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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  October 18, 2013 1:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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markets rising 5% this year and 10% next. one concerns are growing over puerto rico's debt. before you say this doesn't matter to me, oh, yes it does. but maybe a case of wolf in sheep clothing. lori: and buying stock in a professional athlete. 27-year-old houston texans running back arian foster may soon be up sale. adam: making your money back in 30 weeks. the producer of tony award-winning musical joins us this hour with how they did that. but first, a check of the market. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. the s&p hitting new record highs. nicole: it really is great. everybody's making money with the 401(k) and ira.
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a great indication of how the market is doing, the broader market and it hit a record all-time high today of 1741. that is great news up 42% this year, 2013. what a nice run for the s&p 500. many names within it outperforming the overall market. right now the dow jones industrials up 8 points. as i mentioned, names hitting record, also take a look at google which impress investors as it crossed the $1000 mark. it is pretty fun to watch across that level earlier this morning. trading at an all-time high of 1007 and change. that is a great run therefore google which has had a wonderful run year to date. overall the market is looking pretty good, other names that have been hitting some highs, chipotle mexican grill.
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overall a winning day as we wrap it up. next week the first of our jobs report. now that the government is open again, we can get those pieces of information, key information. back to you. lori: debuting $85 per share now over 1000. how times have changed. the s&p 500 as we are reporting off of the 27th record close coming off this year to new all-time highs today, intraday highs once again. chief market strategist for lpl financial. welcome to the show, jeff. how are you positioning today? finally the job report for the month of september. jeff: the words of new all-time highs, get used to seeing them. you will see them between now and the year-end. if you have not gotten back in, get that reallocated the 401(k) or the ira, the government
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shutdown is over, stocks are backup. you haven't missed it. clear ceiling between here and the year-end. consumer confidence likely to bounce back. better retail sales numbers in the coming week. the numbers we're seeing this earnings season look pretty good. we are likely to see good guidance for the fourth quarter as well. by the upside in the stock market for the remainder of the year. lori: in terms of growth, what do you mean specifically? i am shocked the market has had such a bull run especially in the short term because we are not seeing robust growth. >> that is true. we certainly aren't. expectations were so very low. they remain low now. we're only expecting to see mid-single-digit earnings growth. coming and better than that. expectations have been so low. we have been able to exceed those. economic growth hitting 3% next year.
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what is that to get excited about. lori: do you see that foley's strength in earnings report because of the profit growth or will it be bottom line, more cost-cutting, and will it be as forgettinforgiving of companiesy beat the estimate if it is not due to profit growth? top line growth? >> we had to see topline growth, that is the key. the key for the stock market. fortunately we see that turnaround. the institute for supply management index, my favorite indicator of for profit and revenue growth is splashing a really good signal over the course of the next six months where likely to see profit rise. a good relationship between the isn index have profits over the next six months. better revenue growth will be the key to pulling profits up over the course of the next year. lori: europe is on a tear, seven
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straight days of rally, the euro dollar exchange shooting up to 137, a weakening dollar. >> a weaker dollar. we don't like to see weaker dollar. it is understandable with the fed, our friend, little bit of pressure on the dollar as is likely to be lower for longer interest rates in the u.s. that actually does create a more favorable economic momentum backdrop. lori: the china market is heating up again. and that is a good demand for our exports, no? >> china has been seeing some soft numbers. hopefully we see it pick up again. they were really worried about what they shutdown and debt default can mean for the u.s. what it can mean economically for the exports that may be improving as well. you are right. lori: no slowing down, buying into the market for the fourth quarter. see you very soon.
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>> thank you. adam: the government shutdown put a tapering as some believe it could now be march or even later. peter barnes in washington, d.c., with more for us. peter? >> icon is predicting the fed to start dialing down $85 billion per month in qe bond purchases tapering the purchases later rather than sooner because of the government shutdown. one problem is the data delay. announcing yesterday it will finally release the jobs report for september next tuesday, two and half weeks late. the october jobs report back a week november 8. inflation reports have been delayed as well as a result richard fisher, saying for those who really look at the data, it is going to basically delay thought of changing course. it is not just the delays of this report.
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federal reserve bank of cleveland says the shutdown will also affect the accuracy of these statistics for months to come. the repercussions will continue for at least seven months because of data collection. that has some economist pushing the taper to the feds december meeting at the earliest, but with physical battles pushed back to the new year because of this deal this week, barclays capital says the shutdown may also delay the paper by slowing consumer spending. in the real economy, households that rely on payments from the government may take more precautionary action to inflate themselves from potential future disruptions. these effects proved to be economically material, a delay of fed tapering and the 2014 would seem likely. adam. adam: federal reserve governor speaking this hour. expect to have anything to add
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regarding the talks? >> that speech is just getting underway. he is focusing on bank regulation and too big to fail banks. the governor says the fed and the fdic will propose in the next few months to require bank holding companies to hold loss absorbing debt that would supplement higher capital requirements and help prevent future taxpayer bailouts if the banks get in trouble again. at them. adam: we will see how the banks react to that. thank you very much. >> you bet. lori: u.s. money market funds some of the biggest outflows last week since august of 2011. reporting investors poured $43 billion. a government could on its debt. while we could see some of that money come in, the next shutdown could be 89 days away leaves some folks on the sidelines. adam: commuters in san francisco faced heavy traffic and delays get into work this morning.
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traffic workers went on strike for the second time in four months. officials failed to reach a contract deal and talks have dragged on for several months. the latest round of negotiations broke down because of differences over wage increases and new rules on limiting overtime. lori: more problems for the obamacare rolled out this going beyond website glitches. health insurers say they are getting flawed data, and that is reducing their ability to process and relief. including duplicates enrollments and spouses reported as children. the longer it takes to get these issues resolved, the longer it will take people to get back to sign-up. insurers taking a big hit in today's trading down by 2%, 3%. adam: remember the general motors added "like a rock"? what do you do? you raise prices. what? gm raising prices to increase sales? we will show you why.
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lori: chicago o'hare international airport new runway open for business. we will take you there. adam: how about stone you like a tornado? hoping to follow up on the success has a movie about flying boulders and they jumped the shark, wouldn't you agree? when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
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lori: chicago o'hare international airport tops the list when it comes to delays, cancellations and overall traveler headaches. all that may change when it comes to a new cemetery runway. our very own jeff flock on the scene, calling it a cemetery runway? jeff: here is the deal. not because of anything that will happen to you after you take off. the new runway out there behind me, maybe you can hear that plane, cannot see them too well, it is built over a cemetery.
