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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 15, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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lou: good evening, everybody, thank you for being with us. the george zimmerman murder trial politicization has been gleaned from the beginning. now the rhetoric from the obama administration is undeniably incendiary, aimed at undercutting public confidence related to the zimmerman not guilty verdict. many of the corrosive comments have originated with the nation's leading law enforcement officer. attorney general eric holder. president obama releasing a statement yesterday calling for restraint but not missing an opportunity to push the gun
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control agenda. despite the fact that george zimmerman was carrying illegal licensed handgun. the president's statement read that i now ask every american to respect, fluxion from two parents who lost their young son. we should ask ourselves if we are doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims to many lives across the country. the president refused to answer questions today on the matter. attorney general eric holder had much to say while indicating a federal civil rights investigation is ongoing. the attorney general talking about federal law enforcement and 2014. he made the following statement promisingly accuse the jury of racism for finding zimmerman not guilty.
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>> our nation has experienced remarkable progress. we have traveled a long way down the road to equality and opportunity. but as we have seen, our journey is not yet complete and this is far from over as far as our work. lou: as we reported last week, that involved the department of justice and the anti-zimmerman protest in sanford, florida last year. after his arrest. a division of the department of justice called this thousands of taxpayer dollars to organize and train protesters, including one headliner, reverend al sharpton who is organizing a city to order to raise racial tensions nationwide.
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we have asked the justice department if they are any indication and you would know by the misleading reporting that is going on, much of america respects this decision and includes way too much reasonable doubt to convict him of manslaughter. hundreds and not thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in oakland and sacramento. in new york city was hard to tell the difference between the demonstrators and the tourists in times square is where traffic wasn't even interrupted. the idiocy coming out of hollywood has been predictably astonishing at levels of ignorance. singer toni braxton says that i'm embarrassed to be an american. we will have much more on the toxic comments from hollywood
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and the sports world and the "chalk talk" coming out. president obama today publicly talking about the verdict, avoiding direct remarks and then forcing press secretary jay carney to dodge the white house press corps. revealing his personal feelings on the matter, chief white house correspondent has our report. >> order max stereotypes and it's taking this as george zimmerman being cleared of manslaughter chaages, u.s. prosecutors may pursue federal hate crimes under this law.
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>> this is directed at young people to deal with the underlying attitude in the mistaken belief in stereotypes but justice must be done. reporter: he is under intense pressure to act after protesting about the not guilty verdict. and the naacp is asking for a civil rights case. >> a grand jury should ultimately determine whether he shot because he was black in violation of our nations civil rights laws. >> documents released last week show the fbi already interviewed nearly three dozen people and found no evidence that race was a factor in the shooting of trayvon martin.
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holder himself says to bring a federal hate crime charge, the government would have to prove the highest standard in the law. >> we would have to show that there was specific intent with the requisite state of mind jay carney said president obama staying out of the decision. >> he will not comment on the department of justice investigation were on the decision that the department of justice will make on how to proceed and to proceed for macker president did not shy away from commenting last year less than month after martin died. today the comments were denned with any pressure on the justice department. >> this includes the pain that his parents were feeling in very personal terms. reporter: eric holder will be heading there and that is a short distance where george
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zimmerman was found. the fact that eric holder will be in the neighborhood will aggravate this even more. lou: joining us now is christian adams who served under president bush and obama is an author on a new book exposing the injustice of the obama department. also with us is lis wiehl, serving as executive assistant for the house judiciary committee and also an adjunct professor and attorney john is bill burkett served in the san diego criminal division in the drug task force. we want to thank all of you for being here. starting with you if i may. we have just heard the attorney
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general say something was terribly wrong that his is an ongoing investigation and it started a year ago and will be moving forward. what is your reaction? >> well, if i could ask amiss, what about the jury's decision is a because they were too stupid or too white to get it right. because i'm going to trust in their decision, 18 hours deliberating before they came to a decision. i'm going to trust that because that is what this country was built upon. that's what i would ask them. >> they made the decision based on a line you're talking about the tweeting and all of that. i don't think they were there in the courtroom i don't think they were watching it like we are.
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we have analyzed evidence from the very beginning of this thing. just as these women analyze the evidence. it is mind-boggling to me that the attorney general would waste his money and resources in all of our national intentions. well, you know, they should have convened at the state level and they did not do that because they did not want to see the light of day on these charges. now i am telling you that they are not going to return this or indict. lou: if i may turn to christian adams, the race in this justice department seems to be a difficult thing. this is the attorney general who said that we are a nation of powers when it comes to race and he is the man who seems to have the most difficulty with the issue of race and even the word race.
