back to you. i am not sure how we come ba." the liberal national media has been perplexed in the admistration's refusal to tell the american people in a timely manner what happened in benghazi andow. some of the more prominent publicatns went even further going through the trouble of rationalizing for the administration series of wrong answers and outright evasions. "the new york times" yesterday published an op-ed titled no shame criticize republicans for investigating the white house instead of "formulating an effective response." the "washington post" editorial board in their essay fo forget t they're called the presidents coused assessment.
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blaming that on "a coincidence cover-up "overblown."ming a and david axelrod haslamed everyone from the intelligence community to the state depament for the various false claims and statements that have been the bulk of thee white houe response to the benghazi terrorist attack. axelrod yesterday echoed former campaign staffer stephanie as he blamed governor romney and congressman ryan for what he called their exploitation of the tragedy. >> i think we ought to follow the lead of the investor's family and allow this investation to run and get to the bottoof it and make the adjustments necessary. >> wait a minute. speaker david, wait a minute. >> this is the first u.s. invest killed since 1979.
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susan wght came on this show and five others gave the american people a story that turned out not to be true and you say we shouldn't discuss this, we should wait for the investigation to be completed? that is what you just said. >> calm down, that is not wt i am saying. >> you said we should follow the lead. >> i am happy to discuss it with you, and i do think it worthy of discussion. that is differt from the manner governor romney has conducted himself. he was critized by people from right to lef republican establishment and democratic establishment. >> are talkg about what he said the day after the attacks. >> at the beginning of this
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issue, he was trying to exploit it. lou: a cover-up on the gaza for romney and a presidenal debate, we have it all covered here tonight. the associated press reported something we reported here a week and a half ago. the white house put special operatations strike forces on standby and has moved drones into place ready to strike in response to the attacks in benghazi. joining us to assess all of this is fox news national security analyst kt mcfarland. let's begin first with a prospect of strikes in libya. in response to attacks of five
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weeks ago. >> a little late, where were the people trying to rescue the investor, the embassy personnel? after five hours o attack against investor in the conflict at are they gog to do? pound sand as the expression? lou: where were our other assets? presumably could have been brought in support of the defense of our ambassador, three americans killed in other americans safe house. >> where was the investor in the security details? they were back in tripoli. he was in benghazi. i think the whe house response is to say two things. it wasn't us, we didn't know
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anything about it, we didn't know the state department wanted additional security. lou: itecomes repetitious. it is clear it has relationship whatsoever to an answer to what i in the world happened in benghazi. >> they think they will buy time and you're confused about what happened, when did it happen. they got out in front of this fairytale of response to the video. there was never any demonstration. theye de that up. so now where are you? th mainstream media just doesn't want to cover it, but at the end of the day the bureaucrats and career professionals will start talking. u: the national media's role right now is suspect at the very least because what the administration is really saying
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is that americans and two former seals working defense security role in benghazi and a foreign service officer who was also killed and our consulate attack, inappropriate for the m seeking the job, governor romney, to charge this administration with malfeasance, competence and a cover-up because he wants the jois saying thisreeident can't do one point of fact instead of saying we want to hear the truth from those in power is saying let's not discuss t issues that matter most to the american people, that is how we are conducting our national security and our foreign policy. makes no sense.
