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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 17, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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website at we're on the radio every weekday from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. eastern. we'll have another great tv show next week here on fox business. and in the meantime, i hope you'll join me on the radio. good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. bloody deadly violence in the streets of cairo today and more violence is expected as the military shuts down demonstrations supporting deposed president mohamed morsi. president obama tonight appears to be assuming role of the great appeaser in the middle east. in northern africa and south asia, willing, it seems, to negotiate american interests and the interests of our allies with the taliban to in some interests directly affiliated with groups in al qaeda and muslim brotherhood for a significant if
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not dominant role in the egyptian government. we'll be exploring throughout the region the degree to which the obama foreign policy is responsible and whether this administration cannot successfully play a struktive role in support of egypt's secular military and in the shaping of a new democratic government with or without the muslim brotherhood and any forthcoming governing coalition. our foreign policy expert will also take on the issue of why mr. obama wants the muslim brotherhood's participation despite the objections of the secular military and other elements of the egyptian governing coalition. this is where things stand tonight in egypt. the interim government came into power after the removal of mohamed morsi, an development the president still refuses to call a coup cracked down ominous limb demonstrators today and in a deadly violent fashion,
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military police working to move them, virt actually since he was stopped. bulldozers, tanks, helicopters, cops, killing well over 200 civilians. the government reporting that at least 49 police have been killed in attacks by morsi supporters who stormed police stations across cairo. entire neighborhoods falling into battle lines among neighbors on opposite sides of the political con front tangs. egypt's into trim president declaring a month-long state of security. men sar ordering the military and police to restore law and order and to protect state facilities. vice president mohamed elbaradei, however,as withdrawn.
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elbaradei had withdrawn shortly after the onset of bloodshed saying, quote, it has become difficult for me to continue bearing responsibility for decisions that i d not agree with and whose consequences i fear. fox news sources on the ground report that el baredy had clashed repeatedly with the chief of egypt's military over the standoff with morsi's brotherhood supporters. the president today, silent on the manner, a he continues his vacation on martha's vineyard with another round of golf. the white house sending deputy press secretary josh ernest to the cameras to condemn those attacks before secretary of statjohn kerry made the following remark. this sounds a lot like an endorsement of the muslim brotherhood and their leader of choice, mohamed morsi. >> these events are deplorable, and they run counter to egyptian aspirations for peace,
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inclusion, and genuine democracy. the egyptians iide and outside the government need to take a step back. >> kerry's surprise appearance at the state department briefing marked by his hubs that egypt parties can work out a diplomatic solution. this as the obama state department refuses to claim that egypt is now embroiled in a civil war or that the military takeover could be described as a coup. we're looking at an administration that still has not defined what has happened in a foreign nation over a month ago sincehis president was removed from office or how they plan for that matter to preserve american interests in that region and nation. fox news chief whington correspondent james rosen has the report. >> reporter: u.s. officials said the horrific spetacl of them firing on the protesters once
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again raise the specter of civil war in the world's most populou arab nation dealt a blow to them. they urged all parties to cease fire and resume dialogue. >> i presume that path is still open and it is possible, though it has been made much, much harder, much more complicated by the events of today. >> reporter: national security adviser susan rice has been briefing president obama during his vacation on martha's vineyard. his spokesman was pressed on whether theousster of the muslim government in july and its latest assault ominous limb supporters don't make it clear that they have staged a cow data coup de tat in egypt. the obama administration has tap-danced around it like fred astaire. >> what i'm trying to say to you is there are certain legal obligations that go with the definition of a coup, and it has
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been determined by senior foreign policy officials in this administration to not make a determination. >> we look at our legal requirements determine that we're not required to make a determination. we look at everything through the prism at what is the impact on national security, on regional stability? how can we best play a role? >> reporter: they say it's misguided with disastrous effects. as we predicted and feared, he tweeted, we fear they have taken over. >> from cairo to baghdad, we're failing across the board. obama's foreign policy is not working. the mid east is literally in flames, and the biggest prize of all is egypt. if we lose egypt. if egypt becomes a failed fractured state, i cannot imagine what israel's future looks like.
