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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  January 30, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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experts brought and center on capitol hill. the argument for dumping that dan. whether the president should individually take action beard miami dolphins player wants his job back. the text that proves the former teammate was not being harassed on the job. the value of a twitter handle. what name would you pay money for. tomorrow's business today. ordering alcohol online. all that and so much more on this hour of markets now. ♪ connell: that is a pretty
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collective show we have here. nicole starts us off. good morning. nicole: the dow jones industrial average of 88 points right now. up a half of a percent. you can say thank you to at least visa which is worth 29 positive dow points. disney, united, burke, united healthcare are some of the positives today. we have been watching facebook at new highs. that has been news. more jobs added for the jobless claims which is not great news. overall, the market with up arrows. connell: thank you. dagen: big names in the oil business beard it is almost a 40
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year ban on exporting crude oil. connell: ridge edson is live on capitol hill with more on that. rich: producing more oil than it imported. proponents in the oil beyond, they say it is relevant to the 1970s and the energy panic then. there is varied opinions. >> we are witnessing an energy revolution in the country today. producing more energy at home here than we have in decades. >> on my watch, the consumer is not going to get short shrift. rich: some of the concerns are
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we are still importing 40% of our oil. even among the administration, the energy secretary said that the van was possibly outdated and that congress and the administration should be looking at it. congressman menendez says under no circumstances should the u.s. reversed this oil be on beard allowing it would allow the profits of big oil, as he says, and forced u.s. consumers to pay more at the pumps. there is more momentum on capitol hill. we will continue looking into this. back to you. dagen: thank you so much for that. ridge edson down in washington. connell: dan hanna gert is here with us in the studio. what do you think? >> the last time i look, the united states was not a planet in the solar system all by
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itself. we had the news today that harry reid does not want to do a trade deal with the rest of the world. the united states should not lift the ban on exports and not join the global market. this is not 1970. there are two other countries to the north and south of us. canada and mexico. they are both experiencing an energy bill. the law that mexico just past will turn mexico into another saudia arabia. both mexico and canada will export their energy. the idea that the united states would put a limit on the oil exports makes very little sense. dagen: in terms of lifting the ban, do you think it will happen? i do not believe the president
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talked about the keystone pipeline in the state of the union address. >> really interesting question, dagen. apparently he does have the authority to lift this ban on his own. it is similar to harry reid. that is a political issue having to do with unions in the united states. on the energy side, the reason they would not want to live this ban is because they are afraid it would make the price of oil in the united states lower. it makes it difficult for alternative fuels to compete. dagen: you really think that is the reason? >> oh, yeah. natural gas will be a bridge fuel to alternatives like solar. lower prices for oil and gas make it very difficult for solar and wind to compete. connell: and interesting part of the conversation.
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some critics would say that the price may go up. >> it makes the whole carbon agenda more difficult. the president is very determined to move the united states off of carbon. we have telecom in the 70s and 80s. then we have the internet boom. everyone is talking about what the next big thing will be. dagen: do you think that the administration will do things that will get in the way of that boom? they try to take credit for it now. it is private industry related boom. >> the thing to watch is gina mccarthy over at the environmental protection agency. they are the ones who have the ability to suppress this sort of
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activity by bringing litigation, enforcing clean air standards in a way that have not been in force before. i think the president is in a tough place. create jobs all over america.l it already has and it can create more. connell: interesting. thank you. dagen: great to see you. >> great to talk to you. dagen: an uphill fight after former teammate jonathan martin talked with nbc about bullying scandals that were orchestrated the game. here is martin. listen to this. >> his comments are comments of a racial nature. aggressive, sexual comments
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related to my sister and my mother. connell: incognito is think these types of comments with both ways. he says he has proof. he has been talking with charlie gasparino. charlie: his lawyers have been. he says he has proof. not just that there was some bullying. though bulger at times disgusting language went both ways. this is not a story about locker room culture and bullying on his part as it has been so far portrayed. this is much more to god that engaged in bad behavior that that verbal behavior, in terms of talking as friends, and also that it does say something about
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martin. we should point out that fox news and fox business has links to a fairly significant story today on both websites about this issue. sometimes certain stores are better for tv then alerts. if you want to know exactly what happened, you have to go read it beard i laid out the e-mails. i laid them out in perfect context. these guys are texting each other and they are both pretty -- he says out of their martin said he would kill richie's whole family. joe martin indicated he would -- he jackie late and richie's face.
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this is stuff that martin said. the e-mails are there. it is pantera. incognito took a lot of flack for a voice message where he used the "n" word. this is much more to france talking. why are we talking about this? incognito, he is now fighting back. he went out there and filed a very capable pr firm. incognito would like to play for the dolphins. that will probably not happen. he wants to come back. he is an eight year veteran. he is one of the best lineman, offenses lined them -- lineman
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in the business. he will fight back. it will get messy for jonathan martin did these e-mails show drug use. whether you consider marijuana drug use or not. they show jonathan martin was having issues. personal, mental issues. everybody does. i am not saying it is a bad thing. he went to counseling. i will not say that he was on loot beard the e-mails to show that this was a guy that was suffering from a certain level of anxiety because it was top to be in the nfl. incognito's lawyers have argued to the nfl investigator that it is unrelated. martin will say the other way.
