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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 23, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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october of 81. 18.6%. hey, things could be worse. at's my twocents more. that's all for onit's willis report. have a great thanks for being wi us. one natioprevailed in asserting its interest in th summit in northern iland and it was not the united states. two days of talks at the g 8 in llfast and a on hour discussion between presidents obama and putin on syria turned out to be an 'em brarsment for the president. the call was for assad t st down and a condemn nation of assad after putin inceststed the
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is no chemica regime as the obama white house claims. president obama's foreign policy looks increasingly muddled and confused rticularly and most urgely on the issue of syria. onhe eve of that summit the obama said it would be sending small arms to the rebels some of whom have dangerous ties to al qaeda but in an interview which was taped lt sunday president obama denied his policy on syria had changed at all. with a penchant for the inconsistent, he warned about a deeper involvement in the syrian civil war. >> it i very easy to slip slide youray into deeper and ddeper coitment becau if it's not working immediately, thenhat ends up happening is six month from now people say, wel you
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gave the hea ar tilry and now what we need is x and now what we nned is y. because until assad isefeateted in this view, it's never going to be enough, all right? >> so for now the president seems content to offer aid and that aid by the way is beginning to add up. present obama pledging another $300 million in humanitarian assistance, half of which will be sent to syria and half wll be divided between refugees and nati country. whwhh means the total to more than $800 million, most of the money committed over the past two months and any resolution in syria will have to waituntil peace talks which have been scheduled for ne month in gene are to be held before august. the president still hasn't given a clear defense of the nsa and
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surveillance progrs and for at matter her has congress. my first guest, general exander said -- andrew mccarthy is e author of t best sellers jihad and the grand ver. nice to have you with us. general alexander was forth right it seemed. he made compelling case and even since in at committee with the hearing room the committee wa growing up a little i didn't hear what congressman ship started giving thh general valuable advice i'm sure but it seemed more mature than it's been. >> you have a real adult who was in complete commandf theacts d i think made the most compplling defense of this program. now, i don't think it wilbe
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engh because there's nothing likehe bully pulpit and as effective as gerallexander is, he's not the president. these programs really need the defense of the oval office and specifically president obama. >> the president's defense of his administration, this agency, rose to this level. hehought it was pretty transparent, therism program. what does he need to be effective in the defense of nsa and his own administration? >> anything but transparent but i think terive years with the oh, passty of this administration transparent is the butt of a joke tha will be effective in the discourse. he nee toxpin much like general alexander did whye need these programs and what the structural civil liberties protecons are in them because the run away freight trai here is that people who are opposed to the program and saw the issue
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as a way to relitigate everything they lost when the patriot act was authorized, have stolen the narrative here and basically have people thking that the intelligence community is actively spying on americans. >> i think tod -- if i'm correct in sensing se higher level of maturity on the part of the committee. rhaps it's about to ebb. they of course always have the reinforcing value of the national media given the polics of the maer. but hopefully we'll see more attention id to the chinese cybettks in this country than on ying to take up the time of those who are leading the effort to protect the country and its infrastructure. let me turn to the g 8 summit in bellfast. the president talked away basically slapped aou by putin. it was an abysmal performance
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for the united states. how cld it be anything bu though. you ve ieological progress sifs who think that the way to nduct the reign policy i not toe guided by the compass of our own vital interests but to be part of a community in which we recruit countries that are hostile to the united states, very much included russia and give us a veto and that is largely because we're living in bararack obama's woro and which is the result of it. >> and we will be dng so for some time anin the matter of days we'll be tang up direct talks, the united states will, with the taliban, on a resolution in afghanistan. i mean, this turns our history, our foreign policy for decas
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on its head and leads where? >> it leads to where common sense takes you which is that a war has a winner and a loser and if y don't stay in it to win it, you lose. a lot of what has gone on fm the president'speec abou how he's's basically declaring that the war is over without having to do the hard work to enit in a positive way, they're trying to dress this up into something other than a humiliating defeat for the unitedstates. >> andrew mccarthy, good to have you with u >> thank you. >> what shld edwd swden with treated with? with treated with? our analyst jud andrew
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first rod's on me.