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>> they say let's talk about it after the election. governor romneis a respoible if he doesn't talk about this. it speaks to the whole policy in the middle east. are we conducting our affairs properly? president obama made five days before this attack, an announcement out qaeda is on the rise. lou: let's be honest, the question seems to me given our sad and even tragic hiitory since 1948, what in the world have we done right? much easier question to answer thathen what have we done wrong. administration after administration, congress after congress, the futi effort to rationalize our interest of policies in the middleeast and to resolve the israeli and consulate is utterly futile. >> if you look at the o times
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we have beenuccessful in the middle east, one was with henry kissinger, that bought us 40 years of peace. on the other hand, the oneuy who did not getstuck in a war in the middle east with ronald reagan. he got out of the middle east and kep his eye on the main event. lou: where do we go from here? >> i don't think it stops here. what is our policy in the middle east? guaranteed to mee will not have anymooe. what we will see going forward is more attacks against american, it can kill an american investor and nobody does anything. lou: the reality seems toe our allies have decided to reive, france this administration,
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deciding not to discuss the implosion round the euro zone again in the name of electoral interest in the namef th kt mcfarland, thank you for being with us. we will be taking it up with the "a-team." new polls show governor romney closing the gap with certain key voter groups. we'll take a look at how romney is turning the heads of women and hian voters in tonight's chalk talk. president obama prepping way for tomorrow's debate, governor romney reportedly skipping debate prep to show up at a paul ryan campaign event. is he getting a littleocky? we will talk to stephen hayes ♪
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lou: governor romney used a resounding first president debate victory to grab momentum in the race for the ite house. stephen hayes will join us in moments on the discussn of the debate. first onall street, stocks rallied, d jones industrial average 95 points. the biggest gain in a month. the nasdaq gained 20 points and snapping a six-d losing streak. economic news, retail sales jumped 1% last month. nufacturing activities new york region for third straight month. citigrp gaining 5.5% after posting strong earnings. there it is showing since president obama took office for every prson added to our labo
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force, 10 people have been added to those not in the labor force, unsustainable trend. turning backo the presidential race, our next guest says romney has clear momentum going to the debate tomorrow evening but as president obama who still has the advantage on likability. fox news contributor. let's start wi that debate. what happened in the first? some sort of an anomaly defining imagination, weren't those two impressis of the two men and their abilities? >> think it was certain extent. a president confident in himself hdid not take the time to prepare. do not have much of a game plan going into the debate d it showed, he thought he could win it. but he didn't have to study very
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hard. he gs in and he bombs. lou: i know that is the view from lofty heights you are well acquaied with. but i have to say i don't see the basis for the viewpoint. i've not been able to read a single thing written by this president that would suggest in any way its minority over governor romney i could not find it anywhere. secondly i nnot find any basis to cla this president has eer been a very good debater. leaving people all struck with his skill, his languag his presentation. it just hasn't happened. that is the guy i saw show up. >> didn't say president obama was better than the crummy necessarily were superior. i think most importantly, this is less my view of
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president obama and more his view of president obama and his ability to do very well. that kind of overconfidence, we've seen this from the president before, the health care debate on stark display, what he really needed to push heallh care over that fal finish line was re esident obama, said he would decide i need to do another speech and it isn't th case. he is not that compelling a figure any longer, and i think that is part of the problem. lou: it was in august he went out to campaign for obamacare. the result is week after week after week he drove down both himself and obamacare. now, speaking of preparation,
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governor romney may forgo his debate preparation to exnd a paul ryan event. is this stuff catching, do you suose? >> he thinks he is the man. i don' know, the one thing we know about mitt romney is he has been prepared for a long time. somebody who started his debate preparations in formally back when the republican primary was in effect in april he was doing this kind of study and had already been through nearly two dozen debates in the republican primary, somedy w did wel in those debates, i thought he usually de them in a reasonable way that suggested he uld do well. hhe's going into this tomorrow confident. i don't think he is cocky, but that is a risk. lou: at least he has some
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evidence if he chooses to be cky in this thing. it has some dramic poll results. now all tied up, seeing the clear politics andnational average of all tied up with the esident. as we look at this, putting up the pole on women. lookin at this, female voters, usa today they're tied, my gosh. they will have to find a new potential view, it will have to find a new outlet. >>hat is right. talking to romney advisorsthey don't thk th will end up tied among women voters on election day. they don't need to be tied
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anywhere if that margin is close within a handful, it almost guarantees that romney will be the next presidt of the united states. unless there isreal slipping, he will win. lou: we will sha with our viewers in a w minutes a view that is going to extend a lot of people because there is another group, a key group of voters who are moving toward the governor, and this will rale the white house and the folks in chicago working for obama's reelection just as you have done for them here tonight. stephen hayes. let's take a look at the box office.
