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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 27, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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is hot for a bride walking down the aisle again. that is it for tonight on "the willis report." i'm dennis kneale. thank you for joining us. i will see you bright and early tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. have a great night. ♪ >> good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. and lori rothman in tonight for lou dobbs. a controversial gang of immigration reform bill passing in the senate just moments ago. 68-32 vote, 14 republicans joining the entire democratic caucus to pass the massive 1100 page bill. house speaker confirming the bill will not see the light of day in the house. senate democrats and republican supporters on the last declaring victory moments after. >> tomorrow marks the sixth anniversary of the last defeat of immigration on the floor of the united states senate. today there was a much better ending, a happy ending, a good
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ending because we were given up real opportunity. every generation does not get this. we were given an opportunity to reaffirm america's values. you heard it on the floor of the senate today. lori: well, we will take this up with senator david badger and moments. the republican from louisiana voting no today, and he will tell us why. also tonight, a third straight day of triple digit gains on wall street. is the dow jones industrial average crossing a milestone, 15,000 once again. rising 114 points, the first -- third straight day of double-digit gains canal up for four out of the last five sessions since dropping more than 500 points in a today time from last wednesday and thursday . the s&p up ten points, the s&p also up for out of the last five sessions, rising more than 13% so far this year. the nasdaq picking up 26 points in today's trading action. the tech oriented market rising
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two and a half percent of the last three trading sessions. much more on the resurgent markets coming up in our "moneyline." also, president obama finally discusses the nsa liquor edward snowden. the president sounding like a man who is trying to downplay the significance of the crimee even though he has been charged with espionage. >> i am not going to have one case of a suspect who we're trying to extradite suddenly be elevated to the point where i have to start doing wheeling and dealing in trading on a whole host of other issues. this simple way to get a guy extradited said that he can face the justice system here in the united states. now, i get why it is a
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fascinating story from the press perspective. you know, and i am sure that there will be a made-for-tv movie somewhere down the line. lori: we begin tonight with immigration reform. the next stop for the bill is the house where it faces a chilly reception. >> the house is not going to take up and vote on whenever the senate passes. we're going to do our own bill through regular order and there will be legislation that reflects the role of our majority and the will of the american people. and further in the legislation, including the conference report coming to pass theehouse, it is going to have to be a bill that has the support of the majority of our members. lori: our first guest voted against the senate bill today stating that it is amnesty now and enforcement may be much later. please welcome senator david better from louisiana. welcome.
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>> thank you for the invitation. lori: tell me more about why you decided not to vote in favor? >> well, you really just said it this is an old model that we have tried before that has failed before. immediate amnesty with promises of enforcement. amnesty now, enforcement may be later. and that has never worked before. it has always meant amnesty for sure, but enforcement never materializes. we need enforcement first. that is with the american people want, and we need to not just promise it for the 20th time. we need to enforce it, verify it, touch it, feel it, make sure it is there, and trust but verify as ronald reagan would say. lori: the economic impact fascinates me. proponents of this immigration legislation point out, senator, that it means billions of dollars in social security revenue, but you are quick to point out that it could mean a $10 billion deficit. explain to me more. >> well, i think the best study in this regard is by an expert
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named robert rector of the heritage foundation. he thought, given the folks that will be legalized, it will cost the taxpayers more than new revenues into the treasury. we went through a very deliberate process to come to those conclusions. and the net negative impact is billions of dollars. so i'm very concerned about that side as well. lori: you also point out some of these pet projects are eyebrow raised. south carolina republican center lindsay gramm once more for the meat industry. senator charles schumer pressed for special treatment for irish workers. such arubia looking for help from the cruise ship industry. does this suggest to you that these lawmakers may be more interested in keeping their jobs? >> well, i don't know. i bought your march were supposed to be banned, but maybe he's -- their special interest provisions for themselves, their states, very narrow provisions that clearly came out of this gang of eight, their individual
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states. so there is something going on. lori: so as you know, they fell short of 70 votes committing 68. what is going on? what is this whole debate, discussion, vote, legislation, what is it doing to the republican party? >> well, there is a big split. i was with the majority, but there was a clear split. i think the mistakes that some of my colleagues made, two things. a lot of them let politics dominate their thinking on the issue. we need to focus on the substance of the problem. it is a very real problem, and if we solve it the politics will take care of itself because the huge majority of americans will reward anyone who truly solve the problem. secondly, after focusing on the politics i think some of my colleagues voted yes that the politics completely wrong if they think this is going to help and not hurt republicans. lori: is there any component of this legislation that you are in favor of?
