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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 20, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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degeneres. he is on the show. the latest appeal. it is not working so far. putin is still in humiliate america mode. can you believe this one? $10 billion. a quarter million people unplug from cable. going to the new king of entertainment, that would be streaming. first day of spring and "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: we will start with a big number. $10 billion. $10 billion for a company that
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most of you have never heard of. where did that number come from? charles: somebody has heard of them. secondly, let's talk about the more important banks. we have two buddies that moved from san francisco october 2007. they cannot afford their rent. it was going pretty good. they came up with a special cereal box. they sold $30,000 worth. this is what i love about these stories. it is about the american dream living. they have a new income stream.
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stuart: to me it is a very, very good idea. very well executed. again, it concentrates wealth. charles: maybe we can rent out the house on the weekends. i can stay with my brother. maybe we keep the house and pay the mortgage. stuart: i think that it is a great story. any solution to fix this will be painful to all of us. listen to this. >> security and the major healthcare plans will be more
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expensive than on average in the past. we have a choice as a society to scale back those programs relative to what is promised under current law or to raise tax revenue to above its historical average. stuart: we hear you. monica crowley is with us. monica, i will guarantee that is what happens. >> that certainly will be the move. what he is now talking about is you have to start dealing with social security now. stuart: the moment you use the word cut, you cannot win an
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election. stuart: both sides. >> it does need reform. stuart: which politician will not print a ton of money to fund it in the future? both sides will cave. both sides ultimately will agree to a tax increase. charles: i do not disagree with you guys. you have to start making these payments at 70. stuart: not all classes and groups of people live longer. charles: we do not have to pay those people social security.
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people say all the time, i put money into this. it is not a gimme. stuart: can't we just hold on for a second. we are about to take a statement from president obama. >> i want to provide an update on the situation in ukraine and the steps that the united states are taking in response. we have continued to be deeply concerned by the events in ukraine. we have seen an illegal referendum in crimea. there have been threats to ukrainian personnel. these are all choices that the russian government has made. because of these choices, the
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united states is today moving, as we said we would to impose additional costs on russia. based on that executive order that i signed in response to russia's intervention, we are imposing sanctions on more officials of the russian government. in addition, we are today sanctioning a number of other individuals with substantial resources and influence. a bank provides material support to these individuals. we are taking these steps as part of our response to what russia has already done in crimea. at the same time, the world is watching with great concern as russia has positioned its military in a way that could lead to further. four this reason, we have been working closely with our european partners.
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as part of the process, i signed a new executive order today that gives us the authority to impose sanctions not just on individuals, but key sectors of the russian economy. this is not our preferred outcome. these sanctions would not only have a significant impact on the economy, but could also have a disruption to the global economy. russia must know that further escalation will only isolate it further from the international community. the basic principle that relations between nations must be upheld within the 21st century. that includes respect for sovereignty. notion the nations do not simply redraw borders. one of our other top priorities
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is providing assistance to ukraine. as i travel to europe next week to meet with the g7 and other european nation allies, i once again urge them to pass legislation that is necessary to provide this assistance and do it right away. i also hope that it moves swiftly to provide a significant package. in europe, i will also be reinforcing a message to the vice president biden. america's support for our nato allies isnwavering. we have already increased our support.
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we will step up our cooperation with europe on economic and energy issues as well. one that the escalates and one that involves russia pursuing a diplomatic solution. the ukrainians should not have to choose between the west and russia. that can only happen if russia also recognized the rights of
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all the ukrainian people to determine their future. people and nations around the world undersnd and support. thank you very much, everybody. stuart: okay. that was the president making a very brief statement on the issues in ukraine. more sanctions on russian officials. he may impose even more severe sanctions if the russians continue to escalate. they need to recognize the rights of all ukrainians.
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>> i did not vote for you and i am pretty skeptical about obamacare. when i actually signed up, it turns out that i am saving $100, $200 or i am getting health insurance for the first time. >> i do not think building cares much if he goes on ellen degeneres in the final weeks of the obamacare sign up. stuart: oh, i think that he does >> president president obama is so distracted that he does not, is not paying close enough attention or is not willing to confront vladimir putin.
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what he told me is, state one media in russia is openly mocking the president of the united states. putting him on the air. there is absolute contempt in russia for this guy. he is out there dancing with ellen degeneres. stuart: plug-ins popularity rating has gone up. charles. charles: monica covered it all. very nicely, as usual. stuart: zero impact on the market. right where we were when the president stopped his speech. the strongest earthquake in 20 years at los angeles and monday. about three city council members are asking whether fracking is to blame. that comes up next. ♪ (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade
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stuart: a very modest rally.
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gold down. 1330 and downs. the big 3d printer maker. down they goes 8%. speaking of 3d, here comes the big dog. chill out. new high for hp. i am not sure it is an all time high. up 1%. more than a quarter million people said no more cable last year. marking the first full year of the client. they prefer to choose what they want to stream as opposed to taking what is given to them on cable. charles: cheaper and void choices. it is pretty clear.
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they will have to spend a whole lot of money and probably take some cuts here and there. stuart: another revolution. >> something around six months or that type of thing. it depends on what conditions are like. >> the market felt right after she said that. her stumbling there was seized on immediately.
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charles: it is a rookie mistake. it only trades on lower interest rates. we will start to raise rates. what i hate is when it shakes out before.