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150-year-old cemetery. take a look at the map of the runways. maybe you see what the concessionaires. there is also when it comes to congestion, o'hare is still number one. take a look at the numbers from the department of transportation on the worst airports for departures. the worst airport is o'hare. 67% of the flights take off on time. midway second. newark third. dallas is forth. got to wondering where is a good place to take off from. take a look at these numbers on the best places. no cities that we are anywhere near. number one is portland. 87% of those flights take off on time. salt lake city, seattle and phoenix. best places to fly from. next hour, the best places to fly to. airline stocks a big day for a lot of stocks today, but many
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airline stocks say hitting 52-week highs, among them, what do you have my list? usair, delta, united. united a big carrier here at o'hare. up 32% year to date. before i go away i will tell you i checked the departmen departu. no delays today. maybe it is having an impact. we will keep watching. lori: thank you for bringing us those updates. adam: we will get out of the humor business, i will keep my day job. timtime to check the market. covering the trades, ben willis on the floor of the new york stock exchange. phil flynn on the pits of the cme. this is another record day for the s&p. are people overly optimistic? >> no, don't think they are overly optimistic. they may be getting a little ahead of themselves but the
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introduction we had from our elected officials interrupted what had been an uptrend. on the s&p last month, that seems to put an nice bottom in place for us to continue the upward trajectory into the end of the year. adam: phil flynn, oil searching for direction even as we get up its numbers out of china with growth to the economy, why are we searching for direction? >> the oil market seems to be decoupling from the rest of the commodity complex. the reason is very clear. if you look at what is happening around the globe, geopolitical risk premium is probably at the lowest level it has been in decades. add to that u.s. production near record high, near record high, big production in the middle east keeping the cap on this market. again maybe the oil market is going to get away from the risk on, risk on mentality we dealt
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with since the financial crisis began. adam: i want to go back to something you said about revenue. i thought revenue would be the big player and people would be upset with what we see. i want to pull out general electric. what propelled the stock was the backlog of orders. if you cancel the orders again what am i missing? sounds like people are overly optimistic. >> you're not missing the point and revenue. but on the exchanges the stock market look forward, it is a backlog of orders the market is looking at an something indicative of an economy, the world economy improving. nowhere near as quickly as it has in the past and nowhere near as quickly as we would like it to. given the fact of the matter the fed is going to have to taper at some point it continues to tell investors with the long-term horizon they need not be in bonds and needs to be inequities. adam: now i want to go back to phil flynn. golgold is on track for a gain r
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the week. people should be inequities. what would you say? >> they are both good, what the heck. why not buy in bulk, and gold has gotten a lot of people confused this week. everybody was so negative on gold, the risk trade is out, as we got to the government crisis gold had their best week in a turnaround. there was one person who came out with a very strong accommodation for gold. the ecb chief asked him last week fed chairman ben bernanke said we don't understand gold, but mario druggie does. he says he doesn't understand why central banks would be selling gold. he says it is a very good hedge against the dollar. the magic man who can stop an economic crisis with a few words that he can start a gold rally with the same kind of
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recommendation. we will see. adam: thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. lori: ca can't say it enough, he to watch the dollar against the euro strengthening to 137. analyst putting it up to two. some significant moves may be playing a role in rising commodities today. just thought i would add to that discussion. we want to take a minute to thank the fox business listeners on sirius radio because beginning today you can catch us, listen to us while you work on 113 for the latest financial news. don't miss it. adam: wh we want to bring up to date on this. raising prices to boost sales. economics 101 head scratch or if i can learn to read. coming to a gm dealership near you. lori: jamie bonds submarine car hitting the auction block. wait until you hear who bought it.
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>> at 23 minutes past the hour,
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this is your fox news minute. former house speaker tom foley has died of competitions from a stroke. his wife says washington state democrats died at his home in the nation's capital. he became the first speaker since the civil war to fail to win reelection in his home district. he was ousted in republican revolution of 1994. tom foley dead at the age of 84. nsa leak or edward snowden says no chance of chinese or the russians got hands on secret u.s. intelligence documents. he tells "the new york times" brought no documen documents wio russia. the document have at least numerous stories about u.s. surveillance activities. and in sports, russell wilson threw three touchdown passes as the seattle seahawks beat the arizona cardinals 34-22. seattle improving to 6-1 and a game and half lead over the san francisco 49ers in the nfc west. arizona fell to 3-4. those are your news headlines.
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now back to lori and adam. adam: thank you very much. general motors making moves to pick up sales in the pickup trucks. it is counterintuitive, but it is raising prices. to get potential buyers a rebate. is this all a gimmick? an auto critic for the detroit free press. thank you for joining us. you guys in detroit understand how the manufacturers price their products. i always thought rebate were a bad word because it cheapens the brand but indicates they're having a a tough time moving products. what is gm trying to do here? >> actually rebates have become part of the cost of doing business. every new vehicle just what introduced with some kind of a rebate on it. part of what people expect to see in advertising. since they went on sale three months ago have been selling very well. the prices they get at the top of the industry. what they are called the transaction price is the price of vehicle actually sells for
1:26 pm
after rebates and all that stuff. chevy and gmc trucks averaging the highest in the industry. more a case of raising prices because we can and no longer have to talk about having the rebate so they can get people a deal. they seem to have played the hand pretty well. the trucks have been well received. adam: in comparison to ford and somebody who doesn't follow the sales portions of the car industry as closely as you do, who is selling more trucks, ford or gm? >> ford is selling more trucks, which has been the case for years. general motors has picked up a couple of points of share this year, which is difficult to do especially with trucks. pick of owners tend to be phenomenally loyal because they use the trucks for work so much, they can't take any chances so they stick to something that works. gm managed to pick up a couple of points of shares. a new truck is coming next year, that is helping gm as well. adam: whose margin of profit on
1:27 pm
the truck is better? >> right now, general motors. gm was averaging probably about $2500 higher. that will have changed since then, but it was a significant amount. adam: what is the inventory? >> they haven't said, which is a bit surprising. nobody knows why. but they have not been introducing the inventory levels of the trucks. that information will probably come out from some third sourc sources, but we don't know at the moment. adam: from my ignorance it would seem to me when you have high inventory, high number of days of inventory, that indicates trouble and usually he is to rebate at that point. as a part of this they are not telling us because the sales are not as strong as they would like us to believe? >> it is certainly possible. but all of the figures we do see seem to suggest the sales are going quite strongly.
1:28 pm
they finally got rid of all of the old model, 2013. that showed increased sales of the new one even more because some people were buying old ones because there were good deals on it. still some numbers we haven't seen. it is possible there is some sort of a surprise hiding in them. they seem to support these pickups have been well received and gm hit hit the market just t the right time when demand for pickups was writing this year. adam: will we see people buy more of these pickups? people who may want to have a gift for the wife or husband? >> you will probably see some of that, and a lot of commercial buying. one of the things many businesses do at the end of the year when their accountants so you need to increase your cap capital expenditures this year to reduce your tax liability a lot of people figure this is a good time to get some new trucks for the work fleet.
