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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 31, 2013 9:20am-11:01am EST

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good news. i got a new title. and a raise? management couldn't make that happen. [ male annoncer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex.
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stuart: we have the latest read on the housing industry that just came out. home prices up more than expected. 13.6%, up year-over-year. i'm going to label that a pretty solid comeback for the housing industry in 2013. throughout the day today we're talking about the most interesting companies of the year. how about the most interesting industry? 3-d printing. obviously it look off in 2013. we actually printed this. this is a small chess piece. we printed it, 3-d print it live on the program. the technology is cheaper, easier to use and available to everybody. jeremy kaplan is still here.
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you say 3-d print something the most interesting industry of the justify your point. >> this is something that didn't exist for consumers two years ago. now, bang it is here of the we keep talking about it. remarkable things you could do. a lot of stuff is still emerging technology. complex, slow, expensive but it is remarkable. the fact that you can print out a chess piece. think about the future your kid wants a new action figure. print out a action figure. remarkable. stuart: that assumes every home will have 3-d device at home to print out small items. do you see that day coming? >> there are handful of names. maker, most people don't know the name. they're one of leading forces. 3-d systems is a company doing all sorts of very interesting things. this is to be accomplished for this to work as industry. right now mainly for designers. in the future, not too far off. we'll see a lot of very cool
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things here. stuart: i think the word printer is misused. that chess piece on the air, i don't think that is being printed. that is being manufactured. you have a small robotic manufacturing device. >> you're right. additive manufacturing. stuart: the industry makes it available to you in your home. that was your judgment. the big new industry of this past year? >> astounding to see this stuff. 2,000-dollar to a printer. $500 next year. stuart: 500 bucks? you might be back with that one. you're going to the las vegas consumer electronics show. i know we'll see smartphones, tvs. >> they're boring. they're boring. stuart: they are. actually they're not. what about a whole new product line to be revealed at the show? is there such a thing? >> one thing i've been watching very closely is the health care space which has been at the forefront of digital technology and emerging technologies. of course. there is a cap called scanado
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talking a lot of time about the "star trek" at this corder. stuart: dr. spock ran it over somebody's body. >> finding out what is wrong with the guy. they have been talking about the technology and showing it off at the show at ces. just a prototype a device you can scan over your body. measures your temperature, things like that and diagnose it. stuart: this will be shown next week at the show? >> that's what they're saying. they will have a keynote speech where they talk about. it will be a fairly big deal. if that is real product, it is not a big product yet, but if it is, holy cow. stuart: will obama care cover it for the home? big question. jeremy, appreciate it. final trading day of the year. it is here, it is now. we're probably going to end 2013 at another record high. by the way we are going up another 30 odd points at opening bell about five 1/2 minutes
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♪ stuart: i don't see no superstar
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but we're looking at star companies of the 2013. the one's we're calling the most interesting. what are they, can they keep it up in 2014? we're covering it moments from now. but at this moment, a minute exactly from the opening bell. come on in, shot shellady out of chicago. scott, i know you did well this past year. whether you admit it or not you did well because of ben bernanke, didn't you? >> well, all you had to-do listen to what he was saying, you know. this is the year, stuart, i learned how to read and hear and react. those three things, what we all needed to do and everybody would be up 30%. i'm not up 30%. really just that. look what they were going to do, read what they were growing to do and react to it. maybe we would be better off. maybe we need to do that with janet yellen as well. stuart: did you do well in 30 knitter? >> yeah, we did pretty well. we were faced with all the headline risk of say the government. high frequency trading and
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algorithms. obviously unprecedented loose monetary policy so yeah we had a lost hurdles to get over. we had a the lo of fun doing it. [opening bell rings] stuart: hope you join us next year. thanks for joining us, scott. opening bell is ink ringing. last trading session of the year has begun. we started out from 16,504. the futures, that is an indicator what will happen when the market opens. they were suggesting a gain of maybe 30 points. we're up 12. 16,520 as of right now. how many people who made forecasts exactly one year ago saw that we would be going out of the year at 16,500? i don't know anybody who got a correct forecast. of that's where we are. 16,523. don't pay much attention to analysts on this show but even they are saying target is taking
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a big hit because of that data breach. these analysts are using words like disaster and breach of confidence. talking about losing customers, and now, here's the news. 40,000 target gift cards bought over the holidays were not activated. they are worthless. another black eye, perhaps. so lauren simonetti, tell us what is happening with the stock? >> well, it is kind of flat, too. stuart, pulling numbers from december 18th when we first learned about the breach, the 40 million accounts possibly jeopardized, and the stock has not really moved too much since then either. this is just incredible. you're right. our fox affiliate in minneapolis where target is based is reporting there is huge give card issue. for this retailer, one black eye after another. shares are more or less hanging on. stuart: i was looking at the chart carefully, looked to me like target hit a high on december the 18th, right as that breach was being announced
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that security breach. it has come down from there. that is interesting. with this news today you're not seeing a serious negative for target as of right now. we'll track it through the day for you. here are our most interesting companies of 3030. led of course by big american tech, amazon, twitter, netflix, tesla. a lot of big moves in these stocks this past year. here is michael robinson. i want to take the companies one at a time. i will start with amazon. the company suggest that is it will bring in $100 billion in revenue next year. do you think this is one of the most interesting companies of the past year and do you think the stock can keep up with the kind of performance that we've seen, michael? >> i do think it is one of the most interesting companies on the american landscape. it was a big winner in 2013. it will be in 2014. as we talked about in the past,
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stuart, bezos is a brilliant guy. i love the way they add new efficiencies in there. buying robotics firms, they bought zappos. they did a lot of smart moves in 2012 and 2013. stuart: reed hastings is getting 50% pay raise. they have a whole lot more subscribers joining in there. is this another, very, very interesting company, the king of streaming is what we're calling it? how about the stock in 2014, michael? >> again i see it continuing to go up. i don't think it will keep up the torrid pace this year. triple digit gains year after year is difficult for any stock especially haier you get in the price. the reed hastings earned the money. the company has done well. three or four years ago a lot of analysts were writing it off as dead. the move to streaming they wouldn't make the transition. not only did they make that transition but dominate in the area. there are a lot of companies come after them.
