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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  January 22, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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melissa: it is good to be the king. sacramento kings are leading the way with technology from google glass during the games and letting fans buy with bitcoins. we're going to davos with facts from the team owner, because even when they say it's not, it is always about money. melissa: kings of innovation. the sacramento kings are the first professional sports franchise to push the boundaries with technology. they are the only nba team to accept bitcoin. fans can use purchases to accept
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the currency and they can use google glass during the game against the indiana pacers. players on the bench and team daners will wear google glass on the sidelines. will it be a slam-dunk? i spoke to the man behind the moves earlier from davos. let me can you about bitcoin first. what is the behind the move to bitcoin and how many people do you think will pay in bitcoin? >> well i think that bitcoin has gone from being a curiosity to legitimate form of commerce. we pride ourselves being the first franchise of the 21st century. what is good for our fans and in sacramento we have very sophisticated fans. we pride ourselves on being cashless and and bitcoin will be a another service for our fans. melissa: there are a lot of logistical challenges to it. do you plan on holding the currency or will you trade it to
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dollars right away? >> well we probably hold it. i think that, as the currency develops it will be less volatile. there will be people trading in derive i was on it in the future. so i think the volatility will be removed. transaction costs are low. i think this is currency whose time has come. melissa: you will accept it for currency? i can buy a soda for it? are there limits? >> no you can buy tickets, hotdogs, jersey, everything we sell you can buy through bitcoin. melissa: very interesting. i want to ask you about google glass. that is coming to the gail on friday. how do you see that developing? is that a chance for ad revenue? >> well it is. we have one of the greatest content creation factories in having an nba franchise. and, people should be able to look at this content many
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different vantage points. so from our perspective this again is yet another service to our fan base. both inside the arena as well as outside of the arena. i also hope to use it perhaps, have my assistant coaches so they can be looking at data at the same time they're looking at game. so i think there is many uses for google glasses within the nba. melissa: interesting. i don't know maybe hackers hack into it and see what your coaches are seeing and intercept their gameplan, i don't know. cheerleaders this friday, what will they be seeing as they're wearing it? obviously they're showcasing it. will they be looking at anything or kind after gimmick to start out? >> no, it's a unique vantage point. so looking at the arena, the players, the shoot around from the vantage point of the dancers as we call them, our fans will get to see content that has never been seen before. melissa: interesting. how do you see that developing? i mean are people going to come
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into your, at what point do you think they will be able to come in and wear the glass and see what the dancers are seeing? >> well we're seeing a huge demand for google glasses. and so, we're going to make this available for the first time on the game on friday. then we hope to actually roll that out for all the games in the future. melissa: crowd i understand is the company enabling this. what kind of technology do they provide? >> well they provide a streaming technology that allows us to look at that information. it's a software company and it is going to be streamed live both on tv as well as to the big screen inside the arena. melissa: how do you see revenue developing from that? does that ad space you would sell in the future? would you charge a subscription fee to see what everyone else is seeing? what are the possibilities? >> well the possibilities are endless. sports content, basketball games, it is one of the few
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pieces of content that people will not time shift. they want to watch it in real time. this content has great value to it. we also have a app, when i think of the bassetball business, it is really social network and using technology we cap you are tured that network. we engage it. there is always ways to monetize it. now we also have something called a fan sown. when our fans enter the fan zone they get access to all kinds of goodies, special offers, special content. so there are many uses for this kind of content. melissa: what is the deal with google glass on this? from a financial perspective, this show is called "money" so we're interested for logistics. it is quite product placement for them to be with the glass on friday although everyone is talking about google glass. do they get consideration, do you get consideration, how does it work? >> no. we're in conversations with the optics and the people at google
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glasses as well. the sacramento kings, we see ourselves as the first franchise of the 21st century. so we will be always leading edge. this is in terms of the new arena we're building and also in terms of the technology we use in the existing arena. melissa: real quick before you go, what is your takeaway from davos so far? what is your impression? >> i've been coming here for many years, melissa. the couple years ago the mood was quite pessimistic. it was better last year. and this year i think there is cautious optimism. so i think generally speaking everyone is bullish about the future. melissa: thanks so much for coming on. we appreciate it. good luck. hope you win on friday. >> thanks. melissa: so who wouldn't want to walk out of college without owing any debt? throw your graduation hat in the air knowing that you didn't owe a cent? we've got a savvy student who is literally counting on that cap to help pay his school loans. wait until you hear how. stay tuned for that in "spare
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change." coming up health care hell like you have never heard before. if you thought signing up for the exchange was bad, try getting out of it. our next guest found a better health plan somewhere else. it took her six weeks and 100 miles to escape obamacare. you won't believe her story. it is a $5 billion app that is crushing the competition. the world famous candy crush game. it looks sweet but wait until you hear the bitter tactics it is using on fellow candy competition. more "money" coming up. and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts, and stole her hard-ened money. unfortunately, milons of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft.
