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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 5, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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capricious health care system that is ungovernable. that is there for tonight was reportedly will see you next week. ♪ ♪ lou: a deadly winter storm hits more than 120 million americans across 20 states. at least 13 people are killed, leaving thousands without power. the cost is estimated to be in the billions of dollars and now the nation braces for a historic deep-freeze. temperatures in some regions projected to drop far below zero. i am lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ ♪ good evenig, everyone. the massive winter storm that pounded the northeast overnight is being blamed for the deaths of at least 13 people. dropping up to 30 inches of snow in some parts of new england,
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while leaving large metropolitan areas lie the greater new york and boston regions with nearly a foot of snow. more than 5000 flights were canceled, 20,000 flights were delayed. affecting more than 5 milln travelers in airports all across the country. many of whom are sti waiting on alternate flights. and the st of the massive storm could be in the billions of dollars. global insurrance giant projecting the cost of the 15 biggest blizzards of the last o decades, they averaged about $2 billion in property damage each. another $5 billion in overall economic damage, including loss of prductivity. the storm is ushering in the bitter cold from the midwest through new england. subzero temperatures that show no sign of letting up with another arctic blast, threatening to drive weekend temperatures to all-time record
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lows. canada measuring negative 24 degrees fahrenheit this week. temperatures comparable, to the surface of mars. projected bill as low as 60 degrees bel. janice dean is in the extreme weather center tonight with our report. so you said that that was just the beginning. it turns out that it looks like you are exactly right, as usual. >> we can't outdo ourselves here. it is incredible. and as you mentioned, here are some of the total is the we are in. of course these are upated in parts of massachusetts, over 2 feet of snow. central park about 6 inches. wicked winds, blizzard
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conditions from long island upwards massachusetts, and we still have those bitter cold temperatures. so taking a look right now, that snow has xited the northeast coast. we have another storm that is moving in and as you mentioned, we could have historic temperatures across the midwest. temperatures have never been this low bfore, especially across chicago. daytime highs of minus 11 degrees. overnight lows and it's incredible and on heard of. >> arctic air from the north pole, coming our way in the next 24 hours. i didn't think i could say this, but we haven't seenhe coldest air yet this season. so here's where the storm is going to be on sunday. wewill see several inches of
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snow and that is how cold it will move towards. and if you can believe it, we will see a warm up along the coast. so if you are traveling, of crse you better call ahead because you got some delays and cancellations. taking a look at what we are dealing with in terms of snow, several inches again across the midwest. and we will watch very carefully. and then it will get col aain. we could see historic temperatures and we have our blizzard warning and we are starting to see this in advance of the next one system.
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your daytime highs minus 11in the overnight is minus 60 degrees. that doesn't factor in what will feel like with the wind. potentially dealy and cold. moving on then. looking at these morning lows. minus 16 in chicago, minus 23 in minneapolis. and so to wrap it up on sunday, we have a team in green bay and it could be one of the coldes nfl games we have ever witnessed with the packers. lou: we will be going to peter to talk aboutgreen bay and that matchup in those temperatures. i have never seen you so excited about low temperatures. >> i shouldn't be excited. it is a weather person for testing, this is something we have never potentially seen before. so yes, that does excite m. and i want to make sure that peoplere very aware and i know what to do and be vy careful.
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lou: maybe they can take some of the chill out f some of the folks at the green bay and san franciscgame. we will also be talking with ken kolb era later in the broadcaca. so let's see what the implications are for global warming with all of these rord low temperatures. we thank you so much, as always. >> of course. lou: turning now to obamacare. ty call them glitches. a breakdown of merging in it turns out that the federal website cannot handle the updates. for ample when they get a new job. and that shows six and 10 uninsured americans and had what they had a negative experience.