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>> reporter: ker spoke with elbaradei after he resigned, but he added that kerry made no effort to persuade elbaradei to stay on in his job. lou? >> james, thank you. the obama administration's failure to accurately describe the situation in egypt is somewhat surprising because its was quick to frame the ft. hood massacre as workplace violence after the self described mao shah ha dean major nidal hasan kill 13d of our troops and wounded more than 30 others. it is outrageous that this administration would not describe truth truthfully the reality on the ground around the world and particularly in my judgment at ft. hood. for more on what appears to be a tactical victory by the military in egypt an a war on the secular solution, joining us fox
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contributor judith miller. also dr. walib ferris. good to have you both here. let me ask you first, judy. is it a government having its way? is it establishing itself, or is it on the edge of a right rebellion? >> well, i think the government, whiches that support of the majority of the egyptian people was actually pushed by the egyptian people into this very dramatic and risky policy. >> the egyptian people or the people? >> the egyptian people wanted them to get out of the streets, end the encampments that are basically closing off much of cairo to their own people. they had had it with morsi and the muslim brotherhood. they wanted the egyptian military to take charge and
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restore egypt. that's what's happening today. that's why the administration is having a hard time on the one hand supporting the military and on the her hand still attempting to support democracy. >> honestly i see it more than just difficult, wad. i see it so enflikting in its statements and initiatives, sending mccann ain and others te muslim brotherhood. they wanted that out but so did others of the presumptive coalition. what is your analysis? >> they made it very, very clear. after there are decisi-makers, they think it's chaos. it is not chaos. it is part of the war on terror. what happened today as you just said in the introduction, is a win, is a tactical victory in
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the war against extremists. they're the mother company, the mother machine that has been feeding all the others. so the army, as judith said, listened to what the people have said. they mandated the army. 23 million on june 3rd marched and another 30 to 40,000 march and asked the army to get rid of the armed enclaves in cairo. this is not against democracy or the demonstration. they can do the demonstration as wuch as they want. let me a you both, and judy,ty'll start with you. why are they sending off lindy graham and mccain? where is this administration supporting the brotherhood when they're a clear and present danger to stability not only in egypt but of the region?
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>> lou, i don't think they are supporting the muslim brotherhood. i think what they want to avoid is the muslim brotherhood going underground and starting to wage the kind of terrorism within egypt that the jihadees have waged throughout the middle east. the only way to do that is to get the military to include them in some way, shape, or form. and so you send mccain and you send graham to deliver that message. >> that message -- that isn't the message i flank heard them deliver, insisting upon egyptian/brotherhood participation. speaking directly to the leaders of the secular military, including the general, this is preposterous on its face to me that their idea about avoiding a guerilla war with a muslim brotherhood is to put them in a significant role within a coalition, a governor coalition. >> well, i think as long as the
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military is calling the shots, you can afford to have some muslim brotherhood participation without risking mility civilian control or i should say military secular control of the country. >> but we're talking about an organization that has just lost with morsi being thrown from office by the military. walid, your thoughts. >> look. many advisers, academics in washington have been advising the administration and outside the administration that the muslim brotherhood are kneee. once in government, they're going to be very nice. that is not the case. >> they'll do as much as they can when they grab the entire government. what did he do? that's why there was 60 million
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egypt chans who rose against him. what the muslim brotherhood needs to do is to reform. do what gorbachev tried to do in the communist party and he failed them. >> i cannot look -- elbaradei, stepping in, stepping out, what is his vision in his own role in egypt's politics and its future? >> well, lou, i think the man who won the nobel peace prees can hardsly sit back and watch hundreds of his people be slaughter. >> are you saying his people are the muslim brotherhood? >> no. egyptians. anyone killed in egypt. he was okay with doing it in a gentler kinder way of starving
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them out. >> he's a preposterous man. >> elbaradei was a u.n. man who spent more time in egypt. he doesn't know his own country and i think we've seen that today. >> he was not quick to say, oh, no, please stay with us. was he? >> no, no. we've been seeing him on many networks. there are 500 elbaradeis with degrees. el pair day is a afraid. he's afraid to step down and come back when the procesis clarified. >> thank you very much. attorney general eric holder gives a speech oven why he andpot thank they're entitled to
