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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  January 31, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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distribution. all right, connell, i am done. it is yours. connell: did you make a super bowl pick? have a good weekend. enjoy it. the market is a mess. as we close of january, we are on track for the biggest monthly loss in five years. we will talk about that. adding billions to its personal portfolio. mark zuckerberg is even richer with facebook. we also have the super bowl. they have you locked in. amazon may raise its stakes for its prime members. we will have that and more on this hour of "markets now."
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dagen: i went over to the fox sports studio because hannity was broadcasting. it was really cool. don: i saw it on tv. dagen: our usual attitude. there was a lot of adult men wearing jerseys. connell: nothing we can do at this point. just angry about the stock market being down and all of that. dagen: the fourth triple digit loss in seven sessions. nicole petallides has more. nicole: 1.1%. the s&p 500 down .8%. the tech heavy nasdaq down three quarters of 1%. clearly, 2014 has been a tough go at it. the worst month since may of 2012.
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the worst january performance since 2008. it just shows you, big picture, that we have had a tough beginning. a few names on the dow squeezing out a few names. chevron, for example, at new lows. it is worth 28 negative dow points. we also had mastercard. that was a mess. not a dow component, though. connell: thank you. dagen: the major market gauges expected to end their first january that is negative sense 2010. is this just a sign that the world is bubbled up because of all the central bank stimulus and we cannot get along without it? >> i think the market is transitioning. we have to get out of it. we need the stimulus is to go
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away. this adjustment is not a shock. i think the market is looking for an excuse. when it is finished -- connell: what we are seeing now, i hate the phrase regular people, but people are saying, hold on a second is this run just about over. what oddssdo you have? >> very short-term odds of high and long-term odds of low. consumer confidence came in again today. the earnings so far, half of the companies of the s&p have reported. seventy have the expectations. now the winners and losers will be separated.
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u.s. companies are really positioned to be the winners and 2014. dagen: money in a selloff gets destroyed. it disappears. it is not a dollar for. >> those investors, a lot of the big institutions, they will see the value decrease. the people that walk in these losses, that is something you do not want to do when you have these really hard selloff. connell: that is a perspective i think we have always had. when something bad happens, we think back. >> if you reacted to the crisis in those periods, you really did not make out in the next 24
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months. dagen: at the ones who got burned in the internet bubble bursting back in 2000. then they got burned again in 2008. it seems like this vicious cycle. >> one of the reasons they get burned is the assumptions of stocks were incorrect. twelve-15% a year no matter what. that is not the case. the asset allocation models are maybe a little incorrect. much more beta then they understood. dagen: people get angry. >> they think that they will get the short-term high return.
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existing markets, sure, they belong in your portfolio. also, there is a transition going on. connell: put your bet on the broncos. thank you, kevin. dagen: thank you, kevin. ever have one of those days where you feel like a million dollars? how about a billion dollars? mark zuckerberg had a big day. a great run for a single day.
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his net worth is about $30 billion. the richest 29-year-old in history. even adjusting for inflation. connell: good for him. countdown to the big game. a chance for us to talk about the super bowl a little bit. dagen: the two nfl teams are not the only ones competing. two major social media sites will be battling it out. dennis kneale has the details. dennis: nevermind the super bowl. let's talk about the hash tag bowl. twitter versus facebook. facebook has to play catch-up to twitter.
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they will feed them trending items and suggested hash tags. the dream here is this fantastic tweet that oreo put out last year moments after the blackout. "power out caught no problem. you can still don't in the dark." apparently, the chances of going viral, twice as high. the hard thing for both of these guys is getting sponsors to pay.
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the sponsors can do a fine job free of charge. the typical 32nd commercial will cost four-$4.5 million. fox will take it close to $300. connell: that is kind of interesting. what reagan is tweeting during the game, i may read. i do not care about the ads. dagen: i care more about twitter during award shows where you mock what is going on. the game is more serious.
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dennis: the super bowl is ambush marketing on cbs. urging people to make sure that they tune into the commercials on fox. connell: please treat them to me. that was a good report. dagen: i will not put my hands on them. to the money viewers and fans. purchasing giant tvs to endless wings and copious amounts of beer. connell: lauren simonetti is standing by. she wanted to get there early. hey, lauren. >> i am more than 48 hours early.
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everybody wants to know how cold it is outside. it is only 34 degrees out here in east rutherford. that is bikini weather compared to the weather we have had. a lot of people are saying we do not want to go to a cold-weather super bowl. we don't want to spend all that much money to be freezing. the two teams are from the west coast. they have to, really far to get here. orbit says we should see 20% more seahawk fans. that is because the super seahas have only been in the super bowl one time. there are so any restrictions about what you can and cannot do.
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it is things like these as a get closer to the big day that are keeping a lot of people away. prices were through the roof. hotels now around the stadium, according to orbit, about $180 a night. down more than 50% in the last week. this could be the cheapest super bowl since back in 2002. the cheapest price now going for $1250. it is things like this. one in a quarter billion chicken wings. 7.7 milllon new tvs. connell: i do not like -- dagen: i am not actually hoping that the broncos lose, i just think that the seahawks can beat them. usually i vote for someone to
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lose. i want peyton to play well. it will be a good game. connell: thank you, lauren. you look great out there. dagen: i know people do not want to pay up to spend a fairly cold sunday in jersey. connell: you could have waited until last minute and got a good deal. let's get back to the markets. they do not look as bad as they did a few moments ago. nicole will have the latest from the new york stock exchange. dagen: amazon. it has almost no money flowing into the bottom line. the company may raise the cost of prime, that shipping service. connell: more people in this country are living paycheck to paycheck. we will talk about the implications of that coming up on "markets now." ♪
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connell: that is not that that did down a lot more than that when we came on the air. we made a little shift in our votes. we are just markets now. walmart lowering that outlook not good. nicole: let's take a look at the retailer. it has turned into the green since we began talking. walmart did a lot of heavy discounting during the holidays. they had some franchise issues over in india. they are, obviously, a global story. even right here at home, a fans club. wall street took it. actually, pushing it back into the green. over 52 weeks.
