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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  April 1, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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have a great night. >> my sincere apologies to everyone who has been affected by the recall especially the families and friends who lost lives or were injured. i am deeply saris bareback -- sorry. neil: gm stick a fork in its. welcome everybody i am neil cavuto. this is what i learned that gm is in a bigger sheet of trouble. nobody could account for the 13 your case of collective
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corporate amnesia how did that company failed to connect the dots? even the in junior emails or the automotive concerns over a commission issues originally reported then another line and another line that triggered one private lawsuit then another then another? source of the legal discovery gm would have discovered it had a problem and a pattern. did it cover or hide those problems? we don't know. but none of this is good. this is the ideal moment of value jet plane crashes in the everglades it cannot recover and is bought out that things are never the same. there are some times some things that is no recovery. that leads me back to gm under all these lawsuits
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bankrupt gm or someone from the outside either way it is not the same it will be the same one we rescued we will speak with the lawyer who says that gm better read what it says to do the right thing and then the stepdad of a girl that died in one of the vehicles but first to richardson on what went down at the capitol. >> get apology from the ceo who promise to get to the bottom of this end up number of references to the ongoing investigation gm is conducting to figure out what happened the questions that you asked the ceo could not is a them but referred to the ongoing investigation that she will not promise even to make available to congress or the up public.
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number of lawmakers were frustrated with mary barra some of the words that they used to describe the new gm is overwhelmed. >> we will not except parts that don't meet your ability to function ability requirements. >> just answer that gobbled the coup that is not and acceptable answers river did you review the documents? >> no i did not. there were over 200,000. >> could do what when? that includes use. >> i want to know that just as much as you. >> nobody has lost their jobs. >> we will begin to look at the implications. >> that is your job as ceo and you need to fix it as quick as you can. >> at the beginning of the up hearing his she said she
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hired kenneth feinrg also those of the boston bombing and 9/11 but she will not say exactly what he will be doing they are not talking about a victim's compensation fund but to ave the first meeting as of friday. as real wait for the bottom line when gm will come up with its investigation. neil: it will take some time. into the guy who got the ball rolling whose family member died in a crash in 2010. i am sorry entreaties' circumstances did you learned anything today you did not know before? >> no. we knew the whole story before today. what changed was the ceo spoke on behalf of gm but
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unfortunately there are still more questions than answers. neil: your client i want to get your reaction. >> was included in the death count? >> not to my knowledge. >> debt was side impact. >> had on or from the side it is the same reason she is dead. neil: what is interesting is she was separating accidents directly fully involving the cars where she overly parsing? >> they are. but the key system with the ignition switch when you lose control weather hitting from this side or the front the problem is still the key system.
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that is the concern that general motors has so parse out the accidents who knows how many others said they are not including because they were not frontal impact. that is the question they must answer because internal documents show there are many more accidents with this system. neil: very little she said definitively but that is by design? you want to look -- limits the death and injury side because if anything is connected it could go into the hundreds? >> i disagree we should come completely clean over the last month and a half with the initial announcement to the recall information is dribbled out that makes gm look worse and worse. they need to come completely clean.
