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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 8, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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you for joining us, have a great night. see you back here tomorrow. lou: good evening thank you for being with us, you are looking at president obama today, president obama choosing to not answer any questions on russian president putin. and the administration's consolation of a one-on-one meeting between the leaders next month -- cancellation of the meeting, president's press secretary had a lot to say about president putin, russian leadership and without any awareness of irony what so ever, the important work that united states and russia should be undertaking. jay carney, highlighting how important engagement with russia is for the united states on a number of issues, despite
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cancelling the meeting with the man that white house deems so critical to the resolution of those issues, carney at times used language that it was difficult to always understand his meaning..@ >> we had a lot of fish to fry if you will with the russian, we have a lot of issues to engages with the russians over. the president is disappointed as he said, and i said, by the decision that russian made not to return mr. snowden to the united states. lou: carney confirmed that putin's asylum approval for snowden provoked at least in part the high profile snub of russian leader by the president. but denied that putin was a quote, irtant to the white house. moments later carney seemed to long for days with was running
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the kremlin. >> we run into obstacles based on policy not individuals there is no question some progress we made with russia on issues of interest of our national security and our broader interests came when of in office. lou: has over past 6 months all but dropped from sight, we'll take out the white house snit over putin, and three drone strikes today that killed terrorists in yemen. with former u.s. ambassador to -nited nations, john bold en, and judic miller, also, white house calls benghazi a phony scandal, pat smith lost her son sean to terrorists that day, she
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says there is nothing phones about that ca -- phony about th. "new york times" reported nsa is snooping on a broader range of americans who communicate with people overseas. this issthe director of nsa, reveals new steps to prevent another snowden from accessing america's top-secret, fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with the report. >> reporter: general keith alexander, revealed a new step to crackdown, prevent computer administrator from leaking classified documents, revealing he slashing by 90% the nearly 1,000 systems administrators either employed by his agency or
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like snowden hired as contractors. >> what we're in the process of doing, not fast enough, reducing system by 9% for first -- 90% to make our networks more secure. >> reporter: nsa official told fox the agency had been planning the cuts before the leaks but is now accelerating them to reduce number of outside people with access to sensitive information. nsa officials saying that move will provide quote, greater grand layerty of data access control, supported with strong crypto graphic enforcement as president obama faces new questions about how extensive nsa surveillance programs are, after new york time today respects that nsa is searching contents of visit amount of americans e-mails and particular communication, not -- techs text communication. >> we can track a phone number
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or a e-mail address that we know is connected to some sort of ter iterrorist threat that is usefu. >> reporter: white house stress there are procedures. >> is minimized. and dealt with. >> reporter: on terror issue, administration also still facing questions of credibility over benghazi, asked in a new fox poll, 62% said that administration is trying to cover it up, 27% said they are open and transparent. >> political posturing and scandals. >> reporter: 78% said that benghazi is serious, 17% said phony, critics charge to avoid another benghazi administration is now over reacting to current threats. >> that is a victory, to al qaeda on political level.
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>> reporter: others credit president this time with moving quickly. >> president has to act on a credible threat, and take action to protect his people. >> reporter: these hot topics could come up tomorrow when the president faces the press, first solo news conference at the white house since april 30. lou: former u.s. ambassador to united nations, john bolten joining us now, and judy miller, thank you. judy, your reaction to the strikes three -- three strikes now today, in yemen, what is the purpose, and what and who are the targets? >> lou, we assume that these are al qaeda-related target, we assume it has something do with the alert, we assume it has something to do with closure of 20 embassies, this is a very serious problem. we still don't have a lot of reporting on the specifics of
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the threat to american targets or embassy. lou: should the american people be outraged they do not know who is being killed by u.s. military @%wer. they don't know why. and at whose order ? >> i don't think they should be. i think, you lou loose lips sink ships it is better sent at this point to take out the presumtive attackers, if that is what it was in and around -- >> i have to say with a smile, the presumtive attackers something about commander in chief ordering an attack and not explaining to the american people his vision, or his goals, either in foreign policy or military.
