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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  January 27, 2014 1:00pm-3:01pm EST

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wants to make it to the superbowl. the deal still to be had and how much it will cost for vip access. lori: we dd have breaking news. there is a live look between 26 and 27th street. street all closed. you can see the emergency apparatus. adam: it appears that it was a firecracker. some of the mischievous intent on map. let's talk about something that is on everybody's radar screen and that is stocks. let's head to the floor of the new york stock exchange.
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nicole: we have been watching the market. a 3.5% loss on the dow and straddles, we are down almost a half of a percent. it could be a lot worse if it was not for caterpillar. the tech heavy nasdaq, the worst of the bunch down 1.5%. you have names like caterpillar and burke that are trying to help things along here. they gave an outlook which was better then expect it. they have been cutting costs and also a buyback. that is a nice recipe in that is why you see the stock up nearly 4%. about 23 positive dow points. back to you.
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lori: thank you, nicole. adam: caterpillar a big winner. it is shaping up to be another big season. it is higher than the long-term average. associate director christine shortt tracks the numbers for s&p and joins us now with what you can expect as a retail investor and where we will go. the big news is that earnings growth in the fourth quarter will be around seven to 8%. >> what we look back at the trend, we know that early estimates are quite conservative. on average, from the day that alcoa reports, it reports to the end of the season. we do see a bump up of about 4%. adam: they try to set expectations so low.
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>> that is true. we see about 80 companies giving negative guidance. we came in the season with the highest negative ratio ever. as you can see, that is not really playing out that way. yes, they do guide a little bit lower. adam: we are on tap for a new record low. that would be the seventh consecutive quarter of record eps. help us understand, since when have we had that many quarters in a row with records. it seems to me that something is amiss when new content -- >> we have never had seven consecutive quarters of repeat records. a lot of times when you look at
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that number and it does not necessarily correlate with the growth number, it is hard to see growth when we are putting out record after record each quarter. adam: you are actually optimistic with revenue. the expectation is 3%. >> last week it bumped up to 3.6%. last quarter we saw 4.1% revenue growth. the highest we have seen in the last quarter. how much longer can companies cut costs. now this quarter we are seeing that all bump in revenue. it just continues to grow from there in 2014. adam: i will ask the question that begs to be asked on a day where the dow is down. why are people selling?
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>> it is mainly on concerns about china. we are starting to see earnings as a second indicator for the markets. i think that is what the markets are really trading on. yet, you have great earnings. i think as we continue through the earnings season, if we continue to see great numbers like this, you will start to see that. lori: we do want to look at the markets in europe. major averages closing. the country's central bank is expected to raise rates. the turkish -- it has been hit hard. adam: britain's largest bank got a good cage rattling this
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weekend. it is a sell recommendation. is hsbc in trouble? with more on that is elizabeth macdonald. liz: they were restricting the dollar amount of cash withdrawals at its we talked to them over the weekend. they are apologizing now. not mandatory for customers to provide document. evidence for large cash withdrawals. we apologize to any customer who has been given incorrect indications.
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they had alleged internal controls. let's get to this other sell recommendation. this is how forensic agent lost their business. they are essentially saying that after $93 billion, a full 66 billion of that is the level three. they will need to raise up to $111 billion in coming years. last december, hsbc did quietly float the idea of raising money by selling off 30% of its uk unit. they are not responding to this report. we will stay on top of this story as it unfolds. adam: elizabeth mcdonald, thank you very much.
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lori: shares of sony up 4.5% right now. sony has promised a turnaround. they made in unsuccessful attempt to spin off part of it and intermittent business over the summer. adam: regulators are investigating brakes in 2008. it is causing accidents and delaying cars from breaking. that is according to the national highway safety commission. so far, there have been no injuries reported. lori: royal caribbean force to
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bring back one of its cruises after hundreds fall ill. adam: the latest target in the widespread credit card breaches. lori: jeff flock is in chicago. jeff: i have been in chicago a lot of winters. this may be the all time worst. look at the snow. i will tell you all about it in a minute. ♪ [announcer] welcome to the all-new intuituickbooks. run your ente business with it. get paid howeverou want with it. get real work done wherever with it. make all your numbers play nicely with it. say "buh-bye" to theld way with it.
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adam: royal caribbean is taking seasickness to a whole new level. a ten day cruise is heading back to port two days early. the explorer of the see is the name of the ship. it has been sailing the caribbean. shares of royal caribbean seeing a pop.
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lori: i do not think it matters how do you say it. let's make some money with charles payne. charles: last week it was all about the charges. when i do my moving averages, i use exponential. for the s&p, 1750. for the dow, 15,739. for the nasdaq, 7000. what does it all mean? i do not use charts a lot on the upside. charts to play a valid role. sort of the snowball becoming a boulder.
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i think if those numbers do not hold, we can find ourselves in one of those scenarios. adam: are investors act being rationally? i would think you would want to be in right now. charles: i think that investors are acting rational when you put the big picture together. some of the names that we know will be fantastic. do they deserve the justification, can they justify the valuations? >> i am not afraid. i would like to see a pullback. if they do not hold, let's say apple has a bad number after the bell and we all fall apart again
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tomorrow. the stakes have gotten extraordinarily high in the last 24 hours. lori: i think they are waiting for key events this week to make some big decisions. adam: tech stocks are among the worst performers on wall street. nicole: so many of them are consumer type names. some of these have been pulling back. twitter down 6.5%. facebook down. linkedin and tesla also to the downside. these names are obviously movers that we we watch so closely.
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tesla, netflix, facebook -- you had facebook. you can see tesla 169. back to you. lori: polar vortex really taking a hit on the country. schools and trains are canceling. jeff flock is live in chicago. jeff, you have been out there all morning. what happens if you have exposed skin? jeff: we have breaking news for you this hour. chicago public schools closed today, but they will be closed again tomorrow.
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take a look at what it looks like right here along the lakefront. you see ice being formed. a foot of ice formed as the water comes up. and then freezes as we have been here this morning. incredibly cold. chicago public schools closed here. this goes over a wide swath. we have a lot of snow here in chicago as well. these wind chills, minus 43 windchill in minneapolis. take a look at what that has done to flight cancellations and delays. a large number of cancellations.