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dagen: the report comes out sometime after the super bowl. then what happens? charles: we will see exactly what will happen with both of their careers. we should point out one thing. wells has been sitting on evidence. all of these text messages were given beard i read them all. they are not for the faint of heart. you wonder what these guys were not doing when they were texting. he has been sitting on that. sitting on all of the player interviews. sitting on that since november. you do have to ask yourself why it takes over one month to do a report. dagen: they do not want to overshadow the super bowl. charlie: couldn't they have done in january 1? my view is ted wells is now dealing with a lot of gray and has a very difficult job.
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it will be on after the super bowl. super bowl sunday. connell: all right. thank you, charlie. dagen: they sit on it after the super bowl. that is when they will get the attention. meanwhile, his brother is in the super bowl. eli manning has been accused in a suit with fake memorabilia. connell: twitter handles that are now considered arguable. >> richard incognito started a twitter handle. dagen: get over your self. a new app that lets you have alcohol delivered right to your front door. ♪
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dagen: talk about facebook
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shares soaring. hitting a new all-time high. nicole: 62.44 is the high. i say it as quickly as i can't because every moment it seems to surpass the highs. a gain of 16.6%. why is facebook doing so great today? revenue surpassed analysts expectations. 53% of that from mobile ad revenue. that makes everybody so happy. the analysts are loving it. people are hot on instagram and video ads going forward. connell: let's go to george global check. thank you, nicole. two out of three are up. the exception would be london.
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dagen: it is a twitter hostage situation. a twitter handle said to be worth $50,000. and on known hacker gained access to his go daddy account. one of the employees was socially engineered into giving hackers access. hackers have since claimed the twitter handle. no action has been taken by twitter yet. connell: pending home sales came out today. they were down. sharply lower, as a matter of fact. dagen: a new treatment could reduce peanut allergies n children. ♪
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>> 22 minutes past the hour. hi, everybody. i am jamie colby. the obama administration may impose financial sanctions on
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ukrainian officials as protest leaders have islands that continue to escalate. so far at least six have been killed in the protests. then there are the more than 20 people that were killed in the capital city of baghdad today. six suicide bombers overran a government holding before setting off the blasts. two suicide bombers responsible for blast that killed 34 people there last month beard officials have arrested two accomplices. officials are still on the hunt for three so-called black widows that are bent on attacking next week olympic games in sochi. back to you. dagen: thank you so much.
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good to see you, as always, ron. a lot of this being blamed on the weather. should we worry about this one month? the recovery will not be a straight line. there will be some bumps.
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i think that they will come out when the sun comes out. dagen: it indicated that in some areas it is rising faster than some incomes. is that a concern if they do not at least cool off just a little bit? >> that is exactly right. home prices, as i said, were rising pretty rapidly. home sale activity was very strong. in the last quarter, things kind of slowed down. i think we will probably start this year with a pause.
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we think about 4.5 interest, it is still a bargain relative to historical numbers. prices are still 15-20% off their peak. there is still a good time to buy. one thing that is interesting in those numbers, is that given the lack of job growth and wage growth, the real segment that has been underserved is the first homebuyer market. it normally represents 40%. that has been tracking in the high 20s. i think there is a great opportunity here in the future. dagen: a lot of those buyers feel like they are getting beaten out of property. are the all-cash buyers a significant portion of homebuyers? are they still there? are they able to get loans. >> that is the issue.
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the investors in the cash buyers have had though, you know, advantage. i think as a go forward, probably fewer investors, given the recovery in prices are entering into the fray. first homebuyers with a lack of 20% down payment, with high credit standards, they have been largely on the sidelines. i think if we look at what they had to choose from, inventory right now sits at a 13 year low in existing homes. we need to get more product onto the, you know, markets so that people can have an opportunity to make a good buying choice. dagen: great to see you. be well. we will talk to you soon. >> thank you. connell: the president making
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the minimum wage a postmark of his speech. art laffer was at the president's speech. he is also here to tell us his view on this. dagen: a new lawsuit claims the new york giants and eli manning cheated fans with fake game gear. there you go. stop buying here. that is your solution. we will have the details. connell: yes. we will be back with that. ♪ ♪ [ bell ringing, applause ] five tech stocks wi more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking into 52-week highs.
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joseph cohen of goldman sacks talking to some of -- fox business about the downdraft of the markets over the last few
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weeks. here's her out look, listen to this. >> we think this is the concern about emerging markets, concern about liquidity being provided by the federal reserve and perhaps other central banks but when we take a look longer-term later in the year, we see a u.s. economy that is likely to grow, 3% this year, corporate profits which we think will be okay and valuation of the u.s. market is okay. it is not as attractive as it was when it was cheaper but we don't think it is overvalued at these levels. dagen: we are all okay. you can hear from coat and's interview right now -- not right now, wait until we are off the air. connell: google unloading motorola's ability to lenovo, $3 billion or thereabouts, nickel joins us with more.