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more on the attorney general's latest so-called smart on crime policy. i'm joined by criminal defense attorney fox news legal analyst arthur aidala and christopher adams who served under both presidents bush and obama. the author of the book "injustice." christian, good to have you with us. arthur, let me turn to you. we have heard from a number of people today that basically as controversial as it seems, that the attorney general is really asking prosecutors, u.s. attorneys, to do what they're already doing. >> well, here's the -- i think
8:19 pm
the general concept is a good concept that's heading in the right direction. state courts have been doing this with drug laws for a long time. we d it in new york. we overhauled the laws. there's too many people in jail for these drug crimes. however, the way he's telling -- >> you know, this is a novel thing to say. there are way too many people to have been found guilty of offending drug laws. >> americans have more people in jail than any member on the planet earth statistically speaking. what he's doing is basical changing the laws of congress without going in and actually changing the laws of congress and he's doing it in a very simple way. he told the prosecutors, don't put in the amount of drugs which would trigger a mandatory minimum sentence, which the judge has no discretion. >> christian, that is to me the
8:20 pm
most incendiary insulting part of what the administration is doing. basically telling prosecutors to withhold evidence. >> yeah. why do we always seem to have an attorney general always on the side of the lawless. they're going to essentially be concealing relevant information from the court. if the federal judges are smart, they'll start asking the u.s. attorneys in court, how many drugs did he have. we can debate the federal drug laws. it's a mess. the one thing they ought to do is tell the truth. this guy has a problem over and over and over again adhering to the rule of law and telling the truth. >> let me turn now to another challenge and that is the border surge and asylum seekers, arthur. we're looking at now what many authorities may feel attempts to swamp the system by claiming asylum from mention cal nationals who claimly did not claim asylum.
8:21 pm
they simply crossed the border. what's going on? >> what do we do? it's the foundation of america is to welcome people in as long as they're legal people who are here who want to come in legally, want to become tax-paying members and respected members of our society. i don't know what to do. what do you tell them? no, we're not going to take you. if you come from check oom czec ya. >> i don't know what's happening. do you think there's an organized effort to crash the system? i don't know. >> do i? you wrote three books. how about it? what do you think is going on. >> of course, there's an organized effort. this is the -- the justice department is giving orders and the dss is giving orders to cut people loose once they catch them if th invoke the magic
8:22 pm
words or they're putting them up at the sheraton san diego. these people belong in detention centers before a judge can hear their claim. this is a deliberate every effort to swamp the system. it's what the left always does. why is this president always on the side of the radicals and the lawless. why are they always aiding the law breakers and not defending the law-abiding citizen. >> you have a lot more experience than i do. i happen to agree the drug laws aren't working and something has to happen and if you look at the local government systems, what has been working is more programs, more rehabilitation. if you look at the prak ters, they say no one should cut a break if they used a weapon, if they sell drugs to a minor. they're talking about the
8:23 pm
schmks as we call them in brooklyn. >> but the schmucks aren't being incarcerated. >> under the current law they are and the judge who wants to give them break can't. >> do you agree with that? >> it's a job for congress, not a king to change the law. there should be a debate in congress about the federal mess of ridiculous drug laws, but it'sot the attorney general's laws to apiece racial interest groups by changing the law like a king would do. >> federal judge ruled the nypd deliberately violated the rights of tens of thousands with the so-called stop and frisk measure which is not only a law enforcement tactic but also an anti-terrorism tactic. >> it's a huge ruling especially here in new york city. and one of the things she found was statistically showing it was
8:24 pm
either 80 or 88% of people who were stopped were let go, which means the officers who were saying they had reason to believe they were doing something wrong, were only correct 12% of the time? she's saying you're stopping people because of the way they looked, not because you saw a bulge. >> that's a pretty amazing powerful of inferential logic on the part of the judge. i can see her drawing some conclusions, but you could as easily, could you not, say they are being thorough and you're casting a wide net. you would haven't to infer it with us profiling. >> she took months of testimony from out of the office. >> how about this? what were their races and egts is inties? i don't want to hear inferential logic from a judge who in all likelihood -- well, won't say
8:25 pm
it. christian adams, you get the last word, sir. >> they have consistently been hostile against these great american traditions of liberty, honesty, and the rule of law and every day we learn more and more new things. >> indeed we do. appreciate it, christian adams. thank you, arthur. up next, attorney general eric holder demanding a sentence to handle the situation. the question, dumm criminals or smarter law enforcement? clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy. and my local scottrade office guides my lening every step of the way. because they know i don't trade like everybody.