1:29 pm
the last month or so of the year tends to be pretty strong for pickups as well. adam: i appreciate you being here. i did not ask one question about the studebaker truck on the 1960s. that is for another day. thank you. >> thank you. lori: a few months we told you about the bond car that went up for auction. from the 1977 james bond movie. "the spy who loves me." it sold for nearly $1 million to a mystery buyer. the identity has now been revealed and it is none other than billionaire and tesla ceo elon musk. it was designed as a submarine car, propelled itself underwater and he plans to upgrade the car with a tesla power train so it can transform for real. who else would have picked up that car. adam: the car runs on land and in the water. better than a vw bug. lori: if you have the cash.
1:30 pm
adam: not that car. lori: you don't have a need for an amphibious vehicle? adam: no, but i would love a jaguar convertible, that would be very nice. i would use the rest of the money to have a lot of fun. lori: i will trade you my minivan. adam: you can keep the minivan and we will have fun. lori: ubs bullish case on amazon next. adam: officials in the u.s. territory trying their best for rising debt concerns. with a serious risk to u.s. bond investors, should the u.s. step in to help? ♪
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lori: we do want to get you updated on the markets. another historic day for the s&p 500 index. straight to schnick coal petroleum on floor of the new york stock exchange. but the dow index, fighting to hold on to some gains here. >> right. what is interesting about the dow, yesterday we saw the dow, it was, heavily weighed upon by ibm and also goldman sachs, unitedhealth also weighed on the dow. today some of the names are holding it back, we've seen some drug stocks with down arrows but right now we have to focus on the s&p 500 because that is the name that hit the record all-time high. that is the index that really is wowing wall street. and we can't leave out nasdaq right? that is 13-year highs. talk about amazon which has been a winner there. new high of 331.67 on amazon. an up grade. analyst upgrade at ubs. they raised rating to a buy from a neutral. price target to 385 from
1:35 pm
revenue growth reaccelerating. they see upside potential especially from the kindle. ad business is underappreciated. ubs hot on amazon. we'll keep an eye on it. lori: one-stop shopping for all the working moms, right, nicole? >> is all good. >> thank you. >> another concern over the world's addiction to debt is coming home to roost. it is not detroit. we're looking south to puerto rico. if you don't think you have skin in this game, think again. more than 3/4 of municipal funds hold puerto rico debt. we have a on someone from volte capital markets. catherine, you say there is real reason for concern. i agree with you but in real simple terms, why should we worry? >> puerto rico is behemoth in the municipal bond market. as you mentioned more than 3/4
1:36 pm
of municipal bond fund have it. oppenheimer, dreyfus, franklin templeton, goldman sachs have it in large quantities. adam: let's talk about that. i pulled one of them. franklin templeton connecticut tax-free income fund. sound very innocuous. sounds like they're buying debt of connecticut. buying muni bonds from bridge for the and somewhere in connecticut. the single greatest holding within that fund, $22 million worth of that, is puerto rican sales tax bond. that is troubling especially when you considering that puerto rico is on the verge of default with its bonds, is it not? >> yeah. there are about, to give another example, there are seven off pen himmer fund have 25 and 33% of their total portfolio exposure to puerto rico. they have names of different states. you're exactly right, adam. this is important for municipal bond and broad retail investors
1:37 pm
to take note, what is in your municipal bond portfolio. adam: it is not easy to find. what i dug into franklin templeton online two hours ago i had to go through different pages before i got to actual percent dollar holdings and figures. let me ask you this. franklin testimony ton income fund. they sold off quite a bit. of the at one point 20% of the fund was in puerto rico. now it is 10%. who is holding this? are pension financed in the united states holding this fund? >> institutional investors certainly but you have a lot of retail investors. that would be my warning, look into your mutual fund portfolios and see what you're holding because a lot of mutual fund portfolios hold puerto rican bond exposure. this doesn't mean puerto rico is on precipice of default. it could be over next couple years but right now things are looking tenuous. this is an island, a commonwealth of the united states that has huge debt load. adam: talk about tenuous.
1:38 pm
$70 billion total debt. island nation that has 100 billion-dollar gdp. 53 billion is tax supported debt. at end of the day, yeah, the puerto rican constitution requires puerto rico to pay its bondholders first in case of default. but what happens if, god forbid, there is default they say you know what, we don't have any money? what good is a constitutional guaranty. >> that's right. on both fronts you're right, the constitution does put bondholders first in payments but at the end of the day if it comes to it what are they going to do? we don't know. there is real risk here. puerto rico has been in recession since 2006. adam: yes. >> hard really to improve this process when you have no growth and massive debt load. the government is taking some steps to do so, adam the real question is, will they be able to do it and is it almost too little too late? adam: it sound too little too late, cost of borrowing, they
1:39 pm
can't go to the market with bond. yield on bonds is 8% at this point? they have to do short-term borrowing from banks. they roll over the debt. they have unfunded pension obligations worse than any state in the united states. >> that's right. >> this can't end pleasantly, can it? >> well, if the market kind of recede a little bit, i mean 30-year bond from the commonwealth touched, above 10%. actually past two or three weeks it rallied 10% precisely reason you mentioned. the government said they may not be issue now through year-end. which would produce a supply glut. that being said, keep two things in mind. one a downgrade that would be devastating because it would put puerto rico into below investment grade category, forcing selling of mutual funds, by rule of fund can have only exposure to investment grade so there may be forced selling. as you mentioned earlier there is a huge swath of investors including retail investors who hold puerto rican debt who would
1:40 pm
be seriously affected not the mention the systemically risk and flow over to such weaker names as california, illinois. adam: bingo. >> correct. correct. adam: we have to wrap it there. i lived in spain when i was much younger. they had an expression when i would get all freaked out. don't worry. other part of that is -- [speaking spanish] okay, worry. catherine, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. lori: got your attention. stock alert. check this out, electronic health records athenahealth shares soaring after earnings. as well as on upgrade from stearn agee from neutral to buy but we want to show you the pe, price-to-earnings ratio. this is a metric on a company's valuation. well it is coming in over 21,000. 21,286 to be exact. the p-e ratio is fundamental metric. once again to evaluate the relative value of a stock to compare price with earnings per share. normally you see like
1:41 pm
double-digit pes. health care stocks typically have high p-e ratios because investors expect higher earnings ratio. but for a comp ge, p-e ratio at 18. google, topped 1,000 bucks apiece for shares. only 29. ibm, another tech company, 12. how do you measure against 21,000? screams bubble to me but we shall see. adam: amazon i think, don't quote me. because they don't pay a dividend but their pe is pretty high. anyway, many defenses in the nfl tried and miss but now you may be able to get a piece of houston, texas running back aryan foster. we'll explain. lori: it's a boulder, rock or a stonado. spawn of cult classic "sharknado" barreling into a living room near you. details next. [ male announcer ] once, there was a man
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1:44 pm
meantime ford motor ceo alan mulally neither confirming or denying he has been approached to run either microsoft or boeing. heading a conference in china he was asked repeatedly if he had any plans to leave the automaker. he said quote, i love serving ford. china's economy grew 7.8% in the third quarter year-over-year. that is the fastest pace of growth for china. that is latest look at business from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper.