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nicole: lenovo is at it again. last week they set out to acquire the low end silver business. a news story has been unveiled, lenovo looking into google mobility. they agreed to by motorola and said division, $2.9 billion so this is the largest ever taken deal and this brings them into a heavily competitive market. you look at apple and the like and google shares are up $32.5 at $11.39, 30% right now for google. connell: the president's push to raise the minimum wage was the topic at the state of the union and is stuck in congress, democrats and republicans struggling to come up with some sort of a plan. we bring in art laughter and who was an attendee at the
11:34 am
president's address, former economic adviser to president reagan. always good to see you. i heard you on this, it is bad idea, bad time, want to start with a clarifying question and proceed depending on your answer. is there ever a good time to change the crux of the conversation, evergood time? >> i don't think so. let me say i don't think people should be deprived of the right of doing it. it should be done by states. a state like kentucky with the cost of living, half of what new york city is, minimum-wage in kentucky would do enormous damage to lots of people, much less damage in new york city and los angeles and you have widely divergent unemployment rates, minimum-wage in north dakota would have a small damage where in other states where they have 9% unemployment, of rhode island, it would have a huge impact.
11:35 am
it would be a state issue, not a federal government issue but of state government wanted it, they have a right to do it, an experiment. connell: i wanted to see what your outlook is, and economic conditions in parts of the country, and on the federal debate, the $10.10 you pointed this out, all the economists have come in including nobel laureates, they basically thing, these are -- right wing guys like art laughter, that is the argument. >> if that is true why don't they make it $150 an hour, $1 million an hour so everyone could be a millionaire? if they did that we would have no unemployed in the united states. imagine $10 minimum wage in ethiopia where people are starving and low-income you would have all 90% of the population out of the market.
11:36 am
it is a silly idea. connell: is a knows that, there is a line somewhere, probably more pressure than ever to do this because of the fact one of the things everyone is talking about, wages haven't gone up during this -- >> they need jobs. bernard: your argument is let them a jobs plan. let's just get in comes up by the lower end people who are suffering and can't live. >> i want to create an economy of growth where the minimum wage rises not because barack obama wants it to rise but jobs and employment and have to pay people more money because you employed them, they have high-paying jobs. kennedy made it explicit long ago when he said the best form of welfare is still a good high-paying job and that is what we have got to do and you don't do that mill with a minimum wage or obama, you do that with tax
11:37 am
rates, spending control, free trade and minimal regulations and get the government out of the way and let the economy take off. connell: what do you say to someone, an individual person living under minimum wage because a lot of people, you can't live in a city like this comfortably on minimum-wage. what do you say to that person, what is your argument to that person? >> they are right. you can't live on that wage. it is terrible. you are in a job you don't like and you have to spend time doing a boring job you don't like and go home and don't have money. that is true. i want to solve the problem rather than talk about it in the presidential campaign. i want to solve and by doing that you got to create the demand for those jobs. they are not substituted for any -- did a great thing on showing how capital really replaces these people when you overprice them. that is what happens.
11:38 am
you have automated fast-food restaurants and that doesn't do people any good. connell: we will come back to this. thanks, appreciate it. dagen: pay attention to this. there is new evidence children with severe or even life-threatening peanut allergies might be treated with small doses of peanut powder to build up a tolerance. a new study in the lancet medical journal shows that after 6 months of treatment 84 to 91% of the children tested congest 8 million grams of peanut powder, the equivalent of five peanuts and likely more than they would accidentally in jest. and more research is needed. the allergy is life-threatening and coming contact with. connell: parents have to deal with that. the business about all delivery we will talk about coming up. a company trying to brag boost
11:39 am
your doorstep. dagen: frigid weather tears of the roads, we will show you what that means for chicago mayor rahm emanuel and his work on pot holes. connell: y a quarterback is being accused of being involved with fake memorabilia. we will talk about it coming up.
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>> sandra smith with your fox business brief. the u.s. economy grew at an annual pace of 3.2% in the fourth quarter matching the estimates. the commerce department reports growth was the strongest consumer spending in three years. third quarter growth was 4.1%. for all of 2013 gdp grew 1.9%. amazon planning to offer a kindle based check out system to prevent more retailers. according to our colleagues that wall street journal the online retailer will equip merchants with kindles and credit card readers as early as this summer. amazon may offer retail services like website development and data analysis. the number of americans filing for first-time jobless benefits rose to 348,000 last week. the estimate was 330,000. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. directions. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 you read this. watch that.
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connell: we love innovative business. the trip your local liquor store this week and our guest meaning to tap into that eight figure market to bring the product to your door step. dagen: an iphone apps lets you order your favorite liquor, liquor store by your smart phone. joining us is the co-founder and ceo of drizzley who started this that his dorm in d.c.. boston college. it connects you with the liquor store closest to you. >> exactly. you download the apps, pick your favorite beer, wine or liquor and the order gets sent to a local liquor store which delivers a force in 30 or 16 minutes. connell: the only guys dding this? >> exactly. the amazon for alcohol, we pick your favorite beer, wine and liquor and we get it to you so
11:44 am
you don't have to think about that but there are other people who are doing this, really attractive industry. think about the way mobile is changing how we interact with the world, technology is on able to interact with regulated industries. dagen: connell mcshane was getting at the question, and to sign up with you. what will prevent someone else from creating the same apps and doing the same thing? >> we give our stores of forensic verification system so it is not something we are obligated to do but it is important to help our stores mitigate the risk associated with delivering alcohol. connell: underage drinking and that kind of thing. >> at the end of the day it is about the network of stores, young guys, technology guys, this is about bringing small businesses, tools to be successful and that is the way we look at it. it is a holistic process of doing this. connell: how does that forensic
11:45 am
system work? >> it is the fulfillment system and id verification is built into that and if they feel this is warranting a closer look, they will use that system to make sure you are you say you are. dagen: what is your cut? >> we take a monthly license fee from stores, we don't take any money from the transaction or do any delivery and this is about bringing technology in a framework for the three tiered system, we are not trying to disrupt the system that makes everyone more profitable. dagen: you sell it to the liquor store and it would benefit them to pay you. >> this would bring incremental revenue just like the drivers and seamless for their stores, how do we use this new mobile land skid to benefit a small local business. ashley: these types of apps, people are talking about them a lot because everybody loves convenience. you went out and raise money. so now what?