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the 20th century fox thriller reading the box office. up next, theoal miners of america have a simple,irect message for president obama. coming up, we will te you what that message is. and aight race, when you look closely at the numbers, some very interesting developments amonkey voter groups and they're moving toward the romney-ryan ticket. romney-ryan ticket. next ithe "chalk talk."
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lou: it turns out theepublican presidential nominee is a very likeable fellow after all despite what mainstream libbial media has been telling us for months, and months, governor romney's favorite ability was in the 30s, that i not good. there it is, fair ra favrah bils more le, unfavrability . th has bome, 51% among likely voters. an two new polls show governor
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romney making inroads, among hispanic voter in florida, a florida international university, and miami harold poll shows president leang romney by 7 points in florida among hispanic voters in florida. now that is a big dl. 51 to 44%. now this is important. this means we're seeing erosion from president oba to governor romney with threeks to go, we're seeing it ang key voter groups, including hispanics in florida. and just last week, a tampa bay times poll showed governor romney leading among latinos in florida, 46 to 44%. those are impressive poll results, and clearly absolutely
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crashing into the conventional thking that hispanic-americans will vote monofor president obama in florida, in settlement, he sai repubcan party is natural home of hispanic voters in either resonating with the voters now or it is being proved true in the latest polling or perhaps both, to top it off, a new sa today-gallup poll" of the swing states todayhows romney with a 5 five point leadn the president, 51 to 46 among likely voters. these are likely voter and the fact is that lead is prettyxtraordinary, again with the battle ground states, but the real headline is that the governor has women to thank for this boost in the poll results.
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th governor is now tied with the president, 48 to 48%. among women. that is a very big deal indeed, back in 2008, women supported presidenobama over john mccain by 1 13 point margin this is lily to have a profound impact on the elect if these trends continue, but meet conclude with, mainstream liberal media is not likely to start pointing out that president obama has a woman problem or a hispanic problem any time soon. >> one man breaks the sound barrier without a pne, another celebrates his 65 anniversary of breaking the sound barrier for the first time, those stories next.
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>> and a look at governor romney's t returns returns stunning numbers. harry reid's head must be inning, the surprising break down of romney's money and where it goes. you heard me talk for years about importance of our middle class d respect for those who work. no matter what the job. next, a terrific author whose new book celebrates the workers new book celebrates the workers of what she calls hidden bob...
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forced to aten attend a romney campaign rally in august, and they accuse obama administration of waging a war on coal. coal miners are part of what my next guest calls the hidden american, the people we seldom notice, but who do the jobs that make our lives livable and make this nation work, joining me now is jean-marie it is great to ha you with us, congratulations, a terrific book, i love the fact that you focu on the people who as you suggestion, with t title, we don't think enough about who we n't respect enough who we don't express enough gratitude for, what made you start on this
10:35 pm
book. the notion that we're really disconnected. this election cycle, these are people who we have verybstract conversations about, we talk about what theyment, wt they are asking for, who they are, we actually don know them as individuals, two years ago i was in a coal mine meeting the folks and got interested in the fact at there are all these people that i depend on every day in my life. lou: this is taking you on a journey, you know cowboys, migrant workers you name it. what i it you want "thehe reade" to take away from your book. because it is always, make the lauage dance, a terrific book, a terfic read, but, there is something gnawing at your craw
10:36 pm
you want to communicate to folks, what is that one thing, if it could be summed up. >> i think that stories take on a life of their own, and reader ll attach to a character in a different way, however, i will say for me on this journey, through ameri, in this way, it is really challenged my inner spoiled brat, like we walk around as if these are our rights, light, our trash will disappear, the things will jus happen, if they don't happen right, you know there is something that been you know we've bee treated wrong or something. and we forget. lou: we're entitd. >> yes, and we forget they are privileged, that are built on the backs o of millions of hard working americans. lou: i like the way you looked at cowboys, i tellort of us -- i will not say surprised you,
10:37 pm
