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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  May 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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probably want to stick around. >> what will they do? melissa: that is probablyya good question. that is all the trendy that we have today. here comes "the willis report." gerri: tonight on "the willis report", cell phone companies tacking on extra fees. it at&t's latest. also, a new report on the cost of obamacare. health-insurance premiums will skyrocket. will yours be one of them? >> we will start by reducing premiums by as much as $2500 per family. >> we answer the age-old consumer question, do you really get what you pay for? we are watching out for you tonight on "the willis report." ♪ doublemocdoublemoc o.
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melissa: we will have all of that and more coming up. our top story tonight is the obama administration doubling down on the failed housing program that is costing you billions of taxpayer dollars. the government announcing that t will continue its housing program, it will continue for another two years because it doesn't want to hurt the housing recovery. but there is evidence of the governments efforts might actually be holding back the recovery. markets are with us from the cato institute. first of all, this program started back in 2009. we we are going to be out two to 4 million people. it barely helped 1 million people. >> we do not know how many of those million would've made it through the program otherwise.
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97% of these have just been reductions of interest rates. 87% of the money has actually been used. melissa: let's underline that point. i don't think a lot of you will understand it. i think that most people think that sent money, it goes to the pockets of people. it was the bank is actually bailed out and we were told we have to change these mortgages, modify them come out lower the interest rate. ultimately that could help consumers.
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melissa: it means that they're going to put money into the system. it is already coming off the bottom, some markets on fire, others are saying that it is a bubble. it seems to me that you're playing with fire here. >> i would agree. the problem for most homeowners in default is not the housing market. we have the prices going up.
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melissa: 3000 people have been built out of this program. why are we spending taxpayer dollars on them? >> it is almost unconscionable to me. the default rates within the program are close to 40%. you know, if you look at the overall to read untangling with the rates, people who are art foreclosure, it's likely that someone in the program, nine months later they have fallen behind again. we are trying to make all the things currently really aren't. part of that is because we don't want the banks recognize these phones are not any good read
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melissa: at&t has quietly imposed administrative fees of 61 cents. are you being nickeled and dimed? it turns out to be big money really quickly. are the phone companies going the way of the airlines, tickling and dining us to that? let's ask kevin. kevin, i have to tell you that this is the kind of thing that really makes me mad. what do you make of it? >> you are right, raising rates and prices without actually make
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it look like it was like that. they do this incrementally on all of their customers that are on contracts right now. or they are locked into this or that. melissa: people on twitter are saying, okay, you are using this as an excuse to get out of your contract and you really can't do that. there is the regulatory cost recovery fee, that is 29 cents, the federal universal service charge, the state universal service charge.@ on and on it goes. this is how the companies make their profits. it is by imposing small seeds. let me tell you that this eventually adds. consumers have had enough of this kind of thing. >> you think of a way. a couple of years ago -- there were a couple of companies who imposed this kind of program
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where you pay $50 per month for all your own services. there were no ees or anything like that. it is not like it took off and skyrocketed. not many other people adopted those kinds of plans. consumers are actually willing to put up withha lot. melissa: well, we should stop. we should stop putting up with that to tell you the truth. my big question was, okay, if you tell me there is a reason that i need to pay the fee. can youugive me something? this is what at&t has told "the willis report" let me tell you, other areas charge these fees, but my sister did it, my mom did
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it. that makes no sense. come on. >> you are right, these are just the regular cost of doing is nice. the thing about it is that you have to realize that the operators have a lot less flexibility.
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melissa: what is interesting is that not too long ago, bryson tried to increase their knees by $2 per month. there was a lot of cries and consumers were up in arms. lo and behold, that the went away. do you think of this tiny little 61 cents fee, less than a a cup of coffee these days, do you think they are doing it that way on purpose to get past this? >> i'm not really sure. they charge you for paying your bill online and there have actually been some operators are trying to charge for other companies calling customer service.
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melissa: thank you for coming on, kevin. now we want to know what you think. who is the worst offender when it comes to nickel and diming us? log onto, but on the right-hand side of the screen. i will share the results at the end of tonight's show. we all have already gotten some great sweep on us. get busy. a lot more still to come. coming up next, a solution for new york's teacher pension
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the one wealthy public school district is admitting students in effort to avoid a pension fix and boost enrollment. located in new york, the school district is marketing itself as an alternative to private schools. superintendent is here. bill, it is great to have your. >> thank you for having me. gerri: tell us about your school district. >> it is a small school district in westchester county on the new york and connecticut border. we feel that it is an excellent district for children.