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melissa: if you like your plan, well, you know how that one turned out. the broken promise of obamacare continues to hit millions of americans. one woman's story though takes health care hell to new lows. leslie hill spent six weeks trying to disenroll from obamacare. she finally had enough and got into her car, drove 100 miles to her insurance company. leslie joins me now. with this story and the moral to it, by the way because there's a reason we're bringing this to everyone. i want to start with what happened. you were in a high-risk pool in
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your state. you received a letter that said that your policy was being canceled. and did it say basically your only choice was to go into the obama care plan? >> that's the amazing thing. and i had a conversation with someone in the department of insurance about that the letter did say we encourage you, we suggest thaw go to the exchange and buy your plan there. melissa: wow! what did you do? you went in there. >> not at, not at first. that was very, i was very, against doing that. so i started searching around. that was in october. and then in october the new plans were not in place. so the old plans were still there that had the preexisting conditions. and i didn't, i didn't qualify to get any insurance. so out of desperation, really for my family, you know, that they wouldn't go through me having no insurance, i got on the website. i set up my account on obamacare. and it was a very quick process
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for me to get my plan on there. i was really surprised at the cost. it was $936. and that was, and i didn't require any subsidies, you know, or anything that would make that plan lower. so i agreed to the $936. melissa: a month? >> signed up for the plan. $936 a month. that is just for me, yes. melissa: and this was a significant increase over what you had paid in the high-risk pool that you had been on cobra. so every time you change, you paid more and more and more. so now you're in obamacare. you're paying the most that you have ever paid and you realized what? >> i realized i didn't want to be there. and i read and started hearing about the new plans that had come online from the insurance companies. and so i thought, well, i want out of this and i will go ahead and buy and individual plan because i really did need the
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preexisting clause. there was not going to be -- melissa: the joke kind of it is, hard as it is to get into obamacare, the joke isn't for you, it was even hardtory quit. you immediately called and did you start with the website you? tried basically to get off the plan. you were not getting necessarily a refund. you wanted to get off this plan and switch to the one that was better. how did that go? >> yes. i started calling the federal number. it is like number to god. you have only that one number. you get on there and hold and hold. then you get someone. the first person i talked to said, we do not cancel the plans. you have to go back to the carrier. so, at that point i went and started calling blue cross-blue shield and they were inundated with calls at that time during november and december. waited, probably an hour to two hours on hold. melissa: oh, my gosh. >> got to talk to one of their people, and they were lovely. she said no, we can not initiate
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a new policy for you until you cancel your obama policy. and you have to do that through the exchange. so i hung up. i started calling the federal number again and was told, no, we can't do that, you have to go back to blue cross. i did this ping-ponging several days. this is the first time i thought in my life that i wished i was 65, so i wasn't -- melissa: i understand that. after hours and days of this, you eventually did what i have thought of myself when i've been in the frustrating situations you thought i will get in the car and drive to the company and see these people and demand some real person helped me, rather than sitting helplessly on hold with no one helping you. is that what you did? what happened? >> yes, actually, the people at blue cross-blue shield have been very helpful and they had taken a lot of time with me and i had one contact there, her name was linda in the marketing department. she was awesome. it wasn't them i was having
