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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 2, 2014 9:20am-11:01am EST

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>> yes, we're indeed a financial program and i've got to tell you the weather is making a big financial headline this morning. the massive winter storm is barrelling all across the nation, from the midwest, where it's already hit, moving on later today to the northeast where i am right now, new york city. more than a foot of snow has already been dumped on some parts of the great lakes region. and they've calculated that roughly 78 million people will be affected by the storm. and at this moment we're going to bring in larry levin. he normally commentates on the weather. this storm hit chicago, how bad? >> it's abouten rough and it's been snowing for basically two
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days straight. stuart. i have 57 people who work for me, about a third didn't show up for one reason or another, trying to get through the snow and the trains are delayed and more people are coming in and they're going to be late so we'll get off to a slow start. you look behind me, the s&p pits, hardly anybody there. a lot of traders trying to get in there. there will be a lack of participation. stuart: that's unusual because we're used to winter weather and we know all about snowfall and yet, suddenly we've got people who can't get to work. do you think it will affect pricing on the market at all? >> well, i think you could see a little, maybe more volatility with less people involved. one thing i would say, stuart, we're in a different age. somebody can't make it into the trading pit they can jump on the smart phone and trade their futures or equity contracts. i don't think it's going to slow them down as far as that per se. but if you get a big move or institutional volume that happens in the pits, that could
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add volatility, but it will be short-lived. it's a lack of people getting to work for sure. stuart: we're waiting for it to get to us here in new york city, likely to arrive tonight, thursday night. we'll keep you up-to-date what's happening here in the big apple. larry stay there, back in a second. hackers exposing the user name and phone numbers of 4.6 million users of snap chat messaging app. and then we have the syrian electronic army a hacking group attached to the regime. and they say they've claiming that microsoft a reading user e-mails and skype. >> stay with us. the broadpoint is make is, your privacy doesn't exist on-line. i don't think it did. it certainly doesn't now. >> i agree there's a lot of
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things we're putting out there publicly and a lot of things are exposed through hacks we've experienced with snap chat. >> i think the snap chat hack was deliberate and people say they want to raise awareness. and do you have any idea, raise awareness of what? >> i think that more and more folks out there are sharing their information want to see enhanced security and there with as a glitch in snap chat, a vulnerability that was exposed. snap chat said they addressed it, making more obstacles and the group wanted to expose it's still an issue and so they went ahead and unfortunately, they leaked about 4.6 million users names and phone numbers. stuart: snap chat is still a private company. told they're valued at 3, 3 1/2 billion dollars. that was the talk a few weeks ago, if they ever go public.
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3 1/2 billion. do you think a hacking attack like this could reduce their value? >> so i don't-- it's a great question and clearly, there's rumor they turned down multi-billion dollar offers for their company. i think that one attack like this certainly puts pressure on them to increase their security. i think if it continues to happen it will certainly affect the valuation of the company and user confidence of the company, but one time, if they respond transparently and quickly they can recover and that's the value of this app that is used primarily by the teen market. stuart: fast, i know you're not a politician, is there a young angle to this? you don't like the hacking, do you? >> i think we're putting more and more information about ourselves out there. younger people are willing to share their location and more about themselves. we're sensitive that it can be
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exploited in ways that we certainly would not like to have happen. stuart: we hear you. thanks very much for joining us, we'll see you again soon. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: a full show for you, 30 seconds for the other headlines. you don't recall this, wal-mart recalling the donkey meat in china. and traces of other meats, fox meat was found in some of the products. how about that. chrysler fully owned by the company, and bought out the union position. and amazon now charging sales tax in nevada, indiana, tennessee and charges sales tax in 16 other states. first trading day of the year, here we come coming off record highs last year. the youth trade based on the weather or pot in colorado? twooissues for you, answers coming up next. ♪
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♪ >> it's inevitable. we're bound to have fun with the donkey-themed story. shouldn't have any impact on wal-mart stock, but we will check wal-mart and see what happens when it opens up. that will be 14, 15 seconds. we're close to the opening bell
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so larry levin come back in again. we saw terrific gains in 2013, people have been asking this morning, we are going to do it again in 2014? and i say, no, highly unlikely. and you say what? >> well, i would agree, won't see 20, 25% gain in the stock index, but i think it will start off that way and first month or two off to a good start and then we'll wait and see what the tapering really does. and because if money is harder to get, then certainly the stocks are going to go down at least in the second part of the first half of the year. so i would really watch for that. we get interest rates to rally then i'll totally agree we will not get the information. >> larry, i can tell that a the snowstorm kept a lot of people from the exchange. normally at 9:30 we get the roar when the trading session begins. right now it's quiet. all right, larry, good luck today. see you later. >> take care. >> now, we are down 34 points in the very-- 47 points in the very early going this first full trading
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session of the year 2014. now, we're down 47. but we're at 16,528 as of right now. move onto the netflix story. netflix knows a lot of people share pass words and now it's cracking down and introducing new plans that could bring in more subscribers. lauren simonetti, is netflix up today? >> it's actually down by 1/2 of 1%. don't forget, this stock gained about 300 percent last year. you know, it's interesting, a lot of people share the netflix account. by cutting the price for a simple plan to 6.99 a month as a test, maybe some of the share customers will get their own plans and the other plan three people can use it. >> it cuts you off and you're not allowed to share and stream for free. i think a lot of people will prepare to do the right thing to get their own streaming. >> hopefully. >> and hopefully, and maybe this is the stock in the long
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run, we shall see. thank you. >> and we'll call twitter the latest stock, it's wild swings in recent sessions and this morning, it's up to 65.50. is lauren still there. have you got any comments on twitter? we're calling it the horse race stock of the day. >> i'm surprised to see twitter up about 3% right now, but this stock has been momentous the past couple of days, from thursday on, stuart. so watch the volume. this has been tremendous and on sunday, 3 and 4% of total volume because it's just been so active. >> and we're on it. thanks, lauren. >> yeah. >> apple downgraded, how about that? apple downgraded today, wells fargo did it and the stock is down 4 bucks, apple, 5.57 also of right now. now i've covered it all. wal-mart recalling donkey meat sold at some of its stores in china and government tests
9:33 am
showed that meat contained the dna of other animals and it wasn't pure donkey meat. lauren, if you pay for donkey meat should you get it, am i right? >> and if you pay for it you should get it, and a lot of people are saying, oh, donkey meat. but the problem was wal-mart was selling in one of the biggest grocery stores in the world, fox meat and other such animal meats. this is a huge brand, yum! brands and k.f.c. having issue. stuart: and wal-mart says they're going to fill prescriptions in the next month, even if your obamacare coverage has not kicked in. so wal-mart is doing a nice thing there and saying we're going to cover you anyway. the stock, check it again, please. >> some kind of flat last checked. actually up. >> i will take it and thanks, lauren.
