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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 19, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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beyond race and i trust the matter what color you are if you were asking you're strong enough to hear the answer. matt welch declassified report on b benghazi and it shows that obama was aware of it and it concludes that at least foural cade affiliated groups carried out the deadly september 11 the assault. parenthetically and most emphatilly, the report also shows "the new york times" was flat out wrong.
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i'm l dobbs. good evening. the president insistedal cade was on the run numerous times throughout h 2012 presidential campaign but the senate select committee on intelligence finding that statement to be absolutely untrue. and they have determine had the administration was warned up to seven times between june and september of 2012, tat al qaeda was a growing danger in libya. here are some of the most explosive and unredacted findin. on june 12 the, the defense intelligence agency found, quote, recent attacks against the u.s. compound in benghazi
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and the growing ties between al qaeda regional nodes and libya-based terrorists. on june 18th, the pentagon's joint staff concluded in its daily intelligence report, quote, attacks will also increase in number d lethality as terrorists connect with al qaeda associates in libya. an accurate forecast if ever there were one. and finally, on july 6th, the yia reports, libya, al qaeda, establishing sanctuary. groups are exploeting the submissive environment in libya to enhance their capabilities and expand expand their operational reach. these warnings from the intelligence agencies and repeated kwerss for more security from those on the
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ground in benghazi ignored leading to the deaths of four americans including ambassador christopher stevens on september 11th, 2012, bd leaving the senate committee to determine that the attack was, indeed, preventible. white house press secretary jay carney today took up the issue. he was asked to address why the white house pushed the absolutely false ststory about protests and demonstrations that grew out of control in light of this report. the question he dodged with a three-paragraph answer about cooperating with congressional investigations before he ultimately then referred to the state department for further explanation. we also learned tonight that the joint chief chairman general martin dempsey made a startling statement in front of a top secret house armed services committee hearing in october. dempsey told that committee that the military cannot hunt down
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and kill the terrorists respoible for the benghazi attacks because ngress had not authorized the use of such force. the democratic chairwoman of the senate intelligence commiee rejected a "new york times" investigation into the benghazi terrorist attk that found no al qaeda link. senator dianne feinstein saying, quote, i believe the groups loosely associated with al qaeda were involved with the attack and now because of newly declassified documents we've learned it was our firstthat helped to lead the interrogation of the head of them uncovering the fact that the uniform defense officials knew it was a terrorist attack from minutes after the consulate was under assault. this is congressman brad pins deechlt rom, an iraq war
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veteran, army reserve officer and good to have you with us, congressman. >> thank you, good to be with you. >> let's begin. what i'd like to do is share with our audience at the same time, a moment of an exchange between you and general ham and i'd like to begin, if we may, with the full screen which is the dialogue that i'm referring to. congressman began by asking carter ham, the head of afr come, i'm concerned that someone in the military would be advising that this was a demonstration. i would hope that our military leader ship this would be advising that this was a terrorist attack. the general, i think the command very quickly got to the point that this was not a demonstration. this was a terrorist attack. wenstrup -- and you would have advised us? ham, and yes, r, that's the nature of theonversation we
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had, yes, sir, and with that, state-forwardly, the general ham and your questioning of him produced an absolute reputation of everything "the new york times" reported and puts in play the central, the question why the obama administration, the president himself appears before the general assembly carrying the same bunk is that it was some idiot video that led to the attack in benghazi and was not a terrorist attack. by the way, he has the convenience similarly, and simultaneously saying that he had said it was a tris attack. what do you make of it, congressman? >> going to the last thank you just spoke on, as i recall wt he said was, we'll fight terrorism. he never sai this was a terrorist attack in the days after the event. you go back to september 11 in 2011 when this occurred, i was just a candidate.
