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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 1, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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kennedy: go to the of web page for the of five after show. "the independents" will get lot. for matt and kmele, i am kennedy. good night. . lou: the head of gm went to capitol hill today. the ceo was assailed by members of house energy and commerce committee for almost 3 hours, few pleasantrys and a lot of ago vateed congressman -- aggravateed congressmen who were frustrateed by herrin a bum to
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-- inability to answer questio questions. why it took 10 years to acknowledge default ignition switches. lawmaker cite the documents that showed gm executives decided that fixg the problem posed what they call, yo an unape unae costin crease even though the replacement part parts casts -a car. >> our committee reviewed more than 200,000 pages of documents, we found that soon as cobalt hit the road in 2004, drivers began
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to complain to engag general mos that a car's system did not work properly. when switch for cobalt was built in 2002, gm knew that switch did not meet its specification for, to. >tork? >> yes. lou: she then did not offer many other answers but she vowed to be fully transparent in future, when committee found unsatisfactory, some annoying. >> we have answers we'll be transparent. with you, with our regulators with our customers. >> why in the world, would a company with the ste the stel ar reputation of general motors purchase a part that did not meet its own specifications. >> i would like to learn that as much as you do.
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>> right now, how many parts, are being used in general motors products that don't meet your own company's specifications? >> i don't have that number, but i can tell you, parts that we're using today meet the performance, and the reliabilityy and safety they need to, if we find we have a part that is detective that does -- defective that does in the meet the requirement we then do a recall. >> that is not an acceptable answer, i think to the american people. >> congressional investigator found that national highway patrol transportation safety authority twice, decideed to open investigation rather to not open investigations into that faulty ignition switch, once they declined in 200 2007 after9 consumer complains and 4 fatal crashes, and again in 2010 after another fatal cobalt crash.
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nhtsa administrator, said, we're not aware of any information to suggestion that nitze is failed to properly carry out its safety mission based on data available to it, and process it followed, gm had critical information that would have helped identify this defect. family members of victims gathers outside. today to demonstrate their frustration with general motors, and the government. the step father of a young woman killed in a 2006 accident claimed that general motors covered up their faulty switches because gm was in financial trouble at the time. >> we'r would have fixing the pm saved these girl's lives and lives of mean others? yes, should gm be able to hide behind their bankruptcy and not accept their responsibility and liability, no? lou: at the white house today
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president obama was not shy about taking a victory lap, as his administration confirmed it hithit its original target of or than 7 million americans signing uup for obamacare. >> last night first open enrollment period under a law came to an in, despite several lost weeks out of the gate because of problems with the web site, 7.1 million americans have now signed up for private insurance plans, through this -- lou: democratic supporters giving president's standing ovation. none the lose we don't know how many previously uninsured now this coverage under kob obamaca, no how many of 7 million applicants have paid their premiums. joining us now is a-team, lars
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larsen. and brad blakeman. brad with you. the president, that was quite a rally, quite an accomplishment, it did not look like they would be near 7 million even among ago. >> the numbers are suspect. is itn 't alarming that american public that president could obtain the number he wanted, we know that site of down, and they had so men deficiencys with act -- so many distinguishs ca defi6 million people were droped from their health care, 7 million signed up. the number that obama white house predict, how many of those 7 million were first time purchases of healthcare, they won't tell us metrics, reagan had an old saying, the polling shows that american people don't
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trust this president, how are we going to verify or trust metrics, without metrics there is no way to establish whether the 7 million were fires time health care -- first time health care purchases, without metrics it is possible to judge successes but we can judge failure. lou: failures have been many, and the number that president is celebrateing lars is number they were denying weeks ago as having been a original number. something has changed here. which they are now willing to accept original 7 million target by obama administration. now they reached it. >> i share this professor's skepticism i don't believe the numbers, and i with the obama track record, for trelin telline truth or being transparent, i
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don't think that anyone will believe those. these are even if we assume all 7 million of these people have filled out all of the paperwork, are fully enrolled and plan on paying their first month premium, i predict in first 8 to 10 months you will see them drop their coverage, here is that is at work, market economics, people get their plan, they will realize, i have a 6,000 dollar deductible, i can't see the doctor without paying out of my own pocket, then they will get, buyers remorse, they will say, i don't' a reason to pay these premiums, i don't getting any out of it, i would rather keep the premium money in my own pocket. and go fee for service when i need to see the doctor. >> let's turn to fore ern policy, where i am sure you have enthusiasm for president's