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i'm not doing any better. oregon's health exchange director has been on medical leave for the past month is now resigning. oregon's online exchange still has not launched. as 30,000 people have enrolled by using paper applications. distancing themselves from the claims b march. right now, just 2 million are enrolled according to the administration. that is shor on that target. so "the washington post" awarded the white house onl to pinocchio's are claiming that there was no target number ever. d the obama administration attorneys urging sonja sotomayor to ensure orders tim curley blocking catholic groups with the contraceptive mandate under
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obamacare. the administration claiming that ey can exempt themselves from the requirements. but attorney says one of the administration's situations is at best problematic. >> and gives other people permission to authorize on their behalf what they believe is inappropriate for them to do for themselves so they can do that. lou: s now she has to decide to take the issue to the other justices for a decision and they could decide to take up the whole case in the coming months. in the senate announcing it will take up a lot of unfinished business.
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and they are taking the nominations for the next chairman of the federal reserve. and the white house reigniting the gun control debate as it seemingly intended to do. by issuing two new exutive actions. it clarifies who is prohibited from having a gun because of mental health issues. in the second allows leeway for people with mental health issues to the federal background check system. in the obama administration has so far failed to prove her past the gun control agenda. in an immigrant from mexico can practice in the state of california. and sergioarcia arrived illegally and thengraduated from law school and passed the california bar exam.
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and he now believes that other states wi follow the californialeagu. >> i know florida is facing the same issue. and i really think that they were leading us to act. >> the ruling in his favor came just aday after a new california law went into effect allowing qualified applicants and to the state bar and new laws allowing illegal immigrants to obtain their drivers licenses in those states. many critics say that it gives them an illegal chance to drive but somesay it's less of an immigration issue and more of a safe issue. >> this will help in that respect. because they willbe safer drivers and there will be less
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hits and runs. lou: 11 states allowing them to obtain some ki of driver's license. and we will take all of this up tonight with the lou dobbs law. occluding doug burns who is joining us. tempters below freezing across much of the country. tonight you're going to find out. we will be talking with one of the nation's top climate change scientists. ken jins us from stanford, california. we will be previewing what janice dean calls potentially the coldest nfl game in history. and on wall street the dow jones
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of 299 points on the s&p down a fraction and the nasdaq down 11. markets finishing with losses on the week and crude inventory posting a decline i 19 months and down more than 1.5%. stay with us, we are coming right back. >> the hits ke coming. another foul up with the obamacare website. e "a-team"ñ@ç@çpçpç÷ñoxmhmhy
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hewon the u.s. military just evacuated with a deteriorating
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security situation. rebel groups reportedly moving south toward the capital, setting up any possible confrontation with government forces. the secretary of state, john kerry, engaging in a second session of diplomacy,ancing middle east peace talks. including prime minister benjamin netanyahu. this includes john mccain and john grasso who were also there. including skepticism about the largely secret deals in the peace agreement. >> support a legitimate peace we are also very concerned about some aspects are presented to us about the agreement as to whether or not they are truly
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enforceae where does not put the state of israel in jeopardy. lou: blasting the palestinian counterpart, accusing him have embracing them as heroes. and violence surging over the past year and launched a sries of attacks and joining us now is a political analyst former clinton adviser doug schon. pulitzer prize winner and fox news contributor michael goodwin. and i have to say that as i am watching senator mccain, thinking of senator graham being there to help along secrery john kerry's position is
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somewhat ambiguous. it doesn't get much more more difficult to take than that. >> first he is burdened -- that is not clear in terms of allowing enrichment. in this includes that sanctions and the peace process that is very murky or israel has been attacked now for more settlements and so you wonder what is going on. >> and that is that you have --
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i mean ome around the globe there is a growing disorder and john kerry seems to be stuck in a sideshow. and with no sense, it doesn't matter. and they are not the main issue here. lou: by the way, i am astonished at him. and he is a man who i thought would not associate himself with is a freewheeling ndividual, with a part of graham and mccain. >> i know him to be a judicious and careful man. he has stood up against vladimir putin and extremism. so i would not be as harsh
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tords him. in light of the current administration. lou: i am not being harsh, i just have to say that my interest is piqued by the fact that i have no idea what he is doing there and why he always has his little buddy, lindsey graham with him. and now senator barrasso. i don't mean be harsh, but i'm just curious. >> there is the sense that this is the case. lou: if you are john kerry, do you get to show another altogether in proximity with this observation?
