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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  June 4, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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you know what is true, have you ever stopped drinking coffee? >> i drink coffee all the time. melissa: we will see you tomorrow. "the willis report" is next. plenty of time. gerri: hello, everybody, i am gerri willis. tonight i'm "the willis report." cell phone crime. making your phone worthless to thieves. and the war on cancer, tests raise hope for some of the top doctors did and use food to fight aging. how do you do that? we're on the case tonight on "the willis report" di." let's get started, we begin with two very important consumer stories, both of which affect your wallet. first there is a dangerous virus going around facebook that could
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clear out your bank account, no kidding, and a new way to make sure your android or iphone is useful to thieves and i target to get swiped. editor and chief of and senior electronic writer in consumer reports. i will start with you. it is called zeus, around since 2007, how does it work? >> this is basically a trojan. a piece of malware sometimes in software or links and introduces us very quietly. you don't even know. and then it sleeps and waits. it will look sometimes will even put a little option on the real website, it will look for
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passwords stored through internet explorer. you never see any of this. sends it to a remote server. once it is on your system it can update itself. gerri: it mutates and changes and moved on. tell us about the facebook one. how does that work? on zeus. >> social networks are very popular. before you know it, you are particularly vulnerable because you have a lot of vulnerable information, more than a desktop computer. it has a lot of connections, ol% boy e-mail accounts, people are banking with their phones now. gerri: i bank with my phone, my ipad. if you get a hold of that thing or if zeus is latent for years.
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>> and why would you want to be on facebook? a billion people are on facebook. they'rthey are looking and theya link, meet all the stars of the nfl in los angeles. it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. they click on so in fact they can go there. gerri: so i am on facebook, my friends are on facebook, think i'm getting something from a friend when it is zeus messing with my mind. i hear it will even make new bank pages, webpages on its own to lure you into that. >> it does whatever it can to get you to sort of click or feel comfortable enough to drop your personal information in there. because of those connected to the internet, it can always update itself so it is fresh and new and knows how the real one would look today.
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gerri: facebook is a statement saying zeus is a computer virus that is spread all over the internet, not just facebook. really, that is the way i feel about that. >> e-mail, spam e-mail comes through and websites. if you go to visit a website, you can get it that way. >> you don't have to do anything. this type a url and that is it. gerri: people think you have to open up something, but that is not true anymore, right? >> you can type something and oh, i made a mistake. gerri: let's talk about smart phones. 1.6 million of them stolen every year, and ther there's some sorf solution to this. do you think it is a solution?
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>> it is a poison pill approach. if the phone is stolen, you put them on the database, the blacklist so carriers know never to allow the phone into the network. if a phone was stolen, part of the reason is to resell the phone, if the thieves know it can't be used again, the value as an object is going to go down so they don't steal a phone, that is the idea. in reality it may be very difficult, that strategy may not be as effective. gerri: why not? >> this is an international problem. a national database may not deter them. some are organized in the phone can still be on the plane tonight. on its way to asia. gerri: so if i walk out with my iphones night on the street it could be where? in asia, ii africa?
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>> they are snatching them out of your hand, they are very good, they can override a lot of the security systems and it is gone. the best thing people should do is be aware not let a guest on in the first place and use software three on the iphone or an third-party apps on android, find my phone application. gerri: let me read you apple statement. thank you very much, you're on your own. >> they have been picked on, they are the most popular phones. for that case, why didn't you ask lg or hs others tt do their
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phones? >> they aren't as popular. >> by the way, the hotspots for phone theft is where there are mass transit systems. gerri: because you are out, looking at things. i was on fifth avenue taking a picture of the morning and i thought what am i thinking, some is going to come along and rip it out of my hand. >> i am not looking now. gerri: one more quick question, what should i do to protect myself? >> try not to get it taken away from you, have the app to wipe the information and call your carrier right away. they will disable the cellular link on the phone that has your account information and call the police. you have heard there have been high profile cases where police have been able to find phones literally the same day using find my iphone. give it a shot.
