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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 6, 2013 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> i will take this up with my special guest on monday. i will not be my famous henry his second term agenda seems to off the rails. the administration is mired in scandal. it's gun-control campaign failed, immigration reform is a mess, and topping it all off, the president may be in need of a new speechwriter. an eagerly awaited foreign policy speech in berlin just two weeks ago was widely panned, even his teleprompter let him down. it was sweltering hot. he spoke by 6 inches bulletproof glass. and not so eagerly awaited speech on climate change last week served as a huge disconnect
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between what the white house is focusing on and what the american people want this president to say. the heat was aroblem there as well, although it allowed the president to use himself as of prop. one declaring, mixed -- climate change is happening now. we're taking a pilafs of the president's political capitol both domestically and overseas the pulitzer prize-winning columnist michael goodwin. also, the hunt for in as a leaker eards will -- snowdon. fox news national security ambassador john bolton weighing in on the ongoing discussions over edward snowden and what it means for our relationship with both russia and china. and thingshat the embattled internal revenue service going from bad to worse, a second irs official refusing to answer the questions by congress, and this time over allegations that he awarded half a billion dollars
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of contracts to a body. house oversight committee member congressman joins us to tell us what is going to be done next to fix the irs. the obama administration today urging russia to expel edward snowden, returning to this country to face espionage chges. our next guest says the russian prime minister is essentially coming his nose at us. joining us now, former pentagon official, fox business a security analyst, former ambassador to the united nations. fox news contributor. let me for start with you. i mean, it looks like he is having a lot of fun right now with president obama. >> si is thumbing his nose the president obama. the se time he is takg that super bowl ring from the new england patriots. you know, it is actually quite tragic because it is not to the point where the president of the united states carries no credibility. and china and russia are making
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fun of him today and thumbing their noses at him, tomorrow it is venezuela and the next day it is other countries. once this starts weather countries and other leaders have no respect for the president of the united states it is a cascadin effect. lou: jay carney, white house press spokesman said that they may a deliberate decision, a deliberate decision to let him leave hong kong for russia. we presume that is where he is added unquestionably has a negative impact on u.s.-china relations focusing on the chinese side of this trilogy, if you will. wh are your thougs? >> well, i think it is a demonstration that the chinese could not care less what the white house says. did we really do all that we could to persuade them not to let him go? did the president call the chinese president? did the secretary call his counterpart, have they called
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eir counterparts in russia? you know, when you don't convey the seriousness of your message and you don't make it clear that there will be consequences or if the other country does not believe that there are consequences, it will be doomed to failure which is what has happened. i think we have not just a lack of respect for the president the diplomatic incompetence on display here. >> and it has a real national security implications. i was in china. you know, the biggest issue right now is as cyber issue. cyber hacking, cyber espionage. he said, you are the ones who are hacking yes. you're the ones are spying on us. we have no proof of that. we certainly have proved that the chinese are doing a test. we had no proof that we were doing to the chinese, excephe has now said, well, the united states, an essay is reading chinese text messages of a cell phones. what does that say? we have now given the chinese a
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major concession in our bilateral relationship. lou: both you and the ambassador talk about all we have done. but this demonstration has done are not done. putting the responsibility of the united states. i wanto a you. this seems to me and has from the outset, and i said from the very assets, that this looks to me like a very carefully conceived and executed for espionage plan carried out by the chinese. i now think maybe chinese and russians. the reason i say that is the coincidence data points. this summit that ends in the eith of june. the guardian is publishing on the fifth. laying out court records. they are also on june 9th identifying and weird as the culprit here. it looks like a concerted and well executed effort,
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ambassador, to destroy the summit, to blow back against whht were the administratios number one point of contention on their agenda, that is chinese cyber attacks against the united states. it was blown away in this one act. >> whether it was preplanned are not, several things are clear. i think that everything that he has on the four in s a laptop computers he took with him is no when chinese hands. very hard toelieve that they did not extract everything that they could, and that think that the russians are doing exactly the same thing. so for all those who say that he was a truth teller and a whistle blower, you know, he has given our adversaries critical information. people who have reason to fear what might be on those computers say that the damage that is going to be caused to our intelligence gathering capabilities is just incalculable.