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everybody remember this video that we showed you earlier this week? it was a train carrying oil. it derailed and exploded. that forced the evacuation of an entire town in north dakota. >> now, warren buffett, berkshire owns it. and buffett has been a proponent, oil safer way to move it. and no pipeline? transport it. and appears he's changing his tune, he's getting involved in pipeline technology. stuart: should we all investor in pipeline technology? >> i think if you haven't been in pipelines or in trains and manufacturing cars, any of those areas, i think it's delayed. those stocks are so if you willy priced right now. if they're paying a decent dividend, maybe get in and
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average down. i think that prices what they are, especially the pipelines are fully priced and --. >> now we have been talking about the hacks on snap chat and skype. snap chat recently turned down a buyout offer from facebook. do you think that this hack devalues snap chat as a company? what do you think, shah? >> i don't think it does. i think this was a friendly hack in terms of folks that did this trying to prove to snap chat people that there are holes in their security and anytime you get a friendly essentially pointing this out, it's not going to be negative asking they can watch and fix and move forward on. as a note of interest for the viewers, i got recently a couple of letters, one from adobe and one from american express, there are breaches of security. i don't have much position in
9:36 am
those, but i'm getting the letters and they don't realize there may be marketing pieces not because-- the breaches are all over the place, they're dangerous and disturbing. >> but not affected any stock price yet to my knowledge. >> look out to 2014. give us your best stock. what's the stock that you're going to give our viewers right now that's going to do real well in 2014? >> well, my favorite singular stock would be tivo. we do own it, my subscribers own it. a million dollars in cash and 175 million dollars of long-term debt. we know what it does, you can manipulate your tv screen and save shows and slow them down and speed them up. and they have other areas, there's a research firm, also, do a lot of research on-line and from folks tivoing, watching what they're buying through the television sets and providing everythings in to marketers, to advisors, conduits for advertisers, and
9:37 am
opening up the businesses that are through the tivo boxes. you can buy a box at a retailer or essentially download on-line and you can get tivo through your smart phone and through your tablet. it's ubiquitous globally and i think it's going to do well in 2014. stuart: shah, beneath you we're running a banner that says that shah galani suggests looking at tivo and microsoft in 2014. why don't you give us an indication why microsoft? i still own it. >> we own it, we're bought at much lower level and we like it, paying a nice dividend. tens of millions in cash. and we get to see the ultimate change in who the ceo is going to be. i think it's going to be exciting. microsoft is spending a lot of money with the peripheral businesses and they're going to have a expansive view of the
9:38 am
globe and i think the product lines are going to increas spread and it's a growth stock again and i see 2014 being a robust year for microsoft. >> hold on, shah. going to get a weather report. we've got a massive winter storm bearing down on the east coast, bringing snow and freezing temperatures and then tell you about this, all 52 passengers aboard the research vessel stranded in the arctic have been rescued. the ship sent to the ant and the >> and they used a helicopter on the thin ice, they're out and it looks we are like we're looking at global cooling, forget the global warming. that's just my opinion. do you ever play the market by the weather? do you go out and buy generator
9:39 am
companies? >> no, we don't. and it's already gone up when the weather happens, most of those prices are built if in. if i wanted to, i would buy home depot or something like that. when we play for our portfolio, we're looking at long-term effects on commodity prices about you not short-term in terms of generators and that kind of stuff. stuart: fair enough, shah. a totally separate subject. now legal to buy marijuana in colorado. they look like the red box dvd dispensers except for they're black and the security. and the stock, and the news in
9:40 am
colorado is up 22 and change. and the stock last year was $100. and it uses biometrics to make sure you're allowed to get the medication in some states. >> medbox up today and down from 100 a year ago. and we're getting perilously close to a 100 point loss on the first trading day in 2014. 96 down. and telling president obama to go easien-- easy on edward snowden, and treat him like a whistleblower. we'll hear what our next guest has to say about that. ♪ no longer riding on the merry-go-round♪ ♪ i just had to let it go
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>> all right. we're now 93 points lower on the dow industrials. first trading session of 2014. we're down quite sharply in the very early going. where is the price of gold when stocks go down so much? i'll tell you now that gold is up nicely, $20 higher. back at 1223. check the price of oil. 96 bucks a barrel as we speak, that's down sharply. a loss of 1.72 per barrel. check this out. among the leaders on the s&p 500 we have a lot of retailers, urban outfitters, gap, kohl's target, best buy. all of them are winners. maybe the 0ers are up in sympathy and the retailers are up in an otherwise down market. the new york times and the guardian, that's a british newspaper are calling on the u.s. government to grant clemency to nsa leaker edward