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>> that is pretty much it. phone insurance. there are various things you can do to protect your phone, but really it is mostly up you to keep it close by. don't always assume it is stolen, sometimes he left it on your couch. >> i have done that. >> they all have a find the phone app, it will beep. >> it is good until you are embarrassed. gerri: thank you a bunch, you guys did a great job, appreciate it. now he wants to know what you think, what concerns you most about losing your phone? the hardware or the informatiin? i will show the result at the end of the show. and it is not just smart phone theft you have to worry about. coming up, we are talking vehicle theft, find out which cars are the biggest targets.
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and if fox business alerts with an update on the legal battle between two technology giants apple and samsung. both companies fighting in court for nearly a dozen countries for years accusing each other of ripping off designs and technology. now the federal government has sided with samsung in the latest case, apple banned from selling iphones and ipads that infringe the samsung patent. fear not, only affects phones before thh iphone 4s and older ipads. after hours apple stock down just a fraction. a lot more to come on this show tonight including the secret of shaving years off of your appearance. we can do it. and like going to the grocery store works better than going to a plastic surgeon. and a breakthrough. next, how scientists are using the body's own defenses to fight the deadly disease. stay with us. [ male aouncer ] with free package pickup
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gerri: important new developments in the fight against cancer. drugmakers are announcing early success in clinical trials where drugs are boosting the body's own immune system to fight the deadly disease. joining me now with details, neurological surgeon and clinical fellow at the university medical center. welcome to the show. it is terrific to have you here. i think this is really exciting because you're using the body's own natural defense to fight this horrible disease. >> the american society of cynicaclinical oncology have thr annual meeting in chicago and recently released and published information online in the new york journal of medicine today.
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very exciting news looking at a drug stimulating the immune system helping the immune system to recognize cancer cells and destroy them. gerri: i like that a lot. everybody knows somebody who has had cancer. you say in some cases it is in clinical trials, people can become a part of these clinical trials. >> that is right. looking at skin cancer, looking at the class of drugs in lung cancer. some cancers are shown to have particularly good response like the kidney cancer, we will see more cancer drugs being tested, more cancers used to look at the experimental data. gerri: how does somebody come up with this idea? >> this is not new. even in the 1800s they were looking at the immune response,
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if you had a bacterial infection that can stimulate the response to fight cancer. that was primitive, we have come a long way. the data today was published in the university of california. gerri: go over a couple of these details. merck had a drug they are working with, 52% tumors shrank in the highest dose and then there is squid, there is shrank 80%, there it is right there. now, how long does it take for something like this to go from clinical trials to the market? >> we have to get fda approval. we are not commercially available, but this can happen particularly quickly in drugs like this. they label the drug as a breakthrough therapy last month and what that means is these drugs can be expedited to get to
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patients who need it particularly in advance cancers, so this is very exciting. gerri: a lot of the traditional of side effects, negative sideot effects. we know anything about the side effects of this technology? >> we do know the side effects. any chemotherapy drugs we have are very toxic, poisonous too many cells in the body. these have actually been shown to have much less in terms of side effects. there are some side effects but low grade, like fever, chills, fatigue which received a number of patients but they are not the severe side effects we see with common chemotherapy we are using today. gerri: it always takes a long time for these things to be proven and to actually work, but you seem hopeful. >> i am hopeful. and the patients have very advanced disease, very far along
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skin cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer. if we are seeing a response in these patients with very advanced disease, hopefully the patients with small disease will also see improvements as well. gerri: a pleasure to have you on the show. part of our continued reporting. we will be bringing you what we call a user's guide to health care. i would like you to send me some of your stories. are you waiting to have a medical procedure but are worried of the cost? baffled by all the charges on the medical bills? let me know your experiences. go to and send me an e-mail. stories you are clicking on on fox stocks snapping a winning stre streak. the dow ended the day down 76 points, down much of the 153. worried they may slow down the stimulus measures coming from comments from fed president.
