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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  April 1, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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a lot more to come. our own gerri willis will pick up where we left off. thanks for watching. liz: thank you. gerri: hello, everybody, i'm gerri willis. right now on "the willis report," gm executives before congress struggle to answer questions over its recall scandal as victims families appeal for change. >> it is my sincere hope there will be changes made to the law in order to prevent other families from experiencing our tragedy. gerri: also, secretary of the department of veterans affairs, have the a, accused of hiding hospital records of dead veterans. a "willis report" cash challenge. >> this cash challenge for costco is going to be interesting. gerri: can you dump your credit cards and live on cash only? we're watching out for you on "the willis report."
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gerri: a big day on capitol hill which we've been bringing you as general motors ceo mary barra occupied the hot seat over the recall linked to at least 13 deaths. now she testified before a subcommittee of the house energy and commerce committee for more than two hours. here with more, fox business as own rich edson. >> well, gerri, she doesn't know because they're leading an investigation at gm around she wasn't in her capacity as gm ceo at the time. that is pretty much the standard answer that she gave to a host of serious questions that they had on this panel. an ongoing investigation deferring to that for the better part after few hours where she testified on capitol hill. she also said that basically, moving forward from here, there will be uncertainty about victims compensation funds. they have hired ken feinberg to try to deal with that. going from here, the lawmakers said they were very underwhelmed. others said she and her answers
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were in a way gobbledygook. there was a bit of substance here looking back on gm and its history on all of this, she referred to what former gm executives or perhaps they're still even there, but in their capacity in dealing with this, when gm made the evaluation that it would be too expensive to fix the ignition problems about 10 or so years ago, and in doing so, she took a shot at the old gm. >> so when gm concluded, you heard in my opening statement, that the tooling costs and price piece are too high what does that mean? >> i find that statement to be very disturbing as we do this investigation and understanding it in the context of the whole timeline. if that was the reason this decision was made, that is unacceptable. that is not the way we do business in today's gm. >> she said the old gm was one of a cost culture. she says now the gm that she oversees is one of a consumer culture and a safety culture.
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talk about what ken feinberg has done, she announced at hearing that the company will be hiring, ken feinberg. they have their first meeting on friday. she wouldn't even commit to say there is even a victim's compensation fund. ken feinberg is well-known for administering the 9/11's victims compensation fund, boston bombings and those affected by the gulf oil spill. gm not committing to setting money aside here. they're exploring next phases on all of this. she did talk about had gm decided when it first became aware of these issues about a decade ago, had it decided to change an offer a recall and change these ignition switches back then, it would have cost the company, she said, less than $100 million. she says it will be significantly more now but she refused to give an actual answer how much this is going to cost general motors. gerri? gerri: rich, i think a lot of people out there are not happy with the lack of answers she gave today. i don't know how surprising it is, given the fact that the company is under a lot of
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pressure right now and possibly legal issues arising for the company as well. what is the next step here? what happens now? >> right. she has to be very careful because she can't put anything out there that could damage the company or go towards a lawsuit against the company. so she's concerned about that in her testimony. the other part we have to point out here, that she is testifying as ceo of a company that technically had nothing to do with this. this is a new company. i know it is gm but old gm she was referring to is a bankrupt semblance of what was once a great american company, that is the result of a government bankruptcy. as far as what is next, there is the gm investigation that is ongoing. the investigators of this committee, the energy and commerce committee on the house side, they will continue to talk to members of general motors. they want more documents from general motors on all of this. also nhtsa, the federal regulator says it is continuing its investigation on all of this. i wouldn't be surprised if we heard from this again on capitol hill. gerri: to be sure.
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and to be continued, rich. thanks for helping us out. great to see you. thank you so much. >> thanks. gerri: kenneth feinberg as you heard is in but mary barra making it clear today that doesn't mean money is going to be doled out. should there be a compensation fund for gm victims? many people talking about that tonight. here to weigh in, mark modica, national legal and policy center, jack burkman, republican strategist. mark, i will start with you. as i said they retained ken feinberg. as you know he has been critical, 9/11, bp, boston marathon, doling out the dough. what does this tell you? is this the right thing to do for gm right now? mark, to you. >> oh absolutely, absolutely. i think that was the direction this would have headed and now with ken feinberg in there i think it's clear they know it is the right thing to do and, they're going to get money rightfully so, to people that were hurt and their families who definitely deserve it.