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8 miles from a disposal well where fracking wastewater was rejected. the city council has already band fracking in the city. the opponent is california gop kim donnelly. welcome back. good to see you.
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>> drilling our way to prosperity. look at what we get. if we could just tap 15%, usc has done a study. we have millions of people out of work here. if you cannot, i do not think any republican can win a statewide office in california. >> i believe that i can. when you look at north dakota, they tap and they do not have a governor there that will put an artificial floor over the economy.
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mcdonald's is paying $20 an hour plus a signing bonus because the free market is creating opportunities and competition. that is what people want in california. people want their state back. stuart: you have l.a. city council members say that earthquake. that is because of fracking. >> we have been fracking for 60 years. we have done it without a single incident. >> millions and millions of
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people who are out of work. creating jobs and opportunity. we can do that. we should have a black gold rush. stuart: how are you doing with the fracking argument? that is absolutely key. microsoft is now priced at purdue $9.98 per share. from here on out, charles will anchor the show. charles: you deserve it. take a bow.
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after the break, we revealed text tourney bracket. social networks making their first appearance. first, your reaction to this from jay carney. >> russian equities right now. unless you are going short. ♪
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these unless you are going short. stuart: what else i you going to say? charles: that was a grasp for strom moment there. it was utterly ridiculous. stuart: that is putting it mildly. that advice from jay carney on investing would launch a new segment, move over charles payne. this is making money with jay carney. we ask you whether you would take advice from obama's press secretary. we got a couple responses. allen says jay carney is the same guy advising me to buy obamacare and that won't happen. mary says i would not ask for a weather report. just look out the window. he is an embarrassment to the country like the rest of the administration little harsh. howard things we should have sympathy for jay carney saying do not blame him, look at who he is paid for speak for.
11:28 am
is a dirty job. not sure how jay carney feels about the two stocks we are going to bring up now, we value his opinion, check the now. an ideal, it would be cute to, put out cloud computing for banks. it is a 27%. q the trumpets, please. q the trumpets. thank you, thank you. microsoft hit $40 a share. i am a shareholder. i am not contemplating retirement but that is a wonderful piece of news for me and i'm going to leave it up on the screen for a while, let this thing in. they are telling me to move on. all right. time to reveal today's matchups, we put these two against each other for obvious reasons, facebook going head to head with twitter. which would you rather buy for the long term? facebook employs four times the market value of twitter. look at the stock charts. facebook is the clear winner up
11:29 am
25%. which do you prefer of the social networks? you decide. apple is the number 2 seater against fire i. looks like a mismatch. apple is the second-biggest american company by market value, 80,000 employees. $10 billion and 1,000 employees, stocks are a different story. apple shares down this year, fire i up 70%, it is a security company very nice niche to be in. apple prides itself on security. you can vote for which stocks to would rather own in the to these matchups, go to face book and twitter pages, all of our market watchers will have their pick in the next hour. i have something really different for you. on one side you have obamacare splitting the democrats. on the other you have libertarians' splitting the republicans. bret baier breaks it down after the break but here is the interesting bit. check this out.
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a contestant on wheel of fortune in the bonus round only got two letters to make his guests. he got the answer right. on the first friday won $40,000. what do you think that expression is? we will give you the answer after the break.
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request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment infmation, risks, fees and eenses to read and consider carefully before investing. stuart: this was the final puzzle on last night's wheel of fortune. two words, the first two letters only. can you guess the answer? watch this. >> new baby. >> i you kidding me? nails and on the first tribe. cash prize $40,000, he stunned pat sajak. he tweeted after the show, this feature is the most amazing salt in my 30 plus years on the show, no kidding. you are a genius at this kind of thing that you could never get
11:35 am
that. charles: jeopardy comes on before this. got final jeopardy and keep the song. i am so impressed with this kid, kept looking up the interactions, his enthusiasm for fellow contestants with i fell in love with him before the final question with his family was there. he was anti arthur chew. stuart: how can he get it right? how can you do that? "imus in the morning" for his enthusiasm. stuart: let's break this love fest up. stock is up $608. it was 612. is that a new high? $600 just like that. rand paul of all things is on the front page of the new york times today because he made a big splash at cal berkeley.