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neil: then the argument is it could bankrupt the company or if they wanted to make good not take the legal excuse their not responsible but it could bankrupt the company said she has a fiduciary responsibility and moral and legal responsibility but she aired on the fiduciaries sides. >> she does have a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders but moral responsibility to consumers. it is a possibility they go into bankruptcy but firestone 10 years ago people were talking about them after that disaster but general motors changed the corporate culture from 2005 through 2014 there was a culture of concealing and a lack of responsibility. if they change the culture they have a good chance moving forward. and the starting point is to come clean here to let the
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public know everything and let the chips fall. neil: representing a client who died in the gm recalled car. today some of the victims of the crashes will say their piece on capitol hill. >> gm is only concerned with the bottom line and not the safety of our loved ones. >> driving this car is like russian roulette. they fail to take action and drivers were kept in the dark. >> it was the death trap. >> that last may and his daughter died from a crash. but of all the comments raised today with the back and forth did you get any closer to closure when you
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had the opportunity to meet the ceo? >>. >> that's speaker was her stepdad but i am her dad. we have been very vocal but. neil: but who called the meeting? who did it first? was a those who was affected by this? how did that go down? >> we voiced our opinion to the lawyer and he presented this to them and last night at 6:00 we had a meeting. neil: how did that go? >> they went around a room with her and to counsel to shake each person's hand and said they were sorry each person died chance to tell their story. it was highly emotional but throughout the evening with
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a two-hour conversation the i'm sorry to each person was not cutting it or doing what it needed to do. you can only say i'm sorry so many times. it is done. it does not carry weight. neil: did she claim we're going to do something about this? did she indicate what that might be? and what she might offer? >> is everyone has been saying from the hearing today there's too many answers that she gave that is part of the investigation or i cannot answer that. the questions that were valid with the see of that company should no. they had plenty of of paper
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work they should have known about very simple things and i and the stand they have lawyers the they were awful simple answers to. >> what is she said i am just knew in this job? i'm trying to get my hands around it? did that resonate? or quite the opposite. >> it may or may not be heard doing but she is not the ceo. she said she was working there since she was the deirdre bolton and her father worked there's a you can tell me she does not know anything about gm. but to that comment the old and new gm is not acceptable
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there may have hired or fired. neil: that is the of legal argument th that is the argument that not have to make the victims' families whole but that does not hold water. >> not if they withheld information from congress that is becoming obvious this which was given to delphi and accepted by gm somebody said the switches will work there was with the sie that accepted the switches. >> is your daughter counted among the known fatalities or initiate question mark.
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>> i have seen to lancers i have seen articles that they would not confirm that they were one of the 13. i know that she was i know there are 13 victims and probably more. neil: i apologize for my confusion on a pressing day i appreciate you to take the time. in the meantime now the president is crowing but we have been doing some digging we found some numbers.
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neil: that sounded like the white house press corps but over those new enrollment numbers look at the new numbers does that mean success when compared to the 47 million? of the population of 320 million? and it needs to hold the insolvent but how many of those are paying customers? those committed to buying insurance versus those that have. kathleen sebelius says 80 or 90 percent when she says she really does not know. my guest thinks the secretary is covering something else but they pick and choose and i think they
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we're doing picking and choosing to day? >> at 7 million number that he shows his signature piece of legislation has inconsistencies. wooden day better measure of success is the previously uninsured but when we ask for the number they don't get it. but a private company called mackenzie is reliable they took a survey and just 27 percent of those that sign dapper previously uninsured and only half have paid. so we have less than 1 million who were previously uninsured. neil: but there is some quibble back and forth. but what i suspect is a lot lower that is of long way from addressing the of 46 million without insurance
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even acknowledge by democratic leaders we will still have of 30 million uninsured. i am not as sharp boveri redid the entire system to cover everybody and we don't cover everybody? >> exactly. you wonder why we have the top down approach where the government tried to take care of 18 percent of the economy verses the up bottom-up are not covering with pre-existing conditions but what you mentioned is kathleen sebelius with that 80 percent of people who have allegedly paid? i question that before the senate committee she would not give the number but only in the interview she gave the 80% i am not sure how reliable that is. neil: even that i've lost 10 pounds. [laughter] but even if that number was
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inflated by the promise with the trouble on the site to just check the box we will give you a couple of weeks to sign up but it is also uneasy bay on the honor system to avoid a penalty to check the box so you don't have to. >> they had to do whenever they could to get the 7 million number. "the washington post" said there actually counting duplicates if you tried to sign up but failed you are still counted. neil: but they gave the impression there is a crowd but maybe it was just a lot of people trying to dodge the penalty. that is just me. thank you. remember during the republican convention called by ian said he had big plans
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neil: he wants to balance the budget in 10 years because now that camp is retiring from congress who is next in line to run the powerful house and ways
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committee? that may be reason enough to delay becoming a presidential candidate. either way he is in the driver's seat. >> no doubt. he has a very bright future every will literally have dozens of republicans running 2016 and i think if he had his choice he will run for speaker with john boehner decides to retire or more likely talking to republicans in the house they expect him to take over the powerful committee. because if you are speaker for a former speaker it is difficult to become president down the road resawed newt gingrich troubles but to run for the ways and means chairmanship. neil: but to make the substantive and substantial difference in the presidential balloting even as a former vice
11:26 pm
presidential candidate he would naturally rises to the top. but they do not favor that impact with the house ways and means? >> he is a policy wonk he has plenty of time to run for president. space of paul ryan running ways and means chairmanship you cannot render for president at the same time but then senator hatch heading the finance committee then president obama has to make a decision will he strike deals or not get anything done the last two years? it is fascinating. even if democrats hold the senate they had a good working with vision of paul ryan so maybe washington could work again. neil: are what it is setting up during 2016 if he does not run people across the aisle will get something
11:27 pm
done with ever they say about his tenure plan it is the olive branch. >> the base trust him and i think after the election he will try to move republicans to raise immigration reform because he has that clout on the right i think they can do well in november. >> always good to have you. >> this particular phone call did not work out well. >> guess who's did? we have putin. i've always had to keep my eye on her...
