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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 17, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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thank you for beg with us. and has been four days since george zimmerman was found not guilty of murdering trayvon martin l the ignorance operating is reaching alarming and disturbing levels. we bgin with the white house. pressecretary jay carney today confirms that president obama is firmly behind attorney general eric holder opinion that "stand your ground" need to be changed in the name of gun-control. here is the spokesman earlier today. >> the law that we see on
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the books ought to be reviewed a and examined whether or not they reduce the problem of gun violence or in denver anthey make it worse. we need to examine those laws and examine them with a ld mine to reduce gun violence. lou: al sharpton takes it further speaking at the naacp conference, he oclaims "stand your ground" law themselves are a violation of civil rights and claims "stand your ground" for the shooting ignoring all together that it has nothing to do wh the is a brendon defense team argument. >> there is a lot in this state called "stand your ground" that is the worst
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violation of civil-rights of state law in this country. and until we can overturn "stand your ground" we risk other trayvon martin and what we must do is to stand up and deal with the civil rights investigaon to end "stand your ground" at the same time. lou: the congresonal black caucus today suspended any sense of reality by disputing the findings of the jury and the fbi investigation into the counter itself. the jury had more than enough reasonable doubt t acquit zimmerman of murder and a manslaughter after a weak case and the fbi found absolutely no evidence whatsoever with ich to recused zimmerman of racism or bias.
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but here is congresswoman brown from florida. >> we all have heavy hearts. concerning the martin case, the part of the problem is that we don't feel the judicial system is fair. there has to be some fairness in the system. the system is noworking. we do know that mr. martins civil rights have been violated. lou: they rejected the entire u.s. judicial system saying that they know better than the fbi but the evidence is the president is using a the verdict to push restrictions on second amendment rights. citing violence and distrust now we are only four days from the verdict. our first guest is here to evaluate some ofhe statements from all sides of
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the political spectrum. here is just a recent sampling hot . >> nl mother or father should ever have to fear for their child walking down the streets of the united states of america. >> and tell the "stand your ground" plot is abolished import that we will never performed there again. >> they want to giveeorge zimmerman a gun now? he can get back? i say if he gets aun then casey anthony gets a baby. >> it is not about trayvon main that the politicians use the four boys' death to
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push gun-control so now trayvon martin is being exploited. lou: joining us now radio talk-show host monica crowley, and michael good when and rebecca, let me begin with you. we are watchi a stampede of civil rights activist with his administration the chief law-enforcement basically says to hell with the u.s. judicial system and to hell with the evince we will play plitics with this verdict and rebuild demonize and persecute and tell hl freezes over. >> i am so sad to see a situation after this verdict
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we have a criminal justice system that did its job the prosecution put on the case case, the defense put on the witnesses to allow the prosecution case to speak in a self-defense situation that george zimmerman and the jury found was not guilty. they acquitted him. that is it. that is why we have a justice system. lou: have you ever seen a esident and the attorney general basically dishonest the foundation of our -- smiss ourudicial system and a verdict? this is incredible to me. >> via answer is no. nothing close to this and it is increasingly hard to see the difference between al sharpton and eric colder. they are using the same line of attack and i will poi
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out that al before has been the go to guy with the white house wants to reduce the argument so i see there will now be a push to do away with the "stand your grnd" law to make them unconstitutional. lou: who cares what ts administration thinks about gun-control, a gun rights, and "stand your ground", it is absolutely in different to the law that it disagrees with a and it is absoluly committed to the politicalization where it has the ideological purpose. >> but he initiates the agenda to reqre a response lou: the idea that this administration over the course of four days but then
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suddenly the president's spokesperson says by the way he agrees with the civil rights activist and everything that is said by reverend al sharpton, all that has been uttered by the attorney general, what nd of games arethey playing? >> very early on in the first term from a majowill actually said never let ed good crisis go to race even if you have to manufacture one. see how the victim of trayvon martin l they leverage to get done control because they could not get it through the legislature or congress. number two, to exploit the death of trayvon martin to take a political opportunist of which they are one in the same tory to divide. the left cannot really
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governor in becausthey have no history or virtues or arguments on their side. they have to divide to conquer. that is what this is about to introduce the cial element in for this administraon to use the department of justice, which is nonot the departmenof social justice. the department of justice should show equal protection under the lawor all of us to use the doj that await the use of the irs to target broad sections of society one group over another is a disgra that and is a constitutional republic into a banana republic. lou: what is the profit? to poorly served those that you pose as representing their interest?
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will space get 40 peent of black you sit and watch al sharpton playing games and has a music mix behind him as he tries to rally the naacp to what? attacked the jury syst. "stand your ground" instead he should be tending to his flk. i find it extraordary that this is happening because the division that you talk about, why not focus on actually moving this country ahead instead of this nonsense? >> to me is the ideological war. ideology over everything else. education, even the legal system doesn't matter. it is about transforming everything and this is all part of it.