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♪ joining us now fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. judge,dward swden has brought the world down arnold his head by stepping out on this. someeople describe him as a ro, others as a traitor. where are you? >> i have described him as an american hero when i first learned of this and i continue to standbyhat position. if what he said he did, if he is the person who revealed all the government's unconstitttional behavior, he's coronted with the following. an oath toeep secret the inrmation he was given, on oath to uphold the constitution and a clash between the two. so what do you do which is higigher? his oath to keep secret or his
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oath to follow the constitution. the constitution is the supreme law of the land. he has a mor and constitutional obligation to reveal it. >> you used the hypothetical, if. there are a lot ofypotheticals in this. right now i don know specifically what he's chaed. i haven't hea it from him. >> i don't think any -- what he's charged or been charged with? >> whhat he is charging. presents a violation of the constitution or law. it's unear. as you step forward and others have to call him a hero, does it give you some trepidation the timing because we are in a speculative era, the timing of his revelations which wiped aay a two day summit between the president of the united states and the president of china. his presence in hong kong and his charges that thenited states was hacking chinese locatiand facilities, does
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that all give you any s quiet? >> it doesn'trouble me at all. the timing of the revelati was set by the repoers to whomhe spoke. he's been speaking to them for a long time. secondly, i rejecthe idea tat we should dwell on him, his background or his motivation. we should dwell on what the government has done to us in our name. you used an interesting phrase, whether this is legal or constitutional. they're different. >> i used both of them. >> youdid. i'd li to dwell on that for a moment. the congress thinks it can write any law and regulate any behavi and tax any event. in congress's mind whaver says is legal is legal bubecause the constituti restraints them, prohibits a search warrant for 113 million ameran when they are looking for two or three, it's unconstitutional. when the government has done is legal because e patriot act authorizes it but constitutional because the
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congress has attempted to disregard the constution. where you come down when all the facts are known. >> we learn more facts every day. >> we do and i can't imagine why one wouldn't be dis quieted but u're a man of coure and intellect. >> you mean it takes couge to hit here? >> not at all. >> i'd like to come back when we learn morr about it. >> you'veot a deal and we will make it frequently. the white house orloaded with scandals. we'll show you wh the the boys used double miles from their capital one ventu car to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? ello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? , you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use,
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>> there's a while during the president's first term it seed he could do no wrong in the eyes of his supporters, at least the naonal media awell. now the obama whe house scandals are coming at suca furious pace nearly everyone seems to have a problem with at least one of the controversies and scandals. take a look at jst some of these. one, the internal revenue service, if you pay taxes you miiht a little upset with th wther it's because they
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targeted conservati groups or spd millions of dollars on conferences. thliberal national media is over this scandal by theway. the big three networks have gone from having 96 stories about the irs in the first two weeks when the scandal broke to one story this wek. we have a little problem with the way they approach thing as you might guess. if you happen to believe congress has the right indeed the obllgation to know what our government is doing at home and abro abroad, you may be offended by the administration'sine month stone wall on benghaz and roger ai put it ell when he said, ote, i've come to the conclusion that i don't ev ca what theresident of the united stes was doing that night but i wld like to kn what the commander in chief was doing that night. if you believe in the first amendment, the freedom of the
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press, t white house's sweeping record seizure of documents, should cause your blood to boil over along with e associad press intrusion. fourth, if you are one of those crazy constitutionalists and actually believe in the second amendment and your rights, you might be upset to learn vice-president biden is rebooting his push for gun control next week so you can look forward to that. if you believe in the national interest and plain spokenness from the esident's administration, you may be curious as to why this white house won't characterize snowden as an outright traitor. perhs at the hang on to the idea that it's just a coincidence that nsa leaks ce at the same time the president was holding summit with the chine counter part on chinese cyber attacking. you haven't sen a story about it at all in the wake of these leaks.