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obviously apple tv streaming service but you've got hulu and others out there yet amazon, i'm sorry the company with reed hastings at the helm continued to do well. netflix is a big winner. i think it will be in 2014. stuart: how about twitter? it was of course a big ipo this past year. it has fallen about 20%, just in the past couple of days. how are you looking at twitter right now? >> with confusion to be honest with you. i don't have any of date to make a solid case one way or the other. this one corrected quickly quicker than i would expected. two back-to-back ratings on the stock. i don't have enough technical or financial data to say what it is worth. i don't think we've quite seen the bottom yet. again with ipos, it is not usual to see them correct in the first three to six months of trading. stuart: tell me about tesla. i remember it ran up close to
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$200 a share. nowhere near that now. how about an interesting company and stock for next year? >> fascinating company. i think elon musk is one of the brilliant ceos, one of the great visionaries in the american techlandscape of the last 30 years. this guy is into everything. tesla, first of all, they make great, that is a, that tesla, that model s, is a beautiful car. showstopper, every time i see it at a gas station or shopping center it draw as crowd. "motor trend" car of the year. one of the safest vehicles ever reviewed by "consumer reports." what is critically important they have a fantastic product the problem elon musk has with the company, operating margins are basically nonexistent. for 2014 i would like to see them get operating margins up there. with 700% sales increase last quarter is massive. can they keep that kind of growth up? that will be the big question for 2014 but it's a great company with a great product.
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stuart: well-said, michael. stay there for second. i have to deal with other business at the moment. taxman always gets you in the end. new york city suing fedex to the tune of $52 million. why? for delivering millions of cigarettes, tax-free from an indian reservation on long island. lauren, tell me about the stock. i don't think the stock will be affected by this but i want to seat price. >> not affected. it is up .2 of 1%. that is an interesting story, right? probably we'll see fedex pay fines, maybe 52 million is what i'm reading. because of the untaxed cigarettes being sold from 2005 through last year. stuart: okay. lot of money. big winter blast headed for the northeast. the word blizzard is being used. hearing reports of up to eight inches of know in the northeast. possibly a foot. most of the snow will come thursday night into friday. we're going to monitor this for you over the next couple days. it could be a big headache for all of us in the northeast.
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meantime, here's what we call our go-to storm stocks that we like to look at. shovels and salt from home depot. the stock is up. backup generator, from generac. the stock is unchanged. if you're stranded at home during a snowstorm, maybe they will motivate you to book a trip someplace warm. look at expedia. the stock is up. let's get back to michael robinson. i want to talk gold. this was a terrible year for bullion. but, michael, you think some gold in a portfolio is still a good idea. go. >> it is. when i say gold, i also want to make sure that people understand, i use gold and silver synonymously interchangeably. i own physical silver. i own physical bold. i think there is portion in every investor's portfolio, if nothing, crash protection. it will break a lot of hearts in 2014. ii don't see bottom, 850 to $1,000 an ounce.
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we have to still go down from here. if you're looking gold as big-time investment to make a lot of money, 2014 is not year to do that. stuart: you would always have a piece of gold, a piece of your portfolio in gold, that's your rule, right? >> absolutely. i have physical silver. i probably bought it at the top. i don't care what the price of it goes to. i will not sell that physical silver period. it is there for a reason. like i have insurance on my car. i have insurance in case of a disaster. physical silver, i have physical gold. i think everyone should own some. stuart: quickly, may i ask the proportion? a lot of people keep up to 10% in gold and silver. no more than that. how about you? >> 5%. i would keep it at about 5%. and now when we go back into the bull market that think will come back around 2015, 2016 i have might want to increase it then but right now i put more than 5% in precious metals. stuart: we hear you. michael robinson, happy new year to you. we'll see you in the new year. thanks, michael.
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>> happy new year to you, stuart. stuart: check the big board, we're eight 1/2, nine minutes into the trading session. we're up some more. 30 points higher. the dow is at 16,534. question, could 2014 be a breakout year for the economy? according to a new poll from fox news the majority of you say, yes, it could be. that's next. ♪ 10.