9:46 am
snowden. this from the new york times editorial quote, mr. snowden deserves better than a life of permanent exile, fear and flight. he may have committed a crime to do so, but he has done his country a great service. that's the new york times. lets bring in the former state department, christian, what do you make of that editorial? >> well, stuart, it's full of m mendacity. and claims that he didn't do harm to security. and that's not an espionage act. it could be proven in snowden's case. key allies in germany and france. the difficulty the united states is going to have to reaching new intelligence sharing and collecting agreements with foreign governments or getting foreign assets to trust us, to give us information about our enemies or about terrorist networks. all of that's made more
9:47 am
difficult by what snowden did. the times is wrong on this. stuart: and where does the president stand? nsa spying is highly unpopular with young voters and that's his core constituency. where does he stand on this usual of spying? >> you think the administration might be skeptical, especially being close as it is to silicon vaaley. but also, they're not happy that this has made the president look bad and ought to be more of a black eye for obama than it's been because this administration failed to react on an earlier mass disclosure of information with wikileaks. they did prosecute the army private who was most directly involved and no actions against wikileaks and no actions to compartmentize information. and snowden was able to collect the information. and that's a no-no and something that the u.s.
9:48 am
government doesn't appear to have reacted to adequately. stuart: do you think the administration would take the advice of the new york times and offer this man clemency? >> i don't think so. at this point, the reason for clemency, to give that to spies, it was given to rick aims, the cia spy. they passed a over a death sentence to a life sentence because he was willing to cooperate. and what can they get from snowden. the russians, especially if you want to live in their country, they've probably already obtained what snowden has and the chinese in the brief stay in hong kong. there's no advantage to the government at this point. it's a terrible message. if you're a low-ranked intelligence officer and give one piece of information to the chinese or russians and you go to jail for a long time. if you give a lot to our add
9:49 am
v ver-- i think the privacy debate will go on. there are probably fixes that are warranted and we don't necessarily need the same policies and laws that we had in the critical moments, days, weeks after 9/11, it may be time to reevaluate some of these programs, including the mass collection of phone records on nearly all americans who use cell phones or half of americans who use cell phones, but, you know, anything that smacks of clemency for super-spies which is what snowden is and the new york times, the journalist i would argue is more of a political warrior against the united states than a real journalist, anything that smacks of clemency for them. stuart: thank you, appreciate it. the dow is back down to a loss of 80 points now. we were down over 100.
9:50 am
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>> coming up, new at 10:00 we'll talk to someone who invests in legal marijuana. how do you invest in it if you want to? we'll tell you. plus, is the nfl becoming a tv-only event? three of this weekend's four big playoff games are not sold out. it's cheaper, maybe better, to watch it at home. bill deblasio is the new mayor of new york city. here is my take. we're entering a period when the left pushes even harder to convince america that government is the answer to all problems. that is president obama's position, mayor deblasio echoing the white house. in his first speech as mayor, deblasio says his government will have higher wages, pay
9:55 am
more. and his government will build more' fordable housing. we need it, you build it. the pre-school, getting the theme, government will provide everything and government will do everything. who pays for all of this? the rich. big corporations and wall street. we've heard this before. five years ago, candidate obama was all about government and that's what he delivered, all government, all the time. culminating in the disaster known as obamacare. this is an election year. the mayor, the president and the left, they're laying out their rallying ground early. give to these people because it's fair. take from these people because they've got what we want. let's hope this is the year when middle america figures out it's been had. one more point, the left is playing the race card. at mayor deblasio's inauguration, the city was described as a plantation. it's part of a concerted effort
9:56 am
to portray all people of color as victims. throw in msnbc's disgustiig mockery of mitt romney and his black grandchildren and they have deliberate division, they eals and class warfare. i think it's desperation and the writing is on the wall. government isn't working. i think the left is going to lose. she keeps you on your toes.
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ding day of the new year. log on and see how your stocks did last year. you like what you see, not so much now. right now we have this, the left plays the race card. can skin color from obamacare malaise? the conservative black check reports for us. colorado legalizes wheat. some pot shops closed early because supplies ran low. troy dayton on marijuana as a legitimate and profitable investment american academics boycott israel. of very strong opinion on that one. and setting out the financial game plan for 2014. charles payne on privacy. how come the packers keep winning?