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i won a primary. i was getting ready for a general election but i sat there as a military person, served in iraq and was stationed in a base attacked two or three times a week and we had demonstrations going on outside. you quickly learn the difference and most people in the military and especially those that served understand the difference. so when i watch the video and when i heard what they called it that bothered me from the get-go, obviously from a long time. i'm not on the oversight mmittee but i attended the meetings and specifically, i wanted to get to those questions because i thought that would be the most revealing. i was concerned that someone in our miliry cld actually look at that and call that a demonstration as opposed to an orchestrated organized terrorist attack. and as we come to find out, as have found out through those hearings, no one in the military ever called that a demonstration. >> and leaving aside even the issue of the mortar strike against them, at least two rounds we know of, likely three
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from the mortar attack were dead-on, that is mounot the performance of a group of demonstrators upset about a video? that is a well-trained unit at work? >> so the question comes in then, who was in the room and had the convertion that said -- we are going to tell the american people this was a demonstration? that's what we really need to get to the bottom of right now. >> do you think we will? >> well, i think we'll continue to pursue that. it depends on who we can get to come and testify. you know? as you mentioned in this and in that testimony, you know, mr. panetta was one of the people calling this an "attack." i would have to assume he had some access to the ess on what on and their they were going to report about this particularevent. >> and leon panetta is regarded by republicans as well as democrats, as a man of integrity
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and man with considerable respect in washington. he has been very careful in some of his answers and at the same time, intimated, at least as i listen to him, that there's far more involved here. do you think it would be possible to get -- that he would be forthcoming on who was in the room? >> i would hope so. he somebody that i would like toalk to. this isn't about politics. this is about the protecti of the american people that served this country. this is about doing the right thing. this is about truthnd honesty with the american people from a high level. and that is really wat we want to engage in. i would hope that in his twilight years he would want to come forward and be forthright with the american people. >> congressman, i agree with everything you say but i also believe that one of the purposes of the investigation has to be making this thing right and that
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means, holding people accountable. because -- >> it does make a difference. someone said -- what difference does it make? it does make a difference. it makes a difference, again, to those that served and to the families that were victims in this event. >> and that person, i think, is going to be hearing those words for a very lo period of time. congressman, we appreciate you being with us. >> approximately my pleasure as always, thank you. is the obama white house lawless? targeting kefts, ruling by fiat, targeting kefts, ruling by fiat, runng [ male announce] e new new york is open.
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> conservatives are blasting with irs's investigation. the wman leading the investigation is civil rights attorney barbara k.bosserman. she donated nearly $7,000. and just today, house chairman releases federal drookts showing a federal government employee must recuse themselves from an investigation if their participation creates even the appearance of a conflict of interest. it is now eight months into the investigate into the irs targeting of tea party groups was supposed to begin. our first guest says not one of his clients has beeninterviewed by the fbi. rerepresents 41 organizations in
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22 states in a federal lawsuit against the internal revenue service. joining us tonight, chief council for the american center for law and justice, jay succalow and this is out. outrageous there has not been a single point of contact between the fbi and your client who are the targets of the irs scandal. right. the victim of the scandal. here's what you have which is more ironic. we get a call from the fbi at the end of september saying they want to interview three of our clients after the first of the year. and we wait for the response and we get it in early january and the question is, will you have your clits meet with us and as we're getting ready for the response to lo and behold the information about d.o.j. attorney bosserman comes out and we find out she's a major do nay
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tore to the obama campaign which she has the right to but she has a pfessional obligation to step aside. not quit her job at the department of justice, just not head up this investigation. >> jay, we need to point out here, the justice department responded when that obvious conflict was raised, that they have no responsibility to take into account political leanings or donations. that was their statement. when, in fact, as we just reported, that is absolutely untrue. >> well, there's a model rule of professional responsibilities. the ethic rules for lawyer. rule 1.7 and the departmentf justice has the same roadways and reulations. avoid the appearance of improprie but here'she irony of ironies of all this. as we respond back to the fbi saying the appointment of the lawyer heading up this investigation has us concerned so we're evaluating our
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response, the next day, we get announcements and we start seeing -- no phone call, nothing. no interview of a client and the fbi announces that there's no criminal investigation. no criminal charges. they have never interviewed a vtim of the irs acknowledged targeting. not one interview with one of our clients. so they decide it was not a crinal case without talking to the purported victims of the crime and that's the, i think, the iro of all this and it shows this whole investigation was nothing but a sham investigation by the department of justice, per the white house's request to act like they're doing something when they'll really have done nothing and that's why we're in federal court against the irs now. >> and the information you're referring o. the disclosure that there wouldn't be a criminal profession was revealed and leaked to the "wall street journal" whh reported -- we'll put this up to see precisely what the journal reported.