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stuart: new year's eve. last trading day of the year. we're up 23 points, look at that! 16,528. the price of gold is a different story. we're down 16 bucks this thing is falling well below $1200 a
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ounce. look at price of hertz's stock. the, it moved higher. the company approved a shareholders rights plan that plan would make it harder for outside investor takeover. market likes it. up a buck 21. was this a good year for your family? over half of voters feel 2013 was a good year for them of. 54% of them think the economy will be better one year from now. "the wall street journal"'s mary kissell is here. is this 2014. i'm asking you for economic prognostication here. is this the year after breakout with robust growth? >> i think no is the short answer, stuart. stuart: no? >> i don't think you will see five or 6% growth next year. we simply don't have the conditions to get there yet on the policy side. to get 5, 6% growth you need a big tax deal, need the regulatory state to pull off. you would need some sort of
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certainty when it comes to things like obamacare. what is more likely you see the kind of steady growth we've seen over the last couple of years. really look -- stuart: about 2 1/2%, maybe three? >> three, 4% would be terrific. but look, there are some headwinds here in the economy. you have regulatory assault on business. you have obamacare. uncertainty of the midterms. no big boost. is immigration going to happen? will we get a big trade deal? will we get tax reform with max baucus going to china? i don't think so. stuart: do you think that the democrats could actually run, ignore obamacare, they are going to have to ignore obama care but run instead on new normal, steady as she goes growth. making progress on unemployment? 2 1/2, 3% growth, much better than it was five years ago, steady as she goes, hold on boys, stay the course we're going to be okay? is that their line? >> that is what they have to run on because there really isn't
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anything else they can run on. stuart: how about, give me a higher minimum wage? you deserve it? clamp down on executive pay, they don't deserve it. >> that appeals to their base but doesn't appeal to the vast rest of america that knows that setting prices, government saying to business, you have to pay this wage, isn't going to help. look, the economics on this is settle, stuart. raising the minimum wage puts people out of work. when you tell a business, you have to pay x-amount for this person, what are businesses going to do? they will cut costs. they will not hire the next guy that comes along. is it likely democrats will run on that? sure. it's a populist platform. stuart: there is another side to that. the other side says, if you raise minimum wage, people earn more money. that is greater spending power. >> people earn more money and fewer people in employment. stuart: is that the immediate effect? >> yes. it is.
9:47 am
absolutely. go talk to the head of a fast-food chain where margins are, you know, 1% or 2%. he is going to tell you, you know what? if you raise my minimum wage to 15 bucks, guess what i will do. i will automate services and hire fewer people. not a great platform to run on. they will try. look, they can't run on a strong, strong economy. we're not sitting on top of a strong, strong economy. we could be. american businesses spent the last four to five years ramping up productivity, cutting costs. we could grow 5, 6%, we have that capability. i don't think until we have a change in the white house, that we're going to see the kind of policy conditions that will allow businesses to take those sorts of risk that is gets us up to a 5 or 6% growth level. stuart: don't beat me up too much, mary, i am, i basically see things the way you see things. i think the way to 5, 6% growth is from cutting taxes, reducing
9:48 am
the regulatory burden and repealing obamacare, lock, stock and barrel. but that will not happen for many years to come. >> look there, are a couple good things going on. we do have budget certainty for two years. we do have the fed pulling back a little bit, ending the so-called taper. will take money. hopefully banks to channel back to the private economy for its best use. there are good things going on. we do see steady growth and gains in employment. that happened right when government stimulus started to come off. stuart: that's right right. it did, didn't it? we got sequester cuts. the cut, 2 1/2% across the board. >> right. stuart: at that precise moment we, we got 4% growth in the third quarter. >> what is the, what is the segment of the economy that recovered the last, the last segment to recover? stuart: sound like a trick question. you answer it. >> housing. it is the segment of the economy
9:49 am
where government has interfered the most over the obama era. we have seen hand out after hand out to jig bank lending, all sorts of initiative. now recovering years after crisis. to ask why. stuart: you see, steady as she goes, okay growth, maybe 2 1/2, 3% next year? >> unless we see some big deal and trade an immigration and taxes. stuart: on taxes that will be an absolute miracle. not forecasting that. >> not forecasting that. stuart: i knew you wouldn't. mary, happy new year to you. great forecast. appreciate it. my take is next. and i will say what will happen in 2014.
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stuart: start with a stock alert. crocs moving lower. it was up yesterday after blackstone said it might take a
9:54 am
nice piece, a stake in the company. maybe that is profit-taking. only down 39 cents. with a little over 14 hours left in 2014 will you make new year's resolutions? we asked dr. keith ablow why we mmke them and why we break them. that is new at 10:00. controversy over sounded added to beyonce's latest single. it is audio clip from the challenger disaster. we'll discuss it and play it for you. last year, at this time, just about every forecaster got 2013 dead wrong. so here's my take on what i'm pretty sure will happen in 2014. number one, they will regulate e-cigarettes. to be precise they will tax e-cigarettes. they mead to make up revenue they're losing as we quit smoking tobacco. two the president will play up the income inequality theme. top executives will be forced to
9:55 am
compare their salaries to the average wage in their companies. the president will try to shale and embarass successful people. that is going to happen. three, the epa will try to tell you what you can do with small streams, brooks and pond on your property. oh, here it comes. you want to use fertilizer on your lawn? better check with the local bureaucrat. you will need permission for that. weed killer? forget about it. four, by june the epa will regulate carbon emissions from existing power plants. that kills coal and raise electricity prices. buckle up, everyone, that is already happening. that is my list. it is very short but in the forecasting business short is good. it is much safer. of course, i can't resist, one more prediction. it is this. in 2014, the floor at the heart of the obama presidency will become obvious to all. government is not the solution.