11:46 am
why you what you want to be? >> always looking to get better. building network of stores, filling our user base and product so you will be hearing about us in other cities shortly. connell: expand the number. >> and building out the product. people desire a great experience and we will bring it to them. dagen: the co-founder of drizzley. thank you. a war on potholes' pushing rahm emanuel to attempt to fix the roadway nuisance and chicago may be considered the pothole capital of america, the problem is wearing on many cities. connell: jeff flock. >> we have been on pothole patrol following city crews around in this war on potholes.
11:47 am
take a look at numbers out of the new york. they have a pablo tracker on tumbler. two or three thousand pot holes a day being filled. chicago is the grand champion, they fill 70,000 potholes last year. we have a crew here in our mobile apparatus watching these guys work so let's take a look if we can, jump out if i can and take a look, the mayor has put these guys at work 7 days a week, they work on sundays and what they're doing now, let me borrow a camera from you, running cold patch. it works better in the summer when that stuff is hot. this is not going to add here as well to the streets and what they do, this cold patch is only a band-aid. even a hot patch is only a
11:48 am
band-aid. can you see this over ear? old cobblestone underneath that, an archaeological dig out here. to resurface these roads, that isn't the money to do that right now. ray lahood was on with me a couple weeks ago and said even though they spend billions to resurface road in the stimulus program it wasn't enough. take a listen. >> 65,000 people to work doing 15,000 projects, you never heard any bad stories about money being spent. america is one big pot hole. >> one big pot holders what ray lahood said. look at the streets of chicago, that is what we're looking at. one big pot hole after another, crews working pretty hard, plenty of catch, plenty to go, we will get out of their way.
11:49 am
dagen: thank you very much for that. good to see you. connell: right in the pot hole. a story about the business of counterfeit in the nfl, nfl good than you might double check the jersey you are wearing and ask yourself as we said many times why you are wearing a jersey and not playing in the game. double check if you have one especially if you are superstitious. dagen: rick leventhal is up next. hi, are we still on for tomorrow?
11:50 am
tomorrow. quick look at the weather. nice day, beautiful tomorrow. tomorrow is full of promise. we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow.
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connell: counterfeit nfl goods are nothing new, stores for years having a team involved, that would be something new. wall street cleaning quarterback
11:53 am
eli manning and the nnw york giants created bogus football year and tried to pass it off as real. so they could collect items for themselves. the lawsuit claims a piece of the so-called game warned year ended up in the pro football hall of fame. the suit was brought by a sports collector who we should point out has been indicted. he was in 2011 for fraud for selling bogus goods injuries. charges were later dropped. the giants called this lawsuit has no merit and they will defend it vigorously but it is out there today. dagen: criminal activity including counterfeiting of nfl licensed goods has increased around the superbowl. connell: rick leventhal in times square, our superbowl artist. >> it has been a criminal investigation into counterfeit goods, counterfeiting nfl merchandise. since last june the fed say they have seized 20 one million dollars worth of phony nfl gear,
11:54 am
200,000 hats and jerseys and tee shirts and other souvenirs. we saw firsthand how one of them went down. federal agents and state police undercover raid a central new jersey freemarket to stop the sale of suspected counterfeit nfl gear. >> we are federal agents. you need to step aside. >> the vendor tries to close the deal. >> you can't finish this sale. the hats are counterfeit. >> investigators stripped mannequins of what they say are phony shirts and empty shells and display cases of sunglasses, watches, jerseys and more. even though some have tags that look real the fed said holograms are wrong and the bar code all have the same number but every one should be different. >> check these out. >> is it possible their
11:55 am
counterfeit? >> you got a bright guy doing the right job. >> is that unusual to find some items that are legit and some that aren't mixed together? >> it happens a lot. kapok their profits by mixing legitimate stuff with counterfeit stuff. it happens. >> edlund expect this coming to work today. >> expect good things every day. >> the third say much of the phony stuff comes from china, stealing jobs and profits from american companies and enriching criminal enterprises and it can be difficult to spot the sony deer so they tell us the best advice is if something seems too good to be true that it probably is. connell: somebody you recognize. dagen: way to brag about going to a super bowl party and getting an invite from the nfl commissioner himself. >> you didn't invite me but got
11:56 am
me in the front door. i am just jealous. dagen: more with cheryl casone from super bowl boulevard. can we stop calling it that? connell: the toboggan -- dagen: i don't care. cheryl is going to be in times square. connell: google's check on mobile hardware getting out. keeping some other parts of motorola, details coming up next, markets now continues.