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you just take a look at the city behind me here. this is like an arctic tundra. i have been in chicago for a long time. i tell you, i suggest cracking right through us here. this has been one of the worst winters in one of the longest durations of cold that i have experienced here and in history really. the longest durations in chicago history for this kind of cold this long. lori: what is it like on the city streets? is it similar to a ghost town? jeff: it is kind of today. next hour we will show you what the streets look like. a lot of businesses closed. as much as we are used to cold in chicago, this kind of intensity has really brought things to a bit of a stand still. lori: thank you.
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>> 22 minutes past the hour. peace talks stalling in geneva today. they propose government transition did not include president assad. opposition leaders contend the dictator must leave. the head of egypt's army is inching closer for the country's top position. today he was promoted to the military's highest rank. this as violence continues to rage in the country. the saga continues surroundinn the french president francis aland. the leader says he is ending his relationship with the first
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lady. those are your headlines. back to adam and lori. lori: thank you. did you happen to catch the cover of the new york post? on a serious note, the latest developments on an intensified protests in the ukraine. fox news greg talcott joins us with the very latest from london. >> there have been developments in the capital of ukraine. demonstrators are still outside of the justice ministry building. they are stopping people from going inside. they are holding their ground in their own way. the worst unrest in europe in decades. they stormed the place
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overnight. they added one more government building to a long list of buildings. one report says that the defense in the city is that authorities are losing control of the government complex. so far there have been at least five demonstrators killed. the latest that we are seeing now is as many as ten regional government offices have been seized. including a large city in the southeastern portion of the city. that is usually very supportive. now even that is being lost. the number two and number three in this government could be from the opposition. it was the government's decision
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to pull away from a trade and political view back in november and move towards a greater link up in russia. tomorrow we are told could be the crunch day. they will either offer more compromised to the opposition or they will crack down further. russia neighboring ukraine. they have a big stake in this. back to you. lori: thank you for the update. adam: the latest victim of the computer hacker attacks. the arts and crafts retailer is investigating a possible data breach that may have affected its customers payment card information. the company is working with several law enforcement. michael's is the third major
1:27 pm
retailer in the last month to go public with these issues. target and neiman marcus, as you know, have also been hacked. lori: i live at michael's. okay. countdown to kickoff. less than a week away from the superbowl. some vip packages. you will not believe this. adam: what does mother nature have in store for sunday? whether or not the cold front is going to spoil your superbowl fun here in new york and new jersey. ♪ ♪
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lori: stocks now after being down nearly 95 points. the dow is off about 26. another volatile day. that is the theme of markets these days. let's go ahead and check back in with nicole petallides from the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole? >> well, every 15 minutes here on the fox business network it is imperative we check in on these markets to see how we're faring. of course 2014 has been a tough one. the dow is coming up off the lows of the day. don't forget we were higher earlier in the day and new home sales came in and crushed the market to a certain extent. now down .2 of 1%. the vix, the fear index has changed direction is now red after running up earlier in the day. that being said the caterpillar is helping dow keep close to unchanged line because of good numbers and buyback and good outlook. we'll keep a close eye on apple.
1:32 pm
not a dow component but big mover on wall street. how was the holiday season? it is up .6% at the moment and bidding mobile payments businesses to buy good and services to enable users to do so according to the "wall street journal" a lot of headlines surrounding apple. back to you. lori: you have it covered, nic. thanks. grammy awards raking in 2.5 million viewers, barely beating 28.4 million last year. the cbs notes this was the second largest audience in 21 years. look at cbs, reaction, down 26 cents. cbs suffering in a broader weak market. adam: snow sweeping across the united states there is concerns what conditions will be like on sunday for the super bowl at metlife stadium in new jersey. well have no fear. fox news's janice dean has your forecast for this year's big game. i hope that is optimistic coming
1:33 pm
down the pike? >> i actually have some good news. finally for super bowl sunday we could have at or slightly above average temperatures. and dry conditions for the big game. amazing. hopefully it holds true because we're six days out and anything can happen six days out. we'll continue to monitor it. but for now we're dealing with extreme cold again across the upper midwest, great lakes, down towards the deep south. it will be cold enough for deep south snow on tuesday. i will hoe thaw in a second. dangerous wind chills continue across the upper midwest and great lakes. really incredible windchills, minus 40, minus 50 tuesday into wednesday and things start to moderate. as i mentioned we have a storm system that will bring wintery weather from houston, texas, through new orleans and up through mississippi. we could get three to five to six inches of snow across the carolinas on wednesday and down
1:34 pm
toward georgia and even the florida panhandle. this is something we'll monitor. very rare aevent to see accumulating snow. there is one of the forecast models showing excess of three inches or maybe a foot of snow in the mountains of the carolinas. we'll certainly monitor this. as i mentioned, super bowl sunday, this is one of the reliable models, gfs. sunday, a little bit of moisture, or maybe saturday but clearing out sunday. temperatures around the freezing mark. i think they take that over in new jersey. what do you think, adam? back to you. adam: janice, you're right. a lot of people will be smiling. if we get sunny skies and don't want to call it a heat wave, but -- lori: around here people might be wearing shorts, i've seen some people doing that already. they're nuts. janice dean, thank you very much. >> you got it. lori: bluebird day, blue skies and very, very cold after a large snowfall has fallen. we're talking about the super bowl. believe it or not there are
1:35 pm
still tickets and deals. they are hooking up clients with club level suites and vip access to events all week long it. can cost them 40 grand a piece. we have the ejoe. robert tuckman. >> great to be here. lori: that has to be huge relief to your clients booking travel and tickets and parties, right. >> totally. we've been stressing about this for three years. it comes down to now, we see this weather report, we'll end up having better weather than the super bowl was in dallas a few years ago and it snowed. this is awesome. lori: this is wall street's back door, the super bowl. >> oh, yeah. lori: are you getting demand for clients looking for top-notch, best 50-yard line seats, highest rated hotel in town, manhattan stuff? go ahead. >> totally, yeah. i think right now we're getting so much. we have been building up for the premium inventory. so a lot of firms here in town
1:36 pm
taking, entertaining their clients. they want luxury seats, premium seats, club level seats, anything with indoor access. now the upper level seats which were, the ticket market is like a secondary market like a stock market. the ticket of a upper level seat a few weeks ago was going for $3,000. now there is real supply and demand. you can buy those tickets for 16, $1700. the premium seats to your point, club level, anything with indoor access is still very expensive. lori: you have a package with parties and hotels for 40 grand, has that been picked up? >> yes. lori: by who? >> international traveler from a different country. we get a few of those who come in, individuals, not even corporations. but those packages are really special. there is a few every year where they come and they want to go to every party. want to sit on the 50-yard line. i want to meet so-and-so, any players. want to stay at the st. regis.