11:36 am
>> remember dominoes will be bad crust? think republicans already admitted that crust, we needed different kind of party. stuart: there was a standing ovation. the host of special reports on the fox news channel. can you welcome to the program, that looks to me like a flat out split in the republican party, libertarians versus everybody else. what do you say? >> rand paul is trying to to get that group, that young group, different demographic, he is going to speak to groups, african-american groups, hispanic groups, make the out reach case that a libertarian version of what has been the republican party is better able to go after the middle of the country, better able to go after constituencies that previously republicans haven't been able to
11:37 am
get. this is leading up to a 2016 run. stuart: the issues appealed very much to young people. that speech in berkeley was specifically nailing the nsa and snooping and domestic spying. unpopular with young people. he also played the marijuana card, legalize it nationally as most libertarians want. he really does appeal to young folks, a standing ovation at berkeley is astonishing for a republican. >> he is pulling a lot of things from his father, ron paul, who miraculously had this following that was almost a cult following in a lot of young groups. remember the primary leading up to the republican nomination. he is following that but on other issues he is changing and pulling a different card and being more traditional as far as republican issues. it is interesting to watch him. on the fed he is different from
11:38 am
his father. he still criticizes the federal reserve and thinks there should be more aggressive auditing but he is not overall on the ron paul side of things. i do think he is trying to bridge that young person's gap that republican voters have had. stuart: what about the democrats? they seem split over obamacare especially with the deadline approaching and enrollees not really there. some memory in the obamacare can't they seem to be split. >> there will be a lot more red state democrats, these vulnerable democrats up for reelection in traditionally republican states who start to pull away from the president on the issue of obamacare and try to distance themselves. mary landrieu of louisiana, mark baggage in alaska and others. there is a split here on obamacare. i also note that hillary clinton
11:39 am
when she goes on the stump around the country she doesn't talk about the nsa very much. that is a powerful issue for someone like rand paul to talk about because hillary clinton is caught on foreign policy and intelligence policy directly to barack obama. stuart: you read the numbers very closely. do you think the republicans will take the senate in this year's elections? >> we had a long way to go between now and then. a lot will be determined in the primaries, who the republicans choose to run in a lot of these races but most of the political analysts and all watchers in washington put it now at 60/40, the senate is going to change hands. because they look at the dynamic, all places democrats are defending and think republicans have a pretty good chance to pick up those six seats they need to take a majority. stuart: 6 months is an eternity in politics. bret baier, everyone, thank you
11:40 am
very much indeed. march madness, big money in vegas, millions of dollars. the sports book that when, the latest odds from him after the break. [ male announcer ] this is jowoods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two ings -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, t he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game om the great northwest. he'll stt investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, ich isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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stuart: here comes the big dog, a hewlett-packard announcing a consumer grade 3d printer. h p will have plans to break into that market in june. hewlett-packard, new high. 1/4 of a million people canceled their cable-tv subscriptions moving to streaming. good news for netflix, that stock is up $9. facebook will start forcing its customers to pay to have their posts promoted. under the new rules if you are not paying only 1% of your followers will see your posts. it is a business, stock down a bit. luxury clothing retailer forecasting a loss for its first quarter. down it goes 5%. microsoft rust, $40 a share. i own it. march madness kicks off the day, big weekend in vegas. on this show next.
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11:44 am
♪ don: disney's frozen is the best-selling kids movie on amazon period. nicole, making a ton of money for disney. tell me where the stock is.
11:45 am
nicole: this film is just unstoppable. people saw it with their kids in the theaters and want to watch it over and over again. disney right now up but it is now the selling kids movie on amazon. what a billboard record. that is pretty unbelievable. disney also said the deal with imax that they will be playing some disney movies in the imax theater. stuart: forgive me but looking out the corner of my eye, looking off camera i could see microsoft go by at $30.13. forgive me if i'm distracted. i do apologize. nicole: that is a big deal, $40 plus. stuart: i am retiring. charles is going to enter for me. thank you. watch out netflix and amazon, there is a new kid in town, sony have an original tv shows for play station not just about
11:46 am
video games, sony plans to offer original series through the gaming consul. that will be addition to an online pay-tv service delivered through play station so stock is up again 17 on sony. the n.c.a.a. basketball tournament tips off next hour, an hour from now. people of filling brackets out but two of the four favorites that you are seeing to reach the final four hy number 4 seeds. johnny of fellow in las vegas, sports book director. johnny, i don't know much about it but i know number 4 seeds are not supposed to be in this position. are they? >> the selection committee put them in those four seeds. las vegas book makers would have been no worse than the two c.
11:47 am
the selection committee -- stuart: people making bets thinking differently from the people who made the n.c.a.a. brackets. >> under most, not close to the favorites. and much higher price than any of the fours. i update my power ratings daily, and those teams are stronger than some of the one seeds. the selection committee basing it on what we have seen lately in the tournament. stuart: can we put those four on the scene again? you actually watch games. you watch all these games and take notes and you figure out, charles -- laughing at me. >> one of the most obvious questions you ever ask. as microsoft thing has used so
11:48 am
giddy. stuart: come back in again. don't you study statistics? >> i study more statistics. i don't have time to watch all of them. charles: what is going on here? look at the numbers? >> too many games. they are in the game, we put up half time lines so i need to watch pieces of the games but i can't watch all the games. pieces and stats is what i do. stuart: did you get a ph.d. in statistics in harvard or something? >> no. stuart: what did you study at harvard? >> i didn't study at harvard. stuart: you told me you did. >> you asked me if i was a harvard graduate joking around and i said yes, i and and you went with it. stuart: i did with it didn't die? las vegas.
11:49 am
i go six times a year. i noticed during march madness your sports book is jam packed full of people who seem to spend 24/7 right there. you have a huge business of people who go to vegas and gamble right there, don't you? >> that is correct. you just had a song, the oscar winner let it go. basically that song is not anything to do with frozen but the people that come into the sports book and going to their pocket and grab their money. that is what that song applies to. stuart: good business. what about this? if you can predict every single game, absolutely 100% correct you win $1 billion and the money was put up by warren buffett. the board odds are rather long against anybody actually winning. >> they are. if you actually put a bet, if
11:50 am
all teams were equal it would be about 9 quintillion to one to hit every game but they are not equal. some teams are better than others and some underdog's will win. the actual law is based on last year's odds was about 4.5 billion to one. is offering a one billion to one. it is a nice thing to hit to pick all the games. stuart: you never know. please come back again. you are a great guest and we want to keep up to speed on march madness from someone who knows. thank you very much. new late-night show host jimmy fallon taking a shot at president obama on crimea and obamacare. very funny, yes it is but maybe a hint that mainstream america is turning on the administration. hear the jokes after the break. it's a growing trend in business:
11:51 am
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stuart: earlier, we told you about president obama's appearance on the ellen
11:55 am
degeneres show to promote obamacare to get young people to enroll but not all of hollywood is on his side. we found this mock phone call between president obama and vladimir putin from the tonight show last night. rolled this for a second. >> forcing people to accept something the majority of them don't even want. >> yes. we have worked for this. obamacare. >> that hurts. >> does obamacare cover burns? >> very funny. stuart: charles, this is national television. the tonight show, mainstream america and making a big joke out of obamacare. charles: it is a big joke but i like the idea that a hipster, jimmy fallon is the hottest guy on tv and he doesn't offend people, the people who love president obama, hollywood types coming on his show. it is a way to attack this, but acknowledge it.
