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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  March 9, 2014 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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>> love it baby. thank you for watching everybody. having a wonderful weekend. keep it right here. we continue with ericananananan" >> ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. >> wrong president kennedy, now it's what can your country do for you. it created an entitlement nation. suing your parents for child support to the dude we brought you last week. it's teaching our kids to be takers instead of makers. jfk would be ashamed of his party now. what does this say about the law when even big labor says it's
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being delta bad hand. and then up roar over the ukraine. remember when mitt romney warned us about russia and the president laughed. >> they're now calling to ask for their foreign policy back. >> this isn't a joke, folks. "cashin' in" starting right now. i'm eric bolling. welcome to "cashin' in." welcome everybody. taught to take instead of make, this week a judge smacking down a teen from new jersey that was trying to shake down her parents. plus the administration's pajama boy campaign and it's the life of julia campaign teaching people how uncle sam can help you from cradle to grave. sure looks like they want us to
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pay for their entitlement lifestyle. >> we no longer live in a free soet. instead, we live in a society where everyone expects everything to be free. you don't have to work hard anymore, because i all you are so do is go to the government's treasure chest. the president is the one who wants everyone in the america to live the life of julia. so it's not surprising. >> you're raising this -- ron is 7 years old. >> 7 years old. he's got to be a maker. he's got to follow after the footsteps of his mother for sure, but you also can't have a government that's contradicting the lessons you're trying to teach your family and your children. this is a complete shift in terms of the government, the economy, the whole american dream. right now what we see is an
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administration that seems to want to stifle that spirit. you see it across the board whether it's too many regulations -- >> too many handouts. >> what about it? really if you go from life of julia teaching women that you can be on the government doll from the minute you're born until the anyone you're dead and staying on dad's health care until you're 26 at at least. >> certainly our attitude and pr preassumptions about entitlement are gegt awry. these programs are designed to be transitional for people in need have to be incentive based. that's where i do agree the administration needs to focus on actually more regulation of these programs. don't be afraid to put hoops
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attached to these programs. people that aren't willing to make those efforts -- >> which regulate the programs which regulate -- >> yeah. >> we were raised pro capitalism, earn more, take risk. they're telling you, sit back, don't worry, we're going to take care of you. >> i went up to washington, i want add yacht, they didn't give it to me. i asked for an airplane, they didn't give it to me. >> they're so insensitive. >> they want give me anything in more. when we talk about regulation, regulation, competition is the natural regulator in our society. if i have ten people selling a product, the price is going to get better and the price is going to come down. you don't need to regulate
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competition. >> stop making so much sense otherwise they're going to can you tell us off. take a listen to john stewart mocking all of us at fox news for shedding light on food stamp abuse. >> food stamps are used for food. food. it stands for food stamps can only be used for food, o-o dummy. >> let me school you, mr. stewart. they aren't being used just for food. they're withdrawing it and spending it on other things like beer, weed and lap dances. president obama out layed a $3.9 trillion budget. the biggest of all time.
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>> you know, the program is what's the problem. it's too big. we shouldn't be regulating it. we should be cutting down the program. we spent $80 billion last year. 20% of american households are on food stamps. we have all of these people unemployed, we're incentivizing people to stay home and live off the government. >> i want to roll a sound bite that we've used quite a bit here. guys, please roll it. >> even in cleveland, minority got obama fault. you got low income, you disability. >> just to be fair, he wanted -- and after the first term of president obama when he was up for reelection, this woman said she couldn't vote for him a second time.
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>> this is just an example. it's not even a joke. they are thinking that they have this coming to them, and then it's a big disoi appointment when all of a sudden it doesn't work out. that's the mentality that we have to fight against in this country. it's all about getting over on the government. >> if i try, i can get food stamps, i can get help with housing, i can get help with heating my home. when does it end? what if i want another car? is that down the road. >> no. there should be a stricter guideline as to who is even qualified to get on these programs to begin with. >> the "give me" mentality is part of the problem. the answer isn't just trash the program. staying on food stamps for 18, 24 months, that is ridiculous.
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that takes more than just trashing a program -- >> eric made a point. he said about can i get a new car. do you remember cash for clunkers. >> yes. >> yeah, you can get a new car. >> there are lots of programs that help subsidize people. >> let me throw another one out there, if i couldn't pay the mortgage on my house anymore, they bailed out how many owners. >> but they bail out banks too, eric. >> we're not for it. >> how about fixing the economy so you don't have to bail people out. >> well rngs you don't have to fix the economy, you have to fix the congress. there's a mow noly. >> we just can't afford all of that. we have to do it smarter. this is not a sustainable
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remember when senate majority leader harry reid said this? >> there's plenty of horror stories being told. all of them are untrue. stories made up from lies distorted by the republicans to grab headlines or make political advertisements. >> well, senator, you may want to talk to union casino workers in your own home state because 55,000 of them say they might strike other obamacare. even unions know. >> oh, yeah, this is just perfect to happen to him in his own state coming back to bite him. do you think he might be agents senile, you're like, no, no, he knows exactly what he's doing. he needed the unions to try to push through the obamacare.
