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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 9, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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we will be joined by a host of flip this house to answer the questions, how do you do that. that is it for tonight. thank you for joining us. have a great night. ♪ lou: good evening. thank you for being with us. politically very tough day for president obama. he was not trying to sell refrigerators to eskimos and alaska, but he might as well bin. the president chose to be in texas today where he tried to sell his economic agenda of higher taxes, more and tougher regulation and, of course, much bigger government. but taxes turns out to be one of the most prosperous states and the union by doing just about the exact opposite of everything the president has been, well, recommending. currently it boasts an unemployment rate over one point
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below the national average, some of the lowest taxes in the country. here is the president earlier today urging his texas crowd to hopeless their local lawmakers to jump on the obama agenda bandwagon. >> everyone's a while i'm going to need your help to lean on their elected representatives and say, hey, let's do something about this. even if you don't like it politically, if it is a good idea, let's go ahead and support it. sometimes i need is a chance to pressure their members of congress to do the right thing. lou: did you see that crowd getting so excited? welcome back on capitol hill one of those texas lawmakers being upon the president and the so-called gang of eight on the issue of immigration reform. senator ted crews of texas becoming a force in the republican party and one of the principal faces of opposition to the gang of eight immigration proposal. insisting that the border be secured first and that this legislation, he says, is simply
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not the answer. >> the building is currently before this committee produces not a single new border patrol agent. the bill before this committee does not dictate that any technology be employed on the border. the bill before this committee relies entirely on subjective some assessments, current draft presenting nearly a figleaf on border security. lou: senator ted crews. meanwhile, following yesterday's bombshell witness testimony on benghazi, the speaker of the house calling on the white house to release critical e-mails that show the process of how and why the bin does the talking points were scrubbed to protect the state department. >> we learned that on september 12, the day after the attacks in four days before susan rice is tv appearances, as
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senior state department official e-mail their superiors to relate that the libyan ambassador, she had told -- the libyan desert, she had been told that the attack was conducted by islamic terrorists. i call the president ordered the state department to release this e-mail so that the american people can see it. lou: somewhat predictably, no response from the obama administration at this hour. the fallout from yesterday's benghazi hearings opened up new questions about the accuracy of the past testimony of former secretary of state hillary clinton on the attacks that resulted in the murder of four american citizens in libya. fox news chief washington correspondent james rose and with our report. >> reporter: former secretary of state hillary clinton was excepting a public-service award at the beverly wilshire hotel. >> american leaders are not
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given that position by birthright. must be read by every generation >> reporter: gop lawmakers sharpened their attacks on the credibility of clinton's testimony and are now demanding she and others close to president obama given the testimony. >> now more than ever we should have the joint committee, the appropriate committee asking secretary clinton, chairman and see, cheryl mills, and others what really happened in benghazi. >> reporter: clinton's chief of staff and was alleged in wednesday's house oversight hearing to have been among those who received an e-mail from acting assistant secretary of state death jones on the day after even as the attacks that label them enacted terrorism. also alleged to have reprimanded state department whistle-blower greg hicks. >> very upset. >> this goes right to the person next to secretary clinton. is that accurate? >> reporter: but the comments about the current chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, u.s. army general martin dempsey marked the first time that the truthfulness of the nation's top uniformed military commander has
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come under such a direct challenge. >> clearly are chairman of the joint chiefs rendition that no one was told to stand down is now one question. askin directly, was in the military has set in motion to help folks in benghazi told to stand down. what does he say? dod employee, member of the army was in tripoli ready and willing to go to benghazi, preparing to go and was told to stand down. >> reporter: a pentagon spokesman told fox news there were not told to stand down. there are simply told not to go to benghazi. there were told to get to the airport to provide security there. house speaker weigh in with a call for president obama to release the mouse that provided fresh evidence of the hearing that the administration will fully pressed a false account of the attacks as a spontaneous protest that got out of hand. >> congress will continue to investigate this issue using all the resources and our disposal.
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>> reporter: state department officials pledged to work with the speaker but depicted wednesday's hearing is mostly old news. >> of these issues were hyped up by some, whether in the media on capitol hill as new information, but we see that we had a thorough and credible investigation. >> reporter: house oversight democrats said the hearing exploded republican claims of standout orders and white house cover-up. they'd agreed on the need for testimony by former joint chiefs chairman admiral mike mullen and former u.n. ambassador thomas pickering, cochairs of the a rb, the blue-ribbon panel that reviewed and gusty to the state to private. >> you probably still need to year from pickering and mullen and others. >> reporter: now eight said senator gramm can call on the chairman to testify, but dempsey's remarks won't change spirit person to subpoena secretary clinton. former vice president.