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>> respect greatly, general jack king was here talking about fact that man, president of united states is not our tax lated a -- articulated a vision for u.s. and his policies in middle east since he took off. >> because his idea, i think these drone strikes were decided by hill tear and intel -- military and intelligence who believed they were going after the people of the cause of the attack that is the boast you will find out -- best you will find out. lou: if this is the best we can do as a constitutional republic with about 2 at this poin 250 y, it seems we're restraining values that have been fought for
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by country men. >> i agreeing 12 hyundais ts 12. >> in defense of president, he gets attacked when he does not respond then he gets attacked for not explaining what he is doing. lou: i am criticizing him for not speaking straightforwardly in a plain spoken manner in the american people. who have, we're citizens we're no one's servants, these are public ser vens. we have a right to be told by our leaders what they are doing and why and how. that is not been our particular -- arctic lated. >> i think that misleading statement that come from mouths of his spokesmen and others around him about what is going on with the nsa, about all of the other things we're not going after journalists, we would
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never accuse them of violating the esp espionage act until the. it has been misleadinggstatement after misleading statement. yes, i understand why you are upset, and excited. i am not upset about the drone strikes in yemen, not now. lou: i i watch this administration against, leaking about itself that is, surveillance programs, and nsa itself. there is more attention it seems to me, being given by national media, to the efforts to discover more about what the nsa is surveilling and built into that as an editorial cant.
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we're hearing a lot less about how we're going to go out and kill al qaeda, and the regions that we just talked about that is the middle east. and north africa. >> i think this is serious. i think the defenders of nsa program have a real problem, they take seriously most of them, 3 their oath, not to leak what nsa is doing. it takes a lot more time for truth on get out to explain it. lou: you can find one idiot in this country, judy, who did not assume or expect the nsa to be surveilling communications between people in this country, and foreign citizens who might, who might, mean this country harm? >> i think that people assumed that was going on.
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lou: did you for example? >> i assumed that some of it was going on. lou: right. >> i didn't assume that drug enforcement agent might be able to ask nsa for access to data collected and stored. >> how about with the internal revenue service. >> or the irs, or any of half dozen other agencies that -- >> why is there this focus on nsa? and some of the most, i think, silly characters in washington, running around beating their choaft about very havchest abou. it is absurd to wash them being taken seriously by the left-wing press, why is that energy exerted rather than saying, you know where is the threat? what are we doing about it? why isn't the commander in chief speaking to the american people? by the way, in a report full tone for president, we want --
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iin a respectful tone. lou: you would lak like to hearm him other than through jay leno. lou: or carney. >> i think he would like -- >> his administration is leak behave of the nonsense that is spewed. >> he would like to find a way not to relent. the first question is what stress do we face in the world, what techniques do they use to iner didiounerin-- inciden enda. lou: i have to tell you, i'm pleased we have not creeded
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cededanything to anyone. >> this is an important point, while president does not ar take late threats, i would say for 4 1/2 years, republicans have failed to criticize. american people say -- >> you have to be excited that senator lan lindsey graham and n mccain have been trying to bring back the muslim brotherhood. >> we could try another means of excitement. >> that is the republican party, foreign policy establishment which worrisome. >> speak for yourself. lou: thank you, both. appreciate it. shocking new claims by an years agency that embattled agency is still targets conservative groups, in specific tea party groups. the unidentified agency, telling
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a closed-door congressional committee last week that requests for special tax status from part tea party groups are d into a special secondary screening process because the irs has not come up with new guidelines. o the matter. we'll have much more on latest development and irs scandal. we'll take that up with a-team. they will join us stay with us. >> president obama likes to call benghazi a phony scandal. but 11 months later still no justice for the victims, more their families. pat smith, mother of shawn smith, shared her thought oscillatest developments. i'm only in my 60's...