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not a stellar performer. the holiday season was tricky for a lot of these retailers. back to you. dagen: at the price of amazon prime. seventy-nine dollars a year. it could be heading north for the first time since its launch nine years ago. you also get that awesome streaming video service. you can stream it right over your tv. the price could jump as much as 50%. a $20, up to $40 increase per year. shares of amazon, you can see what they are doing today after the company missed on revenue. that outlook was lousy as well. connell: different day, different technology.
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the latest gdp numbers show that our economy is growing the fastest it has in years. 44% living with less than $6000 in savings for a family of four. it is not just the lower classes that are struggling. one quarter of the middle class are also in the class of liquid asset poor. dagen: more and more americans turning their backs on budweiser. dogfish is one of the biggest craft breweries. down in the beautiful state of delaware. we have the founder right here in the studio coming up. am i allowed to drink it while on air? what? okay. let's roll. connell: the steps successful companies can take to reinvent their business. successful companies, not those that are struggling.
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dagen: look at what the euro is doing today. ♪
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♪ >> 23 minutes past the hour. police in ukraine opening an investigation into the kidnapping of a political activist who claims he was held captive for more than a week and tortured. he was just found yesterday. the man says the kidnapper beat him and drilled nails into his hands among other terrific acts. peace talks in geneva today. this after eight consecutive days of intense negotiations. both sides have agreed to meet again. people have been killed in syria during the talks along. defense secretary chuck hagel announcing that mike rogers will replace outgoing keith
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alexander. in this position, he will also serve as head command. connell: thank you. time to make some money with our friend charles payne. this is communication equipment maker. dagen: i know how to communicate, even nonverbally. i can use hand gestures. connell: mark your calendars. janet yellen on the hill. dagen: do not mock the first lady to run our central bank. charles: when it comes to honor opportunities, that is my gig. i have been talking about these old names that survive. we always talk about the internet bubble. it was amazing.
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it was huge. it crashed and then flatlined. let me tell you the last four quarters. three quarters ago they came in line. two quarters ago they beat by 80%. optical security, huge. the business group. the margins expanded. all of the businesses are doing very well right now. a stock that has a tremendous amount. connell: even recently, how recently, you talked about it. charles: i know we have talked about it within the last 30 days, for sure. and area that i like. it is starting to come back really nicely. dagen: even if you said it wrong, i am not going to correct
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you. connell: a lot of people have been picking the seahawks on our show this hour. charles: lukens. will continue. i am picking the seahawks. dagen: i have a football question. which piece of movement has been inconsistent this year? connell: they are the best two teams. charles: seattle's gone in with a little bit of a dry spell. they have to travel more. connell: if you watch fox one -- [laughter] dagen: it is the big game. we can talk about some football.
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connell: they call this guy the company whisperer. bringing executives the tools they need to stay on top. dagen: if you are watching football this weekend, you have to be drinking some beer. how craft beer, how he is growing the business. what you should be drinking, sunday. connell: here are some winners on the s&p 500. ♪ [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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dagen: energy. one of the worst performing sectors of the day. nicole: chevron is really weighing on this group overall. let's take a look at some energy shares that we followed so closely. bp down half a percent. chevron down 3%. let's break down what we have seen with chevron. hitting new lows today. global production numbers are to the downside. the refining margin that they normally gather our to the downside. you come out and you see that their numbers are dropping. by the way, shaving off more than 20 native dow points. back to you.
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connell: a company that is a huge success. it makes you look like you made it to the top. staying there is another challenge. they call him the company whisperer, apparently. he was on with us before. here is what he had to say. >> the organizations that i work with have enough humility to know they don't know what they do not know. they have those blind spots. connell: recognizing warning signs within your organization. leadership and growth expert and chief executive. it is good to have you back. first of all, thank you. second of all, youthat we cut ht day. we were having a good discussion. it is something different. this idea of knowing what you don't know, that must be difficult for some executives when they come to you.
11:34 am
>> absolutely. i share with leaders, after helping build a company to $1 billion coaching leaders, what i found is there is usuall3 three critical truths. one of them is nothing kills faster than success. the other one is it is a fact, the road to heaven does go through hell. it is worth it. the third one, and this is the one that seems to resonate mostly with leaders, we feel a sense of isolation. we feel like we have to build on earlier success. we end up making 12 critical mistakes. connell: what is next? what do you do next? will you expand the cell? they come to you and they want to get better.
11:35 am
what i am curious about, what is the key to doing that? you are predicting what comes next. is it data and being able to analyze it, is it gut feeling? what is the key? >> connell, that is a great question. a little bit of all of the above. there have been thousands of companies all around. we can exploit the patterns of what the most successful people have done in the past. success does leave foot prints and so does failure. the things that signal success are early warning signs of train wreck that is on the horizon. connell: what is an example of that? >> they beat their projections for the quarter.