11:20 pm
six, if you get red up over women's rights and abuse of power, this administration geral will bet you're revoeltd by accusation that the state department covered up accusations into sexual consult and prostution. 7,f you believe the obama's administti's claims that ey would be the most transparent history,t probably ticks you off that political appointees and head of encies have been ing secret e-il accounts to conduct official government business we'll find out more surely. so the president has all these scandals going on and he doesn't en have a nickname like tcky dick nixon or slick willie clinton. this president does it seems need a nickname given all this. we thought it would be interesting to invite you to share ideas as to what th
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nicknameould be. e-mail me at lou at by t way, ju to get you started, our executive producer came up with the frst idea, we've already discounted it. his offering was the bamboozler. pretty good, right. let's hear your ideas. president obamand putin agreeing to disagree on syria. agreeing to disagree on syria. what's next for the co there is pursuit we all share. a better life for your family, a better opportunity for your business, a better legacy to leave the world. weave always believed in this pursuit, striving to bring insight to every investment, and tegrity to every plan. we are morgan stanley. and we're rey to work for you.
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this meeng amounted to what as they declared they had different rspectives and basically agreed to disagree? >>well, that's what they've done in northern ireland. the reality on the grounds different. the grou you hhve a vy aggressive syrian regime as we heard in the introduction as the irans across syria on the other hand an unstoppable al qaeda penetration of the opposition. so the only group with whom we can partner is now being weakened. that's the free syrian army and the secular peoe of the free syria my and we don't have a syria plan. we have a syria step after step but we don't have a comprehensive strategic plan so far. >> general, we're listening to senator mccain, senar graham and a handful of others but primarily from the republican party sayi that we've got to get involved, there has to be a
11:26 pm
no fly zon we have to start armng these rebels. it is a peculiar thing washinon that is erupting for support for another conflict in the middle east. your thoughts? >> i don't think they kw what they're talking about. they're talking about supporting general e dress and ease not the one that we just talked about. dr. paul, a former fox mitary analyst haset on two occasions and they are secular. they are the ones we need to help but we're talking about arming the wrong people. as far as a no fly zone goes, lo the only no fly zones are in the united states over our air basis where we've grounded one third of our tactical air and now they want to crank it up. weren' rdiness-wise prepared to do this. could we do it, sure but it
11:27 pm
would be a great cost to us. it's not going to happen with this administration because they do not have a serious strategy on what to do with syria and what our goals are. that's the very worrisomething. >> it's all about unconceivable that the united states with the very same leadership that has led us to the result in iraq and afghanistan that the american people and even a wouldthink of those straties in command. >>e don't have a stomach for it, the public doesn't have a stomach for it. >> l me be clear. i wasn't talng about having the stomach for it but e good judgments and the intelligence, i'm referring to themerican
11:28 pm
people, to tell failed leaders don't both. >> you have apoint. we are not yet talking to the right ope. if we want to do anything about it, the adminisationaximum goal athis point in time is to bring back some sort balance of power between the opposition general without defining what is the oppositio and thessad regime in the hope to te everybody to geneva where the russians are waiting there not help us andive us a veto. that road not going to be a solution. the other critique coming from inside washington, from some members of congress that we're going to do an all outno fly zone over syria. the general was right when tey said there are commanders of the fsa who are secular. they shoulbe invited to
11:29 pm
washington, not istanbul, but to congress and clarify what syria ww're going to see after assad if at all. >> talking with the chief of staff in the uned states air force some years ago he pointed out to me that we have had our air power engaged, at that time it was some yearsago, but now it's 22 years that we have had our air power engaged and no fly zones, in combat whether it's now in afghanistan. this has been an unprecedented persistent usef air power and an air force that has been taken to i limits. has it not? >> absolutely. in those 22 yea we' rn a lot of thet. we have not modernized the f 22 which would be absolutely required in syria if the russians putn the 300 service missile. you have to be steth if you are
11:30 pm
doing to survive in that. so fundamentally we have 100 f 22s that are capable of operating in t regime. over this time frame we've continued to draw down the number of squadrons tt have. we've put them in the bone yard through sequestration and other budget cuts. lou, you are sp on. we have over the last 22 years, wee not the same air force that we were 22 years ago. >> and we're deploying f16 to jordan. i'm not entirely sure what will be the result of that. we are looking at continued incremental steps toward ratcheting up at astthe potential for conflict. what would be the outcome if we do engage in russia and are we prepared for such a conflict? is thisommander in chief prepared for such a conflict? >> i don't have an answer to
11:31 pm
that. what i can say is there is no stragic plan. there are three conditio for our success in syria. number one to partner wh the right people. we want to see them in washington. number two, we need to tell quarter and the othe arab stops stop funding and three, we need to be prepared for cfrontation with hs bull la and iran. >> general, you get the last word as we watch presidents putin and obama come to no conclusion i their meeting. >> president putin wants to humiliate president obama and if president obama doesn't understand that he's going to be humiliate humiliated. radical e being unded in this particul ventureo the moderates are not getting the funding they need.