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gerri: jack, to you, do you agree? should feinberg be brought in at this point? >> yeah, maybe bring feinberg in but i don't think there should be any kind of a fund. feinberg is smart lawyer. could advice you, gerri, don't be too cynical maybe we should have let gm go broke. that is what a lot of us said four or five years ago. i don't see any public component to this issue at all. make, news controversial. 13 people guy, so what. 13 people die in a lot of things. hundreds of people die in a lot of things. doesn't mean there needs to be congressional hearing. nix thing you will have somebody in the senate, blumenthal calling for oversight. wouldn't be surprised if they want public mon to put into this. gerri: mark i have a feeling you want to say something about this right now. >> that is a horrible thing to say, not something i think as a republican strategist you want to put out there, that you don't think 13 people dying is important. >> not only. >> it is important, the fact
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that general motors covered this up for some years. but more importantly, not that they covered it up from old gm which i kept hearing today about today's gm. today's gm has been in existence for almost five years. and they knew about this. as a matter of fact -- >> mark, you're missing point. these people, these victims can avail themselves of many things. they have courts. they have lawyers. they're all kind of plaintiff lawyers. there are class-action suits. we have 100 things available in the tort system for people to sue when they're injured. that doesn't mean you need congressional oversight. that doesn't mean you need a special victims compensation thing like this is 9/11. let me reiterate. i will be more controversial. 13 people dying is not a significant event because we have people dying from many things in society. gerri: i got to tell you. it caught my attention. i am, i got to jump in here. i'm sorry. mark, i can't help myself. 13 people dying to me is a big deal. now what you do bit, that is totally different conversation. and i think that the questions that are rising right now is,
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why doesn't gm take action? mark, what should these victim families do at this point? they were already on capitol hill hill today, talk to the press. making their stories public. to jack's point, almost like a script we see and over and over again. what should happen? how should we resolve these issues? >> you talk about using the courts. this is such a different scenario because we had a bankruptcy which freed gm up from its liabilities. before that bankruptcy, two weeks before they filed for bankruptcy, they had meetings about this ignition switch problem. so there's a good chance that these liabilities were hidden from the bankruptcy court. >> they can still sue. if you're a victim, if you're a victim you can sue them. >> that is old gm. yeah but they're suing old gm. >> that is presuming you're presuming -- gerri: one at a time. we can't understand you guys if you both talk. jack, you next. then mark. >> he is presuming all of the
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liability would be necessarily with the old gm. that is very difficult situation. even if it is, hey the only one to blame is uncle sam. uncle sam bankrupted the old gm and created new gm. by federal law old liabilities die. you can lay that blame squarely at feet of one barack obama. that is -- gerri: doled out $10 billion. do we need to dole out more? >> you know, there is a precedent for this because there was another lawsuit from bondholders, nova scotia bondholders, also didn't disclose something to the bankruptcy court and gm did settle, new gm put in millions of dollars for a claim against old gm and that was hushed up. so there is a precedent for this. those victims should be compensated of the families should be compensated. i certainly wouldn't argue that the government has made a debacle from these auto bailouts and there are clear conflicts of interest when you have government agencies regulating a
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company that president obama ran a re-election campaign upon the success of general motors. then we're supposed to have nhtsa and a justice department -- too many conflicts of interest. gerri: jack. >> to conclude, you're setting a very bad precedent. congress is setting a bad precedent, if we create a victim's compensation fund every time 13 people die in auto related accidents, this country is in trouble. gerri: well they don't all die because there is defective part in the car. i guess that is the difference. mark and jack, thanks for coming on the show tonight. >> thanks, gerri. gerri: interesting conversation. some tough love on "the willis report" tonight. we want to know what you think. here's our question tonight. should gm be setting up a victims compensation fund? log on to vote on the right-hand side of the screen. i will share the results at the end of tonight's show. still to come this hour, our first couple takes "the willis report" cash challenge. they're vowing to go credit
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card-free. >> more on the gm recall investigation. we'll hear from one of those families of the one of the victims. their daughter died. they are speaking out today. stay with us. could you live without a credit card? >> oh, god. i could live without it to a certain point, yes. yes, i think so. to a certain degree yeah, but i guess once in a while you really need it just like for ideas or something to purchase something like a major item. then i would say, to use it for that reason alone by itself. gerri: do you normally use cash? >> yes. now i do. i ys say be thman with the plan
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gerri: family members who lost loved ones due to defectiving anythings switch in gm vehicles appeared at the capitol seeking answers. >> our daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, wives and husbands are gone because they were a cost of doing business gm-style. gerri: well our next guest lost their teenage daughter, amber marie rose, who was killed in