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investigars did not find the kind of political bias or enemy hunting that would amount to a vice of criminal law. instead, what emerged during the probe was evidence of a mismanaged bureaucracy enforcing rules. this is the -- >> lou, this -- >> this means the oversight committee can have everything it's asked for because the investigation is over by the fbi. this is -- >> you know people are for getting -- >> i'm sorry, let me finish my thought. the fbi -- >> sure. >> the fbi is right now in the position of destroying its credibility with the american people. it is one thing authority if justice department to be politicized, which is as repugnant as one can imagine. but to have the fbi as a chief law enforcement officer and now
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national security admissions has been attached to the fbi and a new director, to permit this kind of nonsense. you used the word "ironic." i call it outrageous and tragic for this agency to behave in this manner. now, please -- >> lou, there's something here we have to really think what's going on here. i don't want to even blame the new fbi director for this because -- >> it's his agency, jay. i got to be honest with you. i had have to hold him acountiable and the fact of the matter is -- >> he said he didn't know who this person was. >> i'm a lawr so here's what i'm going to say. louis arner took the fifth amendment to the constitution to not incriminate her so the head of the tax division of the irs pleading the fit and the fbi does not investigate or talk to a witness or victim of the crime or purported crime and it was eric holder that brought up the criminality aspect of this. he brought it up. he said it may well be criminal
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so they take the fifth amendment by the head of the department and the end result is -- no victim of the activity is interviewed and the fbi determines that there's not a crime being committed. give me a break. >> i'm curious. why would you not hold the director, new or otherwise, as responsible for the the conduct and the statements being made by his agency? >> yeah. >> why? >> number one, this is a guy i knew from the bush administration and he came to me -- >> i was hoping you wouldn't sar that but go ahead. >> i know, but i do. let me tell you why i think you can't hold him responsible. ultimately, of course, it's really eric holder that responsible. the department of justice has to have the investigation. the fbi are simply the agents. i'm not blaming the agents. it's the department of justice. the fbi reports to d.o.j. we have to remember the hierarchy and the d.o.j. made the determination of no criminality. the agency investigates as
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instructed. >> at some point, there has to be some integrity and that means people willing to stand upnd say, this is beyond -- this is absolutely shredding the credibility of the fbi. the agency is so politicized that it oozing this slime throughout the juice department. i don't see how anyone could not be outraged by this. >> i don't know why they appoted someone in the civil rights division to the investigation? sorry? >> the civil rights division shouldn't be doing the investigation. it should have been public corruption because that's what it is at the end of the day. an overuse of authority. >> you and i are in absolute agreement there. jay, we're going to have to talk about the people you knew and the jobs they now hold. i admire your spirit. jay, good to have you here. >> thanks, lou. up next, the president talks about bringing jobs back t this
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i hope you picked up i copy of my new book "up h upheaval." statening out the republican party and this country. it's based, in part on some of nightly chalk chalk talks. no one more than president obama. buy two copies and send him one. it was north carolina where he decided to take himself today and they're propod new ways for government and the private sector to keep growing our manufacturing sector.
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here's the president's reference to china in his 20-minute speech. >> i don't want the next job creating discovery to be in germany, china or japan. i want it to be right here in the united states of america, right here in north carolina. >> he should have told us that five years ago. on the other hand, i devote an entire chapter to china in "upheaval." we need to end the export of our middle class jobs to china and other cheap labor markets. how many jobs have we lost? the truth is, no one really knows. but the best estimates are around 3 million jobs lost to china. and how? by conferring on china's most favorite nation status by removing high tariffs on chinese imports and thinking we can squander knowdge, capital and jobs while the kpie neice kept their tariff's high. so what about this number?