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[laughter] >> john kerry considered him as his running mate. and we worked away through that. and "the washington post" giving a straightforwd lie by the administration. muster the courage and gave them to pinocchio's per line. >> doubling down, it is working. and i don't know whythey ae trying to fix the legislation were replaced it. replacing it with something that might work.
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lou: and the republicans look to be extraordinary fools to even think about repealing in dealing with obamacare. because this is a monstrous situation and in new york, if you just set in your column from a new mayor that will workfor the far left. >> i think so. i think that with obamacare it is such a burden. and i suspect it is a burden for "the washington post" that they ran out of tokyo marketings since they only gave them two. the one the were over quota. [laughter] >> and i think that obama is doingthe republicans a favor by not opening up the legislation.
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because i think that they would then have developed for mething at the end of the day and his stubbornness and refusal to consider changes is hurting him more than it hurting the republans at this point. >> do tnk that this dismisses and denies the democratic party to say that this is a disaster? a-to-z in tota >> it hurts hillary. she will be chacterized as the mother of obamacare because of the hillary care from e 1992 and 1994 timeframe. and she would like nothing more to this issue than to be resolved. >> this would be the third democratic term in a row.
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she ow has additional burdens of benghazi and obamacare and who knows what else in so they cannot help. lou: and they are on some kind of hallucinogenic additive to the way in which they have this. lou: thank you so much. it's good to have you with us. lou: and we have an important recommendation to share wi you. it is my new book. a people, winning back the country with ideas and solutions that work. and i'm thrilled atelier debuts on tuesday. it is available for your pre-order audio book version. go to and
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♪ lou: outgoing federal reserve chairman ben bernanke defended e fed stimulus program in his farewell speech and predicted today economic headwinds that have held back the economy are diminishing. >> the combination of financial healing, a greater balance in the housing market, less fiscal restraint and, of course, continued monetary policy commendation those well for the u.s. economic growth in coming quarters. of course at the expense of the last few years teaches us anything new is that we should be cautious. lou: here with his outlook, chief economist, ubs investment research. good to have you here. we are bidding adieu to have
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been bernanke. he does not seem like a fellow that has warned the weight of the federal reserve well. >> well, he had one of the toughest jobs in the country. let's face it, that anyone could have had trouble facing a been dealing with the problems he had to deal with the last couple of years. so if he looks worn, he is. lou: his view of things, very ambiguous. the language very -- how about a concrete outlook, will happen this year. gi us your outlook on this market and this economy for this year. >> said think we're probably going to have the best year we have had in this economic recovery. they should be the first year when we have 3 percent gdp growth. the empire rate continues to come down. we have it at six and a half% by the end of the year. and it will be an okay year from
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the stock-market. last year was a tough act to follow. for a lot of folks if youould just hold on the what he made last year into a little bit better to be perfectly satisfied we had a target at 1950. lou: that's a very good year. and the idea that you can do a little bit better this year, that is reassuring. what aut the prospect of a correction of insignificance and i'm talking about not 45%. 10 percent correction. >> this things are so hard. >> just to say, i don't see the type of global problems that could catch us by surprise and give us that kind of sharp correction. if in fact that happens it would probly be a very good buying a virginity because i agree. a lot of these things would have
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been had wins the last couple of years. tax increases. getting out of the housing slump these things are not here to bother us anymore. lou: good to see you. happy new year. up next, subzero temperatures, a foot of snow blanketing parts of the coury. the planet is supposed to be getting warmer. house of -- how confused are you? let's find out what is really happening with our clima and what is inrospect. to explain it all we will be joined by one of the country's top climatologists here next. ♪ lou: a lawless state. californ admits an illegal immigrant attorney to the state bar. how does that square up? twof our favorite attorneys explain california and aot to us. [ me announcer ] this is the story of the little room