1:37 pm
we do get those. the majority of our packages cost 5 to $6,000. they include a ticket to the game, hotel, transportation and meet-and-greet. we're having our sail gate around the harbor. lori: so you have fans coming likely from seattle and denver of course. this is the number one market in the country. on average day everything is more expensive in new york city than any place in the country. is that impacting, hurting sales a little bit. >> it is funny, it isn't. the reason being every time a super bowl is in another market. every town has super bowl rates and every-day rates. they find out they're having super bowl the rates go up. we were paying when the super bowl in indianapolis because hotels were scarce, we were paying higher rates in indianapolis than we did in new york. if you look at it like that, the great thing about new york there is so much hotel availability. there is so much food and beverage choice, just anywhere you two. it actually brings a price in
1:38 pm
line what other super bowls charge. lori: what is the best deal you can get? you don't have to have the best seat and cheapest hotel? >> best deal you can get, i advise my clients, best ticket for value, lower level end zone seat. sit in lower level. get to be in end zone. standard, 3, 4-star we have, empire hotel and hyatt. at end of that day that package comes to 5, $6,000. breakfast. licensed gift. all the goodies. not bad. lori: not as good as other half lives. i have to be honest. robert, thanks so much. we'll continue our coverage of the super bowl all week long. on thursday, denver broncos president joe ellis stops by studio for interview on fox business. adam: the volcker rule unraveling? charlie gasparino is here with exclusive details where the regulation stands now. lori: a war on 1%. reaction venture capital pioneer compares treatment of wealthy
1:39 pm
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find your sleep number setting and know better sleep. is your tv powered by coal? natural gas? nuclear? or renewables like solar... and wind? let's find out. this is where america's electricity comes from. a diversity of energy sources helps ensure the electricity we need is reliable. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. >> good afternoon, i'm sandra smith with your fox business brief. southwest airlines announcing its first international flights in its 43-year history. the airline begins selling tickets for flights to aruba, jamaica and the bahamas. those flights start on july 1st. southwest shares are down
1:41 pm
1 1/2%. new home sales fell in december for a second consecutive month. the commerce department reporting sales dropped 7% last month to a seasonally adjusted rate of 414,000 but for the full year, sales of new homes were up 16% from 2012. microsoft has acquired rights to the gears of war videogame series from epic games. terms of the deal were not announced but the move will keep the popular game franchise exclusive to microsoft's xbox one console. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper.
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adam: after taking years to implement the volcker rule still faces hurd desand regulatory officials believe unravel all together. charlie gasparino joins us with exclusive details. >> well, i'll tell you, i don't like the volcker rule.
1:43 pm
i think the thing that stops proprietary trading. i think it almost had nothing to do with the financial crisis. that was not proprietary trading, banks trading with their own money that was handling customer accounts and underwriting securities and forced to hold it until the market changed which it never did and they were holding all this illiquid debt. that is what caused financial crisis. we got it and it is out there and driving regulators crazy. this thing essentially has been in play now for like a month, they finally finalized it sometime last month? no we're getting just how difficult it toys regulate to put this into practice. what they have now is their final version. what we hear are the problems are not over. this will be a work in progress. therethere will be tweeking this thing along the way. one of the huge issues, a huge hurdle is that you have several agencies from the fed to the sec, to the cftc, overlapping, overlapping regulation among
1:44 pm
these entities which is going to make it difficult to essentially enforce what is and what isn't a proprietary trade and what we're getting from these same regulators when you ask them, is there a possibility they just dump this thing at some point? this part of dodd-frank gets blown out, gets taken out, it is forgotten about and you do get a yes? now i don't think president obama will do it. i do thinka president hillary clinton, i wrote a column about this in the "new york post" get as chance, there is chance she has close ties to wall street. she may whack out the kerr rule. from what i understand they can't figure out the difference between a proprietary trade, me using company money to buy and sell stock or any other security, what is the real difference between that and me using a money to mark a market in a security that benefits a client which is market making which is integral part of capital markets.
1:45 pm
that is necessary part of the capital market? they still don't have a bright line between those two functions and that is really causing the problems here. lori: what is the latest on capital reserve requirements? don't you think if you have enough cash on hand, a way to cover all the bets, proprietary or not you're fine? that is simplistic way of looking at it, but -- >> there are dueling capital requirements. you have basel iii capital requirements. you have capital requirements of dodd-frank. i don't think that is an issue. banks are required to increase their capital tremendously since the financial crisis. this is something else. and i will tell you, what is scary about the volcker rule, proprietary trading did cause losses during the financial crisis. people, firms making bad bets. morgan stanley lost $8 billion on a trade which is pretty big but it did not cause the financial crisis. the financial crisis was caused by years and years of incentives
1:46 pm
to develop security that is helped make housing affordable to anybody or lending so anybody could, so you could, anybody could get a loan. those securities were underwritten by wall street. those securities were packaged by wall street and sold to investors and in late 2006 and 2007, wall street kept packaging those loans and couldn't find buyers. so they kept those loans and those securities on their books until they became illiquid to the point where they had to mark those things down to sear near zero and hence every firm was near zero except for jpmorgan. adam: volcker rule was first discussed to protect taxpayers because we're backstopping banks of fdic. >> right. adam: to protect taxpayers from banks, jeopardizing that guaranty and taking risky bets and got perverted? >> it did. and yes, by the way it is not an absurd thing. if you're going to federally guaranty every bank -- adam: deposits. >> well you're almost
1:47 pm
guarantying every bank now. goldman sachs is considered too big to fail, systematically important, they are bound by these rules. goldman sachs a lot of people talk about goldman sachs to get out of the stroller rule and get back to the old goldman and trade a lot and rescind bank charter. you can't do that. once you're in the roache motel you're there. here is the thing. my view is this, if a firm is bad, they lose money, shareholders suffer, maybe we shouldn't be federally insuring december deposits so they can take risks. even with the customer side, remember the financial crisis was the customer side. it was packaging securities for customers and not making a bet but keep it on the books until they sold them? that is essentially, that happens every day. that is inventory. they had way too much inventory of housing-related bonds. maybe we shouldn't federally subsidize the banks with fdic insurance. or, if you want insurance you have to separate out your securities part from your banking part. adam: going back to 1998.