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30%? that's the percentage of manufacturing jobs, 30% lost to china. right behind that 3 million jobs lost to china directly. it's over the past decade. they've been directly to give china most dwash-favored nation statu u.s. multinational nationals are so keen on that and why big business in this country h been pushed. you may not have noticed that. have you ever thought why you get a 401(k)? because the u.s. multinationals dided they couldn't compete with the defined benefit programs called "pepgss" and settledn 401(k)'s. you knowhy we're in the middle of obamacare? why they're behind.
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sh form what's become obamacare in this disaster. and you should remember that the next time president obama goes to a factory and uses as it as a prop and talks about protecting blue-collar wkers while with cutting chamber of commerce deals with the chinese. if you pick up "upheaval" you'll know why the gop has to end their policies with china and business practices and start focusing on the middle class and the people who aspire to it. i hope the republican party will follow much of my council. it's a, as i say, a thinking person's guide book for vkticto for the gop. we want to hear from you. follow us at lou dobbs news on twitter. up upheaval." up next, forgot about claims that the internet is making us
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must next guest says merps are abandoning americans for lower test scores and it's all contributing and here to talk about how we can fix the education of ours is glenn reynolds. founder of the blog and heas a brand new book called "the new
8:33 pm
school." how the informationge will save american education from itself. glenn, thanks for being here. i hope you're right and i know miions of americans do becau education, as you chronicle, is in trouble. "the new school" let's go to the idea that what we have isn't working and what will work and how wl technology save education from itself and save us from faulty educational systems? >> actually, a lot of different ways. there's not one single new answer. there are probably a lot of different smaller new answers because our current models, boat for k-12 and for gher education were imported from germany in the 19 the century and they were not bad for 19 the century germany or america but it's the 21st century and in an era where you can buy a thousand different kinds of shampoo it's hike we have odd that we have one approach in each area. >> what change and in
8:34 pm
particularly, in elementary school? what changed their and high school, can we make, k through 12 that can improve that. >> the whole k-12 system is designed to make reliable factory workers and the desks are lined up like machines in the factory and the bell tells you what to do and everything. it's a one-size-fits-all approach. now kids learn differently and we know a lot more about how they learn differently and it makes sense to have different approaches for different kids. my daughter went to online high school and her favorite way of doing a class was spending three weeks going three an sbeer year for one class and then move on to the next which is something you can't do in public school and she graduated at 16 and went off to college. there's a lot more flexibility in these new approaches. >> you said she went off to college. why didn't she stay online? it would be more efficient than people argue, even better?
8:35 pm
>> i think after online high school she was ready to try something with bricks and mortar. >> i'm talking to a man who has got some conflict of interest re. he's sitting there in a brings and mortar law school and the fact of the matter is, we' headed towards an explosion in education bubble. you are chronicling analyzing and recommending what will flow from that and the information age and will improve things. you may be a victim of at? >> it's like keeping a diary when you're an officer on the titanic, i guess. i don't know. >> let's hope it's a lit slower. >> law schoollapplications have een plummeting for the same reasons i describe in the book which is -- >> the lowest in 40 years? >> tuitions have been going up and the employment prospects are worse and students are being stuck with a lot of debt and a lot of people are looking at it and saying, i'm not confident enough that i'll make enough
8:36 pm
money to pay off this debt that i'm willing to make that investment and i get the great thing that people think that through in advance should one of the things that y point out about the debt, how unreasonable it is. it would be as if we wanted people to buy cars and we gave every one of them $100,000 line of credit. it's crazy what's being done in the country in the name of quote/unquote education and when we look at test scores and see the sruggle to create jobs, we're out of our mind. >> from kindergarten to graduate school, everything costs too much and is returning too little. that all has to change. >> why don't you guys in the higher education world, have a racket -- i thought, kid you a little bit -- why don't you guys talk about efficiency and product activity? why is law school ree years. why can't it be go or one? what's the deal? it sounds like the middle ages. >> higher education is kind of a
8:37 pm
guild system. it does have a resemblance. nothing cops trait's people's mind like the fear of imminent disaster. this is talk -- people talking about two-year law schools and increased online programs and all sorts of things. >> one of the things that you point out that i had not considered and that would be the increase in home schooling as a result of technology. that's exciting to me that there's a greater family for those who can. greater family invvement in their children's education. >> for people that it works for it's terrific and it's built on the bottom line that nobody cares about your kids as much as you okay. >> the book is "the new school" glenn reynolds we thank you for being with us and much continued success with the book. >> thanks for having me. >> come back. we'll talk more. the middle east in turmoil. american influence waning but it american influence waning but it wasn't always a so ally bank really hano hidden fees on savings accounts? american influence waning but it wasn't always a that's right, no hidd fees.