9:56 am
this time next year, we will be thoroughly sick and tired of what government is doing to us. and that is a very positive prediction. isn't it?
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stuart: december 31st, we are waving goodbye to a fascinating year. look at this. identical act says next year
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things get worse for president obama. doug shoen still democrat. obamacare's leading critic says your health care only gets worse and the real chaos starts tomorrow. doctor keith at low --ablow puts us under county. wine coolers illusions fall flat? sports guy in incremental ii, the biggest pr campaign rolls on but did it work? america's stock picker, charles payne still bullish on the most interesting industry of the year. ♪ stuart: will you look at this? new year's eve, last trading day of 2013. if the dow ends this way, it will end and another all-time high. we're 28 right now. we are calling for 3d printing the most interesting industry of
10:01 am
2013, maybe a game changing next year too. look at one of those stocks, 3d systems. charles payne recommended this in march. 173% since then. 3d printing, you are still bullish. charles: it will be phenomenal. next year's hewlett-packard will come in, they come in making a big acquisition. i think it will be strategist but i wouldn't dismiss 3d which is in the rumor mill for taking over a recent ipo. it is amazing. stuart: you would buy 3d printing stocks? charles: i caution people they can be volatile. hybrid and extraordinarily volatile. think about the possibilities of these things. hard to imagine two three years from now they won't be significantly higher. stuart: tes low was one of your big winners. don't know when you liked it.
10:02 am
charles: up 300%. stuart: you see it going to 200? charles: we traded it at 150 the other day. it can get to 200. we took profits on it. like pulling teeth out of this guy. charles: i am trying to market it at the same time. you sell you lose you take profits when you win. stuart: you like sales. that is up. charles: 200%. charles: i like the way it is acting. it is one of the great american stories that survived by the skin of its teeth and a similar bet like i have right now is j.c. penney at 890 and that is where it is. i think the street is wrong. stuart: you are a j.c. penney fan. charles: i think it is a hot
10:03 am
mess, absolutely. just looking at it drives me crazy. charles: a lot more. stuart: check out this dramatic video from north dakota. plane carrying oil derailed, another train slammed into it, massive explosion. north dakota evacuated, take a twist. the railways which own the crash green is a subsidiary of warren buffett's berkshire hathaway. a critic of the keystone pipeline project claims trains are a safer way to transport oil around the country. let's bring in sandra smith. what do you make of this? >> warren buffett would have a lot of folks to answer to in small towns in north dakota affected by this. as of last night at our five cars a blade, a lot of talk about the health and safety of the people surrounding this. one of the train lines going west, the other one going east
10:04 am
carrying crude oil, both of them owned by berkshire hathaway, warren buffett has pushed on the issue to transport crude oil, north dakota, second-largest producer to the united states, all these trains are running around with crude-oil, spoken out against the pipeline and here we have an example of how even the railways are at risk. there are some questions that need to be answered. they pose a risk at the end of the day. what is the lead to threat? this is a mess. stuart: i want to know how much money warren buffett and his company have made by transport oil by rail. is there any connection between the big profit made doing that and opposing the pipeline project? is there a link? >> probably fair to say warren
10:05 am
buffett is talking his books. stuart: had the new year to you. might come back later. to lauren, we have a rally. give me the best stocks of the year on the dow. >> boeing, the top performer, better than 80%. 57, 58. disney down today but certainly up yesterday big time. and 53% from the year. the s&p 500 crossed is new, interday all-time highs. stuart: keeps on rolling. look at the dow. we have gone a little bit more. 36 points on this, the last trading day of the year. what your has been. obamacare officially going into effect first thing tomorrow morning, 12:01 a m, despite a
10:06 am
myriad of problems. others don't know if the applications for the plans they chose would be processed so what happens if you get hurt or sick or needed dr.? as of 12:01. the author of beating obamacare for more. beating obamacare the 2014 edition. i am in the acknowledgements. >> you off because you did wonderful job informing the public about obamacare. stuart: what happens now? >> this lot is responsible for the fact millions more people lost coverage and actually gained coverage. on the losing side you have 6 million cancellations in the individual markets that went out with the end of the year plus, no one is talking about this, the 3 to 4 million people covered under many men blands, the obama administration provided waivers for unions and companies to offer plans but
10:07 am
those waivers expire, those annual and lifetime limits are against the law now and those people will be uninsured too. stuart: so first thing tomorrow morning, first thing, it is going to be chaos and confusion because people don't know do they actually have the coverage they think they have got? >> let's go to the other side. stuart: that book. >> on the other side we have 800,000 people who signed up for medicaid. they are covered and 2 million people who have signed up on the state or federal obamacare exchanges but only a fraction of them and we don't know what the fraction is. it could be 10%, 15% have actually paid a premium. stuart: i have a number for you. this is from, hold on a second, mark waterstand at a building
10:08 am
company for the insurers. only half of those people who have been billed for coverage actually received the bill for covered only half of them have actually paid to. >> many people haven't received the bill for coverage. only a fraction of those 2 million people are covered. although the administration has asked insurance companies to provide a grace period, in many cases until january 10th, we won't know how many people are covered and get ready for the fact that you are going to see premium default crisis in the coming weeks, the mortgage default crisis, college loan default crisis, people who sign up for plans and when they realize they have got to write a check for $400 a month for health insurance and they have a big deductibles, $5,000 deductible, they are going to say i would rather make a car payment and they will stop paying and the uninsured. stuart: is it going to be so bad, chaos and confusion so bad
10:09 am
that the democrats in the senate say enough, enough, postpone the individual mandate for a year? >> my prediction is the democrats want to wake up some morning soon and know there are no more exchanges, no more controversial, and running for reelection, come to the table for a fix. stuart: you know what you are talking about, you read every single page. charles: i am waiting for the workout video. take it everywhere you go. stuart: it is 10 pounds. thank you, happy new year. here is the corporate story related to obamacare. walgreen's says it will provide a month's worth of prescriptions to anyone who's obamacare application is backlogged. there won't be any reaction on the stock but check out for me.