11:36 am
they break out the bubbly and they have the celebration only to wake up with a hangover and realize they made a rookie error. they have no way to predict the revenue or attach the marketing dollars and understand how that is driving revenue. i have seen that cost people their jobs and in some cases their careers. they just could not see around the corners. connell: a good lesson on not being complacent. thanks for coming on again. good to see you. thanks a lot. >> connell, think you. dagen: the rising stars, maybe what you should be drinking on sunday. craft beer. see thing you have advice on everything this morning. jeff flock has a story coming
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up. dagen: it was looking like a really ugly selloff. again, the losses cut in in half, almost. take a look at treasuries. 2.66. who called for a rally in treasuries? chris loaded on this program. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ tires screech ] chewley's finds itself in a sticky situation today after recalling its new gum. [ male announcer ] stick it to the market before you get stuck. get the most extensive charting wherever you are with the mobile trader app from td ameritrade.
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>> i am lori rothman with your fox business brief. consumer sentiment flipped this month. down from the december number. thomson reuters index found that consumers are more concerned about lead job growth and upcoming economic conditions. consumer spending increased in december for the second straight month. it doubled forecasts. yahoo! e-mail users are the latest victim of a cyber security breach. they are not providing details of how many accounts may have been compromised. more than 270 million yahoo! accounts worldwide. that is the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪ [ female announcer ] who are we? we are thinkers. the job jugglers.
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connell: we said that we would talk about craft beer. drinking the budweiser's and peers of that ilk, i guess. dagen: craft production is up since 2006. thanks in part to our next guest, dogfish head during founder. i was going to butcher it. it is good to see you. how is business going just for you? >> we have been really fortunate. now we are the largest craft brewery in the atlantic. double digit growth in the last 15 years. our story is not consistent with many craft brewers that are really enjoying growth right now
11:42 am
as the recognition comes to the independent small breweries in the towns across america. connell: it is a trend. why is it happening? it could have happened at any point in historyy more and more drinking it instead of the old budweiser. >> people are treating themselves with more flavor in their life. i think it is about flavor, diversity and the opportunity to keep the money in your community. support the local little guy in no where the money is going is creating jobs and family businesses right where you live. dagen: talk about how difficult it is. >> 28 -- states. we are in a fortunate position where we have national recognition. 1.2 commercial breweries are opening up in america right now.
11:43 am
they certainly do an awesome job at protecting and dominating distributions. the small distributions have to go through to get to retail. dagen: how do you get these, how do you get distribution? >> hopefully those states allow the littlest guys to sell directly to the shops until they get big enough to matter. the other thing is the bigger distributors. now more than ever they are interested in having conversations with the little guy. connell: doesn't that make it more attractive? they want to buy someone like you, for example. >> we have zero interest. i hope our company stays family forever. you are very right. they are coming out with peers that look like they are made by smaller independent brewers.
11:44 am
connell: why do have zero interest? what is your reason for that? >> i would say the biggest reason is i have never had a job other than running dogfish since i was 24. dagen: you are pretty laid back. i am sitting over here like flavor wise, what are you working on? >> we do a lot of the year wine hybrid. i pa. the fastest growing here in america. a beautiful red hoppy beer. we cannot make enough of it. we are trying to get more grapes from california to keep up. it shows the explosion of flavors. a beer like that can be sustained.
11:45 am
for the game on sunday, i like a brewery in seattle and denver beer company. dagen: good to see you. >> visit your little breweries. dagen. to be used. cattle prices hitting the highest they have ever seen before. connell: it sounds like a jeff flock story. he is live with the very latest. jeff: all of my cold-weather work has paid off. i want to take you right back into the kitchen. i have john back here. he is managing partner.
11:46 am
>> welcome to our house. jeff: these. all we hear about. we look at cattle futures. prices have never been higher. how do you react? >> it will be high. the market right now that which we are involved in, is a little unique. we are buying the highest end. gibson usda prime angus. jeff: what was i looking at right there, by the way? >> this is our bone in rib eye. gibson prime angus. we have a bone in strip steak.
11:47 am
jeff: they have their own herd that they keep track of. i tell you, it is everybody from mick donalds all the way up to the very highest end here at gibsons. dagen: thank you for that story. seahawks or the broncos? lou: who can't be? the bears. dagen: don't make me come out there and hurt you. jeff: i answer the question i want, not the answer i got. dagen: they rally. jonathhn is senior managing partner. 2.6 thereabouts. the yield on the ten year period jonathan, what do you say?
11:48 am
>> we are seeing more of this volatility in our markets. that is just showing that investors are still very confused and concerned about this market. we opened on the lowe's today. little by little, we are creeping higher here. this is a selloff that everyone has been talking about. we have investors that are still very bullish on this market. continue to see this now for the next couple of weeks. especially next week. very robust calendar. we have unemployment next week. earnings season, we are really getting to the thick of it. dagen: jonathan, thank you so much. >> thank you. always a pleasure. vodka is a problem for middle-aged men in russia. dagen: really?
11:49 am
dagen: you would be surprised at how much bob that they do drink. sandra smith is coming up with today's trade. ♪ ♪ ♪
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dagen: russians love of god. that passion for the potato poisoning can kill you. a quarter of russia men die in their 50s from alcohol poisoning and alcohol-related illnesses.
11:53 am
the majority of the men reported drinking three or more bottles of vodka every week. connell: another issue for rolling stone magazine. the recent issue has hope frances front and center. the headlines are changing. the vatican spokesperson has now come out and criticize that article calling it superficial and saying the peace disqualifies itself. there you go. dagen: many homebuilders reporting strong earnings. sandra smith joins us now with the trade. sandra: a lot of analysts going in sour.