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nothing to do with the programs. llu: the head of nsa said exactly that directed to the congress of the united states, talking about the lasting damage , the significant damage. at this point what does this administration have available to it to seek out, find, and return him to justice for her -- wherever he may be? >> they should go to the russian spirit the part of t problem is this is a pattern. no one feels they will be tough enough to do anything, but they could go to the russians as to the missile shield, a goodwill gesture, we are rehinking that policy. we can also get to them and say, you want amecan health and technology. the eastern siberian. you know, we won't do any of this because of the way you're treating yes. it's a slap in the face. lou: my hope, if i may add this to the brew here. my hop would be that we have intelligence assets suc that we
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would not need to go through diplomatic channels but we would exact, if you will, a certain amount of justice on the behalf of the united stateshat is appropriate. i will leave it in those terms. thank you very much. scandals erupt in the obama administration. the irs under fire. another irs official takes the fifth. one congressman joins us to analyze the fireworks. today's house oversight committe
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♪ lou: my next guest was in the house oversight committee hearing today and says the irs is now an institution that in his judgment is terminally ill. joining us now, member of the
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house oversight in judiciary committee. good to have you with us, congressman. >> thank you for having me. lou: i have to say, when he looked at congressman duckworth, i mean, one of the most infuriating images i have seen a long time. how could you stand it? >> this is a guy who injured his foot when he wasn military prep school. never served active duty at all. yet 27 years later he claims a service connected disability to be able to get preferential treatment and to qualify for programs. obviously a fleecing of the taxpayers and an abuse of his service disability. after tell you, i am a former prosecutor, and i see more people with the irs take the fifth than i did when i was prosecuting cases. this is the second person in about six weeks that has done it the problem that i see with this
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, the american people are not getting the answers but when these individuals take the fifth amendment, we know that there was misconduct because that is plain to see. nothing happened. this is implemented there was placed on administrative leave. each steered $500 million worth of contracts to his buddy, a company that had about $250,000 in total reven before the irs data involved. lou: did he break the law, congressman? >> i think certainly there were laws that were broken. if you look at the relationship that they had. if you get the amount of money at stake and if you look at the fact that this was a company that did not do very much business and then all the sudden -- lou: a year-old. >> well, it had been for two yes por to this it did about 250,000 in revenue. all the sudden in 2012 and the individual lets you mentioned to plan disability purchase the
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company, they start getting millions and millions of dollars where the virus work. so is not above board, but the problem is, we only see these things happen. people say, oh, we are identifying problems. we need more this or that. it goes much deeper. is a culture of arrogance. lou: what do you guys do? ammine kamal we're watching here -- the irsannot even apparently find, nor can this president, a person t serve as a commissioner of the internal venue service, acting commissioner, and term commissioner. and this is an organization. you say they're terminally ill. when are you going to -- web you going to get this thing fixed and bring in somebody with the integrity to lead the organization, to get it straightened out? this is no longer -- we have 16,000 new agents being hired. just for obamaccre.
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>> well, obviously, in the house who would like to do a major overhaul. like all this people accountable we will bring her back. the problem is tha the executive branch is not really interested in investigating and holding people accountable. we hav the director of the fbi in front of the judiciary committee. he did not even know who was leading the irs investigation. lou: this is going to have to be, it seems to me, if you feel that there is a lot of popular will around the outrage that is obviously being built in washington and other parts of the country. you have to do something in a different way, perhaps faster, perhaps deeper in the investigation. more staff and more facts to put in front of the american people. >> absolutely. i think we also need to understand that from a policy perspective the irs is really passed its point of usefulness. we need to move to a flat tax and give the government less
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power over the individual and allow people to be able to make decisions for themselves so that this way you would not have to worry about some of these officials must be having. lou: congressman, i would love to have a fair tax to my flat tax, a set perceage just like i think most americans, but one of the surest ways to damagehe investigation right now is for you all to get caught up in tax-cut refor when have to do is get rid of a bunch of snakes and a really lousy, lousy corrupt management at the irs. >> amen. lou: thank you for being with us. good to talk to you. good luck. up next, a gain of eight member senate to lindsay gramm taking some wild claims about the senate immigration legislation in thechalk talk". we will examine those claims by @í0x;ñtolina's senator.
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♪ america's service members and veterans are strong.
