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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 4, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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have a great night. ♪ >> what the government did to our little group in alabama is unamerican. ey think they are our mters, and they are mistaken. i am not interested in the scoring a political points. i want to protect and preserve the america that i grew up. the america that people across the oceans and risk their lives to become a part of. lou: that is the key garrison, the alabama with tampa tea party pouring her card out describing what a agency of our federal government did to her and her fellow citizens, talng about the ways in which employees of the internal revenue service abused her and her organization.
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good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. we often hear this great country of ours is going to hell in handbasket. today in washington d.c. for more than ample evidence of that four separate hearings on capitol ll focusing on a number of scandals at have engulfed the obama winehouse. formermbassar thomas pickering who led the post benghazi investigation today testified that behind closed doors the house oversight committee. health and hum services secretary before congress today. she defended her decision to pressure groups that she regulates to support a nongovernment group push for obamacare enrollmt. nd our military leaders testifying today in front of the senate arms services committee about military sexual asssults that are reaching epidemic levels. today we are described as a cancer within the force.
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so tonight, here we go. we begin with the irs scandal, the chairman of an organization that promotes traditional marriage today testified that the irs leaked confidential donor information to a competing group and that he has proof that the irs committed a felony, but he has not been able to hold the internal revenue service accountable. >> you have proof that the irs, i individual or group of individuals in the irs committ a felony. you ve proof to this, and nothing has occurred to seek or find justice, is that corre. >> that's correct. federal law requires that we be notified if there is an indictment brought. we have not been. federal law allows us to request information about the status of the investigation, whether it has been productive or unproductive and any action taken. and we were refused any answer
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to that request as well. lou: it democratic congressman jim mcdermott did not appear to be quite himself today when he argued that the two-party and consertive groups are themselves to blame for the internal revenue service abuse of power. the irs is outrageous that those organizations lecher, an accusation that republican paul ryan found absurd. >> each of your groups is highly political. opposing the health care reform to abortion district -- restctions today marriage, you are all interested some of the most controversy a political issues in the country. wi your applications you were asking the american public to pay for the work. >> ltv for my original qution in response to what i just heard. [applause] cents implied that the organizationare responsible for targeting because they chose to apply for tax-exempt status.
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so you're to blame, i guess is the message here. lou: even more revelations of former irs commissioner, fox news reporting that his wife, the senior adviser for a prominen left-wing think tank was involved in organizing and occupy wall street demonsttion through her twitter account back in december of 2011. meanwhile, new government what start report adds more fuel to the irs fire. we told you yesterday, the irs en nrly $50,000,000.225 employee conferences over three years. we have learned that those conferens were even more lavish than they first appeared. just one of those conferences in anaheim california in 2010 cost $4 million. among the expenses, more than $11,000 for a so-called happen is expert. $17,000 for a painter who taught irs employees through art and
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more than $50,000 in video production costs for now infamous star trek parity. that is what we are told, and a video featuring irs workers trng to line dance. new reports tonight that top of normal political appointees have hidden their communications and their actions by using secret e-mail accounts. the associated press reports that top obama officia within ten cabinet level agencies are using the alternate e-mail addresses. this after former epa administrator lee said jackson announced resignation in december after use of an alias e-mail was revealed publicly. the ap report coming just weeks after the department of justice and attorney general eric holder were caught looking into f news chief washington correspondent james rosen
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persally know. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> the administration haseen slipping in reporters nlm boxes and may not want the public to see some government e-mail accounts. the associated press revealing today several top political appointees, including health and human services secretary are using secret government e-mail accounts. >> it is a practice that is very convenient because it is an excuse note a lot of the affirmation of it to congress or to the public. and that is a real problem. >> insisting she only has multiple e-mail accounts for convenience. the public can access all of them. >> there i no secret e-mail account. there is a public e-mail and a private e-mail. they are all ailable. >> explaining she has a publicly known e-mail addresses she is accessible to constituents and then a more private account that fer people know about to
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conduct important business with staff and others. >> twenty-seven, 28,000 e-mails a month come into the public e-mail. of 400 come into the private e-mail. is just a management issue. i cannot possibly answer or screen all of them. i want people to attend the answers. >> spokesman jay carney noted the white house is not subject to the freedom of affirmation. he stressed when it comes to the various controversies confronting the administration, officials are turning over documents to congress from all of the mill accounts. >> are the secrets? in thenswer is no. they are subject to congressional inquiry. >> none republican says that type of transparency did not happen when he investigated then epa administrator lee said jackson whose use of an alias e-mail account was not disclosed to cgress. >> that has not happened historically in places like the epa. rebelled over that for months.