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2005 in the first mona at of the -- fatality of the chevy cobalt defect. joining me are the mother and birth mother of amber marie rose. great to have you guys with me. i'm glad you're here to tell your story. thanks for coming in. it was an emotional moment on capitol hill when you guys spoke. terry, to you, my understanding is that emergency response person nell say your daughter, amber marie, would be alive if the airbags had deployed. what do you make of the hearing today and were you satisfied with what you heard? >> in all actuality i think the hearing today, i knew i wayne going to get many answers. as we predicted, there really wasn't any answers. they say that they have to continue their investigation. and it is just beginning. so we have to wait and see. gerri: laura? >> i agree. but, my purpose there today was
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not so much to get answers. i didn't get expect to get any but really to be present, have all of the families present where congress can see them, see us. mary barra could see us, to put the human side on what gm has taken. gerri: well, it has a very human side. 13 deaths, over 30 car crashes. what else are you guys trying to get done here? terry to you, what else would you like to see happen? >> i would like to see gm take full responsibility in their actions in all of this. never mind old gm, new gm. it is gm. i would like to see all the cars off the road that have all these issues with them. and other people made to feel safe while they're driving as well as to get legislation behind this and get the laws changed on how all of this is handled. gerri: lori, to you, mary barra
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said old gm and new gm are different because old gm had a cost culture. new gm has a quality culture. did you buy that? >> i'm less interested in the words. i'm more interested in the actions. and i'm very, very interested in seeing, you know truer form happen. when the maximum penalty that a large corporation like gm would pay is $35 million, when they made $3 billion last year, that's nothing. that is nothing at all. that definitely must be increased. gerri: what is your idea of an appropriate fine or penalty? >> i think it should be discouragement of profits. in other words if that particular model and, you can conceal the defect, brought you x-amount, x millions or even billions of dollars, that that profit should be taken from you. gerri: terry, do you, do you agree? what should happen next? what should be next steps? what dot families want to see? >> i believe all of the families
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want to see reform and how this is handled and first and foremost no one else has to join our club that nobody wants to be in. and i think by hurting gm, even though it will never hurt like we do, but by hurting gm and the only place to do that is in their pocketbook, is the only way to do it. gerri: neither of you really talked about the government's role in this, nhtsa. which was getting reports all along the way and, either didn't put all the dominoes together, didn't draw lines between the reports they had, didn't see what was happening. laura, to you, should nhtsa be involved here? what should happen to them. >> well nhtsa needs some assistance going forward. certainly they dropped the ball. as a former federal investigator for the government it's difficult sometimes. but nonetheless, if i could find those missing pieces and i did, i did put together some of these
5:19 pm
defects way back in 2005, if i could find them, certainly nhtsa should have. i believe that 10 million-dollars budget for an organization that is so important is just way too low. way too low. and actually i met with david friedman last thursday and we discussed things like that and other measures such as increasing the amount of education that they're investigators receive as well as other technological-based tools. gerri: terry, i mean is there, isn't there a question here whether nhtsa was doing the job? you know, you can talk about increasing their budget and giving them more employees, but look, this is agency that just didn't work. >> oh, agree. no, it did not work. between the government and nits sachs they both dropped the ball. between nhtsa and gm. they both dropped the ball. so, and no matter where you point the finger at, they're both to blame. so they both need to get their
5:20 pm
acts together as well as legislation, changing things and making it work. gerri: there is nothing more fierce than an angry mom and i think we have two of them right here. a nine-year odyssey for both of you. thanks so much for coming in today. appreciate your time. >> thank you. gerri: with the deadline day behind us, the white house is touting obamacare as a huge success. president obama in the rose garden today, reporting more than 7.1 million people signed up for health care through the exchanges, crossing a threshold that has been called a major victory. >> the bottom line is this. under this law, the share of americans with insurance is up and the growth of health care costs is down. and that's good for our middle class and that's good for our fiscal future. [applause] gerri: well, before the champagne cork gets popped it is important to note the mt. could not say how many of those seven
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million folks paid for coverage or were previously uninsured. if they're calling a victory i would say it rings pretty hollow later in the show our first family takes "the willis report" cash challenge. how do you do that? fox business's newest anchor, deirdre bolton is here with a look at investing in alternative assets. should you look into it? ♪ (dad) well, we've been thinking about it and we're just not sure. (agent) i understand. (dad) we've never sold a house before. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. (dad) so if we sell, do you think we can swing it? (agent) i have the numbers right here and based on the comps that i've found, the timing is perfect. ...there's a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (dad) that's good to know.
