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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  June 30, 2013 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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john stewart. >> you like it. >> no. cash flow is down and debt is going up. >> that's it for forbes on fox. keep it right here with eric boling and cashin' in. >> uncle sam calling on major g football and nba to tout obama care. without them, medical costs will sore. still more prove we need to let the clock run out on obama care before we take it. >> what you see is what you get. i am not an actress. >> paula don't endorsement deal gets fried but not eryone is opping her like a hot potato. and her bock sales aresizzling. could it helpher rise again? cashin' in starts cooking right
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now. hi, everybody. i am eric boling and welcome to cashin' in. wayne, and john and juan joining and keisha. welcome, everybody. the government confirmi it is using nfl and other sports to promote health care and the playbook is to get healthy young americans and it will save the cost of sicker people. but the price may not be right for the young people. hnathon, young people said i don't want to do this. i rather pay the fine for not having health care than support the sick people andsing health care. >> they are going to advertise for that eric. when a private compa advertises a voluntary good it is promotion. but government does it that violates rights that is propaganda and obama's goal is
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socializededicinee and shing everyone, young people toe on thgovernment plan. they are pulling out all of the stops. one percent of your inme or the ads. a pole to authority. i don't like obama ca and lebron thinks it is col, i should reconsider. weak. >> wayne, celebrities like yourself to tout obama care. if it needs that much promotion couldn't be good. >> it is impossible. the id of coercing people to subsiddize unhealthy people is outrageous. you are penaling someone with a healthy lie. and they subsiddize someone with an unhealthy life is nuts. the supreme court that barely passed the thing. and they had to identify it as a tax. d that is what it is. it is a tax on the people and in
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addition toay all of this money in dvertising, where does it come off that taxpayer money and your money and my money has to go to advertise a government program. this is not private industry. they are not doing it for a profit. they want to sell something that is a proactive and irerational and illegal really method of the government coercing people to follow. >> wayne, very good, wayne. juan, we are burying the league. stay out of the my football sunday and last thing i want is an adfor obama care in half-time of a giant's game. >> i don't know why it bothers you. you have commercials for everything else coming out of the football game. this is for the good of the people and help all americans especially with e health care costs are so punitive and driving so many peop, especially those who suffer from
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catastrophic medical evens. if you are concerned about the nation's finance and budget deficit and making sure middle-class people can stay on the path of profit and make money in this country, you want to deal with ahealth care crisis. big business and fortune 500 complain about it. >> let me get keiowa sha in here. young pple say it is cheap tore pay the fine and i will stay off obama care. if that happens, the system collapses. >> right, the older people and people with more health issues will bear the costs and the fact that the govnment doesave to put souch money in endorsing and encouraging young peopleto sign up for the obamaare is a sign that it is flawed and there needs be some type of a revision. >> johnathon, we'll put the poll up. 65 percent say that yes, obama care will increase my medical
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costs going forward. at is not good. >> and those are the same people o want claims and al of the benefits of obama care. the fact that they are advertising eric is a red herring and implies that there is a choice. you advertise for goods and services and accepting or not accepting. there is no choice and either cept it or pay a fine. and you are forced either way. an we talk about obama care will lower cost and improve services. when is central planning and government force done. that the result is lower health ca for everne. >> keisha, say young people don't go on the sysm and opt to pay the fine. how in the world, how in the world is ama care going to work. they will have to say listen in order to finance all ofhe people who are getting sick and out of work we will have to tax
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you more. >> you have to persuade young people. they think they are immortal and they don't think they will get squished in a motorcycle accident. >> why should they finance older people? >> hold on eric. >> what do you moan, they are not financi anything. >> sure they are. juan, young people. >> eric hold on, hold on. what they are asking us to do eric is indemnify them so when they get hurt and they go to the emergency rom you and i as taxpayers pick it up. network not a fair thing to say, juan. young people put more money in and less out. >> they don't have insurance they are not putting anything in the system. >> fine, go a head, wayne? >> what i was saying before. you are asking healthy people and coercing healthy people to subsiddize unhealthy people. >> no, you are not.