11:54 am
look at where they stand today. finishing up a very strong week. for the most part, they were spectacular. taking a look at the top three etf's. so far down about 5%. a lot of the early week expectations. we will look at a here today. compare that to the s&p 500. homebuilders underperforming the broader market. they were up 13% in the latest quarter. average home price for them 320,000. the stock up 20% today. what a week for faulty group. going from 18 to over $20 a
11:55 am
share. their profits were up 61%. the average home price of 10%. a lot of these homebuilders being able to battle the higher interest rates. the stock surely proving as we finish up the week, many of them in the green. dagen: does he think his friend peyton manning will win? are you sick of the papa john's commercials yet? connell: the super bowl party underway. cheryl casone is live from times
11:56 am
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dagen: there may be a sell-off on wall street but you wouldn't know it, welcome. to times square or as it is known today superbowl boulevard. i am cheryl casone broadcasting from the corner of 47th and broadway where a million people are expected to walk by. companies large and small trying to turn football fans into loyal customers and spending millions to do so. coming up we will have a full list of great guests including hyundai's stephen shannon talking about the use of celebrities. sneak peak of their plans. and why there is a team of
12:00 pm
social media staffers working hard during the game. you know him from the apprentice and his reality shawneetelevision, bill ray and zig with a small business owner with a free super cops -- super bowl commercial. let's head to the studio and dennis kneale. dennis: we have stocks triple digit decline in the dow but still on track for their first down month since august, is now time to buy? one bii money manager tells us where and when you should get in. pablo john during the first superbowl sunday one of the busiest days of the year, john schneider is here. how to help small-business in trouble with banks, leave out the lawyers. all this and more in the next hour of markets now. jitters international overseas currency, even though the u.s.
12:01 pm
consumer spending popped better than expected, let's go to nicole petallides at stock exchange. still looking awfully timid. nicole: the dow is down a hundred points. you can see a loss of 1/2%. so a point of 0.64% but january has been a tough go of it. the dow this month seen its worst january since 2009. obviously we have a tough go of it today, today a mixed bag, some gains like caterpillar and verizon but a lot of the earnings have given out for 2014, seem a little tepid. the word correction is being thrown around, where is the bottom? we have seen a lot of selling. there seems to be some uncertainty and that is when we look at the vix, the true telltale sign of uncertainty, volatility.
12:02 pm
this is sometimes called the fear engage and this today at its highest point and 1899. to october models, right now just a little bit, 1%. it had been higher earlier. just so you know chevron is shaving 25 dow points, visa shaving off 20 dow points so those two are heavily weighted with those down arrows to contribute to the downside privacy moves we are seeing in the dow. dennis: thanks very much. president obama held a meeting today with ceos of the nation's biggest companies. to find a solution for long-term unemployment, james gorman, brian moynihan, the big names in attendance, rich edson is in d.c. with the latest. rich: 2 dozen ceos in total, the continued job by the president of the united states on his state of the union address, his initiative to get folks employed or hired if they have been
12:03 pm
long-term unemployed so we met with 2 dozen ceos including some wall street names and greg brown of motorola, don thompson of mcdonald's, a number of others at the white house, he is speaking in the east room. this presidential initiative involves a few hundred companies, 300 says the white house and they decided to look at their hiring practices to make sure they are not weeding out those who have been unemployed for a long time through any type of mobile screening process they have. the president is going to be signing an executive order to direct government agencies to make sure they are not separating anybody who is unemployed for a long time. the president's initiative that he announced, he had a pen and flown to go around congress and using to help the economy but a number of republicans saying the president is exceeding his executive authority in doing so although this is mostly about getting a number of ceos to commit to reviewing their hiring
12:04 pm
practices. dennis: thanks very much. here to comment on that meeting with ceos and other issues facing american business one of the more recognizable chiefs in the u.s. with us, pablo john's founder and ceo john schneider. thanks for being with us. the super bowl is a big pizza day, 3500 stores in the u.s. how many pizzas roughly my best course cell for super bowl sunday? >> 500 or 600 per store. dennis: 2.1 million pizzas across america on super bowl sunday. >> is a good day for us. dennis: i you advertising the $4 million for 30-seconds in the super bowl? >> we are advertising up to the super bowl. dennis: you can get close and not pay high prices and nor do you have to because one of your chief spokesman acts as superstar of the superbowl,
12:05 pm
peyton manning. >> not a spokesperson but franchisee. peyton manning is the first pablo john's franchisee to pay quarterback in super bowl. dennis: hope you play on that. let's move into business generally. what do you think of the president meeting with ceos today? some companies make a big pledge that they won't discriminate against the long-term unemployed. i wasn't thinking discrimination against long-term unemployed is one of the big obstacles to job growth in this country, is it? >> the thing about pizza is not only is it fun but it is durable. we do well when the economy is good and when it is not doing well we do well too. poppa john's we are hiring, creating jobs, building stores and it is a great opportunity for us to compete in this marketplace and take market share. we believe in giving employees opportunities and taking care of
12:06 pm
them. dennis: wanting to ways -- raise the minimum wage 30% or 40%, 3 million workers in the u.s. are minimum-wage and typically stay on it for a year and half of them are under age 25. of congress raises the minimum wage will you hire fewer people? >> we don't pay anybody minimum-wage. most of our drivers make $15 or $25 an hour. mobile devices technology taking care of fun people, we don't have people in minimum-wage. dennis: if you take a high school with no experience and lift his minimum-wage to $10 doesn't the person earning $10 and a person earning $13 ask for a raise above that because there is no way this beginning should be making as much as i am making. >> the driver is making $15 or $25, a $7 to $10 raise will not affect it. dennis: a sensitive topic. watching the documentary on netflix i didn't get to it
12:07 pm
because it is all, a great guy but somewhere in there i am told he is talking to a family quoting you, that guy says the business environment is so anti business from government he wouldn't start a pawpaw john's today. your campus upset about that i haven't heard anybody deny it. tell me in terms of starting a business in this day and age with the attitude you hear from government? >> papa john's started in a tavern. we still to this day think like a small business. what was the environment when you started? what year? 84? we were coming out of recession in 82 so you were trying to build on a rebound. give me a straight yes or no.