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my next gres, the early cia operatives in the middle east, actually the region's staunchest allies and provided a foundation for what is u.s./middle east relatis now. joining me isal state long beach history professor hugh wilford, "america's grea game." great to have you with us. if this was your choice of picture or editors for the cover, it is magnicent. we recommend the book highly to everyone. it's up on the website. it's a fascinating study.
8:42 pm
that you the eyes of roosevelt, grand somes of teddy roosevelt and miles copeland, a cia agent, most americans, i would hazard a guess don't recognize in its early expression in the middle east. how could things have been so rational and sensible and clever in those days and be what it is today? >> that's right. the men you just mentioned were some of the cia's main officers in the middle east in this period when really, the u.s. had very little official presence in the region before and the cia itself had only just been created. and they came to the rion wanting to do something very different from what the previous western powers in the middle east, especially. british and french, had done. which was to form an alliance
8:43 pm
with the region's progressive national leaders. and create an ally, a set of allies in an area that was of strategic significance. >> what is the point at which, obvious, american respect represented through the eyes of those three arabists but also, the government itself. respect for islam and the muim culture and the arab culture. when was that all torn asundis r and when did it change? >> these men inherited a quite positive attitude towards arabs from some british arabists le people like lawrence of arabia and american missionaries in the region despite the lack of government offices ha been ere since the 19th century. so they were really quite, quite pro arab but that changed in the
8:44 pm
course of the 1950's. partly because eisenhower secretary of state got arab nationalists as unreliable allies in the cold war and because some of the arab leaders didn't want to perform according to the script that had been written for them. >> a script being written by, of course, the soviet unon? >> well, indeed, the soviet union, especially when khruschev repla replace stalin. but also, when i refer to the "the script" i'm referring to the fact that the cia was very active in cairo in the years of thater is's leadership. they coached him and they set up the egyptian secret service. yes, before. but eventually, nass echlnasser
8:45 pm
quite anti-american. >> terrific story and well told. we thank you for being with us. the book is "america's great game "online in book scores everywhere.thank you so much. hugh wilford. and chris christie fighting a tax from the left, the right
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
new jersey governor chris christie opened the state of the state address by talking about the george washington bridge closing scandal. >> mistakes were clearly made and as a result, we let down the
8:49 pm
people we're entrusted to serve. i know our citizens deserve better. much better. i'm the governor. and i'm ultimately responsible for all that happens on my watch, both good and bad. >> i reminder to pundits speculating about the impact of the 2006 election, we're right now two years ten months away from that election. at this same point in 2006, clinton, john edwards and john kerry were the democratic front runners for 2008. condoleezza rice, rudy giuliani and john mccain were the republican front runners. and the 2016 presidential election is a long ways off but the mid terms are just 293 days away. e split tween the gop and the tea party is growing. in my new book "upheaval" i urge
8:50 pm
the republican party to be more inclusive to embrace those with responsible for limited government and economy that creates prosperity for all americans and certainly, to assert paying bigger intent to be far more inclusive. for more now on why the republican party and, at least, its leadership is warring on t tea party, i'm joined by national review columnists. chief political strategy for the potomac research group. thanks for being here. greg, i'll begin with you. it is clear, the head of the chamber of commerce has declared and putting at least $50 million towards sving off tea party challenges in primaries and he did all but say he would burn their barns to the ground at the same time. what the in the world is he thinking and why isn't there a
8:51 pm