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but i didn't always watch out for myself.
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neil: did other one did not get much press, senate grilling caterpillar for plungeing a lot of its dough investments abroad. >> we got the wrong people on trial here. you know, tax code needs to be on trial. problem is in the tax code. money is said to go where it is welcome. so money is going overseas. neil: you can use hash tag cavuto on twitter, or reply to team cavuto, let me know, what you agree with senator paul, the gist of his argument. how can you blame companies from wants to spread their risk, try out less inhospitable markets abroad, namely china, thailand
11:32 pm
. can you blame him whether they run, away? mean pile purpose fool joke on us. news that vladimir putin is withdrawing some troops from ukraine but not because putin is getting pressure from this guy. it is because he was getting some pressure from this lady. angela merkel. leader of germany, that says a lot. >> well, i'm impressed that our foreign policy and diplomacy has failed again. what is this? here comes angela merkel, she north korea negotiates with putin, and gets she negotiates with putin, gets him to remove 20,000 troops. we have failed on all levels. we have failed in egypt, and
11:33 pm
fail 234-ed in syria, who had te the day? putin, our allies look at us as a weakness, leading from behind. neil: here is where i try to give the president the benefit of the doubt, germany has most at stake, closest to putin. big recipient of natural gas contracts, far less than we are. you know, angela merkel has a invested interest in gutted this nut to calm down, she does get it dialed back. and putin said i listen to her, i don't listen to you, so a win-win for both. >> yes, merkel looks like a hero, 50% of their fuel is from ukraine, 30% fuels their cars, and gas, electricity, she had something at stake, sanctions were not going to help her
11:34 pm
country. that is why putin laughed at us when he talked about sanctions. when this initiateed we did not send arms to ukraine to give them readiness, we sense m,es that is not you on putin will look at us seriously, we don't handle things with diplomacy and negotiateing skills that are requireed to resolve conclicker flicks such as this. >> i'm told that on the phone conversations, the ones that we don't tap, she is frank, and threatening, some liken her to a german maggie thatcher, i don't know much, but whatever she says or does must carry weight, almost every time she used it to get her way with european union or balking bing members or calm greeks down, when they are going nuts, she always gets what she wants. i don't know what happens. but she must be tony soprano with a german accent, she scares
11:35 pm
the you know what out of these guys. >> it is called leadership, mean when you say, say what you mine, don't show these wafflings, when president obama drew that red line, she showed a weakness, he showed he is vulnerible and he did not mean what he said, and said what he meant, we did not support the egyptian people, now putin is funding their army, we decideed it was a military coop we lost an allie within that region that we needed. putin is running the show now, and merkel said, you don't want to mess with me, my last name is not president obama. neil: putting down as maybe on the president. thank you very much. >> all right one of the most liberal citys in world is bans animals -- elephants at the
11:36 pm
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helping to protect your business is our business. adt -- always there. neil: elephants are bad pr ? this is dumbo. anyway. one traveling circus is suing new york city for banning elephants and big cats like tigers from appearing under the big top, city claims that traveling circus' cages are not big enough, and elephants are not vaccinateed enough, the lawyer said all right that is enough, quit clowning around but. kelly said that the city has every right to ban the an animals, rebecca? >> this is ridiculous, circus has been here for years, all of a isn't this year, the cages are too small, elephants are not vaccinateed. they tell them that 3 weeks
11:40 pm
prior to their arising. neil: is mayor de blasio doing this, trying to get the horse carriages off the street? >> it is sounds like that, that is the problem, they tried to do corrects and do whatever the board of he'll said they should, but board of health said no animals, that is really for the legislator not board of health that not a governing authority. neil: they must know, if you go to a circus they are the prime entertainment, elephants and cats, if they are not there i'm not taking my kids, then that will kill a business, and a valuable economic contribute over to new york. >> i say you are possibly correct that people are not going, but if elephants are not vaccinateed that could transfer to individuals five cases where people have been at circus caught tb . neil: from elephants? >> from elephants. neil: how closer they? >> in the circus, in a tent. there is also you brought up