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trouble with. it was fact, what really took me over the edge, i spent seven hours one day, on hold either with blue cross-blue shield. melissa: wow. >> and the obama, the navigators with obamacare. i finally got to the third layer of obamacare specialists and he said, i can't cancel your policy. that's done by a special department. melissa: did you ever get it canceled? we're running out of time and i don't want not to finish story. you eventually got it kang canceled and didn't get a refund and it took days and days of your life and the moral of story when i'm out street the, i feel this is my only option and sign up for obamacare and give in and do it, and you say no. isn't that the moral of the story? >> absolutely there are plans out there. the plan that i priced, that was the same plan that was on obamacare was $909 a month,
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instead of 936. i chose a higher level plan just because that was my option. i told my children, do not ever sign up. i have had two conversations with people today who didn't understand they could get a new plan that would cover them. melissa: yeah. >> and so it is just getting the word out. melissa: getting word out. >> all these policies. melissa: what you're doing here. >> you do have options. melissa: you have options. that's what you want to get out. thanks so much for coming on sharing your story. it is papeful but worth something because you're sharing it. >> i was great. thank you, melissa. melissa: a smoking gun appears. new twist in the government's fraud lawsuit against s&p. we'll tell you how high and how deep it goes. there is no holding this man down, toronto's crack-smoking mayor is back in the global spotlight with a new drunken video. don't move. do you have ever have too much money or scandal-ridden
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melissa: did the nation's highest ranking treasury official threaten the head of the s&p over lowering the u.s. credit rating back in 2011? shocking new allegations indicate exactly that. it is a huge scandal brewing. s&p chief harold mcgrawe says in sworn document that is then treasury secretary tim geithner promised retaliation three days after s&p came forward as the only index to drop our country's credit rating. seems like geithner kept his word. s&p is embroiled in a 5 billion-dollar fraud lawsuit. is all the drama because geithner got a little s&ped? here is fox business correspondent, charlie gasparino, james freeman from the "wall street journal" and
5:21 pm
james geller. if this is true this is smoking gun. >> what is the smoking gun? >> the fact he made the phone call and said, quote, s&p's conduct would be looked at very carefully. such behavior would not occur without a response from the government. the stops was the lawsuit. >> let me ask you, do you think the lawsuit is unwarranted? i've done a lot of research into the ratings agency behavior during the financial crisis. they were -- melissa: why were they only one? >> back up. both ratings agency, moody's and s&p and fitch to larger sense they were paid more to put aaa ratings on structured finance deals. melissa: is s&p only one sued. >> no, they deserve to be sued. only thing i can think of, this is based on reading e-mails, some of the emails involving s&p are more onerous or, just give you a little more intent to defraud investors than moody's. >> the answer is not a lawsuit. the answer is the got has to stop anointing special companies
5:22 pm
like s&p, moody's and fitch, given special government status. banks have to follow their opinions. financial firms have to. this is not a status that james's company which gets its business honestly enjoys. s&p, moody's and fitch are given this ad fangadvantage. as far as the lawsuit, it is garbage. they're basically being sued for fraud. it is being done under banking statute. so the victims in this lawsuit are the big banks who were putting out this mortgage paper. melissa: want to go back to the idea -- >> if the government is suing separately claiming they're the villains. melissa: treasury secretary picks up the phone and threatening -- >> that happens all the time. >> well, it shouldn't. melissa: james, does that happen all the time? are you ratings agency? does it happen all the time. >> come on. david: >> everybody in the u.s. government was upset with s&p when s&p downgraded the country. secretary geithner has been known to mouthed off against a lot of people. >> tell me that governor mario
5:23 pm