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gerri: alternative investing right for you? from classic cars to wines. folks business's deirdre bolton breaks down all your options coming up.
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gerri: you think a balanced portfolio of stocks apbonds? well you need to talk to deirdre bolton. she will tell you something else entirely. alternative investments are the next big thing, going mainstream for small investors. so how do you do that? joining me now is fox business's very own deirdre bolton. she is an expert in alternatives and launched her own show called "risk & reward. >> thank you for having me. so nice to be with you, gyri. gerri: nice to have you here. i know this wasn't the first thing on your list. i hope you talk about wine and art. >> we certainly can. all kidding aside. you've seen the records. we talked about it, last year at christie's and is sotheby's. art is holding up. i was at christie's. i saw a fabulous painting. i will show you the photo later but there is this idea people want to own hard assets of the that is part of a balanced portfolio albeit that is more of a minority. there is still something to be said, especially as people
5:26 pm
mistrust the dollar say a little bit more. you want to have the things that you know. gerri: just not the dollar, my friend. >> hold on to its value, paintings are one of them. gerri: not just the dollar. people are mistruthful of the stock market these days. >> sure. gerri: they want different places and differ pockets to put their money in. when you look at pros or harvard or big endowments they're using alternative assets. >> they do and have been for years. so the differences is now more of these produ available to individual investors who have perhaps a lot less money to put in and also don't want to leave money aside for years and years. that is the advantage of the institutions, as you said, the endowments like harvard. they leave that money for two decades. and it is fine. they have more choices but now it is funny, earlier i had the sew coo of carlisle on. that is close to a 200 billion-dollar firm under management. they're offering products,
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beginning to offer products with, i say only in quotation marks, $50,000 required to basically put into invest in a direct buyout, which never before, five million used to be lowest amount. it is getting more and more democratic. gerri: would you give it a high grade, number of options for people out there, who are not going to invest in hard assets themselves but instead will buy into a fund? are there lots of options for us? >> there are lots of options and more and more. that is one of the reasons why i honestly started this show to let people know there are other options and there will be more coming down the line of the as you said, mostly hedge fund strategies wrapped in a mutual fund. there are a lot of people who do have mutual funds. the advantage is, you don't have put a lot of money in and for some reason you need whatever it is you can get it out the next day a lost big-name hedge fund managers are are beginning to lend their strategic views to mutual fund companies. they're partnering up. gerri: mutual funds, etfs,
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managed funds, these are options for people out there who want to play in the game an think they can't afford it. >> private equity actually. i referenced, $50,000 is still obviously a lot of money. gerri: that is doable for lot of people that watch this network. >> compared to five million it is still a lot less. gerri: great stuff. so excited about your show. >> so happy that we're are. we'll talk about wine over wine. gerri: while we're looking at art. >> exactly. gerri: or possibly riding on horses. >> there we go. done. gerri willis, executive producer. thank you. gerri: thanks for coming on. really food to see you. so tune into deirdre's show, "risk & reward, 1:00 p.m. eastern time on fox business network. she has a big guest coming up. wilbur ross. good stuff. coming up more evidence that the government is keeping secrets from the american people. this time it is the va's turn. you will want to hear this story, shocking. we kick off our cash challenge with a couple from
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colorado who will share their story with us about going credit card-free. you can too. thumbs up. ♪ >> without credit cards? >> i think it would be difficult, with all the technology that we have today, not having a credit card would be a really difficult thing. >> could you do it? >> it is impossible. en fees on ? that's right, no hidd fees. it's just that i'm worried about, you know, "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh... surprise!!! um... well, it's true. at ally there are no hidden fees. not one. that's nice. no hidden fees, no worries. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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>> i am stephen this is my wife caitlin p.r. from colorado springs. >> we are so excited to be a part of the cash challenge and excited to take the journey. >> is avoiding plastic a move we should consider? >> welcome to the show. it is great to have you. i have seen your video you are an impressive couple. why you want to take the cash challenge? >> it is just a new adventure. at least in our marriage we have used credit cards so this will be quite a new challenge that is one of my reasons. gerri: will you save more money doing this? >> absolutely. we already have a jar