11:41 pm
horse carriages a lot are saying they are mistreated, and when they are held captive, since 90s, animals have been responsible for 65 deaths, elephants, and 130 injuries, big cats for 51 deaths, and 1 seufrp, and 170injuries, they a- >> i don't know, i don't know. >> that is not the department of health's job, department of health is there to worry -- >> stop transfer of tb . >> i wasn't finished. if i could finish i'll tell you. the deputy of he'll job is -- health job is not to worry about other than communicable diseases, according to the circumstances they have corrected the problem. neil: but they are saying it not good enough. what do they have do? >> kelly? >> they have to prove, follow guidelines, a i, agree that department of health sprang it on them the last minute, that is
11:42 pm
probably unfair, that is a big draw for circus, but it is their job, they are making sure. neil: i much more you know, prone to have an issue with circtkwaou scirque du soleil. >> they are confusing. neil: it is annoying, but i a wondering whether this is going to far, and part of a concerted effort any animal in any act for any reason will be more. >> who pretend to have an irish accent. >> yes. neil: really. >> no. >> i don't go in those horse and carriages, i don't like the fake irriirish men. neil: i tell you, look like they
11:43 pm
have never seen ireland in a book. they got a leprechaun accent that is your first clue. not going well. all right, thank you we'll see how they sort this out, but weird, just weeks before the show. >> then people bring their children, they are sos s a appointed. neil: well i ep you are proud mayor de blasio. >> that is right. neil: method to my madness after this.
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
11:46 pm
neil: in biz blitz, maybe time for democrats to think that republicans are blitzed. i have been thinking a lot about
11:47 pm
this, it is clear that republicans are not serious about cutting spending how about calling democrat's bluff and hiking taxes just on the rich, just enough to show you just want to move the ball forward. see what democrats do with this dough you are likely going to raise, beaut we taxing the rich, not only can they afford it, are they going to vote democrat? i think not. i'm just saying, just enough, to get the message that you are going to shake things up. republicans are open to raising taxes. so you democrats, what are you going to do? grand old party time for a game changeing move, let's say moving the top rate to 45%. you will take a big issue off of the table, and you republicans will prove you can compromise, and get stuff done, i bet you will see the deficit come down while you are at it, sounds like a win-win, meadial praise you,
11:48 pm
democrats will curse you, but don't stop there, i think you should endorse a hike in minimum wage, it shows you for common man, what you lose in boss' vote, you are more than going to wake up in the vote, flow up regulation that penalize banks that don't lend, i am lending you your victory speech, for this fall. you would be a fool not to try it. an april fool. got yeah, come on you knuckle head, would i do that? >> i fell for that. >> that is me i'm gifted. ed. >> you are. i thought you were serious we are all paying our taxes with a bitcoin on a good day, why not be like greece or france or
11:49 pm
south korea with high taxes, congress said it would be like giving keys to a liquor store to a drunk. here is the thing. ne are just swipeing away my copy, yours is so much better. >> i don't know what i said, here is what i think you are saying republicans are acting more line diagramcrats, let's -- like democrats let's not shake boats before the elect, but g.o.p. neil: are you reading into anything i'm saying? >> i'm trying to, but like the g.o.p. having their own admiral stock moment, who am i? what am i? neil: this is a lark. >> i know. neil: jonathan, i tell you, such a joke now, both parties are fools. that is what i'm saying. >> the reason that i think we were so easily fooled by your april fool deception, that
11:50 pm
g.o.p. has always been willing to compromise. neil: thank you, thank you so much. >> that is what i was trying to say. neil: he said it. >> any comp mice -- compromise between medicine and poison, the poison is going to win. neil: we're the ones being played for fools if you think about it, taxpayers. regulations growing, and healthy care growing, and you feel like the fool paying for it all, down you? >> well, that -- you had a good joke, but what is not a joke, april 15 is around the corner, a lot of tax payer have a highhr bill. neil: i'm working on something for that. >> okay. not a lot of smiles on those faces. i work with a lot of small, owners, sentiment that i get from the economy still fragile,
