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tv   FOX Business After the Bell  FOX Business  January 15, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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know. nicole: hello, david asman. a look at apple. continuing to selloff, concerns about supply orders and the demand may be dwindling. liz: on the flipside, dell continued to move higher. continuing buyout offers, once again the stock has been on the move. comparing to what it was in 2000, not even close. nicole: over 52 weeks, over 2000, that is a long time ago. it really has been a dog. of almost 20% on the buyout. david: facebook was so excited, the internal search. guess what, they also got news they lost about 1.5 billion subscribers and the stock is plunging. nicole: it went back and forth, broke down below $30.
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the news came out. liz: there go the bells on this tuesday as we take a look and see how stocks are faring up. dow jones industrials. at 3:00 p.m. eastern, suddenly we hit the highs of the session pointing to the upside. the nasdaq can't quite make it. apple represents 10% of the nasdaq 100. down two to 3% the last couple of minutes so we are watching that very closely. david: facebook not helping the nasdaq either. let's take a look at natural gas, if we could. actually doing quite well today, coming back again after a very serious drop for most of the year, but ever since the first of the year, it is on its way back. natural gas is doing well. liz: disney announcing a new gaming experience bringing
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storytelling, look at these tiny figures on your screen, to a whole new level and takes advantage of their iconic disney and pixar characters. we have the copresident of disney interactive coming up to tell us all about disney's innovative new gaming universe. david: everybody wants to know what is happening to apple, continuing to fall today. way off of the $700 mark. supposed to hold $500 line, it didn't happen. can the company of her comeback and energized investors to something new like it used to do? or are the competitors gaining too much momentum? coming up. liz: and what drove the market on the "data download." the dow and s&p posting gains, the nasdaq couldn't quite make it ending the trading day in the red. the dow closing higher for the fifth day in a row, only
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happened twice in the past year. we have consumer discretionary financials the top performing sectors while telecom and technology lagged. platinum for the first time is more costly than gold by a couple of dollars, but that said closing slightly below 1690 for owens after reports a south african mine is suspending operations due to labor issues. gold climbing nine tenths of a cent still below their levels. beating estimates of $0.03. driven by health and personal care products. david: let's see what is happening with specifics in the market, let's start with larry at the tip of the cme. a market panel coming up.
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mark is chief investment strategist. larry, let's start with you at the cme. since apple, let's talk about apple, a lot of people are focused on that pretty much everybody has it in some stock portfolio. september, 9-21, test taken 22 points off of the s&p 500 just by itself off of the s&p. the overall market has held up very well. increased despite that. that is a good sign, is it not? >> it is a very good sign, david. rotation and resiliency. rotation side, correlations are very low, and as you said it has taken apple 22-point off the s&p and yet it hasn't skipped a beat. resiliency, apple has a big market cap it seems the market is shrugging his shoulders.
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right now we're just consolidating, and until we see the earnings and industrials starting tomorrow, i think we will see more of the same, more of a broken record market. liz: jpmorgan and goldman sachs. don't we really need financial to do well to have a meaningful rally in the market, or do i have that wrong in some way? can we really scale it when we see some problems the financiale financial world from a hiring standpoint? >> i honestly believe we have to see financials go higher. we are riding the wave. growth has slowed a little bit, right about net interest margins. to your point, we need to see financials do better in my personal opinion in the market saying we're underestimating the tailwind for housing recovery will provide for the banking sector for consumer confidence
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for our economy in general. we have to see financials do well kicking off tomorrow. david: we're going to talk the market just tomorrow about this, but is there any kind of move we could see a selloff springtime when a lot of people are saving their cash? >> that is so well advertised. everybody whereby short-term correction and to that point maybe people talking about the next of the 1425, the next resistance, going up to far too fast, but so well advertised. everybody knows what they are. still seems to be higher. everybody is thinking we will see a correction and that is probably why we will not see one. david: thank you very much. we will see you in a couple of minutes when the market closes. hang on for that.