10:10 am
>> stock is down 0.85%. it is the 30 day supply of what i believe is a generic medication if you did sign up for obamacare but don't have your identification number yet so you go into any walgreen, approve of your enrollment between now and the end of january and get free 30 days of prescription drugs. stuart: you are still here. this company say and we will stand you. >> not taking much of a risk if customers are showing proof of enrollment. stuart: that is a sign of chaos and confusion. you don't have to pay right now. >> in the private sector you signed up for insurance you got insurance. stuart: thank you. a story that has been around a day or two but we couldn't resist bringing it up. and icebreaker, a ship sent to antarctic that to help free a
10:11 am
research vessel, the icebreaker is stuck. the researchers were there to study the effects of global warming and arctic ice. 74 people trapped on the ice. lacking. is not funny but ironic. charles: very ironic. get on the boat and say let's check out this global warming thing and get stuck and icebreakers, icebreakers are saying it is too thick, we can't get to you. a couple of them had to -- when they finally get these guys out forget about finishing up the journey. we got a conclusion. should be a one page conclusions sort of like gilligan's island. we got on the show, got stuck in the eyes, that is all i am saying. could be a 1-page report. one paragraph report. stuart: you are on video tape saying it. microsoft, twitter, apple, after the break a guest who says all three tech companies will be
10:12 am
making major moves in the new year. find out what they are after this.
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stuart: michael chasein from social radar is here. big moves by three companies, i. full disclosure year. what big move by the going to make this year? >> good to see you. when a new ceo comes on board in 2014. he is going to have the opportunity to make significant strategic changes within microsoft. and a leading operating system, and x box leading search engine and mobile operating system, and if they make some big potential
10:16 am
strategic decisions, they will be a big player across the board. stuart: they are primed to make some big moves. it is time after all. move on to twitter. everyone knows the company, big moves are afoot. what big moves? >> twitter certainly had a great ipos this year and even though their stock has been down it is up significantly from when they went out. what you are going to see in 2014 is a focus on two major areas. first they continue to improve their user interface and features so that more people can get on the twitter platform and communicate with each other. the second thing you are going to see is pretty big moves with regard to their business model. they will ramp up the revenue engine. you might see some and then they as well to take advantage of the large user base that they have
10:17 am
gotten on their platform so they can start monetizing and make some more profit. sttart: you are making a lot of sense, what big move are you going to see? >> every year people predict apple will be a big mover or big influence in the text base and apple delivers. past couple years apple has just focused on improvements to the ipad or the i phone or notebook or desktop computers. tim cook has hinted in 2014 there might be a new category apple unveiled. no one knows whether that is the i watch or i tv or an enhancement to location services that could change the way people use their smart phones but in 2014 apple could be the company with big move, another disruption of the technology space. stuart: it had better be a big disruption and if it falls flat the stock does too. i want to move on to private companies, you have three ideas. nap, jack, what is the big move
10:18 am
they are going to make? >> the last couple months a lot of people have been talking about the fact that there is a rumor they turned down a multimillion-dollar acquisition offer and instead did they raise themselves. what this is telling me is they think there is incredible not only growth opportunity but revenue opportunity with the platform they built. snap chat is the primary way teens today our messageing each other and exchanging photos which is the core of the facebook platform so snap chat i believe thinks they can become the next facebook or the next twitter and you will start to hear more about them this year and the moves they may make with their business model to take advantage of a large team use the base they built. stuart: car service co. you see a lot of signs around new york city, what big moves are they going to make? >> it has become the definition
10:19 am
of a very simple easy to use service that gets you from one place to another. it is a personal taxicab. you start to see an expanding not only deeper in the city's they are in the expanding to new cities, not just in the united states but around world but also looking for other ways to leverage the same business model so they introduced a sharing enhancements, even a short run, deliver some food to the doorstep. take advantage of this platform, the card delivery service, and see a lot more success in 2014. stuart: you like ubeuber. charles: it is a disruptive business model. and pricing to use it tonight. is it going to be another one of those deals where they do go
10:20 am
public, shareholders have to wait and wait for profitability and get the management benefit up? >> if you take a look at the success they had with the number of people using the service and look at the opportunity to adjust pricing on specific days, this could be a pretty profitable in denver and some of the numbers show that it is already a financial success in the private company. stuart: thank you very much. we will bring you back in the new year. i want to hear about four square and the trends in 2014. at the new year to you. >> you have a good new year as well. stuart: we have twooquestions. why can't people keep their new year's resolutions and why do we bother beating ourselves up by making them in the first place? welcome back. h?