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lou: who is likely to appear? >> as we have been talking about on this show last night and today, it does not seem to be a bipartisan push to here from ambassador pickering and admiral mullen. beyond that i can tell you that there are about a handful, fewer than five so far that we know about, cia whistle-blowers to have made overtures to lawmakers or to private attorneys to represent them. so it is likely, as you say, that we will hear from those people, the whistle-blower or from the head of the post benghazi review panel before we hear from secretary clinton. lou: thank you very much. fox news, chief osman correspondent. former secretary of state clinton becomes the focus of the benghazi investigators, we find compelling to take a look at their recent testimony in the september 11th the tax and compare that testimony to a promise she made when she was
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running for president some five years ago. >> the fact is we have four dead americans. a protester because of guys out for a walk 190 decided they would go kills americans. what difference at this point does it make? >> it's 3:00 a.m. hoodie one answering the phone? >> i'm hillary clinton. i approve this message. lou: joining is not a monster, radio talk-show host, bill is a prize-winning columnist a michael goodwin, economist for the hell, what williams, three fox these contributors. you are the least -- let me turn to you. your reaction to the secretary of state position and all of this. she has quickly become the focus of the investigation. >> well, i think it has become highly politicized in that regard. i think clearly people looking at her as the possible candidate
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in 2016 and one that would be hard to be for the republicans. trying to pull down a notch. you know, the focus in terms of answering the phone call, that ad is so powerful. she did, in fact, place or take a call from gregory hicks testify yesterday. hicks said she was very reassuring and said that they will do everything that they can to protect them. so she handled that col. the question is, to a larger extent, whether or not come as we have seen from the accountability report, she was tone deaf in terms of the need for added security and benghazi. that is will lead to some of these residence. lou: town that seems like such a benign expression when you're really talking about reducing the level of security in the weeks and months leading to september 11th rather than increasing it, ignoring the fact that the british representatives were thrown out of the country after being attacked. the international red cross had left benghazi. it is -- this is far more than
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being tone deaf. this is a decision reached that resulted in a loss of life. monica, let me ask you, the idea that the former vice-president cheney proper, which is to subpoena her, why not? >> and i think slowly we are moving in that direction. i think what the republicans a doing in the house is very methodical. think they're going about this in a very systematic way. they don't want to give credence to the argument that was just posed that somehow there politicizing s. they had a series of hearings. yesterday's hearings were revelatory and a lot of different ways, is visiting new information. more whistle-blowers will come out. it will be hearings focused on those folks. you also have the speaker of the house coming out and requesting e-mails about those talking points, the changing of the stacks of the attack. it will be organic and alternately i think there will be so many unanswered questions
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that you will, in fact, get a select committee that will have the subpoena power to go right into the white house and right taylor clinton. lou: michael, i would like to turn to you on the issue of immigration. seven and a half hours today. thirty-two amendments put forward. the past 21. only one of them -- the senator described as partisan. but he is pretty clear that they don't want border security. the grassley amendment defeated on the issue of border security, effective control the borders. senator mike please amendment to require fast-track congressional approval when the secretary -- secretary of dss notifies congress. as the senator amended and the list goes on. each of the undefeated. this is such a clear message that it is creating to my would
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think, something of a political problem for the gang of eight here. >> i agree with you. there is another one with senator chuck schumer of new york city if we do this, one of the triggers, you know, for actually starting the legalization progress, if we wait until then to start legalization will never get the legalization. the other way to say that as we are never going to secure the border. i think that is the problem. that has always been the problem with any of these things. lou: of course senator schumer turned the other way and said we will never get the pathway to citizenship. senator crews, who is becoming, if you will, iconic in the republican party, and he is standing as an avatar for integrity and straightforwardness as well. whether you agree with his position are not dummies said this legislation would not have a single border patrol agent. he said, this legislation would not add a single new technology to security -- to securing the border.