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liz: let's bring in our panel for the market. let me begin with you. you are pretty bearish, but to say you're bearish is unfair to the viewers because the market is such a huge living, breathing creature. where are you most concerned and what do you like that doesn't scare you? >> we like income. the dividend tax rates would go up dramatically in 2013. as the market moves on, take some money off the table, what we found the last three years is if you bought with the s&p is under the moving average, your average gain is 45.3%. if you bought when it was over the moving average, your average gain is 1.5% per year. i still think it'll be a
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back-and-forth market. take some profits in the euphoria. david: we think about what is happening inside the beltway. it is a global market. it is becoming more of a global market. you see global trade is really taking off in 2013. that leads to tremendous opportunities if it happens, right? >> i think so, david. evaluations are compelling whether it is europe, china. emerging market and even in japan. on the way to unlock the valuations and as investors come around to realizing those risks are receding, you will see a compression of the equity risk premium allowing evaluations to expand. david: lets michelle and she won one of those countries, japan. some people say this new leader going in the opposite direction of the free market putting controls in the central bank that didn't have before.
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does that control concerned at all that japan could be going in the wrong direction? >> quite the opposite. we believe he is a catalyst on lackinunlocking the market for s now. they are prenatally cheap. they exist at exceedingly low levels compared to other markets in the world. the pressure he is putting on the bank of japan to intervene at the end is good for japanese multinationals. they've encouragewe have encouro step and the japanese equity market in a hedge position given the fact the dollar is expected to strengthen and already has take advantage of valuation expansion in the japanese market. liz: you have one side of the government saying stop weakening the yen, and all the sudden the yen strengthened, the dollar
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plummeted. is there an opportunity you see? >> i think that is a pretty worn out trade. we're hearing a lot. liz: let's just say the dollar is weaker. the multinational base in the u.s. with products becoming more attractive as the dollar is weaker. >> that is one way to play it, but a lot of the companies are already out from a valuation standpoint. there is risk with high expectations. i think some of those companies are not. if you're going to play that, i would do that with technology company that has a leading-edge, 4.5% dividend, this way you get good valuation, don't have high expectations and you get a good income component while you're waiting.
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david: mark, let me go to yours and start with a foreign company. one that most people look at, why do you like it? >> happens to have it in france. it is very reasonable when compared to the u.s. and other uk-based peers. in addition to that, we are constructed on the energy base in general because we think on the back of continued global growth that ought to be supportive of high elevated prices and that ought to be good for the major oil integrated company that is selling for a cheap valuation above the market dividend yield. liz: zürich insurance group. you have a us-based investor looking at this one, what is the number one selling point there? >> high quality, quick paced financial sector holding that we like in terms of insurance related assets, in addition it
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is important and come them entry is well above market dividend yield in an insatiable appetite for. david: good to see you both, thank you very much, appreciate it. facebook introducing a new feature they are calling graph search. what does it do? and is there money to be made from it? investors have not been that excited. the stock fell 2%. shibani joshi has the details. liz: disney is finally putting their characters into physical and web play. announcing the newest video game utilizing actual figures were a call them figurines. the copresident of disney interactive to talk about this one. david: what is the value of apple these days? can it rise up or could it go the other direction? down to zero in danger of that
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liz: in two macs, one, now. larry at the cme futures, how does it look? >> it looks very nervous right now, smart traders realize the markets have a way of moving long before the headlines say so. the headlines don't think the market should go up but behind me we're still consolidating the key range, people are little bit nervous given the amount of earnings coming out the next three days and next week but right now people are squaring their position hoping for the best. liz: thank you. david: shares of research in motion closing in the red after jumping double digits yesterday. let's go back to nicole on the floor of the nyse to find out why.
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nicole: research in motion is something that has been running up, pulling back today. one that we will continue to watch. everybody is eagerly awaiting the blackberry 10, which will be announced, we will be seeing more of it on january 30. the developers have been spending their apps and applications over to research in motion. the analysis talking about curb appeal, the fact there should be a healthy percentage of the 80,000 subscribers driving the upgrade cycle. there is positive omen to build despite we had a selloff. check it out, a little reconstruction at the new york stock exchange. this is one big space, right? david: it is indeed. thank you very much. liz: thanks, nicole. the big mystery is over after a week of speculation facebook finally unveiled, this doesn't sound that exciting, graph search today.