10:21 am
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10:24 am
stuart: we should use the wires for making money with charles and now all the losers.
10:25 am
what went wrong? charles: everything. i got to give you props. you said you did not like the lawyers chasing ambulances, a bad business model. the good news, let's take a loss at 22. stuart: since then there have been laws passed to hurt the business model even more. avon got it wrong. charles: i like the new ceo, we ask her to take the tax loss so if anyone bought that watching the show. there's a silver lining. stuart: you lost money. so what? charles: soda scream. a winner for some making money but by the time i put it on this show it was around $70. they are having some trouble right now. charles: stuart: we will be that that.
10:26 am
intuitive. i love this company. charles: the robotic machine. what they have done has been a successful short campaign and an amazing product surging in the world, unfortunately their sales have been down but this is one i ride out. this is a $700 stock in the future. stuart: you have not abandoned this thing. taking tax losses. stuart: on this day every year we all think of a couple things we would like to change about ourselves as we enter the new year. by adding more, go to the gym, improve your performance at work. why don't we follow through on these new year's resolutions? a lot of us don't. here to end to the question is dr. keith ablow. we make these resolutions. why don't we fulfilled them? >> we don't fulfilled them because we can get too grand and
10:27 am
grandiose in the scope of a new year's resolution. they should be circumscribed, they should be achievable and also we tend to keep the little bit to ourselves or a few friends, we should tell more people this is one decent use of facebook. there are almost no decent uses of facebook. post your new year's resolution and let people and force it for you. stuart: you are right. i did exactly that this time last year. i didn't post on facebook but i said publicly to my family and a limited number of friends i am going to lose x number of pounds by dieting through the year. i made it public and that forced me to go along with the diet. >> that is the third grand gesture, to say i am going to lose weight. it could be as simple as saying i am going to give up potato
10:28 am
chips, get something you can be fine. people should be honest with themselves. if there's something with which you are dissatisfied than be honest and try to hone in on just what is it that is bothering you. are you and kind at times in your marriage? should you take the edge off? what are you going to do specifically to achieve that? stuart: why are we always dealing with negatives? i will get fair, i will drink less, i will stop smoking. always a negative. why don't we save this year i am going to make some serious money? why don't we say that? >> i think the reason for that is that is the way humans improved. we improve by getting back to how good we were when we were born. we got all messed up when people were unkind to was or traumas b. fill us and the truth is if you can look at yourself and say i
10:29 am
want to curtail this negative would is going to be left is pretty strong. people are very good and decent and powerful at their core so if you can take away some of the negatives, people who told you to eat lots of candy or fatty foods, people who told you you shouldn't pursue your heart. if you do you will be successful. take away those negatives good things happen. stuart: i hate to throw this at you because you are not expecting it but do you have a new year's resolution with which you would like to go public right now? >> i will be thicker, you will notice this next year, i will be fair in this seat. little more toned. i hired a trainer to help me out with that. very good guy. every year, i always remind myself i want to be a better listener, an even better listener. it is my craft, my profession. i want to learn how to do that
10:30 am
even better. stuart: do i have one? i am going to lose more weight. just a few pounds. i will not say what the target is. but i will spend 20 seconds bringing in charles payne to see if he will go public with a new year's resolution. charles: the weight thing is there, and overall i try to strive to learn something every single day. something i have done since 1980 and i will continue to do that. every day i read since 1980. >> did something bad happen in 1980? let me read one of these. stuart: you have been a great guest force this entire year and i thank you very much. >> during all of 2014, relentless. unstoppable. stuart: see you soon. former clinton advisor doug
10:31 am
schoen says yes, 2013 irani year for president obama. wait for it. 2014, he says, will be even worse. don't miss this. doug shoen is next. run ♪ [ bell ringing, applause ] five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking into 52-week highs. six upcoming earnings plays... that recently gapped up.