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>> well, yes. there are enforcement pieces that we need to put first in reverse order. we cannot have a huge amnesty first and then not have the enforcement. we need to fundamentally reversed that order. there are particular pieces on the enforcement side that are positive. one piece that we need to read -- he was trying to and could not get it done in this bill. e-verified, workplace enforcement. lori: interesting. obviously the bill now goes to the house. the house speaker saying it likely will see the light of day. this has to be good news. how do you see this all unfolding? >> i think the vote that occurred in the senate and the number is significant. the proponents were not only helping for a vote well into the 70's, there were predicting it a week ago. they did not get close to that. i think that is really
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significant in terms of building momentum for the house. where they ended up i hink builds no real momentum for the house. lori: thank you so much for the discussion. senator david pitcher. >> thanks, laurie. lori: seven nice evening. lori: now back to the president. the first family senegal, the first full day on the 3-country visit to africa. president obama trying to downplay his role in america's failures to bring nsa sleeker edward snowden tt justice. ed henry is with the president in africa and files this report. >> no, i will not be scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker >> ruling out the use of u.s. military assets, president obama was downright dismissive of the chase for edward snowden. >> i have not called the chinese president personally or the russian president, and the reason is because, number one, i should not have to.
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this is something that routinely is done with between law enforcement officials in various countries. >> a sharp turnabout for a president whose team has previously made the case that it was anything but routine. secretary of state warned in a cnn interview the consequences of his actions could be grave. >> people may die as a consequence of what this man did >> today the president took a different tact, downplaying the drama by comparing it to a made-for-tv movie and saying it did not rise to his level to force the chinese government to turn edward snowden over when he was hiding out in hong kong and he should not know personally forced the russians to deliver him from his hideout at the moscow airport. >> we have a lot of business that we do with china and russia i am not going to have one case of a suspect who we are trying to extradite suddenly being elevated to the point where i
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have to start doing wheeling and dealing in trading. >> the change in tone comes after critics from the left have hammered democratic leaders like nancy pelosi when she addressed the liberal convention last weekend saying that edward snowden is not a hero and was quickly drowned out. >> i understand it. >> well critics on the right have charged that the president looks week for not bringgng the chinese and russians along. >> i think we will continue to make sure that we are following the various channels that are well-established and the rules that are well established to try to get this thing done. in the meantime, we have other@ business to do. >> such as a week-long effort to spotlight africa, including a visit ted laurie island and the notorious door of no return where millions of shackled slaves passed through on their way to america. >> a very powerful moment, whenever i can travel. >> mr. obama is also focused on the help of former south african president nelson mandela fear
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remains in grave condition at a hospital. >> if and when he passes from this place, one thing that i think we will all know is that his legacy is one that will linger on throughout the ages. >> tomorrow the president has to south africa for three days, and aides say he would love to meet with mandela again, but, of course, they are deferring to the family. officials at intel's suggesting that his health was deteriorating. today he stabilized. lori: thank you. ed henry, chief white house correspondent. much more on the hunt for edward snowden. murder charges filed against the boston bombers. the lattst details and the ever-growing mountain of evidence is straight ahead. ♪ the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
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♪ lori: welcome back. president obama making puzzling stttements regarding nsa and leaker edward snowden and the efforts to capture him. his thoughts in moments. first, a big day on wall street with stocks posting gains for the third consecutive session with the dow gaining 114 points. the s&p up to an and the nasdaq up 26 points. volume on the big board, over 3 billion shares trading hands. weekly jobless claims fell 9,000 to 346,000. pending home sales rose to s6-year high. the ftc charging former mfglobal ceo jon corzine. former governor of new jersey for allegedly misusing $1 billion in customer funds as the firm collapsed in 2011. mfglobal agreeing to settle all
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charges and pay a $100 million penalty. the big story on gold breaking down. check this out, down $18 to 1211 and $0.60 per ounce, the lowest level in about three years. crude oil gained a dollar 55 per barrel selling above $97. in the bond market the yield on the 10-year falling under turn a half percent. breaking news, a federal grand jury returned a 30-count indictment against boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev, charging 19-year-old with using weapons of mass destruction and killing four people. the indictment alleges he and his brother download instructions on building a homemade bomb from a website. dzhokhar tsarnaev also charged with 15 state-level criminal counts stemming from the slaying of an mit police officer and a carjacking during the getaway attempt that left his older brother dead. he faces a possible death sentence if convicted and is scheduled to be arraigned july july 10th.