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she said in light of improving economic conditions she supports slowing the pace of purchases as an appropriate next step for monetary policy. the next data point is friday's monthly job report. chrysler refusing to recall more than 2.5 million jeeps. government regulators say grand cherokee and liberties are at risk of a fuel tank fire in a rear end collision. and new york attorney general eric schneiderman is suing hsbc for failing to follow state laws designed to help struggling homeowners. lenders who wants to foreclose must first have a supervised intervention and attend a settlement conference. hsbc failed to do that. those are some of the hot stories right now on fox coming up later in the show, the fireworks from the second irs hearing as we hear from the victims themselves and next, how
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gerri: you don't have to go under the knife to take years off your appearance. how to eat your way to younger you.
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gerri: you can eat your way to a younger you.
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i kid you not. certain health foods reverse the aging process, that is what they say, making you feel and look 10 years younger. so how do you do that? dietitian and author of the miracle carb diet, make calories and fat disappear with fiber. i love anything that involves eating. let's talk about how much money people are spending to look younger. $80 billion every year, this number is growing. >> this is a really emerging part of beauty skin care. the nutraceutical benefits adding vitamins and nutrients into the topical creams. by 2015 this will actually be $150 billion industry. gerri: i'm happy for people to make money but i want to do it in a way that will cost me less and carefully choosing what to eat. >> we will start with a glass of wine after a long day. red wine contains an antioxidant
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that has been shown to have antiaging properties including decreasing inflammation in your artery and vessels keeping blood flowing. gerri: let's talk about blueberry. >> blueberries are the highest antioxidant food leading to premature aging. sunspots and wrinkles. what the darkest berries, blueberries and blackberries are your best bet. gerri: i'm so happy to see dark chocolate, take a look at this. chocolate as a way to look younger. >> dark chocolate contains white the amounts then milk chocolate. gerri: using milk chocolate does not do it. >> this is not a license to go eat thousands of calories of chocolate. 50 calories is all you need. one square of dark chocolate.
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we don't want to sacrifice our but for our faces. keep portion control in check. grilled salmon is a great option for lunch, high in omega-3 fatty acids. keep it simple. and also great to reduce the use. and wheat bread. a recent study found that the peopleewith the highest fiber intake have the greatest chances for longevity. diabetes, certain forms of cancer reduced. we are all four wheat. 25 to 35 grams per day. then need 38 grams. gerri: i want to talk about the things that are bad for you. you can't eat the french fries, you can't eat the milk chocolate, potatoes, sugar, so the salt, what is it about these foods that are so bad for you?
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>> each food is a different and hansen aging process. making you look older before your time. with sugar, it makes your skin go brown. those are the natural sugars found in bread. same thing happens with our skin. it leads to premature wrinkling. that is why sugar is such a no-no. gerri: it really is all about what you eat. thank you for coming on, great job. i have tried ending saturday mail, closing offices, now there's a new plan to save the post office. can it work? we will explain. and tea party groups describing the abuse. and we will get lou dobbs take area did [ male announcer ] in your lifetime,
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♪ >> from our fox business studios in new york, here again is gerri willis. ♪ gerri:, resulting three hearings this week into the internal revenue service targeting of conservative groups. yesterday the new head of the irs, he insisted he would investigate and repair problems at the agency. but on lou dobbs last night republican congressman kevin brady of texas expressed serious doubt that he could get the job donee >> are you kidding me? how can a man even sit there and say they can do a review of the internal revenue service and 30 days? >> you know, the new acting commissioner, you know, his job is to put out the fire fire, not to shed light on the scandal,
6:31 pm
which is really what he ought to be doing, something as to the targeting of concerted turner's and organizations as well as the leaking of time to tap private tax permission. i am afraid he sees his job differently than you an idea. gerri: here tonight. but you talking about? >> we will be talking about much of what we were discussing yesterday. he is a tremendous public servant. the irs hearings today, a second straight day. two-party -- tea party and conservative groups detailing years of abuse by the internal revenue service. tonight will be talking with two leading republican congressman on the white house scandals. house judiciary committee, whose community will decide whether or not attorney general eric holder committed perjury in a house oversight member congressman jason take this exploring the legality of a new report showing
6:32 pm
political appointees are using secret government e-mail account throughout the obama administration. talking with attorneys arthur adelle and les we'll all of that and a great deal more of the top of the hour. gerri: covering the scandals as a full-time job. >> and growing. gerri: it sure is. thank you. and it we have heard from the irs, but today the conservative groups targeted by the irs gave their side of the story in a hearing on capitol hill. rich edson has the details. >> good evening. a handful of conservative organizations detailing their ordeals applying for tax-exempt status with the internal revenue service, in some cases the irs taking two or three years to process the applications. others are still waiting. some just gave up. if you committed democrats questioned the non-profit system. these organizations are supposed to promote social welfare. the majority of their work is political. the virus can reject their applications.