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specifically for change that is ready for more savings. gerri: you have been so kind to share information through your video. we appreciate that but there has to be some worries about how this will go. you are a financial counselor. you know how hard it can be so what are you worried about only using cash? >> absolutely since we use them normally and pay the mob that the end of the month it is just cash flow two-time appropriately to make sure we have the cash when we need it. gerri: people tell me it is a ball planning and know we will spend ahead of time and that can be challenging for a young couple. steven canby plan everything out so you don't end up
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walking down the street so you have no gas money? [laughter] but with my wife's help we can do this. she is a master planner and us working together it will work. there will be ups and dallas with the new learning experience but it will be exciting just to have the cash to make sure we have it when we go to get gas will be a challenge. [laughter] gerri: one of the interesting things that we've found they heard about the data every chad target you heard about them last fall and again almost 44 -- 40 percent say they're using cash more. is now one of your worries
5:36 pm
that your personal information will be ripped off? >> it is not my top concern but when it comes to using credit cards i feel protected that they protect so it is not a top concern. gerri: i know that you have a five-year anniversary may be that is what the money could be used for. where do want to go? >> we will go to south america with a two week vacation we're looking forward to but we have to save and did with the cash to own the challenge we will provide for that to achieve the goal quicker and more efficiently. gerri: you have been nice enough to share your personal financial details how you budget your money
5:37 pm
every single month 5500 going out and 5500 coming in and use spent -- spend a fair chunk of change with investment property and you own your own home but it seems like it makes sense if you -- have you done a lot of work to get there? >> as far as budget numbers? >> did that take some planning to make sure the money goes where it needs to go? >> absolutely. we are very diligent to budget. that is important to us we meet on the up by a weekly basis to make sure we're on track with the numbers. but life is circumstantial and constantly needs refined what we are diligent. gerri: i hear when most go credit card free save 20% so
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this will get you on your way to your trip. do think he will be in good shape by this summer? >> i have a good feeling and working together with that open communication and talking things through. we have in the past but not with the cash. we will have to dive deeper with that communication to achieve our goals. gerri: you too are something. it is a pleasure. thank you so much. we're just getting started we are still looking for folks who want to go credit-card three. send me an e-mail or go to or tweet me. i want to have you on the show to talk about the cold hard cash here is my money for the week. my cash. it is called cash in case
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you don't recognize it. on fox business., measure mentioned earlier the ceo of general motors was asked why it took 10 years to recall cars with the defective ignition switch? and has recalled 2 million linked to 13 deaths a. they said they should have new switches available monday. chrysler said sales jumped 13 percent thanks to the new jeep cherokee and ram pickup. positive economic reports the is to force applied management manufacturing index grew last month while it edged higher in february pushing the s&p 500 back into record territory. opening arguments getting under way today between apple and samsung. apple's lawyer says samsung was jealous of the iphone
5:40 pm
and they accuse apple to steal its idea. those of the hot stories on fox a spectacular wedding for less money. and moral outrage as the d.a. is accused of hiding names and not accounting for dozens of deaths. we will explain after the break. >> have you been cashed only as a family? do you spend less money? >> absolutely. it makes you responsible for what you spend. >> caches less expense to pay off every single month so i am like is costing a lot more money so i should not pay with credit card. i should pay with cash. ♪
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gerri:. >> i will make our government open and transparent with anyone that can injure the business is the people's business. gerri: making a uncle sam business your business that was then senator barack obama pledging to the american people openness one of the most critical agencies of the country responsible for helping our nation's heroes is shrouding itself is secrecy and despite countless attempts to account for veteran deaths under its watch. when next best is from concerned veterans for america. house secret is the virginia? >> it has shown a consistent and persistent blocking a secret culture they don't want to show what is going on there was 19 preventable pass revealed through media
5:45 pm