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we are very proud of it. gerri: you are very proud of it and you are offering the opportunity or people who live outside the district to give you a chunk of change come about $20,000, to attend her school. why are you doing this? >> we are doing it because of the fact that we have the available space. we have a sort of boom that took place in the year 2000 and those students are now moving through and we have a declining enrollment. at the same time, just like every other kind of public district in the state of new york -- and i say probably throughout the country, we have fixed costs that continue to rise. >> we have pension costs. 35.3%, i believe, in one year of an increase. spent in one year. an increase in health insurance, which is a national issue.
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gerri: the list goes on and on. let me tell you a little bit about the tuition. you would be charging between $19,000 and $21,000 for out of district students. but the average tuition would be 30,000 dollars to $40,000. there are people out there that will consider this a bargain. >> we do think it is a bargain. we do think that private schools and parochial schools offer a host of different things. we feel that we are competitive. we are a small and nurturing environment. a high achieving program. and we think that we are a good buy and another choice. gerri: the numbers really blew me away. u.s. world news report says that your school district race 80th in the country and 15th in new
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york. that is one reason that people will be willing to pay for that education. >> that is one aspect. i have always said that the goal of our district is to take children and to turn them into adults, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. we devote time to each one of those components on a k-12 basis gerri: thank you for coming on. i am waiting to see if you get a call from chicago so you can invite them to come take a look at your district. the top stories on fox even economic reports can keep
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the stock market down today. the number of americans filing for unemployment has rose. investors felt that the fed would not be easy to end up on stimulus efforts. housing prices of sales rise. according to freddie mac. rates are at their highest levels in years three of the 30 year fixed rate. there they will make their new smart phone by motorola. it also means the creation of 2000 new jobs. investigators are trying to figure out how genetically engineered wheat made it into a field in oregon. the wheat was tested after was sprayed repeatedly, but it would not die. genetically modified wheat was created by monsanto a decade ago but never approved for use.
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later in the show, health care premiums expected to double across the country. we will have the results of a new report.
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gerri: we will have one in 60 seconds
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gerri: hurricane season starts saturday extending through november 30. the countless individuals and families are already faced the life altering damages in storm
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ravaged towns like moore, oklahoma, staten island, new jersey. how do you prepare your home for the next one? the host of today's homeowners joins us now from pensacola, florida. i have no known you for a long time, and you have faced many of these storms personally. can you tell us about that? >> all my life i have experienced a lot of storms. it is very dramaticc you really have to kind of look at it from a mental endpoint, kind of superiors all for it, a little bit of anxiety or two from time to time. going to get better every single day during the aftermath of the storm. gerri: it is difficult for people to react logically and rationally. you know, that her stay, today,
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three days after a very big storm is critical in protecting yourself and your family, what you do? >> it certainly is and that is one of the first things that you need to do is take a breath of fresh air and just realized that you just have to take it a step at a time. you want to make sure that you're looking attthe big picture and documenting every single bit of the damage. photos, videos, make sure that you are making that list are you keep the list handy because you are going to be adding to that list every day after the storm's. gerri: a lot of people don't realize that the damage continues as everything is out in the open era. there can be follow-ups forms like we are seeing in oklahoma right now. >> a lot of people feel that they have to have the insurance company come by their the house before they do anything. document everything, do
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everything you can to minimize the damage. t.a.r.p. is the perfect place if you have that image to the roof, figure out some way to keep out moisture out of there. but if you see any downed power lines or any kind of damage to your electrical service to your home, leave it alone. it is time for the professional. gerri: there are big dangers in the wake of a storm like that. you can get yourself elected to do if you're not careful. you have to be aware of the issues. you recover from the emotional trauma of the storm. >> people are getting very ambitious, falling off the roof, just over exertion, you just have to take it easy mentally and physically so that you do not add to the damage that you have your home.