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david: internal search engine. while they seem unimpressed, there may be real opportunities for monetization with this new feature. shibani joshi is here with details. subscriptions down, that might have affected the share value. shibani: this is a steppingsto steppingstone, which is what investors had the reaction. using the search called the third prong in the company's overall three-pronged strategy. facebook shares still down after the news. the two macs biggest selling points as far as i am concerned. why this idea has long-term potential. it makes the site more sticky subset of jumping off of facebook to go to google you can search within facebook and stay on the site increasing user time, loyalty and the list goes on and on. it creates a possible new revenue stream.
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if you're in los angeles and you want to find a recommendation for a restaurant instead of going over to google typing in chinese restaurants los angeles, you search within facebook. there is where the idea takes off, you can have local advertising restaurants and even sell a dinner ticket, sell a dinner item right on facebook itself. lot of revenue-generating potentials for this idea. they are not generating money off of this just yet. it is in beta testing mode. the potential remains to be determined if you want to take a test drive yourself this is where you need to go. search. get added to the wait list to try it out for yourself. long-term potential, not the moment everybody was looking for today, but this is a long-term story anyway when it comes to
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facebook. liz: you said it is not a phone, don't get hysterical. shibani: anytime you invite 100 members of the press and it is the first event after the ipo, people are going to get their hopes up but i didn't have my hopes up and many people, smart people in the media also did not have their hopes up. david: was the bigger drag on the stock today the fact they lost 1.5 million users? shibani: we do not see the immediate revenue-generating. this is why it will pull back in shares today. liz: thank you very much. david: apple seems to go from leader to follow her. anything they can do to lead consumers and investors back in? liz: plus we have a trusted
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advisor with three sectors he says run like a flag away from it, avoid this earnings season. find out what they are. you need to know those things. stay tuned, we are coming right back.
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david: apple failing badly to hold the $500 priceline today. plunging another 3% to close at $485 per share. yesterday iphone five sales were slowing so much they are
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cutting some of the part orders in half. samsonov has sold 100 million galaxies models. is there any way apple can get the mojo back as a stock and a standout leader in design and innovation? following the high-tech world from the perch for decades and joins us now. great to see you. can apple ever recover and if so, how? >> to be a little bit hard to get steve jobs back, so i have that going against them. rehabilitating when they were on the floor that introduced all of these products including the iphone in 2007. the iphone do not have much competition for the first few years after it was introduced. the first android phones from google were not that good, but the combination is very powerful and apple just as proof how fast
4:26 pm
things can happen is just how fast iphone five sales have slowed down. david: this is an epic business story. books will be written of how apple lost this extraordinary lead they had with a few months ago they would not lose for years, if ever. what is the lesson, what did they do wrong? thinking they could do no wrong? or what? >> that is a great question, david. steve jobs said something very valuable in the next 90s interview when he was out of apple telling the apple executives not to be greedy and live on high margin products because it would not last. you can substitute iphone for mackintosh and the same thing would be true today. they thought they could live in a world they could dictate prices to suppliers and get $400 subsidy per phone from the carriers like at&t and verizon
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and it would have the high margins forever. margins don't last. the mistake apple made and try to collect itself is to lower the price of the iphone and really propagate the iphone throughout the world. david: not only innovative products that design models that are different. is the edge lost for good? >> we will see. a lot of savvy observers thought apple would do very well for a year after steve jobs death. steve died in october 2012 and it was just about one year. you really have to ask where is the creativity? the genius of steve jobs, who was able to reconcile conflicting opinions within apple, so one can't would say this, one can't would say that, this is the way it will be. his gut were always right on the
4:28 pm