10:01 am
two internet security breaches today, hackers exploiting the user names of users of snap chat and separately the syrian electronic army, actor group with ties to assad hackers microsoft x video chat service skype. these attacks are becoming much more prevalent. you don't see any of the big internet stocks taking any kind of hit whatsoever with these breaches of security. charles: these two were interesting because they were warnings almost. one organization called themselves the hackers, you have flaws in your system. a couple days later another group support these flaws putting all the information, over 4 million people, deliberately blurred people's phone-number is but we're trying to make a point even when these organizations are warned they have problems they don't do
10:02 am
anything about it. assyrian army, electronic comic, we don't know if they're really syrian but support assad, the point they are trying to make is microsoft by putting out steve ballmer's information is microsoft is in bed with the u.s. government, those seven tech companies that went to the white house with this feigned anger and phoney war against the white house and nsa snooping a real life in bed with them and selling them information. in both cases more political statement than economic or monetary gain or motives although the ease that these guys do this has to scare everybody. stuart: privacy? we lost it. no one expects privacy on the internet. charles: to the degree where people go on the sights and voluntarily tell the world everything, give out every single thing. don't know how much privacy would expect it may be a skype conversation between you -- we
10:03 am
expect some privacy. stuart: i wonder if down the road there will be a huge class-action lawsuit. i gave you this information, you lost it, pay up. not out of the question. charles: i am concerned what can be done, how much of this is so easily accessible that the big deal happens. we don't know what it will be but it could be so big we look back and say we had a million warnings and chances to fix. let's move on to the weather. massive winter storm is barreling across the nation from the midwest and threatening the northeast. more than a foot of snow is dumped in the great lakes region. they calculate roughly 78 million people will be affected by the storm. we have sandra smith with us from chicago. larry 11 from chicago 45 minutes ago says a third of his workers couldn't get in today. is that what you are seeing?
10:04 am
>> this is usually the biggest trading pet on the trading floor in chicago. not only the snow but the day after new year's day, and obviously a lot of people not showing up for work today. rahm emanuel, mayor of new york city under a lot of pressure to get snow plows out there under a lot of pressure to get those snow plows out there. 300 snowplows and the city of chicago and people can't get to work today. there is no everywhere. sometimes 16 inches of snow since new year's eve. this is what we are wearing to work down here. nothing fancy on the feet in chicago. 20 degrees right now temperatures are expected to fall below zero heading into the rest of the week, still another three inches of snow today. is the mess in the city and as far as the budget is concerned the city having a tough time,
10:05 am
they already exceeded their budget for 2013, they flew past it and we are starting the year, hasn't started box -- hasn't stopped snowing. it is expensive. charles: we will call those your global warming boots. we want to see you wearing them. thank you very much, see you soon. let's get to the new york stock exchange, two headlines on apple. >> apple stock is down. the big part of the nasdaq and the s&p, decline is significant. here is the news, bad news first, wells fargo cutting the market, they are concerned about the wireless providers comment and how the iphone vi cycle is going to do. this is surprising. can tour fitzgerald says quote make in our view 2013 was the year to forget for apple. only 5% but 2014 will prove to
10:06 am
be a year of innovation and they are adding the tech giant to their stock picks for this year. stuart: new york city's new ultraliberal mayor bill deblasio sworn in yesterday, some divisive language used by some of the speakers at the ceremony. listen to what is chaplain had to say. >> proclaiming the beginning of a new beginning, that the plantation called new york city the the city of god, a city set up on the health, a light shining in darkness. stuart: new york city plantation. is this the strategy the democrats are going to use in the next election? crystal right is editor of the blog of conservative black check and is here for this. i say democrats are playing the race card and you say what? >> democrats continue to play the race card and down across
10:07 am
the united states, sideways, up and down, you name it but what i want to know is when are black americans going to reject this victimization kind of name-calling? we are always on the plantation, poor little slaves that can't seem to make it and get ahead like everybody else. the reality is what is so ironic about the invocation that was given before bill deblasio's speech was over the last 20 years under republican mayors blacks of the well, graduation rates of increase, crime is down, charter schools are thriving. all these things help black americans in new york city. that doesn't look like a plantation to me. stuart: what do you make a mockery of the black grandchild of mitt romney? i was appalled at this. they mocked the man because he has got a black grandchild. that is another playing of the race card.
10:08 am
another way of saying white republicans are racist. that is what they are saying. >> we allow it. it is a double standard and we continue to allow, we continue to allow the liberal media to not be held accountable and what is so ironic and discussing and repugnant is melissa harris parrot, she has this hyphenated long name, that is another conversation, she is a biracial child born to a white mother and a black father so she thinks it is funny, it is okay for her family. represents inclusion. when mitt romney at sun wants to adopt a black baby, black babies in america aren't adopted at a rate of white babies and he showed off all his grandkids, he and ann romney have 26 grandchildren, christmas is the time of forgiveness and -pcelebration of life and redemption and what melissa does with her analyst, she mocks like
10:09 am
you said the white conservative for his charity and generosity of heart. i found it so disgusting as a black american on so many levels and the fact that she would do it when she is coming from multiracial background. stuart: when do you think black folks in america will reject this racial appeal? >> they are starting to reject it and on twitter we saw a lot of people say wait a minute. a lot of black americans were disgusted by her behavior and they want her to go further than five tweets and an apology. that is a have a big apology to mitt romney because quite frankly she should have shut her mouth, she never should have set to begin with and i want to know why we as conservatives and decent americans aren't calling for m snbc to force her to suspend her and/or flyer. remember what they did to rush limbaugh when he talked about the fact that he didn't think sandra flu should have her birth control paid for by taxpayers?