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lori: quarter to top of the hour. let's head back to the floor of new york stock exchange to check in with nicole petallides. you're watching shares of parent company, 20 first century fox. there is news today. >> i'm keeping close eye on the stock and headlines as well. we'll put up the stock for you
1:46 pm
at 34.45. it hit a new high of 34.59. it has been a winner recently. the latest news is that rupert murdoch has been reelected, 82 years old being has been reelected as fox chairman and ticker symbol here is foxa. the fact that btig upgrade the stock to a buy from a neutral. big news as the stock moves higher on the news of rupert murdoch being reelected. over last three months or so the stock gained 10 1/2%. back to you. lori: we'll take it literally. thank you, nicole. ipo on the horizon. arian foster going public. the plan would allow to basically purchase a share of the houston texans top running back future earnings. foster will receive $10 million, what a capitalist, in exchange for 20% of his endorsements and other brand related income from february 2th growing forward
1:47 pm
in perpetuity. they plan to sell about one million shares at 10 buck as piece to pay foster and cover other expenses. like any investments there are risks of the act lee may face troubles with injury, marketability, the law. foster who is 27 years old, already suffered injuries to his knee and hamstring sidelined in the past. great idea or bad idea? adam: bad idea we'll get derivatives and there will be liquidity crisis and end up -- lori: i think fantastic idea. good for him to be first to put it out there. adam: good idea or bad idea? "sharknado", brilliant idea. shakenado was deliciously, i hate that word to describe something. deliciously phenomenon sci-fi and twitter. fans can rejoice. more schlock on the way. tell me why they haven't jumped the shark? >> spawn much "sharknado", made-for-tv film rivetted twitter how bad it was intentionally otherwise, tell as shark tale of hundreds of great
1:48 pm
white sharks sucked into a tornado and rained down on los angeless right? unshown tv movie that spawned a "sharknado" airs next month. "stonenado". stones get sucked up into tornado and rained down on boston. boston is about to make history, one last time. but the move got pulled after the boston marathon bombings. now "stonenado" will air on vember 23rd. watch for "sharknado" sequel next july. its name was picked in a twitter contest. the title, "sharknado" 2, the next one. they have another loopy effort airing on sci-fi november 6th. about sea vampires. beast of bearing sea. drollly notes, title of vampnado was taken. just because of the, just because of all that buzz. points out while
1:49 pm
the media made a big deal out of social media angle, only brought in million 1/2 viewers. still a lot of fun. schlock can be really fun. adam: when you were kids you watch this stuff on creature feature. elvira. >> mystery science three theater 3,000. i think people that made "sharknado" meant further to be campy and cheesy and bad. lori: thank you, twitter. another reason to look at social media. >> thank you, guys. adam: give them two feet they will get a mile, especially on broadway. lori: the show kinky boots producer darrell ross joins us next. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
1:50 pm
help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger.
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
lori: success in the heels. tony award-winning musical "kinky boots" is kick up a big profit on broadway. the hit show recouped original $13.5 million investment in 30 weeks since opening on broadway. that is incredible amount of time,f time, considering the size of this production. seven-time tony award-winning darrell ross is producer of "kinky boots." she joins us now. wonderful to meet you. >> thank you. lori: how do you spot a hit? certainly have an eye for it. >> thank you. kinky started as a small film i saw at sundance festival. i fell in love with the story. it was a magnificent little film to me somehow felt like it could be muse alizeed. that was the beginning. lori: what does it say about what you saw on the screen that you knew would translate to the screen? >> it is about the story. the story is heartfelt. it talked about issues meaningful to me, raised social consciousness. accepting people for who they are and people becoming who they
1:54 pm
are meant to be. it had the fare-son story which is wonderful to explore. lori: average ticket price for "kinky boots" is $142. multiply by day-night, challenges of having small kids, baby-sitter, cost of transportation, you have to have a spectacular show, right, to get people to pay that much money for just the ticket. so how do you get the word out? how does that come to be? >> well i would agree with you that the ticket is the average, ticket price. we also have tickets that are available for as little as $37 for a student ticket, $77 in the mezzanine and of course we offer premium tickets too. the average price you mention of 140 is accumulation of that. lori: what goes on in marketing and word the mouth process? because there is a lot of competition broadway, right? gross earnings for broadway is basically flat according to the broadway league 2013 year-end stats. attendance is little soft, down 6%.
1:55 pm
so how do you choose people to convince your to come to your show? >> the tony award certainly helped. the recognition we received at the time is extraordinary. the reason we're so second susful and in fact are not flat at all but really grossing a million six a year because we are delivering joy and happiness and entertainment wrapped up with some glitter and glam. wonderful messages about being true to yourself and i think that, while our advertise something very spot-on and we think about it, talk about it every day in our marketing plan. we also try to really reach out to a broad, broad audience. we're seeing a lost tourists. seeing a people of all ages. lori: word-of-mouth snowballs. there are posters on the train platform every day. you have the tony awards and all the wonderful recognition, probably much easier to bring people in. initially when you're from, its inception and origination to bringing it to the stage, i'm more curious about that process?
1:56 pm
>> the beginning? we did struggle during the preview period. you know what is this "kinky boots"? what does that mean? we don't get it? is it good for everyone? they weren't sure, is it a drag show? what is it? until people started seeing it and leaving theater, saying oh, my god you have to see this fabulous musical it was hard to find our identity. as people started seeing it and as you pointed out word-of-mouth started growing and growing we built a wonderful fan base. lori: we have leave it there for time. >> pleasure. lori: interesting to hear the side of what goes on behind the scenes for broadway musical. huge for city of new york. 11.2 billion, 86,000 jobs broadway supports in our city. we're grateful for that. >> one of the largest aspects of our new york city economy, broadway. lori: thanks for coming in. adam: tech stocks are soaring led by google, while china's lenovo eyes blackberry. our twitter question of the day if you had $5,000 to invest
1:57 pm
would you buy shares of google or blackberry? tweet is. fox business continues with tracy byrnes and ashley webster. (vo) you are a business pro.