cuomo, governor andrew cuomo, governor chris christie, when they face a rating agency they don't they a couple threats around? absolutely they do. happens every time. >> what if the secretary of the treasury called me a -- >> james, i like, they do that all the time. melissa: james, is that true? getting phone calls threatening you. >> of course. >> we don't rate sovereigns. so we're not getting sovereigns. >> you're not moody's and s&p. >> we're not moody's and s&p. >> they're more powerful. melissa: do you believe this went on? >> i fully believe that secretary geithner was upset and probably, probably said terrible things to them. but that doesn't mean that he picked up the phone, called the department of justice and got a suit. >> that doesn't mean that s&p, doesn't deserve to be sued. here's the thing. melissa: only ones downgraded. only ones sued. can't get past that. >> you're looking for white hats and black hats here. they're all gray. s&p helped promote the financial crisis. they made a lot of money on it
5:24 pm
because they put aaa ratings and got paid more to do it. analysts were encouraged to rate more structured finance deals. they dough serve and every incentive -- melissa: government has the power to punish that is the difference. >> good. >> they were doing wrong as well. >> i will just say, i will say this. moody's did this. fitch did this. >> why didn't they get sued? melissa: why didn't they get sued. >> they were all getting investigated. >> i looked at emails. emails on s&p did look more, there was more intent in terms of defrauding investors. look at the emails. >> everyone looked at emails. the emails were out there in 2008. >> tell me, you don't think they deto be sued. >> i think they deserve to be sued and deserve to be investigated this is just the latest version of their throwing up a red hertog try to cloud the actual suit. they have tried to get it dismissed. they couldn't get it dismissed. they used most absurd excuse for that saying no one --
5:25 pm
>> the suit is garbage. another victim in the suit is wescorp, this. bet big on mortgages. government sued and fired all their managers. the government said these guys blew it with the mortgages and they're victims in this lawsuit. >> you're telling me s&p was a bistander in the financial crisis? >> this comes from the government -- >> but that is whole other argument. you can't put the genie back in the bottle. bottom line we created, federally, mandated, nationally -- >> go after jamie dimon because, this is a federally insured bank. this is -- >> what are you talking about? comparing apples and oranges. melissa: we've got to go. >> firms are too big to fail but -- >> you're saying reason why we're, no, the reason why s&p is being sued, because it is emails look lousy. check them out. melissa: only one. got to go. >> they're worse than the other once. melissa: up next, millions of people in this country hate the
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melissa:. >> you try to tell me?
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melissa: the most talked-about video of the daily no doubt what the was he his eccentric the? loving care. [laughter] sent this is in serious enough burger joint babbling about the city police chief much to the amusement of the diners. he said he went back to drinking a and people should back off questioning what he does in his free time with his friends when of palm whom took that video. your co-workers don't pull their weight is it time to clean out your cubicle ian to move on? even if you hate your job there is some benefits to sticking around. should you stay or should you go? our senior vice president and marketing expertise and his attorney. is there reason to stay in a
5:31 pm
job that you hate? melissa: it is hard to get another job. >> you should not quit without having something else but if you really hate what you we're doing life is too short. you need to do something the you get into a man from that is more rewarding. melissa: we all those people who hate their job matter what. you may have seen people lead different places. >> i quit my last job 1998 in this and said i have not worked a date of my life. if you were not happy, a move. you are not a tree. make a plan. save some money and get out. you will not do your best work anyway. melissa: maybe it is your fault and i commend the building there is so buoyant
5:32 pm
that works so register she has a huge smile she is fast and efficient she is a pleasure she is pouring coffee. but it is the approach to your job. >> i completely agree. you have to make a personal decision to be happy if you're old might. take ownership if you're going to be miserable before you jump ship starting to look for something else figural blooded is about the job that makes you unhappy. most of the time it is something you can change. >> is it personal issues are you just an unhappy person or is it the job or co-workers or the actual work? i believe you should find what you are passionate about what is the filling and rewarding.