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lou: a good day on wall street, stocks snapping a 3 day losing streak after a better than expected reading on jobless claims could dow up 28, fellow reserve officials continue to ratchet up their talk of tapers and not tapering on $85 billion a month bond purchase, they are talking september. here to tell us what is going on, wall street legend, lou layer men -- great to see you. >> great to see you lou. lou: i don't understand the bank officials any more, they chirp and chatter about tapering. which i think is a lousy word for what they mean. >> it does sound like tape worm,
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they could think of a better mote get fore, i have doubt they -- metaphor, i doubt they will reduce the purchase. >> why all clucking and clacking demonstrated by some. >> so-called sophisticated investors, financial class, bankers, they have depended upon 85 billion a month, $1 trillion worth of purchases by federal reserve to tighten the mortgage bond market and treasury bond market. and fixed income market they are front-running it, they are assured of profitability.
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lou: the numbers are now looking significant $195 billion in losses at the fed. because of the interest rate move. that was expected by many. but for folks who are invested here, they are watching 85, soon it might be 60, who knows 50 billion a month, these -- this is a powerful force at work. what would you counci counsel is to do? >> you have to speak for yourself. everyone has an opinion but no one revealed their own balance sheet, by advice to invest in companies that you know, in equities, especially in united states, if you don't know emerging market country, on other hand, cash balance depends on whether or not you are in debt. lou: we're suffering through a continuing lack of real strong
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positive leadership in washington. can we actually move to the next level that is prosperity itself, do we have to wait for the next presidential election? to 2014? do you see this economy making strides toward restoring prosperity? >> the ladder, i do see that. one -- the latter. despite obama neosocialist policies, the business section is so flexible, 1 they get a picture on their own economic activities, their own, enterprise. they move forward. that is what has been happening i think in last couple months, i think that economy will grow a bis faster, i think that bernanke senses that as well, that is a reason that i believe reduction in purchases to subsidize the banking system and wall strret are going to be
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reduced. lou: if you want to know more about banks system or role of money, government, and a great read on history lou's book. money, gold and history on-line. go to to get links to make that necessary, transaction, up next. presidenttobama set for annual august vacation, at martha's vineyard. why it could not come a moment too soon for this president. join us at
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let's get ready to bundle and save. now, that's progressive. oh, i think i broke my spleen! home insurance provided and serviced by third party insurers. lou: president obama is probably pretty excited right now, in under 48 hours, he and the first family will be vacationing at martha's vineyard for 8 whole days, judging from this week the president had, he needs a vacation, first a geography fail on the leno show. >> if we don't deepen our ports on the gulf, places like charleston, south carolina or,
7:27 pm
save vanasavesavannah georgia, n jacksonville, florida they may go somewhere else. lou: they are not on the gulf, they are in the atlantic ocean. then a long, pregnant pause in president's speech am camp pendleton yesterday. >> weepin keeping our military g means keeping our military family strong, michelle and vice president -- and the, joed by know's wifkedjoed byknow's wif s wife. >> come on. not to worry. just hours you will be teeing off with that 135 round of golf
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since taking office, but president has a lot of other signs ii is time to take a break, he is losing his own folks now, democrats who no longer you to the white house line. first of all senator chuck schumer. he is always smiling. a leading member of the "gang of 8", saying it would be okay with him if incremental approach in the house is taken for immigration reform. republican-led house must can't believe their ears to hear schumer backing their plan, that does not please the presiden pr, then van jones, the former green jabjobs czar, we have a spying program. you are prosecuting more
7:29 pm
whistle-blowers than any every other president combined. and senator mark pryor. signed on legislation that calls for repeal of obamacare rate control board same board that sarah palin labeled a death panel. it is a coincidence pr pryor fas one of the toughest reelect races next year or maybe it is understandable he would turn on the president. there will be more to come. but being criticized by former pal, and fellow traveler van jones, that must sting. a fox news poll found 71% of voters found that the president's newest speeches offer nothing new.
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give it a rest. relax, enjoy. come back refreshed and brimming with optimism. lou: wall street is rocking. the market hovering near record high, wall street legend new lehrman with his view on the market, and the future, next.
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lou: a military judge today ruled to fort hood shooting suspect can continue to represent himself after hasan's stand by attorneys were there judge denied request saying that attorneys had to continue to aid hasan in his reputation of himself.