mark. david: they have a lot of cash, over $100 million, huge amount of cash they have, can't they put that together to come up with some new innovative thing that will take the market by storm? >> here is the fundamental issue, david. tim cook may be the world's best big company operations guy. chief operating officer under steve jobs, now he is the ceo. for all the virtues, and they are many, the thing he doesn't really have is the confidence to bet big on this product or that product. there is a lot of conflict and cross is going on inside of apple right now. david: finally, this is a huge stock story as well, moving the market. what this stock has done. the big battle, i guess you saw it, thinking it was a buy at
4:29 pm
current levels, saying it is not at all. it will go down further. do you dump the stock now or do you buy into these levels? what do you say? >> said in your hands right now. a 30% drop would tempt you to get back in, but i don't see that product pipeline. the problem is apple is such a low value to company right now to continue to sell it might be a mistake. i would be quickly say it is a neutral right now. david: all right, interesting story. books will be written about what happened to apple, how it lost its lead. thank you very much. liz: so, david. disney interactive just announced it is bringing together its most popular disney and pixar characters to create a new storytelling experience you can control, or at least your kids. joining us to tell us all about
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liz: earnings season is underway. estimates for the quarter, a little bleak although some
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companies have reported have beat estimates. according to fact set, s&p earnings growth rate is estimated to be around 2.4%. that is down from 9.2% estimates in september. david: while the overall outlook is dim for some sectors it is even dimmer. for three sectors you have to avoid this earning season, is jeff reaves. editor of investor place. we have a proviso you may be wrong but this is your feeling. health care is one of those sectors we should watch out. i would have thought with all the obamacare mandates that some of these earnings are locked in, that they would do well but you say no way? >> to be clear we're talking about direction for analyst estimates. that is not to say some of these companies will not still grow but will grow less than expected. david: why if the obamacare mandates are locked in, why would health care as a sector do poorly? >> in regards to the affordable care act, one
4:34 pm
specific direction i'm watching pharmaceuticals did a little bit after hit. they moved down estimates. for analysts to move down estimates. it is fear an easy target to put a cap on drinking costs. if commands higher price for its products it will receive less money. liz: jeff, let me push you on this. more volume, if you add millions of people to the insurance roles and need lipitors and generic liptores, why will not that cover what they lose in margins perhaps? >> lipitor is a good example. pfizer has seen a lot of pressure since q3 since it went off patent there are a lot of issues here. a lot of companies can't sell product for the margins they used to. granted there will be more consumers in the pipeline eventually. keep in mind we're talking about q4 estimates where a lot of this affordable care stuff has not come into effect full fours yet. i'm watching pharmaceuticals because i think whole cap on
4:35 pm
prescription drugs is easy target. this is wall street estimates in general, not my opinion, moving back because of some of this. this is pressure in pharmaceuticals in general. liz: the first sector is health care to avoid. your second is materials. now, obviously a lot of this is driven by perhaps demand in china for growth. we started to see china stablize and maybe come back a bit. why don't you like materials? >> i think. >> again, this is the nature of earnings season, inherently in the rear view mirror here. we're talking about q4 which is the october to december. there has been a little bit of recovery in pricing for some commodities out there like copper and iron that goes into steel. we're trying to see optimism lately. if you're looking at the q3 numbers for some companies, there is roll back in estimates for some of the companies, particularly in copper, aluminum and iron because the forecasts moved down. alcoa actually beat its numbers but the forecast was pretty darn low. we're talking directionly.
4:36 pm
the bar is moving lower. generally speaking directionly the pressure is down. david: information technology. the tech sector in general, a lot of people have seen it because of the pc is losing ground because of all the ipads and the other tablets that, that sector is moving down. we've seen what happened to apple. what else do you see coming with the i-t sector? >> yeah, i mean i think a lot of people hope for the secular recovery in i-t spending. there will be upgrade cycle for businesses. hasn't really happened. you see pressure on estimates for intel and amd, the semiconductor companies. hewlett-packard and dell the story is same there. this is the consumer side for tablet. there isn't as much demand as there used to be. pc sales were down first time in five years over the holiday season. moving down to reflect that, consumer and business side. david: yeah. >> apple's estimates moved down too which is big anchor. david: i was going to ask you about apple. i'm interested in your opinion. where do you think it goes from here?