5:33 pm
don't be complacent you need to find something better. sometimes people get complacent and continue to stave miserable. >> of course. everybody believes they should pursue their passion. lot of people have responsibilities to spouses and children a and the elderly parents it simplifies a little bit to follow your passion. i left a high-paying job at a big law firm to become a prosecutor making one-third the salary. yes i am happy. but it is not a matter of just walking away. >> are you someone that can not work for other people? >> but this is and i was giving a speech once she said one of you get a real job? and you are not happy that i
5:34 pm
am not on a beach i am happy that you're not. i am i giving you any problem but don't be a indri with me. >> of course, we have responsibilities walking away from taking care of your children and paying your mortgage. but you can make a plan even trying to take steps. >> somebody left of high-paying job to be a comedian. if that was my husband, i don't know. maybe you do that at night to make sure you have the talent. >> a friend of mine left wall street where he was making huge money to pursue his passion and it took almost a decade but he is supporting a family in this has been really difficult. he said every job even if it
5:35 pm
is your passion will have bohai angelo and good days and bad days. when you're struggling to walk into the office and hate your job remember that. >> but every single day than maybe it is time to move on. >> don't look now but the millionaires are fleeing your town. the nation's richest households are on the move. moving to unlikely places. is all about money across america people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® is different than pills. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once-a-day, any time, and comes in a pen. and the needle is thin. victoza®s not for weight loss,
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5:39 pm
peter, north dakota seeing 15 percent spike that has to do with fracking. >> yes. that is due to the shale. >> the biggest concern is 11 percent believing? >> gore is that people losing their wealth or leaving? i think it is both. and they have wealth that want to maintain but the story is the founder of zappos has now put into hundred 50,000 of his own money to redo las vegas. melissa: what stalked out to you? bid am. >> arizona and nevada are almost exclusively real-estate that is wealth going away in north dakota in louisiana are almost exclusively energy it is
5:40 pm
people coming back really those who have an economic stake with all that energy to make more money. what stockout to me is maryland with a huge increase i have to assume that is moving -- living off the largess of the government. also worth pointing of lot of these states are talking relatively small states it is easy for them to show big changes as opposed to california or new york or texas. melissa: what blew my mind was one out of every 20 households has more than $1 billion of assets and it does not include real estate. that does not sound right. one out of 20? 5% has $1 billion in assets not including real-estate? >> the methodology that they used was used on macro data. it was not individual people
5:41 pm
it is hard to believe what an odd of 20 out of california are millionaires? but then it backs up against are millionaires the new middle-class? >> it make sense i suppose if there are 10 or 50 or 100 million veba would be counted one but then you could throw a lot of things including the retirement savings and pension benefits so it does not shock me said question is how rich are those one out of 28 and 80 adams 20. >> of michigan, idaho michigan, idaho, florida were a big loser this is because of the fluctuations. it says a lot about
5:42 pm
disposable income and the value of real-estate? >> if you are a marketer you want to use that data for a marketing strategy it is not as hopeful because you will not set up in alaska. is a counter narrative because the typical clusters don't show up so from that perspective what is interesting it comes at the backdrop that half of all senators and house representatives, is a basically 85 billion years control more than half of the global wealth. there is a continual echo we hear about the bifurcation. melissa: thank you. trying to take all the
5:43 pm
candy. so nobody else can use if approved the law would apply to clothing and footwear and musec? can they trademark the, and edward? getting the cease and desist letter has already been slapped with one intellectual property attorney. tell me your story. told me about your product i understand it is another video-game. >> it is all candied casinos lots. it is a simple slot machines they with the candy theme but for some reason they feel it infringes on their trademarks and causes confusion in potential damage to their branch. but inside the game there is nothing related to candy crush. i used chocolate's. candy cane or candy corn.