11:56 am
acknowledge it. i thought was amazing and really funny. stuart: when they start laughing at a program you have a real problem. charles: they are taking desperate measures because they are desperate but it doesn't fix the problem. stuart: very true. time for you to surface as you often do in this hour and make us some money and to date you say ultra. charles: i gave it to the audience, february 22nd of last year and it was a grand slam. it pulled back recently. charles: what do they do? charles: big salons near your home. next time your near a strip mall you will see one. i have never been inside one. first time i saw it i was blown away. it is a beauty salon. all these kind of things, they had all middle growing pain, you can see where they pulled back. it goes back to 135. this is the stock, i like short-term and long-term.
11:57 am
stuart: we q you. next case. bit bit. one of these. facing a class-action lawsuit over a rashes some people say they get from wearing it. are lawyers going to kill it? maybe they are trying to but we have a lawyer joining us in two minutes. the company that helped 3d print a man's new face. >> that company makes machines, makes little figurines, jewelry, it is a glorified play-doh factory. so ally bank has a raise your rate cd
11:58 am
11:59 am
that wothat's correct.a rate. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark? go get help! i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. stuart: it is a cascade of news developments not even including the plai plane or put in. the lawyers are gathering for the kill. when you believe this is the target? doctors used to support obamacare, now they are saying again stuck with unpaid bills. the man who ran the white house outreach program, the latest
12:00 pm
obamacare push. obama is dancing with ellen. 3d printing moving in. and john stossel used to stutter. under new disability rules must companies hire him? ♪ all right, the dow industrials up 52 points and big news on a big name, starbucks partnering with opera on tv. but what is everybody talking especially this morning was this, starbucks has started to sell beer and wine in some locations and will expand it to thousands of locations. i think this is a great american company breaking new ground, extending its area and shifting the culture, am i going to far? charles: no, you are not. they will be absolutely amazing
12:01 pm
but don't be surprised they take over one day. the healthy alternative. one-stop shopping for all the beverages you like. stuart: he has the tea company, the baking company, now he is in the liquor business. that is where this guy is going. i like it. up 67, housing is a big part of the economy. the weather took a bite out of existing home sales down a little bit. stocks bouncing back. remember janet yellen's gaffe yesterday? it starts going back up just a little. let's get to fitfit facing a class-action lawsuit in california. some claim this tracking bracelet causes rashes and blisters. it calls for a refund of $130 for the device plus shipping and
12:02 pm
tax and full disclosure of the cause of the skin irritation. we're joined by fairly decent guy. he is a lawyer. looks to me like the gathering are just try to take money gaming the system. because there is a little bit of a rash. >> looks, class actions, on one idea it is great because if i am armed $100, they do it to a million people, they will have $100 million. it is more about punishing the defendant to get back to 100 million than helping the plaintiff. however i don't disagree with you that it is run amok. stuart: it is totally run amok. >> i remember discussing this with my late father was a lawyer, i said these people
12:03 pm
don't need a client in person. the lawyers make a large fee. but if it punishes the defendant and makes arab revolts to some extent, it is a good thing. stuart: if they win, they win a ton of money from fitbit. they will get a refund of the cost of this thing and a nice discount coupon for the next one. >> the devils advocate is nobody gets a penny refund. lawyer fees have to be approved by the court. stuart: a rash? anybody who wears a wristwatch would get a rash. [laughter] >> twice you've already used the word "punish." the idea is you want to punish them? >> i used the wrong word, you are right. i mean make people whole.
12:04 pm
stuart: a rash, i must be made whole. i want a ton of money, i'm going to hire a lawyer. i am harmed for life, i need counseling. i need therapy forever. i got a rash. >> forget this case. stuart: we will not forget this case. you are a lawyer trying to put this device out of business. and you might win. >> if it causes a rash, something has to be done about that. charles: lawyers will make a lot of money. stuart: lawyers will make money. got to make money. you are the right of wrongs, aren't you? the chairman of the federal reserve. >> my father, his name was arnold.
12:05 pm
stuart: you are a lawyer, thank you for coming on. >> i am a lawyer, i admit it. somewhat reluctantly. stuart: it is thursday, right? facebook is not cool anymore. and they don't care. facebook is a business, all about making money. pay up. tell me what is going on. nicole: that is right. you want attention on facebook, put your money where your mouth is. that is what facebook is telling businesses, not individual users, businesses one by one. i don't want the bad p.r. to go along with it. telling big companies that unless, let's use nike for example. they are only going to be able to pump out about 1% of that. 160,000 of their followers will get to see their new shoe unless they want to pay for it.