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policies. putin, vladimir putin, and nato, seemingly, getting a long fine. nato leaders voting to end military and civilian cooperation with russia. that is moving in the wrong direction. there has been no way in which, at this points brad, that nato forces have been able to verify or -- corroborate there has been movement back from the border by russia forces what is next in. >> i think that putin is laughing up his sleeve, nato is only as strong as leaders making up the countries of nato. there is no confidence in leaders who are friends, and our enemys have no fear of us, nato at best is a paper tiger, compareed to president putin, putin held all cards, he has gotten what he wants, the question is ha is next, how far
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will he go. lou: lars, turn if i may, to what is series of trial balloons in part of the administration talking about releasing israeli spy jonathan pollard, and winning release of 400 palestinians, resulting in what for united states other than a guarantee that parties will keep talking. what kind of deal do you think that is? >> a bad deal it turn loose prisoners, terrorists, criminals, there is a case for reducing sentence of pollard, when i was in israel last, i took a hard look at that case, there is a good case there, but turning loose hundreds of prisoners is ridiculous, just to keep talking? does it seem ironic part of deal that president suggests to our friends the israelis they move back to 1967 borders, while president objects to putin
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moving ukraine back to its 1954 borders? seems tos -- two-nice toface to. lou: in a strange way. lars thank you. >> thank you, lou. >> thank you brett. >> thank you. lou: record day on wall street, s&p gaining 13, closing at another new record high, dow up 74 today, and nazdaq up 69, crude oil down $2. and gold dropping $4. ending under $1280 an ounce. yield on 10 year rising to
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2.76%, carmakers bounceing back. best since november. chrysler leading way with a 13% sunk in its sales, we are coming right back with much, much more. stay with us. >> crazy, the white house. celebrateing obamacare hitting its goal of 7 million. celebrateingss milestone number it was denying just weeks ago. >> registered nurse and congresswoman diane black sorting fle flew -- so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right, no hidd fees. it's just that i'm worried about, you know, "hidden things." ok, why's that?
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lou: a house intelligence committee hearing today of, cia top office on ground in libya during the benghazi terrorist attack testifying, the unnamed chief of station alleging then deputy cia direct ar michael moral dismissed a e-mail he wrote 4 days after the attack stateing this was not an escalation of any protest, the official's testimony came a day before moral will testify publicly for the first time about his role in crafting the disputeed talking points. health think about committee change paul ryan released what is likely his last budget plan, claiming it will eliminate the government's think about deficit in 10 years. the repeal of obamacare accounts for much of it. >> joining us now, congressman
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diane black, a member of budget conference headed by ryan, and senate democrat patty murray. congressman black, great to see you, and what is your reaction to the ryan -- first the ryan budget? >> certainly, i am a big fan of the ryan budget, i have been on the budget committee since coming here, this is our 4th year for the plan, budget plan is a vision of where we' the country to go, i am proud to be a part of that. i'm exciteed to let the american people know that we're doing what we required to do by the conestution, that is -- constitution, that is submit a budget every year. lou: budget plan, does not in your estimation, create higher taxes, raise taxes. two brackets would be result, if this were to become law, 10 and 25 percent, is that correct? >> lou, we do not in our plan
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specify what that tax reformooko the committee of jury that is the ways and means com committei sit on that committee as well. we give policy direction there. but we don't tell each one of the committees of jurisdiction what they need to do with definition on their policies. lou: you can't imagine -- >> these are suggestions though. we don't put a whole plan out for them. lou: giving them some room, helpful, you can't, can you, envision a republican party, going along with our calling for, tax cuts in any form, can you? >> well, our plan, out of the ways and means committee does compress the tax brackets down, we're neutral, as far as taxes or money that is raised i should
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say, but there are no new taxes in there we do look at certain areas, and take those taxes out, where there is crony capitalism we want to plan this fair, flatter and simpler so we know that economy is stimulateeed bie that and helps the american economy to move along. lou: i don't know if you have seen video of the president with his victory lap in the rose garden today because they got 7.1 enrollments in obamacare, much to the surprise of most people, most people would have been shocked a few weeks or even among ago they would hit this number. your reaction? >> lou, i heard lars talk about this. before i came oi think his question about whether we can really trust which numbers are being given us, we can't trust the president or kathleen sebelius with many other things they have said, i am curious to