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president obama is saying that -e won't do any wheeling and dealing to bring nsa leaker edward snowden back to the u.s. the guardian publishing secret documents showing the administration allowed the nsa said sweep up records. joining me now amassing initial security correspondent eli lake. welcome. great to meet you. >> thank you for having me on. lori: when the president says something like i am not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29 year-old hacker, he is downplaying this. do you think that he is trying to lessen the importance of this? >> well, assuming thaa there would be some negotiation with the russians to try to get him unlikely to lead to anything, it's as much negotiation tactic to publicly say am not going to make this a huge priority because by a your negotiating partner across the table saying you can't squeeze as for other concessions, missile defense or
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a policy or any other thing. so i think that there is a sense that, you know, this could turn into a situation where the fate of edward snowden will be determined by the larger geopolitical issues with moscow and i think that obama is simply saying he does not want to go down that road. at the same time, it looks like he is not singing from the same socked to buy the same songbook as the rest of his administration who is telling us how brave and horrible this is. a week ago people were calling him a traitor. the president is calling him a hacker. they're is a huge difference. and never thought we had enough information to call in a traddr. but that was -- you know, there is a definite change of town. lori: two things working here. the geopolitical outcome and our relationship with so many of our colleagues or international peers, and it is kind of
7:19 pm
concerning the way that china has reacted to requests for extradition. you mentioned the situation with russia, the situation with ecuador saying it is raising favorable trade rights. it is also offering the u.s. 23 million in aid for education about human rights. let's start with this whole -- referendum and what it says about the way the rest of the world views the united states right now? >> right now does not seem like the united states is feared, and smaller companies like ecuador appear to, you know, basically be taunting the united states. it reminds me in some ways -- it is not unique to obama. after hurricane katrina hugo chavez offered all this aid to the people of new orleans. this is what petty despot's will tend to do at times to try to make themselves look more important among their own populations. you know, and ecuador there was a terrific story which ironically show the ecuadorian government purchasing israeli equipment to monitor cell phone
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traffic inside their country. so everyone does it. the u.s. to stop caught. lori: the underlying question is in regard to the danger of all of this information. the national security leaks. plan greenwald told you, and i'm curious. i want to know why. is it because he is not part of the story? >> he is definitely part of the story. i will look a gift horse in the mouth. that story did pretty well. thank you for the interview. lori: good point. all right. basically he tells you that edward snowden shared encoded copies of all of these documents he took with people all over the world and if something should happen to him he is going to make sure the information is released. that is a significant danger. and the president is downplaying the risks. i mean, that is concerning. >> we don't know the full extent of what kate edward snowden has and we don't know.
7:21 pm
i mean, the assumption is command to talk about this. talk a little bit about this with me. there are technical blueprints for how the nsa actually gets the data out of the fiber-optic cables and, you know, the locations of their stations and the real technical know-how that helps the nsa set up what they call platforms to vacuum up a lot of this kind of data and so forth. so, you know, we know what he did. he fabricated encryption keys within the nsa that allowed him access to servers that he himself as a systems administrator in ally was not supposed access. lori: do we know what more he might have? >> we don't know. they said that today. the fbi is investigating all kinds of possibilities at this point. so that is part of it, which is
7:22 pm
the unknown level of what he was able to get, and then the fact that they are all over the internet and that other people have these files they just have to give a password and then it will be all over the place. the situation, but instead of a sensitive diplomatic cables that are marked secret, these are the most classified secrets in the u.s. government. it is a signal intelligence. and if edward snowden also got the other side of the nsa mission which is information assurance and doing information security for the u.s. intelligence community in the u.s. military, well, that is the super nightmare scenario. there is no evidence that he has that, but that would potentially mean that he would have things like the nuclear codes. lori: we have to run, but i'm curious, do you think the administration should be doing more to get this guy back? >> i'm not entirely sure what more the administration -- i don't know what more they could do. it's unlikely that they could order a special operations rate
7:23 pm
in moscow. lori: a fair point. thank you so much. >> thank you. lori: coming up, more explosive testimony from the prosecution's star witness. determiiing whether zimmerman is guilty of murdering martin. the highlights tea ♪ that way since e day you met. but your erectile dysfunction - itld be a qution blood flow. cialis tadalafil for ily use helps yobe rey anytime the nt's righght. you cabe re confident in youility to be ready. and the same cialiss the only daily ed tablet approv to treat ed and symptoms of bph like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical condions and medications, tell your doctor about and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not takcialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause nsafe drop in bld pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immedte medical hel for an erection sting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
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lori: more contentious testimony in day 4 of the george zimmerman murder trial, rachel jeantel took the stand for a second day answering questions about the last phone call she had with trayvon martin. in moments before his fatal fight with zimmerman. at one point defense attorney west suggested it of martin not zimmerman who made the encounter a racial incidence. >> describing the person is what you think it of racial. >> yes, because he described him as a creepy ass cracker. >> yes. >> it was racial because trayvon martin put race in this. >> no. >> you don't think that is a racial comment in. comment? >> no. >> you don't. that creepy ass cracker is a racial comment?