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secondly, unless they disclose all of the accounts that exist, we have to sort of take their rd for it that they know about these accounts and that they're checking them. and that is not good enough, particularly when they clearly lied and hideacts and many other scandals. >> he insisted that compared to other administrations as white house has been transparent, but the standard iseing tested right now in terms of cooperation with congress on all these various controversies. lou: thank you very much. henry. turning to the department of justice scandal, attorney general eric holder's job is apparently se. senior administration officials denied telling fox news there is still full confidence in the attorney general of the highest levels of the white house. despite and new york times report sunday which suggested some in the west wing would prefer a step down. as for holder himself, he reportedly is not too concerned about the backlash fromis
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department's crackdown on media leaks. bloomberg is reporting holder held a meeting with top aides just last week wheree said he was finee and that they all needed to stay focused and g their work done. back to capitol hill, the nation's top military brass coming under fire today from the senate armed services commiee. its members are outraged over the disturbing rise and sexual assaults and arm forces. some senators such as democrat kirsten gilbrand of new york are pushing to have sexual assault cases handled outside the chain of command. >> not all commanders our objectives. not every single command necessarily wants women in the force. not every single command necessarily believes what a sexu assault is or can distinguish between a slap on the and a rape because they have merged all of these crimes together. lou: for more on the hearing we turn now to fox news national security correspondent jeff griffin.
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>> facing in nearly all male panel of military service chiefs and lawyers, the senate armed services committee, including a record high seven women,ent on the attac chastising the military's handling of sexual assault. >> you have lost to the fate of the men and women that rely on you that you will actually bring justice to these cases. they are afraid toeport. they think their careers will be over. they fear retaliation. they fear being blamed. >> ts isn't about sex. this is about assaulted domination and violence. as long as those two did most together you will not be as successful as you need to be at getting after the most insidious part of this which is a predator is in ur ranks. this is a crisis that i believe the military base to step up and confront. >> the frustration stems from a recent pentagon report which
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estimated 26,000 service members expeeienced unwanted sexual contact last year. those affected were not just women. >> just over half of victims of sexual assault and the military are male. 14,000 of those 26,000 victims last year or mail. it seems shocking, i think, for people to hear that. but when we realize that rape and sexual assault are part of that -- about power and control. >> a bipartisan group of senators has proposed legislion to adjust the uniform code of military justice and remove cases of sexua sault from the descendants te of command. >> if you have to go through a nineonth trial and then have your commanding officer overturned a jury verdict and have to salute the perpetrator, the predator repute, something is wrong with the system. >> the president demanded answers last month. today those se chiefs pushed back on a proposal that would take away a commanders' authority to decide which cases go to trial. >> if i believe that we are
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removing commaers and they're centl responsibility and addressing sexual assault was of these crimes within our ranks i would be your strongest proponents. removing commanders, making commanders less responsible and less accountable will not work. >> that issue was the crux of today's debate. both sides agree something has to change. >> just last night a woman came to me and said her daughter wanted to join the military and could i give my unqualified support for doing so. i could nott >> it was another republican senator whose remarks aree scrutiny. >> young folks that are coming into each of your services or anywhere from 17. that is the lel bottom of the hormone level created by nature setting in place the possibility for these typesf things to