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know how many of those 7 million are duplications, how many have paid a premium, how many of those are people who have been dropped and would have had insurance anyway now came to exchange. to get insurance. i think there are so many questions, to be answered, whether kathleen sebelius tells us she can't get that information that is laughable, khurpbgs company have technology -- insurance company have technology they can dell us today what distributional level or democratic level, and how many of these people are at risk, so to be told she does not know how many people have paid a premium, that is nonsense. that is something that she can get from the insurance companies very easily. so we are still do not know, how many people have really signed up, we don't know how many of the people are duplications and how many have lost their insurance and signing up for obamacare. lou: i'm sure this administration is eager to share all of that information and data
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with us, i can't wait for that moment. and internal realities. >> that really bothers me. as i tramp, i -- travel, i hear people who lost insurance, and premiums going up on, and out of pocket expenses that is the sad part. lou: thank you. >> time for a look at last night's on-line poll results, we asked if you believe president obama is enforcing border security and immigration laws could 96% of you said no. 4% said yes. vote in tonight's poll, question is, do you believe gm's executives should be criminally liable for their failure on warn the american public? cast your vote at >> former florida governor jeb
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busch, courting another billionaire for a official run at white house, he enjoyed sheldon adelson's company in vague as -- in las vegas he signed with michael blum be blun new york monday night, nice when everybody gets along, we're coming right back. stay with us. >> no april fool's joke, sep sense hitting another record high, michael holland will join me here next.
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lou: s&p beginning second quarter and this month on a high note, closing at a new all-time high, 5 year bull market is far from ended, fed is a big reason why, joining us now, michael holland, president of holland balance fund, great to have you here, idea this market is tired is hard to make a percent waysive -- case when we watch the triple digit rallies and a
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follow on like this, but we had little of that. >> right, let me thank you for coming on yellow tie day. i have to say, this tired markets, to me in past, we have been around, they come when people are very involved. most people are not involved. a lot of people sold their stocks 5 and 6 years ago. we have a few people in market who talk about we're in a bubble. well we're at a valuation that is at any historical measure are reasonable. it is now a fairly value the stock market, before this thing is over, i think we end up with
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an overvalued market. lou: not a retail market. who among professionals in this market, trading it, where are they going with their money? what is driving their confidence right now? in the heels of you know, the idea that this is a rigged market. 60 minutes, i thought it was the funny, talking about rigged markets on the same day they had to issue a correct about supplanting sounded on a tesla vehicle with a combusteed engin. >> but who are we to quibble? they are human beings too, the people who run the mutual funds and pension funds have the same fear from last several years s so man things went wrong they have
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a cash, an aversion to risk, where people if they put their money in index funds they would have outperformed a lot of hedge funds, and mutual funds, if you just put your money into vanguard or state street index fund 5 years ago you would be up up to to 4 times, those people ins to be out perform it have not done well. that is another reason people stay away. lou: your council to those who have courage or moxie to be investing at-this-point, are who are justin different, i guess -- indifferent to the warning signs i. >> i would say idea of having a little bit in an index fund, if you have $100 in cash, you put a little bit in an index fund or bought high quality companies like microsoft or apple. companies like johnson & johnson, berkshire hathaway,
10:29 pm
they are great companies they sell -- they have a lot of them veryat cash dividend yields, better than what people get in the instruments they own right now, these are -- really quite safe, relative to -- i would say bond market right now is risky. lou: michael holland good to see you. >> thank you, a great tie. lou: thank you, listen to my financial reports three times a day on sal salem radio network. join us for those reports, a mega-mansion in los angeles county breaking record for most expensive single family home ever sold in los angeles. there it is. wow. 12 bedrooms, a 15 bathroom property. features, tennis courts, a jogging track, a swimming pool. 9 car garage.
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102 million dollars, a cash deal we're told, it would be. we're coming right back. >> in vermont, left wing calling sebgtassaultsecond amendment, sk urgeing vermont police to report the constitution, and ignore new gun control laws in the state. >> he is next. (dad) well, we've been thinking about it and we're just not sure. (agent) i understand.
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lou: secretary of state kerry biz kids the powless survey and one dash palestinian territories to push the talks that the deal is emerging to push past the deadline to involve the u.s. releasing convicted spy in exchange for israel's release of palestinian prisoners.