1:48 pm
>> what is wrong with that? we didn't have a financial crisis then? adam: that will be part two, charlie just said. lori: while you gentlemen were talking, while we were talking, the dow moved higher, up 10 points now. turning positive moments ago. keith bliss of cute tone and company on the floor of the new york stock exchange. lot of action today. state of the union and what is on your radar? >> volatility is creeping back into the market and for us the 20 level on the vix is always an important benchmark level we take a look at and we monitor and we're getting close to that. the bottom line on the markets we had such vast volatility we're vastly oversold on s&p and dow and vastly overbought on the vix level if you call it that, keep an eye on the vix if it moves up to 20. vix tells you implied volatility inside the market the next 30 days. what that implies, neither moving up or down but it will move 5% if we get up to 20.
1:49 pm
that will be awesome trading opportunities in between there. if you're a long investor hang on to enjoy the ride or at least try to. lori: watch vix at level of 20. it is flirting with that level. keith, thank you. >> my pleasure. adam: silicon valley legend tom perkins he made his name investing in the next big thing but now the technology elite, they can't get away from him fast enough because of a letter to the editor perkins wrote and it was published in saturday's "wall street journal" this is a quote from that letter. quote, i would call attention to the parallels of fascist, nazi germany to its war on its 1% namely its jews to the progressive war on the american 1%, namely the rich. even the venture capital firm perkins's company founded, cofounded is trying to distance itself via twitter. the firm, kleiner perkins and caufield says, quote, tom perkins has not been involved in
1:50 pm
kpcb in years. we were shocked by his views expressed today in "the wall street journal." and do not agree. lori: probably best to move on from that. adam: don't touch that one with lori: comedian kevin heart seems to be everywhere. his hit comedy, "ride-along" with ice cube is scoring well. adam: jay leno accused of not going quietly once again.
1:51 pm
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1:53 pm
adam: universal studios score ad big hit at the box office holding the top two spots for second weekend in a road. ice cube, kevin heart comedy, "ride-along" came out on top after setting a new january opening record. in second of the afghanistan war
1:54 pm
drama, "lone survivor." in third was the animated movie, the nut job. frozen tells the story of new york city, has become the highest grossing original animated movie of all time. rounding out the top five, "jack ryan: shadow recruit." lori: "frozen", best disney movie ever in my 6-year-old's opinion. jay leno hand off "the tonight show" and after 22 year run and botched transition. he isn't exactly happy about it. dennis joins us with more. >> when is enough enough? jay leno had one heck of a long run and left "the tonight show" chair once before in 09 and to return after nb c-span nicked and exiling conan o'brien to cable and put jay back where he belonged. last night leno said on "60 minutes" he would stick around for more time on "tonight" for his successor
1:55 pm
jimmy fallon who isn't yet 40 years old. fallon will bump up from the after midnight slot and hipper, sensibility but is the audience ready for that. nbc hopes so and hundreds of millions of dollars it is at take stake. leno 1630 years old and vows to do more midnight, maybe on "the history channel." he would not compete with "the tonight show" with new show of his own, so far anyway. leno's last show is the february 6th. jimmy fallon is 39 years old. he could be in the coveted host chair for awfully long time. it would be year 2036 if he lasts as long as leno. that is what conan o'brien thought when he succeeded leno four years ago until leno came back. when leno was reminded last night he said same nice things about conan he is saying about jimmy fallon here is lynn know's response. >> did i say the same thing?
1:56 pm
probably. maybe i did. we'll see what happens. >> cue, impish grin. that is funny little bit. you wonder whether fulling jimmy fallon with a bit of dread? lori. >> we'll see. adam: we'll switch to something a little bit different. hashtag sick cruise ship. 600 passengers as a bug forces end to a cruise. would you still book a cruise? tweet your response and how it is affecting the stocks of royal caribbean. tracy byrnes and ashley webster are next. she loves a lot of the same things you do.
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tracy: happy monday, i'm tracy byrnes. ashley: i'm ashley webster. as january goes so goes the year is an old saying on wall street and markets are not doing so great this year. the dow though waiverring after closing down four straight sessions. even worse for the emerging markets. we'll have a panel straight ahead how to keep your 401(k) safe and make money amid all the
2:00 pm
turmoil. tracy: plus talk about role reversal? the company that builds iphones in china for apple, wants to build a manufacturing plant back here in the u.s. jo ling kent investigate that is ahead. ashley: file this one under gross. 600 passengers violently ill as a bug causes end an early end to a royal caribbean cruise. would you still book a cruise? tweet us. tracy: my mom is on one as we speak. i know. tech minute, is google trying to corner the market on robots? i thought we were? how tech giant following up the purchase of animal robot creators. ashley: just as creepy every time i see it. a week-long look at super stocks and make money on companies advertising during the super bowl. that and owe so much more ahead on this super hour of "markets now." guess what, the dow is in the green. how about that? get straight to ttese stocks. go down to nicole petallides on
2:01 pm
floor of the new york stock exchange. emerging market fears are continuing to rattling the markets but we're hanging in there. >> there is a lot of focus on emerging markets last week or so, definitely. turkey obviously pulling an emergency meeting there. dow jones industrials back into the green as you noted. now up 14 points. about 150-point swing. started off in the green and moved up to 15,938 and swung into negative territory down into 15,783 but caterpillar helping along. nasdaq down 3/4 of a percent and s&p down .2 of a point. caterpillar came out with quarterly numbers that beat analyst expectations. they gave a good outlook for 2014 and all buyback announcements as well. you put that all together and cost-cutting moves which caterpillar is up almost 4 1/2%
2:02 pm
at 89.92. so that is helping things along. back to you. tracy: nicole, thank you very much. >> thanks. tracy: stocks missed after last week's big selloff with the dow posting slight gains. as actually noted the dow is down 11 points. turbulence is in emerging markets is sparking fear on wall street. can you take advantage of this uncertainty? we have all-star panel. here on set, elizabeth macdonald, charles payne joining us here in new york. we started this conversation last week, you guys. we started talking about the fed tapering. what's going to happen. paul, i will throw this out to you. a lot of people worry if liquidity is pulled out of the mark economy it will affect emerging markets. >> that is a real possibility. as we get better data and especially employment reports in the u.s., question becomes do the lower u.s. bond deals spike higher? that could spark out flow from emerging markets. ashley: not also outflow but
2:03 pm
inflow to the emerging markets. a double-whammy because of what is going on. why should we care? >> we should care we think reality check bounced about emerging markets a long time ago. there was a reach for yield of dreams because savings accounts were microscopic because of fed's low rate policies. we talked about this last week. here is reality check. look how illiquid and small some of these emerging markets own stocks are trading at at publicly-traded firms. ibm equals the size of mexico. colombia, size of merck. turkey equals market cap of starbucks. turkey equals malaysia. goldman sachs is size of all stocks traded in indonesia. that gives you perspective on size of emerging markets we're talking about and pressures they're undergoing as china has contraction and china is largest trading partner for these countries. tracy: chars, are you worried about the multinationals?