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while the entire population has increased by a third since 1980, the prison population has grown by an astonishing rate, by almost 800%. it's still growing, despite the fact that federal prisons are operating at 40% above capacity. >> that's attorney general holder announcing he wants shorter jail time if at all for some drug offenders. for the past 4 1/2 years this
8:29 pm
administration has been talking about economic fairness, leveling the playing field, and now it appears we're catching too many criminals and this isn't fair to them. our law enforcement is too good, too smart, too effective and attorney general holder used the 1987 incarceration rate compared to today. take a look at this. back then, there were 146 prisoners for every 140,000 living in the country. 146. now in the latest year available, 2011, there were 492 prisoners for every 100,000 people. now, i mean that's -- is that some sort of anomaly? is there some problem there? holder certainly makes it sound like a problem, doesn't he? now he wants to level the playing field as they seem they alwa want to do no matter the issue, but take a look at these
8:30 pm
statistics back in 1980. in 1980 there were 5,900 reported crimes per 100,000 population. 5,950, the murder rate, that plummeted as well. in 1980, 10.2 per 100,000. it's been cult by more than half, down to 4.7 murders for every 100,000 people. so what is happening with the nation's incarceration rate? maybe mandatory minimum sentences are to blame or maybe our criminals are getting dumber. law ens forcement getting just too smart. what is the issue here? is it really that we need to release people from prison earlier than required under these mandatory provisions? because those mandatory provisions are fundamental to
8:31 pm
the incredible decline and the crime rate in this country. and did you know that earlier this month a tennessee man called the police to report a home invasion when they allegedly took his safe of marijuana, guns, and drug money? dumber cases. a little advice to the tennessee fellow, don't ask the police to find your marijuana and other ill-gotten gains and some advice to the attorney general. leave the legisling to congress. it points out that three of our past presidents had they been apprehended under the current drug guidelines for drugs they were taking, they would not have become president of the united states and that would be a shame. those presidents are george clinton, grge bush, and barack obama. it seems more like an argument for many, of course, for many
8:32 pm
dr apprehensions, not more leniency. forgethe reset. not exactly first move toward cordial relations. fox national security analyst k.t. mcfarland next. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! travelings easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet?
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careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimmene, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. president obama denying that his relationship with vladimir putin is bad, but then he said this about putin. you figure it out. >> i don't have a bad personal relationip with putin. when we have conversations, they're cab dindid, they're blu. oftentimes they're constructive. i know oftentimes the pess like to focus on body language and he's got that slouch, looking like the bored kid in the back
8:36 pm
of a classroom. >> whoa. if that's a good relationship, i don't know. those comments after the cancellation over the snowden asylum. the next, obama and putin are behaving like teenaged boys, k.t. mcfarland. glad to have you with us. >> thank you. >> there's something disconcerting about the president using that kind of language with any leader. it's anything but presidential. >> they are behaving like boys on the playground. it would be a joke if peace weren't hanging in the balance. the joke is putin looks bored. >> he neefrs been personal. >> never been personal. the president has made -- as you
8:37 pm
just heard. >> it smacks of desperation. >> desperate of what? >> putin is outsmartg obama at every step of the game. obama makes these grand sweeping gestures. putin says you didn't translate that word right. obama says we're going to cancel this. putin says thanks very much but i'm going to continue to help the ianians with their nuclear program. the ruians say, no thank you very much, but why don't you cancel the whole missile defense system too. it's not working and i think the president doesn't realize he's got the ace up the sleeve that he's not playing. >> what is the ace? >> american energy enpen dense. russia's whole economy is built on the economy to export them at a high price. they're eastern -- >> but they hold europe.