response? a repudiation from the republican party for his words? >> i think the head of the chamber of commerce feels it's his prerogative to defend his members' interest and many tea party members have not gone along so they'll throw a lot of i think right now the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction with john boehner and others cracking down on the tea party saying their influence is too disproportionately high. >> and with that judgment, john, the party declares war on the tea party? and without that energy a group of people who made all the difference in 2010 in retaking the house. >> look, i know tom donahue, head of the chamber of commerce. he's a tough guy. >> he is. >> he's largely bluffing. >> the $50 million will be spnt throughout the year not just on primaries. i suspect there will be very few primaries engaged in because i think this war does exist but i
8:52 pm
think it's been exaggerated. let's take this race in alabama the chamber was involved in. on the tea party side they didn't have a candidate. the candidate of the fundamentalist christians was the value he was running against. the national liefl association -- the point is, what i'm saying is this is not tea party versus establishment. the tea party never backed to achen. this is a much more complicated sry. >> let's get to the story because frankly the history in alabama is, i think, anomalous and does not apply to the exigent challenge by not only the chamber of commerce and mitchcconnell and the minority leader in the senate, the leader ship has been very quiet here and, greg, i asked you, also, whyou thought the republican party's leader shouldn't be saying to tom dop hugh, we'll run the republican party and you really, you know, you really are
8:53 pm
not goi us any favors by making the party more exclusionary than it accused of even being? >> part of it is about money, lou, obviously and the chamber has a lot and they can spread it an as john said. to maybe have say little bit of perspective here, i would guess there's no mr. than four or five tea party members in the senate. and i would guess in the house out of 233 republica, maybe 40 are tea party members. >> that would be about my count. >> so it's not as if they're like, the most dominant force in town. they're a factor, obviously. >> if they were the dominant force in town we'd be having a different conversation. we'd be talking about the wars they are waging. but while they are in the minority it's pivotal influence parly in the outcome of 2010 and again, talking about more than -- talking about just about 0% of the house. you're talking, you know, a difference of, i mean, six seats make the difference 06 whether
8:54 pm
or not the republicans stay controlled in senate, john. >> in the end, the established republicans and the tea party to stop obama's agenda. i think there may be lots of fights. there's often more fights when you have a majority than a minority. but i agree with greg. with a couple of kpepgs we're not going to see a whole lot of primaries. >> i find it interesting that both of you would like to minimize this. you seem to rationalize this but the fact of the matter is, this is an absolute conflict within the republican party at a time when the ronald regan 11 amendment seems to be violated. carl row, the biggest fundraiser many the republican committee, over two election cycles, unsuccessful ones, leading the rnc through two unsuccessful election cycles for the
8:55 pm
presidency, i mean, you were talking about a party that's not mobilizing. it is galvanized with its conflict and, greg, i just -- i don't understand why the republican party doesn't have one voice. one strong, loud, clear voice that says -- enough! take it offline! >> i think, lou, they've got a common enemy as john said and that's an important factor. to me, ongoing, over the next year or so, the fascinating story ll be, is there someone that c united the two wings? scott walker or marco rubio or paul ryan? one of those three has the ability to united the party and that'ssgoing to be crucial. >> who were the three? >> i'd say ryan, rube you and scott walker. >> how about ted cruz? >> then you would have equal distribution of the tea party. >> i don't see that. >> greg, i detect a certain "can't" to your perspective. >> you have two grps that want to fight but for practical
8:56 pm
reasons it going to be much less of a fight than they thought. >> lee me be clear. if the republican party doesn't produce an appetite to follow the 11th amendment of ronald regan, all of the nonsense talking about 2016 is going to be pure vapor because if they lose, this election cycle, this m term, it's going to be very tough sledding, indeed and it's time f everybody to be, at least the leadership in the republican party, if they're to be an effective countervailing influence, they need to calm down and open their arms to one another a well beyond the confines of a conservative staff. >> we agree. if the tea party doesn't vote and it's easy not to vote then we lose. >> we got a good lesson in all of that in2012. >> john and greg, thank you very much, gentlemen. appreciate it. come back and we'll continue the conversation. and a reminder, my new book
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