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>> fellow republican congressman mike turr issued a press release attacking chambliss saying it is simple. criminals are responsle for sexual assaults, not hormones. perpetuating this line of thinking does nothing to help change the culturef our military. lou: thank you. jennifer griffin, fox news national security correspondent. new developments tonight in the benghazi scandal. former ambassador thomas pickering giving a lengthy closed-door deposition before the house oversight committee on hiinvestigation into last year's terrorist act. republicans argue his review of the fact the nep to benghazi was flawed because pickering and his co-author did not interview high-ranking officials, including then secretary of state hillary clinton. today the ambassador defended his review and committed to an open-hearing on the matter within two weeks. bill clinton first urged his wife to run against an incompetent, incumbent
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president. then he wanted to negotiate for an endorsement. ed plank and author of the best-selli book, the amateur, on the clinton-obama relationship. a constitutional crisis, the obama administration's secret e-mail account. irs abuses of power, and eric holder is seemingly endless capacity to create controversy and scandal. fox legal analyst. next. copd makes it hard to breathe... but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i c help make this a great block party. ♪ [ male announce ] advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory
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♪ lou: a political csis for president obama. a constitutional crisis for our country. we will explore that. leading attorneys arthur i. dollar and lease we'll hear in
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just moments. first, let's take a look at what happened on wall street. stocks recovered. the dow jones industrials breaking a streak of what had been 20 straight consetive tudays higher losing 75 points on the day, 76 points. the s&p down nine. the nasdaq of 20. volume on the big board, three and a half billion shares. i mean, the economy, the trade deficit widening in april. up eight and a half% to up $40 billion. the gold back below $1,300 an ounce. crude-oil down $0.14 to just above $93 per barrel. the bond market, the yield on the 10-year rising to just over 2% our next guest says the secret e-mail accounts used by top obama officials as the potential to of permit a shadow government within the administration led by a president who once vowed to
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eatehe most open and transparent administration ever. joining us now, fox is legal analyst, for prosecutor, fox is legal analyst, criminal defense attorney. let's start w the internal revenue service. to listen to those -- i mean, it was truly rich. >> it really was. in victim after victim who took the stand and said, look what you did to me. i am not blaming anybody but the irs. this is not the country has signed up for, the organization i signed up for, to beoing into people's personal accounts likehat and to be finding get -- funding that have come to see the devastation of theictims' faces was amazing. just as a citizen. it was dastating. >> let's put the lawyer had on. it is clearly wrong, clearly a violatio something in the criminal world called selective prosecuti. so everybody is double parking,
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but they're going to decide, th particular prosecutor will decide tamale the balkans will be prosecuted. you can't do that. there is a motion to be brought before a judge called a selective prosecution motion. lou: selective. it was truly. >> it was. >> that is his point. it started. you cannot target a certain group. what they did is they targeted. >> the targeted. to buy nine a ring to it for me. selective targeting. this was a political arm, the internal revenue service began a political arm of the obama administration. and i is straightforward. it lookso be from top to bottom and from agency to white house. given the level of contacts between shulman. >> flew that egg roll. >> only 156.