12:06 pm
this is facebook is a business. stuart: the stock has gone up. thank you, nicole. #askpayne. you wanted to know about cisco. charles: this is a really tough one. this week downgraded it, sort of shockwaves. target went from 25 up to 23. they have these businesses moving slowly into the cloud and security to the person that was asking about it, they pay 3% yield. i like juniper are a lot more. stuart: it is safe, it will not drop through the floor. charles: is this where you want all your eggs? stuart: protesting obamacare
12:07 pm
provision leaving doctors with the bill from the two months of unpaid care. the provision requires insurers to allow patients for federally subsidized health insurance plans a 90 day grace period to pay the premiums before canceling coverage. they're on their hope the first 30 days, the doctor stuck with the bill after that. it is complicated but the ama was a big supporter of obamacare. now it is saying we get stuck with the bill. joining us now, from lenox hill hospital. i am trying to explain it. we hear under obamacare doctors like yourself can sometimes get stuck with the bill over a longer holding because of obamacare, is that accurate? >> i would say at this point the
12:08 pm
end of the private practice because-- stuart: that is a big statement. >> i hope to see mostly people in private practice today are operating on smaller and smaller margins. the reason for that is because of the new law lotta people signed up for high deductibles. especially the beginning of the year, we're talking about deductibles five, $12,000. these people are insured. but when they come to see you they cannot pay. stuart: they have a huge deductible so the beginning of the year they are working off the deductible, not really insured. they are stiffing the doctor, is that roughly how it is? >> that is exactly how it is. people come to the doctor. i am in a specialty business.
12:09 pm
very expensive operations. almost instantly the people will meet the deductible going into my office. if we go ahead with the surgery. these people are insured for my purposes. i could be working for months. if you project that on a nationwide level, a serious hit in america. stuart: it is a complex story. i want to go back to your opening statement, this is the end of private practice. >> if they are operating on small margins they have to pay the salary to their employees. most importantly in new york it is tremendous. the average surgeons over $70,000 per year.
12:10 pm
i don't have the exact number, but that is the ballpark. if you calculate all these expense, no money coming in,-- stuart: are you a member of "the american medical association"? originally supported obamacare very strongly, sir. are you going to withdraw that support? >> i am very agitated because i believe in the beginning especially had betrayed a lot of us. stuart: strong word, doctor, "betrayal." >> i am passionate about this. cancer care requires a lot of efforts, a lot of times each individual patient. so, for me supporting organization like ama is critical. if the law doesn't work i cannot
12:11 pm
maintain my private practice, cannot help my patients and what is the next step? stuart: i know you came to us in very short notice, we appreciate it because we want a clean cut understanding the situation that you and other doctors are in. and you delivered. hewlett-packard getting into the 3d printing business. a juggernaut getting into a new territory. 3d. does the smaller company have much of a chance? the ceo of 3d systems is with us after the break.
12:12 pm
12:13 pm
so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 a month? yup. all 5 of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day.
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you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line, anytime, for $15 a month. low dues, great terms. let's close! new at&t mobile share value plans our best value plans ever for business. stuart: you expect bill gates kids are going to inherit billions? think again. bill and melinda gates speak about their ideas at the conference in vancouver. reports gates says he is not going to make them all billionaires. instead they need to have a sense their own work is
12:15 pm
meaningful and important. i think that is good advice to me, charles, but what gets me is if they'r they are so in love wh government, why don't believe it's the government through a states texans set of avoiding them? i never do. charles: the kids will not be broke. this smart, you are doing them a favor. your point is equally important, arguing for the regular businessman with a plumber with three to pay for more in taxes. stuart: if you think government spending is so wonderful a some of these billionaires do, give it to the government. what is wrong with this picture. getting all fired up. microsoft is at $40. shares of 3d printer took a loss
12:16 pm
and disappointed with the forecast and down nearly 10%. not necessarily a household name but hewlett-packard is. ceo meg whitman says they need to get into the 3d printing market. the stock is up at 32, i think that is a high. stay with hp for the moment. we had a president ceo of 3d systems. they were very interested in the idea of 3d systems are 3d printing. welcome to the program. are you worried the big guys are coming into your turf right now? >> i think it is very validating the big guys are coming. we think it will be good for the whole state, we are not waiting for them to come. whave been announcing some products coming into the market, engineering capabilities from
12:17 pm
xerox. built in the first high-speed printer from google. stuart: you're very, very good getting her talking points across. you have got to be considered a takeover target. you have to be seen as a buyout had it, you? >> we are interested in generating shareholders. stuart: be reasonable, wouldn't you like to cash out if somebody take you over, you walk with a alien or something like that, you don't want that? >> i think there are greater growth opportunities for us and we have worked very hard to position ourselves for growth. we expect to double our business again in the next couple of years and we think there is a better value for shareholders than a quick exit now.