11:32 pm
we've expesed ourselves t a coination of challenges that if we doomething we have to go in big time and the amican people have not been explained about why we should go do this and we do not have a strategy that would support that structure to go in and try to resolve this problem. it is not a very good decisio that wee left the american pele perhaps the israelis are going to have toull it themselves. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. the irs scandal targeting conservative groups, delaying applications, playing politics and maybe, maybe committing felonies. jay every parent wants the safest and healthiest procts for their family. that's why i created the honest company. i was just a concerned mom, with crazy dreamam a wish that there was a company that i could rely on,
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>> my next guest is representing 25 conservative organizations
11:36 pm
that are suing the irs claiming their constitutional rights were violated. joining us now is jay sekulow, chief counse for the american center for law and justice. good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> this is a monumental if i may say, monumental legal action to go after the internal renue service. you're going haveacoblou, steven miller, holly paas and other unknown irs officials. how did you determine them? >> the reason we listedhose individuals, we based on the information that we had during the process of examination hen these groups were trying to get tax exempte knew who we were aling with. steve miller said he had no idea, he couldn't remember anybody's names. i had the agent's names, the
11:37 pm
letters from lois lerner. we named the complaint. those who had knowledge of or actual engagement in the unlawful acts of the irs. we have listed ten or more unknowns. until we do the discovery we're not going to know how deep or high up it went. we're going to be amending that complaint in the next week or ten days, adding another 25 ganizations and additial counts in the complaints, some areas that we have's since learned that we're concerned about. it is a monumental undertaking. we filed a complaint that says you unlawfully targeted. normally they would say denied. how are we going to d it because we attached the statements where wedmitted it. >> the responsese from lois lerr
11:38 pm
in particular, not onlyan acknowledgment and admission of guilt but then an apology which compounds i would ink the evidence on your behalf. >> it does. i mean, the fact that she made th admission and we got the insptor general's report where they acknowledge and uncover the targeting. they keep calling it targing but targeti is a violation of the cotituti. you caot target someone base on their ewpoint. i have doneemultiple cases on that. i said this the other day on your broadcast. i think the irs institutionally incapable of lf-correcting. thisfternoon the irs placed on administrative leave t more officials, one in charge of the obama care, affordable care act enforcement. the agencin complete melt down in my view. what needs to happen, i thi
11:39 pm
they should scrap thewhole internal revenue cord but short of that we need justice for our clients that thes unconstitutional acts stop. >> you talked about changes, damages to claims that have to be satisfied here by an agency of theederal government that under our constitution is supposed to be serving the american people, not targeting them. it's clear that the were doing precisely that through their own admission. what damages will you likely succeed or do you want to succeed recoveringfrom the until revenue service for your clients. >> they need their exemptions. a number of these groups before we got involved incurred substantial legal fees trying to mplyith thesequestionnaires that were coming from the irs. ey need reimbursement and we
11:40 pm
have clients that have lost grants. we talked abouttthis before, this particular group that was picked up in this dragnet of the irs. they weren't a tea party group but a conservative organization and they were picked up in this dragnet and ended up losing a grant of $30,000. that there's real damages here and then of course there' the getting the government to stop because despite protests to the contrary, jay carney's statements to the contrary, the reality is on may 26 of 2013 we received another letter from one of our clients with ridiculous questions. the process has not stopped and we need to get the government to correct i itself and without a court order they're not capable of doing. >> jay, thanks for joining us. the ras need to foll the right organization toward some satisfaction or justice against the irs and the federal
11:41 pm
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>> apple, yahoo!oogle and microst all now claim that they knew nothing about the so called prism surveillance program, but our next guest says we've already given up control of data and platforms to the very companies under iscussion. joining us to discuss whether or not we have any control at all over our privacy and security on the web, uce mier. he's a security expert and author of liars and outliars.