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>> there was one egg roll. lou: messages. >> here is what i would use. ybe you will agree on this. what i would do as i would look at this from a prosecutor's standpoint, go to that field office, the irs field office in cincinnati and that would immunize them. i would say, the safe comeere, e talk to us, whether it's cumbersome the prosecution because this could be a federal offense. find out how far up this went. >> as defense attorney and as prosecor, we are dealing with something here that could be vast and could be sinister and it could be far more comprehensive than it first appears. it iss already growi remember, it was to rogue employees. the words of the previous acting irs commissioner. we know that they're lying through eir teeth. that i is a slackness. but here's the situation. we have got an internal revenue
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service whether is reticence and refusal to come forward on the part of a large number of employees. we know that the internal revenue service supported the candidacy of barack obama almost in total. this is a -- i mean,hese are true believers to make up the internal revenue service. that raises this to another level. >> let me make another point. you're exactly right. when you give somebody immunization they cannot take the fifth. they cannot. they must come forward and tell you what they know because the only reason you can take the fifth as we saw last week is that you will incriminate yourself in a criminal or other act. >> with the government is saying, we won't charge you with this crime. you can tell us. >>ou have to tell us. >> the president of the united states orded you to do this. he can't say i'm taking tte fifth. lou: you will come back with the defense. stay with us. we're coming right back. also, we will have some top
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authors on the show this week. the shadowy history of the secret bank that runs the world. his new book is the tower. thursday, highly respected banking analyst joins us. outlining the geography of americs prosperity in her new book, fate of the state. friday we will be talking about the book, an american sniper working on at the time of his tragic death, his collaborator will be joining us to talk about the book american gun. the book is a fascinating account of howuns and our nation's history and destiny influence one another. later, the new york times best-seller the amateur reveals a secreteal between president obama in clinton. is the president having second thoughts again? we will find out wha the latest state is of their negotiations and their deal. stay with us. ♪ you hurt my feelings, todd.
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lou: an interesting proposition talkin about giving ir immunityo the employees the irs. arthur has a job of protecting those folks, i guess and resists that perjury charge wting for them. >> when you are in a position of representing somebody that works in this huge agency, you want to bring them in for a deposition, fine. you want to take the fifth, it will take 15 minutes wild be done. --e'll be done. if they give you a letter, which has to be approved by the attoey general of the united states it goes all the way to
10:28 pm
the top, you can then come in there anddmit to a crime. that is your gl, this is your dream come true for a client if you are a defense attorney. he should kiss the water i walk on or the ground or whatever. lou: there you go. >> i don't know about that. lou: the issue becomes, the house of representatives is not a court, it is not a d.a.'s office, do they have the capacity to be as vigorous and thorough and punishing and relentless as another prosecutor. >> they do not. i don't think those agents in since since are worried about congress ashey are about me
10:29 pm
coming after them. >> we talk about now what appears to be an administration that is conveying, possibility of something far more vast, potentially more sinister than what we've already learned. now, secret e-maal accounts. associated press seek could through freedom of information. -- foi we find out we have always accounts. >> i will take the prosecution. -ou: this is an administration that president of the united states said he would insist if there is a close call it goes to openness. >> there i no excuse for our government. we're paying these people, our government employees with alias e-mail addresses for public internationaltion things that
10:30 pm
shou be recovered under foia,. lou: in a have not had a respse to incde those secret e-mail accounts. >> lads and gentlemen, of the jury, if they said these e-mail, counts were created for purpose hiding it for you, they would be created i a gmail acount or yahoo! account, these are government accnts it said lou d, and lou dobbs gets junk mail. and lou d gets -- >> let's talk about lisa jackson, alias e-mail, richard wins lar? >> it is -- >> let me interject. >> don't, this is the best part of the day. lou: let plea ask a simple question. what is the difference between a government account, separate
10:31 pm
from official account, that is not disclosed to the public, and foia requests for not honored and a gmail account or yahoo! acount or any other account not disclosed. >> much more difficult to find a g mail accounts. >> that is the point. >> if they had those accounts those are more difficult to find. lou: this administration is not turning over the prize marry, second -- primary, secondary or secret. >> that is a horse of i as a different color -- talking a horse of a defense attorney. >> you are muddying the waters, people make a foia quest, they want all of the information they don't want to go through this side and that side, why are they hiding things? lou: what can be done?