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they're still angry. they're still going to bite the hand that's feeding them. nothing's going to be good enough and they deserve it. >> unfortunately, the president, he's going to try to mitigate this in some fashion. they're going to give them a $63 break. that's not enough toe. if they have to get rid of their existing plan, it's a very generous, very good plan, there will be a strike. >> we've been talking about this for four years that this exact thing was going to happen. now all of a sudden unions, who by the way, support democrats -- 91 or 92% of the money they spend goes to democrats. they're a little late to the party, no? >> they're self-interested by definiti definition.
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they're for collective bargaining. i say, go to the table and negotiate. some in nevada are being successful in that. so don't be lazy. go to the bargaining table and negotiate your terms and probably find success there. >> did kimberly and ebony touch on part of the problem? the unions are biting the hands that feed them. >> eric, do you want to know how much sympathy i have for these unions? zero. zip. these were the people who got obamacare passed. i'm sorry if there there's anyone in america who should be punished with obamacare, it's these guys. they're the ones who threw the money in support of it. >> quick round on this one. take a look first at the new health care law. only 38% of the people favor the health care law. now throw up the other screen. is this coincidental.
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president obama's approval rating at the exact same 38%. can we tag his legacy to obamacare. >> i think it's an interesting parallel, don't you? this basically -- he has a 33% core constituency, no matter what he does, they're going to be like, that's our guy. no, no, he's misunderstood. >> people might like to see the white house in hawaii. >> your thoughts? >> it's an interesting thing. if you're into knew her ricks and all that kind of stuff because he has changed the law 38 times. did you think about that? seriously. it was a law. here's a man that's issuing proclamations like a -- >> em importanter. >> exactly. the law that was passed by the congress, sprinkled on by the supreme court and he does it by,
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i've got a phone and a pen. >> i've got 38 seconds for you and michelle each. why shouldn't president obama's approval rating be as low as 38%? >> it should be lower. >> it's totally fair to link his approval to this health care plan. i think it's premature to attach it to his legacy. give it just a tiny chance to get off the ground. >> it's been a failure -- >> oh, it's too early. >> who did not have insurance insured. now we know the people actually signing up, the small number are people, are not people who didn't have insurance. it's people thrown off of their insurance because of obamacare. >> that is not actually true, michelle. >> yes, it is. it came out this week that shows only one in ten people who did not have insurance. >> i'll going to throw it back
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to you ebony. only 38% of the people in america, not republicans. 38% of americans think obamacare is a good idea. >> honestly, most people still don't know what obamacare is. some of that is the messaging and the administration's fault. get out of open enrollment. >> cancel the law then. maybe just redo it. coming up, they laugh, but it's no joke. republican leaders warning about russia were mocked by the president and liberals in the mainstream media. is the world now a the
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conservatives. rand paul, ted cruz, chris christie, all making a splash before sarah palin. find out who the favorite is to run for the white house.
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>> and a mystery illness leads to paralyzing 25 children. >> as you're watching the show down in the ukraine now i want you to remember this. >> the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> russia indicated is a geo political foe. it's a geo political foe. >> and it wasn't just our president mocking mitt. now look at dnc poking fun at him. >> he read about reagan's private outside the cia teen bzelats telling him russia didn't have all the stuff they didn't have. >> i don't know what decade this guy is living. sounds like it's '72 or '52 even. it's not stalin over there.
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is the media love affair with the president putting us in danger? >> i think so. i don't think they understand the balance of power. the peace of the world was maintained from 1812 to 1914 by men who understood that and all the diplomats around the world -- the idea of creating this particular situation that putin has created and not understanding it and not understanding how to deal with it, yeah, it's just stupid. >> and michelle, not only mitt romney, sarah palin was mocked
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by the left lame stream media as well and she was right also. >> this is a growing trend. every time a conservative comes out and talks about a problem, the media mocks and they make fun of it. they did with russia and now obama was blind sided by putin and a number of issues. they did this with benghazi, with the irs and tea party folks were talking about [ female announcer ] who are we? we are thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nhts. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can s, "i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses,
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>> what have you got? >> it's a company that does photo compaction and for high definition systems and cameras. it sold off a little last week so i think it's bargain. >> where's the other guy? >> well, we got rid of him. he'll be back next week. he'll be back next week. thanks, wayne. great week. that's it. thanks for joining us. before we go, we want to thank you our loyal viewers, you made this show america's top rated cable muse show last weekend and the most viewed of any of the last five weekends. we promise to continue to defend our constitution and our republic from the constant threat of tyranny, anticapitalism and other liberal ideology and that brings me to tonight at cpac. the conservatives will vote on their choice for this year's most influential conservative. here's the front runners. keep an eye on that poll. it's sure to be talked about in
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