8:38 pm
>> hostage. >> -- in their hand. >> poland. why don't we stop in poland on the way to the g-20 summit and bring energy objectives. >> you were talking about strong poverty leadership. that's at least a few years office if the president continues the pattern he's established in the first four and half, isn't it? >> not really because you can have a turnaround in the oil for example if he gave approval for the keysto pipeline. >> he's made it clear whoenlt. >> he's made it clear he won't. >> that's what i'm saying. >> you're going to have to wait until a new president comes in. >> there's a little bleep there. i apologize. >> it's right there within our grasp. it's such a shame to see the president not exploiting the situation. the russians have failed to develop any other economy. who bice russian computers, russian cars or clothes. you buy russian oil or natural gas. if the oil prices aren't high --
8:39 pm
>> or you buy russian warheads. >> your buy russian warheads, exactly. i think if the president of the united states said, okay, here's the game, you need american technology and foreign investmento develop your oil fields. that's not going to happen. the president refuses to do that. as a result, they look like boys on the playground. >> speaking of boys on the playground, no boy is having more fun on the playground than john mccain. >> i don't quite gethat. zipping around the world, invading everybody's authority. but, you know, snowden has done some real message which the chinese an ryu shabs go. how we go about intelligence gather and obviously there's the opportunity to humiliate the president, which putin loves. >> k.t. mcfarland, always good
8:40 pm
to hear from you. >> thank you. >> our always helpful federal government. now the government out with an education on the report of safety. you don't recommend what teachers do with a shooter situation. what would you take to a gun fight? we take my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side.
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the department of education today released a 67-page report on emergency planning for the nation's schools. the report contains, frankly, absolutely ridiculous advice on,000 defend against a school shooter. we're going to tell you all about it. the agency saying there are three basic options for students and teachers that allow them to manage an active shooter situation as they t it. run away from the shooter is one option. hide in as safe a place as possible. or fight back using things such
8:44 pm
as fire extinguishers and chairs against a shooter. education secretary arne duncan apparently doesn't realize you can't outrun a bullet. and you should never bring a knife to a gun fight, you certainly can't bring a fire extinguisher to a gunfight and expect to survive, yet they did precisely that in this report. lease we'll and brad friedman. thank you both for being here. lease, let me turn to jason patric and a sperm donor who wants to be so much more. >> he doesn't want to be so much more. he did sign paper saying i want to be part of this baby's life. the baby is now 3 years old. he did sign that form. he did not relinquish custody and that's really the big thing that's different here, from men
8:45 pm
who relinquish company. now what's happening is there's a billion being presented i thing as a possible luck policy matter, you want them to be involved. not just paying child support but being involved. we want to support that. >> it's a conflict in our society and culture that's going to work its way through. do you think that men will have parental rights in cases like this? >> i thank i will. i think the california case is going to go through. the california law is going go through. and if the man can show he really is involved in the child's life in the best interest of the child, he should be involved. >> brad, let me turn to you, obama care, another broken promise, and there seems to be no law in obama care. it really is the most -- i've never seen the law so completely
8:46 pm
malleable and obviously being shaped by the executive after its passage. have you? >> absolutely not. this law is honored in its breach. whether it's the president saying that unions are going to be exempt because the unions come to them who supported this bill with hundreds of millions of dollars. mr. president, this isn't good for unions. before obama care was passed, there were promises of exemptions. i think there were up to 3,000 exemptions for business and now that the law has passed by executive fiat, the executive is determining what parts of the law he's going to honor and which part os testify law he's not. whether it's businesses on the hook for obama care or whether it's penalizing individuals like me who have to pay for obama care at the expense of the plans that shod be offered to me but are not. >> is there recourse? >> there is recourse because the
8:47 pm
executive branch is not supposed to be able to change law. now, it goes back to nancy pelosi. >> he's been in office for 4 1/2 years. >> pass the darn thing. then we read it. that's the whole darn problem. if you look at this, if they read the law before we passed it, they would have seen all these capouts, carveouts that were there. but now for obama to say we as executives can change the law -- >> what are you going to do about it? they're going to sue. it's going to be a big class action. if our caps are raised and we can't do anything about it, that's a class action lawsuit in the biggest term. >> it sounds to me like an appropriate place to start talking about taxation without representation. it's a place to talk about the usurping. >> that's what it is. checks and balances. i'm not so sure about taxation.
