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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  December 24, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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we'll not be on the air tomorrow but we'll be back the day after christmas on thursday. liz: we wish all of you a very happy holiday, merry christmas. whatever you're celebrating, make it a good and safe one. david: meanwhile a special edition of "stossel" is next. >> for our key, core constituency, movie stars. >> i pledge -- >> to be a servant to our president. john: liberties are eager to support their candidate. as if -- >> for centuries the people had nowhere to turn. no one to look to for help. until, he arrived. >> it is mind boggling the things that come out of people's mouths. >> don't frack my mother. >> don'tn' frack me. john: some celebrities say socialism will fix everything. >> socialist egalitarian system. john: more laws will stop gun violence, like that ends. >> tucson. >> aurora. john: out of same celebrities do for money?
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[gunfire] aren't they hypocrites? i wish someone would confront them. tonight, we'll try. >> isn't it deplorable you're glamorizing the weather underground, a bunch of domestic terrorists? >> i'm speaking for the entire world. >> you>> can't buy anything more effective. >> what makes these people experts? >> i'm not a doctor, but i play one on tv? john: that is our show, tonight. our show. tonight. john >> and now, john stossel. john: hollywood has undergone mission creep. actors don't just want to entertain us, many now want to fix the world. if an actor can use his fame to help the world, why not. the world needs fixing. box office is nice but world office is more important. so actors do so-called, public service commercials. after yasser arafat died, richard gere did this get-out-the-vote video for an
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advocacy group which ran it in gaza and the west bank or palestine as leftists call it. >> hi, i'm richard gere and i'm speaking for the entire world. john: he is speaks for the entire world? seems pretty arrogant. he is an actor. popular one, yes, but what gives an actor the right to speak for the entire world? maybe because they're often portrayed as god-like? >> for centuries the people had nowhere to turn. no one to look to for help. until --, he arrived. as long as there were people crying for help, there was one man who would never rest. hercules. john: he's here in our studio. actually, it is actor kevin sorbo who played hercules and otherso roles. is the unusual actor that pushes back against those in hollywood say we actors know how to fix the world. do you have a problem with gere
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speaks for entire world? >> i think he doesn't speak for 7 billion people. he speaks for his own cause. that happens quite a bit when people come out and talk. you look at actors that went crazy over bush with the war in iraq and wmds supposed to be there and not there. the uproar was huge. they had commercials. but you don't see any of them speaking out about benghazi for instance. benghazi is a huge scandal in y book. john: so they're dishonest and hypocritical? >> i think they're hypocritical. that rules theit day in that to. we all can be guilty of hypocrites here and there but amazing to me the number of people that want to push their agenda on you because they're so-called, superstars. john: and, in hollywood they're always talking about tolerance. >> but they don't have tolerance for anybody that doesn't agree with them. that's for freedom of speech. they will push freedom of speech and scream for it until they die. if you disagree what they say they don't want to give you that same freedom of speech. i'm a true independent. i voted for reagan.
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i voted for clinton. i vote for the best person running period. saying i'm independent in hollywood is enough to make she loseo work within that city. john: really? >> oh, yeah. there is no question about it. >> how do you know. >> oh it has come back to me. trust me. i've been on sets where i get tired of peoples about opinions. i just, i don't get angry bit. i point out where i think my viewpoint willre be different tn theirs. that is enoughy to get people to shut off, boom off. get angry and emotional. all they deal with emotion. no facts. whennl i came out and said i vod for reagan i was up in canada, they said, you're against education. i said what? i have a after-school program world for kids. i work with 12,000 kids. i have the after-school program in the entire state. john: you and cure wife started for inner-city kids. >> school district has 54% dropout rate. we have 90% graduation rate. john: you're against education because you vote a certain way.