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forged out of bravery, sacrifice, and duty. ♪ sometimes reaching out for help can be the most challenging and worthwhile mission of all. ♪ when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the terans crisis line or military crisis line. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. ♪ >> we militarize the border. i have bee hearingng for years, let's secure the border, regains sovereignty, zero border security an immense.
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the most ggressive attempt to control the southern border and regain our sovereignty. lou: militarizing our border. that is gang of eight members senator lindsay gramm urging support for the immigration legislation because according to the senator it militarizes the border. despite the gain of eight very best efforts to drive through the legislation, not everyone is buying at. the bill is simply too long. no one seems to have read it, and it has been negotiated behind closed doo and is not come close to doing what has been promised. just a few of these samples and contentions. one, border security itself. an amendment that hopes to add 20,000 border amendments. the path the citizenship and the agents, they cannot be hired. sunday thousand extras, they cannot start hiring before 2017.
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i mean, that i quite a twist. homeland security secretary janet napolitano given just five years to raise the total number of fires to 20,000. experts say the hiring of some many agents could take up to 20 years. this equilibrium, and the cost issue. according to congressional budget office, the immigration bill would cut the deficit by nearly $200 billion over the next decade. critics say that conclusion is based on washington accounting tricks. using social security and medicare payroll contributions from newly legalized workers to find spending elsewhere. eventually all the money would have to be used to pay for the benefits that the workers would draw during their retirement. kid is amazing. accoing to the heritage foundation once the amnesty recipients reach retirement age the annual net cost to taxpayers
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will reach $160 billion per year now, if those numbers are rrect this is not a great ide remember, it was the congressional budget office that initially projected obamacare would cost 900 billion over ten years. now as they revise a further they double their estimate. these are vy early estimates. i think even the congressional budget office would agree. and then there is the little matter of loopholes dollars a big deal in washington. the word whenever appears in the gang of a legislation 94 times. given the power to grant waivers . a national security secretary, alread declared the borders more secure than ever.
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crossing our borders. and what powers does he have? well, among other things you will be able to make the construction of a border security fence if she does not find it to be inappropriate use of resources. the senator says he sees trouble if immigtion legislation does not pass. maybe he should be thinking about the trouble for this untry if it does in its current form. up next, the florida jury hearing a lot more about george zimmerman's pasd. why is the martin family in the courtroom but not? dom's law next. ♪
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so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig lou: and joining us now
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today with the historic supreme court ruling, two victories for equal rights criminal defense attorney jonathan and evangeline. thank you for being here. quickly the dome of decision is it correctly concluded? >> yes. and a long time coming so it was a big one. >> a think is a medium-sized. lou: you will fight over the decree is civic they were hoping the supreme court with legalized it across the board and that did that happen but if it is a separate direction. lou: is a decision by the supreme court the states' rights are asserted they are affected by the vitality?
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>> yes looking yellowthroat the division constantly referring to the case saying marriage, a domestic issue should be decided by the state. lou: proposition viii in california opening gay marriage as a right to through this decision back. >> california i am curious when august rolls around begin have those that will allow gay marriage. lou: 37 states right now. the voting rights act with theresident and the attorney general claim they were disappointed and upset and attorneys general in those affected by the voting rights act, a good decision? [laughter] >> i will not follow suit but the issue that justice
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robert wrote this is data from 1975 but the issue that i haven't is we had made strides but under the voting rights act we kind of wonder will we go back course stay where we are or move forward? that issue was not touched. lou: i talked to the attorney general about that to win the voter discrimination lawsuit. they have incredible statistical support for their procedures and their wall. why would the hang on to something in material? >> the federal governmen says we will not babysit but if you misbehave we will step back is how we
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interpret it. lou: wilson from south carolina those are to attorney-general said -- with the electoral laws in their state they will pursue them to put them in jail. >> sometimes it is beyond what is legal. lou: i don't thank you want a politicized justice department that is the other part of the issue. says zimmerman trial. you are the lawyers but at was the peculiar to me was cross-examination today? >> i thought they closed on a wonderful note and by the way i thought it was weak
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anshaky they got her to say that she did not know now the jurors are left with that comment as they go home tonight and deliberate and she will be back on the stand. i thought she showed a lot of restraint there were comments made in facial gestures. lou: she gave me a qstion and they were too slow. >> the star witness does not have to be mother teresa but she has to beelievable or you could discount everything that he said but if they think she is lying about one thing they all have to believe anything. >> there has been information she has not been truthful. she was not honest by her age and she also ld about the hospital. lou: i will write that down. [laughter]
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you can tell when you are talking to attorneys. [laughter]our thank you very much. google's facebook microsoft and more. do they deserve our trust or our fear?d cybersecury expert joins us tonight.