8:48 pm
but it's definitely checks and balances. >> i was using the supreme court. >> go for it, lou. >> any money is a tax by the definition. therefore -- >> with that representation. >> brad, let's -- let's turn if we may. there's one issue outn new mexico. the supreme court there decide thad you can -- you must give a juror who does not speak english the right to be impaneled on a jury. wow. what's your reaction? >> it's absolutely crazy. we should have english only as the standard by which laws should be interpreted, reid, imposed, and nothing short of that should be acceptable. it shouldn't be determined by the state if a glaj is going to be accepted. >> is it a right of the juror to be on the panel? >> no, no. >> or the right of the defendant
8:49 pm
to have a -- >> jury of his or her peers. here's the thing. it this is a little didn't. this is a person of the united states. >> but we're -- >> if we were talking about an alien -- i hate to see is what could happen is they could bring somebody to translate right there at the expense of the state. >> ithere a legal basis for doing so? >> bringing in -- >> who's right should prevl? that of the defendant or someone who can't understand a word sit on the jury. >> it's not about that in the sense of it's an american citizen who's allowed to be able to be on a jury. >> we've got to to go. you're giving me a lawyer answer. i want a quick answer. i've got to go. >> you can't decide on race or otherwise. >> it's nonsense. >> no, it's not nonsense. >> we'll be back with lis wiehl
8:50 pm
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challenge in south carolina against lyindsey graham. joining us now senate nomination the state of south carolina, lee bright. lee, good to have you was. we're delight thad you have it's going to be fascinating. senator graham's got 6 million
8:54 pm
bucks we understand in his campaign coffers. how much have you got? >> well, we just started today, lou. thank you for having me on the show. we just got out of the gate today. we're looking to raise -- obviously we're not going to be able to rasz as much money as lindy graham but we have the truth on our side. we think we'll raise enou money to get our message out and that's what we're counting on. >> it shouldn't be based on money. it shouldn't play a role. you describe yourself, would you not, as a tea party conservative? >> well, we have a liberty caucus here in south carolina. i have 100 score with those guys with the south carolina. i have had 100 every year since i've been in the senate. i've got an a-plus with the tea party group. we've done quite well but we'd
8:55 pm
like to take our message to washington. we're going to need folks in washington pushing the power back. >> you're facing a primary with nancy mace who's the first female graduate of the citadel businessman cash. why is lindsey graham facing a primary? he's a two-term senator? what are your objections to the man, and what are you going to do about it? >> well, i feel like he hasn't shown the leadership he needs to show on conservative causes, and i think he wouldear that if he with us back in south carolina during the break. but instead he's been over in egypt running around with mccain, acting as a community organizer for the muslim brotherhood. i feel like he hasn't listened to the carolineans. >> did you just say community organizer for the muslim
8:56 pm
brotherhood? >> yes, sir. >> i thought that's what i heard you say. they were trying to bring the muslimbrotherhood back into the government after the military had gotten them out of there. you also say senator graham has allowed just about all of his policies to be dictated by senator john mccain. what do you mean by that? i think i know, but i want to hear from you. >> well, john mcca has been basically a tool for the democrat party for quite a while and lindsey graham has started in suit. if you start at a and z and say the republicans are at a and democrats at z, you notice mccain and graham jumped away in a hurry. they're nothe best at negotiating our freedom. the wacko bird comment and then graham who had the audacity to
8:57 pm
say it's for reasonable men. they didn't want that again. that second amendment was for defending liberty. >> we're out of time. >> we're out of time. i've got to say thanks for being at a dry cleaner, >> we're out of time. i've got to say thanks for being we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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goodbye. >> we want the police to keep us safe. >> we have to do everything safe. >> we have to do everything we can to keep a safe. much? to make the area has been be >> tonight. john: "the police state"? america is not a police state the we're pretty free. for the most part but we


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