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>> the comments today may be the most outrageous because he is injecting himself racially into a case involved with american liberty were a jury has already found him not guilty of the charges and he has grown race back into this. the jury looked at the evidence. but for him to conjure up the civil rights movement and to put this in the timeline of the civil rights movement is beyond disgraceful. this is the guy that carries around us in his wallet, a race card. from 1971 from a preacher. it says this is the single issue that defines a person. when kirkwood was asked about it he said that i have common cause and he had been carrying this around for decades. this is a man who is not fit to be the attorney general. >> you have also said that this is typical of eric holder and
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this administration to say one thing and act in a different manner. you think this is another example? >> what he will keep doing today is send signals and under federal law you have to prove racial intent. he is sending signals to them. he has done this before on other occasions and it is totally inappropriate. but these people are about power. >> effectively racial dog whistles within the united states department of justice, do you concur? >> i think anyone who is outraged by the outcome did not pay attention in the trial just like we said earlier. if you are watching it like we were watching it you would
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actually agree that this was a just verdict. so instead of calling it unfortunate, which is what was common to call it unnecessary, that is crazy. >> look at the law as well. the standard is so much higher for a civil rights violation. you have to prove pacific intent and he went out after trayvon martin because of race. not because it sells content self-defense or something like that. these women did not find now. they cannot even find a lower standard. so how are you going to find this higher standard? >> as we conclude this year, the number of people demonstratinn, in atlanta, 75 people
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demonstrating against the verdict. but that is a questionable estimate because so many people were in times square and we were told that they were going to be separated from the demonstrators. the jury found that there was reasonable charges for second-degree murder. that is the conclusion of the jury. thank you both for joining us. we will back here in just a moment to figure out what was going on with this administration.
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lou: we are back with our gas. reverend al sharpton hasn't truly a role in in all of this. he is an advocate on television, msnbc, and he is talking about potential violence of these
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things to get out of hand. what is going on and what is his liabilities should something violent occur? >> well, it is not peculiar for him at all. if he is not perpetuating this, he has no purpose. on the other hand he does not have the right to inflict violence. he is walking a bit of a fine line here. but that is what al sharpton does. he perpetuates racism by claiming that he is denouncing it. >> don't forget i'll sharpen talked about this and this is
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not new to him. lou: the legal liability as you say, it is basically nonexistent >> they are not telling you certain things. lou: so you have them making comments that i think some would argue in combination and supporting demonstrations. what is your thought on our? >> the community related service is supposed to be a neutral arbiter. yours was to keep sites are tearing each other apart. what happened instead is eric holder sent his crs down there and they seem to be helping the
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protesters. the crs never did anything like that for holder came to power. it is absolutely disgraceful. lou: thank you all for being with us. turning quickly to wall street, stocks continue their record-breaking streaks. the s&p 500 up two points, 20 record of the year, what kind of year is this? the nasdaq is up seven points, since september of 2000. volume on the big board today, 2.6 billion shares. retail sales mixed expectations, spending on both cars and gas. closing at $1283, crude oil is up 37 cents above $106 per barrel. in the bond market, the yield on the 10 year fell 2.55%. the minions of despicable need
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to win the box office for a second straight weekend. almost $45 million for universal, that was enough to edge out adam sandler's new comedy, grown-ups too, which brought in over $42 million for sony. pacific rim came in third over 38 million. a disappointing debut for the warner brothers post-apocalyptic action thriller. that was some kind of thriller. up next from hollywood to the world of sports. uneducated, unenlightened, and in some cases immoral. we will have the "chalk talk" for you next. and in moments, juan williams joins us to take up the rhetoric from the white house on the zimmerman not guilty verdict.
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about race. going as far to try to incite racial violence. take a look at some of the worst offenders in this parade of fools. atlanta falcons wide receiver tweeted that all the jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid. and victor cruz tweeted thoroughly confused. zimmerman doesn't last a year before the hood catches up with them. and actress kirstie alley said white people used to make black people drink from separate drinking fountains. now we just shoot their children. if using the opinions of those individuals, and listen to what the nation's top law enforcer not sad to say about the matter. >> i believe that this tragedy
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provides yet another opportunity for our nation to speak honestly we must not, as we have too often in the past let this opportunity pass. we are as resolved as you are to combat violence involving word directed at young people to deal with the underlying attitude and mistaken beliefs and stereotypes that serve as the basis for these two common incidents. >> there you heard the attorney general speak in vague terms about a very real issue. that is violence in our society and murder. frankly, it should there should be outrage in the african-american community as well. not about the simmering trial, but the real tragedy is the much more prevalent and widely
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ignored crisis of black on black crime particularly in the president's hometown of chicago about which he has been all but silent. in 2011 alone, there were nearly 2500 black on black murders nationwide. there were more than 430 murders in the city of chicago. 76% of those victims. i did not hear the attorney general talking about the city of chicago. the president's hometown, nor the president. i didn't hear it president of the united states saying that those young men who were killed in chicago could have been his son. this year's murder rate in chicago improving somewhat. not by much. but so far 204 people have been murdered year-to-date in
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chicago. we are going to be talking about that with juan williams and jamie green. we will talk about why there has been such conspicuous absence in the city of chicago on one of its most important issues coming up next. lou: edward snowden is still stranded but he holds what he thinks is an insurance policy. k.t. mcfarland joins us next.