7:27 pm
>> no. >> west questioned jeantel's statement she heard what sounded like someone hit the other end of her call with martin. >> you don't know that trayvon got hit. >> he could have. >> you don't know that trayvon at that moment took his first and drive it to george zimmerman's face, do you. >> no, sir. lori: that exchanne coming a day after jeantel admitted to lying about her age, and. about why she skipped martin's funeral, zimmerman is pleading got facilitiy in second degree murder, claiming self-defense. >> senate moted to confirm mary annathony fox as transportation secretary.
7:28 pm
>> we're 4 days away from student loan interest rates hub eling fosdoubling efficient 7 mn students. on july 1, interest rates will double to 6.8%, right now there are two plans to prevent the increase, one that would tie rates to pres to treasury notese will likely try to pass a retro active fix when they come back prorecess later in july. >> nancy pelosi leaving many scratching their heads when she said this about obamacare, the implementation of this is fabulous, she may want tt check with the administration fellow democrats on that, this week, they had been charged with employments the healthcare law he would he would be surprised if it starts perfectly.
7:29 pm
>> senator max baucus said he would be concerned if it was quote a train wreck. >> president obama's war on coal not only fossil fuel under attack. >> he gives us his plan to capitalize on america's natural resources, next.
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lori: acting head of internal revenue service on capitol hill today to answer questions about his findings -- the hearing before house, ways and means committee took a turn. democrats claim progressive groups were also unfairly targeted. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emenial with our report. >> the acting irs commissioner
7:33 pm
daniel was on capitol hill to give a 30 day progress report on agency he was scooped by jay russell george, in a letter to top democrat on ways and means george acknowledged word progressives was on a list of temps used by irs screener, but said there is no ferd they were evidence those groups were mistreated. ways and means chairman, pounced on that information. >> so far the evidence shows conservatives being systematically targeted by the irs, not just flagged but actually targeted. >> reporter: ranking members sounded aggravated that inspector general had not revealed this sooner. >> our hope our colleagues on the republican side of the aisle will now join us in condemning the use of the term rogressives on the screening list. to be forth coming with this.
7:34 pm
>> reporter: from his own report, looking to what went wrong at irs, said he has noun fofound nowvillains. >> reporter: a number of republicans ask to wherer werfer was in a rush. republican peter ross ripped werfer's report. >> to extent that there is an notion and a concern that there is over redaction, that is something that we need -- >> this is junk. >> this is junk, this has no meaning. >> reporter: after the hearing aways and means sent a letter to democrat, urging him to have inspector general to come back before the committee, and answer questions under oath. they want to know why he did not
7:35 pm
mention on the boldo. lori: okay thank you mike. >> well following president obama's far reaching plan to fight clam climate change, our next guest is expanding offshore production. president obama reimposed an offshore drilling moratorium, and a lease plan that keeps 25 percent of our offshore areas off limits to energy production, new bill details plans to expand drilling off of the coast of california, eastern states and gulf of mexico, creating more than a million new american jobs, lowering will oil prices. welcome to you congressman, i love to talk environment, and irs.
7:36 pm
we'll start with the bill you are sponsoring for offshore drilling off of the coastlines here, white house vote tomorrow, what do you think the outcome will be? >> i believe it will pass, i believe it will pass on a bipartisan basis, we had several bills dealing with this issue in the last congress it past the bipartisan support, sip this will took it does, is it recognizes that we have tremendous resources under federal control, whether you talk offshore or federal land, for us not to utilize those resources with a economy that is growing very slowly, if we can become more energy inspect over -- independent overtime, creating american jobs, and being more secure because we have energy being created within our area, i think that is a winner all the way along. lori: that is the goal, but environmental concerns seem to carry a lot of weight.