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>> there is indoctrination you have to be this way and that way. socialism where has it ever worked. in hollywood they don't worry about obamacare. they can do all the messages. they don't care. doesn't affect them. john: probably biggest cause in hollywood is saving the earth, climate change and all that. here is commercial done by very fine actor, harrison ford. -@>> when rainforests get slashd and burned, it releases tons of carbon into the air we breathe. it changes our climate. it hurts. every bit of rainforest that gets ripped out over there, really hurts us over here. john: what? waxing your chest hair and the rainforest. allou right. it's a gimmick. everybody wants to preserve the rainforest. i wouldn't mind sock much if the
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actors weren't such hypocrites. harrison ford owns 7 airplanes, not one, seven. he admits he once flew his jet to get a cheeseburger. makes me wish someone would confront actors about stuff like that. this spring, someone did. >> mr. ford, any other planes to get your chest waxed again? bring awareness to climate change. >> thanks for the question. do you still apply to get a cheeseburger. i guess you're driving a honda odyssey. absolves you of owning seven aircraft. is it still seven, mr. ford. how do youir recommend americans keep up with your carbon footprint. john: the man asking the questions was jason mattera. author of best-seller, "hollywood hypocrites." of the jason, harrison ford may be a hypocrite but you're obnoxious. you're rude. >> oh, john, i learned from the best. i followed your career at 20/20, confront people duplicitous.
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john: that was crooks and thieves. this is just a poor actor expressing his opinion. >> who has a ais lot of sway, especially with young people. i mean, unfortunately, whether you like it or not, young people cues from celebrities. and being hip and cool means being in favor of these conservationist policies that harrison ford strangely got his chest waxed over. you know what? i don't care that he owns seven airplanes. i would love to own seven airplanes. but please do not lecture me, do rest of us we're on the precipice of global warming armageddon while you have a sasquatched sized carbon footprint. that is why i confronted him? john: what you do, nobody comes close to doing. the press treats actors differently. i mean the paparazzi annoy them but reporters don't question them much. >> they want the exclusivity, interviews are generally patty cake sessions. they won't actually grill them
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on substantive policy positions that the actors themselves have taken. not like out of the blue. i would like someone to ask harrison ford a serious question about his own personal carbon footprint. you and i, and kevin, we would have to walk around spraying aerosol cans in the air all day long just to w keep up with his giant carbon footprint. john: with seven jets, you have to do more than that. kevin, you're an independent, as you said before. you voted for republicans and democrats but, that makes him very unusual in hollywood. overwhelmingly they support liberal democrats. president obamaer certainly and that led to another pledge. >> i pledge to be of service to barack obama. >> i pledge. >> to be a servant to our president. >> and all mankind. because together we can. john: that was part of the yes we can, campaign. i obviously have a problem with it, since my book is titled, no, they can't.
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it points out that yes, we can, if we, means, individuals but the president obama and hollywood, we seems to mean government, and that's a dangerous idea. and, kevin, you're not allowed to say things like that in hollywood. >> not n allowed to disagree wih hollywood what it really comes down to. it is mind-boggling the things that come out of people's mouth they promote and push and push. everything they push for doesn't have effect on them as per se because i met, i golfed with some of the big names i told them, you can afford to be socialist worth $100 million. john: you said that to george clooney. george clooney says raise taxes on rich people. >> it's weird. they drive the prius to emmys but they have private airplane. they have got, i don't begrudge people that i wish i had a private airplane. john: lots of celebrities, advocate raising taxes on the rich to help the poor, yet over the years i noticed, well-connected celebrities are
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quick to use obscure tax dodges and here are two examples. bon jovi, who owns acres of land in new jersey but pays only $100 in state property tax. because he raises honeybees, so he qualifies for a honeybee subsidy. ♪ bruce springsteen owns hundreds of acres of land but pays little taxds on it because an organic farmer works his land. his poor neighbors pay more. >> i'm not against anyone trying to lower their tax burden but if you're bon jovi and bruce springsteen and you have not only publicly supported president obama and campaigned fori him and held rallies for hm but decried tax cuts for the rich and have, oh, they're robbing these poverty programs and social contract with america is, destroyed, middle class is recalled ha. then you go and rob these very antipoverty programs by calling yourself a farmer? i mean, come on.