12:08 pm
would you start it today? >> i would start it today but it would be much more difficult. dennis: a pretty good one and a well done -- make you secretary of state or something. thank you for being with us. good luck, john schneider of papa john's. cheryl: automakers for the third year in a row are dominating the super bowl when it comes to advertising. hyundai is looking to make its mark on the big game with not one but two brand new commercials. the marketing head steve shannon joins me in times square. thank you for being here. why is the super bowl such a big draw this year more and other years not just for the big three but the other brands. >> they don't call it super for nothing. if you look at the size of the audience, the engagement with advertising, the explosion of social media where there is incredible value and automotive,
12:09 pm
our biggest days of the year for traffic at, people shop online for cars. cheryl: how do you capitalize on the social media side? >> a group of people huddled over their laptops watching the conversation, we will be talking to our twitter followers, facebook fans, youtube is a big platform. our spots went up monday on youtube. we will be using everything to tell the story. cheryl: we are seeing studies the last couple days that 80% of the advertisement does not equate to sales, 20% of people go out to buy a big one for every one, any consumer brand. do you think that rings true? >> this is our seventh year. they say is this in the first rodeo and it continues to deliver. a car has a long purchase cycle every five years, we don't expect monday morning everyone will rush in but if you look at what it does for the brand it
12:10 pm
makes hyundai likable and engaging and people learn about the new genesis. cheryl: just showing the ad for the gene a warm and fuzzy had. >> one different approach we are taking versus other automotive brethren is we are going with two, 30 seconds spots, in the first quarter a little more shot charming, heartwarming story about the new genesis with the critical feature called automatic emergency braking that features the music track by bruno mars who is the halftime -- cheryl: we know bruno mars at a halftime show. >> wonderful lyrics that tell the story and the fourth quarter for the cilantro we go a little over the top. our first use of celebrities, the iconic comedian richard lewis and great track from the 70s, with the approach of 2-30s we want to win the 30 battle.
12:11 pm
cheryl: how many times as someone come of the wind mispronounce the name of your company? how many versions of your car company's name to you here in a day? >> it is hyundai like sunday and we had an advertising campaign 20 years ago on that and today we use that, and they like sunday. cheryl: could you get a pay off. broncos or seahawks? >> we love the legal the. we want a great game especially in the fourth quarter. cheryl: nobody is as politically correct as you. we need some points. thank you very much. coming up bill ransom, the first winner of the apprentice and what happened to bill on super bowl boulevard to tell us how he is helping financial software firm into it make small-business owners dream come true during the big game, dennis, back to you in the studio. dennis: great job out there and
12:12 pm
the also had stocks rise from the lows but still down and on track for their worst january in six years. live update from the stock exchange is next. not just the broncos and seahawks battling out this sunday, we will tell you about the hash tag mold, the social media battle of your eyeballs. what does everything mean to you? with the quicksilver cash back card from capital one, it means unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase, every day. it doesn't mean, "everything.. as long as you buy it at theas station." it doesn't mean, "everything... l you hit your cash back limit." it means earn 1.5% cash back
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dennis: a lot of red on the screen and stocks every 15 minutes let's head to the stock exchange and nicole petallides where she is tapping out prozac. nicole: i am looking at the dow jones industrials at 100 points and keeping a keen eye on amazon. we all knew 2013 was going to be a year of deep discounts and tough competitiveness and retailers, amazon will try their best to get it done but shipping costs, a lot of people had
12:16 pm
amazon prime that they pushed so hard but now they are saying amazon prime which was greeted a shipping at $79, you sign up for it, so many people signed up over the holidays they may have to tack on $20 to $40, they may be facing operating losses due to shipping costs and that is one part of it. the other part is also economic malaise and abroad, in europe and asia. 52 weeks is still good, 50% pulling back. dennis: the latest gdp number shows the economy rebounding. the new report says half of americans are living paycheck to paycheck. 44% living with less than $6,000 in savings for a family of four, not just the lower ones that are struggling, 1-quarter of the middle class also falls to the
12:17 pm
category known as liquid asset, this according to a report from the corporation for enterprise development. s&p on track for the worst january of any since 2008. we have a money manager coming up who says this might be the perfect time to invest. cheryl: and out here at times square, you know him, phil ransom from the apprenticed. he is going to be here, coming down, fox business live. here is it -- >> chilly out here today.
12:18 pm
hi, are we still on for tomorrow?