12:18 pm
stuart: he had this to say about your company, 3d printers on this program. >> that company makes machines, little figurines, jewelry, it is really a glorified play-doh factory. stuart: you heard it, a glorified play-doh factory. would you like respond to that? >> over 90% of our business making parts for airplanes and cars and specific medical devices. i find this product ironically misinformed. stuart: despite a rationalization of the whole industry? will come down for a few majors within a few years? >> i think consolidation is afoot, but equally we see some new startups. it will take some time. at the end of the day having a complete portfolio like we have with more than 100 materials
12:19 pm
will scale to the people looking to invest in the manufacturing prodigy. this is going to be about airplanes and cars and the future of manufacturing. stuart: i understand you just helped someone to walk again, tell me what 3d printing did for this lady who now walks. i only have 30 seconds. >> she was paralyzed from the waist down in a ski accident. we helped her in a way that allowed her to restore her symmetry and allowed her to walk on an extension of her body as opposed to just a machine. that to me is priceless and it points to future directions of specific medical devices to improve the quality of life.
12:20 pm
stuart, again soon. starbucks bringing booze to a coffee shop near you. the changing social habits up next. we asked people a question,
12:21 pm
12:22 pm
how much money do you think you'll need when you retire? then we gave each person a ribbon to show how many years that amount might last. i was trying to, like, pull it a little further. [ woman ] got me to 70 years old. i'm going have to rethink this thing. it's hard to imagin how much we'll need for a retirement that could last 3years or mor so maybe we need to approach things dferently,
12:23 pm
if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. ♪
12:24 pm
stuart: you have to call this a bounce back rally. maybe people are reevaluating the slip of the tongue or her mumbled response of confusion. maybe she made a mistake. two stocks hitting new highs, plenty of them. to pulley above $600 per share. now look at this. microsoft hit 40 earlier, now it is at 40.23. the obamacare push reaches the ellen show today. most beat one of. is that strategy working? plus, a home rental company
12:25 pm
online worth $10 billion which mark charles payne loves it. more on the company. i have a story for you about a shift in our culture, changing social habit, companies that lead the way. here is my take on starbucks. perhaps are expected something about amazon or google bringing new technology to our lives. this is about starbucks bringing alcohol to the coffee shop near you. they plan to serve here and wine as well as quality food in thousands of stores throughout the country. they've already started at 25 location the quitting l.a., seattle and chicago. as a big shift in the way alcohol is being presented. 13,000 starbucks in america. they are everywhere and they are inviting places, they are not dark and dingy and forbidden. they are haven for young people. it seems to me if alcohol is
12:26 pm
introduced by the world's leading coffeehouse chain, something is shifting. as the neighborhood bar retreats, companies like starbucks jump in to fill the gap. all of those will be wildly expensive and liability insurance serving booze will cost an arm and a leg. we had a even started on a question if people want to drink in a coffee shop. our opinion this morning was it will be an utter failure. maybe. but i take this as a sign of the times. it starts to lead new trends and starbucks is all-american. america is always changing and we shouldn't be surprised when alcohol consumption changes too. good for you, starbucks, now let's see if it works. the stock has done well.
12:27 pm
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12:29 pm
so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right, no hidd fees. it's just that i'm worried about, you know, "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh... surprise!!! um... well, it's true. at ally there are no hidden fees. not one. that's nice. no hidden fees, no worries. ally bk.
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your money needs an ally. the 30 seconds recap, a cable tv, call it the streaming revolution, 250,000 people have cut the cord on cable. you have turned to streaming services like netflix and amazon prime. calling all lawyers, fit bit
12:31 pm
facing the class-action lawsuit over the fit bid forced model, some claim it causes a rash. they have a class-action lawsuit. to the target security breach going to hollywood. matchable, the subject of a feature film, target may be the subject of a feature film about that breach of security sony is making a movie. netflix shares bouncing back? the dow, 11 straight sessions is a record. bounce back a little. up $10, netflix at 430 as of right now. president obama appearing on the ellen degeneres show promoting obamacare trying to get young people to sign up for the march 31st deadline. >> e-mail your kids if they don't have health insurance and 2 check out. is much more affordable than people thought. stuart: we are joined by the senior vice president at xbox
12:32 pm
communications, former communications director for president obama in the white house. if i was going to try to reach young people i believe it i would like a president, i would go on youtube and the ellen show because that is the audience i want to reach. the criticism is it is not presidential, vladimir putin is looking at what the president is doing, and it is not working, young people are not signing up. >> the reason president obama is in the oval office is he is a nonconventional communicator, somebody who on both of his campaigns understanding media at best as anyone who has ever been in the presidency, and he is encouraging his team to put him in places where the audience he needs to reach, will hear what he has to say. the affordable care act is important enough he is willing
12:33 pm
to go anywhere. >> they were laughing at him, laughing at him. >> that is what they do on the late-night show. stuart: the first president -- >> first president to go on late night, all types of presidential candidates gone before they become president but afterwards is groundbreaking and that shows the understand the media. stuart: vladimir putin is watching. >> at the end of the day more importantly the american people are watching and that is the audience. charles: how about the mayor called the. how can you keep pushing a product that obviously has a whole lot of flaws? mothers don't have to e-mail their kids if they're living in the basement. you can't have it both ways and the president is so reluctant to say i got it wrong, in set i will communicate in unconventional ways, i will make people like it even though they don't because it doesn't work. >> we are upwards of 5 million
12:34 pm
people -- >> the affordable care act right now and after he appeared with that, we saw 40%. charles: i got to be honest with you. when they pitch this so eloquently and had a ceiling but the guild the nation that treats our unhealthy like garbage in the streets i thought there would be a line of 30 million people signed up. i thought it was the no-brainer. what happened? >> the rollout was not what it should have been the tremendous progress since the improvements made to the fight. you have more and more people going on to sign up. the deadline is march 21st and that is what the president is making this. stuart: the president and the united states dances with ellen, is made fun of on youtube and the president of the united states becomes a joke on a late-night talk-show i think the president ever is desperate,
12:35 pm
looks desperate, very bad to enemies. >> they're designed to go for a specific target audience. at the end of the day you might not get it but you are not the target. the people the president trying to reach the uninsured and they are everywhere. the president is willing to go anywhere and everywhere to deliver the message. stuart: the iranians are building a bomb and looking at the president peddling obamacare on late-night television. what response did they have when they look at the president do this? >> one of the best lines delivered in 2008 was we need to be in the heat of the economic meltdown, do more than one thing at once at a time. so now what he is saying is why we are dealing with syria's geopolitical issues across the globe we have to deal with business at home and right now the main business for this president is getting as many
12:36 pm
people signed up for the affordable care act as possible and that is being done through non conventional means. the message wasn't meant for you. stuart: will the democrats say enough, we can't have this round out, it is very badly. regroup after the election, the think the others say that? >> they appreciate as well nancy pelosi and other members also agreed, they agreed that right now we need to be getting as many people sign up for the affordable care act as -- stuart: a good republican candidate, nancy pelosi, she has done more for republicans and you are laughing because you know it is true. >> we will see where we are march 31st. i guarantee the ellen degeneres show we can anticipate a president and the white house will be doing even more. charles: half of democrats running for office in the midterm election will stay away from obamacare. it will never trickle of of their lips.