11:45 pm
bruce, it's great to have you with us. i think that as secuty expert you probably have the best opportunity to explain to us why yone shod not start laughing outloud when goog d apple and facebook start talking about they deserve more respect from u because they have just a few thousand request is from nsa and other agencies when they are the ones ting our personal and private information d dis sem nating it across the web, aren't they? >> we are aef giving it to them. it's not that they're taking it. the nsa has to do with them taking it. we're giving it tohese companies. in some ways that's the way the web works. they need us to trust them with our data, our friends, our photos, but their real business is betraying that trust to advertisers. that's their business model.
11:46 pm
theyry to hide it sowhat. they're transparent somewhat but they really re on us not noticing. the fact that they had a sideline betraying us the government awell is just one more thing. >> i'm curious about ts because -- by the way, i didn't say at t companies took the information. i said they dis sem nated it various ways across t t web. that is the business model. facebook in particula doesn care what your privacy preferences are. eye going to do what they will. i find that uerly maddening that people are buying that posture almost unquestioned. >> there's a conflict of inrest here. these are the very same types of correlations that you see in prm that facebook and google and others do t better sve
11:47 pm
you ads. the difference is going to b the false positives. if google makes a mistake, they
11:48 pm
i think it's going to be for a while. that is the way the world works. if you pick a company at random data is in the icloud you're trusting them. you're giving them all your data. there's a reason you do i but you hope that there are interests alignwith yours. a lot of these cases, facebook is anexample, google, you're not their cuomer. you're their product they sell to their customers. so the normal customer vender relationship doesn't apply in the same way. it's the fact that we are increasingly the proct,hat our data is the product makes us really into search for these companies prucing data that ey use to sell to advertisers and to the government. >> i think you make as i said a fascinating point. but i think we have to persist in that point and extend it out
11:49 pm
as far as we can. you talk about we make this tradff about our privacy, for convenience of the alignmentf interest. what could be a greater alignment of interest than the nsa and a government that is acting in our interest to protect us from terrorist, or a greater convenience thano still be alive at the end of a day thanks to tis broad surveillance program. there' a certain political, if you will, group in this country identifiable, easily identified that really hates the nsa doing precisely what google and facebook aredoing. but in each instance tir acts are almost analogous in both the alignmen as you say of interest and the convenience, the tradeoff that is not always conscious, not always understood
11:50 pm
by conservatives. >> right. this is what we ne to understand. the question is what's bein done and how effective is it? we are the taxpayers. we are the ones who p f this, who make that tradeoff. so we need tbe told how effective these programs are. there's been a lot of wheezeling. they might have been effected in some things. examples given have turned out to be false. weon'tnow whether these programs do any good. we don't know how much they cost, this a good use of our money? they're very unlikely to be effective. this is why secrecy is bad. we need to know what the vernment is doing, understand what ty're doing. if ty'redoing a good job, great. if they're doing a lousy job we need to fix it. th is what snowden did that was so good. he gave us information about
11:51 pm
what the government is doing in our name with our money. t's find out if it's effective. we have never seen aase that's effective or cost ffecti. >> why aren't people challenng the business models in the aggregate a highly concentrated and powerful group of companies that could as easye called like facebook, microsoft and -- did i mention facebook? let me do it again. these are disturbing inconsisncies and contradictions when we start to look at those. we start to lay bare something else everybody should beware of and that is thepoliticsf those who a most exercised about, say, the nsa and those beginning to get pretty exersed about corporates who are really driving the virtual world in which we fi great experience and value.