but you paid attention to fact that cowboys do not want to be 1%ers, hollywood celebrities, they were content. it was a great the state the code --tatement of theode of the west, code of america. >> i ttink we have a narrative everyone in america wants to be rich, and famous and known, a lot of people doing a lot of jobs they don't want to be notid. you know air traffic controllers, they don't want you to hear about them, that means they messed up, they are like angels up there in their towers. lou:here are people who don't want to be as you said, 1% but they don't want to be part of that whatever that perceet is that lives on entitlement who don't work, who don't want to
10:38 pm
contribute or who don't wanto find their full potential, and realize the oortunities of a life that is there and the could seize it. that independence, that self-reliance you don't hear that much. >> i found that over again, i don't know who these people are that we think we want to live a fe of entitl en tightment hando, do not know who those people are, these are hard, you kno amicans work hard, they want to work hard. it is not as if this is aou know some abstract notion for them, people like their jobs. you kw they like doing these things. >> they like working. >> yes,y goodness. lou: they don't want t dend on government? >> i think they -- >> i justmted to see if we could -- i just wanted to see if we could get that far. >> i think they want to beaken care of at the hospital when they go there and make sure they have enough money to pay medical
10:39 pm
bills,. lou: they want to make a living wage, that and i think that is methingg that everyone should have -- that is an entitlement, there should be an opportunity to make a good living, that is something we let the sob's take aw,hatsomething we have to get fixed. maybe this november 6 ll be a opportunity. >> this depends on who those sob's are. lou: first thing to do is identify the sob's y get a language way toward doing that. -- long way toward doing, that jean-marie,ry hav w have identia terrific writer, a wonderful book. you can go to her web site. and pick it up in your bookstore. any number of places, did i mention u too. it is great to see you, all the best.
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>> thank you lou. lou:reat to see you, up next, parents of a deceased seal team 6 member revealing shocks statistics that call into question how this governmenis usingur special forces. and congrsman jesse jackson jr., the subject of a federal investigation it has nothing to do wh -- well blagojevich or anybody else it has to do with campaign money and how it got confused, apparently, that story is next..3 tomorrow, president obama needed to improve on his first debate rformance, author of "new york times" bes bestseller the amate, will join us. and j trippy, and stephen moore will join us, we're coming right back stay with us. with the spark cash card from capital one,
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lou: we hav breakg news that deal with benghazi and the coveup, secretary of state hillary clinton has decided to step in to shield the white house an the president, cretary clinton now taking responsibility for all security issues surrounding the benghazi consulat terrorist aack, secretary clinton, reportedly adding that the buck stops with her, should go na no farther, 5 weeks after the benghazi terrorist attacks and the killing of our ambassador and three other americans. against cretary of state hiary clinton spping in to she'll the white house and the -- shield the white house and president saying she takes responsibility for the benghazi terrorist attacks, we'll have more on this with the a-team and our political analysts on this
10:45 pm
story. and much more, meanwhile, the obama campaign attacng vernor rney, a greedy 1%er, aew analysis of his income tax return show those childrens are far from -- charges are f from the truth, virgiiia based company, looked at romney's tax returns for 2010-2011, they pound governor romney paid out almost 58% of his income in taxes, andharible contbutions, retaining 42% o his ince. and that certainly causes some problems for senator harry reid o has been insisting that governor romney was not paying his fair share, family members of navy team seal 6, slamming
10:46 pm
obama administration. saying it has been imposing rules of engagement that endanger the lives of our troop, saying that the way to obama administration is conducts the war is nothing short of criminal, their words, and according to a government report obtained by breitbart, the numb of objectives for special operation in afghanistan rose more than 600% from 2009 to 2011. 600%. democratic congressman jesse jackson jr. reportedly under federal inestigation overallgations he misused campaign money to remodel and decorate his hom according to "wall street journal" that s reports the story citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter, congressman from illinois has been out of the public eye since june when his office said he was suffering from exhaustion and later, reports that he was seeking
10:47 pm
treat for bipolar disorder, according to reports today congressman jackson was spotted at a washington, d.c. bar two nights in a row last week with two develop women. >> felix baumgartner is grabbing headlines today for his supersonic skydive, just a f hours before that, the original supersonic humuman was in a pla, he still has the right stuff, chug yaeger road in t back of a f-16 eagle feare ye jet that broke the sound it w 65 years ago that yaegerilot, the experiment at jet over the desert became the first human to break the sound bear area.