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11:59 am
cheryl: welcome to times square. fox business coming to you live today from super bowl boulevard. where more than a million fans are set to visit between now and
12:00 pm
sunday. hello, everybody. i am cheryl casone. pepsico, frito-lay getting ready to debut their newest super bowl ad. i will be speaking with executives from both companies. plus, you know it, fox home of the big day. the president of fox sports will be here to tell us about how this will be separate from any other game you have ever seen. general motors making a big comeback. we will get the details on that. first, let's head back to the studio and then this deal. economic fundamentals are boosting stocks so far today despite fear of a crisis of cross of merging markets. we are breaking down what it means for your money and how to protect it.
12:01 pm
all of this and more in the next hour of markets now. ♪ we have been near session highs. let's get to nicole petallides. we are down for the first month of the new year. nicole: that is right. down six of the last seven trading days. however, today, we are up. 142 points. the s&p 500 is up one and a quarter percent. the tech heavy nasdaq, the best of the bunch come up almost 2% for the day. some of the names that have been helping the dow along include nike, disney, united healthcare,
12:02 pm
caterpillar. we have a lot of stories stocks. emerging market currencies losing ground to the u.s. dollar. a day after turkey nearly doubled its rate. a look at how this action can rile stock prices back here. let's bring in sandra smith. >> these stocks that make up the dow jones industrial average may be u.s. corporations due to a large chunk of their sales overseas. a lot of future growth forecast for the companies in the dow jones industrial average had been built based on performance and the of merging markets.
12:03 pm
it can be a bad thing for u.s. corporations like caterpillar. it is key what happens in some of those of merging markets. this after we saw the s&p 500 last week suffer its worst drop in two years. sitting below 1800. one of the things as i handed back to you, when you see the currencies in countries like turkey, like south africa, argentina plunge, their purchasing power goes down. that means they are selling less goods from places like china and the united states to those countries because their currency is so weak. there is a lot of ways to look at that. a lot of the revenues come from
12:04 pm
outside of the united states. what happens over there greatly affects what happens here. >> is this currency crisis overblown? let's bring in a double dose. investment partners. let's go ahead and start with you. only in the past few weeks has the media and some traders been talking about the currency crisis. we have a chart here. over the past year a number of companies have lost ground. how worried should we be about this? >> it is part of a general trend. the economies that do not do well will fundamentally be punished. all of those countries are getting punished.
12:05 pm
this includes canada and australia. not just of merging markets. dennis: we started with a little problem. it ended up being a typhoon on the other side of the world. how do we know that this will not turn into that? it is a good thing at this point. the fed has cut tapering by 10 billion. the other important point is china's gdp is now four times the debt of 1998.
12:06 pm
dennis: maybe u.s. stocks have gone down too much. >> i think that they probably have. you have to put it into perspective. i guess going into 2013 if anyone had told me that it would have been up 20% everyone would have been happy. dennis: what percentage of your fiber is worried that this could be something more than an individual isolated crisis and those individual countries? >> it is hard to put down two
12:07 pm
percentage. for the average high net worth or retail investor, they should not have more than three-5% in emerging markets. if you have 3% in emerging markets are down 10%, you have lost 30 basis points. dennis: you have a couple easy things i could do to hedge that. if i think it is not a panic, tear things i can do to cash in on that disconnect? >> we should look for opportunities to buy the u.s. market on every dip.
12:08 pm
those are dips to buy on. the u.s. economy is strong. a very good portion was the consumer. dennis: thank you. shedding a little light on the scary jitters over there. >> it has become a game day advertising position. ordinary folks admit their own. no commercials. the fans choose one. the team at pepsico chooses the other. welcome to both of you. >> so great to be here.
12:09 pm
cheryl: let's talk about craft super bowl. you opened it up globally. five finalists. let's go through. do you have a favorite? >> you know i cannot choose between my children. cheryl: the one that i think that will do well is the cowboy tick. it has and anna will evolve. you are spending billions of dollars of pepsico money. do you know already have 27 million views? cheryl: you are putting these money into these americans.
12:10 pm
let's talk about the halftime show. bruno mars. a lot of excitement about this show. obviously. give us a preview. >> we have a 12 minute commercial. we started it four or five weeks ago. we have had all sorts of half times. cheryl: i saw the halftime grammy show. you have terry bradshaw. let me ask you this. we are getting some studies showing a percent of the super bowl ads do not help sales. do you agree with that?