7:34 pm
-- representation of himself. >> in largest study of its kind, military medical researchers found no link between deployment to war zones and combat and sharp increase in military suicides over past decade. instead, this group of scientists say factors like a predisposition to depress, mental illness and substance abuse or blame, the same triggers in the civilian world, almost everyone, including the survey authors, and critics of that survey say, that this should not if anyway be taken as a dismissal of role of combat on the state of mind of the soldiers, and marines, primarily studied in this survey.
7:35 pm
>survey. >> while president obama referred to benghazi as a "phony "scandal. families of those in the attack continue to suffer the losses, joining us is pat smith, mother of state deputy officer shawn smith, he was 34 when we lost his life at the u.s. embassy in gayle jansebenghazi last year. i would like an update on how the state department, latest development in the state department. are they helping you? are they embracing you? and the other family members issue as far as you know, of the 4 merges -- americanss who were
7:36 pm
killed? >> i don't know about the others, i have not been in touch with them, i know that the state deputy has not got nene touch with me -- gotten in touch with me at all even though they promised, they don't care about me, they just don't care about me, and they make sure that i know this. lou: how do they make sure? >> whatever i question anything, i say that i want to find out more. i would like to have information on how my son died, why was is not done, no one get bo gets bao me. lou: as you watch, almost 11 months now pass, and it is not simply you, this is a nation being stonewalled by this white house this president, this
7:37 pm
administration, this state department, we know so little about what happened that night, to your son, to the three other americans. we know nothing about what they were doing or what the administration is doing to bring justice for each one of those men killed that night. or justice for important of doing right thing. >> what part of they don't care, do you not understand? lou: do you think it is that simple? >> i think it is that simple, they just care about themselves and their political ambitions, they don't care about anybody em, people are just getting in the way, i hope to get in the
7:38 pm
way a lot. >> you are also working to make sure this does not happen to others. >> absolutely. lou: what do you hear from fol folks. >> i have no contact with anybody overseas. other than -- her here is a good one, one of the terrorists even got in touch with me, i'm being e-mailed by a terrorist. i don't know how to react to that. i wish i did have machine to talk to -- i wish i did have someone that i could talk to, this is only thing i hear. i hear from the media, i hear from a terrorist. he said he is not a terrorist any more, he are is a reformed.
7:39 pm
but i don't know the what is happening, no one has explained. my son is dead, i keep asking they keep promising i get nothing, nothing. >> pat, first. who is this terrorist you heard from? >> somebody called yamoud . i am unsure of the name. lou: we'll follow-up with you off the air, we'll, we're going to stay in touch with you, pat. >> i hope so, i want to find out, i want to know. lou: we all do. we all do. and we want to say thank you, for your time hire with us tonight -- here with us, and thank you for the service of your son. and our deepest sympathies for your loss. >> thank you. lou: we'll stay in touch, we will continue to assist you in
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anyway we can, pat smith thank you. >> up next undeniable ties between president clinton, weiner revealed next. she knows you like no one else.