7:37 pm
>> also in this bill, by the way, we put in -- we codify the reorganization of the triple m that was in place during the bp spill. i think that is important, with that come morse scrutiny. comes more tribut scrutiny. i reject the notion that this is not environmentally friendly at all. if i heard it once, i heard it a number of times from those rrgulated. tell us what the regulations are, we'll comply with them, we do is we codify the recommendations from bp still commission as to codifying the agent as oversees offshore drilling. lori: this week president's speech on climate and emissions control raised a lot of eyebrows, a lot see it as a war on coal, and coal is a huge economic driver in the nation, and our number one source of
7:38 pm
electricity. what is your take on that? what do you think the outcome should be with regard to coal? >> well, we have such an abundance of cold is is foolish of us not to out light that resource. i am in -- of coal in this country it is foolish for us not to utilize that resource. the president is trying to pick winners and losers, there is no question, he is conducting a war -- coal, specific to me. lori: coal ex perts set a monthly record in march, almost as if it is okay to export mostly to asian countries, let them deal with the pollution but not good enough coal produced energy for us in the u.s., that is curious isn't it. >> that is one of the ironies our technology here we burn coal
7:39 pm
much more cleanly than they did overseas for him to suggestion we not have coal plans here just ship it someplace elsewhere it is not utilized as environmentally well as he, but keep in mind, he is trying to pick winners and losers, solyndra comes to bins to -- min losers. lori: latest on irs. the ways and means testimony with congressman saying that is rubbish. house oversight committee, when you are a member of, meets tomorrow morning 9:00 a.m., lois lerner, you will decide whether or not you will ask her back for testimony. what would you like the outcome onnthis to be? >> essentially, when she testified may 22, she made a statement, then asserted her fifth amendment right, which is contrary to what the fifth amendment is, she made a
7:40 pm
statement before she asserted her rights she then waived her fifth amendment rights, we'll have a solution, i suspect to the pass, that will give us a lot of options we could call her back, the may 22 meeting was recessed. not adjourned. there are a lot of options, but this is the first step to say that she waived by her statement issue her fifth amendment right, we will put that in a resolution and then go. >> there. lori: we'll watch that, and outcome of vote, and your bill. thank you so much congressman dock hastings. >> my pleasure. thank you,. lori: 3 straight days of triple digit gains on wall street, senses do you back over 15,000. -- dow back over 15,000. kate stockton with what is driving these markets next.
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7:43 pm
lori: a troubling new report by moody's finds 10 states, there are big as their annual revenue,
7:44 pm
illinois highest pension liability to the country, debt equal to 241% of its revenues. connecticut had second highest, followed by kentucky, new jersey, then hawaii. wall street moving higher for a third day. pending home sales jumping jobless claims falling, joining he katy stockton. great to see you. >> you too. lori: we have three days in a row of gains, longest winning streak in about two months, everyone was concerned about a correct or fed calling for tapering bernanke in particular, right, at some point this year, but it seems that is a memory, what do you think? >> everyone was concerned about a correction but they were waiting for a correct, it seemed, what i think we have underway is an -- s&p 500 of down about 7.5 per from the
7:45 pm
high, that was constructive in my work, i look at charts, if you look at 20 year chart of s&p 500, it is very much in a long-term up trend. we have to keep in mind that correct, as long as it is positive long-term momentum behind the market that correction is counter tre trende theee are buyers waiting on the sideline looking for good news, and a correction to get back in the market. lori: you say good news, levels, numbers, a graph of s&p 500, over 1600, when are support and resistance levels to keep track of? lou point and high point? where are we right now, you said market is pretty properly valued, if i understood you correctly. >> for support for s&p 500, i'm watching about 1550 o 1575. and that level is important.
7:46 pm
but first and foremost reasons that is former resistance at 2000, an and 2007 highs it is important to preserve break out above these highs. so as long as we hole the 1550 support level, i think that up trend is in tact that preserves our long-term target which is about 1780, which i think is realistic for 2014. which still has that positive long-term momentum we've seen no impact during correction, to long-term momentum just short and some cases intermediate. lori: moving away from equities, the big 74 was break down in price -- big story today was break down in price of gold, did that catch your attention? where are we with precious met metal.