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>> there a lot of people who don't feel like they have been treated fairly. those big catastrophic situations, that is when people are most likely to feel like they are being treated unfairly and they are not getting the money due. how should people handle the insurance? >> i tell you that it is great to have a relationship with a reptile contract in your area. i think one of the things that you need to look at a, all you want is to be returned and your property to be returned to what it looked like under the condition that it was in before the storm. that is a fair way of looking at it for the insurance as well as the homeowners are you so you need to look at that. create a list of how your house was beforehand and maybe a couple contractors provide a written estimate to you so that you can compare it with what your insurance is offering you. also it is very important to know your limitations on your policy. a lot of people -- it is one of
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the most boring documents you can read is your insurance policy. he really needs no exactly how far it extends in repairing the damage. gerri: good advice during our hearts go out to everyone in that area. i know that we will have more problems coming this number read well, a town in need of help rebuilding. moore, oklahoma, was a focus of a cheery concert yesterday. the lineup of stars included vince gill, reba mcentire, usher, rascal flats, and brenda lambert who broke down in the middle of her performance. >> the house that built me ♪
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♪ singer margo. ♪ gerri: that is nice. what a great concert. if you would like to help, text rebuild 252-0002 donate $10 or go to united coming up, is a 20,000-dollar grill better than a 2000-dollar bill? we will have the answer. we all know that obamacare will show increases of 50%. the details are coming up next. .
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>> from our fox business studios new york, here again is gerri willis. gerri: here we go again. more obamacare sticker shock. health insurance premiums are being examined in states. as much as 60% under obamacare. peter barnes is in washington with the details. >> the study comes from a health care consulting company. many premium increases of 25% to 40% on average under obamacare, with increases of up to 60% in states like florida and illinois. people in about a half dozen states could see their premiums decline. that is because those states like new jersey, new york, massachusetts, they already mandate better bennfits, which means that consumers are already paying higher premiums in those states right now. younger, healthier people who currently don't have insurance will face the biggest hit.
6:33 pm
obamacare is counting on them to buy into the system to help fund it. >> will the risks, the young and healthy show up, if they face severe premium shops and the gross impact of it is that they will. either they are not subsidized or impervious. and they will say goodbye. gerri: the obama administration came out with some changes. >> the department of health and human services has finalized rules in obamacare that have allowed employers to were warned workers to participate in company wellness programs and penalize some who do not.
6:34 pm
the rules would give workers discounts to be healthier, up to 30% for losing weight. up to 50% for quitting smoking. some critics say that the regulations could be unfair to some workers. for example, those who have diabetes or who are heavy or have genetic reasons. wellness programs must also offer these kind of folks and reasonable alternatives to allow them to qualify for discounts as well to avoid any discrimination. gerri: this whole thing makes me nervous. peter barnes, great reporting. >> thank you. gerri: with one these incoming premium hikes, here's the senior fellow from manhattan institute. we pulled us apart and i want to show the average premiums. we pplled apart the study and it is pretty shocking where these numbers go. arizona, florida, illinois,
6:35 pm
ohio. you are looking at huge increases in premiums. was this expected? >> it was expected by critics of the law. i think it probably wasn't started by supporters of the law. it is called the portal tracts promised a lot of things and one of them would be that we would have improvements and that is just not happening. >> it is like everyyother aspect of the economy. if you force the regulations come you force those who cover this. the government is dictating how these plants have to be designed financially. that cost more money. it is not surprising at all. the cost of insurance is going up. gerri: the premiums you're talking about her premiums for the individual market. so if you are going out after obamacare is implemented, this @% what you are likely to see. from 14 million people, they are expected to do that. >> it will increase over time because less and less of heirs
6:36 pm
are offering coverage or they are dumping coverage. more people are shopping for coverage on their own. the individual market for people is relatively small. it will enlarge over time. it could be 25 million in 25 years. it will make health insurance more expensive and a lot of people will drop out of the system. >> that is the point of obamacare. it is to get those people covered. people who aren't covered now. >> that's right. are you telling me that we were? >> ttat's why you have an individual mandate area is was to force these young people to buy into the system to subsidize these benefit.3 you don't have insurance, but you are covered in every other way. if you get sick, you can buy insurance later. so obamacare creates those, unfortunately. >> we are already starting to see some doctors out there are saying that if you have
6:37 pm
insurance, they only want to take cash. it seems to me that there are a lot of incentives for doctors to opt out of the system. >> doctors are opting out of the system. they are retiring early or they are not taking insurance. there will still be plenty of doctors. what will happen is with eye of doctors is going to go downn as it goes down it takes a lot longer to get an appointment. so we see this in massachusetts. by now takes a month or two to get a doctors appointment. that is going to be a bigger problem. gerri: that is ridiculous. when you are sick, you're sick. okay, that is very disappointing, particularly in massachusetts, which is really the petri dish for what we will be going through soon. you know, with we have been told that we can keep our doctor, our plan will save name. it seems like all that is wrong. >> there will be a lot of disruption. i will say that it is actually a good thing for people to shop for their own insurance because that is a better system than having others pay for it. if you're shopping for yourself, you are more likely to make it.