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one issue at a timeith the federal government in charge of everything. so nothing matters individual liberties are curtailed because the president of thenited states wants it. lou: we will come back with our panel so how can president obama, how can and al sharpton and eric colder in good conscience stand up and act as though trayvon martin is murder, murder, death, shooting, was more important than the deaths of the four children that died in chicago, the president's home townduring the 20 days of that trial? hal has he not said one single word about those children who died without guns in their hand and
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without standing their ground? and this president has not said one word about their families. we will be bac much more on the political fallout of these suburban verdict in the dangerous political games being played by the so-called community activist. stay with us. >> edward snowden inching closer to the asylum deal with rusa. with rusa. we have the fall'' --
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lou: breaking news tonight from capitol hil of voting to delay obamacare individual mandate. the vote of the 251 through
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174. 22 democrats siding with the republicans on the boat. republicans making the point of the obama administratn will provide employers with a one-ar delay, they will also provide for the individuals. both of those will no doubt be ignored by the senate but you never know. there's still room for surprises from washington d.c. as for the president himself, no surprise he will defend a lot during a big speech tomorrow at the white house. backwith michael and rebecca and monica. wino presidential attention to the four children who were murdered in chicago while the jury was exonerating george zimmean ? >> i don't know the focus. is seems tobe misplaced for
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the executive brch has their powers the legislative branch has their powers of there are laws that people are unhay with the new appeal to your senators and representatives and then those are changed based on the constituency. this is not a an executive position to take on one individual case that is very unfortunate. no one wanted him to die but the court found by a jury of his peers, yes, his peers, they were fairly chosen bie sides. both the prosecution and the defense chose the six women they deliberated, they heard the law and they applied it. lou: and they believe in the u.s. judicial system except of course, the attorney general of the united states and our president and
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referenda all sharpton. >> i would love to listen to him again to set the tone for the naacp. >> i don't care how controversial you think we are. i realize when we come cover the heat is someone and we have got you sweating. we cannot have our sons and daughters put their lives of the line for anybody that wants to follow them and kill them to say it is self-defense. we did not come to are the jury verct. the jury has spoken it is time to march again. it is time march again. it i time to march again. stand-up. fight back. lou: show some guts in march on chicago where more than
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200 people killed so far this year, in the city and chicago in you might might, reverend, call-up the whithouse to talk to mr. obama talk about those children thatere murdered. qu playing games and tried to help the people the you purport to represent. that would be helpful. just a thought, rusbridge. -- reverend. this is headed where? with a rally of the msnbc post. maybe i will start an action network. this is crazy stuff. msnbc host, reverend al sharpton and activist, a political advisor to the president, really, what is he doing? >> he is freelancing in the white house is with him and the justice department will help him.
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lou: they paid for demotrations. the justice department paid to help the demonstrations against the georgia zimmermann last year. >> and it is supposed to be the non bias' body. where is that the? lou: why the hell should the justice department? >> there is the other side to the chicago story. you have new york and eric colder talks about "stand your ground" but the york city police department the most successful police department in america abt getting guns off the street, eric holder wants to put a federa monitor on it because he thinks they are too restless because tens of thousands of lives but yet holder wants to smack down his priorities are backwards
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>> we have all seen verdicts that we disagree. casey anthony, o.j. simpson simpson, this system is constructed th way. what they do now to use the president and the attorney general, the department of justice equal protection of the law, which use that section of the u.s. government to exploit a verdict for political purposes to empower them to you do that? it is destructive to our constitution and our way of life. that the national media plays along, a totally reckless and irresponsle and destructive. lou: they will kowtow to the power and president obama anll eric holder are not speaking to them but they hold power political and governmental power in this
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countrand tonight we will speak truth to power and thank you for doing so. turning to wall street and get a 10 month low in june lookin at a slowdown of apartment no. construction stocks finishing flat after testimony from bernanke. retire from the stage if you will. the dowow gains 19 points. rolling stone magazine tops off the day's list of award winners on the broadcast for this tasteless cover and we will bring you up-to-date on who else is winning the lowest award tonight. stay with us.
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lou: i bet you have noticed some ds it seems that
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politicians are competing to say the dumbest things possible and when they do we would like to recognize them they have ne and said our first lottery this senator lindsey graham who suggested this week the united states should consider boycotting the 2014 winter olympics in russia if it grants asylum to edward snowden. e suggestion and quickly shot down by house speaker john baker. >> i love senator graham we have been close friends for 20 years be he is dead wrong why would we want to punish u.s. athletes who have been trading for three years to compete in the olympics over a trader who cannot find a place to call home? lou: well said.
