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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  November 20, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EST

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filed this report. >> this is the rocket that came to the concrete roof and near a high school and embedded itself down in the ground. this is the bench where students would verbally cent , peppered with shrapnel that would destroy the bench could easily kill a student. we have the sirens going. we will keep going. this area was hit once
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before. we will keep moving. we will go this way. we are getting inside. all the way inside. this is where is really students would be hiding. we just heard the explosions over head. that was really close. we literally just got to the scene that you just heard inside the bomb shelter and this is where it. you can see the explosion there is a horrible smell of explosives. this is what it did to a concrete walkway. imagine what it would do to a person it only takes $0.20 to get inside. >> amazing. the war has major political
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ramifications worldwide. walid phares joins us with more. how close are we to the full-scale war? with everything developing what do you think? >> it is the first chapter of the wider confrontation with tens of thousands of show-- soldiers have the airforce ready to go after the hamas headquarters. when they send area rockets rockets, the question is will israel cross the line to invade the fed is a tough thing to do? for hamas they will continue to shell. they could not occupy so
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israel the priority is those existing inside the gaza strip for taken out to. >> do they go and with full-scale war? where does that leave us? >> most of focusing what would push the is really is to make a move. it is not just the enemy. they have tanks, have a material and technology. they want to make sure the united states will be with them. >> are we? >> president obama made a statement that any president would make. we are with you in retaliation against hamas. but not if you go and. and israelis are concerned what would be shipped to?
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they have the muslim brotherhood leader would be actively support hamas? that is a question. >> behind all of this use the allergan's hand? >> the arrow world and media have been there over the last fibers six days that the iranian regime -- regime is pushing radical elements. they know it is predictable. that is a spiral because iran is under sanctions they want deflect attention to the conflict. the allies are under tremendous pressure to deflect to that conflict. >> we have to focus on monday and what we look at right here is we have
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invested in the dome costing $60,000 each. what is the world's think. >> they have demonstrated something unusual. of course, this cost money. we have a working relationship in the real question is if we don't support the israelis then let me give you examples. if the gaza situation is out of control you could have the jihadist shooting against israel that is near the suez canal. that would be terrible interruption of maritime
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commerce. >> it comes back to oil and the suez canal. thank you for coming. >> thank you, melissa. >> david miller is live on the ground right now. we want to get the latest. >> as best we know top ministers continue to meet for the proposed cease-fire agreement but no word how far they may be to reach some type of a deal but as the talks could see it -- continue now there is 1400 airstrikes with the most recent targets the israelis say they were launching a targets using as a communications center over 100 palestinians have been
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killed and 50% of the civilians. many women and children killed during a single air strike. as a result of targeting a home where the rocket mastermind had been living. the firepower from hamas continues today. there have been 100 rocket attacks. 50% have been intercepted. two of them hit schools. there were no injuries because school was closed. also worth noting there were no rockets fired in the direction of tel aviv. let's go back live. you can see the light blinking that is the iron dome defense system.
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that shoots down the rockets. something you don't get to see very often this is what is left of the interceptor missile after exploded knocking out the rockets fired. it is twisted metal now but there are cameras on this and electronics. upwards of $40,000 but the israelis say the system has saved millions of dollars and more import may cal was lives. -- importantly, i countless lives. but now are the preparations for the ground assault if diplomacy fails. >> looking at pictures it is so heartbreaking and the
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u.s. ambassador calls for the immediate cease-fire but from where you stand does this seem like diplomacy could prevail hong? >> diplomacy has the 50/50 shot. bowles sides are close to an agreement. they have 90% of the deal done. we're not clear of what hamas thinks. listening to them speaking in cairo, there was agreed deal of spin for the domestic audience that their goals have been achieved achieved, their victorious. perhaps he was laying the groundwork. that is not clear. but if there is no
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cease-fire, an escalation is almost certain. >> thank you for your report. please be careful. will the israel/bozell conflict escalated to a ground war? let us know what you think or follow me on twitter. tensions in the mideast driving mikasa of $90 a barrel to keep you apprised of the latest. the pipeline that will bring gas to their key ally and construction will be finished by the second half of 2013. drivers may get some relief at the pump, the national
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average has dropped by more than 1/4 at $3.41. aaa estimates millions will hit the road for the weekend. going ahead first to the cliff. we have one of reagan's top economic advisers. with the three things a bombast to do twos save us. >> who killed america's sweetest cowboy? i say it is the union. somebody will disagree. coming up. ♪
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lissa:y, w some newsbr melissa: we have breaking news moody's isan downgrading the prance government bond rating grumman aaa. is tive ontain a negative outlook that the long-term economic growth outlook ishings negative prefect did by