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that isll the type of hypocrisy that is frustrating to see and, why i wrote the book and are calling out these people on their duplicity. john: one final example. some of the more activist left are so eager to promote anti-capitalists, they even glamourize peopleot like bill ayres. his l group, the weather underground killed people and bombed buildings. years later president obama held a fund-raiser in areas living room. this year robert redford came out with a movie based on the weather underground. in this clip the terrorists are on the run. >> i don't think he is running away. i think he isd trying to clear his name. >> our government murdering -- we never portrayed each other, any of us over all these years. >> got him. >> what are you willing to -- >> i saw an interview with him, redford about this movie and he is behind it 100%. he promoted it. said it was a good thing that is sad to me. what kind of statement is that
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saying, to promote somebody that was blowing up buildings and, you know, potentially hurting millions, hundreds of people. i don't know, it is screwed up. so screwed up. it is sad to see what is going on. it is strange to me. john: i give him credit. he invite need sundance to talk about my books. >> no problem. john: well, he didn't talk to me when i was there but, he was there. he allowed a shriller of open debate. >> a sliver. give you a sliver but not the full boat, that's for sure. john: made me wish that somebody would confront robert redford about this. >> mr. redford, isn't the deplorable you're glamorizing the weather underground, a bunch of domestic terrorists? so you're going to make a movie about the boston bombers next? john: boston bombers. redford never responded? >> no. hises entourage surrounded me ad they wouldn't letur me get up close, but iou even, i think ths goes beyond hypocrisy.
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there is human decency factor. it is one thing to make a movie about the weather underground terrorists of the it is another thing in the words of varietity to roman size it and make hater-felt. we're talking about a bank robbery that resulted in the murderer of two police officers and security guard. now robert redford will go make a movie that is essentially one big tribute to this? ites is, it is remarkably deplorable, even by hollywood standards. you. jason, thank kevin, thank you. if you would like to keep this conversation going, please go on facebook or twitter and use that hashtag overte here, hollywood. and to let people know what you think. i'd like to know what you think. coming up, more celebrity hypocrisy. ♪ this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one.
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s. >> climate change is causing ice to melt and sea levels to rise will happen in our lifetime. >> in our lifetime. >> unless we demand our leaders invest in green technology. >> and green jobs now. >> now. >> now. john: right now, because sea levels will rise in our lifetime say the actors. but how do they know? some of these actor activists
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are clueless. leonardo dicaprio told a reporter wants to take a long break from acting to fly around the world doing good for the environment. fly around the world? we just heard about harrison ford's seven airplanes. of the don'tt they get that one plane ride spews more carbon than 1,000 incandescent light bulbs? if they live in a separate stupid world. you might call it, hollywood nation. actually that is the title of jane's book. james, what is going on here? >> look, hollywood has embraced environmentalism as sort average. they have their high priest, the nobel laureate, oscar winner, al gore. tough accept what he says with faith, without reason, without logic. john: it does have the ring of a religion and just, some blindness to the facts, you mentioned al gore. i was surprised to see him build
2:19 pm
these monster homes while preaching what he was preaching? >> the hypocrisy is monumental. you have this 19,000 square foot mansion inth tennessee. a group was able to get ahold of his utilities and they were 20 times that of an average american. he also has a mansion in mon that cito. that is near oprah's house. john: are any of them call themselves environmental activists notl hypocrites? do some of them live that life? >> ed begly, jr., is often mentioned. darrell hannah. they actually live a life-style consistent with what they preach. but boy, is that a rarity, john. i mean the vast majority of celebrities take on pew lens to the highest level. john: rapper p. diddy made a video telling people, turn your lights out, but holeds a bunch of big houses.