6:38 pm
there are insurance plans and this is what drives the cost of. gerri: i think that we will see big-time costs. thank you so much. when we come back, how you can use your smartphone to find a parking space and pay the meter. and is bigger better? our next guest will survive the question. a look at some high-priced items from gas grills to perfumes. stay with us
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gerri: some people have all of the money in the world.
6:42 pm
but it doesn't mean that they know how to spend it. tonight we are breaking down the most ridiculously overpriced and underperforming products on the market today with marketwatch columnist, charles. it's always great to have you here, charles. i am outraged. chanel number five, what are you talking about? $4200 for a bottle of her fume. >> it is a very large bottle. you know, it makes the product in many sizes and packages. this is their largest version, it is called the grand extract. the joke about this one is that it's really more for showing than using because you don't want a large bottle of perfume. it weakens over time. so once you open that bottle, it is not going to be as good a year from now. really what i was told is that if a woman has a favorite fragrance, she will go through about an ounce of it in a year. this is several ounces of it,
6:43 pm
not a very good idea. >> you can buy a quarter ounce per hundred $20 and be done with it. it's not like everyone doesn't know chanel number five that's right. some people say it is very old-fashioned, it may not be the best thing to do. but again this is a showpiece. >> you disappointed me by saying that you would buy the grill. how much of that? $20,000 for a grill? >> well, i would buy it if i had the money and money was no object. >> the key to this grill is that they have protected something that no one else has done before. it is a hybrid gas and charcoal grill. it's actually sort of, it sort of puts the two together. you can grill just with gas, you can grill with chuckle. you can use oath in tandem. it is a huge, huge cooking
6:44 pm
surface, more than a thousand square inches. gerri: how many converters connected on his? >> the truth of the matter iss3 that evee the company that makes it, you can do very well with@ just a good old-fashioned weber grill. this makes the cooking a little bit more easy and fun and a lot more expensive than i was going to say that the weber will set you back 30 or $40. >> you are looking at 100 to 500. somewhere in that range. >> must be a girl or. >> yes. gerri: we have more elements here. it is the coffee maker that is $11,000. >> that is a pretty souped-up job there. >> the thing about this is
6:45 pm
beeause the water superhot, about 195 degrees area within a degree you can specify the temperature. >> you need one being for this coffee maker? [laughter] >> it is a brand that makes the coffee maker that sells for under $200. it can get that water of 295 to 205 degrees. >> take your choice. >> absolutely. >> it is amazing to me that some people spend this kind of money on these kinds of products. are you telling people, look, don't do this, do that? >> generally speaking there are items that are much more about the show than the actual use and that is kind of what we get into. there are examples. there is some new technology that it is offering.
6:46 pm
a lot of this includes a lot of gold and platinum that goes into a lot of high-end products. gerri: our viewers are too smart for this. it is great to see you. >> many americans are also saying that it is not just cable that is coming to expensive, many are cutting ties with their internet service providers last year. 1% of household stopping for internet often compared with less than half precent cut in their cable. that can be because according to the american customer satisfaction index, they were the most trust rating industry to work with. they got a better score than last year. this is the second lowest ranked tv service. as a whole, they had the lowest rating as an industry.
6:47 pm
number three, facebook. customers consistently talked about the timeline style profile. and number two, time warner cable. the worst scoring tv service fell three points last year, scoring 60 of 100. and the number one most frustrating company is the long island power authority. a score of 43 out of 100. intense criticism following hurricane sandy and hurricane irene the year before. till to come, my "two cents more" and the most crowded cities. we will take a look at what is being done coming up next.