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he said that that test remains subjective and in the hands of the administration as to whether or not that borders secure. how do you respond to the senator's concern? >> i would think that marco rubio has been pretty, pretty clear onnthis. he said that there are tears in place. remember, the democrats to not want these triggers. what you are doing here is in danger in a comprehensive bill that the gang of eight has put together. you could blow up. you know, when he first -- lou: are you suggesting that is - bad thing? >> yes. lou: i just want to be clear. >> i thought, here to play games. i come here to tell you what think is going on. i will tell you my personal opinion. for the republican party, for the american people and immigration reform is a good thing. and the american people, and pupils, this is contrary to my position that the people just out today indicates that most americans think not enough as
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been done on border securrty and questions and napolitano, the secretary of common security with regard to our saying that enough has been done. i happen to agree with her, but clearly the american people and not to. lou: and monica, you get the last word on this. we are watching in the house of representatives congressman bob could lock. he is moving forward there with his approach in a judiciary committee of the house to a, if i may, an incremental approach. cautious, judicious, awful approach. some say it is just too much delay. >> whoever is saying that, you have to question their motives because it is not about immigration reform. in the house they're trying to take this and do it the right way. border enforcement first e-rarefy, guest worker amendment that will, in the house.
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try to break down and do it separately in order to get your hands around the bigger problem. lou: thank you and we appreciate it. thank you so much. >> you bet. lou: much more on the president's visit to texas. that is really sort of an extraordinary place to take the obama agenda. and, of course commemoration reform and benghazi throughout the broadcast. president obama and texas, the lone star country. well, two stars anyway. rick perry and ted crews. what the president can learn from both the governor and the center. and, of course, the entire state of texas. in the "chalk talk." the true cost of the law immigration, a heritage foundation report says it is in the trillions of dollars. we will be talking with the co-author of the report, robert rector with us next. ♪ the capital one cash rewards card
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lou: the senate judiciary committee completing its first day marking the gang of eight legislation, dismissing a number of measures that do with border security, another issue the committee failed to focus on is the cost of amnesty. our guest has done the math on precisely that issue and says it amounts to a net fiscal deficit of over $6 trillion. joining us, the author of a bar owner study, robert rector, senior research fellow at the heritage foundation. and it is deja vu all over again, robert. this is -- we look back to 2007, kennedy and mccain and the heritage foundation now with a steady. as i recall what was that number? about two and half trillion dollars. >> right.
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the analysis that i did in 2007 was basically only on the retirement costs. now i am doing both pre retirement and post-retirement. you know what has happened? government is 40% bigger. it is unbelievable. and that is why this bill is going to just cost an absolute fortune. lou: kennedy was rollback. 40 percent bigger and just about six years. it is incredible. there is something else going on this time that is fascinating to me. that is, as you put for the study, cato, the americans for tax reform, i'm talking about strong, vibrant voices of conservatism in the country, cato, grover norquist and americans for tax reform, the
7:21 pm
club for growth, you go through it. the american action forum, dug holes eagan's outfit. they come after you saying you are wrong, dead wrong and could not be more wrong. and he has some numbers. he says that instead of what you are including in your report, he says it would reduce the overall deficit by two and a half trillion dollars. could not be much more of a swing at. >> i spent six months preparing this report. it is about 80 pages long. the appendix that it describes, the methodology of what i did is over 30 pages long. anyone can look in every detail of my analysis. he does not actually have a study your report. he basically has a press release about a study that he might do. he has provided about the paid and a half of them permission. very difficult to assess what he is talking about becauue it is
7:22 pm
so hidden and minimal, but one thing i can say about that is that his study basically concludes that an immigrant with a ph.d. in an iran with a fourth grade education both have an equal, put into effect in terms of reducing the fiscal deficit and government. you know what, that is not only wrong, it is absolutely stupid. the reality is that a highly-skilled immigrant, one of the college's vacation pays about $30,000 more in taxes than they take in benefits. a low educated immigrants with a high-school degree or less does exactly the opposite. it will take up about $30,000 more in benefits than a pain in taxes. the essence of this bill is that it is saying that it is going to take 11 half million illegal immigrants who have, on average, and education and tenth grade, and it is going to give those individuals access to 80 different welfare programs, the
7:23 pm