10:32 pm
i think most important americans are outraged. that administration or any other would have a separate channel of e-ma outside their official channel, the are not honors foiarequests. from the congress of the united states. >> you are asking two separate questions, whether someone has two e-mails is one thing, and why the foia is not going to be answered is something else. this area -- >> for the intent of the seat. >> this is your job to prove this the >> i will it is obvious. lou: is there the capacity within the congress of the united states and investigative committees primarily house oversight, to pursuit this? it looks like they have been stonewalled and stalemated at
10:33 pm
evy turn by this administration. there is no equivcasion, it is a fact this ca admistration is stonewalling on every issue. putting up a masterfully constructed stonewall. >> i win. >> if i am the president of the united states, and i want to preserve my legacy, i would have an independent prosetor step in. look at it all. >> look at ken star and clinton, it may not be pretty, but at least you walk out with can hands. lou: he stands closer now to that of richard nixon than to fdr that and i think that troubles the president, and his administrati. >> look i would end right. >> i'm less worried about president obama's legacy and more concerned about what is going to right now. >> and the precedent this sets.
10:34 pm
>> irs and benghazi and all of this -- >> i am worried about a government taken over by some people with no regard for the law. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> up next, president obama has a deal with president clinton on hi endorsement for 2016. or does he? the author and the reporter of at deal. new york bestseller,
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lo my next guest has been saying for months on this broadcast that relationship between the obamas and the clintons has never been warm and kose cozy, sources say bl clinton agrd to give that speech at democraticational convention bbcause tre was a
10:38 pm
deal in place, in turn, president obama would endorse hillary in 2016, president has been dodging in and out of that deal since, joining us with detail of this fascinating relationship and deal, author of best selling book. "the amateur," now released to paper back. brand-new details, check out the book, ed klein, great to have you. this deal, as you -- we all watch bill clinton perform at democratic national convention we knew something was going on his enthusiasm had never been so ebullient. >> he thought he nailed down a deal not only to get hillary endorsed by obama in 2016 but also he said he thought he had the right to name the new chairman of the democratic national committee, getting
10:39 pm
control over the democratic party apparatus. that was the deal. it stuck right through the election until obama won. then he started backing off the deal. lou: backing off the deal. and i have to tell you, hard to follow right now, because then as you report, bill clinton gets furious because the president decides all right, i don't need him any more. then the next thing we see are hillary clint and barack obama in a departs secretary of state second termresident, suddenl all lovey-dovey on the camera of 60 minutes. >> that was the payoff that obama had to do when he found out that clinton of the so upset -- clinton was so upset, clinton was app poe.
10:40 pm
>> hillary thought he might be having a heart attack, they got scared. lou: this is not a inconsiderable talent or potential add ver adversary. >> right, i think that obama realized that, 60 minutes was one payoff, the big kiss on televion, then second payoff was obamas invited the clintons to the white house for the very first time to have dinner in the family quarters. >> that is amazing. >> gue who was there? valerie jarrett. they would not have dinner with them alone. lou: as you point out. the president clinton and president obama have nev been close, but president clinton talking about george w. bush
10:41 pm
asked him more for advice than did or hasresident obama. what is the current state of the relationship? what is the state of the deal? what are hillary's plans for 2016. >> the state of the deal, i've done told by the -- been told by the soues that clintons he more or less given up any hope of getting obama's endorsement in 2016. lou: despi the deal. >> the deal has been tossed over the side of the boat. it aears from what i have been told that joe biden has decided to run for president in 2016. d obama saying, well he is my vice president he is the guy who has been loyal to me for all these years, i can't not you know turn -- i can't turn my back on joe, i can't really endorse you hillary. because of this so, this is his excuse to get out of endorsing hillary. lou: the parameters of the deal
10:42 pm
changes quite frequently for the president. i am sure that makes everyone comftable who would have to to dl with him, john boehner would be famously reminded of how effect of a deal is with this preside. this can't be helpful to the president it doesn't seem at least to me to be a deal breaker for hillary, and her aspirations for 201316, is it? >> -- for 2016, is it? >> i don't think it is, you have a president who breaks his word with almost everyoneo whom he gives it i he been following bracbarack obama for years, i ct tell you how many people have told me, i had a deal with i kept up hig ohio side
10:43 pm
there seems to be no evidence that he is actually running the government. it seems the best i can reckon if you look at the justice department, irs, they seem to be political operations out of the west wing rather than governments and these agencies seem to be acting on behalf of the citizens they are supposed to serve but the political prospects of the president. >> that is very true, but i think it is a direct result
10:44 pm
after he won in 2008, which he was never supposed to do because hillary was to get the nomination, after he won again in 2012, at 1.he thought he might lose, he comes in as though he is god the miracle worker and surrounds himself with campaign operatives and they do know hall to run a government. lou: these are disturbing. the paper debt -- the paperback edition of the amateur is online for go on line for the link to the amateur and another scandal with the obama of frustration and we will tell you who the perpetrators and victims are, od good to see you, ed klein.