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>> you are not coercing anybody, wayne. wayne, >> excuse me. that is not the job of the federal government. it is an outrageous thing i am forceed to do something that i didn't sign up for. >> hold on. >> let me just say to wayne. no one is coercing anybody to do anything. be a responsible american citizen and don't expect me to pay for you. juanthat is bla at that point's untrue. >> you have to educate the young people t look at the bigger picture. you are right. they don't think will not be healthy forever. they think they are immortal. and what we need to do is educate the young people instead of shoving it down their truths. >> not only young people. but california is spending upwards of then million in grants so that teams can teach people about obama care. it is crazy talk and nonsens
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coming up foured but not fried. businesses showing paula deen the door over the ctroversial comments and her cookbooks sales are sizzling. proof she is not cooked after all. >> if there is anyone out there, that has never said something that they wisd they could take back fyou are out there, please pick up that
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stories coming upn 20 minutes or so. stay with usus. i beg you, and my children, and my team, and my fans and partners, i beg for your forgiveness. >> businesses is not fogiving paula deen, buthe fans are and a slew of big- name companies sever ties andales of cook bock propelled to number one and customers crowd nothing the restaurant in atlanta. >> keha, publicit there is no bad publicity. is this a ca of that. >> i agreree. i do think that. and although we all know that paula messed up. but her book sales soarred and peop are buying books and her fans are going to be a fan and i am a true believer dependinon how important you ao th public and popular and bad publicity. it may bring bad attention to you and eventually themoke will clear and you will have the
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fans. >> wayne, i am a christian and forgivingan and i forgive paula deen for making a racist remark but i am okay with companies severing ties, am i wrong? >> it isot that simple, eric. i ink there is something in the psyche that we as a public love redemption. the idea of somebody fallen and redeemed is something that is in our psyche. a guy goes along and never makes a mistake, you don't think anything about it. b you think about the people who have fallen. comes to mind. bill clinton and anony weiner and ray louis, the football player and kobe bryant. they have h a setback or failure an when they come back, wow. it is not just a question of the celebrity, it is aquestion in us. there is somedy about us that
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wants to love a redomed person and the guy who has sinned and redeemed. >> juan where do you stand on this one. >> elvis presley and michael jackson record sales soarred after they die if you get something that is controversial including death is good for you. all of the sudden they are paying attention. it is short- term economic thinking. yes, you will get a bump in the short run in terms of bock sales but the long- term benefit of associated with target and caesar. she is paying a price. advertisers understand what she did was so offensive and so damaging to their brands it is not in their interest to stand by r. she might get a short- t term bp but will not last. >> a lot of those. bad publicity bad. and to paraphrasearren buffet it takes 200 years to build a reputation and five minutes to
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destroy it. and a lot of people can cook goodrits and pecanie but not a long- lasting reputation that paula deen a 20 million a year operation. wayne to your point. eddy murphy and bill clinton came back with success. and paula could do it to be honest her crimes were not a physical force. we forgive timllen for selling cocaine but not ike turner what he did with tina. >> will the businesses say. paula deen solid a lot of our products in walma and target sxet home depo. will they reconsider. anybody think they will reconsider. >> once the smoke clears again, companies will say you know, the public forgot about it and she's doing well a let's go back. and they are right now thinking about their images, not so much what she did was wrong and shame on you, paul a. wehave to make sure our binesses look od.
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>> juan, does paula don't. juan, does she deserve a secon chance if she has true contrition? >> oh, yeah, i am a christian d i believe in forgiveness big time. in my life i ask for forgiveness. i would say yes. we are talkingusiness here and we are talking about doing something that was really in this era of diversityn america. we don't want affirmative action this is to say we are not going back ward when she is talking about plantation ethices in restaurant. we like the black guysressed up as serve ans. >> go a head, way, last though we have a great example. martha stewart. she went to jail for goodness sake and comes back strong.