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reapplied you. by the way democrat senator also rejected the suggestion and so did the top rsian lawmaker you don't see that consensus every day and senator graham is the beneficiary of that all. he is the first dunce cap of the evening. congratulations for you have to be trembling with the honor. next up senator john mccain who has been sounding like the democrats have a best friend and ally and collaborator. here is the president giving a shot out with richard coeur dray a the new director of the said consumer protection financial bureau. >> yesterday richard was officially confirmed i want to tnk senators from both
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parties including senator reid, senator mcconnell, as senator mccain for coming together to help to get him confirmed. lou: that's right. senator mccain getting credit to brok the la-minute deal to preserve the filibuster and it was senator mccain who helped the gang of 8 bill passed last month by the way the house is so opposed to the legislation they have refused to take it up and is dead on arrival dspite the cannes help. political is reporting he is very fond with majority leaderarry reid this week for going against his party in aligning himself with those of washington senator mcca gets a dunce cap.
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richly deserved. we finally break protocol with an entire organization has the award. rolling stone magazine for their new list cover glamorizing boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnev. no explanation needed. sometimes you just don't have to say too much. their actions are just plain upid. >> the fe of the immigration reform rest with representatives. we used to live with a bear.
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[] we'd always have to go everywhere with it. get in the front. we drive. it was so embarrasing that we just wanted to say, well, go away. shoo bear. but we can't really tell bears what to do. moooooommmmmm!!! then one day, it was just gone. mom! [announcer] you are how you sleep. tempur-pedic.
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peace of mind is important when so we provide it services you bucan rely on. with centurylink as your trusted it partner, you'll experience reliable uptime for the network and services you depend on. multi-layered security solutions keep your information safe, and sere. d responsive dedicated support meets youreeds, and eases your mind. centurylink. your link to what's next. lou: temperatures from minnesota at two
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massachusetts soaring to new dangerous levels as the firsbig heat wave of the summer has landed on the east coast. pas of 19 states are under weather advisories with temperatures hitting 90 degrees o higher the weather now amed for at least one death of a man dying from heat exhaustion in kentucky. a cold front will begin to drop self starting tomorrow but it will not sweep into the other states until saturday now talk about the children brought to the united stas illegally it is being hammered out by eric cantor and bob could not. >> these children we brought here of no accord on their own and frankly there
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an a very difficult position and i think any members believed that this needs to be addressed. >> his comments seemed to be coming from the question when it will release the immigration proposal. joining us now is a member of the so-called gain of seven and the appropriations committee. greaeat to have you with us. your reaction into the speaker's remarks regarding the children brought to the united states by illegal immigrants? >> one thing that the defiance of united states of america is the aristocracy we could be a drug dealer we don't hold that against the children yet people here their parents made that decision they have done everything right and we should hold them accountable for their actions and that is what the speaker is
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lking about. reordination of laws. lou: your house is one of rules and order. are you going to proceed as the chair did has persisted with regar rules of order and hearing sandy open to and transparent process? when you try to ramt happens something down the throat of the american people. obamacare soundfamiliar? what we want to do we address stand we have an immigration system that is broken. but we have to get right we're not an a hurry to rh legislation but make sure we get it that fixes the system to protect rule of law to help the economy and fixes
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what is broken and tory a to get right. >> did you are supporting the incremental process by a spker brainer as well? >> frankly it is a strategy position if we do that and one bill or three bills th what i am committed to do i got elected not just to sit here a do nothing but fix problems and everybody recognizes we have a broken immigrationsystem in millions who are here undocumented and to ignore those will not make a go way. i want to fix and to right and carefully to make sure since we have a president follows the lives he wants to follow or selectively only those th once enforced
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we need to ensure it fixes the problem and does it right so we have to take more time then so be it. lou: i say the american people are ready to fix that immigration system and have been for a long time but they have been gained by politicians of both parties. what they ask is language and action to secure the border to assure we will not go through this nonsense again to make certain we come up with a rolution to secure the border and the ports first and foremost. do y think the house and the republican party and the
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senate are ready to go there? >> we have to be. this cannot be the only country on the planet that can determine, every other planet by the way makes the decisions but we for some reason are not allowed to? in those tt selectively enforced the law and knowing that we have to pass legislation has to be done methodically. the force is the administration that is a crucial part. that frankly the leg
10:39 pm
system is not working so kid we create a system that legitimately works? can we do all those things in a responsible fashion? there are llions here and documented. lou: those are ready to do exactly that. not to be gained by this president or either polititical party sinecure right. border security was promised but not delivered but ifwe really can have the enforceable border security, a common-sse security with the added challenge if we can't do