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lou: the deay tornado that hit the oklahoma city area last week, breaking stunning records, according to national weather service that tornado at one point was 2.6-miles wide. that makes that tornado the widest tornado ever measured on earth. was also upgraded to an ef5 it packed winds up t to 295-mils an hour, two rare ef5 tornados hit the oklahoma city area in under a month, last friday's is blamed for 19 deaths. and the tornado in moore, oklahoma killed 24 people. we were supposed to have bob goodlot join us. you can see, we're looking at house of representatives.
10:49 pm
things got busy this evening. the house right now is taking up a veteran's affair appropriations bill that would crease funding for veteran claim processors in the hope it will help end the massive backlog of some 600,000 cases, that is 600,000 veterans, are in that backlog right now waiting, an average over 270 days to receive their benefits. congressman goodlot is there voting, and will not be able to join us tonight. we want to extend our apologies for them. it may not be just the irs by the way targets conservatives, conservative organizations and groups. there are new allegations that the environmental p protection
10:50 pm
agency charg conservative groups fees to comply with the freedom of information act. requests it largely waives for liberal groups. now under investigation by house oversight committee. what is going on with this administration? well coming up tomorrow, thank author ann coulter, up next, new book, telling inside story of shadowing international bank that runs the world. author of tower of bark asel, [ male announcer ] with free package pickup from the united states postal service a small design firm can ship like a big business. just go online to pay, print
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and have your packages picked up for free. we'll do the rest. ♪
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lou: my next guest's new book, entitled. "tower of basel." it is an accounting of illegal immunities and how they operate outside of law and oversight, joining me now is the author of "tower of basel." with details of this secret nk. great to have you here adaml lebor. >> thank you, lou. lou: this is a fasice that fascinating book with a fas knitting subject. -- fascinating subject. what drew you to if you will, the conspiracies and the darker
10:55 pm
side of what is world financial management? >> it started in late 1990s, i quote a book called "hitler's secret bankers," there is a chapter that i wrote on the bif, i tught it was a very fascinating organization, it is a strange -- tower block by basel organization. lou: who runs bank? >>s bank runs itself. they are 15 governors from the world. federal reserve, bank of england, and france, and italy and bundesbank. lou: have you been a correspondent through your career. do you believe it to be a benign force? or sinister? >> i don't think it isinister in itself.
10:56 pm
what is -- what we want to know, we' more information about what goes on there. this is not a bank that south to ruin the wor or, be me left lant. it is secret, it came from 1930. a different age. a deference to authority, people did what they were told, nowadays it does not really work any more. lou: i wonder about that. i think, perhaps we're becoming more if you will, submissive, and passive, certainly in this country. we do -- we resist authority little. and we accept it. there are those who resist the federal reserve. part of the -- an important part of basel. i commend the book to you, adam lebor. tower of basel on-line now. go to lo get limpss
10:57 pm
well, thank you for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow. good night from new alec, for this mission upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double les i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet?
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neil: what part of get a special prosecutor on thi now, doesn't the white house understand? welcome i am neil cavuto, don't tell me national organization of marriage too? yep, latest group revealed to have caught the irs's eye, the chairman testifying about bureaucratic bullying that went on for months. >> it is not just the irs, this is the beginning of a threat on a sweater that is just unraveling, americans are darn right afraid of what isoing on. neil: minutes away from him, he will not be last. because the irs


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