12:11 pm
>> relaunching now do, diet due before the game. it is a massive platform that generates sales. cheryl: is the sport the most profitable sport in the world right now. they have doubled down on football. why is that? >> we have a 30 year relationship with the nfl. you have everything coming together. the nfl has done such an amazing job. not just for the game, but all
12:12 pm
year long. that is what matters. cheryl: it is pepsi. it is frito-lay. you have to market foods out there. >> the beauty is our options. we have a hamas dip that is so good and healthy for you. >> we have quaker. it is about choices. we offer choices to our consumers. >> they will be fabulous. you will see the new york skyline in a way you have not seen it before. cheryl: thank you very much. we look forward to seeing
12:13 pm
everything. sunday's big game will be broadcasted on fox. the responsibility of it all lies on the shoulders of this man. dennis, back to you in the studio. dennis: cannot wait to see that. thank you for that, cheryl. what is behind the quick surrender for google coming up. it is what is bugging me next. ♪ [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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12:16 pm
dennis: can i please have my doubts 16,000 back? the cold --
12:17 pm
nicole: i do not know who is listening. the dow is up 140 points. under armour is up almost 22%. it is a gain of $18. under armour gave forecast for 2014. with under armour, they make athletic wear and the like. they came in with quarterly profit. that outlook is really good. under armour hits a new high. down eight and a quarter percent. you have the ceo that will be retiring. the fact that they came out with weak numbers and a weak forecast. the numbers are down 8.25%. dennis: thank you. what is bugging me is, oh, 20 or
12:18 pm
30 things president obama said in his state of the union address. let's tackle just one. his bat to protect american families from all future meltdowns in the housing market. >> send me legislation. it keeps the dream of homeownership alive for future generations. dennis: just the kind of government intrusion that inflated the housing bubble. you buy a home, that is on you. do not over borrow. make sure you can weather any downturn. president obama wants to protect you. a big worry is that we would create moral hazard.
12:19 pm
it would create moral hazard in the housing market. they may do dumb things that cost the rest of us. buying richer homes than they can afford. buying more than they will ever pay back. just brilliant and so familiar. tweet me at dennis kneale. atlanta still digging out after the snow and ice shut the city down. tempers flaring over state and city government dropping the ball. we are live in atlanta next. cheryl: we are live in times square. it has been taken over by corporate america. more on that coming up. all of these companies are hoping to get their brand into the lives of football fans. the final touchdown, it all rests on the shoulders of eric
12:20 pm
shenk. we are live right now. robot included here in times square. we will be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: is your tv powered by coal?
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12:24 pm
>> we are 23 minutes past the hour right now. hi, everyone. i am jamie colby. we are waiting for a re- verdict in the trial of amanda knox. she and her boyfriend convicted of the murder of meredith kercher. those were overturned after they spent four years in prison. she is not attending the trial. new york congressman back here at home apologizing for a threatening act towards a reporter during an interview right after the state of the union address this week. the flu stricken royal caribbean
12:25 pm
cruise ship that return home is now in new jersey. almost 700 people aboard the ship all fallen ill. the company saying it will compensate passengers for the trouble which is what they are calling it. they are still investigating. those are your latest headlines. cheryl: fox broadcasting. estimated 32 million alone for their ads. >> i had a hard hat on for months.
12:26 pm
we have been planning this for a year and a half. the guys build a four story studio. essentially a permanent building. the largest structure ever built in times square. cheryl: unprecedented security. the fbi has been calling this an event of national significance. >> we did the first super bowl at 9/11. security has really been perfected since then peered you plan for it.
12:27 pm
you have to get everything scanned and screen. on super bowl sunday, you just have to get out there really early. cheryl: you will have 35-40 cameras. you have 40 cameras that will be out there. it is brand-new technology that you will be debuting at the super bowl. tell us about it. >> we have been testing it the last few weeks to make sure that it is ready. the technology is something that has been around for a couple of seasons now. we have super high death cameras we have things like camera and sensors in the stadium that will predict the wind. it comes in and it swirls around. the wind speed is different. the field goal and wind is a story. what will put that on the air. we have cameras that actually
12:28 pm
show the heat. we have these infrared cameras. if a team coming off the bench is not warmed up, you can see it . cheryl: we will be able to watch it, of course, on our televisions. another big story has been the weather. we are looking at about maybe 38 to 40 degrees. how stressed out where you about the weather in new york? >> we were kind of stressed. a little excited at the same is kind of the news evet that would have happened. we are thankful that it has not changed. we were very well-prepared. still keeping our eyes open.
12:29 pm
you never know what will happen. chhryl: hopefully there will not be another richard sherman and aaron andrews event. >> we could do that right now. we could go crazy. cheryl: thank you so much. good luck on sunday. good luck to all of the teams on fox sports. there is a lot happening. they toboggan run sponsored by general motors and the gmc brand. today i had a chance to experience the ride and compete with my colleague at fox news. we will bring you that matchup coming up later on in the show. for now, and dennis, back to you in the studio. dennis: thank you very much. the latest developments on the
12:30 pm
target hack attack that exposed account information on 40 million americans. justin bieber. the white house may have no choice than to involve itself in the controversy surrounding justin bieber. ♪ [ male announcer ] once, there was a man who found a magic seashell. it told him what was happening on the tradg floor in real time. ♪ the shell brought him great fame. ♪ but then, one day, he noticed that everybody could have a magic seashell. [ indistinct talking ] [ male announcer ] right there in their trading platform. ♪ [ indistinct talking continues ] [ male announcer ] so the magic shell went back to being get live squawks right in your trading platform with think or swim from td ameritrade.