2:04 pm
they're out there in these emerging markets? >> i'm not worried yet. emac brought up the china as the lynchpin. we worried about the fed tapering but what contained contagion, china's cpi number. i have to give china some credit. they have had a run away locomotive and put brakes on without this thing collapsing. we talked about engineering the soft landing, compared to their soft landing f theirs is 7 1/2% gdp maybe they did a better job than us. there is no doubt about it there are growing pangs in all these countries. 1819. 1837. 1873. eight teen 93. 1901. 1907, 1929 all panics and great depression in america. these countries are growing and will go through growing pains and this might be another one. ashley: paul, is this systemic risk here? do we care argentina's cure
2:05 pm
returnsy is getting devalued? or is there a risk like when in thailand and the their currency the about the ot went south and had a big impact on asia? is there any doubt this would have a big impact on global economies and global markets? >> i have some concerns. all it takes is contagion is fear and sentiment factor to really spread. you could end up having markets related that should not have been related in the first place. we saw that in europe a few years ago. look as commentator pointed out you have markets still growing, markets that still have economies that still have a lot of room to move and over time you will see these emerging markets play out with strong gains followed by a reset, a retest of lows and then back up to growth again and i think we'll see those emerging markets return to growth. tracy: lizzie? >> they will return to growth so long as middle class is growing countries. as charles points out i'm not sure about contagion.
2:06 pm
i think you see contagion spreading from junk bond to junk bond, corporate bond to corporate bond. we saw that last year. greece is still an emerging market in the eurozone. it didn't spread to other areas of the eurozone. i'm not so sure if one goes under it will drag the others down but that is a great point to be watchful and mindful. tracy: that is great point about greece. we thought it would spread. ashley: it is marriage falcon my. >> we worried about portugal and spain and still are but yields have come down a lot. when you talk about the thai-bot contagion. i studied that and mexican peso neither one had foreign reserves. it made it play out quickly and both needed intervenges. will we have free fall scenario that the imf steps in or the u.s. treasury steps in? no, i don't think so. there is geopolitical story attached to everyone of these countries rate now.
2:07 pm
i don't think they can take the risk. >> that is good point. >> how do you play this? is there a play. >> sometimes i think the move of "cool hand luke." sometimes nothing is a real cool hand. you have to chill out i think. listen, unreasonable expectations, we had an amazing last year. we had an amazing five-year run. these kind of things i think kind of happen. tracy: paul, can i throw this question out to you? what if any of the emerging markets you like? >> we like markets that tend to have trade surpluses. these countries don't rely as much on foreign inflows of capital. taiwan and malaysia have done very well. these may be small markets. if you think of those as supplements over a more broad emerging markets exposure. play a long-term growth trend. malaysia or polandu had on a incase downside is wrong we get
2:08 pm
growth. those are countries that will help you beat that broadly diversified benchmark over short periods of time. that is how you outperform your core position. >> the question is also, janet yellen effect. will she just say, you know what? enough is enough, we'll continue to taper or as ed yardeni point out, circular and peter boockvar. they talk about the tremors the fed will create and rock some of the markets will she say then, you know what? the bottom line we're learning that qe is global. money printing is global and have global effect and give markets what they want. >> if the fed backs off now early into taper, they have little credibility with a lot he have people, it would be shocking. bring it down to five billion a year. >> they have no course but to stay the course. ashley: i know the fed has a big impact. they're concerned about our economy. they're not concerned about the other economies around the world. they knew it was coming. they had plenty of time to prepare but anyway. tracy: good stuff you guys. paul christopher, charles payne, lizzie mack.
2:09 pm
we have to do this again. thank you all. ashley: thank you, guys. coming up next the latest on royal caribbean shares after 600 passengers become violently ill on one of its ships. plus your tweets, would you still book a cruise? tracy: from ships to planes. some of the world's most elaborate private jets heading for the super bowl here in new york. we have a man whose company has plenty to gain from all that. ashley: in tech minute, michael's stores, the latest to suffer from credit card hacks. is it time to increase card security? tracy: or stop doing crafts? as we do every day this time of day look how oil is trading. down about 85 cents. $95.76 a barrel. we'll be right back.
2:10 pm
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2:13 pm
reevaluate strategies and get employees together and throw the great parties and foxconn is yet another looking at its strategy and turning its gaze to the u.s. and they're thinking about going american. according to "wall street journal" chairman foxconn is considering a plan to build advanced display manufacturing plant as labor costs go up and unrest becomes more of an issue all over asia especially in china. he says u.s. is must-go market and corporate clients were asked by foxconn to break ground here to be closer geographically. looking at apple's stock, it is up about 1 1/4% an interesting development bringing manufacturing back here to the u.s. tracy: they have hhd issues being overseas. where do they want to come to the united states? >> bus in pennsylvania. in november they were looking at sites there, potentially $40 million site in pennsylvania. tracy: that is good for economy.