outlets and a reporter wanted to know what hospital that occurred and the administration said we don't have to tell you that even though there was the foyer of request it is a concerted pater not reveal what is going on we don't know how deep it is you cannot hold people accountable that is part of the strategy. >> what is the material you think they're holding secret? the only way the problem is all this if we know what happened. >> right. because the bureaucracy succeeds when shrouded in secrecy if we don't say what hospital then did the illustrators in charge might just have to be held accountable except no one in this administration since 2009 have been fired hospital with preventable deaths, backlogs where veterans are waiting nobody is held accountable because it is hard to pin down the
5:46 pm
numbers so when you don't answer for congressional inquiries you are not held to account for the details and people go there is a problem but they can hide behind the secrecy. gerri: of lot of foia requests are unanswered that nobody wants to answer what is exemption five? >> that any government agency and in this case the va has used to say this is part of process so it is not definitive of the answers we don't have to disclose its progress has been used more and more as an excuse not to disclose even though the president said we will peel back exemption five soap departments are unforced to reveal embarrassing information if it is not something that should be withheld then let it out of this department va uses it
5:47 pm
over and over not to reveal a damning information. that is why our organization has started the va accountability project where we try to hold them to reveal actual details to see how the dollars are spent or misused so they're hiding behind exemption five if you dig into the details it does not fall under exemption five. gerri: a long way to go. i hope that you come back we want to make sure we will stay on top of it. >> we have dozens of veterans on capitol hill fighting on this issue so we are charging ahead. gerri: good to have you here. still to come is my $0.2 and wedding season is upon us
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gerri: this is true wedding bells made new bills it is going up according to the web site the average cost is hitting of record high of $30,000.
5:52 pm
we'll come back to the show. 30,000 is the national average but that varies across the country. >> remember the average. big cities drive the average of so in manhattan the most expensive place to get married the average is 87,000 but idaho is 16,000 keep that in mind. gerri: how do have a good marriage rate to start with $87,000 worth of debt? but not necessarily. >> is also the wedding vendors in charge of pretty penny spent the best way to save is trim the guest list don't invite the friends you don't keep in touch with or your parents co-workers also
5:53 pm
timing. also the most expensive off-season you can save a lot in january. >> talk about what not to skimp on. what should i get the best of? >> especially with the service industry to make sure that cater is good and the food is great. to have a good experience you ii spent money than not have a good time. make sure you have a great photographer. gerri: i agree. if you run up the bill you have a lot more time. >> one of the number one tips is you know, how much money will spend before you
5:54 pm
write a single check. >> something to spend on the bridal salon. >> if you buy the address online it will not looks the same you have to be careful. they will help you find a the dream dress. gerri: i'd love it. well done. we will be right back. should gm put up the of victim compensation fund? you m.
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♪ with equity experts... who work with regional experts... that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration. gerri: congress questioning
5:58 pm
the us see about asking why it took years with those with the defective ignition switch we asked if they should set up the victim compensation fund and 79 percent said yes. set up the fund 21% said no. here are your emails. about recent reports on technology and cars being distracting to say i cannot to the radio sound system without taking my eyes off the road i could adjust the volume without looking. >> the handsfree options are inexpensive and widely available that nanny state goes too far in my vehicle no one can access said gps system while it is in motion there is no passenger to input data while that driver
5:59 pm
input data. we introduce you to the cash challenge to encourage you to trade in your credit card for cash. choosing cash over credit can help you save money as much as 20% to keep your personal information private as you saw a we took to the streets what you think of the cash challenge guess who we ran into? lou dobbs. >> could you give up your credit cards to go all cash? >> yes. also i am fortunate enough to be among the few that can do that. the real trick is i tried to convince my children please don't bury yourself with credit-card debt. whenever you can get them paid off. get it done. gerri: that is what we hope to accomplish in the weeks
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ahead. helping you to get more control of your money putting you in charge. that is my $0.2. that is set for the of "willis report". have a great night. >> my sincere apologies to everyone who has been affected by the recall especially the families and friends who lost lives or were injured. i am deeply saris bareback -- sorry. neil: gm stick a fork in its. welcome everybody i am neil cavuto. this is what i learned that gm is in a bigger sheet of trouble. nobody could account for the 13 y


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