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gradual sustained loss of competitiveness and longstanding rigidity of the market for about their talking about brands. the outlook is uncertain with the deteriorating prospects. moody's on france downgrading their bonds. the stock market climbs across the board withng a 200 points even with the fiscalg ovr cliff so what gives? a fox news contributor so movie. with this news breaking as a e t th result of the two-tier rating economic prospect? thejackie in the quote says on the roadbed is plunging ne to
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on the news, france andade from europe been general follows down a dangerous path. now we see the ramifications of the high a taxes to more well-established countries like france. it is nice to see agreed on the screen but it could hurt early in the morning as well >> if you make money on the street market that the economy will not get better wh spker you on?at what moarated -- motivated the llof gained? >> we had one of the post election sell-offs ever wen hope have seen some ounceback but trillions of dollars onno the sidelines not productiveingt
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because of economic purposes but today noted that 40 of the largest companies put off spending plans do to washington d.c.. the still has 52 week lows?gh to p i am not sure this is enoughoutc melissa: we saw the rally ofsama and a continuation in jeopardy but the ceo of nasdaq says we are clearly becoming year up. if you feel like the marketecony is going to hell in andbasketutt handbasket what was it you do? >> dodi the guided by your
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feelings.s, think with your head. not with your heart. but there is opportunity. to pay and, candid, we are betting against bonds that inflation will show its ugly head. we are buying a fund that goes up with long-term interest rates. so to avoid the instinct of that these headlines ares you wl bleak. certainly. >> is a bad idea certainly. >> bbb bezoar nasdaq they are doomed to fail.
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vi with the top executives ad hoping to get more influence how to go the fiscal clough speaking to a hannful of executives and i am sure they all have great inside the one of the top economic advisor is say we have already fallen off the cliff. welcome back to the thaa is rethat where we are head>> y did?ed. >> yes. jonathan is perfect. grea he was great. we're moving in that direction in. melissa: he is so happy. that cannot say that -- see
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that. >> with what obama has to do right now to put politics aside with his growth rates? >> you extend all the tax cuts. you cannot raise taxes on job cr job eacreators and expect to get more jobs. not the wt honestly, that is not the the oa way it works. he needs to postpone obamacare taxes but thosernment. three things are the only way i now to increase thes. secular growth rate. of a lot of this is alreadyshifte have been to. uldn'teans we will drop off. it will have been. i am sorry. avohat ta
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melissa: that is the reason? did is too late?wouldn wal-marwal-mar t would paye and off its dividend for people to avoid the tax hike. >> this year we have 100% of write-offs who would not by a capital one time than no new capital purchases? everybody gives away moneyto thn nextheir kids or grandkids next year jobs at 1 billion going from 35% of that 55% after 1 million. i could go on and on. gains anassets then to reinvest come it is already happening and has been fore. some time.
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it is exactly what happened to 2010/2011. >> making this comment on a short time ago let's whizzes been a clear if a different and better place did europe but do not kidder sells. it is a road map from where we are of the chain to europe. kwledge we are here, andwarned. knowledgeable, let's get theg. political will to do something.t e melissa: restarted with breaking news that france was downgraded that they have a sustained loss ofhat? can wdo to how do we break out of that? >> you do simpson bowles, flat with a low rate flax to cut snd,
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tat -- flat tax.hyar you have to change the fed added two. melissa: of the people say the reason why is everybody uses europe to make the argument. the other side says that is why they are in the mess. >> they are wrong. [laughter]t? farmers a and b. if you give one unemploymentm? benefits and who pays for them? the first one. government spending is the tion. milton friedman said it over we had the great recession because of the and 10 micrograms government spending causes this economy tey but clinton was a great
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president because the kussman day. >> we will make t-shirts that say that. we have to get the message out to. >> by the way the french don't have a name for entreprenuership anymore. melissa: i love it. thank you. coming up. we will not put that on the t-shirtng. i say the initiatives responsible for the demise. sagree my guest will disagree propose to ground. c one ceo who says the stock is on fire since pot has been legalized. too m can you have to much money? ♪
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melissa: earlier today host is having to think of to cour the r permission to officially liquidate its assets. the maker of cookies and wonder bread closes doors lest the management in the bakery union failed to reach an agreement. a short while ago we learned hostess and the bakers have agreed to mediate, but all is t yet solved in the twinkie world. are the unions to blame for all this? my next guest is back to disagree with me. i can't wait to hear your opening argument, seems pretty cut and dry to me. they went out to strike. they said if you do this, we don't have the money to continue. and that is exactly what happened. and welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me,
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melissa. looking not just at yesterday's news, but take a look at hostess. huge concessions from working men and women and go into bankruptcy. let me preface this by saying i don't think the unions didn't make mistakes but let's look at management. the "chicago tribune" editorialized about the executives shortsighted and taken money out of the company. they have an older product, they haven't marketed it and yet we blame men and women for closing the plant? there's enough blame to go around. i hope through this mediation the unions with her two brothers and sisters that were able to negotiate a deal and they can work something out but i will not blame the demise of hostess on workers. melissa: the unions forcing him to do business in a way that wasn't profitable and in these discussions that is what it always comes down to. post is paid out $100 million in health benefits retirees into a fund for over half of the workers in the fund were not from hostess.