11:52 pm
>> there are two reasons. one i mentioned is ttat the harms areess great. being shown a wrong ad because you're misclassifieds different than being investigated because you're misclassified. >> whoa, wait a minute. it's almost ubiquitous privacy is being invaded by the corporates. there is a very narrow, small number who are being investigated by the government. they are not analogous on either size, scale or incident, but we'reing to have to pick this up cause, bruce, as you said, we could talk for -- come on back and let's continue the conversation. i think it's a fascinating perspective you bring to it a we appreciate you sharing your insight. come on back. thank you. >> bruce nyer. up next we're going to be talking about the bran new book, the founding
11:53 pm
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♪ lou: a new >> a new book sheds light on some lesser known conservatives who lped secure freedom during the revolutionary war. joining me now is david lefer, professor at nyu ae polytechnic institute. auor of this book the founding conservatives, now a group of unsung heros saved the american revolution. congratulations on the book. >> thank you. it's an honor to be re. >> we wish you the ery best of this book, be a msive success. i love the subje and your thinking on it. let's start with you pot out the three main arguments. i'd like to go through them quickly. the founding conservatives saved
11:57 pm
the american revolution just as important as you said, but who were these conservatives first and why hasn't much until now been made of them? >> it's the remarkable story and the history of the american revolution is itself a fascinating subject that we go on and on about. they saved the american volution in multiple ways. robert morris single handedly financed the army. without him the army would have grounded to a halt. you have james wilson and governor morris who wrote large parts of the united states constitution. these founding fathers are well known to historians but they have pretty much been totally le out of popular histories. >> i find fascinating you say we shouldn't be looking too much to briton, the united kingdom as the foundation for conservative thought and philosophy but rather, you say that the first
11:58 pm
modern conservative was british statesman edmond burke. >> most histories trace the conservativism back to burke. i discovered that everything burke stood for and said was said a decade and a half earlier the american founding 3 c1 coervatives. it struck me as strangeand fascinating that conservative similar that is all about h herige doesn't know its ownn har tank. >> the thinkers, the intelltuals, thomas jefferson, conservative? >> he was farore radical. one of the most surprising things i disvered in the book is john adams was quiteadical throughout the revolution. he changes s thinking toward the end of it. >> conservativism itself, give
11:59 pm
us your view today of what statement its in. i have to tell you, i can't always recognize a conservative. >> i think these conservatives i write about offer o lessons. the first is that they compromise, they fought tooth and nail for this country, let me emphasize that. they fought tooth and nail for this country. they compromised for the good of the nation. they put patriotism before politics. they were facing a world of changing definite graphics. they were losing voters as free men from the lower classes and the middle classes, the right to vote. these conservatives started losing their vote. they had to offer one thin to get their vote. that was prosperity. they saide will bring free market capitalism to america. it will make the people strong and rich. >> these modern conservatives as we look around us, prosper us, brilliant, engaged?
12:00 am
>> conservatives face a similar tension today, how do you deal with the complaining lector at and stay relevant. >> we're going to see that answered. >> the following is a paid presentation for supersmile, brought to you by guthy-renker. or dentists in this show have been paid to share their opinions. >> a bright and healthy smile can be your biggest bety asset. it's one of the first things people notice about you. but if you're embarrassed by your smile because of your stained, discolored, dull teeth it's hard to feel good about yourself. now you can turn back the cloc on your teh and safely get a naturally whiter, brighter, sexier smile thanks to an astonishing new teeth itening system. it's time to turn your smile into a supersmile. >> my smile a month ago was more like this. my smile now is more like this. >> the supersmile system rk


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