12:19 pm
tomorrow. quick look at the weather. nice day, beautiful tomorrow. tomorrow is full of promise. we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight near 450 miles on one gallon of fl. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow. [ car alarm chirps ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles we inspect, analyze, and recondition each one, until it's nothing short
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12:21 pm
cheryl: 21 minutes past the hour your fox news minute. amanda knox is vowing they will never get her back.
12:22 pm
after being found guilty in her retrial. an italian court sentencing her to 28 years in prison yesterday for the killing of her roommate. she faces a possible extradition, this as ex-boyfriend who was also found guilty yesterday was found near the border of austria. he says he was not trying to flee. a coordinated effort to gain unauthorized access to yahoo! mail account saying it believes the cyberattackers were trying to gain access to accounts using credentials stolen during a breach of another company's user database and cdc investigators at the scene of another cruise ship, this one hit by an outbreak of the stomach but. the second time this has happened in a week. the caribbean princess is returning to port in houston, texas with 200 el paso shares. those are your headlines. cheryl: for the last six months, intuit has been running the
12:23 pm
competition with the business that was fully produced commercial airing in the super bowl. joining me with the winner who was just an ounce this morning is a levee spokesperson bill ransi ransick. congratulations. let's talk about the competition bill. >> reporter: our goal was to shine the spotlight on small business, brad smith walks like he talks, but leaves and small business, we searched the country, got tens of thousands of small businesses to apply, 8,000 employees narrowed it down to the final four, america voted for the final four and here we are. cheryl: other companies the final four, pet food, organic adds, the compost company, debbie, you are the big winner. >> it is a huge win and more
12:24 pm
portly for our mission to inspire girls to get interested in engineering and math. cheryl: what was it about goldilocks and the building sets, i say girl power which is a good way to put it, but what do you sting was the final straw for them to win the competition? >> america certainly loved the story, the fact that it was a double win. she is shining a light on small business but also making social change. as debbie mentioned when she was in engineering school she was one of two girls in the class and her mission is to change that. cheryl: i have to ask you, stem jobs, there are no women in colleges, science, technology, engineering and mathematics? why is there such a lack of interest from girls? >> growing up i was never interested in engineering. intimidating, i thought was a male-dominated fields, i thought it sounded boring, i didn't
12:25 pm
realize how creative engineering can be and how s the world. that is what i want to do, encourage girls at a young age to know that they belong and can get a lot of fulfillment out of that career. cheryl: great message. let's talk about commercial real. what can you tell as? because she and her company amazing a national debut. >> the great thing we have done is make sure this commercial belongs. she is on the stage with the automakers and beer guys and this commercial looks like -- is a real commercial and we are proud of it and it says her mission statement and everything she is trying to communicate to america and get the's story starts on monday because after this commercial runs i can't wait to watch the business grow and unfold and she started with two employees and has 15 and next year at this time you will be interviewing her and she will have 50 employees. cheryl: i've left her back on the show, you are great,
12:26 pm
congratulations. since you were on years ago, everything you learned has been beneficial to you. what do you want to pass along? what can you pass to debbie as far as starting small business, getting the business going? >> ten years ago this month the first season of the apprentice came out and my life changed forever and i am able to pay it forward with the help of into it i am changing someone's life forever. mr. trump taught me a lot about business and seizing the opportunities and embracing them. you have to embrace it and don't be afraid. cheryl: what is the biggest challenge to be in the small business under? you are in california, high tax state. >> the biggest challenge is we are a small toy company with only a few toys on the shelves. >> we will teach you about
12:27 pm
marketing now. >> we just started out, 18 months old and up against the huge club brands, we are in toys r us and target and a thousand stores across the u.s. so we don't have a multimillion-dollar advertising budget that big companies do so this program is seriously a dream come true for us. cheryl: what is next for you? a food network show? >> a new season coming out, a show called kitchen casino on food network out this april and we have another great program planned with into uit we will b talking about huge cheryl: congratulations, thank you so much. there you have it. small-business, an advertisement on the superbowl. coming up later on i will be speaking with sworn angelo of luxury auto maker audi gearing
12:28 pm
up for the big game with big ads and a legion of folks manning their social media platforms. all about social media this year. dennis: man in the platform. i got you. thanks very much. nice putt on. if you have small business on the brink of bankruptcy we got a guy, a capital partners ceortin debt free cards and he is joining us coming the. pick your index, dow, as indeed, nasdaq, my next guest says it is the perfect time to jump into the pool. let's look at the s&p winners and losers, a lot more losers.