2:20 pm
recent tv combined his video with the houses. >> i pledge to turn the lights off. i used to leave thue lights off. we want to conserve energy. i will turn the lights off. you turn the lights off. john: do you think he is unaware of the hypocrisy? >> i think he lives, this guy goes out on tour and has at carbon footprint of a third world nation. the idea that he is going to turn his lights out, that will make a difference, even if you believe in the theory of man caused global warming, it seems rather ludicrous. john: let's move on to something elses celebrities call evil. the keystone pipeline. some actors made a short film that makes the pipeline seem like "the amityville horror" movie. a family buys a new home. >> you will loveie this. >> how beautiful. such a deal. >> what's the catch? john: the catch is the home is near the keystone pipeline. ♪ >> we need to leave.
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♪ >> it will be tom. it's growing to be tom. [screaming] >> whatpu galls me this bad science pushed in video seen by talented people. >> using somebody like wendy malik, a recognizable actress and do it with this clever theme, as you said looks like a horror movie, it is very, very effective. so the peel pushing the environmental agenda have a tremendous resource with celebrities who are willing to do this kind of video and make it viral. john: one final example of it. america's biggest recent environmental and economic success i would say is fracking for natural gas. fracking allowed poor people to heat their homes for less, and, it reduced america's carbon
2:22 pm
output. yet, many celebrities like john lennon's wife and son trash it. >> don't frack my mother. >> don't frack me. john: and when the celebrities speak, the crowds follow. >> oh, they certainly do. they. actually, powerfully sway, not only their followers, but others. when some celebrity like george clooney who recently spouted off on global warming says something, it goes global. unlike non-celebrities who can't get the word out quite as effectively. so they are a resource. they are a great power. john: thank you, james. and by the way, ed begly, jr., he told us he learned from conservation from conservative father who said it was wrong to waste any resource. we reached out to every other celebrity that i will mention on this show, asked them about their hypocrisy, had a comment. not one responded to our
2:23 pm
questions. coming up hollywood makes millions selling stuff to us but at the same time celebrities say they despise profit. >> i say profit is a filthy word. >> greed, that is just another word for it ♪
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>> let's use the "c" word here. we're talking about capitalism. john: capitalism, it's the "c" word. apparently it's a curse. that is the opinion of some vocal celebrities. hollywood does vilify capitalism in movies. capitalists create killer viruses. they sacrifice people to aliens. they spread lukemia. capitalists chop down the last rainforest. and capitalists poison people. and yet, hollywood thrives because of capitalism. they mayer. at profit but they -- near at
2:28 pm
profit. let's have someone interviewed and mocked celebrities for years. kennedy, once a vj on mtv. >> it is so old as dirt. so annoying. movie stars base their lives on how movies do at the box office. cutthroat competition, there is no industry more competitive than the film industry. your films have to make money. movie stars don't get salaries. they get points so they can make even more money. somehow that is dirty and filthy. if you can't to call me the "c" word, call me a capitalist -- john: you're okay with that? play a little more of michael moore's appearance on that panel on c-span. listen to his claim here. >> if wall street and the rich thought poverty was bad, they would get rid of it. they need this large, large, half the country, half the country living in anxiety and fear. the other half over here are the ones that they will sell their
2:29 pm
goods to. john: this is truly insane. not only makes no sense, but the left also argues we have to have more handouts to the poor so they will have money to buy stuff and that helps poor economy. >> ashe long as poor goes to thr movies, watching their tv shows, buying their crap, they're fine. john: more examples. russell brand, a british actor. known in america for flicks like forgetting sara marshall and get into the greek. he had his own tv show on fx channel t was canceled. he is developing a new show by fx, owned by fox. fox? what are you thinking? brand objects to capitalism. so a bbc interview asked him what would you replace it with? >> that is what i'm asking. you talk vaguely about revolution. what do you think?oln >> socialist egalitarian based on massive distribution of wealth, t heavies taxation of corporations and massive responsibility for energy companies exploiting
2:30 pm
environment. i think, very concept of profit -- >> get a little tiny bit of knowledge and it becomes this watered down socialist drive. he is in a sense attention whore. the paris hilton of film. john: he wants a socialist egalitarian system. it appeals to people. >> well it appeals to people when they're very young and idealistic and passionate and insane, which is what youth is supposed to be. when you grow up and pay taxes people like russell brand, no longer make sense. he is not a relevant person in entertainment anymore. he has to say the things to get some kind of attention. john: russell brand is just a silly actor, what about george lucas? a smart businessman made billions,ca helped create "star wars" and indiana jones. charlie rose asked him this. >> you area among people who kw you a billionaire who is not that crazy about capitalism. >> that's a i true. >> tell me about that. >> well, i grew up in the '60s.