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hi, are we still on for tomorrow? tomorrow. quick look at the weather. nice day, beautiful tomorrow. tomorr is full of promise. we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow. cheryl: here is what is ahead in the next half-hour of markets now. google unrolling a motorola handset business two years after buying it. the blame game begins in atlanta over the crippling ice storm. it is a big hit here on super bowl boulevard. a 70-foot toboggan engineered by
12:34 pm
gmc. i will give it a test run. it is the bottom of the hour. let's head to the floor of the new york stock exchange and nicole petallides. nicole: looking great out there. i can't wait to see the battle on the toboggan run. i am showing you one of the big movers on wall street today. that certainly is pandora. up 13%. dirty $7.14 a share. a new high today. facebook, new hi there. we have been watching facebook as they did so well with mobile ad revenue. 52.50. target, well, that hit a new low. they are still under scrutiny. so many of the folks that went to target. amazon and google are both higher today. in the 4:00 p.m., make sure you stay tuned to fox business.
12:35 pm
we will be watching them into the close. amazon and google are two names that we know and follow that will be reporting their quarterly numbers. dennis: thank you very much, and nicole. the blame game underway as atlanta emerges from the freakish winter storm that blasted the south on tuesday. the city would not be the center of the storm. fox news is take a look behind me. take a look at i-75. a snowplow just came through here. there was a lot of dry ice on this rant. traffic waiting behind it. it is doing a great job clearing away the road. a lot of the stalled vehicles, in fact, here is one of him in front our camera. people are being reunited with.
12:36 pm
vehicles bringing back to cars that in many cases have been left stranded here since the heavy snowfall on tuesday. despite the state's response in the wake of the storm, there has been in a lot of finger-pointing regarding the state's advance preparations four. state officials saying that they did not have the warning. the conflicting whether forecast. they thought it would be a light dusting of snow in atlanta. meteorologists are pushing back saying they issued a winter storm warning saying there was a very likely probability of two-3 inches of snow early, early during the predawn hours of tuesday. ample time for the schools to close. the schools did not close. people went to work. then there was traffic gridlock. the governor says he will look into what happened.
12:37 pm
listen. >> we continue to meet all of the individuals that were associated with that today to try to find out why there was not better actions and warnings issued so that we could have put out the same kind of warnings ourselves. those are answers that we intend to get. >> flights -- dennis: thank you very much. meanwhile, new details in the investigation of that target holiday hack. law enforcement officials say efforts are coming up short. let's bring in elizabeth macdonald. liz: this goes with ricky news yesterday. the investigation appears to show that they stole the sign on, the electric sign-on credentials to break into the
12:38 pm
target system. the news that we are hearing now is that 20 cases found similar cyber attacks. similar to the ones like target. we are hearing this. they believe the outcry will continue to grow. basically because they are seeing similar software that may have been installed at other retailers. there is a concern that the industry and companies like home depot could have had bad software installed that was easily breached. the names of the companies include home depot, kroger, safeway, and sam's club. dennis: target fingered a particular vendor. do we think that is the same guy also serving the other retailers? liz: they are now saying, they are talking amongst themselves that the author told gonzales
12:39 pm
gang, they were the gang that basically ripped off, let me give you the companies, jetblue, jcpenney, tj maxx, 7-eleven, dow jones. they are saying that the same signature technique used in the target attack is strikingly similar to the technique used in the attacks of 05-12. the fbi is saying that this now where that you can get for $6000 on underground forums. it is easily use by installing into the systems of companies like target. did they download the data using that malware. the fbi is saying watch out. more retailers may be at risk% here. dennis: vacations. a new travel website offers travel as long as you don't care
12:40 pm
where you leave and when you're going. that is coming up. cheryl: back here live in times square. fox business is on super bowl boulevard. engineered, by the way, by gmc. a 180-foot long toboggan run. yours truly raced down earlier today. fox business versus fox news. i will unveil the winnerrcoming up. ♪ capitato make it happen? that makes it real? what's a vision without the expertise to execute it... and the financing make it grow? whatever your goal, it can change more it can change e future.s.
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♪ >> i am tracy byrnes with your fox business brief. pending home sales falling sharply. the national association of realtors say the number dropped 8.7% year-over-year. mortgage rates drop to a two-month low. the average rate actually fell to 4.2% this this week. that is down from the previous week. the u.s. economy grew at an annual pace of 3.2% in the fourth quarter. the commerce department reports of growth was led by the strongest consumer spending in three years. growth was 4.1% for all of 2013. gdp grew by 1.9%.
12:43 pm
that is a lot of numbers and the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪
12:44 pm
dennis: travel for the wishy-washy. if you have a hard time making tough choices, one travel website trying to take the trouble out of your hands. joining me now for this weeks on the road is alex. cofounder and ceo of "get going." it seems really lame for anyone to come out and have a travel out. what is it that you are doing that all the others have not done? >> one of the things we have done is we have realized that a lot of the people find it very difficult to afford to travel. we have made it easier for them
12:45 pm
to discover the world. this allusion is very simple. it is being flexible on where you want to go. sometimes going to italy could be a lot cheaper. hundreds of dollars cheaper if you fly into an airport that is a couple hours away from rome. you can save a lot of money by flying somewhere nearby. we help customers discover these destinations. when customers search for airplane tickets or hotel rooms, we suggest something a lot cheaper on the marketplace. we saved customers millions of dollars at this point. dennis: does your app have an algorithm in there that says i am the company and i will make more of a profit margin if i said the traveler to that deal? is your app geared to make sure that you can pocket a better part of the spread?