11:51 pm
not sure how they would take an increase in labor cost right now, about more regulation that cost -- that comes with potentially higher costs and more complexty, small be owners -- business owners don't have a staff of lawyers,. neil: a very good points. top rate is north of 39.6% anyway. >> did i miss headline, when did it become radical to rein in government spending and cut tax. neil: you would think it is? >> the way they are acting. neil: jonathan, they have dropped ball many times on showing they mean what they say. >> neil in today's culture. free trade is seen as scary and dangerous, and destructive. when you talk like the rich can
11:52 pm
afford it, people believe these fallacy. neil: keep on letting them foolishly do it. the cav view theo quiz from
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11:56 pm
a fair and balanceed gm ass whipping. >> and anyone that thinks that new government motors will cover debt of old general motors is a big fan of medical marijuana. i'm not sure about that paul, judgeing by today's hearing, tileer in st. louis, great gm coverage, alive and killing -- i mean kic kicking. , one tweet, i wonder if government was aware of the problem and failed to act while still having a huge investment that is the mulbillion will do oar question. not just gm but what the government knew. and when it knew it. susan, it is interesting this u.s. government sold its stake in time, the times is weird. dan tweets, national highway traffic safety administration either looked thor way or like -- other way or like most of federal government is inept. >> john in new york, on federal
11:57 pm
workers and house democrats who want to study why they are bummed out, term federal workers is misleading, federal employees is appropriate term for obvious reasons, i will go with that one, but not all federal workers are bummed out. but federal work james e-mails, i recent your tkpw*efl guest drn with moral we have to put up with obama government mistakes. making ends meet like everyone else. then speaking of the government, if government health care cuts it or not? dan in texas, writes, nile, everyone should stop saying obama changes laws, by executive fiat. a fiat is a weird little car. that is what it is. executives decrease, that is far more accurate or powerful. executive decree it is then.
11:58 pm
>> scott in vermont, inc everyoe thinks obamacares needs a lot of young people to sign uk, the real question how many healthy young people are signing up, i suspect not many, i suspect you are right. >> and jen, how many people had insurance that got canceled and care enough to apply, and how many never had insurance are now applying, that is key, you are right. who are net new enrollys? george in mark america city, neil, suck it up, they will end up with 7 million enrollys, it is killing you, obamacare is a hit, it is eating as you. >> i have no idea what that final number will be, but you are accepting it at face value without asking how many of these pay, how many are young, how many are new enroll e!s, these are all crucial numbers, you
11:59 pm
might choose to ignore, but i do not. on john kerry saying we need it trachaction to climate change now before never mentioning russia and north korea. >> he is an embarrassment if he thinks that global warming is our biggest change. >> climate change will never go away, it is nature, not man but a great excuse for a redistribution of your wealth. >> if cavuto could use the internet he would know that global warming is a fact. so senator reed is right, cavuto can't use the internet. i can use the niittymaki, and it is -- internet it is not a givenphage, and princess wen dal wants to know, what is best way to contact you directly, you can directly contact me by continueing to sweet, comment at or you can e-mail me. however if yo if had anything cl
12:00 am
to say, you don't like me that is o'reilly. have a very good night kennedy: it is april fool's day, president had a good laugh at our expense with a comedy forum at white house rose garden this brag about reaching the 7 million person goal on, there is no way of confirming the data. we know that signing up on the exchange, and getting insurance are time warner different things -- are two different things, is he lying or grandstanding getting a false number in some people's head that will change at some points. is it enough to prevent a glad bath -- blood bath in november,


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