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>> up next, secretary state hillary clinton shocking everyone, acknowlging she is taking full responsibility for the benghazi terrorist attacks and murder of our ambassador and three other americans, the a-team is joining us this to assess what is hpening, how this will affect tomorrow night's debate and the elect now 3 weeks away, judy miller, for many, nexium helps relieve
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lou: joining me now the a-team, judy miller, and "new york post" columnist michael goodwin, and ron christie, you and i shareo
10:52 pm
mumuch. good to haveou all here. you're reaction jy. if you will, secretary clinton taking responsibility saying the buck stops with her, not like hairharry documents truman saidt are you shocked. shocked. >> a little surprised in i don't thk that hillary wants this to be part of her legacy, its however the good scout thing to do, if you are protecting the president and you want him to be reelected. lou: if only richard nixon could find a good scout. >> he didn't havv a woman 92 that is true. lou: they were lacking in courage. >> ts is strangeoming out of the woodwork this way. witht expectation or what it means, why is she saying ttis, what should she have known. i don't think this ends the
10:53 pm
political bleing, i don't think it will answer all of the questions, it does put her in play, and puts onus on her to explain why she made the statement. lou: judy, you shake your head. >> there is so much that needs be explained. it iss hard to imagine how you can address it in a simple statement or a town hall meeting tomorrow. lou: 5 weeks fm those attacks, 4 americans and now secretary of state seps up to take responsibility, ron? >> a couple thin are striking about this this past weekend, and sunday talk shows you saw no person defend what had been taking place they sent their campaign folks out. number two, narrative heading into detail tomorrow will be hillary clinton taking full responsibility, not barack obama heads into a very decisive dete, this is a bad, bad timing forhe admistration on two levels. lou: what do you think of the
10:54 pm
impact here? there is so much to talk about, but this will dominate without question. i can't imagine governor romney not saying toresident of the ited stes, you are hiding behind your secretary of sta. andhat is notng short of irresponsibility. you could say any number of things. >> this really leaves him open, anything other than the esident whether or not he was responsible for the level of security,. lou: he is the president of the united states. >> nobody thinks he should have been but he is the president, the buck does stop here, if he says anything els el he leaves himself very vulner disblibl we vulnerable. >> we should assume that hillary clinton did not release this statemen on her own, i think this is clearly the oba administration, whether she was pushed or agreed. this cannot end with her. it has to go to the wte house.
10:55 pm
i do not think it takes pressure off of the president, i think it will focusing it more on him. lou:s clever as the 4 of us our, certainly obama administration has to understand what wou be the reaction of journalists, and media to this they have to understand that this would not satisfy in anyway. with the way that obama looking administration has spunnthe story, i thought, i think they thoughthey could get away with th. >> no. >> i do, howel how else do you n an ambassador to united nations go out and say the thing that he says. >> a at least you have a woman that mans up. lou: that line will probably be defining if you will. >> it continues, a lot of lines who had family jews in the decratic party.
10:56 pm
lou: and timeasxpired. thank you very much, judy miller, michael goodwin, ron ron christie. up next, a viewer with an interesting idea for a ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn 30-million artifact.. ♪ into a high-tech masterpie? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve .
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