10:32 am
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10:35 am
stuart: we concentrate on the markets last day of trading, twitter of $4, a horse race stock, 64. charles? charles: almost put this as a trading idea when i saw a holding at 60. found a trading range for the stock, 60 will be the place where banks stand and traders come back, near 70, until we get some evidence, have the real business itself. stuart: that is a horse race stock, a trading vehicle. charles: amazing what happened with the stock closed ipo when everybody says it is up or down, flat nd taking off. stuart: when you have people
10:36 am
walking this program will buy the stocks now and won't salad in half an hour. and losses at 63 and change but limit the loss. stuart: welcome back they traders. charles: watching your show. that is good. stuart: 2013 a tough year for president obama, the democrats taking a beating over the disastrous obamacare rollout and the nsa spying scandal. former clinton adviser doug shoen is here. you think if i am not mistaken that 2014 gets even worse for the president? >> could well be. there doesn't appear to be any sign that obamacare will be fixed anytime soon. we are going into a midterm election, seemingly pass the budget battle. republicans don't have incentive for bipartisanship, the latest recalling shows republicans
10:37 am
ahead in the generic vote. no reason that will change unless the republicans beat republicans. stuart: the president will play the income inequality theme. that could be a political winner. >> it has been one in the past. stuart: that is the class warfare kind of thing especially it could be successful again. you will push the minimum-wage, he will do that and 4% growth in the third quarter of 2014. he will suggest things are improving. steady as she goes. we are on the right track, stay the course. powerful argument. >> he hasn't tied that to job creation. an employment stays stubbornly high, underemployment stubbornly high and work-force participation at record lows. it isn't clear the growth rate is translating into real differences in people's lives. stuart: the $64,000 question,
10:38 am
will your wing of the democrat party revolt and say enough is enough, you mr. president going to lose us the senate and the seat in the house this year unless we reverse course? >> i think so. with six senate seats hanging in the balance in swing states where obamacare is more negatively perceived that it is nationally, you will see senators in states like arkansas, louisiana, north carolina, alaska, but not going to stay with the president. they can't give in his declining approval. stuart: do we see the results soon? it hits tomorrow morning. >> it is starting now and you'll see through the years that people who are in marginal districts, house and senate will stay as far from the president as they can. charles: i don't know if it was the bush/kerri feared debate, one of the last ones the moderator asked what are you going to do forf the last ones
10:39 am
asked what are you going to do for african-americans and john kerry said ira minimum wage and ella is an issue for all americans, that speaks more to someone who has failed us, failed the economy. i understand the fairness things because they have nothing else to run on but in and of itself a shocking admission that the overall picture is horrible. >> the overall picture is less lousy van stuart varney suggested and you are right that the story, certainly the african-american community more nuanced ones that every african-american needs a minimum wage. the extraordinary progress of two income families in the african-american community, the success in job creation among hispanics, all good news but we don't have an administration that is talking about that. the republicans are not doing it either. stuart: you play the victim card which is a political winner, the
10:40 am
victim card was played. >> here is the problem. if you give people a choice between redistribution which is what democrats offer and what the republicans offered they typically take redistribution. i am suggesting and charles believes if the republicans offer an inclusive strategy involving tax reform and economic growth they can maximize their chances. charles: if you can convince everybody in america the same tide will lift all ships you have a winner. stuart: if you were forced to predict the results of the 2014 election would you say the democrats lose the senate? >> either they lose or we have a 50/50 senate. stuart: which is tantamount to losing. >> if you have joe biden casting the deciding vote that is not a loss for the democrats. stuart: we will pursue this no further. happy new year to you. the marketing push for anchor man ii the movie was huge. ever way you look there was something related to the movie.
10:41 am
local newscasts, espn, a bottle of scotch named after run burgundy. why wasn't the movie more of a success? we will talk to an anchor man actor after this. >> rick is dead! >> rick is a live! >> you are not dead. it is you. know. you are brick. >> i am break. smoke? nah, i'm good. you are brick. >> i am break. the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology you are brick. >> i am break. the urg. you are brick. >> i am break. long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq.
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10:43 am
stuart: target in hot water. the massive christmas data breach has another problem. 40,000 gift card sold over the holidays, not activated. they are worthless. check the share price at target. no response, up 1%. read hastings gets a 50% pay raise and deserves it. netflix shares up 300% this year, down $1 today but $3.65. another banner year for ford sold 2.4 million cars and trucks in 2014, the best-selling car brand in america. the stock price at 1530. fedex facing a lawsuit from new york city, allegedly delivered millions of cigarettes from an indian reservation on long island. the stock not effective. is up 143. next, one of the stars of the
10:44 am
hit movie anchormen ii. back in a moment.
10:45 am
stuart: lauren simonetti at the new york exchange, energy stocks lead the s&p, bolero and marathon. any reason why? >> the energy sector is the best performing sector we like to watch. bolero and marathon not only of 3%, but taking on a new high today as well. with energy it looks like these two, also failed 66 on the deal
10:46 am
with berkshire hathaway, reclining, up sharply today. stuart: two standouts, got them. and anchormen ii debut in theaters across the country last wednesday. did all the promotion, did it pay off. you are a sports guy in the movie. you were a sports guy. great stuff. do you think there was an astonishing amount of public relations, an advertising campaign. i am saying not a great success. what say you? >> i say you are not telling the truth. 83 million, the number one
10:47 am
comedy at the box office. what you trying to whip up controversy about? stuart: i am whipping up some controversy for heaven's sake. >> you don't have a defensible position. the movie has been out ten days, at $83 million, already matched the last box office. you are not adding the international numbers as well. it looks to me like we have a hit on our hands. stuart: that was the most thorough put down i have experienced on this program in the last four years. well done. >> i would not dare put you down. you came out of the gate with a strong statement. that was good stuff. stuart: trying to grip the audience. you are the big star. >> now our relationship will draw them in even deeper. stuart: you and i were like this from here on.