12:37 pm
>> all politics are local and they need to do what they need to do to win their races. what is important to maintain the senate and fight to take back the house. stuart: if you lose the senate obamacare has a huge problem. >> not so sure about that. we saw what happened. we are going to fight against that. at the end of the day, right now, where do you see the president saying, members of the democratic party saying, they are telling people we need to wake up. florida 13 was a wake-up call for those who are aware, we lost democrats, we are not successful in winning that race even though we spent a lot of money. stuart: it was about obamacare. >> not at all. less than 3500 votes, ten vote for a precinct. at an end of the democrats could have won that vote if we had gotten our voters out to the polls and we know -- charles: presidents--republicans after the presidential campaign.
12:38 pm
>> in 2008-2012 that is what we did. we were successful at getting voters to the polls and we need to have the same motivation during this midterm. stuart: no doubt about that. we are out of time but it was fun. glad you made it. come and see us again. you are not careful we will invite you. thanks very much. up next the real halftime report. facebook vs twitter, apple versus fire i. we can't forget about caribbean be. can you believe it is worth $10 billion? you probably never heard of it. all that after the break. [ male announcer ] what if a small company became big business overnight? ♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪ or their new product tanked? ♪
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and the capital's been invested? or wn your compan's bought another? is it over after you' given back? you never stop achieving. that's why, at barclays, our ambition is to always realize yours. stuart: another new player in the online video streaming game. sony will be developing original programming which will be streamed over playstation consuls. first solar expecting big profits this year. ge to develop low-cost solar plants. check the stock. they like up 5%. the clothingmaker gets folk casting a lot, there goes down the weekend. jpmorgan announcing it will be selling off its physical commodities unit. the stock hit an all-time high
12:41 pm
earlier today, 60 right now. hewlett-packard announcing plans to get into the 3d printing market. big dog coming into the emerging market place. the ceo of 3d systems on the show is not worried about competition. we have the real halftime report next.
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
stuart: charles payne is with us. larry 11 in chicago, and nicole at the stock exchange. you skipped the hotel, you went from strangers, a parent of the company that does that is worth $10 billion. the market value of air be and be. $10 billion for home rental online company. i you kidding me? >> i agree. 10 billion seems ridiculous. the company is whatever anyone is willing to pay for or invest in but usually a company is valued on an exponent of earnings and is nowhere near as that. stuart: is a huge value. charles payne loves it. >> don't know what the earnings are. i like to see ideal operating history first the 500,000 listening, 30,000 cities, 192 countries, the market cap at $22 billion, this won't have any overhead. i don't know if it is too much
12:44 pm
or too little but is worth a look. stuart: here are a couple stocks we're watching on the halftime report. i will break out the trumpets loud and clear. let them ring for microsoft up $1 at $4.27. nicole: pretty impressive. the top performer on the dow jones industrials, record new highs for your beloved microsoft and you can see it doing a really great today. stuart: surprise loss and a difficult forecast for those 3d printers, x 1. i think some of the air is coming out of that 3d balloon. charles: what happens when you get a lot of hot stocks, the stocks go ahead with fundamentals and take a hiccup and normally they come back but x 1 is unique. they don't sell a lot of printers. they sold a handful but this is more vulnerable. stuart: to nicole petallides and
12:45 pm
chipotle, the $612 a share or roughly is that where they are? nicole: hitting a new high for capote mexican grill, surprising, the most positive analyst, to boldly furrowing from out of the water. is an unbelievable mover. stuart: $600, we got it. let's get to our cac 40 matchup of the day. two big social networks going up face book and twitter head to head, here is the other matchup, apple going up against fire i. we know what apple does but fire i is a security company. first, facebook or twitter to you. make your pick. charles: it is close. stuart: larry, your pick. >> i agree with charles, will close the on the other side pick facebook. stuart: what about apple vs 5 brian: jet? charles: i will go with fire i,
12:46 pm
$400 for a nice healthy gain. stuart: apple or fire i, which one? >> it is more expensive. stuart: all right, the great real halftime report. show you the big board, we are up 120 points. i have to believe some people are rethinking janet yellen's mumbled response to a question about interest rates, rethinking her response and the market is up 120 points. charles: the end of q e another six months, hiking rates take you to the middle or second half of 2015 that was the consensus. when they talk about doing it there's a group of people that become very afraid. stuart: microsoft up $1.08. have a disability? new federal regulations say your employer might have to ask you
12:47 pm
if you got a disability, that doesn't sit well with john stossel. he responds to this after the break. americans with disabilities act specifically says employers cannot ask about disabilities. can you imagine the lawsuits when employers to ask? employers that damned if they ask and penalized if they don't. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...