2:31 pm
i'm t a very ardent patriot but i'm also very ardent believer in democracy, not capitalist democracy. and i do not believe that the rich should be able to buy the government. that is just the way i feel. >> is that the america you see where the rich bought the government? >> come on. it has been that way a long time. john: he has a point there. rich people tend to make political campaigns contributions. >> that is true. frustrating for a lot of peel, a lot of voters. it is also unions. we live in a system that is paid for bit highest bidder. no doubt about that. he is one of the highest bidders. here is someone who contributed thousands and thousands of dollars to democratic campaigns. >> they never get the reason the rich spend all this on government, that the reach are evil or change their behavior. government that big, has $3 trillion to hand out, people will spend on it to try to influence it. >> he sold his company, he was already worth $3.3 billion.
2:32 pm
he sold his company over 4 billion. that is tiny profit. that is pretty much shrewd capitalist. john: trasses greed, yet most of his money comes from this stuff, these "star wars" paraphernalia that he sells and has gotten quite rich on. >> yeah. chewbacca is his slave. he was very shrewd when he made that deal for action figures because he convinced fox back in the '70s, no one will buy action figures. boys don't buy dolls. that is how he became a multibillionaire. john: one more capitalist who doesn't like capitalism. thank you, kennedy. coming up, more celebrities pushing this time for gun control. >> demand a plan. right now. >> right now. >> you, demand it! john: so many of them, which ones are hypocrites? that's next. ♪
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>> if we had st >> if we had just done something yesterday. >> we can do better than this. john: for every horrible mass shooting celebrities pushed gun-control. after the tragedy in newtown lot of celebrities take an anti-gun commercial, they list -- >> columbine. >> virginia tech. >> tucson. >> laura. >> fort hood. >> newcalendar. >> how many more? >> how many more celebrities are going to testify in this commercial? makes me want to say -- >> enough. john: actors demand new gun control legislation. >> demand a plan right now. >> right now. john: you demand it. i think they're foolish to
2:38 pm
believe one more plan would make us safer but it is a cause they believe in except many are hypocrites says radio host and former hollywood screenwriter michael mid did. you -- why? >> they are hypocrites because they could do something. i demand the plan and the plan is reduce the levels of gun violence in movies, in pg movies, the level of gun violence since 2000 have gone up 300%. do something about that. this is an industry in which the many of these people who are testifying are involved in the lavishly violent entertainment like the big new movie the hunger games. john: the hunger games was boy and arrows. and everything else. >> the point is the general levels of violence and specific levels of gun violence have
2:39 pm
never been higher in hollywood and yet these self righteous hypocrites are testifying demanding a plan from the government. you can do a planning your own life. if you don't want to have guns no one is forcing you to have guns but they are concerned in typical left-wing faction with what other people do and take no responsibility for what they do themselves. john: for the record there is no evidence to my knowledge that the violence in films leads to violence in real life, there has been more violence in films and video games and violence in real life fortunately has been dropping. it is -- >> people can test the idea there's an actual relationship between violence on screen and violence in real life but there is more evidence of that association than there is an association with widespread gun ownership and violence in real life soap -- john: after the anti-gun psa aired summery edited the commercial letting clips of what
2:40 pm
most have done in their films. >> newtown. >> how many more classrooms? >> by understand people like that. >> how many more movie theaters? john: one more video that seems hypocritical to me. jim carey calls people who make guns the devil's profiteers. ♪ the one to sell the gun ♪ vultures and coyotes ♪ bedevil's true devoe cheese ♪ from pain and fear ♪ john: on twitter you said this video is about you heartless [bleep] unwilling to bend for the safety of our kids. >> which is unbelievable. this goes to what seems to me
2:41 pm