10:10 am
there was nothing wrong with what he said but you see what happened with that, advertisers pull the plug because he is conservative. stuart: you want to say something? charles: the question of when will black people reject that, when will they have a better counter argument? the other side says you can be bought off with a crappy cellphone and there is no way we can get your vote than what is the alternative for black people? to be quite frank i think is an easy sell, capitalism, success in america and i don't know why there hasn't been a better push. stuart: people who believe in capitalism and markets haven't made a greater appeal. stuart: obama gave away a crappy cellphone. we are not talking and i phone 5. it blows me away. >> the politics of dumbing down when you talk to minorities. we spoke about this before.
10:11 am
the alternative means we as republicans need to go into the community and say do you like being poor, the like being stuck in the middle? the want the american dream? you get it through opportunity. government can't give you that. you know what gives you that? we have the opportunity to get a great job and fries up the economic ladder. charles: it is not even though this particular reverend fred logan talked about a plantation this whole battle, this income inequality isn't just about blacks or hispanics. they are applying this to a lot of people, putting together their coalition for 2014-2016 and it is all about the haves that have nots and that is how they're putting it together. they have been very successful and i worry how the counterpunch will be applied because all the things i saw on twitter over the weekend or yesterday, i am glad i'd don't live in new york city. it will be in texas next week. stuart: last word to you. >> charles is right.
10:12 am
what is happening in california businesses over the last five years since we had the recession businesses like hardee's, carl's jr. moving to texas just because of charles's point. people who are wealthy in california are fleeing and going to places like texas where there is no state income tax rate you can start a business and provide jobs and keep more of your income. that is the american dream and that is the message i will hackers this, republicans need to talk about why capitalism and achieving the american dream is a good thing. you can tax the rich to debt and it won't make you rich. won't going to work. charles: music to our words. stuart: thanks very much rejoining us. back to lauren simonetti. urban outfitters another retailer up in a down market. what is going on? >> number 2 in the s&p 500 got an upgrade to buy at jeffrey
10:13 am
absupps urban outfitters, anthropology, their workers have tablets and the items at your house right away but that technology is in their favor. stuart: it is legal to smoke pot for fun recreationally in colorado. legalized wheat for anyone over 21. how much per ounce in colorado? if you don't smoke can you still make money off of it? can you invest in it? that is next. ♪
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10:17 am
at my age? charles: these are branching out. stuart: a terrible chart, two or three days. charles: we took profits but it pulled back and now is a chance to get in and i think we will do okay. this company is doing well. they do all sorts of the liquid natural gas part from the liquidation distribution to fueling stations. big contracts from china, japan is opening up a huge business. i see it doing very well. last time they reported the markets were down a little bit. is a temporary flip and i think people should use this weakness under $100 to accumulate a position. stuart: you told people to buy it in march when it was down. last year in march. then it ran up to $200 a share a you say take profits and sell it and take money off the table. now is down to the $90 level and you say to buy it again.
10:18 am
charles: pounding the table january 2nd. stuart: yesterday, january 1st, recreational use of marijuana officially illegal fully in colorado so does not legalization of pots create an investment opportunity for you and i? filleted dayton is e o of are you group, for more on this. i want you to approach this as a very ordinary everyday investor, man on the street. can that person by into a company, buy into a stock that is an investment in the valero one? >> yes. it is not as easy as it might seem on the face because most of the public stocks that are cuurently in this space are a penny-stock, non reporting companies and in many ways a lot of the mark taking advantage of very rational exuberance in the public about this area. although there are a few stocks
10:19 am
that have been getting attention of analysts as this industry starts to mature. stuart: they are penneys stocks, highly speculative, start up operations. we won't get into that too much. what about more established companies? i believe you run an organization which funnels money into established companies, private companies which may do well in the marijuana business? that is not a way for me to get into that investment, is it? >> unless you are an accredited investor looking to put $50,000 or more into this space we run a shark tank like the show shark tank where the company's come and present to accredited investors who are looking to make a big play in this space and it is one of the things that is going to be changing with the new jobs at, where we will be able, anyone in the u.s. will be able to invest in private companies but at present it is
10:20 am
limited to accredited investors and that is the case in any new industry, the aborigines tend to be in private companies another way to invest in this industry is to become an entrepreneur. this is the next great american industry. i see people getting excited about it and the opportunities. stuart: i just feel every day people who may think that legalized we'd make a very good investment is just not there yet as an investment vehicle. for everyday people watching this program, that is a good investment area, to me doesn't seem it is ready yet for me and our viewers to move money in there. >> there are ancillary businesses. one of the areas that will do very well is the selling of cannabis cultivation equipment. one company that has publicly traded stocks, a grow life which is heralded by a lot of analysts.