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♪ lou: california has a well-deserved reputation for sometimes being at the leading edge of the absurd. the california supreme court deciding to grant a -- allowed elections to -- joining us now,, former federal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney doug burns, thank you for being here. help me out. how does an illegal immigrant working in the state bar of california? >> i would love to help you out, but i melos as to why atate judge in california that he alified, living here illegally for 20 years. you can go ahead and take other people's lives and money and have it in your han
11:36 pm
when i became a lawyer you don't just pass a bar and anguishing bill. yet after those two sentences interview process to show the you are of good, moral turpitude how could he be when you're living here on omaha legally fertility years. everybody can be a lawyer. >> a reflection of what the courts think? have but you know what, all joking aside, federal law really should not pre-empts state law. it is called pre-emption. the fault -- the point is he is in the country illegally. admittedly there is some litigation. his petition to get status got back debt. his father was here illegally. the point is, one of the court tenants of being a lawyer is not only impropriety, but the appearance of impropriety. how could you argue that this
11:37 pm
does not appear to be impropriety. >> and we should point out that even the elements as apartments argued against this man being given an average into the to pracce law and the state of california, and they said the heck with it. there is law barring people the state's point blank people here illegally cannot accept government licenses. >> let me just explain -- there is an exception in theiright draw some ire, passes a law that contravenes that and provides. lou: look. attorneys have well-deserved reputation. the idea that the federal government would pass along the
11:38 pm
then permits t state actually take precedence over federal law is mindless and absurd. >> if you could open all of california up to take any illegal immigrants legally. >> but theroblem, as you said, that is not an exception. >> if the state says it is okay, it's fine to six years or unthinking. you're going back to what the urts may tnk. there may be -- i want to turn to gun-control, if we may. the administration has pivoted once again to gun-ctrol, its executive action and dealing with mental health which is desperately needed, a change in the law and regulations so long as it is done with the folks who make the law, that is the congress. what i your thoughts about this
11:39 pm
president, again, trying to run this government's by fiat? >> that existed. and of law gets in the administration'say it becomes testy and they ignore it. but these two things are prosing is we have the hippo law. we will ignore those now because we need to know ifou are mentally ill enough to notwn handgun. by the way, was mentally ill enough? lou: let me get to the point above your profession. why in the world is in the aba and attorneys in this country quoting the trial lawyers? below the this administration found it -- as the judiciary. iraq not going to tolerate this kind of conduct. >> i tell you what, some liberal law professors have condemned this executive action usage and
11:40 pm
have said flat out it violates separation of powers and your point is the key one. >> one aa time, i suppose. lou: a profession in the city would be of the term. inow you have provided an example. lou: happy new year, both of you. sure to get your orders in for my new book, appeal. knowledges that empowers and ideas that matter and solutions that work. it debuts tuesday available of corporationn reorders online. be the first in your neighborhood. up next, global warming activist contradicted by an early winter deepfreeze, a bunch of global warmest sitting down on antarctica but cooling and sells off the bed. we will tell you what happened down there.
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lou: a chineee rescued trip in the attempt of rescuing more than 50 global warming scientisis now appear to be rescued themselves. the crew saying that they're worried about the ships ability the move through the ice or a nearby australian icebreaker has been asked to stay in the area. and a new report that the federal government spent nearly seven and a half billion dollars to help other nations deal with climate change. that report covering the 2010- 2012 be, submitted to the united nations on a subject that th secretary of ste john kerry has described as a truly life-and-death challenge.