12:29 pm
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12:32 pm
cheryl: a january to forget for stocks. one big money manager weighs in coming up, the super bowl marketing blitz going beyond tv ad spots for audi and other companies and the superbowl party picking up in times square. who is going to win the big game? dennis and i will share our picks with your coming up towards the end of the show. stocks every 15 minutes with nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. nicole: the guys behind me are wearing under armor ringing the closing bell for super bowl week on wall street and the guys have their under armor shirts and fancy sneakers but i am showing you chipotle mexican grill up 13-1/4%, new high, 568, what a huge move, because with quarter revenue was good, it beat the
12:33 pm
analyst estimates, growth topped one analyst said been hoping for. earnings of 40%, and same sort of business. and mattel to the downside, mastercard weaker, mattel, weakness for barbie and hot wheels, the only area of, american girls. dennis: the s&p 500 seeing its worst january performance of any january since 2008. my next guest, scott bring, senior equity strategist, this is kind of perverse, the s&p down 1.4%, and you see it go down a little bit more. why? >> first, i prefer the s&p is up
12:34 pm
26%, deposit to us. actually i think this is a buying opportunity. i say that because we are looking for 2.4% gdp, the labor market will improve, more capital spending, bank earnings will grow. that is all good. i don't think we will be affected too much businesswise, we have been waiting for a pullback, we are pounding the table on this, a lot of cash on the sidelines, a look over the next 24 months is good. you need to take advantage of these pullbacks and these cyclical sectors. dennis: a lot of clients do have cash on the sidelines because individual investors missed out on most of the run up since the dow was at 6800 around march of
12:35 pm
2009 but there seems to be this kind of memory of pain even years later we are so stunned by the 2008-2009 meltdown, so afraid to get in. how do you change that. >> it goes back further. most clients are baby boomers. they have been burned twice on paper after the tech bubble burst and the more recent financial crisis. part of my job is saying this is what the economic outlook at least in our opinion is going to be, valuations are not stretched, you need to be invested in the stock market to participate in this growth. the days of 5% yields, gaudily knows when they're coming back, they need to make their money grow, they're worried about outliving their money. one of the best ways to do that is still by cutting stocks and you can get into the stock market in a more conservative way. you don't have to buy the highfliers, united good quality stock and i think the returns
12:36 pm
this year, next year and even maybe in 16, you could see 6% to 9% total return and if that is the case our clients need to be in the market. dennis: that is optimistic. i like that. you point out in the past 50 years, january has consistently been the third best performing months of the year, that did not happen this year. you got the january effect where stocks rise in january and a separate thing, january indicator where you worry january as goes january so goes the rest of the year. why is the january indicator not going to work out this time and show us we are in for a bad year. >> i pay attention to seasonals but it is not how we make decisions on equity strategy. what i'm trying to do and i mention the criteria earlier, gdp, is gdp growing to grow? yes. will it be great? no. our valuation stretched? not in my opinion.
12:37 pm
i think you will see a combination of earnings growth, a combination of maybe a little bit of expansion, not a lot, the fed still going to be on our side even though we are seeing tapering, europe is going to help our companies make more money this year. those are the same things i am trying to look at and i don't think if i thought valuations were stretched, if i thought interest rates were going to rise substantially and the rest of the world was not going to do very well or was going to slow down i don't think i would be that optimistic that that is not the scenario we are seeing. i think you can expect a good market, not a great market. dennis: you do like tex, industrial, consumer discretionary which means this guy doesn't think the world will fall off the edge of the table. >> thanks. dennis: small-businesses in trouble. listen up. don't file for bankruptcy until you hear from our next guest. he has other solutions next.
12:38 pm
cheryl: back here live on superbowl boulevard, snow flurries are beginning right now. crowds, take a local all kinds of things happening behind me. not sure where to start. we are seeing a lot of car companies, on media sites, twitter, facebook. coming up we will speak with an executive from audi about their plans to basically take the big game. where else would you see elmo in three colors and the guy from ploy story on your screen? we will be right back. welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life eier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title.
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if there's something that creates more jobs, and ows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at tracy: i am tracy byrnes, a consumer spending increased in december for the second straight month, the commerce department says spending rose 0.4%, double the forecast or 0.2% jump. personal income remained unchanged. mattel says fourth quarter revenue dropped after sales of barbie and fisher-price fell 13% during the holiday selling season. revenue of the world's largest playmaker declined to $2.11 billion missing the estimates. consumer sentiments linked to a final reading of 81.2, down from the december number of 82.5.
12:41 pm
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crestor! yes! [ female announcer ] ask k your doctor about crest. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca y be able toelp. dennis: if you are a small business in trouble at the bank don't file for bankruptcy. try to work out with your lender. our next guest personally freed three small-businesses from a combined $25 million in debt. in the past the years simply by pushing back. jim martin, the ceo of ec and capital partners joins us, lot of times a small business person think the banks of my company, not me, i should lock my door is. but in this post meltdown era it turned out banks are willing to settle for less. talk to us about the first case. your guy in california bar of $29 million from wells fargo and in that case he had assets that
12:43 pm
were part of his collateral base and they foreclose on the assets, took the assets and sold them. guaranteed the debt with his wife. dennis: that is what you are trying to prevent. what was the outcome? >> ultimately after a year's time, we were able to get the guarantees waived in exchange for $2 million of cash. dennis: the bank gave up $13 million the guy alone and was willing to take $2 million. now let's go after case 2. small-business owner in new york, the bank loaned $10 million, a owned -- $8 million, how much did he get off for? >> we negotiated with the bank in that case and took the
12:44 pm
guarantees away. dennis: let me get out from under $8 million, and third case small-business owner in florida borrowed from wachovia to wells fargo, $9 million in default. >> we were able to negotiate a $5 million forgiveness. dennis: figure out the why of this. why are banks willing to give them a lot more than people realize? >> what happens is what happened in the past is borrower is when they get into trouble stopped communicating with the lenders. what we do is you can't do that, you got to communicate with lenders so we stepped in and serve as a conduit between the borrower and lender. dennis: you say keep the lawyers out of it, as soon as you bring your own lawyer you are in trouble, you bring in a negotiator. >> a lot of lawyers, friends, we