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the union rules also, this is one of the things that drives people crazy. they were forced to deliver in separate trust bread and sweets to keep people employed. even when the trucks were going to the same place, so forcing them to operate in a way that helped make them lose money. >> at is the unions with the drivers. melissa: i'm talking about everybody. >> they were critical of the bakers union for going on strike, that is what i said to this union would get together with that union and talk about moving forward, i think that would work. but it is not true to say the unn shut down hostess. they have been in bankruptcy since 2009, they have not innovated their products were done capitalistic things tha have succeeded in the marketplace and are getting outrun by their competitors. that is what drove the market company down. melissa: now they're going to shut down and sell off the land piece by piece and someone else
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is going to open up a business and make a key somewhere else and you can bet your bottom dollar they will do it without the union so at the end of the day to the unions do a service to their men and women that they're supposed to be representing? >> speak articulate a position o have to ask them for wages because the abuse of executives before them. that did not make the news when detectives were pulling money out and not investigated the company. i don't know anybody who reported on that. when workers stand up and say we want a fair deal, that is all over the news that the union has sunk the company. as a lot of fault to be thrown around. let's hope they can work with them as well. melissa: you don't disagree with me, you can say that on "disagree with me," that is the point of the segment. we he you come back next week. we will find something else to fight about. thank you so much.
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up next, marijuana has become a real cash crops in two states decided to make it legal. a ceo who is questioning whether his own company is worth what it is trading for. very interesting. piles of money and marijuana coming up.
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melissa: we have some more breaking news, robert gray has more on the french downgrade story. what do you have? >> triple-a rating being stripped by the movies rating service. now coming out in responding to this, acknowledging the downgrade of france saying government reforms and repair the economy and says the economy is large and diversified, goes on to say the french debt is among the most liquid in the
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euro zone and of course comes after the moody's downgrade again stripping france of the aaa ratings cutting it by one notch. we also heard from a citigroup currency analysts say it may not take too much. expected to take too much although the euro falling versus the dollar. in after-hours trading. back to you. melissa: robert gray, thank you very much. can a stock be too high? which is a dispense medicine based on fingerprint scans skyrocketed by a store and how to invest and legalize marijuana. searching 3000% last week from $4 such as monday to $250 before falling back to back $50 per share. if you could be great news for the companies and shareholders, but the ceo is aittle concerned. with me now, welcome to the show. first of all what do you think is a fair price of the stock?
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what do you think the right price is? >> thank you for having me, melissa. to answer honestly, don't know what a fair price is because it has been all over the board. we are not $2.4 billion company, but up above 200. we are uniquely positioned in the marketplace as leaders. really most successful industry consultant, and we have some very creative and technology that enables the medicine to be inventory control, stored and dispensed the safest, most secure. melissa: what we are seeing is obviously marijuana has been legalized in washington and colorado at the same time we have seen 500 of the estimated 3000 dispense rates nationwide have been shut down because of the large part because of problems dispensing medication.