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lou: southern california on high alert out after an out of control wildfire doubled overnight. 4 firefighters, and a civilian suffering undisclosed injuries. 1500 people have been forced to leave their homes, right now the fire is 10% contained. lou: a minnesota project engineer, he came forward to claim a third of that
7:44 pm
$448 million powerball jackpot. 45-year-old paul white, a divorced father of two teenaged kids collecting prize with his girlfriend, coworker and boss. other two winning tickets sold in new jersey. we're told that everyone is happy. you know things are bad for anthony weiner who he can't pick up the support of his former er er sexting partner, 23-year-old. said thht she is backing weiner's rival for new york mayor, backing kristine quinn. leathers arguing that quinn does not have impulse control problem that weiner has. and not only did former president bill clinton officiate weiner's wedding he also endorsed disgraced san diego
7:45 pm
mayor bob filner last year. we're calling that luck. congressman joh john liu. >> he said, this, quote, in keeping with people like gandhi and others, if you believe something that is not right, and unjust, you are willing to defy customming dark digs, bad laws, have you a right to defy those laws and be willing to pay the price. >> up next, one of the main faces of nbc news, highly critical of his network's planned hillary clinton documentary, the a-team will take it up and more. next. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
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lou: department of housing and urban development with a new rule, new policy called affirmatively furthering fair housing. it would require government officials to gather data on a neighborhood they deem segregated or discriminatory, officials would push policies to try to remedy the condition, such as changing zoning laws. >> warning that mexican drug cartels are spending millions of dollars to build up their network in u.s., breitbart
7:50 pm
respects that agents claim american -- reporting that american politicians are pushing these activities. >> joining me now a-team, jedediah bila, and a b stoddard. let's start with react to department of urban development. imposing this -- they have a comment period, but will impose this social engineering rule. is there anything else to call it? >> they have not been very forth coming about what the rule is going to involvement it sounds very involved. and it sounds aggressive. and does not sound like something that will be easy on execute. it sounds like they have a goal
7:51 pm
in mind to reach, some people in administration will think is is worthy, in terms of ultimate reach, i doubt it will end up doing what they want it to do. this does not sound like anything that government can pull off. >> this sounds like government overreach on steroid, this is the soft tyranny, my bud i mark levine talks about all of the time, this is a government that wants to be involved in your health charactehealth care, andn your neighborhood. is there a limit any more? lou: jedediah poses the essential question, ab, there has been little information coming forth. this appears to be an effort on
7:52 pm
again extend if you will perimeter of the imperial presidency. >> well, it is not going to be easy to get into changing zoning laws, and trying to collect data which they can then use to edit and filter neighborhoods, this does not sound workable to me, but, once it gets to that level, it spreads away from some excel sheet in a computer in the federal government, and actual to realty of the community, i don't think this a goal that is p'pursuable, it will not attract a lot of criticism. if rule now is done in hiding, does not mean if they pursue it to the end people are not going to know about it. lou: it goes to heart of 10
7:53 pm
amendment. within pervue of the local governments. i want to turn, jedediah, to fox news poll, this is a very interesting talking point that president constructed. that is that scandals all of these, are phony. they are now -- words go together. phony scandals. yet. the latest fox news poll, asks serious situation or phony scandal? and react is this, benghazi, 78% serious, nsa 69%, and doj 59%, irs 59%. >> people are no longer buying what the president is selling, they are saying barack obama, the campaign is over, we care
7:54 pm
about the issues, people care whether irs is targeting groups based on their political beliefs, these issues that americans left, right and center have come together, and said we' answers, you fought for transparency, you said you were going to bring it, we have not seen it, a lot of your promisss are unfulfilled. people expect him to get to dc, do the hard work, stop calling them phony scandals sit in the room with republicans and demonstrations, own up, have accountability. >> and ab, your thoughts on this? this is a peculiar construct for the administration. i get the idea of way tokin tryg on engineer the language, every administtation does it. but this is such a contrivance. >> i would make the distinction
7:55 pm
that, which you look at polling question, serious or phony? they are all viewed as serious. but i believe that majority of electorate does not care so much about necessary nsa story, i want separate that out. the irs is most upsetting of the scandals. we all fear the irs that is as renat issue. i think that what happens with fishing expedition of pretty's activities. is also a big deal, and benghazi where administration has refused to explain to people what
7:56 pm
happened. and only just this week charged couple of suspects. but, did not arrest or detain them. i would separate out my personal view, that nsa is something that most americans believe, was happening along they were not surprised. a madge fee believe this is a -- majority believe this is a likely necessary. the way that other scandals will continue. >> i would agree with a smallic soaptioexception, with young vo, this is heavy. there is a lot of voter,. lou: and it still appeared as number 2 on list of those most serious scandals, i agree with you both. what good judgment. >> they are all phoney. >> thank you very much. >> jedediah thank you.
7:57 pm
>> and ab. >> thank you. thank you for joining us, see you tomorrow, good night from new york.
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>> surprise, white house still pushing a welfare state. charles: welcome, i am charles payne in for neil cavuto. 's fannie and fred to dole out cash. michelle fields is fed up with this, we're talking about modern welfare state, $search an hour job can get $ 15 an hour, and


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