the biggest difference between the libertarian right and the crazy laughed. for those on the right, i do care about a bunch of issues, the environment. so i pick up litter. they care about what other people do. what is necessary as the message it seems to me for americans regarding gun violence and everything else is care about yourself, make the difference that you can make rather than trying to compel other people to do what you want them to do. that desire to control other people is at the very heart of the collectivist project and i hate it. john: me too. they -- thank you. let's play real or fake. we will test your knowledge of celebrity behavior with our game show. for example this actor promotes a compostable to issue with
2:42 pm
seeds embedddd. real or fake? ñ@ç@çpçpçpç÷ñoxñ
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2:45 pm
john: it is time to play john: time to play real or fake? sometimes celebrities do things
2:46 pm
so does our that if ucla. you wouldn't believe it was real like harrison ford waxing his chest. to save the rain forest. now i want a test, can you separate real celebrity behavior from stuff i made up? play the real or fake game with tonight's libertarian battle. reason magazine's matt welch, special correspondent kennedy and camille foster with free think media. first question, actor charlie sheen asked president obama to investigate whether 9/11 was instigated by george w. bush. real or fake? yes, he did that. he made a six minute video about it saying usama bin laden might have been working with the cia. next. bill gates offered $100,000 to the person who could invent a more pleasurable condom.
2:47 pm
he did. he called it the next generation condom challenge to improve uptick and regular use. >> agreed euphemism. john: next one, actress evangeline merely to raise money for street kids auctioned off sexy underwear. real or fake? no doubt about that. we have a picture of that. this didn't surprise you. >> too random celebrity for that not to be real. if you have said it will be goldberg. john: miley cyrus played strip poker to raise money -- to raise money for a children's music charity. kennedy got that one right. that is one that we made up here. it sounded so real flow. since president obama's
2:48 pm
limousine only gets eight mpg in begley jr. started a petition campaign to get the president to trade in his limo for an electric power version. real or fake? >> sounds like a great idea. john: you were all wrong. this is made up too. mary tyler moore tried to pay a restaurant $1,000 to free one of its lobsters. okay. yes, this really happened. you knew about it, your neck of the woods. a lobster named spike at a malibu restaurant. >> was delicious, by the way. john: actor adrian really had a website promoting environmentally friendly compostable to issues. real or fake? you really think that israel? and you are right. the sneakers have seeds embedded in their tongues so when they roll out just bury them and watch the flowers bloom.
2:49 pm
what is wrong with that? >> nothing. great pride that idea. >> everyone involved with entourage is noted for their intellect. john: actress, alyssa milano made a fake sex tape to raise awareness of the conflict in syria. real or fake? you got it. it is absolutely true. we can play some of it here. >> our nation is on the brink of yet another conflict in the middle east. >> america is he greatest country. john: we are all thinking more about syria. time to name the winner. i am being told we are in a secret room, there was a tie, kennedy and camellia won, matt, you lose. >> facial. john: i wanted to add one last
2:50 pm
question. real or fake? the three of you are about to have your own television show? on fox business here. >> it is called the independent and it is going to be 60 minutes of greatness. john: great news, so glad you are doing this show. we need more talk shows about liberty. it took me 20 years to understand its importance but you are younger than i. how did you get it so quickly? you are the editor of a libertarian magazine. >> like reason magazine shaped my views. john: because you were sympathetic. >> it was in the 1990s i got to see europe and saw what exists in the shadow of central planning and it is uniquely awful and to see people get liberated from that and create something new is a ce and experience. >> i read ayn rand and the importance of talking dirty. >> i have reason to thank as
2:51 pm
well and also have a really great college professor who handed me a copy of capitalism and freedom and after the introduction alone i was hooked. john: capitalism and freedom by milton friedman. thank you, and next, celebrities who do get it right. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's n the "sign up for rewards each quart" card. noarning-limit-having, do-i-look-like'm-joking, turbo-boosting, heavyweight-champion- -the-world cash back card. thiss the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchas everywhere, every single day. now tell me, what's in your wallet?