10:21 am
that is a stop that people might find interesting. in canada, canada is going to be having a legal medical cannabis and there are a number of public stocks in the canada market that are interesting. a lot of these are ancillary businesses, consumption devices for consuming cannabis, growing equipment. these sorts of things but this is still a pretty immature market with a lot of exuberance and the public. so buyer beware. stuart: we will have you back at some point. i want to know the name of these penny-stock. they are wildly speculate of but i want to know the names of some of them. we appreciate you being with us. the most popular sport in america, the nfl, football, becoming a tv only sport? really? ryan kill me is with us and he will explain it.
10:22 am
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stuart: first trading day of the new year we are down 100 points
10:26 am
but at 16,477. we talk lot on this program about how the nfl, football rules tv ratings. however, three of four playoff game scheduled for this coming weekend including green bay's home game, they are not sold out. who better to ask about this than ryan kilmeade. that really shocked me. i know we are simulcasting on your radio show. i can't believe that. green bay and a playoff game at home and the game is not pulled out. what is going on? >> you have 11,000 in green bay, after the game against cincinnati, cincinnati has 10,000 achieved, cincinnati with 10,000 left. i can only say this meeting bring a 100,000 on a waiting list, given that for season tickets, a couple things come it is freezing, tickets are
10:27 am
expensive, and i think we might have hit the ticket threshold. i think right now we hit the point where if ryan going to go out intended really weather and actually spend all this money, this beautiful flat screen in my house, i can get stuff done during commercials. i can not destroy all old they trying to get out of a parking lot. peter: when you got to balance this, price and freezing cold weather on one side. on the other side of the fence, fight cantus -- fantastic tv coverage with heaven knows how many cameras in hd and that is free basically and much more convenient. maybe we have crossed the tipping point especially in bad weather. >> as you know we had the yankees games televised here locally. most of those times seat behind home plate, they are open because they are for the rich of the rich and a lot of people saying there are not many of us. i don't want to go to 80 yankee games.
10:28 am
in baseball and football the most popular, the nfl does 99% of things, and for many teams and franchises to recoup their money, and more of a profit, to the price where fanatical fans say i can't afford to go, my wages of not gone up but the prices have. i will get my hat on, stay at home and be as big a fan wherever i am and parking costs a lot of money, eating costs a lot of money. at the end of the day you are rushing back, sunday, to be at work the next day, in traffic and broke. stuart: $7.50 or $8 for a beer at yankee stadium or even more? >> i don't really know. i don't think drinking and watching sports mix, i'm starting a foundation to work on that the dubious significance on how big the news this is and why you tapped into this show, there has not been a playoff game
10:29 am
since miami in 2001 against baltimore and prior to that in miami in 2000 and dan marino if you don't shoot the superbowl, this is not to put up hundreds of dollars. stuart: i want to give a plug to your book, it is fantastic and you are doing well. charles: back to 2001 they had a hockey game outdoors, over 100,000 people in single digit weather watching hockey in a big football stadium, you can see it from half of the stadium. the windsor classic was amazing. stuart: they have a hundred thousand people in an outdoor stadium? charles: they are doing a lot of things right. they might have finally found out the inflexion point with people saying too much. stuart: green bay was sold out. years and years. charles: the regular season is. don't know what to do with this play off. stuart: the next big in in tech we have not heard about before,
10:30 am
the future of fitness. find out about it next. [ me announcer ] this the story of the dusty basement at06 35th street the old dining table at 25th and hoffman. ...and the little room above the strip mall f roble avenue. ♪ this magic momt it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those o believed they had the power to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world'great stories. that began much the same w ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪ ♪ this magic moment
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stuart: taking the hit across the board, gold is rallying of $20, 1223. charles, what do you think about gold? charles: the worst year in 32 years, well overdue pull back after a 12 year rally. i think for me i would not load up on it until gold closed above 1400. this would be a breakout chasing if anyone wants to trade it, fine, 10% to your investment dollars should be in gold collins put them away somewhere. stuart: 10% in gold collins, that is a big chunk. charles: it is not unreasonable at these levels. stuart: gold has no yield low-interest. it sits there. stuart: most insurance policies. charles: except when you need them. stuart: we are hearing a lot of tech trends in 2014.
10:35 am
from mark spoonour. where rebel fitness tracking technology. >> combines a lot of trends happening in tech. where connell: is one of those things. did device that you wear, track the number of steps and how good you are sleeping, gives you all the data on an error when you the news on your phone. stuart: like a wristband you can see right there and it tells you how far you have walked? >> you set a goal of 10,000 steps parrot day, and tap this couple times and a couple of delights, it is very simple, how much progress towards meeting your goal and you can track all the nitty gritty details like calories burned and stuff you take an even stairs you have climbed with new devices. stuart: what about blood pressure? that kind of thing?
10:36 am
heartbeat? that can be tracked on those terrible devices? >> not all of them but there are cheaper devices on the market that can do that and we recommend those, especially those in to running more concerned about their fitness and there are a ton of companies getting into this space and i wouldn't be surprised to see apple come out with a device if they have the partner should with 90. 90 is big in this space a 2014 will see new players coming into the market. stuart: tracking your own body and what is going on so to speak. charles: in a health-conscious america, coke and pepsi, diet soda, people want to be a lot healthier than ever before. stuart: what is the leading product of these tracking devices? >> is easy to use and wireless the with your phone. flex is the name of the product. i believe they are private. i would not be surprised if you see smaller fitness company's get scooped up by larger companies that looking to get
10:37 am
into the market. charles: better than the fuel ban by nike. is significantly better? >> it is good but we like this because of the simplicity and affordability of this. they have another device on the market now, apple is important because they are trying to get the word out, adidas has their own devices and in 2014 there's a rumor that algae will be getting into this space and a lot of companies are hoping to find the next big thing you are wearing on your wrist and over time -- charles: they don't cost much money. >> most are in the $150 range so what is interesting in 2014, you will see a melding of a small watch and fitness bans like this. charles: when i'm ready to put something back in my mouth and mesh comes out i can to get -- we need the next level.