1:58 pm
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tracy: tgif, i'm tracy byrnes. adam: i'm ashley webster. tech stocks soaring led by google, facebook, netflix and intuit also setting new highs. great day for tech stocks. all of this while china's lenovo eyes blackberry. tracy: that brings us of course to our twitter question of the day. so if you had an extra $5,000 to invest, would you buy shares of google or blackberry? that is actually an interesting question. adam: it is. tracy: tweet us your answers. we'll put your responses up ahead. and all you. adam: u.s. feature, tech minute. makers of "grand theft auto", they're making out like bandits appropriately. how you can make money on it straight ahead. tracy: jeff flock is kind of living on the edge today. he is live overlooking o'hare's
2:01 pm
cemetery runway. you will be shocked to learn why it actually has that name. we'll have that much and much more ahead on markets now. big news news of the day we're n sirius xm 113. adam: did you listen? tracy: i listened on the way in. i'm not sure if you need in the morning is varney yelling at you but i got it. road rage, the englishman, road rage, but it was great. 113, you got to listen. adam: tune in. great stuff. first, top of the hour, top of the morning to you, top of the hour to you. go to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange as we do every 15 minutes. nicole, you can tell it is friday around here. >> i'm sure it is great to be on xm radio, right? you're watching show. jump in the car hear the rest of the interview. look as we follow the markets closely. the dow jones industrials at 15,400, up close to 30 points. the s&p 500 set a record,
2:02 pm
all-time high today. nasdaq composite, highest levels in 13 years. tech names continue to take off. gold is pulling back, oil at 100.93 a barrel. we're looking at name during earnings season. general electric and morgan stanley both which hit fifth week highs. i should say multiyear highs to be precise. general electric at the highest level since 2008. came out with numbers, record backlog of orders. some of us remember ge at 60 bucks back in 2000. highest level since 2008. when you look at morgan stanley which is up over 55% this year, a new high there, trading at 29.97. they came out with good news for investors over the latest quarter. back to you. tracy: hey, nicole, who by the way is look being fabulous for all our siriusxm listeners.
2:03 pm
google at 1,000. what are the guys on the floor saying? is actually anybody buying it? >> it is interesting. they are watching it. a lot of people believe in tabooing get. you don't dump out necessarily. probably a good time for profit-taking. keep some in, some out, maybe. tracy: yeah. >> it was really exciting to watch. it crossed into the $1,000 mark. now everybody is waiting on apple. tracy: absolutely right. we'll see you in 15 minutes. adam: thank you, nicole. crude oil slightly higher on the day but set for weekly loss. fox business contributor phil flynn from the price futures trade be group in the middle. cme. are we seeing a bottom on commodity prices. what do you think? >> i think we are but not in oil. we're kind of disconnecting the oil market from the commodity bull but for a lot of reasons. if you look at geopolitical risk premium in oil, probably the lowest it has been in a decade. a few months ago we were worried about sorry i can't and going to
2:04 pm
war with iran probably for the last decade and with those talks we've seen that come down. we're seeing a surge in u.s. oil production. u.s. production is surging every day. we'll overtake saudi arabia and be biggest producer in the year. we're seeing opec production really soar. that is coo creating a buffer. now oil can focus on supply and demand fundamentals than anything else in the globe. we're seeing heating oil and fuels rallying. you in the northeast will get a little cold. heating oil market says it will get colder today. that is the spread. natural gas reversed from an earlier loss to close a bit higher. the other big market today, you have to look at is the goldmarkket. the dow is down $8.40s. the fed taper plans are off the table. the reason many people gave for gold selling off in the first place 20% from the highs was the
2:05 pm
lack of fed activity with the fed activity being put back, no tapering, bullish for gold, down today. the other thing i thought was very interesting, mario draghi today was asked in a press conference, what do you think about the goldmarkket? he thinks that the goldmarkket is very good store of wealth. we'll see if he is right. back to you. >> we will indeed. wow, great synopsys. phil flynn, price futures group. have a great weekend. tracy: phil is good weatherman. my daughter told me we might have snow on halloween this year, again, again! adam: what? tracy: our abominable snowman stage director. adam: from syracuse. lives for snow. tracy: battle over job creation and at center is a copper mine in arizona. native americans fighting congress over sacred land. fox's will carr with the details of that little land swap. hey, wil. >> hi, guys. this is arizona's copper
2:06 pm
corridor. it has a big impact not only on the state but also the country. but when you go into the town of superior and talk that people they're not interested really what is happening on the national level because they're really desperate for jobs right here. >> in superior arizona, homes are boarded up, businesses sit empty. the unemployment rate is almost 20%. many residents hope resolution copper, a mine that could be largest in the country opens soon. when you hear resolution copper what do you think? >> jobs. >> we need the mine. people still want to work the mine, making good money. >> we'll be generating a billion dollars of economic stimulus a year. that is the equivalent of two, three, four super bowls every year for 40 years right here in the town of superior. >> jump in a bucket and you can see the resolution copper mine already runs more than a mile deep. >> they have been developing this mine for years. when all said and done the
2:07 pm
developer said it should bring thousands of jobs to the area. but to finish the mine the company wants to trade property it owns for 2500-acres owned by the federal government. land that the apache tribe considers sacred. >> we have ceremonies there. prayer there. since the whole thing came up we felt it necessary public know how close we are tied to that area. >> now it is up to congress to decide on the land swap, a deal congressman opposes. >> what is in it for the taxpayer? what is the real value of this extraction and is this trade worth it? >> from one community it is not worth losing its heritage. for the other, the value could be priceless. >> you heard from one congressman who opposes it. we heard from several others who are in favor of the mine. now that the government is reopen we're told that the congress could take up the land swap in the very near future. back to you. tracy: will carr, fox news, thank you very much. >> the cemetery runway is now
2:08 pm
open in chicago o'hare's. don't want to land done it, do you? you may be surprised why exactly they're calling it that. jeff flock is there to explain. jeff? >> it's a new day, ashley at o'hare in chicago. it is the nation's most congested airport could be, well, almost dead. take a look at construction you see off behind me there. they're building a berm around the newest runway. today is the first full day of the newest runway they dubbed the cemetery runway. they wanted to build this so bad, they actually dug up a cemetery and removed bodies and reinturned remains elsewhere to build the run way o'hare that may jeopardize o'hare as the nation's most congested delay-prone airport. look at latest numbers from the department of transportation. this is the first seven months of 2013. o'hare had just 67% of its flights that departed on time. it was worst in the nation. midway, acrosstown in chicago,
2:09 pm
second worst, followed by newark and dallas. when it came to places that you don't want to fly into, that is the most fewest on-time arrivals, o'hare was on that list too. newark was worst in the nation. laguardia second. o'hare third in the nation. by the way, what were the best airports to fly into or fly out of? nowhere near around here. portland, salt lake city, seattle apphoenix the best airports to fly out of if you're looking at departures on time. this cemetery runway, they say at o'hare will cut congestion by 50%, giving them an extra place to fly out of. it will help in bad weather. take a look at airline stocks. i'll tell you. they have been soaring. a lost stocks doing well today. but some of these stocks, many of them, airline stocks, at all-time, not all-time highs but year-to-date highs. among them delta, up 10% year-to-date. and united, big carrier at
2:10 pm
o'hare, up 32%. i just checked the departure boards. almost no delays on a very overcast day at o'hare. maybe this runway could finally be what they need to make this airport a little less of a headache. adam: whatever helps, jeff flock. thank you so much. but of course if you fly, obviously pays to live out west. they can get planes out on time out there. tracy: you can't build enough runways to get newark back on time. i love my state, but that airport -- adam: almost on top of every this, late this, rotten that, horrible this. what can you say. tracy: no, nothing. nothing. abc urn loading its tv station? what is going on? dennis kneale is ahead with why the mouse house may be making that big move. while many companies are actually gobbling up tv. adam: get this. some of the federal workers who were furloughed in the government shut down may now get paid twice for the work they never even did.