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you have a machine that allows people to get it with their fingerprints. do you think this is something that will catch on? >> i believe so. not just medical marijuana industry but also in the traditional pharmaceutical industry. we are poised to really offer some creative value and amazing economics for the additional retail pharmaceutical industry as well. anytime you can validate and verify and be transparent and control inventory, controlled substances that you really need to be significantly considered. melissa: how much interest do you have? do you see your business doubling, what do you he? it is difficult to value your business. >> we don't have a large float. all of the present coverage we have received has been obviously
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even on your show today, "wall street journal" has made a few articles on our behalf or about us, should say, and all since the election. i believe medical marijuana and marijuana in general nee to be discussed on a national level because significant impact on the economy read from an honest discussion about what medical marijuana can do for the economy. it is healing all the way around. not just for businesses, but for taxes and everybody else. melissa: back to surgery or whatever it is you're doing, thank you very much. >> thank you melissa: he may be new to politics they knows a lot about the world profession. a brothel owner turned county commissioner. bui bet you can guess what state that is in.
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at the end of the day it is all about "money."
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melissa: so here's something you don't hear eveday. a brothel owner is the new politician. he is the owner of the famous mustang ranch outside of reno and recently elected story county commissioner with an overwhelming 62% of the vote. the coniferous brothel owner to be elected to public office since prostitution was legalized in 1971. joining me now in a fox business exclusive. thank you so much for coming on the show. we want to acknowledge or accomplished businessman, you have a lot of different businesses, small fraction of it. do you really buy a brothel on ebay? >> yes, ma'am. i purchased it on ebay for the federal government 147,000 moved four and a half miles to a new location.
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melissa: what kind of a return on that investment have you seen? >> it will be significant. yes, ma'am. i bought the trademarks which is quite valuable, but we didn't buy the property. the assets ranch was so famous as far as a trademark is concerned a lot of fun. melissa: you a very keen sense for this, but for voters at all concerned about the fact you were involved in legalized prostitution? >> state of nevada, brothels are very accepted industry, is only the outside world where people are fascinated with the legal side of prostitution, but really it had nothing to do with election. i ran a platform of business. i developed for communities of 2500 acres or larger, have done two of them in nevada.
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i have been a harley dealer, construction, built the headquarters for at&t, my 40 years of business life has been in community building and i must tell you in nevada our brothel life and those that are well run and operated really don't get that much. melissa: are all wrapped up in this petraeus scandal. sex makes everyone go haywire. your opponents did not try to make any negative ads related to it? >> in the state of nevada it is legal, everybody on the outside of the state looks at the legal side of the industry. but in the state of nevada in story county and only in counties where it is legal, so no ma'am read i. it is not an inflamed issue.
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melissa: it is hard for us to imagine somebody electing somebody who ran a production company or something. even though that is a legal industry as well. oh ticket and get attention. what is the number one thing you will do know that you are in office? >> it has the second-largest tourist center in virginia city. for mark twain came from. we are mining gold. huge reserves of gold and silver. at one time it was the wealthiest place on earth is moving back in that direction. dicate industrial center, which is the part i own and develop, largest industrial park in the united states today. that is where apple just associated and located here recently. we have fortune 100 companies, 130 companies, 12 million feet in eight years, i have done
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those, that is why was elected as commissioner. that is how i'm going to take care of my folks. melissa: would announce a run for president, will you come on my show first? >> anytime, i love you. melissa: i hope you come back. this is a city officials may have banned public nudity, but there is some reasonable exceptions. thank goodness. all the details you need to know next. you can never have too much "money." you can have too much public nudity though, i think. úú
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a to in time for a little fun with spare change. we are joined weight david asman and lori rothman. the city of san francisco is trying to ban nudity. can you imagine? necessary exemptions, preschoolers can still go diaperless. and san francisco has a run that can do naked that is still
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eligible. [talking over each other] >> by the way, one of the people against this says the officials want to turn the city back into the dark ages of body shame and ar. [laughter] is by putting something between your rear end and the feet. melissa: that smart. a lot of people that we see in the video this should be ashamed. >> did you see the san francisco official names? this is a big joke in the article. why is it that the people who choose to be nudists are always
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unattractive? melissa: i just don't know. it's never a good thing. next story. american stowaway $282 million of uneaten turkey at thanksgiving. that is about 204 million pounds of meat. >> not at my house. >> we eat the whole thing. >> how the heck do they know? are they going through my garbage? >> turkey is one of those foods that is delicious a diversified internet has diminishing returns. sweet potatoes and cranberries and all that. >> thanksgiving was all right. the reason why they do this, they say that for every pound of turkey, so many talents of carbon dioxide that you're


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