7:47 pm
with federal reserve and commentary of late there is no inflation, in the economy, u.s. economy, nobody sees any reason to own gold? >> gold is a long-term down trend, a short-term down trend has accelerated, 1200 is a level of importance to me and my work, it has support around 1160, to might be a floor for gold. but it is not something that i would want to add exposure to. it does not have any buy signals, we have to say momentum prove. right now it is very much down, gold is most oversold it has been since 2001, i do think that the worst meeting over, and with theory newed attention on -- renewed attention it on, it gives climate tick selling that is what could be happening in priceeof gold right now. lori: analysts thank you. katy stockton. >> okay. just ahead, barney frank gets
7:48 pm
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lori: for a summer day, it sure is biz for news, let's get annal analysis, we're joined by the a time, monica crowley. richard sock reities. and curti kurt. >> as house speaker said, dead on arrival in house of representative, monica you to, how do you see path to immigration if at all unfolding from here? >> i think whatever has emerged from senate will meet an
7:52 pm
uncertain future in the house, house is also working on a separate bill, what you may see is house passing some version of this. house similar to senate version, i have no idea but passing out some sort of version of imic greg reform -- immigration reform bill, then going to conference, remember in 2006, when they tried to go down this road, democratic senate passed a immigration bill not unlike this one. so close, similar to this to die a gruesome death in house of representatives, not go any where, recent history on the side of this dying a date, but political incentives on both sides they are warped, but they are to get something done. lori: let me get richard to weigh in, senator vitter, voted
7:53 pm
again it saying amnesty now, maybe border enforcement later. >> there were a lot of republican votes in the -- lori: not like "gaag of 8" was looking for. >> theyyfell two short, but a lot of republican votes, mean stream senators and republican party voted for this bill in senate, so, i think you know if republicans want, an immigration bill, if they think it will help them, with moderates and independence, we should be able to construct an immigration bailout of the house, and senate that works for the american people. this is far from a radical proposal, 13 years to become a u.s. citizen, it is not a radical bill. if the republicans -- if the republicans in house, and tea party caulk us in house want to stand in the way of immigration reform, they can do it but they will pay a heavy price i think at ballot box midterms, if they
7:54 pm
try to elect a republican president again. lori: senator rubio raising eyebrows, garnering concerns, critics say he might have flipped on the issue by being more moderate, and congressman paul ryan as well. what do you think? >> all i isn't that hillary clinton is all right got her mariachi bands behind her, could be first democratic candidate who wins texas. >> she has george sorro sor sorobacking her. >> this is what clintons are about. the worst economic minesters in existence.
7:55 pm
this is bill, and hillary, look. where is the source of this money, which currency did soros still from to back hillary clinton earn her way to white house, is it pounds, sterling pounds. >> i don't think that any reasonable person thinks that senior soros is a criminal or anything other than a successful businessman, he has very progressive views, and he puts his money behind promoting his views, but, you know certainly he is you know, a outstanding member of the be community, who like any american, or any individual is entitled to use his money to support the political beliefs he believes in. people do this -- listen i mean, the accusation you made today. >> he destroys currencies, he went to u.k., they are our allie. >> last time i checked sterling
7:56 pm
pound was not destroyed. lori: guy zeese to talk about barney frank backing legalling a of heroin, saying he has never been tempted to try it, we were kind -- said no surprise he is trying to legalize gambling but that kind of made sense because of revenues but herrin, even marijuana you understand that. >> have you heroin? >> you have to electric at what he said in context. -- you have to look at what he said in the context, he is written a book, whicc has some of his policy ideas, i think that this is you know he is a progressive thinker, there is a debate whether whether we should put money behind drug treatment, as opposed to drug prevent. %-legalling a in terms of state, heroin is a bridge too far. lori: i agree we got to run, our
7:57 pm
show is going to end it has been great. thank you so much, you are great tonight. >> check out markets now hosted every day at 1:00 p.m., have a good night.
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>> irs targets tea partiers, news all that bad for conservative groups, they could get a consolation prize, a check for $1,000. welcome i am charles payne in for neil cavuto, irs is with a new plan to deal with growing scandal, a watch dog and an agency calling for irs to get targeted groups $ 1,000. that is right they call it, an apology payment. tapetea party's say it is a ins. >> you know, that is what they don'


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