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>> i >> i pledge to be of service to barack obama. >> i pledge to be of service to our president. >> we are the ones. john: celebrities sure drank the kool-aid. why do so many of them love politicians who push bigger government? house to but are they? some are but not all. part of it is the lazy tendency of people to support what their peers support and hollywood supports liberalism. but why did hollywood becomes so leftist? i have some furies. it happened because of many actors are a good looking and maybe they became famous through a lucky audition so good looks and lucky break, they think most of life is about luck and so government must intervene to make life more fair. not buying it? how about this. since actors work for others they rarely have to deal with the big government burdens of
2:56 pm
other people who really innovate. people who build a factory or an apartment complex or jump through government hoops to invent new medicines. actors collect a paycheck. they don't have to fight bureaucrats. their agents handle the details. recently i read an article about lifelong democrat rob schneider. he plays idiots in movies. >> douce bigelow was a professional fish tank cleaner who never got any respect. john: schneider has become a republican, he says. the reason is he tried to run a business but california regulation was so bad that he moved out of california and changed political parties. trying to start a business woke him up. john: one more reason hollywood is so leftist, acting is about connecting with people emotionally and emotion is what
2:57 pm
liberalism is about, not studying data. to me america's coming entitlement bankruptcies a math problem. it is just arithmetic. i add the numbers up, i can see disaster. but the emotional actor says you want to limit our promised entitlements? you want to kill granma. they do a commercial depicting paul ryan pushing granma off a cliff. often they win through these emotional appeals. okay. i know it is rouuh because they relate to the russian -- demotion for good looking, not a scientific explanation but that is all i got. you got a better idea? tell us what you think on facebook or twitter. let's end tonight's show with a sliver of good news. a few celebrities reveal themselves to be libertarians' or libertarian/conservatives like kevin sore boy and clint eastwood and tom selleck.
2:58 pm
i am told kurt russell is libertarian but i am not sure. i met him once and newt gingrich's office when he was speaker of the house. newt is no libertarian but maybe kurt is. why you? then there is the comedy star vince maung. >> everyone has a purpose in life but i have not found mine. john: he has on a radio show said this. >> support of of ron paul. as you get older you get less trusting the government running anything and look at the constitution, the principles of liberty, the purpose of government is to protect the individual's right. john: he went on to say too many rules leave the government corrrption and other unintended consequences. >> for the first time in my life i am doing the right thing. john: maybe there are more libertarians in hollywood but they are in the closet, keep secret. hollywood, if you don't arch in step with low other liberals you
2:59 pm
may not get work as kevin sorbo saturday. >> and independent in hollywood is enough to make me lose work with in that city. john: maybe that is why it is well-established far as like a fun and clint eastwood to a ruling to speak up and performers like drew carey who now works for reason tv. >> you don't need a centralized government to tell us what to do all the time and tell us what color to paint our house. adam smith's invisible hand is a really good thing. it really is. john: since the hand is invisible maybe entertainers can't comprehend it. let's close with one more, when statist says government must act to protect our privacy on the web, penn gillette did this. >> it is not the government's business to protect your privacy from facebook. if facebook does things people don't like, everybody will leave facebook and the they will go out of business. all you need here is free speech
3:00 pm
and free markets. john: free speech and free markets. that is just about all we need. that is our show. see you next week. jeff: jeff flock here. >> this week on across america, we go kayaking and fishing with one of the wealthiest and most successful women in america. >> we take an inside look at america's most storied office furnituremaker. what happens when a 300 pound person sits on a miller chair for three years? this machine is finding out. we unveiled the newest and fanciest outlet mall in america and get the wisdom of the visionary who started building it in the worst recession in


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