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lou: we want to quickly bring you up-to-date on two very important stories. tens of millions of americans are under under the grip of the dangers he waved that stretches from maine to the ohio valley. forecasters now warning that
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belief in this heat is in the mid-to high '90s across that stretch and likely won't come until the weekend, making matters somewhat worse. across much of the northeast expected to be only in the low '80s compounding the heat for the following day, of course. on capitol hill the senate has met behind closed doors and the meeting as a last-ditch effort stripy meeting on filibusters. harry reid has threatened to invoke a procedural move called a nuclear option that would reduce the number needed to break a filibuster of executive branch nominees to 51 votes rather than the current requirement of 60 and it could clear the way this and
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democrats, of course, if republicans are in control of the senate and there apparently is a widespread reluctance on the part of a number of democrats go along with the majority leader. we will see. returning to the zimmerman verdict in the role that race and politics are playing, we welcome hillary clinton, fox news contributor and political analyst juan williams. i thank you both for being here. first let's turn to the idea that this verdict is suspect. what evidence is there of that? >> we have seen the attorney general, and on us. >> many african-americans and others are saying that if these pursuits would not have started,
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we wouldn't have got here to begin with. but the comments in the show that you made are so critical. we have had many tweets say that it is now open season on young black males or are to what they are failing to mention is business way before george zimmerman ever fired a shot at trayvon martin? if there is anyway i think the president said this, to honor trayvon martin, then we have to take a close look at violence. at 41 years old, 262,621 black people have been murdered by other blacks and this is something that we have to address. progressives have to understand that there is a decline in black families and we have to say that comprehensive education is not just the only solution for this and if it comes out of this case and that is a good way to honor the death of trayvon martin.
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>> is that the media is clearly guilty of driving racial animosity. so what proportion do think that that is true. is it probably true? 90% of the media, give us a sense of proportion. >> we are looking at the facts. i remember that this came and occurred as regrettable as the whole circumstance may be, they then took to the street. not only were they whipping of insanity and anger over the failure for there to be an arrest, but they then made this into a civil rights issue and said it was along the lines of historical crimes against black men by white and the like. even over the weekend we heard mention of this. i just thought, well, with me
7:36 pm
this is high. i have studied civil rights history and this is not that. at the second part was from conservative media that i think too often jumped in and said, well, this is a gun rights issue or, you know, some people were even raising money. i just think it is a tragedy. don't forget "the new york times" that said zimmermann is a white hispanic, something i've never heard of because i think they want to enforce this narrative and impose it that this is something that happened way back in civil rights history hispanic people, asian people, they couldn't have any racist bones in their body. so i think that the media has a lot to have a large responsibility here. it doesn't fit their racial narrative to talk about black kids killing black kids every weekend in big cities in this country. >> is the national media so
7:37 pm
immersed in their ideological camp and their biased politically that they can't deal with honest evaluations of a critical issue? why can't we get an honest discussion? the attorney general said that we are a nation that needs help. this administration has been a coward when it comes to black on black violence. i will have that conversation ended a with the attorney general in his office. but this is an administration that is running from the issue of race in print with some of the most ardent activists including reverend al sharpton. they don't want to talk about race, they want to make a living on race, and you know it. >> i think that he and other leaders have given this administration impact as coward
7:38 pm
is the word to be used is, we did not see leadership on this until recently, especially when it comes to gun violence that is behind the murders in the city. we also positioned them to only care and get up in arms when a black person is killed by someone from another race or ethnic group. that is unacceptable is the one we had to add another ethnic group. george zimmerman does not fit the narrative. he is hispanic. it saddens me that there isn't an understanding among black leaders. i include al sharpton. if we can deal with these honestly and pragmatically and see the world through the same eyes, what we have to do, what
7:39 pm
is actually happening, we can move beyond race in nearly every instance. but as long as we have vested and special interests and political purposes and financial purposes, i think that we are doomed to repeat the cycle and i would like to think otherwise. >> i just think it is an outrage. i wrote a piece and i said that there is too much defense on this organization. saying that there would be more black on black murders than there were lynchings in american history. >> 3500 and three back of my life. now, we do have an opportunity with this case to turn that around that we all have
7:40 pm
unconscious bias let's use this case to actually tackle race relations and not continue to drum up racial tension. >> that is a big concern. lou: it is a difficult time and have the chief law enforcement officer attacking the integrity of a verdict and you know and i know that as we talk on black on black violence and i cringe a little as we do it, because it is -- there are those that would use this as an excuse to rationalize a broader violence of race or ethnicity. >> but we all have to pull together that kind of intellectual division and i think much of the solution can be at hand and i thank you both
7:41 pm
for helping us in that direction. >> thank you for having this segment. >> is great to see you. thank you. up next, the dow jones hitting its 25th record close of the year. john lonski on whether the dow is at hand for whether it is imminent or possible and what in the world -- what are we going to see jobs created in this country? that's coming up next.