entire welfare state. obamacare, which will cost about $28 billion per year, each year and social security and medicaid and somehow those individuals are going to pay more in taxes than they take and in benefits. that is absolutely ludicrous, and i have yet to find a common sense, normal american who really believes that a person with a tentative education pays more in taxes than they take in benefits. in reality these individuals are going to get about $4 a benefits for every dollar of taxes that they paid during their lifetime. overall the expenditures on them over the course of their lifetimes will be over $9 trillion. federal, state, and local spending. it will pay about 3 trillion in taxes. every kind of taxes that they pay, but the net cost to the u.s. taxpayer is about $6 trillion. that is about 120,000 for each upper-middle-class family. lou: something has not changed since 2007. i ask you a question, i do get
7:24 pm
an answer. it is good talking with you. i had some other questions, but cavuto tells me he wants to do is on show. appreciated. good to talk with you. >> thanks. lou: the senior fellow at the an important, critical study. we will see if facts matter in this debate. stocks took a breather on wall street. that is a nice way of saying things went down. down a modest 42 and a half. the s&p fell six after setting five records in five consecutive days. the nasdaq is down four points. volume on the big board today moving down. the commodity market, gold and crude oil moving slightly lower. the bond market also weakened. the yield on the chin year rising. up next, president obama trying %-taxes.the obama agenda and a tough sell. in the "chalk talk," we will
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lou: it has been nearly a month as we last heard from the president, nearly a month to the days since he delivered a speech focused entirely on the economy. busy with gun control and
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immigration and foreign policy and lots of golfing, of course. some republicans are now criticizing president obama doing more pivoting to jobs than actually trying to create jobs. we have to concede this point, president obama's shows a great location to talk jobs. in fact, he should be taking notes and listening to governor rick perry. the president loves to use props in his speeches, as you saw.3 take a look at his props this time. the whole state of taxes, the national unemployment rate, the national unemployment rate is seven and a half%, seven and a half%. so he goes to texas where it is under six and a half%. i don't know who is talking to the president, who has this year, but that does not make a lot of sense. shouldn't you be going to the white house and talking to the president? the united states added just
7:30 pm
over 2 million jobs in the past year or just about one-half percent growth. it sounds a little anemic, doesn't it, for 300 million people. taxes in the same time frame added 329,000 of those jobs, 329,000 of those jobs, and that growth -- growth rate is over 3%. just about double the national rate. who should be listening to who? the average weekly wage in the united states right now, $906. go to taxes and make yourself an extra $24. the average weekly wage, 930. it is no wonder.
7:31 pm
the population grew by three-quarters of a percent. nationwide, three-quarters of a percent. and that is from two dozen 11- 11-12. the population in texas, the population growth rate is just about twice the national rate. president obama goes down there to push his agenda of higher taxes to my air regulation, and a much bigger government. he goes down there to tell them how to run an economy? could lord. there is another problem. texas is a right to work state. has right to work labor laws. has no state income tax, and when it comes to education, taxes as the nation's fourth highest high-school graduation rate. 86 percent of texas students graduate. i mean, what is the president
7:32 pm
thinking about? does he listen to anybody? to see just have to talk? texas is the place to learn from .3 texas has so much darn good going for it. it is inconceivable why this president would want to show up there to preach. in fact, folks are making a lot of fun at the president. by the way, a lot of fun with this picture. he found the president's and put this up on his side today. all hat and no cattle. mr. president, that is no compliment in texas. as they say down there, don't mess with texas. a quick programming note. great authors joining us in the days ahead. please be with us. here to talk about the long awaited conclusion to his extraordinary world war ii trilogy, the guns of last light and best-selling author, fox is contributor, kernel ralph peters will join me with his latest novel.
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we recommend their books to you. you not want to miss our talks with them. now saying she wants to die or is she just trying to use reverse psychology and the jury? psychologists join us in the "lou dobbs forum". the jobless recovery, or maybe not. new data showing improvement. moody's chief economist is next. one florida law man has a unique new plan to fight crime. with us next. ♪
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7:37 pm
company, defense distributed posted a blueprint for the plastic firearm on monday. weetalked with and tuesday. defense distributed says it has complied with the government's request, if not ordered. the company tweeting, the website has gone dark at the request of the department of defense trade controls. take it up to the secretary of state. you can catch our interview on fox business this weekend on our website. a florida sheriff's set to launch a unique new violence prevention program. the million dollar program that was approved by the state legislature and to identify citizens who may be a danger to themselves and to others through a hot line for residents. it is a fascinating, innovative program. here to talk about these interventions, prevention intervention program, as it is called, palm beach county florida sheriff. good to have you with us.