2:14 pm
price of phones at end of the day. less costs to bring this stuff back in the united states. >> one. things they want to make liquid display, 60-inch much. that is hard to ship across the sea without damaging it. it will save potentially for the consumer. we'll see what is happening. >> jo ling stuff will be all over it. thank you, girl. >> anytime. ashley: 60-inch smartphone, how about that? this is a brutal case of seasickness. 600 passengers violently ill as a bug forces early end to a royal caribbean cruise. so would you still book a cruise? your answers are at the bottom of the screen. meantime royal caribbean releasing earnings before the bell. so let's head down to the floor of the new york stock exchange where nicole petallides has taken her dramamine and keeping an eye on the shares. nicole. >> i get seasick from the markets with the back and forth action. that is what we've seen with the dow and royal caribbean which popped and dropped. now is back up about 2%. it is worth noting that royal
2:15 pm
caribbean came out with profit numbers for the latest quarter that surpassed analyst estimates. they also gave a good outlook for 2014. that helped them along. that is what brought royal caribbean into the green. the problem of course over the last 24 hours is that report that now they have a public relations problem of 600 passengers or there abouts that have incurred some sort of gas throw intestinal issues. so was it a bug? was something not sanitize advertised correctly? the company stands by the cleaning practices. they brought the ship back to shore to release customers did not get vacation they intended. was this a bug or something more? they continue to clean the ships and do their due diligence. meantime this is obviously another thorn in the side of cruise ships industry but carnival. cruise ships still get a bad rap but still plenty of people that love them. ashley: that is very true, nicole. people are devoted to them. tracy: my parents are on one as
2:16 pm
we speak. they will book next year's before they get off, always. they will book next year's before they get off the boat. i'm telling you. they love it. love it. i don't know. ashley: hopefully they are going to be fine. tracy: they're fine thus far. alllright, super bowl, super stocks. we begin a week-long look how you begin making money on companies advertising during the big games. ashley: how cold is it in the midwest? jeff flock is live in chicago. jeff? >> i'll tell you, the snow, the ice and the cold is piling up in chicago as perhaps you see, how high or how low can it go? look at millennium park. do you see people out there? i don't. welcome back. how is everything?
2:17 pm
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>> at 20 minutes past the hour i'm lauren green with your fox news minute. the scene of a deadly mall sheeting reopening today, as new developments may hint at possible motive. investigators discovering a journal at the alleged gunman's home that may help determine a reason for the attack. police say the even -- teenager walked into a busy mall and killed two employees before turning a gun on himself. turmoil in ukraine spiraling out of control.
2:21 pm
demonstrators take dramatic action seizing four buildings in kiev including city hall. the justice minister threatening a emergency if protesters don't disperse and they have dispersed. container offing pope john paul's blood, he it was left there as token of his love for the region. a custodian discover ad broken window and notice ad sacred relic was missing. those are the headlines,. back to ashley and tracy. this may happen as we get next to the date that pope john paul ii will be canonized. ashley: hopefully they get that back. lauren green. thank you very much. are you ready for a the super bowl? all week long we'll take a look at companies that have paid big bucks to get your eyeballs on their products as the seahawks
2:22 pm
take on the broncos at metlife stadium. up first, anheuser-busch inbev. in the last year this stock is up 6% and announcing it will repurchase south korea's oriental brewery for $5.8 billion. now to the fun part. those ads that everyone looks for. inbefore has plans for five commercials, three for bud light, two for budweiser totaling 3 1/2 minutes, at 4 million bucks for a 30-second spot they're spending a cool $28 million this year. last year, they melted hards with that clydesdale trainer brotherhood commercial. this year expect to the see the next chapter in that story and governator, arnold also making an appearance in the campaign, with the tag line, the perfect beer whatever happens, no matter what happens. we will be watching. yes we will. don't forget to tune in for the local fox affiliate for the big game. kickoff gets underway at 6:30 p.m. eastern time.
2:23 pm
should be a good one, trace. tracy: should be a great game. i'm so psyched. it will be cold at metlife stadium, make no bones about it, it will be nowhere as cold as it is in the midwest today. poor jeff flock is out there. jeff, how are you doing? >> i'm getting tired of this. tracy: i bet. >> not just today. it has been a long time. this has been a really rough winter. all across the midwest i'm telling you i'm walking down randolph street in chicago. that is michigan avenue down there i won't say the city is shut down but there is lot fewer people. that is millennium park. even a lot of people even in winter looking at bean and stuff in the park. not so much today. look at the weather map with the numbers. this reason intense cold, not just here in chicago but north of us. minneapolis, windchills minus 50. to south, as far as south as louisville, minus 3. a lot of cold in a lot of places. this has had an impaat on air
2:24 pm
travel. we've got a lot of cancellations. we've been updating this throughout the day. i want to show you the latest numbers on that. some of them prohibitively canceled. really makes it tough out there. also with delays because of a need to deice as well. lastly, i want to get to natural gas. as we stand here in downtown chicago, most of the big buildings, that is the crain communications building. that the prudential tower. aon building to the right. most of these buildings are heated with natural gas. that is heating source of choice. mostly forced air natural gas. take a look at the numbers today. it has been on a big run. yesterday, i think i saw around 5:30, big selloff today because this cold although will stay cold will not be quite as cold as this going forward although still overnight will still be somewhere in the neighborhood of minus 18, minus 20.
2:25 pm
not windchill, real temperature in chicago. tracy: god bless you. god, i can't even imagine you poor thing. go inside. go inside. ashley: well, listen from freezing temperatures to a lack of rain there won't be much of a cattle call in california. three years of drought out west in the golden state has ranchers rushing to market to dumb their cattle. auction house that is normally sell 100 to 150 animals per week this time of year, are reporting 800 to 1,000 cows being sold this week. the majority of cows are headed to texas where drought conditions are just lifting and ranchers are looking to restock their herds there. it has been a long time since any decent rain and continual rain. water such a big issue out west. pretty tough situation. tracy: all right. coming up in the next half hour "markets now," flying high on the super bowl ahead. the man who is chartering upscale private jets to win,
2:26 pm
wing big spenders to the game. ashley: the latest venture from the man who programmed sirius satellite radio. now he wants to transform the news business. hopefully he is not after our jobs, tracy. tracy: right. did you watch the grammys? i did. coming up why this is big deal on twitter today. because it was a big hat. we'll talk about that. we'll be right back. ok, here's the way the system works. let's say you pay your guy around 2 percent to manage your money. that's not much, you think except it's 2 rcent every ye. does that make a difference? search "cost of financial advisors" ouch! over time it really adds up. then go to e*trade and find out how much our advice costs. over tispoiler up. it's low. really? yes, really. e*trade offers investmen advice and guidanc from dedicated professional financial consultants.