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we forgive and it doesn't hurt econically over the long run we love redemption better than somebody straight all of their lives. >> coming up, irs policing everhing you do. now we are learng that agents were buying porn, wine and popcornakers and more with your money andhe contractors dog this? . >> you broke the trust of this great nation and iraqnd afghanistan veterans are iting an average of 237 days for an initial disability rating and people like you gaming the syem are ding to that ba long so young men and women
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50 shades of disgraced. irs going from disgraceed to naughty with the taxpayer money. th paid for wine, porn d popcorn machines in all in a two year period. and johnathon the hits are coming. >> how long do you think that of the last at j. p. morgan. >> forever? >> it wldn't last in the private sector, but when government wastes money it impacts us all and they have incentive to waste money because if they don't spend it this year they will not get it the next. the irs has 100,000 employees
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and the budget is bigger than johnson and johnson's profits. if we had a flat tax we could run the organization with a 10th of staff and cut the waste for the taxpayer who is paying for it all. >> wayne, wine, and dinners and pornography and romance novels and doit pills, all of what they put on our company credit card. >> i think they should pend it all. i am all for this. you know, the fact of the matter is, eric, to issue a credit card to a government employee in the first place, that is th outrageouspart. why should he have a credit card. what does he need a credit card for? there is a budget and on the governmentpayroll. we are paying him and the taxpayers and he works for . why would we issue him a credit rd in the first place. that is outrageous. he can spend it on hooks if he wants to, but issuing the credit
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card in the first pce is the problem. >> quiet honestly wayne and johnathon are saying the same thing. >> no, we are not. >> it is crazy what they are spending money on. >> why employees are issued credit cards. we were resnsible for making our own travel arrangements and away from work business. you purchase your meals and hotels thas to be work related. howstupid of those peoeople to buy wine and prnography and popcorn machine when they know the statements are begin to the super visor. >> with a fox credit card you are not buying wine and pornography are you? >> no, why would wyne say that. all corporations give their emoyees credit cards for travel as keisha said. >> we, we, that is a prive business and run for profit not the federal government. >> hey wayne, they are doing
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business for the american people. >> oh no they are not. they are spending my moy. they are not making a profit. >> wh johnathon started out. i thought he was making fun of the wall street guys. are yo kidding? they don't only love pornography and popcorn but in drugs, too. >> and any of them -- >> it is a slur. >> i am telling you my inpregzs. if i slufred -- slurr anybody i am 0. you have excess and wrongdoing, no questn about that. but do youhink it is different than you would find in a other sector? >> i know you all want to jump do juan's throat. it is all taxpayermoney.
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those people in kansas are kissing their wife good bye and these boedzos are buying porn with o money. >> youan't tell me they are different than the rest of america. >> i know it is what we mix wine and porn and juan iams and irs in one she. thank you to juuan an keisha for joininus this week. >> coming u johnathon on fire with this ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> all right time for what i need to know next week. wayne? >> well, in this kind of market you can get bush whacked. you need something steady and proveen and i like lephone at&t. >> johnathon buy this pick gold prices are going down and boy, is it a winner what is next? >> eric biggest advantage in the market is trading with a trend. positions our cloints for highest interest rate. treasury have had the fastest ririseand mortgage rates fastes rates. it goes up. >> very ood. >> that's it for cashin' in. what a woke it has been. boston terrorism and gay language and illegal becomes legals and president obama is
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off spenting 100 million of our tax dollars touring africa just another selfish politician cash in on >> announcer: the following program is brought to you by nopalea, the anti-inflammatory wellness drink from trivita. stay tuned for an exciting offer from nopalea. a few years ago, trivita founder michael ellison introduced the world to nopalea. his goal was to bring weness and a better quality of life to as many people sufring from inflammation as possible. now here is what many are saying... people are telling me i look 10 years younger because the pain is gone from my le. >> i havbeen pain-free for seven months. you do not understand what it's like to get up every day and not have pain. go through golf, long car rides, do what you want, and not have pain. >> it's made me feel younger. i'm sleeping like a baby, and my granids can'ke


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