6:33 pm
-ome guys have suggested these groups are two political and are pushing for an overhaul the system. >> we ought to stop this regulation interpretation from 1959 that invites people to raise vast sums of money and keep it secret. to engage in political activity, and some of it not necessarily promoting the social welfare -- welfare of our country. >> it's your kind of statements that have been powered irs agents to make determinations about which organizations qualify for the public good and which did not. >> it gets better from the irs. the treasury inspector general released another report on the irs. this one detailing nearly $50 million spend on 220 conferences, including one in anaheim featuring eric wall and the art of vision. this is a video from his website.
6:34 pm
the report says he charges $17,000 for two sessions and six paintings, including albert einstein to michael jordan, and youtube by no. the paintings reinforced his message of on learning the rules, breaking boundaries, and freeing the thought process to find creative solutions to challenges. he also lists the national security agency as a client. we have asked for comment. we are still waiting for response. but that one anaheim conference cost over $4 million. the inspector general says investigators are uncertain about the price tag. they say it could have cost more back to you. gerri: thank you for that. well, one of the dirty little secrets of our federal government is that the whole irs to local police cleared the civil servants, the people who work for the taxpayers work in a culture that would shock most private-sector employees. it is no meritocracy, no were carting give rewarded over time.
6:35 pm
in this country a federal job is essential, i guarantee, a lifetime of payment and rewards with little consequences for nonperformance or on the performance. consider these results of a poll of more than 680,000 federal workers. only 22 percent of them believe pay raises are linked to performance. only 34 percent think promotions are marriage based. only 29 percent see managers taking steps to do with underperforming workers. that my friends, is from the horse's mouth according to a "usa today" steady federal workers are more likely to die in the job and get fired. the job security rate among federal workers is 99 and a half would you like those of? so when that kind of work environment of the boss says go after right-wing groups, what do you think the workers do? get along and go along. it's a culture. and when we come back, is there finally a viable plan to save
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the post office? what some experts are proposing. find out what to say. one of the biggest bands in history, the beatles. stay with us. ♪ it's a brand new start.
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why would it work? >> well, what we are doing now is not working, as you said. losing 25 million per day. $30 billion over last three years. the postal service is in real trouble because people are moving away from male. first class mail has declined 37% of the last decade. and so we have to have a new model. one thing the postal service does really well is deliver the mail. we need the forces of competition and innovation of the private sector. gerri: all right. well, that is exactly where i was going next commissar for interrupting. your idea is really all about that last mile. so you would leave that for the u.s. ps to do. then the rest of the job would be done by the private sector. how would you get those two groups tortilla the? >> well, the way we do it right now, the postal service delivers
6:41 pm
around 20 percent of fedex packages. they basically just charge fedex of the command is cheaper for them to have postal carriers deliver the fedex package. that would be the model for the entire male system where private carriers -- it works for them to get into the marketplace. they could display the postal service to deliver last mile. gerri: there is a downside. it will eliminate 40 percent of the work force and close have a post offices. is this what is called for? if you're in the private sector and lose a lot of money you don't get bigger, smaller. >> it will be harder on postal workers, but i don't see any solution other than bankruptcy. you are already at the $15 billion federal debt limit and losing billions of dollars per year in first class mail is declining, we really have no other choice but a brand new model. gerri: in particular before you pointed out but everyone comedic
6:42 pm
getting on line these days. let me give you to the heart of one of the postal service's biggest problems, and that is the pensions. the obligations to retirees. what does your plan to fix that? >> well, what some defenders of the post office will argue is that they are on an unfair disadvantage to prepay their pension obligations for health care. that is not what the gao or the government accountability office has found. they actually argue that the postal service has met liabilities in the future without these payments and would actually be quite large. the postal service is going to have to downsize. it is going to have to figure out a way to pay some of those, but it is not sustainable. gerri: it sure isn't. i have to tell you. it is astonishing that congress let this go on and on and on. they're not even scaling back saturday delivery at this point. how will you get congress to go along? let's face it, this is of patronage program at this point.