2:11 pm
hmmm. gerri willis ahead with that story. to say the least it will ruffle your feathers, we guaranty. tracy: if you need to leave the room or run out for milk and your television set is at home you can hear us and gerri's story on sirius xm 113. new radio home of fox business. very cool. we'll be right back. my mantra?
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who think like you do: face time and think time make a difference. join us. [ male announcer ] at edward jones, it's how we make sense of investing. tracy: quarter past the hour. we need to get a check with nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange. >> we're looking at boxel jet, not a familiar name. the jet is the ticker symbol. the stock is up 32.5%. they use 3-d printer to make aston martin model cars. they raised $48 million after selling 6.5 million ads shares at $13 each. taking a look, they specialize in large printers and work with a lot of customers including daimler and ford and install a base of 52 printers worldwide.
2:15 pm
we want to look at nrg energy obviously you may no better. shares pending. we'll continue to follow this story in particular as well. back to you. tracy: good stuff. nicole. see you in a bit. adam: the chinese economy grew at 7.8% in the third quarter from a year ago. that is the quickest pace so far this year. while copper and stocks are cheering the data is a signal of strength in china our next guest says hang on. don't always believe what you hear. joining us, leland miller, president of the china beige book. thank you for being here. explain to the viewers and listeners on sirius, what does your beige book really do? we hear a lost numbers coming out on china. what did you do to america sure china? >> we created the beige book into china. we divided it up into regions on
2:16 pm
and sections and subsection and regions over time w very underneath the hood view what subpoena hag across the chinese economy. adam: what we just herd the economy growing at a nice pace. we should point out that is year-over-year and not month to month or quarter to quarter. so you say don't buy the fact that china is suddenly firing on all engines again? >> that is exactly right. people woke up. they checked the gdp number. they saw it went up. so the automatic reaction wow, we saw the chinese economy grow. as you said chinese announce growth year on year, not quarter on quarter. when you look at q2 to q3, our beige book data was a mild slowdown. there was not strength in the economy. adam: back in june we heard they were pumping all sorts of money and stimulus into the economy. is that true. >> it wasn't true. what the market missed. there was panic in june. caused the chinese government to have major stimulus program. that manufactured rebound and made the economy recover.
2:17 pm
everyone of those were actually a myth did not happen. there was no major stimulus program this quarter which is a good thing. there was no manufacturing rebound and no economic recovery. >> how would you describe the economy of china right now? >> muddling along. that is good for china. what you don't want to see if looking out for china health in medium term and long term is another growth injection of stimulus that would spur short term gains but really hurt the coon my in the long run. despite what the market thinks that did not happen in china this quarter t was much healthier scenario but that meant a slight slowdown. >> we've seen yuan strengthen a bit. is that good for the chinese economy? that has to hurt the exports, right? >> it hurt exports but shifting things over to consumers. so by appreciating the currency, they're empowering households to spend more. that goes along with their thesis they want to help domestic consumption. >> winston churchill said
2:18 pm
famously of russia, russia is a riddle wrapped inside of a enigma. i keel that is how you can describe chinese days. as force businesses ibm in the latest reporting showed some problems in china and there is a belief that the chinese authorities are trying to put the squeeze a little bit on western companies and trying to boost chinese companies at the same time. do you hear anything about that? >> i think they are trying to put the screws to foreign companies but they're not targeting foreign companies. right now in china everyone is really under the gun. there is an anticorruption drive. there is specifically anti-bribery drive. they're trying to clean things up. they don't want to appear they're only targeting domestic firms. a lot of foreign firms are in the cross-hairs but those firms are unlikely to be the target of crackdown. adam: >> starbucks is the in cross-hairs. there are complaints that starbucks is charging way too much for its coffee. in fact more than they are in hong kong, tokyo and london.
2:19 pm
i don't know if that is true but that is another example, putting pressure on western company. >> peculiarly chinese complaint. i think prices in new york are too high too but you don't see people outraged about that. yeah, a lot of these, chinese government is needing to crack down a little bit on the foreign companies so they get away. >> we're out of time. very quickly what was going on here with the budget battle that must have had a big impact on china as well, right? >> it scared them a lot. they're along for the ride. there is nothing the chinese can do. their system is premised around the fact they will take reserves and plug them into u.s. treasurys. >> we're out of time. leland miller. thank you for being here. we appreciate it. tracy: that is good stuff. unions shutting down san francisco's b.a.r.t. system which stands for what? >> bay area rapid transit. not so rapid right now. tracy: apparently not. you won't believe how seemingly minor issues are. >> our twitter question of the day, if you had $5,000 to invest would you buy shares of google
2:20 pm
or blackberry? we have a guest to help you. tweet us your response ahead. first let's take a look how the u.s. dollar is moving right now. we talked about the yuan but the euro moving higher against the u.s. dollar. flirting with 137. the pound is back up and strong, 161. only the peso losing ground to the dollar. we'll be right back.