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ashley: 90 minutes until the close. look at the dow 30. up 16 points. merck hitting a 15 week high
2:30 pm
today. morgan stanley raising from overweight to equal weight, the company's prospects for new cancer drug have improved, that could bring in more than $6 billion in annualized sales with the stock moving on that. watching some of the tech stocks. nicole: let's see how some of the popular stocks are doing. apple at 1.1% up. coming off of their numbers after the bell today. they expect apple to report shipments over 50 million iphones, 24 million ipad, and we will let you know they come up with and how well they actually did during the holiday season as well. and you have the rocks, out with numbers that show profits slip
2:31 pm
in. that has been a loser, one of the top three loggers all day. down 4.6%. and cisco systems. jpmorgan cutting cisco systems, as a result was that downgrade to an underweight rating from neutral. that doesn't show much confidence there. now ii is down three quarters of 1%, that is a drop of $0.17 for cisco. tracy: forget flying first class. for the ultimate super bowl experience, people are charting private planes get up over 20% from last year's super bowl. joining us now, president and cofounder of blue star jets. the largest and oldest private jet charter company in the world. what are you expecting to see this year with the super bowl? >> we think this week will be absolutely tremendous.
2:32 pm
tracy: the thing is you don't know yet. >> calls are coming in from all over the world. tracy: you say it is because men are putting these things and you have to do everything at the last minute. you don't know day today how today will look. >> there are indications. based on the teams, based on the economy picking up, this business is exploding. tracy: what will it cost me to come out here? >> it comes down to how many days you will be staying. are we leaving the plan, taking the plane? it starts $30,000 each way. tracy: and where does it land? >> we use the 5000 private jet airplane airports around the country. tracy: to keep away from the big ones. >> yes.
2:33 pm
tracy: people don't want to talk about it because this sounds snotty and obnoxious, but if you share a plane with bunch of people, it does not blow you out of the water, the cost. >> majority the business is not about high-end luxury. it is safety or security, or the super bowl getting in and getting out the same day. tracy: the ability to have a plan at my disposal for emergency purposes. >> that is right. $3000, 4000 hours. they planes 12 to 15 passenger aircraft start at 5000. when you talk about sharing the aircraft, if he really broke it down per seat, it is not expensive. one person is stuck stuffing the bill. tracy: how many airplanes do you have? >> we are brokering equipment.
2:34 pm
look for excess capacity, the dead had. we are able to come in on a price .50% lower than our competition. tracy: kind of membership with you? >> sure. a bay fly more than three times per year, it is best to belong to the program. pick and choose your aircraft, and as we all know, sometimes something that pop up in the middle of the night, could be a family emergency, a vent for business or personal. tracy: are majority of their cardholders corporations? >> majority of individuals. tracy: they had to be a slow. >> a couple of years ago, absolutely the business was down. like the dow jones up here, 15,000 again, business has gone up dramatically. tracy: you're just waiting now for a bunch of guys to call you friday afternoon and say we
2:35 pm
scored tickets, we are coming. >> we are in position, a four hours notice we will have a jet to you anywhere in the world. tracy: ashley and i will be calling on saturday. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. ashley: you cannot even find a cab that fast. concussions in the nfl not just causing headaches for players. the parent company of riddell helmets unable to find a buyer for the company last year because of the controversy surrounding player concussions. they are now attempting to sell off individual brands. riddell has been under contract with the nfl since 1889 as their official helmet. that deal set space bar this sunday after the super bowl. while the super bowl will not be played until sunday, electronic arts knows they're going to win. a video on youtube to simulate how the super bowl may actually play out. in the end ea says denver
2:36 pm
broncos. but you still want to watch the real game this sunday at 6:30 p.m. eastern time. the seahawks say get lost. we should look at the history of that. tracy: i am wearing orange on sunday, that is all i know. i had in "tech minute," targeting michael's stores. ashley: hoping to transform the news business. tracy: take a look o look at tht 30-year treasuries. 2.76% and the dow is moving up 46 points. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪
2:37 pm
♪ [ tires screech ] chewley's finds itself in a sticky situation today after recalling its new gum. [ male announcer ] stick it to the market before you get stuck. get the most extensive charting wherever you are with the mobile trader app from td ameritrade. wherever you are with the mobile trader app but with less ergy, moodiness, i had to do something. i saw mdoctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the onlynderarm low t treaent that can restore t vels to normal in about two weeks in most men. women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especlly those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoidt where axirons applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or incased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctorbout all dical conditions and medications. serious side effts could include increased sk of prostate cancer, worsening prostate symptoms,
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decreased sperm count, ankle, feet or body swelling, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing while sleeping and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, common side effects include skin redness headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. >> i am adam shapiro with your fox business brief. federal aviation administration officials ordering 415 boeing 667 just to hav of its ear probm with minutes that could result in loss of control the airplane. they're working closely with the faa on those safety checks. u.s. steel has where labor fight only to the u.s. supreme court. ruling unanimously u.s. steel is not have to pay unionized employees for time spent putting on and taking off safety gear before and after their shift.
2:39 pm
800 workers brought the original suit. you home sales fell 7% december from november. but for a full year sales of new homes in 2013 were up. that is latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper.
2:40 pm
tracy: in tomorrow's business today, you're watching chicago-based startup trying to reinvent tv news that appeal to marketers sweet spot, millennial's. 18-35. that is to provide compact new segments from 15 seconds to two minutes long that have sumac feel to them. joining us now is cofounder of radio veteran. thank you so much for joining
2:41 pm
us. so exactly how does this work and why do you think there is a need for it? >> i think pop culture news is getting younger and younger, traditional news is getting older. meanwhile there is a giant opportunity among what we call the new mainstream of 18-34-year-olds. a traditional news operation or a pop culture weaning younger operation can't be everything to everybody. we see a big news and information technology in that sweet spot. ashley: an opportunity they are not doing in their opinion. >> i can't blame them. a lot of guys are making a lot of money doing it with an older demographic. again, they might actually hurt their primary, slightly older
2:42 pm
audience by trying to bring it down. we look at this not as a competition to be traditional news operations, but really complementary. reminds me of the old a.m., fm. in between the two, you own it all. ashley: so i say to those 15 seconds conceivably after two and half minutes, this is real news, not just a throwaway stuff, this is actual up to date news. >> yes, this is real news. that is a question we get a lot. all about miley cyrus. no, it is legitimate hard news ranging from traditional stories to ones that are maybe more focused on the target audience. within the world world is having a nervous breakdown and the world needs more miley cyrus so we are providing more information presented
2:43 pm
differently. ashley: where is it available now and how do i get access to it? >> you can watch it on your pc, or download the free app from android or apple, we are currently on cable in chicago, milwaukee, and more to come. we see this as a multi screen experience. in the future would love to be known as it emerges. but right now, it is all about if there is a screen, there is touch vision. tracy: how do you make money? >> always a good question. it is ad supported. ashley: delink a few with the viewers? >> it is integrated much like a television show. they are integrated into the
2:44 pm
program, that is what people are used to viewing and we figure that is the best experience. ashley: are you trying to put us out of work, is that what you are doing? >> absolutely not. i'm a huge fan of you guys. ashley: thank you for joining us. we wish you the best of luck. before you go, how many people do you hide, is this a young group you have put together? >> we own about 105 people. united nations of ages and skill set. average ages late 20s through mid-30s on the average. ashley: very interesting. thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. tracy: time for stocks is it every 15 minutes. for the new york stock exchange.