5:44 pm
melissa: i have to be honest. a look similar. >> i don't think so personally. they believe the name candy on the icon causes confusion but it was not my intent when i created a game to cause into -- confusion. melissa: at the same time this is far reaching. candy crash that they are trying to say that even if you have a clothing line you cannot use the word candy? >> that is what they say. trademark 101. it indicates a common source when i say apple you think computer. for 10,000 years when they said nike they thought the god is the basic sportswear but when i say candied they
5:45 pm
don't think of candy crash been people. there is a little bit going on they have a trademark in europe and came to the u.s. and said we want to lew trademark so they gave them live mark but now it will be published which means anybody who thinks they you will see their registration can stop everybody from the man who made katy latent or anybody who uses candy. they are a long way from getting the trademark. melissa: hard candy. is that in jeopardy? >> no. absolutely not. the trademark rights arise from use. they are being a little too cute they did not register candy crash because they know they have limited rights it is dictated by
5:46 pm
their youths -- used. is the and disembarking go past level 31 then they could do something about it but the mere fact the use the word candy the colors get close if you put that up on the screen but our consumers confused as whole? no. i don't. not in this case. no. melissa: this is good news for you? >> i truly believe that. i believe there is no infringement on the trade mark but i don't think there is confusion. melissa: do you think they are trying to intimidate you ? >> they know i am the little guy who don't have the resources to fight back and they are picking on me. >> i'm sure there is a
5:47 pm
little bit of that but unless you show willful infringement you cannot get damages just to stop you so they are sending letters like this to put people on notice to go after them for money damages. melissa: thank you. coming up hour next guest has devised a genius way to wiping out the $30,000 of college debt. guess what it is? you can never have too much money. [ male announce] this is the story f thlittle room over the pizza place on chestnut street the modest first floor bedroom in tallinn, estonia and the southbound bus barreli down i-95. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had thpower to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did
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melissa: a cute clap the cat is out of the bank.
5:51 pm
rolling around in the australian son a tough trick but he may have even more than nine lives. time for some fun with "spare change". my next guest is looking to walk out of his college graduation and ceremony completely debt-free to sell advertising space on his graduation cap. added receive michigan, thank you for joining us you are selling space 101-inch squares $300 a pop? why would be worth that? >> first hello. if it is an honor. i watch you all the time. melissa: i like that buttering up. what am i getting for that? >> i am selling 1 inch
5:52 pm
advertising. the mortar board is 10 inches by 10 inches if you take my dad 30,000 divided by 100 it is outrageous i'd never even expected to get this attention the fact i am on your show. melissa: how many have you sold? >> honestly i sold for spots the first one went to a good friend of mine have viral marketing that started the ball. melissa: are they companies or individuals? >> i don't know all of them. applied was of movie theater one was jewelry. the other was a consulting firm. people that i have never met before it has been amazing.
5:53 pm
melissa: 1 inch square $300 who will see it? >> i work commencement of a started a photography company i started the company to pay for college they always say make sure you take pictures of the people who decorate their caps that shows their personality they want to show that to people. i made a joke someone should sell aavertising how hard they take us -- get us to take the pitcher. melissa: where does the picture go? but where do they look at the top of your hat? where does it get posted? back at our campus we walked across the graduation stage. local news media focus on that. we have the free press that always takes photos that is
5:54 pm
a larger company the stories are sent out to. i have a following on you to a and twitter also editor in chief of the college paper between my connections you will get your money's worth. melissa: my hat is off to you you are the international business manager you are obviously going to be an entrepreneur. you are all about the money so i definitely so you. what will you do after graduation? >> what i am hoping to do a lot of people say why should i donate to you? hard work and determination is what you need to pay off college debt. i cannot agree with that more when i am hoping is i would love to pay off college debt but in michigan the job outlook is terrible so how many millionaires
5:55 pm
just laughed the state. melissa: you going into business for yourself? >> i have a couple but i would love to get my feet wet. melissa: we are out of time. you're trying to get rid of your it dead. who made money? your doctor once you to cut out the americans cannot just get enough. you can never have too much money.
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>> this is a test
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melissa: chiles was behind a lot of success and that is to make money today. stocks jumped 6.5%. and douglas brooks started off as a manager trainee in the 70s and he made more than a million and a half dollars. just today. living the dream, also making money. and they are experiencing a renaissance despite a government health warning. sales have risen 65%. topic $2 billion. hoping to make money in las vegas. the first of the gambling houses to allow the digital currency despite all of the volatility. they will begin accepting points to paper rooms and other purchases. more and more patrons have been asking to pay with points. i hope that you made money today. be sure to tune in tomorrow with
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