10:38 am
electronic muzzle. stuart: find it dirt cheap and at -- and other serious subject for you, talking about internet security breaches at snap chat and skype. two separate incidents. what is your reading on this? doesn't seem to me that they care. >> the overall message which is a dangerous one is tech companies aren't paying the attention to security and every major tech firm should be a chief security officer. that person should be paid as much money as anyone else because if your service is packed what is more important than the trust of your user? snap chat 4.7 million people whose information is on the web right now, they left the two digits of their phone number at the end but said they might sell it to the highest bidder for fishing the tax or anything else so if companies don't start taking this seriously lot of companies willlgo off line. snap chat reported the got an offer from facebook for
10:39 am
$3 billion. if you want to undermine the confidence of investors, users, and don't take security seriously and that is happening. stuart: is it possible for the snap chats of the world to be absolutely secure? spend a lot of money and you are secure. can you do that? >> they could be doing a much better job. you have to heed the warnings in the case of someone like snap chat. they knew about this in august. they need to attend the security conferences we go to, learn what their treks are and fortified their defenses. charles: i talk about a lot of great companies that have developed technology. the stock you and i talked-about exploded after the last breach of target. not just these companies but corporations in general, is out there. stuart: we should find a security company that advises on security for these online operations and those companies.
10:40 am
charles: ok for companies to miss earnings estimates by $0.02 because of a boatload of money securing information. stuart: see you again soon. the amazing -- he called the last election. can he call the markets and call the economy, he is here, walking in as we speak and will give his predictions in a moment. ♪ [ bell ringing, applause ] five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking into 52-week highs. six upcoming earnings play.. that recently gapped up. [ male announcer ] now the world is your trading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are
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10:42 am
stuart: we will call twitter the latest horserace stock, completely wild swing in the last few days, up nicely today in an otherwise downmarket up 2.5%, $2.65 on twitter. apple downgraded by wells fargo and stocktaking it down $7. walmart read calling balky meet. some of its stores in china, they sold it anyway. med box make marijuana, dispensing machine, it is legal to buy recreational week in colorado. stock is up $4 at 22. among leaders on the is and be 500 several retailers, urban
10:43 am
outfitters, gap, poles, target, best buy are up. upgraded, now wait for it, hold on, the american is next.
10:44 am
stuart: charles will make us some money with the stock i never heard of. charles: another 3d play but a biotech 3d play. i think you heard of them. we talked about it once before.
10:45 am
stuart: 3d printing of organ tissues. charles: through the course of the year they will print out a liver, a human liver. you won't use it for transplants but you will be able to use it for scientific research. they have liver tissue, heart tissue and some other parts and they will start to sell these 2 mediial companies. this is when this company starts to make a lot of money and ultimately who knows what you can use it for but this is a sexy play with lack of revenue, the stock could be volltile but could be a huge grand slams since you. stuart: printing a liver gets a lot of people's imagination high. charles: did you watch of a twilight zone marathon? >> the famous one. charles: a lot of things we talked about these days they had in the 1960s and we're bringing to life for real. "imus in the morning" when you introduced -- >> can i say something?
10:46 am
in new jersey young group, i would like to bring them on the show sometime, put together a machine, you can wear the head of it and concentrate and pbs documentary in which they used my performances to say can you imagine everybody can do this? can control the car by the way you think, it reached the point in years to come where we will tap into people's thinking, what they like, what they dislike and i am not sure this is going to be the way we would like to live as a society, that our thoughts will be open to machinery. stuart: already started. >> i worked for a lot of people, need people to work with and sunday on the air i will read his thoughts. charles: we know his thoughts. >> the things that are going to affect us, i didn't mention this
10:47 am
earlier. i am reading the thoughts of audiences as i travel around world and the year ago 362 appearances around world, i want to tell you something. you have security in your homes, we have crime, break ins of homes, five times every minute. i got to tell you something. i predict you will realize the economical threat that this is involving, people are now breaking into homes in the daytime. no longer one person. i have all the security you can imagine. let me explain this. your councilman in your town are cheating you by having laws that if an alarm goes off in your house is only heard within the house. when this country had a family block, everyone on the block would want to know you are in trouble to support each other and protect each other. now when they break into your house, i have worked on 84 prime cases, not one person but two or three and it is in the daytime and when the alarm goes off they
10:48 am
flash the house because the police won't get there in that time. a very serious economic danger. stuart: got to go through this fast. you have got three items you see popping into the headlines in the year 2014. we got to go fast on this. young people and their leisure time. >> it was scary in the last hundred years of rome. so many days were given off, people had have violent entertainment in order -- look at the last years of rome and entertainment was violent. go to the movies today. i saw a movie today the noise was so loud, someone is going to sue a movie theater unless they have earplugs. leisure is serious, people need to be occupied, whether they going to the service or give their time because in this country freedom is not -- of forecast is we are not going to
10:49 am
resolve this for the next week 3 or four years. stuart: an explosion of lawsuits. >> right now in the united states in an ten attorneys for 100,000 people, similar in japan, today one attorney for 365 people. have in the next few months with massive losses for everything you can imagine. if you think i am kidding people are being laid off in law firms and one professors teaching his students each semester you must sue somebody. there is a professor teaching law that is assigned that. we have problems with lawsuits. stuart: a big scandal coming because of celebrities on drugs. >> the nfl people want out of 5 when they leave the nfl in a few years are on drugs. the truth of the matter is you won't find the drug rehab is working and entertainers going through therapy said bending all that money, you get back you
10:50 am
will go back on drugs because you are coming back to the same supportive people. not going to be easy. stuart: dow industrials 16,495. one year from now. >> if i started to predict that and i was wrong. i better not. you stuart: you will not? >> i predicted was the last two years the super bowl result than last year got a score correct. stuart: do it again. >> let's wait until it is closer. i am going to predict your success which is tremendous is going to go greater. stuart: amazing -- i got to run. a group of college professors boycott israel. disgraceful in my opinion. after the break one college student who clearly agrees with me on this issue. [ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edeaking. how may i help you?