10:34 pm
our government will now negotiate the prisoner swap of one israeli spy for the release of 400 palestinians and what do we receive? powless jimmy -- israel and the palestinians can continue the peace talks. >> a new gun control provision is met with criticism constitutional share of san the peace officer sheriffs' association is urging to ignore the new legislation to protect the second amendment. the sheriff, good to have you here. >> great to be back. lou: what is the reaction? just ignore its? >> it sounds like obama. [laughter] >> we want the borders protected they do pick and
10:35 pm
choose but we don't want to. we want the constitution and forced by those of local and municipal jurisdictions lessor the lowe's to do that. so this is the badge purse is the badge situation and the biggest badge is in the county is the county's share of that is the only elected law enforcement officer in the county. with we take america back then we must do so one county at a time. lou: you have issued a resolution for congress to follow the laws. what are you trying to accomplish there? >> it would be nice to have them on board but we want every federal official all fbi agents, all the federal
10:36 pm
bureaucracies are controlled by congress we need them on board that we will tell them if you don't enforce the constitution we will. this is a peaceful process we're not trying to fight or cause a civil war or revolution. >> the thing is they keep pushing the envelope. the federal government they have rate's going on against honest citizens even the department of education rated of man's home in california his estranged wife had not paid her student loan. this is the type of thing to stop. what about the ira's? who will protect americans from the irs? every cheryl for cop should be the guards of liberty.
10:37 pm
lou: everybody has great faith of their law enforcement of. >> but not with washington d.c. >> i understand that but we have to rid knowledge that constitution calls for the supremacy of the federal government when those laws were laid down pursuant to the constitution and the federal government has not follow that in decades. what we say is the resolution you can see it on the web site follow the bill of rights why is that so hard for them? but they violate all the time. but the families of used in montana and wyoming right now these are happening all the time. with the irs said use we know they commit a crime all the time.
10:38 pm
lou: what is the recourse? >> the checks and balances as required of the tenth amendment with state sovereignty. who will live for state sovereignty? the federal government? they destroyed it. we say every governor, sheriff, a county attorney and city councilman to be on the side of liberty. why not? why should we say my supreme court case i sued the clinton administration i was sure rough and six other shares were part of it we should have had thousands but we didn't people were afraid to get involved. we cannot be afraid anymore. it is not just a mess but ameritech dying -- america dying but if we have a sheriff some local officials to tell the federal government there are a few things that you will want to hear. lou: in vermont to what is
10:39 pm
the reaction for your call to the sheriff to uphold the constitution to ignored the state restrictions of the second amendment? >> those are a complete violation of state and federal law with the constitution. why not? lou: what is the reaction? >> we have not heard too much because they don't think this is going into the fact because it violates vermont law. lou: good to talk with you. a 20 year-old british sniper fires the shot of the century. last december he fired a single bullet against a taliban fighter in afghanistan that not only killed his intended target who was nine football fields away but also killed five other suspected fighters with the same bullet. how?
10:40 pm
he shot the suicide best and the explosion took out the rest. not one single of our troops killed in afghanistan last month. the first time that has happened since january 2007 perplexed the obamacare deadline has passed. will the irs if force that individual mandate? our attorneys take that up and much more. and much more. we will be right back. i've always kept my eye on her... but with so much health care noise, i didn't always watch out for myself. with unitedhealthcare, i get personalized information and rewards for addressing my health risks. but she's still gonna give me a heart attack. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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introduction progress struggling student said she admitted her mistake before the final exam but then tried to add extra credit to make up for it. that seems reasonable. what is the of us? in the nation's capital the mayor signs a bill to decriminalize marijuana possession the support for after the aclu report looks at marijuana and arrested now faces a 60 day congressional review now we have our guests, a good to have you both here who would have imagined to that washington d.c. would be the marijuana capital? >> after washington state a and colorado but it has not worked well for them already.