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gerri: do have a parking problem? well, there isn't app for that. pay parking meter from your smartphone. coming up in two minutes
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see one oh, the elusive parking spot. a new power program and how you can pay using your smartphone. joining me now is the executive editor for what are the cities doing? >> a couple of them are pretty elaborate. pretty ambitious. san francisco in particular,
6:52 pm
they have a program where they are using sensors in parking spaces but on the street and in garages that allow people to determine where the spots are that are open. >> i have to tell you that i am familiar with that. it is impossible to find a place to park in san francisco. i'm sure people welcome that. i understand that cost a lot of money. >> there is a lot of capital going into this to start with. that is actually one of the things that we have to be concerned about. when you question what is the objective. san francisco says a third of the congestion in these areas comes from people looking for parking. that is one of the reasons they are doing a. >> $20 billion? >> it sounds likk it might just be proposed. that would be an outrageous amount of money. especially because that is a pretty small pilot program. it is not entire city. >> these pay by phone applications are pretty cool. they help you find a parking,
6:53 pm
paper the parking on your smartphone. how cool is that? when time is expiring, we pay for additional time. what is the downside here? >> i have to wonder what is in it for the city. aren't parking tickets about revenue? if the system tells you when your parking is expiring, so does law enforcement. there is really nothing to stop that from happening. i just can't believe that the system will just make it easier for people to find parking. >> well, it sounds like there could be another agenda here as well. other than that, is there any downside for consumers who are
6:54 pm
implementing this? we can spend the better part of an afternoon driving around, looking for parking. particularly at night. you come home, getting a parking place is almost impossible. >> you know, it is difficult and i think that there will be a lot of learning to to be done. there might be a lot deal it is we have an electric car. there were 24 places that we could plug in if these investments are being made in random areas this has essentially paid for something, in an area that no one uses. then you have wasted money. we just have to pay attention to that. >> i see your point.
6:55 pm
>> one other point. i was just going to say that sometimes the vehicle parking is not allowed for people who are in the program. so then you have to take parking while you're trying to provide more. gerri: we will be right back. something completely different.
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i met a rtle friend today , you don't get that very often. seemed like it was more than happy to have us in his home. so beautiful. avo: more travel. more options. re personal. whatever you're looking for expedia has more ways to help you find yours.
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gerri: at&t customers are going to have to pay even more next month with the new 61-cent administrative fee. they say they're doing it because everyone else is, so who is the worst offender when it comes to nickel-and-diming? curious was some of your posting on our facebook page four. it has to be self fund companies. they charge for picking up the phone. another popular answer was the government. we also asked the question on 32 percent said airline, 22 percent said sell phone, 10 percent said banks, but a person said cable companies, and
6:59 pm
8 percent said other. finally tonight, you ever feel like you're being nickel-and-dimed? and know a lot of at&t customers do. we reported this earlier in the show. now that 61-cent fee does not seem like much, but multiplied by 100 million customers. it adds up. this new fee could easily cost customers over half a billion dollars per year. at&t is not hurting either. it made 13 million in profit last year, and that's great. here is what really gives me. at&t's explanation is lame. the company told us it was doing it because essentially everyone else was, but it was customary. no kidding. you know, this is how the airlines started. fe for this, i see for that. before you know what, you are paying billions of dollars per year in fees. the business has done so out of hand they have more fees than 80 tickets, so here is my message to at&t, make a buck. make a billion, but don't nickel-and-diming us to death. that is my "2 cents more".
7:00 pm
coming tomorrow, it's fashion friday. excess redesign there is here to show us what is in fashion for summer hats. that's it for tonight on "the willis report."3 @%ank you for joining us. have a great night. ♪ >> and a very good evening, everybody. thank you so much for joining us. i'm lori rothman tonight in for lou dobbs. deals on the administration's attempt to dismiss an distraction the political scandals involving the white house are clearly not working. fox news is joining several other major media organizations in boycotting a series of off-the-record meetings with embattled attorney general eric holder, part of the attorney generals now failed efforts to make peace with the media who are outraged over the department of justice's heavy-handed seizure of journalists stone and e-mail records. meanwhile, a new poll suggests extending majority of americans


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