12:45 pm
work closely with a lot of legal professionals, but what i mean by that is you want to keep the lawyers out initially. what we want to do is to go in and work on behalf of your client and deal directly with the lender, not the bank's lawyer. dennis: we got to run but stopped paying, a way to get the bank's attention and keep communicating. it would be a little awkward and uncomfortable. jim martin, ceo of a c m capital partners. you may be shelling out more for your loss as. let's go to the trading pits of the cme. philly the flynn. phil: everything you put in is going higher today. i don't care if it is milk, coffee and god forbid you put sugar in it. i never would but it is all going to. a lot of stuff happening, milk prices have been on the rise for weeks. the drought in california, high beef prices getting very farmers to kill their cows and sell them for meeting and at the same time
12:46 pm
we have questions about how big the record brazilian crop is going to be. add to that some dry weather in brazil, all the commodities we thought we had a supply of, look a lot more attractive. coffee prices biking today up four.five cents, the highest price we of seen since last august and sugar prices were supposedly supplies have more and we are ever going to use up half a penny today. big leap for the latte. dennis: thank you verymuch, phil flynn. cheryl: luxury carmaker audi released two teaser spots letting viewers get a preview of their commercial, reports say commercials are costing them $4 million this year but a new study suggests these ads don't trrnslate to sales. i asked warren angelo, director of marketing if he was worried. >> we entered the super bowl
12:47 pm
seven years ago. looking back at 2008 audi was in a different place. we have seen our sales have a substantial increase, 50% to 20% year over year by coming out and making a statement in the super bowl and we are seeing awareness lived and consumers coming to the brand. cheryl: oures are more expensive than 50 grand, they have been a luxury car. didn't use to be that way 20 years ago. who is the target buyer for you on sunday? >> we are looking to connect with america. you needed luxury brand, has to be one -- cheryl: i won't let you get away with that. is it a man, on older man, lawyer, dr.? >> when you look at the type of consumer you want to create is of the 3 branch you want to build aspirations, connect with all of america on superbowl sunday. audi has been a brand traditionally spoken very strong to men and we increased our population base bringing women,
12:48 pm
younger consumers, saying i want to get into and out. gerri: anybody watching on sunday if you want to buy an audi go out and get that car loan. you have a lot of celebrities in the past, got an ad running on sunday, what are we going to expect on our television? >> we are introducing the new a 3 in the super bowl, a car that was engineered without compromise, plc cut technology, handwriting recognition technology, we did a fun and playful story on bad compromise in the world, something everyone can associate with that goes wrong when you see hit by merging two unique breeds, we played off of that and brought the story to life, how are car is nothing about compromise. we play off of those french points and brought an entertaining story to the game. in addition a whole social story that builds around that, makes a really big play in the super bowl, the social bowl. cheryl: audi has an entire team
12:49 pm
of social media experts working on game day to interact with their viewers. the name of the commercial you just saw on your screen is kind of freaky. coming that there is no lack of souvenirs and freebies in times square. maybe it picked up something for dennis kneale. dennis: i will be touched no matter what it is. just don't buy it from that creepy elmo character. in your super bowl media minute never mind the super bowl. biggest clash on sunday will be the hash tag bold, twitter versus facebook, facebook playing catch-up even though it has five times as many users and ten times as much as revenue twitter is the top spot for instant snarky responses and facebook posting trending topics as twitter does that adopting the hash tag that made twitter famous. the ultimate aim is what nabisco pulled off with the famous oreo tweet moments after the super
12:50 pm
bowl blacked out this oreo tweet ran, 20,000 people forwarded it to their friends. the obstacle is persuading sponsors to pay twitter and facebook when they can use those channels free of charge. and that seinfeld reunion may be imminent. new york daily news reports jerry seinfeld, co creator larry david and jason alexander were seen together at tom's diner, a key location of the old show. no details yet but maybe it is nothing more than a guest appearance on the super hot web show comedians and cars getting coffee. it had 25 million streams and current third season. after the break we are back out in times square with a peek at this year's superbowl slag. ♪
12:51 pm
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cheryl: the natural retail federation estimates 12 billion, everything simple related around here, by official jerseys over $100, dennis, looking around for you, here are your options. nike the project $150, picking up the tab. are you with me? then got this tree. nike fan super bowl edition, or yellow. $60. something you might like.
12:55 pm
this is a jersey, $114. then the seahawks jersey. how much is this? dennis: no way that should be the same phrase as the broncos jersey, $150. cheryl: it is more money, $155. very good. now this is a lady's tee shirt. how much do you think this is andy like it? might be for someone special? dennis: $30. cheryl: that was wrong. finally i think you will dig this. this is the football and guess how much it is. it is affordable. cheryl: you are abetting the guy. dennis: that is fun stuff. cheryl: you like to make bets. who do you think is going to win? dennis: it has got to be peyton manning. the vindication of the broncos 27, seahawks 21. how about you? cheryl: interesting, we are very
12:56 pm
close. i also think it is going to be the broncos, going over a 3 point win, 27-24. i think you will be a close game. it will be a fun game hopefully. dennis: the official -- cheryl: next week. dennis: 2-1/2 point spread and you are going with the broncos. we got back. we will work that out. thanks very much. lots of energy. i love that place, good job. the dow climbing off of its lows a bit. but still battling a triple digit decline. is it time to blame the fed? peter barnes with an exclusive interview with san francisco fed president john williams. i am thinking he will say no. if you are looking for different kind of investment how about classic cars? adam and lori have the man behind the wheel of the show counting cars. tte or au lait?
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
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adam: stocks fall, but losses are more than cut in half. i am adam shapiro. lori: i am lori rothman just how concerned is the fed with the turmoil in the u.s., as well as emerging markets. in moments, peter barnes will have an exclusive interview. if stocks to bounce off the lows of it today. nicole: we got some key levels on the s&p 500. looking at


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