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lou: apple, the google microsoft and yahoo! occleve they knew nothing about the prism surveillance programlled that our next guest says we have given up control of data using platforms for the veryto companies under discussion. okay trading desk i we have any control at all with privacy of the web is a security expertw in the
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bleeding the trust that society needs to use drive. s great to have you with us. as a security expert you probably have the best opportunity to explain while it anyone should not laugh out loud playing kugel and apple and facebook say they deserve more respect from us because they had just a few thousand request from an estate and other agencies budet actually they are taking our personal and private information to disseminates across the web?s th >> ian reed given to them. the end is a scandal there ticket surreptitiously but we give it to these companies. that is way it works. they need us to trust them with our data, friends
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data, friends, photos bu the real business is to bebu trade that trustt to advertisers that is the business model. they tried to hide it but they rely on as under the same but the fact they had a sideline is just one more thing.yi lou: i am curious. i did not say they succeed formation but they disseminated it across the web. is the business model and facebook in particular it doesn't matter your privacy preferences theyce will ds o what they do but at the same time to relate to what the nsa or with other agencies have donet i find that under the maddening almost the question.ti >> it is a conflict of interest the very same types
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of correlations uc with prism that facebook and kugel do. but if google's makes asi mistake to show you the ad for a car you do not want to yo see but if the nsa makes a mistake you are arrested the withrimber them advertising doesn't work the same way when the governmenthe doesn't. lou: there should b a sho higher standard but we talk about a virtual world versus the real world and there are accommodations that have to be mad for the virtual world that we do not live but some of the most private concerns do. you make a wonderful observation to talk about the feudal era with thew boards and serfs and the way we're treated as consumers
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and users. you are exact with that. will this persist for some time? >> for a while. that is the way the world works. if you have apple, you have the iphone and apple computer aided you are inp the eye cloud you are effectively testi they will protect you but you hope their interest online with your ears but with kugel you're not better customer.thei they sell to their customers. it does notm apply in the same way in the fact we arethe debating the pduct makeshe p us to produce data that they used to sell to adversers and to the government.
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lou: you make a fascinating point. but we have to persist and extend it out as far as we can. you talk about the trade-off of privacy and the alignmentd th of interest.ld b what could be greater thahan that and say acting in ouri interest to protect us?c buck be of greater convenience to be alive at the end of the day thanks to the broad surveillance program?ere there is a political if you will, group easily identifiable but the nsa is doing precisely what facebook can google are doing. but in each instance they are analogous with the
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trade-off that is not understood by consumers. >> this is what we need to understand.hat the question is what is is being done and how effective is it?isit we pay for this to make the t trade-off. we need to be told howwe n effective the programs are.e they mightha have been effective, we don't know if they do y good. , it's a cost, i know about data mining so it is unlikely to be effective bute. this is why secrecy is bad you talk about the ira's but it is the same thing we cannot be judged in secret. this is our government. we need to know what they're doing and understand if they do a good job great if they are lousy we need to fix it but this is what snowden did
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he give us some information wh the government is doing in our name with our many. we have never seen a case to be cost-effective. lou: so why are people challenging the business models of the highlyo concentrated a powerful companies that could be called the oligarchy oligarchy, facebook, oligarchy, facebook, apple, microsoft, did i mention facebook? let me do so again. these intellectual disturbing contradictions when we start to lk at those and everybody shoulds be aware of the politics of those who were with the nsa or those corporatist who are
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driving the virtual world that we find great convenience and value. >> there are two reasons for go one is the harm is less great to being shown there wrong ad is different from being investigated. lou: way to. we know just about everybodytha is almost ubiquitous but there is a very narrow and small numberer there being the investigated by the government they are not analogous by size or scale or incident. we could talk. , back and we will continue the conversation. i think it is a fascinating perspective. we appreciate you sharing your insights. up next the bernanke rallied
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the eed of cogitative easing? the obama economy steve "forbes" shares her is perspective on though wall street summer of in four years.t