10:45 pm
>> but at least theirs is medical but but with washington d.c. to decriminalize possession that will only create more problems. the reason behind that i read the article there is more african americans arrested that is ridiculous then don't possess drugs. >> the washington and colorado are not just for medical parole for recreational use because more people are getting pulled over for recreational use. lou: i cannot take them too seriously in washington d.c. if you look at the laws passed the behavior of elected officials, adding to that wonderful alchemy something like marijuana to you have announced? >> guess who has to approve this the 60 day waiting period of congress to get to
10:46 pm
pull the trigger. turning to emigration for a fascinating internal document from the department of romance security revealing feel administration we knew there were not doing much with law enforcement but released 68,000 criminal illegal immigrants last year. >> i think that as a result of minor crimes of immigrants charged with a minor offense facing deportation. now the judges have to give a speech how you face deportation. because of that i think the government was not prepared and they don't know the resources to do is. >> i agree completely but also of the crimes of moral turpitude they're not being deported even a federal prosecutor is trying. lou: just to be clear these include rape and murder
10:47 pm
murder. lou: that would be really bad. the administration has chosen to conduct itself as those laws are not on the books and has chosen not to enforce immigration law or border security. there is no recourse because no one anticipated a barack obama who would do such a thing. >> another example with the marijuana, you still have on the books federally that sale and use is illegal but the states now the district of columbia. lou: but the attorney general said don't worry. >> been taken off the books. lou: but then they don't have that power. we are becoming an extra of legal society is not anti-legal and we're teaching our young people horrible things with our
10:48 pm
state local and federal overnments. you name it this administration is setting the worst possible standards to support some of the worst possible values that is to be about lot a double order. >> with immigration the people will not take it serious. to discourage people from committing a crime mike could be deported but it is not the of follow-through it is not good for the country as it a whole. lou: the nfl partnering to allow personal visits from the nfl cheerleaders also giving the power to upgrade their ct and perks.
10:49 pm
>> at the same time when the nfl cheerleaders' filed a major lawsuit we're not even paid minimum wage but $5 an hour. are you kidding? the coaches the players everyone takes away the money they get $5 an hour? >> and the cheerleader can come to their seats and that is ridiculous when you sign up they are encouraged to keep the clouds hayek -- the crowds high. lou: is a like in invitation to all kinds of lawsuits. >> not a good idea. >> is bad bad bad. lou: we will do a poll on that question.
10:50 pm
a reminder to vote with the on-line poll do you believe general motors executive should be criminally liable for the failure to warn the public? tweet your response that lou dobbs news for crop next my commentary on the ball by a budget proposal and your comments as well stay with comments as well stay with us. gunderman group is a go. yes! not just a start up. an upstart. gotta get going. gotta be good. good? good. growth is the goal. how do we do that? i talked to ups. they'll help us out. new technology. smart advice. we focus on the business and they take care of the logistics. ups? good going. we get good. that's great. great. great. great. great. great. great. great. great. (all) great! i love logistics.
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lou: if you are a little tired of congressman paul brian spouting off on the budget that he knows a few things and illegal immigration aquino's very little, then you will be pleased to know he has produced his last budget.
10:54 pm
his term limits run as chairman of the house budget committee is about to end and has delivered the g.o.p. doesn't -- budget resolution cutting spending by 5. $1 trillion to balance the budget by a 21 dash 2024 as a worthy gesture. the path to prosperity does not raise taxes repeals obamacare that brings intotrillh medicare benefits for future retirees to turning into a voucher program. don't ask. it is upsetting democrats although why? they ache nor sound fiscal policy and budget if this is one i cannot tell you but it has sent -- set off harry reid. >> it is a blueprint for a
10:55 pm
modern kochtopia. but we might as low call with the koch budget from the koch brothers. lou: don't you love that? kochtopia. no fiscal oedipus' will be built on his blueprint but that will not stop them from debating it against the democrats want another opportunity to distract voters from their record from failure and domestic policy but did we all get a break? con christmas onto easter break and we get a two week break from the weld intention to and brothers and sisters of congress but it is never too early
10:56 pm
circled november 4th on your calendar for the mid term is too moderate 16 days away -- to 016 days away. president obama does not follow or obey or enforce any law so why would he bother to would force border security lot? >> selling point. >> these folks from the obama administration could screw up the vacant lot. >> and i thought i was sealed when the use that expression. >> talking initial enrollment as the victory is a bit premature what about buyer's remorse when those previous renewal notices coming? e-mail me at follow less on twitter or go to the facebook page with links to everything at lou and free book copies of "upheaval" to those that are
10:57 pm
read on the show. that is it for us four-star general is among our guest tomorrow night. [ male announcer ] when fixed income experts... ♪ with equity experts... who work with regional experts... that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration.
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have a great night. >> my sincere apologies to everyone who has been affected by the recall especially the families and friends who lost lives or were injured. i am deeply saris bareback -- sorry. neil: gm stick a fork in its. welcome everybody i am neil cavuto. this is what i learned that gm is in a bigger sheet of trouble. nobody could account for the


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