2:21 pm
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>> at 23 minutes past the hour i'm patti ann browne with your fox news minute. former house speaker tom foley has died from complication of a stroke. his wife said the washington state democrat died at his home in the nation's capitol. foley served 30 years in the house, including more than five as speaker. he was out offed in the republican revolution of 1994. tom foley dead at the age of 84. two murderers in florida were registered as felons as a county jail after authorities say they were mistakenly released from court or prison that is based on forged court documents. according to criminal history records, joseph jenkins and charles walker were registered as felons three days after they were freed. law enforcement officials are looking for them. wildfires are burning in the australian state of new south wales. one person has been killed and
2:25 pm
more than 80 homes destroyed in fires that have consumed 375 square miles. those are the news headlines on the fox business network. pack back to ashley and tracy. tracy: patti ann browne, thank you very much. google and facebook hitting all-time highs as china's lenovo is considering buying blackberry. our twitter question of the day if you had $5,000 would you invest in google or blackberry? tweet us your responses. they will be at the bottom of the screen. let's ask the question to rob enderle, president and principal analyst of the enderle group. right now what would you buy? >> probably google over the short term. really depends though on my willingness to risk. if i'm willing to risk more, then blackberry because it is facing an acquisition or an effort to go private, probably will have a higher percentage up tick. so i may make more money over blackberry, over google, but because we don't know the nature
2:26 pm
of the acquisitions it is much riskier investment. google really only faces possibility of regulation or, an act of god to break its revenue-run, so it is the much less risky, but probably won't have the jump that blackberry might have short term. >> never know. since the ipo. , it is up 1076% give or take. that is crazy. that is only from 2004. it is at $1,000. you say this thing could keep going. >> yeah, it could. they have basically amounts to a goose that lays ever larger golden eggs. the problem when you reach this kind of revenue, governments take interest. that is why i raised regulations. recognize what google sells is is it stuff you know. not stuff they own. they make money selling access to you. governments often sit back, don't we own the people? so -- tracy: there is that, there is
2:27 pm
that chance that one of the governments, all of which are hard-hit for cash might jump up with a special tax to help google out. tracy: which is crazy. you're absolutely right. a lot of people figure out how to monetize all the stuff. google has it figured out, haven't they, with google analytics in particular? >> not just the analytics. they were slow to that. they captured the majority of those revenues. they're at the heart of advertising here. thereby any measure they would be considered a monopoly in most markets. they have a huge lobby in washington. it held off the kind of thing when microsoft reached, actually they never reached this scale but that is what hurt microsoft. google very powerful lobby keeping google out of trouble. they're taking personal information and government is doing a much better worse job than that. so it is hard to take the government action against google for something they are are doing. tracy: they will figure out a
2:28 pm
way to do that. s that for sure. talk about lenovo, that i doesn't know they ship more smartphones than blackberry, 4.7 versus 2.7 globally. is this the best black per is going to see? >> from the standpoint of an ongoing business it is. lenovo bought the pc business from ibm and turned it into a world business. they showcased to take a property like blackberry and cause it to pay dividends. acquisition of blackberry's size often fail. lenovo is one of the few companies that showcased they have the skillset to take this thing forward. plus the blackberry brand and thinkpad brand dovetails very nicely. similar channels. similar businesses. you get a lot of synergy in the acquisition. lenovo can afford to pay more because they get more from it. tracy: they sure do. rob enderle, principle analyst of the enderle group of the a lot of information in a few minutes. thank you, sir.
2:29 pm
we were short on time so it is all good. ashley: thank you him for that. google and apple not only great stocks to own at least for today. we'll tell you why they are great places to work. tracy: as janet yellen gets set to take over for big ben there is no end in sight to the fed printing. we'll ask market guests ahead whether they will keep the wall street partying going. first as we head out to break, let's look at some of your winners and losers on the s&p 500. chipolte mexican grill up 15%. because they're serving margaritas. as we were talking about google up 13.6%. your dow is up 27 points. we'll be right back. copd makes it hard to breathe...
2:30 pm
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2:33 pm
tracymac 90 minutes to the close, the dow ferry, winners are green, general electric great numbers, verizon had great numbers. on the downside home depot saw the data up with numbers from home depot not so great and ibm the other day is missing numbers as well. nicole petallides on the exchange watching amazon. nicolmac a lot going on. amazon shares at a new high today, shares are climbing on the heels of an a from an analyst at ubs raising reading from pie to neutral, likes factors like the expectations for revenue growth and also underappreciated advertising and the kindle ecosystem. he is letting the whole thing and want to keep you up-to-date on the stock we mentioned earlier, r. g. energy has resumed trading. it has entered an agreement to
2:34 pm
acquire edison mission energy and so we are seeing shares jumping to a new high and it is roughly $2.64 billion. back to you. connell: fed watchers are looking for any sign of the fed purchasing program to begin. they keep on waiting lists some said it could be march or later next year. peter barnes is in washington d.c. with more on the ticker talk that won't end. peter: the bull's love this quantitative easing but now all it looks like a might be getting it for longer. more economists forecasting the fed to start dialing down $85 billion a month in q e bond purchases tinkering them later rather than sooner because of the government shut down. one problem is that the at the late announced yesterday that it will release the jobs report for september next tuesday, two
2:35 pm
weeks late, pushing the october jobs report back a week to november 8th, the cpi inflation reports are delayed as well. as a result richard fisher, president of the fed bank of dallas says those who really look at the debt is going to basically delay thought of changing course but it is not just the delays of these reports. federal reserve bank of cleveland said, quote, the shutdown will also affect the accuracy of the statistics for months to come. repercussions will continue for seven months because of delayed data collection. that has some economists pushing the ticket to the that's december meeting at the earliest but with physical battles now pushed to the new year because of this deal this week, and the shutdown megadeal david kipper by slowing consumer spending. barkleys says in a report this morning, quote, in the real economy firms and households
2:36 pm
that rely on payments from the government the take more precautionary action to insulate themselves from potential future disruptions. if these defects are economically material a delay of fed the printed 2014 would seem likely. ashley: the latest chapter of as the table turns. thank you very much. tracy: it is q e infinity or what? at least every part of that is what the returns. our next guest says it is going to happen because janet yellen is nominated as the next fed chair. the chief market analyst, ibm glad you are here. we have the most fed does and we announce this stuff. and continuing to tipper, as the guy who has money in the market you have to be somewhat happy about this in finnerty stuff?
2:37 pm
>> only so much noise right now. it is q e infinity. i don't know when it is going to end but i am focusing on washington is out of away and we need to focus on the fundamentals and the market really shows that, the market is turning their attention to corporate earnings finally, what is going on in manufacturing, what is going on with the consumer, and markets loving it. also i would say we're no longer a looking at 2013 for corporate earnings, looking at 2014. 2014 looking very good and 2014 earnings looks like the market is still cheap. >> going forward, the yogi bear in the government, but three months after that so on and so
2:38 pm
forth? >> using charlie brown and lucy how many times you put the football away, how many times you focus on that, this brinksmanship has become normal american politics and i am calling it noise. i am not focused on it. we advocated will before this brinkmanship, prove your portfolio which means don't sell into this, keep fully allocated because fundamentals continue on march forward not only on the u.s. but globally as well. cheryl: we have been hearing more and more europe starting to see a nice little recovery, japan as well. >> absolutely. so you have the developed market finally growing synchronized, john merrick and 2% gdp, europe for the first in six quarters positive gdp and japan the big surprise, 3.8% to the second
2:39 pm
quarter, four% for the first six months and that is the true turnaround story. it looks like a have policies on quantitative easing that of worked very well. tracy: let's talk about the the front peer markets, indonesia, vietnam, and turkey. >> dorr. if you look at the front care markets compared to emerging brick markets, as this year alone, breck is flat for the year with the front care market up 20% so the front care markets are the new new emerging market and pivots is peru, indonesia, vietnam, oman and turkey. is a compelling story not only for the returns but the catalyst for growth for american corporations, why you want to look at industrials and you see industrials do very well with earnings. tracy: we have to talk about that. ashley and the hiring some much
2:40 pm
about vietnam lately. chief market strategist at ing investment management, thank you. ashley: we heard on more than one occasion. i tell you what. get ready to be outraged. gerri willis is going to be here. that is not why you should be outraged that those furloughed federal workers may be collecting two paychecks for the time they didn't even work. that is outrageous. tracy: remember the submarine from the bond flicks? looking good. elon musk wants to do with that. we have the answer. ashley: not sure i want to know. tracy: the dow is up 33 points. don't go anywhere. ask me what it's like
2:41 pm
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using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. adam: a rough commute in san francisco, transit workers on strike for the second time in two months, workers in the bay area rapid transit system on midnight, the fifth largest transit system, and japanese cosmeticsmaker in exclusive talks to sell two cosmetic brands, recovering $314 million to acquire brands from the japanese rival.