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the sooner the lou: and the sooner the fed faces out the bond buying the better for all of us as my next guest. it is hurting the country more than it has helped we have editor in chief steve "forbes". good to be with you. lou: it appears to be at an end this sort of rates are moving higher so that will
4:48 am
be problematic. your thoughts on the timing of all of this from the fed chairman? >> three years is better late than never but what he has done it differently make it easy for theier government to do deficit spendi and the bond buyers to issue new bonds with theut rest of the economy like small business health cared in is free but you cannot get any. so they have a hard time to get pripet -- credit they have been hurt. not many left over for the sml banks. lou: the government free marketeer andy anti-fed says he cannot lose that 85 billion per month i do not like bernanke but please don't let him reverse course. there is hypocrisy for more
4:49 am
punch bowl? >> did is hard to give up but i think he will not use this precipitously i think the markets grossly overreacted because they finally realized this may come to an end. they thought it would go through 2016 the 22nd century, who knows but the punch bowl is taken away but as you know the market has gone nowhere. that is one of the reasons of the recovery. lou: but if we have this adjustment away from accommodation to what would be appropriate in your view is the reality of considerable transparency
4:50 am
and greater efficiency. what do you expect to be the result to be withdrawn hopefully positively returns to a margin of prosperity? >> you will start to see a credit market starting to work on a reliable basis and that is a good day like rent-controlled housing but it does not create more housing. but by not easing up you'll have more credit available for people who produce jobs and less for the government who should not have that many in the first place. lou: you are not i they and ofernanke policies of your reaction the way he is
4:51 am
treated by president obama on negative a bomb a? >> i am appalled he has appointed him but then trashes him and says he has stayed too long. you dohat behind the scenes and in public you say he is denigrate job that he wants to step down. i don't think it ever went through his head what he was doing. lou: i take it you don't think it will be a part his lasting legacy? [laughter] lou: thank you very much. steve "forbes." up next the dollar and reminding cold war tensions. and we will talk about
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lou: our next guest slams the president performance at the teeeight meeting summit last week and h wrote in a showdown my many is on putin and negotiating over syria or are wrestling to know the national interest a is prepared but we have a president who is increasingly over the rainbow. a prize-winni columnist for the "new york post" post", said good to have you with us. over the rainbow, not the common i think he expected. does he believe that vladimir putin is that some curia -- superior. >> yes. because obama is not
4:56 am
pursuing are our national interest and he has an ideology how the world should be so it goes against peop like putin who do not mess around with theories but go to the jugular every time. it is not about affection or liking it is the level of fear but you will stand up for yourself in they do not stand up for america. lou: national interest issue that is a ministration has prevailed through russia. secretary kerry says these a strong words. but the secretary oftate
4:57 am
said it would be deeply troubling if they defied the united states but russian officials say that moscow had -- moscow has no obligation to cooperate. deeply troubling. >> but the pattern here going back to the first trip abroad but it is all about reset with the implied undertow we will change our behavior. the idea everything is george bush's fault then russia will agree so what you have is an amecan retreat growing to what used
4:58 am
to be our backyard and our president is focused on cap-n-trade to cut carbon emissions it to cut our military. >> so to move forward with a unilateral idea without precontions, i have to believe putin could not believe his ears. >> he did not have to fire a shot but not unilaterally but its people and washington who say they did it without a treaty to bypass the senate with executive power. lou: is president is
4:59 am
becong the ways of the imperial presidency. but to ask on affirmative action to say that's ishat affirmative action but it did not throw out the text is program -- texas program but they differ too much latitude to the university to say is one thing it is necessary. lou: i found through the whole process with the end of days for affirmative action and the values are not represented it and that springs from the legal
5:00 am
system. a the question of equal rights and these are not equal rights. lou: thank you for joining us. "the willis report" is next. wonderful weekend, guys. ♪ >> hi, everyone. tonight on "the willis report" the sudden l.a. with obamacare. how much tuble is this law in? the woman who had her newborn baby taken away from our periodic she failed a drug test after she ate at poppy seed bagel. we will buy into tha cake. have you heard? made in the u.s. a is making a comeback. one business to find out they're making it big by making it here. ♪ tracy: these stories are coming up, but we begin with the big jobs report and what it means for all of us. the economy added 195,000 jobs in june, 30,000 more than expected.


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