10:48 am
i will give you a compliment. something to do with dropping the ball in atlanta tonight with an m, that is more p r for the movie? correct? >> keep bringing it around, you are the best in the business. i am seeing the peach drop in atlanta, georgia known for peaches and also known for peanuts. the no. one peanut producing state in the united states of america. and so it is fitting to be here with m&ms, declaring that the year of the peanut so they are powering the peach dropped here and asked me to m c it. i am happy to do it. stuart: your promotion of peanuts is not as good as your promotion of anchormen ii nor your generous statements about my ability as an anchor of "varney and company" which i
10:49 am
thought was outstanding. >> you are welcome. stuart: thank you for being with us today. i am going to go and watch anchormen ii. i am going to see it. my kids tell me they loved it. i am going to see it and i will be looking for you. >> you have the right kids. stuart: we appreciate it. you were laughing. charles: it was great. he took to you, took you to pieces. i thought it was pretty good. i would like to see round 2. got to bring it back on. stuart: $83 million at the domestic box office after all this promotion, i didn't think it was that great. charles: i was shocked at the hobbit. after three weeks in a theater still beat them. i was going to say crushed them but he might be able to hear. i have thought it would rank
10:50 am
higher too. stuart: the number one, the, we should see it together. before my son wants to see too. he saw the first one. stuart: you and i should go together. i never socialize, you realize. charles: i will block you from all the fans and the paparrazzi. stuart: beyonce uses audio from the challenger disaster in a new song. half of our production team outraged. the other half not. we are going to play it for you after the break and you can judge. [ doctor ] and in a inical trial versus litor,
10:51 am
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10:52 am
astrazeneca y be able toelp.
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10:54 am
stuart: beyonce facing criticism after including clips from the 1986 challenger disaster in the intro to her new song. >> we're looking very carefully at the situation. obviously a major malfunction. stuart: there you have it. that was the expression used and beyonce has as of this morning issued an apology. here's what she says. my heart goes out to the families of those lost in the challenger disaster. was recorded with that intention to heal those who lost loved ones and remind us unexpected things happen. clips from historical events are
10:55 am
often used as part of our pop culture. i am not exactly outrage that the use of this challenger sound bite in her song. i am not that upset about it. charles: i do wonder, sometimes the media, the stars can take the liberty, why not make a couple phone calls first. in other words i think it may hurt someone or i didn't mean to hurt anyone doesn't matter. i wanted to use it and i used it. something to deal with afterwards i will deal with it. stuart: are you outraged? charles: i am not outraged but they could handle it better. made a couple phone calls and could have warned the family or asked the family. a lot of things you can use to start that song of. stuart: the expression was major malfunction. that was the expression. that has become part of pop culture. charles: like houston, we have a
10:56 am
problem. stuart: during the vietnam war there was often sound bites and film clips used as part of pop culture which could be taken the wrong way. did before it was a dues to demonize the war. that was the first war that we witnessed in our living rooms. that made it the negative thing and artists were able to take it and spread their own message as well. stuart: you are not outraged. charles: it could have been handled better. stuart: good way to put it. your take on my 2014 projections next. all-new intuituickbooks. run your ente business with . get paid howeverou want with it. get real work done wherever with it. make all your numbers play nicely with it. say "buh-bye" to theld way with it. run yroll with your finger with it. scan receipts with it. smaintain your sanity with it.f and that sff, with it. this is yourusiness on the all-new quickbooks. run with it.
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there's n nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise? management couldn't make that happen. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping wi the reliability of fedex. stuart: last hour i give you my take on predictions what i think will happen in 2014. i predict we will see regulation of e-cigarettes, the president will play up a quality theme, i predict the epa will add new relation on carbon emissions and on water sources.
10:59 am
here is what you had to say about some of those predictions. sharon, do people follow regulations anymore? i don't think they recognize over half of them, i guess the government will make a lot of money from fines. joe says how will he get away from shaming the embarrassing successful people when he is surrounded by them? takes money from them and is one himself? jeff says i used to think those who said they would be another revolution on american soil were nuts. i guess i am now nuts as well. thank you for your responses. charles, i want one prediction of something that will definitely happen next year. charles: dow jones industrial average will hit 18,000 david stockman will become bullish and a week later we will crash. stuart: that is good. happy new year to you, it is now yours.
11:00 am
dagen: thank you, hope you have a wonderful night and we will see you in 2014. ending 2013 on a positive note, a new fox news poll shows majority of american voters say it was a good year or even feeling more upbeat going into 2014. up, up and away, home prices, case-shiller report shows home prices up more than 13% in the last year, that is the biggest jump since february of '06. we are already looking down the barrel of the first snowstorm of the new year, and tim tebow is not back on the football field. coming up on this hour of "markets now" three a." can't wait for the ball to drop here in new york city on the east coast, a good day, final day of 2013.


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