10:51 am
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10:54 am
stuart: more than 90 american universities released statement rejecting the american studies association decision to boycott israel. several have cut ties completely with the academic organizations that wanted to boycott israel. josh nasa is founder of voices of conservative views.
10:55 am
you are at brandeis university, one of the four universities which said get away from me. we are not having anything to do with this boycott. >> in the wake of this boycott there were four universities that chose to go ahead and severed their ties with the american studies association. 92 universities came out and issued some sort of condemnation, they rebuked this. i don't think they went far enough. they don't want the courage of their convictions and terminate their relationship for whatever extent it might be. stuart: i understand this is a big deal in europe, they have been part of this boy caught for a long time but this is the first time i've seen it come to america. which group is pushing this boycott of israel in america? >> it is part of a broader campaign, the boycott, divest and sanctions campaign and it has taken root in europe and they have been effective at it and it is rooted in intellectual dishonesty. what they do is try portraying
10:56 am
the israelis as occupiers. there's no such thing as israelis the occupiers or occupied territories. there is no such thing as disputed territories either. there is no place on earth where arabs enjoy the same rights as in the middle east. stuart: 5,000 american academics should vote to boycott israel, i am astonished. i find it incomprehensible. it is the only democracy in the middle east, the only democracy by a long way and yet they are going to boycott it. >> let's not forget the contributions that is really academic make in the fields of health, science, technology, business. there's a reason they referred to as the start of the nation. it has developed into a silicon valley of sorts. stuart: i am almost out of time and sorry about the short time but does this mean the american university has taken over by the left? they got it? >> liberalism has confine the classroom but now anti zionism is there too. we have to combat it by going
10:57 am
ahead and shedding light an incredible accomplishment of these really scholars and academics. i am calling for every single one of these academics that went ahead and voted to boycott this they ought to be fired by their employers. every university employing them what to issue -- ought to fire them. stuart: i won't spend more time on this. socialism comes to new york city. more on that in a moment. she'd r and she might have if notor kari, the entity thi who stole jill's social security number to open credit cards, every year, millions of u learn that a little personal information in the wrong hands could wreak voc on your life. this is identity theft. lifelock offers the most comprehensive identityheft protection available. if jill ha lifelock's protection, she may have bn notified before it watoo late.
10:58 am
lifelock's credit notification service is on the job 24/7. as soon as they detect a threat to your identity within their network, they will alert you,rotecting you before t damage is done. and lifelock offers the proactive protection of checking ansavings account takeover alerts. lifelock's comprensive identity theft proion guards your social security nuer, your money, your cret, even the equity in your home. it doesn't mattew old you are or how much money you have. identity thieves steal from everyone. you have to protect yourself. i protect myself with lifelock. [ male annncer ] while identity theft can't be completely opped, no one protects you better than lifelock. and lifelock stands behind their protection with the power of their $1 million service guarantee. you have so much to protect and nothing to lose when you call lifelock right now and try 60 days of identity theft protection risk free. 60 days risk free. use promo code onguard. order now and get this document shredder
10:59 am
to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands. a $29 value free. ♪ ♪ stuart: new york city has a new mayor. i say he's a socialist. his first speech was a socialist manifesto. am i wrong? charles: you are 1000% right. when these articles came out, all of the blogs focused on the wrong thing, how new york will fall back. this will be america. don't think if you're in texas or florida that you are okay, you are insulated. this is coming to your town soon unless you can counteract this
11:00 am
message. stuart: thank you. dagen, it is yours. dagen: i said all of those mean things i said about mayor bloomberg, i take them all back. every single one of them. calorie counts, bans on soda. it is over. thank you so much, do well. they are lining up in colorado. recreational marijuana sales legal and there is big money involved. the president's health care plan now the law of the land, but at what cost to us and his credibility? "wall street journal" dan hettinger here to talk all about it. concerns for the nfl. football fans are super stoked for the playoffs, but they are not willing to spend the money to go to the games. and social networking stocks, all that and so much more coming up on this hour of "markets now."


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