10:40 pm
that they will excepted then if not it will not pass the house. lou: take the minute to visit our social sites for the link to e-mailfacebook , follow me: twitter. we could spend a lot of time together. ben bernanke easing wall street concerns while placing the blame squarely on washington d.c.. we will talk with the author of high-frequency trading in what direction it is likely to be. inexpert
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lou:he stocks are flat after ben bernanke testified
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they remain flexible with the bo purchases. >> unemployment still high and with inflation running below our objective it will remain appropriate for the foreseeable future. they are by no means for the market. >> our nextuest author of the book high-frequency tring. >> it is always a huge pleasure to be here. lou: is the embracing all investors and equities? >> the most interesting thing today is he emphasizes
10:45 pm
he is switching more to inflation targeting kept emphasizing he is looking to target the 2% inflation rate and over the past 10 years and he actually personally believes it is over and the good times are to come. with their equilibrium growth. >> with the unemployment rate and inflation as you point out of nowhere near that 2.5% taet that has to worry a lot of people. the esters thinks we should
10:46 pm
just got the asset purchases right nowo move onto a real economy we have areal prospect to move intohe deflationary environment? >> but the perfect case for that is japan. with under quantitative easy for a while and has been in a deflationary environment. that is still there. >> everyby is buying putting money into equits. lou: aig have conviction of that. >> i do. lou: looking at to be a nationalark, in the last
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lou: a close call 220 miles abovearth, in an italian astronaut had to abort the space walk yesterday after a water leak occurred in his helmet. 1.he could not even talk or
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skier because of the water filling his helmet. nasa said he could have choked and drowned. there is no word on what caused it but he is injured and treated thank you for the positive thoughts and prayers. to members of congress want to make the landing sites on the moon national parks to protect them from private enterprise. we thought we would talk to somebody who knows he is taing about on this issue issue, the last man to have walked on the moon, it is great to have you with us come a captive. >> great to be with you. lou: let me get your reaction to what that must be like. you spend almost one full month in space but for that action ought to have water filling his helmet, your reaction?
10:52 pm
>> been there and done that for you may remember i was the second american to walk in space with the pretty ambitious plan and quite frankky we found out we didn't know what we're doing you have a lot of help but you are really out there alone and there was some concern buy would become a human satellite. that w not my intent but with its zero gravity he has a water cooled suit. it is a closed loop that just circulates. i don't know wt happened there could have been a whole with a zero gravity it is in a bubble you don't have the ability, you cannot get your he hands inside your helmet. lou: he had a problem and
10:53 pm
you had a few problems and of course, people think of u.s. the last man to walk on the moon but you had some pretty close calls as well. but to share with the audience your most harrowing moment? >> you learn not only from other people's mistakes but fromour own. tom and i tried to recreate, we did everything bubbly and. we went down to 47,000 feet by they would have been staged on the moon with the back of guidance system to separate the vehicles justice if we had actually landed. that was the plan and it worked out pretty well.
10:54 pm
we have practiced this 1 million times that we had to guidance systems we had a switch in the middle, i switched to abor and he reached over and switched it to primary and the primary guided system had a way deal where we were. we n only learned from othepeople's mistakes but we also learn from our own. lou: you had 15 seconds to fix that? >> and i sawt about eight times in 15 seconds at another 10 seconds he would have seen enough energy at of the ore bet but it when i became command of apollo 79 told my partner this is
10:55 pm
your part of the spacecraft and is is my part in did you reach of rye will break your are. [laughter] lou: always great to talk with you and listen to you. very quickly with you thk of the idea of a national park? >> you may think it is of little farled -- far-fetched but the apollo 11 landing site is in international treasure of our country. i do think there is some merit in the ada to keep the pristine to keep the same way nature has done that but to keep the same way when neal made the last of the first deaths.
10:56 pm
the rest, we do need to bring some artifacts back but they should belong to the nation whose took them to be displayed for all humanity. we have gone to the north pole, a south pole, we just left this planet half a century ago and that spot that really ended on the moon truly is a historic monument to civilization. lou: well said. i could gde agree with you more. i have to say it is still standing to think after all these years your last words as she prepared to leave you knew it would be a l lg time before we got back and it has been far too long and just as always thank you for all the you have done.
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making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger.
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>> thought this bad crash was bad. it. neil: what happened today? we were down for a while, at thousand points, a big concern that maybe we were finally having correction, i.e. meltdown correction. they used a cra stuff like that because hackers are targeting stock exchanges and things could get worse. welcome, everyone. re than half of the world's exchges say the there were victims of tac attacks last year. trying to crash markets and steal millions. the majority come from china. today we learned china has more than hal a billion internet users which m


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