11:45 pm
that evidence is, however, lacking. tornado activity last year hit a 60-year low. even though climate alarmists insist global warming will increase tornadoes, and the united states last year broke more record cold temperatures than record hot temperatures. the first and that has happened two decades. here now to give us an assessment of what is happening with climate change is one of this country's white leading climate scientists. >> great to be here. lou: and you find it tedious. all of the radiology and nonsense associated with climate change, public discussion of public policy,ut what are we faced with right now as we begin 2014. record low incidence of tornadoes, no major atlantic
11:46 pm
hurricanes will soever. globally 15 years w have had global warming in abeyance. >> global warming has plateaued. nineteen out of th last 20 years, we have no record high temperates. so there is lot of national variability. only heated above 1 degree fahrenheit. with this cold spell we are seeing, and temperatures that are 30 degrees below norl. maybe might have bben 31 drees below normal if it weren't for global warming, but anyone, the natural whether is more powerful than global warming. lou: you associate yourself with a letter in which you called on leaders to embrace nuclear power
11:47 pm
because you're concerned, obviously, but global warming.. i will tell you,o be upfront with you, i am one of those who is concerned because i do not think that we have adequate answers on what to do wh the byproduct of vision. you are thinking, your thoughts on nuclear power and why you think that is so critical, given the direction of our climate? >> we, of difrent about values, but i tnk we should try to agree on facts. i think the science of climate changethe basic science is well-established. to look at nuclear power to the backs of the objective risks are also fairly well established. nevers powers is far less risky than coal. anthe l. yes, there are risks. there's nothing about nuclear power that can be substantially safer.
11:48 pm
lou: the issue of equal power. other than to say, fukushima, we don't even know the true extent of that disaster and its impact. >> i would agree with that. i think the current generation the lovely bill wanta -- just because some think we can now make it better. lou: to that end, error prone, the science that has made judgments about whether this pl that is cling or whether it is warming, we have seen 40 years. we have seen both extremes but concerns about climate change itself. what is your best scientific judgment as to what we can
11:49 pm
expect. we have watched our stars, the polarity reverse, we have not begun the traditional, now began to see the effects of the 22 year cycle, will the minum contribute to cooling? >> hemisphere full of carmen backside. not that much carbon backside in the hemisphere. and we know that more carbon dioxide heats up the planet. we also know that the natural client system is very variable and goes through all kinds of cycles. on top of all of these cycles it is going to be a long-term warming trend. you can see smart money already taking advantage of this and virginities in the arctic,where it was formerly ice covered.
11:50 pm
we need to understand that the science is basically right and then decide what to do. lou: this cycle of science -- i'm sorry, we're going to have to leave it at that. if we go back to 1970, the to then was, of course, global cooling. i'm sorry. who? >> the best consensus is that there has been global warming. the basic science has been well understood since the 1960's. lou: we will have to leave it to other day as to why it's time magazine lead with the cover on global cooling good to have you with this. thank you so much. up next to will get into politics. i lied. the only frozen tundra. no one is more interested in climate rights than peter schrager. nfl analyst.
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lou:ell, here come t playoffs, the nfl playoffs underway. the more on what we can expect this weekend, fox sports one nfl analyst peter schrager. thank you for taking the time. started out wit what looks like for blackouts in these playoffs. they have sense, i understand from been lifted. >> yes, three of the four games were threatening a tv blackout. this situation, they don't sell enough tickets in the local market. that local market, would not be able to watch the game on tv.
11:55 pm
those games will be aired locally in these markets. >> less talk about the green bay game. you have a prospect sunday, the late game, late afternoon,-5. how does that feel? >> they're saying windchill will be-20. this sunday ready for some cold weather football. did not feel of tonight.
11:56 pm
they're ready for it. at ten -- outside. theyave an indoor facility but they voluntarily. practice outside to grow accustomed to. lou: the packers, how about the forty-niners. this is going to be disturbing to them. >> again tonig. tomorrow, i would love to see some of thoseas those players' eyes and instead bought into this. it is something else. lou: we have about 20 seconds. you'll when the game. they're not the favorite team, but in their building in the cold. the does the job done. >> wl, he has rested certainly and will find that if he is ready to do what he does best
11:57 pm
with his play averages quarterback. we appreciate you so much. that is it. thank you for being with us. ha [ me announcer ] this is the story of the dusty sement at 06 35th street the old dining table at 2h and hoffman. ...and the little room above the strip mall f roble avenue. ♪ this magic momt t is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those o believed they had the power to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world'great stories. that began much the same wurs did. in a little dorm room -- 23. ♪ this magic moment ♪
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