4:37 pm
>> personally long-term bullish on the stock. look at the smart money out there, analysts predicting the price target, median target among 49 people out there is 730 bucks. 35% upside from here. even if that all doesn't happen, still a significant gap. i would caution people if you take eps game for 2014 and say, oh, well the valuation isn't super attractive in single digits because earnings estimates will go down, even if you say apple will make less money in 2012 and 2013 as it does in 2012. it has current pe of 14 which is fairly ral sued. if i makes 35 bucks instead of 56 bucks in 2014. it historically for apple not the entire s&p 500 is attractive. i would caution people not to play the game where they worry about apple falling off a cliff too. estimates will fall off a cliff. even if it does that it will be fairly valued. >> jeff, good to see you. >> good to see you too. david: wal-mart is looking
4:38 pm
to buy more american-made products and hire 100,000 veterans. we've got more on wal-mart's focus on america coming up. liz: disney, one of the most iconic companies in america looking to buzz lightyear and other characters like the monster, inc. guys to take gamers to infinity and beyond. disney interactive co-president tells us about the brand new gaming experience that brings actual figurines of popular characters to life and pushes creativity for kids. stay tuned. ♪ . upside down. >> hi. >> hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> you just read my mind. >> announcer: just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money
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rejecting the communications workers of america's bid to represent them in a collective bargaining negotiation with the company. the airline tried stopping the election before it even went to a vote going all the way to the supreme court. your kids braces got more expensive. the tax increases that went into effect this year under the new health care law could bring the cost to nearly $8,000. the medical device tax of 2.3% will be passed on from the manufacturer to parents. and flex spending accounts will be capped at $2500, meaning more after-tax dollars will have to be spent for those braces. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
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liz: disney interactive, a lot of you own disney somewhere in your portfolio, right? it is unveiling its brand new gaming platform today. the new product, tape greats little collectible figurines with gaming consoles and
4:43 pm
mobile devices. for the very first time classic disney characters will be able to interact with popular pixar characters. how is that going to work? joining me nnw to tell us is john pleasants, disney interactive co-president. i love this idea. i mean because i have an 8-year-old and a 11-year-old. my 8-year-old is all about taking little figurines and interacting them into videogames. talk about infinity and what the bigger picture what it is going to offer. >> liz, thank you very much. no, you're household is right square in the perfect demographic. we'll have to make sure we get you on board with infinity. liz: okay. >> no, we're very excited. we've been working on this for a long time. infinity is a interactive gaming platform. it is really not a game. it is a platform. it brings together your favorite disney characters in a way where you can play with them without limits. what we mean by that, first
4:44 pm
of all, you can play with it on console, play online or play on mobile devices as you mentioned. but you can also mix and match some of our ips together and bring characters like a jack sparrow and a mr. incredible together to go on a mission which is something no one has been able to do before. so we're very excited about the game. liz: then of course the figurines which brings in real, we love to say here at the business network, monetizaton. you buy the little figurines. what is available to start? you're starting with a couple of characters. who can we make fight each other? i don't even know. you talk about how people, and can make things happen. what will it involve? >> the product is launching in june and it will be, when we announced today was our first three play sets. that is, the incredibles, monsters university and "pirates of the caribbean". and inside those playsets there will be multiple characters you can buy, all the classic ones from those
4:45 pm
particular intellectual properties. by the way we also launch additional play sets at launch. we have not announced them but more are coming. at launch there will be 20 toys, 20 figurines available to the public at june at launch. everything from going on missions. you can combat. you can do sword fights. race vehicles in cars. build new worlds for yourself. sully from monsters with bar bosa from pirates. all those great combination. >> one thing we know about disney they have over the years very carefully controlled how their figures and how animated characters are used. how hard was it i guess to convince both sides, the lock time people at disney and the people at pixar to allow to you take those characters, let them leave their cozy confines of that sort of protected atmosphere? i'm thinking, look, jack sparrow uses a sword. will you allow kids if they come up with ideas for lack of better way of asking,
4:46 pm
create a bit of violence? >> yeah. well, i mean, look i will tell you it did take a, it took time. it took months to get the various constituents who sit on top of these intellectual properties to understand the power of this. the argument was convincing. there was passion, a seed of genuine spontaneity and could come out of making interactions occur. there are three concedes. two i will mention here. this is fame about toys, like andy's room from "toy story 3". it is not jack sparrow, or mr. incredible, it is the toys of them. that is very important thing. second thing the game is divided in two basic constructs. there are worlds, the monsters university world. you can't bring jack sparrow into that. liz: okay. >> identified as they are. but there is a central hub we call toy box which is an imaginetive place where you take your individual toys and bring them much like an 8-year-old, i have same age