6:43 pm
congress keeps it in business because it pays them to keep it in business. they get reelected in part because the keep the postal service going. >> and they can't. -- is very difficult to close post offices. is very difficult to close postal processing centers. what will end up forcing the hand of congress is simply went postal service has to go the congress and says, you have to bail us out because we can't pay our workers. we can't pay our contractors. that they will happen, and when that happens you will see pressure for more serious reform like we offered. gerri: it is an interesting plan. we will follow with and see if it gets anywhere. thank you for coming and talking to us about it. >> thank you. gerri: now is time for the stay in business. back in 1942, capitol records in los angeles was launched. the level took off thanks to artists like frank sinatra, the beatles, tina turner, and the beach boys. became the biggest west coast base record company.
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in 2007 virgin and capital merged to form capitol music group in an effort to save an average of $217 million annually . today capper records is still haunted top artists including cold plate, katie perry, and as i've just last month j-lo. it all started when capital records was lost today 74 years ago. dvd is. still to come, "2 cents more." next in with hurricane season year many in the gulf and along the east coast of beginning preparations for their stores. getting ready tech out to consumers. word is attorney general joins us with what her state is doing coming up. ♪
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gerri: the storm season is in full swing. the con artists are coming out. what to do if someone tries to get your next. ♪
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♪ gerri: hurricane season is here already. as you prepare your home, you should also be on the lookout for those trying to profit off you. price dodgers are already taking advantage of storm victims in oklahoma. one kershaw start charging customers $40 for a single case of water. if the soda attorney general joins me now with details. he say it starts even before the storm. what you call prejudging. tell us about that. >> absolutely. you know, i just talked today. a 70% probability that we will have 13-20 named storms and 11 of those will be hurricanes. people are worried. they are selling people window
6:49 pm
for their windows. that is not approved by the building association. in 2011 we have a problem with people selling shutters, hurricane shutters. the frightening thing is folks stay in the home based upon that. we received over $700,000 in restitution in 2011 and to that -- 200 victims. now people need to check anything out before they buy it from anyone telling them it is going to protect them and they can stay in their home and be safe. gerri: i have a new respect for floridians. we have a taste of this. there was a fellow selling generators out of the back of his car for former bucks a pop. if the nafta is something to protect my nose, how you make sure you are being gas?
6:50 pm
>> people need to do it in advance, first of all. you need to stock up on water, batteries. that is always good to have. also people need to know to have prescription medication advance and have a plan for your pet. also, with the gouging you need to call your local law enforcement. it is illegal. price cutting cakes and once a state of emergency is declared. and it has to be something necessary or essential to the storm. water, ice, boards. safeguard your house after the fact. water. hotel rooms even. taking into people. and so call your local law enforcement. it is illegal. and in florida we will be coming after you. gerri: you don't want to mess with her. so technically it's a gross disparity between the cost of something in the usual amount of
6:51 pm
time than what you charge rent after a storm. but that doesn't give you actual numbers. is there ever any dispute, any disagreement over what is actually getting and what is not? >> no. what we look at is the price, for instance, of gas, when gas was selling for prior to and then what it was selling for after. those of the numbers we look at. in the essential commodity directly related to a storm. that is illegal and can not happen. again, people need to be prepared now because these cameras are getting so advanced in another we are looking at a referee can season. gerri: getting in business. that's how that works. just to show our viewers, give them a concrete example of what can happen, green point truck stop, right here in new york city, increasing prices by 88 percent on gas following super storm sandy.