2:45 pm
the market up, feeling a little bit better. everybody talking about the emerging markets. is that would you are about these days? >> not really. people play out over the next couple of weeks at the most, it will normalize did the government to lori started to say they will support it. they will get international help if it is too dramatic. we are concentrating on what is happening with the earnings picture this week. the fed picture tomorrow driving the market. one of the reasons we are up as the market finally gets to the level where it caught a bi bid d pushed stocks higher. the bottom line is we will be watching what is going on domestically but even still expect volatility in this market for the next month. it will be a bit of a bumpy ride. tracy: nobody is really hearing what they want to hear. everybody is really being hesitant about that. how does that play out? >> one of the things in store the selloff this year, them of
2:46 pm
the economic data we got today pushing it over the edge. people tend to forget trading at all-time highs, it will take money off the table, do just the rest of the earnings season. we will see the picture in revenues and sales change night with the start of apple. companies coming in this week, apple, google, amazon, facebook, pretty good numbers changing the tune of guidance going forward at least for the technology sector. tracy: thank you, sir. >> my pleasure. ashley: time now for your "tech minute." china's e-commerce company getting in on the game space. ali baba making three games available for the mobile apps. but his efforts the internet giant to try and hold onto the vast user base at the shopping sites. china mobile game market reached almost $2 billion last year.
2:47 pm
it would not be monday without some merger and acquisition news. google is buying artificial intelligence startup deep mind for $4 million. google has reportedly established and ethics board to ensure the artificial intelligence technology created is not abused. over the past year google has snapped up several firms including boston dynamics as best we can rolled his video again. the company known for building these animallike robots. and another retailer to the list for data breaches. eccles joins target and neiman marcus as latest business to be hit. posting a letter from the ceo saying we're working closely with federal law enforcement and conducting an investigation with the help of third-party data security experts to establish the facts. activity involves credit and debit cards use at michael's. this is not the first attack on the company.
2:48 pm
debit card processing was tampered with. michael's is owned taken private by bain capital and blackstone. lot of arts and crafts folks out there, as you know. tracy: too many glue guns. we have the winners, losers and of course dennis kneale on whether the music business might be the biggest loser of it all. ashley: and why they should get an award all by itself for becoming a sensation on twitter. tracy: what was he thinking. winners and losers on the nasdaq as we head out to break. the dow up 42 points. we will be right back.
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tracy: the grammys did great on cbs last night. the award show's second audience in 21 years. dennis kneale joins us with a question? dennis: one heck of a party but might a funeral had been more appropriate? it looks like a funeral was indeed underway. katy perry in a scene from the depths of hell, and 17-year-old singer lorde. maybe god is the new black. all of it in the nile at the music industry troubles.
2:53 pm
only recently did it seem to get its groove back thanks to itunes. digital sales have been growing for a few years as music labels embrace the web. these are the guys who took the digital download site all the way to the supreme court and one, but loss. sales of digital music actually fell for the first time in 2013 down over 6%. the reason is because of streaming downloads on services like pandora, up 32% to 118 billion songs last year. problem is the music business makes pennies per play from the streaming services and those services are not making any profit either. monthly fee of $10 or less. industry troubles come up in newcomers who one big last night. macklemore and ryan lewis. they did it all on their own
2:54 pm
without any major record labels things to itunes. they put up their album on itunes and it was topping the charts with no major promotional campaign at all, tracy. ashley: a million times played on spotify gets $6000. dennis: you know he gets on radio? zero. ashley: the money comes from emotional items onto her. tracy: can we talk about the award ceremony, did you like it? i thought it was amazing. dennis: some of the most riveting i've seen in years. tracy: of all of them i was most disappointed in the beatles. i think they were done. it did seem weird and awkward. they had tracked,,if you would like.
2:55 pm
the biggest winner on the grammys not fo pherrell. was 18,000 followers from no one knows what is under the hat to long live the hat with comparisons to smokey the bear. clearly one of the stars. that is: is the silliest thing. you don't need to wear some stupid hat to get more attention. tracy: there was a lot going. ashley: is that madonna was one of the best because she had her son with i thought that was one of the best things. i've had is one of the worst things.
2:56 pm
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to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands. a $29 value free. don't wait until you become the next victim. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ cheryl: day of reckoning, apple's ceo unveils quarterly earnings. help cook put the shine back on apple. master and commander, norwegian cruise lines ceo sounds off on a first on fox business interview about his giant new ships. how one of them is being turned into a floating super bowl hotel and how to stop outbreaks on cruise vacations. and google's everywhere.
3:00 pm
not only is the tech giant strengthening its alliance with sam samsung, it's also doubling down on artificial intelligence. from google glass to four-legged robots and self-driving cars. "countdown to the closing bell" starts now. ♪ ♪ cheryl: hello, everyone, i'm cheryl casone, in for liz claman. it is the last hour of trading, and as we come on the air, take a look at what's happening with the dow right now. the dow jones industrial average and the s&p 500 making a push to the upside as investors wonder whether global markets are beginning to stabilize. so big move on both the s&p and on the dow. look at those intraday charts. a lot of volatility, and we're going the talk about the vixx, but take a look at the s&p, we're now higher by two, and, agaii, the dow is high or substantially. up, down, up,


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