7:38 pm
>> my pleasure. lou: i want to, first of all, say that i know the sheriff, we have known each other for some time. we are, in fact, neighbors. that has no part in, frankly, the reason i call. an exciting idea. your state legislature is behind you. tell the folks as succinctly as possible what happens? >> let me just tell you, this is not an indictment of mentally ill people. not everyone that has a mental illness is violent. most are not. it is certainly not designed to limit free speech about people talking about what they want to talk about. what this is is a logical expansion of programs that we already have out there. we have crime-prevention programs are we want people and neighborhoods to call us about suspicious activity so that we can check out. we have to see something say something printer on the insecurity are we as parents call us and say, hey, i think something suspicious. that is how they stopped the car from blowing up in times square,
7:39 pm
because the at park the car and walk away and someone thought it was suspicious. what i am trying to do is start teams, and when i say it team, deputy and to mental health professionals to start a hotline for people to call us and say, i know something that i think, you know, is about to happen. i think you guys need to know about it. how many times have you had after an incident happens people say, you know what, i knew something that was going to happen. ii you know something bad is going to happen, that is what we want to here about, and i will give you an example. a guy that went home after work, shot is from a temecula himself. today's ahead he told his co-workers to my bought a gun. i really don't like the standing with. don't like my job. unlike people, and in this going to take care of things to read it would have been nice if there would have called us and said, you know what to my thinking need to know about this. that team can go there, knock on the door and said we have a problem? what is going on? is not to arrest people. is to get them the help they need because, you know, i know
7:40 pm
it is not a popular thing to say, the people who are doing these violent acts have mental issues. lou: that desperately need help. >> they do, and we want to prevent these things from happening before they get to that point. lou: as you know, some similarity groups are saying that this is -- that you are infringing on writes with this idea. in fact, it will be much more effective to take guns, of every home rather than have an intervention to prevent violence your reaction? >> you know, whether it is a gun, rock, and i've got car, shovel, those are instrumentalities. it is much easier for us to identify people that have the propensity to go do violent things and keep them from getting weapons versus trying to take weapons out of people's hands. let's face it. the gun-control measures are going nowhere. you can see that in washington. you'll be lucky if we fix some of the loopholes that are out there right now. we know that we can identify
7:41 pm
people at a time. another is information out there. lou: you know -- >> the women or held captive. people that saw a naked woman in the backyard and a guy with a mattress forcing her back in the house and did not call. people just turn their backs on these things. information's out there that we need to know that it stop things at time. lou: sheriff brad shaw, we thank you for being with us and wish you a lot of luck. quickly, is your governor going to sign the approval? is he going to stop the funding for the program or is he going to go along with the state legislature? >> i don't know. it is nice that it is a bipartisan effort. the governor is a good man and he wants to do the right thing. he has, you know, to look at the budget and it was right. whatever decision he makes or respect and we will go forward. lou: we thank you. good luck.
7:42 pm
>> thank you very much. lou: moody's chief economist joins us next on improving the job market. and claiming she was the death penalty -- death penalty, but is she doing that reverse psychology think? we get to the experts to talk with two leading psychologists in the "lou dobbs forum" next. what is going on in her head? n do we dare find out? ♪ the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzeeare. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] uchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers andpplause ] ♪ hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪ it's been that way ysince e day you met.. but your erectile dysfunction - itld be a question of blood flow.
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♪ lou: joining us now on the market and economy, chief economist for moody's capital markets. great to have you here. a little bit of a hesitation in the market today. everyone started talking a sell-off. i thought that was hilarious. we are looking at a five and a half year low in jobless claims would sound strong and good. >> that is pretty good. however, we want to be careful how we interpret this. may e telling us at companies
7:46 pm
are simply not laying people off as opposed to hiring new workers . lou: and that would -- you know, and we look at retailing, we're looking at sales, we're looking at a market that is still booming. the dow loses 22 points. the s&p slips. five straight days of record highs. come on. >> and we are doing this despite any in terms of corporate revenue growth. as a buy less than 1% from a year ago when the s&p 500. poor earnings are up by less than 3%. yet we keep setting new record highs. one of? profits are going to new record highs. record high profits was very, very low interest rates. lou: what are you looking for in the days ahead to give you an indication of what will happen in the economy in the market? >> i am very interested in monday's report on april retail sales. the consensus, forecast, retail sales will decline for a second consecutive month.
7:47 pm
this is despite the supposedly good news where getting from the employmenttfront. the takeaway here is, yeah, sure, the number of new jobs created of late have exceeded expectations, but the reality is a lot of these jobs are in lower paying appeal it -- low-paying occupations. the average weekly earnings declined from march through april. lou: really quick, market higher, lower, what? >> it will still go higher, if only because profits will continue to grow, albeit at a slow pace. the most important thing, stocks have no competition from bonds that are yielding less than two percentage and forget about bank deposits yielding 0%. lou: such a purist. he is not satisfied with those earnings roads. lou: animal spirits. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. lou: coming up tomorrow, real-estate day on the fox business network. joined by one of the most powerful and influential men
7:48 pm
real-estate. up next, cleveland kidnapping suspect blaming his victims for his atrocities. two leading psychologists are here to analyze and to give us insight next. ♪ alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capitaone purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet?