6:52 pm
they're now paying out 185,000 in penalties from 37 months. we went after them. i'm sure you will do the same. thank you for coming on the show. come back soon. we want to hear all about the hurricane season and what you're doing to keep people safe. >> thank you. hopefully he will be taught that every weather. gerri: i hope so. thank you so much. >> thank cuba. gerri: earlier this hour we told you about the increase in smart found that. vehicle thefts are also a big problem, one that 700 cars and trucks stolen in 2011. which ones are the starting? palace is tonight's top five. the 2010 dodge charger. they fit this car for its power and navigation system and special headlights. member for, 2011 chevy impala. at the 745. precious-metals. the 2010 toyota corolla lacks a
6:53 pm
lot of high-tech security measures making it easy to steal and hide. number two in the 2010 toyota camry. the air bags a popular and the number one most stolen car, the toyota camry. nearly 1,000 of these were stolen last year. it turns out thieves love toyotas. for a look at the complete list coach said three will be right back with my "2 cents more" and the answer to our question of the day, what concerns you most about losing your phone? ♪ we went out and askedeople a simple question:
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how old is the olst person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do yomake sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ ♪ gerri: law enforcement along
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with a phone company is working on ways to us in the losses from smart found that. one-and-a-half million happens each and every year. what concerns you the most and use your phone? your posting. definitely the info. i used to know all my close friends and families. now if i don't have my phone i would be lucky to remember my home phone number. steve says, hardware. the phone is always backed up. we also ask this on 23 percent said carter, 77 percent said losing their information. be sure to log on to from my question every weekday. and here are some of your e-mails. why are you so hard on them? unique and creative, and successful business. as i did that. irwin from florida writes, let's you and your show. do i feel richer with the stock market going up? keep you bet i do. i stayed with the markets and have made a boatload of money says the market was about 6,000
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to where the market is now. way to go. and steve says this, thank you for having such an awesome show. i watch you every day. you keep america honest, which is awesome. i wish those in government would watch you guys. thanks. love that. here is the way from georgia, love your direct approach to current events and your story from the shoulder comments. those are all the members of the willis family. i love hearing from you. send me an e-mail to thank you. finally tonight, whatever happens to this? >> i will make our government open and transparent so that anyone can ensure that our business is the people's business. gerri: yeah. not so much, right? just months into his second term we have learned of scandals at the justice department and the irs, among others, once we discussed just moments ago, and now a new report by the ap shows just how far this white house will go to keep things not transparent.
6:59 pm
some of president obama's appointees, including cabinet members like health and human services secretary are using secret government e-mail accounts. just how many is still a mystery, as most agencies have yet to turn over their lists as part of a freedom of the formation act request from the associated press. not only does this imply they have something to hide, but it makes it hard for investigators to issue subpoenas for accounts that no one knows about. seriously, why all the secrets? mr. obama, you promised to treat -- to be plan -- transparent. that is my "2 cents more." coming up this thursday, you will want to watch this, after dealing with the financial crisis, recession, as the recovery, americans have devised all sorts of things outside the box ideas. we will take a look at the unique ways people make money through of the investments on everything from art to crowd. that's it for tonight on "the willis report." thank you for joining a spirit
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of forget to record the show if he cannot catch us live. have a great night. ♪ >> what the government did to our little group in alabama is unamerican. they think they are our masters, and they are mistaken. i am not interested in the scoring a political points. i want to protect and preserve the america that i grew up. the america that people across the oceans and risk their lives to become a part of. lou: that is the key garrison, the alabama with tampa tea party pouring her card out describing what an agency of our federal government did to her and her fellow citizens, talking about the ways in which employees of the internal revenue


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