12:46 pm
>> to be honest, what we are focusing on is making sure that more people can travel. you make more money when more people buy tickets. we need to deliver real benefits. real benefits to the customers. that means real savings. we know that people comparison shop. dennis: you are unable to charge me a price that is lower than the airline itself charges. do you have special deals at hotels or something? >> we have both. we have special deals with hotels and with the airline to participate in our program. as well as, if you look at the available rates, many of the customers may not know that flying into naples is cheaper than flying into rome. we tell people that it is an
12:47 pm
them. people sometimes like that option, sometimes not. they keep coming back because they offer information and discounts that they may not have known about. dennis: when you hear me say are right, that is hitting tv language for got to go. thank you for being with us today. the ceo of "get going." cheryl. cheryl: all right, dennis. one of the highlights of visiting super bowl boulevard is the 180-foot long toboggan run engineered by gmc. it is just down the street from me. earlier today, it was game on between the fox business network and the fox news channel. i raced against my colleague and good friend. we made this. it was a bit of a workout. away we went. it was a good race.
12:48 pm
she barely beat me. it was really close. it was a photo finish, honestly. the money will go to charity. i want to bring in sarah more. you have been on this entire boulevard today. you guys came back this year. the super bowl in itself has been a long-standing relationship that we have. we were out last year. this year we are coming back big. we are really excited about that. gmc has had a long-standing relationship with the nfl. we are the official vehicle of the nfl. this is a season-long thing. cheryl: one of the things that is fascinating about this entire thing is you are trying to connect with potential vehicle buyers. do you find it that you are
12:49 pm
meeting potential buyers of the vehicles? >> we found that the nfl, they are driving our vehicles. we need to connect with them. that is one of the reasons why we are back here. they can experience all of our new products again. we are really excited about that part. we are connecting with fans right here. cheryl: i may go back for a rematch later on. thank you very much. there you go, everybody. we are live on super bowl boulevard. all kinds of activities going on. for now, i will send it back to you. ♪ dennis: in your almost friday media minute. google stock as it reports stocks is up. google selling the motorola smartphone business.
12:50 pm
google bought it less than two years ago for $12.5 billion. it is selling out for less than $3 billion. google, one of the smartest companies in the world turns out to be not so smart and making smart phones. a loss of $2 billion. google, hold onto packages. football metaphor. scarlett johansson gets sacked. she is set to appear in a spot for soda stream. that offends the good tutors at oxfam. they bash soda stream. scarlett is siding with soda stream and severing her ties to oxfam. these four words for people who do not have enough to do. petition justin bieber. deportation. signatures say do it.
12:51 pm
the white house will have to respond. should the government cover homeowner losses? it is what is bugging me today. your responses after the break. ♪ (vo) you are a business pro. seeker of the sublime. you can separate runway diculousness... from fashionhat flies off the shelves. and from national. because only national lets you oose any car in the aisle... and go. and only national isanked highest in car rental customer satisfaction by j.d. power. (natalie) ooooh, i like your style. (vo) so do we, business pro. so do we. go national. go like pro.
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12:54 pm
dennis: is it a bad idea for the government to cover homeowner losses in the next market meltdown? justine bashing the banks. none of them care about the american taxpayer or citizens until they need money. yes it is bad. the government doesn't cover anything. taxpayers do. patchwork government to cover homeowner losses. how the different ways can i say, yes?
12:55 pm
obama needs to and equality now. just by everyone out of their mortgages now. by everyone else a home and get it over. cheryl. cheryl: we are back here live on the fox business network. people asking me to throw the football. there you go. a good catch. the crowds are really starting to flood in. we will be back here tomorrow noon eastern time on fox business. auto companies are making a big push this year. hollande has several ads breaking on game day. they are the backbone for small business. celebrity apprentice winner will be working with them to give one lucky small business owner their own super bowl ad. he will be here to unveil the winner live on our air. plus we will get the latest from
12:56 pm
audi. that is coming up tomorrow on fox business. super bowl boulevard. back to you in the studio where it is warmer. dennis: fun stuff. a super bowl sized show next hour. denver broncos president joins adam and lori. plus nfl all start tony gonzalez stops by to talk life after football in a fox business exclusive. this next guy cletus, the fox sports robot is here. that is coming up in the next hour. do not go anywhere. ♪ [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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12:59 pm
. adam: by high sell low. not the best advice that that is what google did. colin gillis on the lenovo deal and why he calls it a big bet
1:00 pm
gone completely wrong. lori: sending ben bernanke out on a harmonious note the fed unanimously agreeing to continue to wind down its massive bond buying program. the wall street journal on ben bernanke's legacy as janet yellen takes over. adam: super bowl executives from the broncos and seahawks are helping kickoff the trading at the stock exchange. we hear from the man at the top of the denver broncos' organization president joe ellis joins us in studio. lori: tony gonzalez is here. he is retiring but that doesn't mean he is slowing down. mike master in an interview you will only see on fox business. adam: what a difference a day makes, stocks rebounding, heading for the best day of


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