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♪ lou: joining us now to psychoanalyze some of the developments of this week, psychotherapist, psychologist. thank you for being here. i think i would like one more surprise. guilty of first-degree murder. she wanted to die because it is the ultimate freedom. is she playing in games are those that represent her honest
7:52 pm
emotion? >> i think it might be a great head game because of the jury hears that there like a mall where not going to give her what she wants. it would go an innkeeper live. i think that is part and parcel of the borderline personality is yes. she cannot stand the frustration of being in jail, therefore rather have the ultimate. >> it's all nothing. she said no jury will ever convict me. the jury did convict you. now she is saying to my one death. to extremes, very black-and-white. lou: capable of sincerity. >> its manipulation. lou: pillar manipulation but it does not render what she really wants to happen. >> i know if she really knows. and the other thing is, even when people are truly suicidal, there is always that ambivalence. no one is ever that sure about death. nobody, even someone who ends up killing themselves. there is always a little threat ambivalence. she is ambivalent.
7:53 pm
>> and she isn't in sight. something like that gives our lives a meeting to deal to say something that is so -- >> and it gives her more camera time. lou: aerial castro, abducted, kidnapped, those young girls, held for a decade, allegedly wrote a suicide note back in 2004 in which they said to my emma sexual predator. any help. are you shocked by such a statement? >> i am shocked that he had that awareness. >> i am shocked because they're looking in appear psychopath. they definitely have very little reality testing. they do not admit who they are. sometimes there is that moment of clarity because we're talking about sexual compulsion. they know at some point what they're doing is horrible. also talked about that he was physically abused, sexually abused by a relative. we see that is part and parcel,
7:54 pm
at times, as to what we see. >> here is what -- lou: i've never seen a situation in which a person who has committed such atrocious crimes allegedly and you may be guilty of even more atrocious crimes amino starts crying out for help by claiming victimhood and the media is responding just as we are here. >> it is interesting. it is interesting. lou: to understand it. >> it is interesting. my guess is when the sexual predator gave into is impulses and compulsion and actually got what he wanted to mike he could have complete power. when that didn't resolve the depression and did not get him to feel better he might never have a moment of clarity and said, well, i am a release a guy. i got everything that i wanted and i don't feel good. lou: these young girls that he objected to a kidnap, and held,
7:55 pm
how difficult is it going to be for them to return to normalcy? >> there will never be a normalcy for them. they will have to recreate their lives and have onion normal pier read it will not be the normal frost. i think -- lou: a healthy and happy life is within their grasp. >> well, yes. >> a healthier life. >> one of the things the victim's like to struggle with this trust, and it makes it harder to get into relationships because of what they have experienced. over a long amount of time it is possible, and there have been victims to have overcome and this is the they have been able to rebuild their lives. >> we are talking about women who were brutally raped over and over again. that whole issue of trust and trying to establish relationships with men. these bills were taken -- these women were taken there were 14,
7:56 pm
16, 19. ten years of torture continues to rate continues a four, and the man who imposed himself emotionally, psychologically on them -- >> and may even have mixed feelings about their captor. >> we talk about the stockholm syndrome because he has the power of life over death. any little sort of kindness that he shows is born out of the water as he kept us alive and therefore we owe it to him. >> we have a spot -- soft spot. lou: we have about 30 seconds. is there any punishment within law that will even approach the enormity of the crime against these that we know of three women. >> probably not, wedding is to be in prison the rest of his life. >> absolutely. you'll never get out. >> hopefully. >> and the problem is we have many more psychopaths who walk amongst us. lou: we don't know they are, and the law doesn't seem able to contend.
7:57 pm
our judicial system does not constrain and. and now's the fact that they are amongst the highest, if not the highest of all recidivists. thank you. good night from new york. we thank you for being with us. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with preum service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio,
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>> just hours after benghazi hearings, mainstream media already smearing, i am charles payne in for neil cavuto, instead of asking more questions about what obama administration did or didn't know. a lot of press seems to defend the obama administration. washington most columnist calling a diplomat critical of administration, a for theioso story teller. this headline to ourselves, g.o.p. successfully screens benghazi until people pay attention to them, these are just a c


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