2:43 pm
auto sports will replace go daddy as its primary sponsor. tomorrow it will announce a new sponsor for the car driven by james heath cliff. it has been a sponsor since 2007 when danika patrick was placed for the team. that is the latest on the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
2:44 pm
ashley: some workers furloughed during the shutdown are getting their back pay and then some. gerri willis of the willis report has a pretty outrageous story. gerri: getting paid twice is what we should say because they filed for unemployment benefits for the two works they weren't working and back pay for the days they missed so this has been a paid vacation for all these folks, hundreds of thousands of federal workers who were off work during the shutdown.
2:45 pm
ashley: how can they file for those benefits? >> they were told by their bosses. ashley: going to get back today. gerri: the big question for people watching. it is crazy and there was a state official for state workers out there this is a guy from the national association of state agencies. >> they will pay it back too. we have such a convoluted system, they should know. and the back pay better be the unemployment rate which it won't be. gerri: and what is more, one of the things that is hidden, 1% 8 increase for federal workers, they have done four years without a pay increase because the government, the entire
2:46 pm
economy, get a pay increase, back pay -- ashley: double pay. gerri: unbelievable. $24 billion to shutdown the government. ashley: you shake your head the more you realize. what is coming up? gerri: we will do a little of this and obamacare, new fact you won't want to miss, conversation now. will the president delay of the mandate? is that possible given the problems we have seen what website? we will talk to a technician about what is going on behind closed doors and experts who have been through this. you know how it works about the details. ashley: of course do not miss gerri willis tonight on the willis report at 6:00, 9:00 eastern time right here on fox business. tracy: time for stocks as we do every 15 minutes back to the floor of the stock exchange. so nice to see the market
2:47 pm
trading on fundamentals and earnings announcements. >> absolutely. yesterday ibm kept the dow down. inseams all cylinders are chugging at the same time and working appropriately today. economic data helped our market earnings season has held the market and for a short period of time we have forgotten what happened in d.c. but gotten back to the basics. a lot of money on the sidelines has been waiting to come in. two factors. one the new factor coming and dc not knowing what was going to happen. now that that is behind us we are starting to see the monetary many sitting on the sidelines coming back to our markets. tracy: we sure are. jonathan cortines, thank you, have a great weekend. ashley: gamers hitting stores rather than downloading. septembe video game hardware, software and accessories, 27% over
2:48 pm
$1 billion, the biggest impact was the release of grand theft auto v. the latest edition of this game takes a great deal of space on the council went down loaded so many gamers get hard box edition. who would you want to work for? google and apple, the tech giants took the no. one and 2 spot respectively on linkedin's list of the most in demand employers. linkedin looked at how often members looked at a company, site reviewed employee profiles. we should note linkedin excluded itself from the rankings for the sake of objectivity. elon musk has bought the series won from the 1970 seventh james bond movie the spy who loved me. with nearly as the car was called is fully functioning submarine car designed and fitted to propel underwater and it really works. elon musk bought the car at
2:49 pm
auction in london for $989,000 and intends to upgraded with a catholic elected engine. my short out underwater. shares of tesla up 500% in the past year. today they're up 1% and the one dollar and $0.84 a share. tracy: i think that is good stuff. considering selling off, dennis kneale investigates that ahead. ashley: force to limit visits to some of the most famous art work of all time. we will tell you why coming up. [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync?
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ashley: tv stations hot property
2:53 pm
lately, $5 billion in deals to a total 46 stations, and not a seller. dennis kneale has that. dennis: disney is looking, setting a popular celebrated by abc stations. and privy to this matter, it just isn't so. historically these are among the best run stations in the industry, they go back to the old capital city abc and have at profit margins but now may be the time to sell given the deal since june. tribune co. shedding newspapers to 19 stations for $2.7 billion, the nation's largest newspaper publisher buying 20 stations owned by sinclair and the billion dollar deal. the post story says disney might sell the station battle on to the abc network. with cable to even need local stations carrying your signal. they said no way is disney
2:54 pm
selling the stations. the even invoked the f word. this may be leaked out by investment bankers keen on persuading disney that it should sell. ashley: the f word no less. don't flip the station. stations are incredibly fat profitable. they're big companies, on the way down. and obviated by the internet and cable. tracy: you the argue it is a good thing because everyone -- ashley: the company as big as disney had it coming in. we have tom murphy, and he painted only two sides of the building that could be seen from a road passing by, those stations know how to make it. ashley: we use every dime.
2:55 pm
treaty that could have done that to my house. this is a good story and the bomber too. the head of the vatican museum question asking divine intervention that a new air-conditioning system will actually help do the trick to reduce the pollution level in the historic sistine chapel. the new air system is being installed to curb the humidity coming from the outside. all of that is discoloring michelangelo's frescoed masterpieces. what doesn't do the job, the head of the museum says he may impose a limit on the number of visitors that come into the chapel, five million people are expected to visit the the second this year. ashley: they think air-conditioning will say it? tracy: you don't believe in all this hokey stuff but you got to give it to michelangelo. craziness. ashley: need to preserve it. tracy: adopt 30 points,
2:56 pm
"countdown to the closing bell" coming got next. stay right here. google soars above the $1,000 per share mark put in a rare company but is it really worth that? why is everyone talking about a bank fee from the mayor? why can't anyone seemed to catch up with him? i don't know. you got this the right you to figure that out. "countdown to the closing bell" is next. don't go anywhere. ♪ [ bell ringing, applause ] five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking into 52-week highs. six upcoming earnings plays... that recently gapped up. [ male announcer ] now the world is your trading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are with the mobile trader app. from td ameritrade.
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>> i am liz claman, is the last dollar of trading. major indices all i care. these and be in record territory once again. if it closes another record high. check out google stocks.
3:00 pm
and lifted the highest, the cost of 1,000 a day in an all time high. 1,015 for google, the internet search engine reported its best profit growth in more than a year. if we reported this yesterday, and the smartest tech people around. the market absolutely believes that. and you heard charlie gasparino say yesterday's that he was expecting morgan stanley to smash a out of the ball park. that was the son is absolutely fabulous excellent reporting and the words of insiders like james gorman, particularly at the recent days as he charged down hallways at morgan stanley. shares of morgan stanley moving higher by $0.72,


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