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lou: joining us now are economists and the moody's chief capital comments. what you make of this? i thought we were supposed to have a pullback? >> we have pullback from this
7:45 pm
that that is going to hang in there. we are talking about how this u.s. economy can move forward without extraordinary support. lou: much can be learned that is quite different than what we experience. %-have you adjusted your earnin? >> welcome i'm a little bit hesitant to do so. i. >> it has been bolstering the
7:46 pm
economy. >> building materials are sharp, that is a surprise. we also find that stocks that are key to the housing sector have been moving slower. there is some concern that this latest upturn by the 30 year mortgage, about three and a half precent, now it's one half precent. it could bring about home sales, which is not good, given that this has been a relatively weak recovery by housing from this broad historical perspective. >> the fed is limited as to how much they can influence it. >> one thing they might do is the one they began to taper off monetary easing, they cut back only on the purchase were they just, you know, where they cut back on their purchases of treasury is that they keep mortgage-backed securities that
7:47 pm
$40 billion amount it is certainly something to watch. >> i think the economy is going to grow probably buy a little less than 2.5% after growing by less than 1.8% during the first half. perhaps we are coming close to that we have 17% for the year-to-date. maybe at best we had five percentage points. >> worrying about this 18% here. >> keep your eye on what is going on with housing and this mortgage yields and how it brings about an unexpected slowdown. housing softened, you can bet that the treasury ought to be moving lower. lou: it is always great to have you here. up next, edwards known in once asylum in russia. press presdient vladimir putin does not sound like a big fan.
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lou: security forces firing gas into crowds. this is deputy secretary william burns and earlier he emphasized that the united states will not be taking sides in egypt. joining us now is k.t. mcfarland. great to have you with us. the egyptian muslim brotherhood.
7:52 pm
no part of those egyptian meetings with the secretaries. is that it for the muslim brotherhood and barack obama? >> well, they have waited 80 years for their moment to take charge and they have a year ago and it totally blew it. they started grabbing all aspects of power, but most importantly they have run this economy into the ditch. >> it was already weak, but now it is in complett freefall. lou: are you surprised that they had moved money into egypt to support them? >> the first thing he did in office, mortal enemy of saudi arabia. at that point the new interim
7:53 pm
government were very close to saudi arabia and the judge similarly that these are parts of the first countries and the one that they really show up with big-money and they are trying to get this new interim government enough time so that they can get their act together. at least they now have a chance the leading muslim brotherhood figures from across the region, including europe and hamas as well to find out what they can do to reverse the egyptian political direction than they they can find a way to restore themselves to power.
7:54 pm
>> let's talk about the point that he would be headed toward. vladimir putin saying that he was ready for mr. snowden to move on.
7:55 pm
>> absolutely. they said that you can lose that is often more important. they now know how we go into our intelligence. finally it is really familiar in the united states. he does count. as a matter fact, they have gotten what they want and they don't care what happens to them. he's like a used kleenex at this point. lou: we also don't understand
7:56 pm
quite what his state is. the u.s. u.s. intelligence hasn't been able to bring him to ground the power of the executive has not been able to bring him to a negotiation or any other known action back to united states and the united states, do you have a sense we are actually doing something vigorously to bring this person back? >> we look like this and this is the bigger problem. lou: k.t. mcfarland, thank you so much. lou: joining us tomorrow is tom
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ridge on edward snowden's nsa warnings. and the departure of janet napolitano and her sudden departure. thank you for being with us, we will see you tomorrow. good night from new york. that is why there is by looking, available as an oral rents, toothpaste or gel.
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>> with one stroke of the pen
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>> welcome, everyone, i am charles payne in for neil cavuto. once the health care law kicks in, business owners will scramble to cover. patty is famous for getting in president obama space over health care just a couple of years ago. tell the audience what is so devastating? >> well, they want people to have insur


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