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multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind.
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12:51 pm
lou: leftist thought the bullies of the schoolyard of life, so says the five co-host's, greg gut feld, talking to him about his brand new book not cool, the hipster elite and their work on you. please join us tonight at 7:00 eastern. stuart: a new federal regulations as federal contractors will be required to ask all employees if they have a disability. and companies that don't employ a minimum of 7% disabled workers
12:52 pm
could face penalties or lose their government contracts. john stossel is with us. what do you say about that? you got to tell me. john: i would covet my disability. i had one. i have a scudder. i almost quit television because of it and if we had government that was a encouraging me to say you are disabled, your company has to accommodate you i would have gone to my first employer and said i shouldn't be on the air. i wouldn't be here today. stuart: you can have federal contractors who once disabled people that is easy to get around that would encourage a certain type of disability to come in because we need you for the quota. john: reward victimhood. the number of disabilities keeps going up, people collecting disability benefits. as people do less manual labor and injured less often come as medicine gets better to help people get back to work more
12:53 pm
people claim they are disabled. stuart: have a stretched what is disabled? could be disabled if you have a major depression. if you drink too much, all kinds of non physical ailments. john: they thought it would be for blind people, deft people, the aggression, back pain, ambiguous stuff phonies can play. stuart: someone could be forced to employ you. john: i would fix fox can't fire me. it will be $10 million. john: we get -- -- john: it is wishful thinking.
12:54 pm
stuart: i believe we have a clip known as a sound bite from your show. is that correct? roll it. >> help, i am strangling here. i want to create something new, build something, in then something but i am drowning in thousands of regulations. john: supposed to be spiderwebs, looks a little like toilet paper. i sense this is why after every recession, job hiring bounced back. if i and an employer i say i am caught in the web. stuart: this is sweeping away rules and cobwebs, are you going to sweep the mall way? calling for total absence of rules and regulations or do you have specific targets? john: we only have an hour, we sweep a certain amount away and government should have pollution control rules and police and
12:55 pm
enforcement of contracts. there are some reasons for rules on government spending but much less than we have got. stuart: would you go back to absolute zero with virtually nothing going on? john: you brits are lucky to live -- stuart: where did this come from? john: we grew fastest when government was less than 5% of the economy. 3%. 2%. stuart: you love the bureaucracy lesson from the brit. john: they embrace the british bureaucracy like the way to be ended stymied their economy ever since. stuart: i used to live in india. john: 20 permits to buy a computer. stuart: i had to stand in four lines to buy postage stamps and mail something. that was 1969-97? john: indians leave, indians come here they prosper.
12:56 pm
stuart: they should watch your show about sweeping away rules and regulations. the name of the show is stossel, spring cleaning, 9:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. thank you very much. highlight reel is next. [ male announcer ] there is no substitute for experience. for what reality teaches you firsthand. in the face of danger, and under the most demanding circumstances. experience builds character. experience builds confidence. and experience... has built this.
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12:58 pm
speewun here it is, the highlight reel. microsoft, a $39.98 a share. come on, somebody. i want to see it move. did it touch 40? from here on out charles -- you actually watch games, do you? we watch these games, figure out, charles, they're laughing at me. charles: one of the most obvious questions you ever ask to. stuart: did you get a ph.d. in
12:59 pm
statistics at harvard or something? >> no. stuart: what did you study at harvard? >> i didn't study at harvard. stuart: you told me you did. >> you asked me if i was a harvard graduate, you drove me around and i said yes and you went with it. stuart: yes i did. we had some good laughs. we appreciate it all. that highlight reel was all about microsoft. i have to say i have suffered the slings and arrows of being a rotten investor for all these years and suddenly it makes my day. microsoft, joy and laughter. look at that. $40.41 a share. viewers, we thank you, thank you, thank you, that is great stuff. i hope you will join in my joy and laughter. cheryl: i watched you out microsoft for years. you are not getting the viewers involved in building up your
1:00 pm
personal portfolio. adam: thank you. i am adam shapiro. cheryl: cheryl casone. trading jabs. president obama issuing sanctions on russia amid, quote, grave concern over the situation in ukraine but the kremlin firing back with threats of its own. adam: wall street waits, the latest round of bank stress tests are due shortly, breaking down the big issues and potential payout with charlie gasparino and guggenheim's marty moseley. cheryl: on your screen -- two large object on route for a closer look. we will keep you posted. adam: college the antisocial network. we will introduce you to the new apps warning u.n. people you know and may not really want to talk to nearby. cheryl: charlie gasparino right now. we are looking at bank stocks trading higher ahead of the f


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