4:47 pm
group kids as well, where they would mix and match toys on a bedroom floor. that toy box is where the mash-ups and creativity occurs. liz: you came from electronic arts. i know you from covering that creative company and i look at some of what was done there and then i look what else is out there such as say the sky lander characters. my kid doesn't have a wii or xbox because i'm a mean mom but i do allow to buy the little characters. i know, i'm such a mean mom. i do allow the little characters. so i'm thinking, can people even, there they are, on your screen? so people will want these and i'm wondering, you know, that want the ones that disney comes up with certainly, do you have to play the game or just buy the characters? >> well, you will be able to buy individual characters. hopefully your wish will come through there. but the great thing about these characters, these characters will give you powers and capable not just on consoles. in your case you don't have a console product which you
4:48 pm
don't, i'm guessing you might have, you know, a laptop, a pc or a tablet or a smartphone. liz: i'm not stuck in the total dark ages. >> she is toys will do magical things on the devices. there is something in it for you if you don't have a console. liz: you were bought in to shake things up. there is lot of financial loss at disney interactive realm. you had to come in. close a couple of ventures that were involved here. how is this going to be different. there has been more than a billion in losses. dennis kneale was saying to me, ask him this, ask him this. how will you turn this into a really positive experience? how much do you believe in it? you're selling it pretty well, john, i must say. >> first of all we're very bullish on this product. you brought up some of the historical business performance of our division. look, we're laser focused on our division being profitable. we stated it publicly. this is very big year for us achieving that goal. we're going after it with all the vim and vigor we
4:49 pm
possibly can. we made a lot of changes in the genre of gaming we're focusing on. we think we'll go where the puck is going, if you will, with online and social. this infinity is for all platforms. this itself is a content platform. that is very important thing. many different things you can buy. provides ultimate variety and value for consumers. we build on it years to come. rather than being one-off game where you constantly come up with the next hit we build. this is big lever of the profitable charge of our division. liz: freedom to create stories. original adventure, i like that. before you go, eventually disney princesses be included in this john? >> we haven't revealed anything. we already have princess vehicles in this game which you can do crazy things which we showed in some of our video. look, everything, past, present, future is available for infinity. we think it is all additive and we think we do a good job for anything. liz: the floor crew was fighting over who the
4:50 pm
favorite princess is, between belle and "the little mermaid". good to see you. >> thank you so much for your time. liz: good luck with the venture. john pleasants, could president of disney interactive. dude, he is really focused on this one. david: the floor crew really love the princesses in disniflt they wanted everybody to know that. wal-mart is looking to help out our veterans with 100,000 jobs. details right after the break. also a robot child that can learn and react to what it sees. you don't want to miss this, right after the break. ♪ . what are you doing?
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liz: wal-mart is putting out the help wanted sign in a very big way for military veterans and the white house has taken notice. david: this is a real good business story. joining with us more, fox business's liz macdonald. boy, you love these stories. >> what is interesting is, we talked to wal-mart, they're saying look we're not just making this as
4:55 pm
patriotic push or because of the union protests they have been suffering. no, we want to hire military veterans. they're great workers. wal-mart president of the u.s. operations out with a speech this morning talking about this. take a listen. >> they have a seriousness and a sense of purpose instilled in them by their military training. we need that in our business, in our industry and in our country today more than ever. >> so 100,000 workers over the next five years. i'll tell you something, wal-mart's workforce is about 1.4 million. they are the largest employer, private sector employer. they're the largest retailer in the country and also already the largest employer of military veterans. and the white house is coming out saying, you know what? we like this too. here is what first lady michelle obama is saying about wal-mart's announcement. no one serving our country should fight for a job when they return home. wal-mart is serving as a groundbreaking example for the private sector to
4:56 pm
follow. it is interesting story coming out of wal-mart. david: liz macdonald, great story. thank you very much. appreciate it. coming up next a look at the latest in high-tech. a robotic child that can show emotion. kind of scary. but you want to see the video. ♪ .
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liz: now let's go off the desk and into the future. this is kind


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